Securing The Existence

Two versions of the graphic I made:




Model Minority


People who are getting red-pilled will cling to some types of blue pill.

Full red-pilling is not that you arrive at the right opinion regarding conspiracy theories, or at some other esoteric destination. Intelligent, wide-awake people can hold a range of opinions on 911 truth, on religion, or other subjects.

Rather, full red-pilling means that you reject the authority of the liberal system over your thoughts, over your moral orientation, over reality.

And people who haven’t gotten there yet continue to grant that legitimacy to liberalism. So when, for example, their eyes open on the subject of blacks, they will feel the need to compensate for this deviation from Narrative by doubling down on their praise for a comparatively high-functioning guest-race such as Asians.

They are afraid of severing too many connections with the liberal establishment.