“Nuts!” Hungarian Style

Viktor Orban says in a YouTube statement:

The presidency of Fidesz has discussed yesterday the announcement of the Belgian prime minister, that they will – if necessary with force – obligate Central European countries, including Hungary, to accept migrants. According to their plan, this will happen in June, at the summit of prime ministers in Brussels. Our presidency has taken a stand: we cannot give in to extortion. For us, Hungary is first. We will fight those who want to change the Christian identity of Hungary and Europe.

“Nuts!” refers to a U.S. commander’s reply to German emissaries at the Battle of the Bulge, who demanded that the American forces surrender in two hours or face annihilation. He laughed and said, “Us surrender? Aw, nuts.” He wondered how to formally reply to the Germans, and another officer suggested: “what you just said … nuts.” It was then explained to the emissaries that this means the same thing as “go to hell.”

The European Union is the Fourth Reich, so it’s fitting that George Soros was a Nazi collaborator. Wisely, Orban has cracked down on Soros-sponsored organizations in Hungary.

The Visegrád Battlegroup is well equipped and competent. Its troops are experienced in combat, as well as patriotic and unencumbered by brainwashing and Diversity. As to the other side’s likely levels of motivation, the EU might have to rely on the famed military prowess of welfare-gorged Africans and Arabs because it is unlikely that young Western Europeans would be willing to kill or die for that shitty blue flag.

Lengyel, magyar – két jó barát,
Együtt harcol s issza borát,
Vitéz s bátor mindkettője,
Áldás szálljon mindkettőre!


The Moral Right To Say “No”

We have not exploited the countries from which these refugees are coming to Europe these days, we have not used their labour force and finally we have not invited them to Europe. We have a full moral right to say No.

From last week’s speech by Jarosław Kaczyński, chairman of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party. Each nation’s circumstances are different. In Poland’s case, Kaczyński is absolutely right: there is no basis, in a liberal moral system, to hold Poland and several other European nations accountable for their past entanglements with third world peoples.

Does this mean that countries that did have colonies and had invited non-European labor into their homes are morally obligated to take in immigrants? Of course, not. That’s because the liberal moral system is not a legitimate guide for Western nations — it is alien and opportunistic rather than traditional and idealistic.

However, attention to the liberal moral system is indicated because its protean premises and logic are necessary, at the present, to validate any political act undertaken by a Western nation. Whites have always derived legitimacy of action from the alignment of their motives with universal morality; that, in my view, is innate to us and this is why we are seen as the only race that possesses moral agency.

Our universalist thinking predates Christianity, whose tenets, from a secular point of view, are aligned with our a-priori impulses. The modus operandi of Leftism was to subvert our relationship with Christian morality by keeping its language but replacing its spirit with their own unclean breath. The Cultural Marxist usurpation is not historically unique in that regard, except that has turned our own nature against us on an unprecedentedly self-destructive scale.

Kaczyński’s above-quoted words parry one Marxist argument (“Europe must take in refugees because racist debts”) with another (“Poland has no such debts”). His speech effectively rebuffs false-premise dialectic on its own terms.

Every mainstream populist leader in Europe understands that, at the moment, his public address is constrained by the captivity of the Western mind — the West’s voters and national institutions — to the false morality of Marxism. This is also why Viktor Orbán’s speeches include appeals to liberal values such as tolerance and female equality. To win, you play the game by its present rules, until your audience is ready for you to discard present rules.

A genuine Western moral system — as codified by Christian doctrine and in harmony with natural law — was never killed by Jewish Marxism, and never will be as long as we live. Our legitimate morality is submerged under impostor-morality. Listen to your own mute voice and hear your own thoughts:

Even the lowest bug fights to live.

Thou shalt not kill, another or yourself for illegitimate reasons. In other words, no nation is obligated to snuff out her own posterity. Yet this is being enthusiastically carried out, not only in the case of Western Europe’s post-war waves of immigration, but in an even more influential example — the United States and her blacks. From the standpoint of liberal morality, the case for absolute black equality is incontrovertible: slavery and segregation were sins to be atoned for, with damage to be ameliorated. So Americans did that… and created a low-grade beast that begs to be put down.

Language, no less so the moral language behind the hissing for White Genocide, is “words, words, words,” per Shakespeare. And so are any retorts on the political stage. But the soil from which the words spring — either as cultivated roses or as poison ivy — is real. It is time to eradicate (to pull up by the roots) the false morality of Marxism and let legitimate European morality again flourish so we affirm that our nations have the full moral right to say “No” to being replaced, and then to act in accordance with this imperative to live and not die.

To independence!


Orban Calls for the End of the Liberal Era

And proposes a new, democratic era. As Hungary’s prime minister makes it clear in his speech, the prevailing liberal order is globalization with a patina of Enlightenment universalism masking its authoritarian impulses. The democratic era, as Orban envisions it in the European context, would be guided by the Christian spirit and national identity of sovereign nations.

Reader Ensuite forwarded the 31-minute video at the bottom of this post. It is an abridged version of Viktor Orbán’s nearly 60-minute long speech at the Fidesz party convention in December 2015. The video is subtitled in English and in this post I’m citing its select parts. The following passage is Orban’s call to the leaders of the European Union:

We suggest a return to democratic Europe. Instead of today’s Europe of weak leaders, to a Europe of strong people. The next European era will either be an era of democracy, or it will cease to exist. The time has come. We are living in a different world. Twenty eight nations cannot work according to the same rules that six countries were able to work with.

Ethnically homogeneous states are more likely to work on behalf of their people because they do not preside over a mix of ethnic groups with irreconcilable conflicts of interest. Viktor Orban touches on the difference between having a national government, versus living under an imperial arrangement as either a lord or a vassal nation:

We do not want to be the ruler nor the subject, nor the caretaker nor the dependent, of other peoples.

Imagine, having a country of your own. Hungarians don’t have to imagine, they already have a country. One key condition for having one’s own country is a government that in word and deed strives to secure a future for its people:

Just think about the immigration issue…. Our politics are exclusively Hungary- friendly politics. Our major goal is the support of Hungarian families… For us, families and to-be-born children mean the future of Hungary and Europe.

He then connects Hungary’s fate to Europe’s:

We cannot effectively speak of our homeland’s situation without speaking of Europe’s situation… Europe is under an invasion. In the depths, a parallel world is being built, which slowly but surely, step by step, according to the laws of nature, will push back and squeeze our world into a minority, and together with that ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren too. If this continues, we will lose Europe… what is happening is not an accident. It is not an unintended chain of events, but a planned and controlled process.

Although I am not including that particular line, he calls out George Soros in all ways but by name in the above passage. He then closes in on the attribute of Europe’s malaise:

The true, fatal disease endangering Europe is … of a spiritual nature… Europe does not acknowledge itself.

The European spirit, and her people believe in superficial and secondary things. Human rights, progress, openness, new sorts of families, tolerance. Those are nice things, but in reality they are secondary because they are only derivatives. Yes, today Europe believes in secondary things, but it does not believe in the things from which these originate. It does not believe in Christianity. It does not believe in common sense. It does not believe in military strength. And it does not believe in national pride. It does not believe in what created it, and what it once was. It does not believe in it, it won’t stand up for itself, it won’t debate, it won’t fight, and it ultimately won’t make sacrifices for it.

It does not want to think or speak about who it really is. And after not acknowledging itself, it does not acknowledge any differentiation, either. And by not differentiating itself from others, it will consequentially lose itself. But it’s clearer than the sun that Europe is ancient Hellas, not Persia. Rome, not Carthage. Christianity, not the Caliphate.

And finally, the speech builds toward its coup de grâce, Orban’s call to close the era of liberalism; I only provide short excerpts below. Be sure to listen the whole speech and note the large soul and the generous spirit in which Orban makes his proposal:

The past 25 years of our lives was a major liberal era in Europe. It had nice periods, good results. It had major moments, and momentous figures. We can rejoice to have personally known them. Today, however liberal politics has lost its power of attraction. It piles failures upon failures. It has tired out and become exhausted. … it’s unable to protect people from external and internal dangers. Not from immigration, terrorism, nor crime.

It has stiffened and become monomaniacal. It senses enemies everywhere. It’s angry if its belief system is questioned. It’s exasperated when it hears new ideas, and it’s aggressive when one references the will of the people against it. It has lost its connection with reality. Instead of debates, it wants to censor public speech. And so it has developed the stop signs and regulations of political correctness.

All I am saying is that we have reached a point where today politics has turned against freedom. It has turned against freedom of thought, speech, and media. Consequently, it has turned against people and democracy…

I belong to those who want to live the next 1,000 years as Hungarians in a Christian Europe. In the interest of this — no matter how painful it is to certain politicians in Brussels — we must close down this era! In a political and in a spiritual sense as well. I believe that we, all of us, think that our lives are only meaningful, only have weight when we serve something greater and more important than our own lives. For example, our family, our homeland, or perhaps God’s country. Maybe all three at once.


A Vaclav Havel for Our Times

Hungary’s top economist Laszlo Bogar is speaking on a television show on January 8, 2016, addressing the Cologne attacks and the big picture behind them. No words are minced.

Update: reader Suburban_elk in the comments likes this line from the speech: “So, if you will, it’s us Hungarians who ought to be the last people to deal with the destructive consequences of all this.” Elk then makes a typically perceptive connection: “I like that line. Sort of like the hobbits. It’s never known from whom great things will come.

The Hungarian-language video is subtitled. I transcribed the English-language subtitles below.

Simply, this is about the following. Seriously summarizing the point in three sentences… So that particular “non-existent” global power whom I have sent messages to, except I’m not supposed to look at this camera. Whatever. Fine. Dear Global Power, we know precisely well that you exist, naturally.

And that your fundamental goal for everything, is the annihilation of all that is still humane, that has dignity.

And you believe that, for now, the European White man still possesses too much of this. And you want to annihilate the European White man.

The reason you are starting with the most organized and richest part — the German-speaking Europe — because you also want to prove that — and the Swedes, too, the Scandinavian countries — you want to prove that you can do whatever you want.

So, according to your desires, you can also blow up, break apart, destroy Europe’s most organized and richest countries. And in this I completely agree with you all… this global scum. This global filth.

So, that global mass of trash — they are not even sentient beings, but animals, as you said. Global mass of trash. Global filth that has, however, been pumped over here with the aid of gigantic resources. And they are doing everything they can to make this pumping continue unimpeded.

Only the idiots, only absolute idiots are incapable of comprehending that for the relatively quick pumping of millions of people across thousands of kilometers a minimum of ten billion dollars of financial backing is needed. A minimum of a few thousand strictly secret agents are required to direct, to control — like they have done so. But of course, the respected media naturally, in those cases when a light was occasionally shown on this, although the conspiracy was fundamentally perfect, then they hurried to hide it, as well.

And naturally, we need the constant and total collaboration with the global crime webs because without those tens of thousands of human smugglers and such, this couldn’t have been organized. And naturally, at the every end, we need the cheap, underhanded, filthy, unrestrained, cynical collaboration of Europe’s elite. Also that of the British prime minister who visited us here today.

He participated just as Sarkozy back then, and Monsieur Hollande, and naturally the German chancellor-woman. They participated just the same in the destruction of Syria, Libya. They created it, and then they proudly announced as well, that they are doing this in the name of Europe, of Western culture, democracy. They destroyed those fundamental conditions that, as they were at least filtered all this.

And so, the true culprit of this horror just happened [Cologne]… and something whispers to me that this is just foreplay. Just a faint prelude to something.

Truly, what will happen, is that they have already dragged Europe into a conflict roughly just as brutal as what WWI and WWII were like.

Europe, have a brain! You were dragged into the projects known as WWI and WWII by the same unspeakable global world power. And now you are idly watching, misled, letting it drag you into another identical one a third World War.

So kids, let’s not kid around. The problem is not solely with this global filth. That’s the end of the process and if we cannot choke the instigation of this process there within the global power structure. Furthermore, unfortunately, by force, we also work with — because we fundamentally worked within the EU, although, to Viktor Orban’s credit, or I should say his honor, that to all of these things, and back then the bombing of Libya, he was the ONLY European politician who at least voiced his worries and reservations about what the strategic consequences would be. But there were very, very few beside him in the European political sphere who voiced this.

So, if you will, it’s us Hungarians who ought to be the last people to deal with the destructive consequences of all this.

— [Panel member: “This is why they hate us most of all.”]

And naturally, this is why they attack us constantly. Yes. So, returning to and summarizing the point, I completely agree, we must get angry and we must stand up against this [the Cologne attacks].

But this is the end of the process. Sadly, it’s very hard to say, and it’s moreover the end of a process in which Europe is already in a perfectly beaten situation. You said it, that this can only lead to a civil war. BUT THAT IS THE GOAL. This is what it wants! This global power doesn’t want anything more than a never-ending, brutal, 30 years’ war. Just like the Thirty Years War was also the work of this global power. This is exactly what it wants. For a permanent civil war stretching for decades to develop in Europe.

— [Panel member: “Largely in agreement, I still claim that the gears at work, that we just discussed… those, we likely do not possess the power to stop them now. Especially not alone, us Hungarians. And yet, like you said, we should at least do as much on the level of the phenomena, and sooner or later every European nation must do what we did. The borders must be specifically closed. And this filth must be cleaned out of here. This is the level of the phenomena.”]

We don’t need to fight a civil war. Just with a single, decisive motion, clean out this global trash pile that this particular unamenable global power poured over here. This is what needs to be said… And this is what must be done. Thank God, we have already done this. We’re waiting for the others.

[ed. note: Bogar and panel member are talking over each other in agreement in the last several sentences… it’s unclear to me which subtitled words are said by whom, as I don’t speak Hungarian.]