BBC Docudrama on Rotherham

Suburban_elk links to a review of a just-aired BBC docudrama about the forced prostitution of 1,400 underage English girls by Pakistanis. The crimes — abetted by Rotherham’s craven police, council, and social services for the sake of anti-racism — continued from 1997 until blown open in 2013. Elk comments:

Top-tier English blogger Morgoth on the big-event BBC docudrama about the rape crises. Against all expectations, the show is true to the race of the perps and the victims.

… and quotes an excerpt from Morgoth’s review:

Why Did They Do It?

For three consecutive nights the BBC showed a politically correct free drama portraying the brutal realities of multiculturalism, grooming, neglect of the white working class, the idiocy of the liberal left, the general rot brought about by Cultural Marxism, and they used their most treasured TV slot (21.00 – 22,00) to do it, why?

His point is that there was neither an overt nor a subtle “liberal sucker-punch,” as I call those Narrative-reaffirming moments in contemporary productions. I haven’t seen the miniseries but he describes it as candid on all of the big questions. There wasn’t, as he writes, even a final sleight of hand in which Rotherham is compartmentalized as a bad apple in an otherwise glorious multicultural paradise — the film treats the rape of White girls as systemic, flashing up a list of 36 English cities in which similar child-grooming rings were also prosecuted.

I don’t know why “Three Girls,” which aired last week, was so honest. Reverberations of pro-White spirit in harmony with Trump’s election victory?

Another important passage from Morgoth (I could in fact quote the whole thing, no word wasted there):

After the heroic ‘lone voice of sanity’ Sara Rowbotham […] confronted the ‘PC’ brigade’ and had to graphically explain that a 13 year old girl being anally raped by 6 men in one night was ”Not a fucking lifestyle choice!’ many a Social Justice buttercup may well have had a slight tingling sensation of realising just how far gone they are.

And another one:

On social media a common criticism of Three Girls came from the Alt-Lite, Civic Nationalist, Counter Jihad camps because Islam was never mentioned at all. But this is just a sign of their own cowardice, what was frequently mentioned was race and ethnicity, but they’re afraid to mention that […] These ‘Pakis’ are not devout Muslims raping for Allah, they’re a coke snorting , vodka swilling hostile racial group degrading and destroying the females of ”The Other”.


Inbred Pakistani human garbage of Rotherham (image source: Les Observateurs)

Indeed, the almost-but-not-there Alt-Lite and such will go as far as naming Islam, but not the fucking thing itself, RACE.


Rotherham is not going away. The bloodbaths of Cheka remains obscure in Western consciousness because they occurred on Europe’s hazy periphery. But also because sometimes war crimes are too much to contemplate, so instead, it’s the more contemptible instances of “banality of evil” in what was supposed to be peacetime that scrape the eyes like grains of sand. There is no perfect justice here, but Rotherham will be in history books forever.

No redemption is possible for the anti-White traitor scum who had kept a lid on the Rotherham abuse. Imperial rule, even at the level of petty apparatchiks, comes with moral dilemmas. But the cowards of Rotherham were never in a Sophoclean position of weighing life against life, or the good of the individual vs. that of society. Playing accessory to the destruction of 1,400 teenagers in service to White genocide is as close to being on the wrong side of good vs. evil as you get.

The names of Rotherdam’s police and other public servants, along with the obscenity they sheltered — anti-racism itself — will be synonymous with the cowardice and the depths of the piggish stupidity brought on by Europe’s second iteration of Communism, its sewer-bath of multiculturalism.


Image source: “Three Girls” screenshot via Morgoth’s Review