Love In A Time Of Poz

Every man wants the wheat field virgin. They exist. In high school. Teenage boys right now, and even the boys who are still too young to pay attention to girls, know this: you must figure out what you want from life at a very young age.

If you want the kind of woman God intended for you to have, marry your slim, pretty high school girlfriend and start putting buns in her oven right away. Make your parents and hers help you financially and know the sixteen principles.

As to older single men, consider Plumpjack’s words. His long comment at Chateau Heartiste follows:

There’s fantasy and then there’s reality. The fantasy is that a bumper crop of fresh, malleable, submissive HB8-10 virgins with perfect hip:waist ratios and perfectly rounded elbows, is right around the corner, and that every shitlord will have his pick of the bunch to wife up and create an huge family with.

The reality is that the poz, which was specifically designed as a tool of biological and psychological warfare against the goyim, has permeated every last crack and crevice of white societies for at least the past thirty years.

It was a direct attack on one of the backbones of white societies: the virtue of our women. Both men and women have come to see each other as nothing more than fucktoys. This seems to have hurt women more than men, because men have more time on their biological clocks to run down, but on a long enough time scale, we’re all screwed. And not in a good way. But if you find yourself hating all women except nubile virgins, then guess what? It worked.

So here’s the thing: our women have been tainted. Men and women have been pitted against each other. Men hate women for giving themselves away freely, to men who weren’t investing in them. Women hate men because the quality men see them as nothing more than fucktoys, not worth investing in. So we’re stuck in a vicious cycle which, if not broken, will end in us disappearing from this universe. One side is going to have to start the reconciliation.

You have to use your judgement as to whether a woman in her thirties is worthy of being the mother of your kids. There’s a very good chance that she spent her late teens and twenties believing the poz mind poison that she’s an all-powerful fucktoy who can get whatever she wants from the world by manipulating men into doing her bidding, and that she would be forever free from the consequences. Does that make her a bad person? Does that mean she’s not worth investing in? If you can bring her in line and she becomes YOUR woman, can she be seen as redeemed? Only you can make that calculation for yourself.

Another way of looking at this is, imagine if in the past an invading army came and raped all of our women. Every last one. Would you choose to perish, because all your women had been tainted? Or would you work with what you had? My guess is that our ancestors worked with what they had.

Plenty of women screw multiple guys because it’s their only way of finding out who is really Alpha and who is not. Who can deliver the whole package, who’s a fraud. Birth control has given them that “freedom” to shop around. If you want to see it that way. That doesn’t mean they all use that “freedom” to pursue full-on degeneracy. Many of them choose long term relationships, trying to figure out if the guy they chose is worthy of cashing in her hypergamy chips and going all in for a family. How will she know whether he’s the best option if she doesn’t try at least a few different guys? The other option is arranged marriages to a patriarchy-approved Beta. And how well did that work out last time? Legions of sexually-frustrated women were the low hanging fruit that brought down civilization.

TL;DR. Fuck what everyone else says, especially guys on the internet. Pick a woman of good character who makes your dick rock-fucking-hard and then tell her in no uncertain terms that the two of you are creating a family together and that nothing she does will impress you until you see that first healthy kid’s head coming out of her pussy. Then follow through. Every. Step. Of. The. Way.

I guarantee you you will not have a problem with a woman if you approach the whole enterprise with this level of purpose and clarity. This is what they want. The powerful, clear-headed guy who makes them feel valued

You will have to decide what level of imperfection you are willing to accept in your woman. I’d say that at this particular time and place, you’re going to have to be flexible on the fact that she shared her pussy with some other guys, while she was searching for the you, guy who could actually deliver the whole package. The way you can feel better about this is to pick the absolutely finest, highest quality woman you can find. I’m talking, like, ridiculously fine. Then ride her hard, emotionally, physically, psychologically, early on, to see what she’s about. If she doesn’t crack, and you guys are hot for each other, you’ve probably got a good one. just make sure you have a plan to follow through. If she catches even a whiff of you wavering, you’ll lose her.

And, again, fuck what everyone else says. It’s your life.

How to Choose a Wife in a Feminist Society

Why marry? To have children. There is no other reason, but optimally the added value of being married includes doubling the size of your family and expanding your social circle, career-friendly optics, psychological ballast as you age, and sometimes you might even gosh-darned like the chick you know inside-out who’s curled up next to you. But does a marriageable girl even exist in a feminist society? A commenter at Alpha Game says “Yes” and he describes her:

1. She has few (or no “real”) girlfriends.
2. She’s never in the middle of girl-drama.
3. She never induces white-knighting urges.
4. She clearly prefers the company of men-as-friends.
5. She sticks with one romantic interest and doesn’t flirt with other men.
6. (guessing on this one) She desires a traditional life: Lifetime husband, kids, house, white picket fence, dog, etc., and structures her life to that goal.

That is a perceptive list, except for 1 and 4 — those are bright, lurid, pulsating warning beacons. A woman with no female friends becomes that way because she repels people who aren’t interested in her pussy; i.e., other women. She also actively avoids friendship with women because unlike fawning male “friends,” fellow-femmes demand a modicum of pleasant personality and semblance of a giving character in a girlfriend.

OK, sometimes you can find an unconventional, in many such cases a highly intelligent woman, who can’t relate to other women. Still beware — atypical female personality comes with unfeminine deal-breakers. Do you want to be the one running around the house with the vacuum cleaner?

The reader at Alpha Game continues:

It helps if she was an ugly duckling (or geographically isolated from the social milieu, e.g. with a chronic illness) during her post-adolescent years (13-17), thus avoiding the mind-warping influence of being orbited by a retinue of young men.

“Ugly ducking” should mean that she was a late-bloomer, not literally ugly. Avoid ugly and obese women, and not just for the tautological reasons. (One would think I needn’t tell men to avoid unattractive women, and yet the couples I see because of so much thirst that’s out there…). Go for the girl who is over your attractiveness threshold but with the best character possible.

The face mirrors the character. A frumpy physiognomy is shaped by a frumpy attitude toward life. As cruel as it may sound, stay clear of women with chronic illness, unless you want an expensive and very limiting life with her, along with bad genes to pass to your children. Same with obese women — she’s fat because she is a slob with poor self-control. Young man, a piggy doesn’t deserve and won’t appreciate your love.

A girl like this is “available” for a very brief time before someone locks her down for the long term.

Witness. Something I noticed immediately after my senior year of high school, while I was getting blowjobs from drunk girls at parties, is that the cute wallflower classmate of mine was off marrying the quiet twenty-something dude she took to the prom several months earlier.

She is the unusual: a woman with the capacity to reason, and (generally) zero interest in running (or ruining) other’s lives.

That reader I’m quoting describes a woman without an overflowing abundance of ebullient femaleness. The nice girl is something mature men appreciate in concept, but as downside those girls do not signal sexually and a young man (for whom this post is written) wants a sexpot. He overlooks the potentially ideal wife in favor of the hormonal, gilded fertility-goddess he wants to bang. The thing is, everyone else wants to bang the hottie too. Go for it and wife her up, Mr. Tight Game, but first glance up at the title of this post. Can you handle the liabilities that come with such a babe? Paul McCartney couldn’t even handle a one-legged model.

Is this a post about unicorns? Are the decent wives and mothers “still on the other side of bloody revolution,” as a reader here once asked? A commenter at Alpha Game posted a similar question last year, to which Vox replied that women conform to their peer groups, so in order to find good wife material, look not for a girl that is traditional in an absolute sense (she is rare), but in the relative sense. In other words, go for the most traditional girl relative to her peer group.

My earlier “Marriage Advice to a Millennial” offers an unconventional but effective formula for beating the odds of getting divorced once you are married.