Action In Belgium


European youth is waking up:
>communists planned to occupy a medieval castle and hung up banners calling for open borders and more refugees
>got supported by various refugee organisations and Greenpeace
>suddenly 20-25 young fellas show up
>some of them get inside the castle
>tears down every pro-refugee banner on the castle
>meanwhile another group holds up a banner saying ‘Secure borders, secure future’
>pissed off a whole crowd of leftist babyboomers, hippies and communists
>degenerate lefties start threatening them
>after several minutes the police show up and every single one of them got away without getting arrested

Good physiognomy, strong voice, good follow-on dissemination via the HD video below.

Most people aren’t going to take risky direct action against the system. That’s always been the domain of a small minority of fighters. The expectation on the others is to support them. One of the ways in which you can do that is to spread videos of successful action such as that one.

There are two kinds of target-audiences: the red-pilled and the normies. The latter require a shock to be willing to lose their faith in the system. One way to shock them is through “bad news” messages. That’s in fact the purpose of black-pilling someone. By itself, it becomes counterproductive when dwelled-on amongst ourselves because we already know. This is why, for example, when I posted yesterday about mudsharking in Ireland, I put it in historic context so that the problem doesn’t feel like it’s the end of the world. I also proposed a solution.

I also watch bad-news videos analytically. For example, this clip from a tram in Sweden, which shows a shitskin intimidating an old woman into giving up her seat. The most scary things are those that are unknown. All those abstractions about “migrants” feel larger than life until they assume a human (so to speak) face. In the linked clip from Sweden, it’s in the person of a tightly wound, frustrated mulatto.

Watching that scene, I wondered, “What would I have done on that train?” That depends on a lot of things. There is a young man standing nearby, pretending not to see. That could have been you or me. He required three things, as do we: one, a willingness to impose his frame on the spectacle (many have a shyness-threshold about loud public scenes). Two, confidence that others would have his back if he stepped in. And three, a conviction that he’s right to act. This is why if you witness one of those situations, you have to communicate, right there in the heat of things, your solidarity with the White party and step up per your judgment.

Watching such videos, you also want to analyse the antagonist’s physical potential. Is he armed? If committed to confronting him, would you surprise-strike or walk up and either intimidate him into submission or bait him to make the first move?

History never ends. There is never going to be a permanent settled peace (utopia) for them either. A new leadership class is born in Belgium and everywhere else. Those who watch will choose between the Identitarians and the sclerotic post-WWII order.

That ugly antifa couple up on that castle are mad that they were born two generations too late. It was cool to protest Reagan in Europe thirty five years ago.