Idle Thoughts On Songs About Home

Home, home again, I like to be here when I can
And when I come home cold and tired
Its good to warm my bones beside the fire
— Pink Floyd

Culture may even be described simply as that which makes life worth living.
— T.S. Eliot

Homer’s “Odyssey” is about man’s struggle against temptation, monsters, and gods in his quest for home. As the foundational poem tells it, you can go home again, provided that you rid it of squatters. Modern songs, no less, express that love for home, either the satisfaction of having found it or the realization that you truly know what you have only after you lose it.

I compiled a few songs that carry that spirit, omitting ones with the word “home” in their title.

Madness “Our House.” Home and hearth figures prominently in English art. It’s no surprise that the now-universal metaphor for home, the Hobbits’ Shire, came from that land.

Our house it has a crowd
There’s always something happening
And it’s usually quite loud
Our mum she’s so house-proud
Nothing ever slows her down and a mess is not allowed

The Head and the Heart “Down in the Valley.” This indie folk band shares the road-weariness of touring, and how all the tedium and grind are worth the moment it all comes together at show time.

I know there’s California, Oklahoma
And all of the places I ain’t ever been to but
Down in the valley with whiskey rivers
These are the places you will find me hidin’
These are the places I will always go
These are the places I will always go

Bonus — check out their song “Shake.” Trust + chemistry = friendship. That’s home too. The melody and the video: pure joy.

Dream Academy “Life in a Northern Town.” The song was written as an elegy to a young musician who had died ten years earlier. Its snapshots of a northern English town, filmed for the video in 1985, evoke a cloudy place that as an ice-age European, I find homelike.


A northern town

Jason Isbell “Travelling Alone.” Home is where the heart is, as every vagabond knows. Isbell sings about the ultimate state of homelessness, being alone:

Damn near strangled by my appetite
Ybor City on a Friday night
Couldn’t even stand up right

So high the street girls wouldn’t take my pay
They said come see me on a better day
She just danced away

Morrissey “Every Day is like Sunday.” Many of the songs on this list are from England. There is something that cries for rivers of blood about the English people’s ancient love of home, so chronicled in their folklore, contrasted with the present diversity nightmare. The lyrics paint a survivor’s longing for death in a post-apocalyptic landscape that was once a sunny place. The opening vocals in “Sunday” are possibly my favorite of any song.

Trudging slowly over wet sand
Back to the bench where your clothes were stolen
This is the coastal town
That they forgot to close down
Armageddon, come Armageddon!
Come, Armageddon! Come

The Tuttles and AJ Lee covering “Hickory Wind.” Your life’s arc might lead you to “the riches and pleasures.” But should it all dissolve to lonesomeness, your thoughts will turn homeward:

In South Carolina there are many tall pines
I remember the oak tree that we used to climb
But it makes me feel better each time it begins
Callin’ me home hickory wind

Lonestar “Already There.” This song was heavily played during the height of U.S. troop deployment to Iraq, obviously meaningful to those who were missing their loved ones:

A little voice came on the phone
Said, “Daddy when you coming home?”

Maybe it’s just my interpretation, but those lines, beginning with “I’m already there,” read like the words of a fallen soldier who had finally come Home:

He said the first thing that came to his mind
I’m already there
Take a look around
I’m the sunshine in your hair
I’m the shadow on the ground
I’m the whisper in the wind
I’m your imaginary friend
And I know I’m in your prayers
Oh, I’m already there

Waylon Jennings “Luckenbach, Texas.” There is at least one industry compilation that ranks it as the all-time greatest Country song. It is about having drifted from home, as can happen between two people…

I don’t need my name in the marquee lights
I got my song and I got you with me tonight
Maybe it’s time we got back to the basics of love

… and in the bigger picture, as the song is a call for Country musicians to reclaim their roots:

Let’s go to Luckenbach, Texas
With Waylon and Willie and the boys
This successful life we’re livin’
Got us feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys

Guns N’ Roses “November Rain.” This epic ballad ranks among Rock’s top-five all time greatest songs, with “Light My Fire,” “Tuesday’s Gone, “Stairway to Heaven,” and “Black.” But there is something else that’s special about it. The song’s closing lyrics are a salutary reminder that there is daybreak:

So never mind the darkness
We still can find a way
‘Cause nothin’ lasts forever
Even cold November rain


Say No To Entropy

Speaking of bravery, Marvel comics is finding their sales waaaaay down after a recent dip into “diversity” waters. Could it be because blacks, Muslim women, etc. just aren’t that heroic? Would they storm the beach under fire at Normandy or brave their way back into the Twin Towers to look for the injured while the fire still raged? The black teens in Florida last week didn’t even lift a finger to call 911 while the mentally challenged black man flailed in the pond and died. — Camlost

The SJW delusion is that by taking over good real estate, they will keep harnessing its value to their purposes. They don’t understand that by ruining good real estate, they kill its original value.  The result: nobody watches the new Dr. Who. (This is similar to how when women take over a profession, its value in terms of social status and earning power collapses).

The Millennial Woes podcasts below is good, and is related to the above. It’s about the new female Dr. Who. He brings up the “reasonable” liberal argument: why not? After all, the show’s main character has no reason to not reincarnate as, say, a woman, or black, or Chinese. He follows with an aside remark that grabbed my attention: “That’s entropy.”

Yes, as I’ll add: the entropy-mentality of liberalism that would have everything in the world just amalgamate through Brownian motion. A reflection of the r-selected mentality: cows grazing, rabbits munching on grass. No agency, no control, no order, no will, no transcendence of mindless random forces of whatever breeze blows through.

So Millennial Woes eviscerates the liberal argument by first establishing that Dr. Who has traditionally been an icon for slightly-misfit boys, a character they related to growing up in ways that they wouldn’t relate to in his female form. He then suggests that the producers’ ultimate goal is to make him black, with a woman being a moderate step in that direction. The goal is to move on to James Bond, and ultimately to tar-brush (my term, not his) all iconic European characters.

He goes on to explain that Dr. Who’s fan-base tends to be liberal, so they struggle in formulating their objections to a female character. They make content-free points such as: “I like the move toward diversity but they are doing it for political reasons, they are going about it all wrong” — like what does that even mean? How would going about it “the right way” look?

So finally, Millennial Woes masterfully delivers the identitarian argument we are all familiar with here: Dr. Who is an English cultural icon, he has always been British (there was one or two Scottish actors) — and that is the reason to keep him a British man — and yes, that also means White.

And as I would add, make a K-selected stand: he is ours, you can’t have him. Say No to entropy.

Good podcast; there is a lot more there:

“Her Microphone Is Bigger Than Her Brain”

“The terrorist att… — er, the incident” — BBC reporterette

“This is the narrative that the liberal media give you. It’s liberalism. You are saturated with political correctness. Your brains have been eaten away by the bacteria of Cultural Marxism. What is it — I’ve told you before — it’s German Jews who told you that you have to be politically correct, that you have to take in ethnic minorities, and he who doesn’t is a nationalist, fascist, and needs to be terminated. And so now you have a Muslim mayor of London who says bromides, you have Miss Theresa May who drones on with empty phrases because she is afraid to say anything more aggressive, something that would give a measure of comfort and peace to her people.” — Max Kolonko (in translation)

Mariusz Max Kolonko is a former senior White House correspondent for TVP and now a popular New York-based political commentator on his news show. In the latest video he comments on last week’s London Bridge terror attacks.

The video below includes footage from the attack, following by his analysis, which is subtitled in English. Some points he makes:

  • A wry observation that none of the television reporters in London are White. He lays into some mystery-meat bimbo, giving me the title for this post.
  • A look at the defeated or mendacious tweets of various European leaders, along with liberal media’s dishonestly edited reporting on Donald Trump’s reaction to the attack. (Kolonko is a big fan of Trump and has provided outstanding commentary throughout the election campaign.)
  • A reminder that Europe is at war, and with the world’s best warriors.
  • Speaking to his audience in Poland, he says: “our mono-ethnicity is our strength” — despite others’ calling it the country’s “colossal failure.”

There is more; the heart of this commentary is that the only way forward is to arm the people, let them defend themselves, and to take what’s going on seriously because it’s war.

He calls on European leadership to implement as first step, a Trump-style travel ban, declare martial law, deport anyone associated with suspected terrorists — their family, and even people they were seen talking with.

And arm Europe’s native population. Unlike this ovine approach, as tweeted by London Metropolitan Police:


“This is their advice when you see something frightening — ‘run, hide, tell’ — how about instead, Ready, Aim, Fire?” — Kolonko  

People leave the area with their hands up after an incident near London Bridge in London

“When I saw those British people with their hands up, who marched down the street like sheep to a slaughterhouse… Maybe I’m living in a different world here in the United States. But I looked at them and I felt sorry for them. I said to myself, look: this is our Western Civilization. Those are our people, our brothers and sisters who are led like a surrendering population.” — Kolonko

He concludes with words of contempt addressed directly to Theresa May and a demand that, as a key step in dealing with the terror attacks and the larger dispossession that they are a symptom of, Europeans be rearmed. So, in his words, let’s make it a real fight: when a Muslim terrorist runs up, he will fall dead before he has a chance to shout “Allah.”



Imagine there’s no mercy
It’s easy if you try
Traitors hang on lampposts
Above us righteous God

Imagine all the coloreds driven from our lands

Imagine there’s no leftism
It’s the easiest thing to do
A time to kill or die for
And separation too

Imagine our people free and true again

Hope burned in the hearts of dreamers
Who saw another way to live
So many have since joined us
The world is starting to believe

Imagine there’s a future
I wonder if you can
No need for nihilism
An awakening of man

Imagine Europeans’ glory yet untold

People said that I’m a dreamer
But I’m just a woken man
For a brotherhood of nations
And White children face the sun


UPDATE: The Mamas & The Pepes have set my take on Lennon’s “Imagine” to music. It’s fantastic:




A few words on why John Lennon’s original is the most anti-human song ever written.


The 16 Points that describe the Alt-Right’s core philosophy.


Something about this man’s words (read them closely) and his face struck me as proof that we won’t be homeless forever:

A homeless [Manchester] man, called Steve, described the moment he had to ‘pull nails out of children’s faces’ following the shocking attack.

He said: ‘Just because I’m homeless it does not mean that I haven’t got a heart and I’m not human still.

‘They needed the help and I would like to think someone would come and help me if I needed help.

‘It’s your instinct to go and help and it was children and it was a lot of children. We were pulling nails out of their arms and from a little girl’s face.

‘It had to be done, you had to help. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to live with myself for walking away and leaving kids like that.’


(Story above). Source of top image unknown. Alternate lyrics to “Imagine” written by me.


BBC Docudrama on Rotherham

Suburban_elk links to a review of a just-aired BBC docudrama about the forced prostitution of 1,400 underage English girls by Pakistanis. The crimes — abetted by Rotherham’s craven police, council, and social services for the sake of anti-racism — continued from 1997 until blown open in 2013. Elk comments:

Top-tier English blogger Morgoth on the big-event BBC docudrama about the rape crises. Against all expectations, the show is true to the race of the perps and the victims.

… and quotes an excerpt from Morgoth’s review:

Why Did They Do It?

For three consecutive nights the BBC showed a politically correct free drama portraying the brutal realities of multiculturalism, grooming, neglect of the white working class, the idiocy of the liberal left, the general rot brought about by Cultural Marxism, and they used their most treasured TV slot (21.00 – 22,00) to do it, why?

His point is that there was neither an overt nor a subtle “liberal sucker-punch,” as I call those Narrative-reaffirming moments in contemporary productions. I haven’t seen the miniseries but he describes it as candid on all of the big questions. There wasn’t, as he writes, even a final sleight of hand in which Rotherham is compartmentalized as a bad apple in an otherwise glorious multicultural paradise — the film treats the rape of White girls as systemic, flashing up a list of 36 English cities in which similar child-grooming rings were also prosecuted.

I don’t know why “Three Girls,” which aired last week, was so honest. Reverberations of pro-White spirit in harmony with Trump’s election victory?

Another important passage from Morgoth (I could in fact quote the whole thing, no word wasted there):

After the heroic ‘lone voice of sanity’ Sara Rowbotham […] confronted the ‘PC’ brigade’ and had to graphically explain that a 13 year old girl being anally raped by 6 men in one night was ”Not a fucking lifestyle choice!’ many a Social Justice buttercup may well have had a slight tingling sensation of realising just how far gone they are.

And another one:

On social media a common criticism of Three Girls came from the Alt-Lite, Civic Nationalist, Counter Jihad camps because Islam was never mentioned at all. But this is just a sign of their own cowardice, what was frequently mentioned was race and ethnicity, but they’re afraid to mention that […] These ‘Pakis’ are not devout Muslims raping for Allah, they’re a coke snorting , vodka swilling hostile racial group degrading and destroying the females of ”The Other”.


Inbred Pakistani human garbage of Rotherham (image source: Les Observateurs)

Indeed, the almost-but-not-there Alt-Lite and such will go as far as naming Islam, but not the fucking thing itself, RACE.


Rotherham is not going away. The bloodbaths of Cheka remains obscure in Western consciousness because they occurred on Europe’s hazy periphery. But also because sometimes war crimes are too much to contemplate, so instead, it’s the more contemptible instances of “banality of evil” in what was supposed to be peacetime that scrape the eyes like grains of sand. There is no perfect justice here, but Rotherham will be in history books forever.

No redemption is possible for the anti-White traitor scum who had kept a lid on the Rotherham abuse. Imperial rule, even at the level of petty apparatchiks, comes with moral dilemmas. But the cowards of Rotherham were never in a Sophoclean position of weighing life against life, or the good of the individual vs. that of society. Playing accessory to the destruction of 1,400 teenagers in service to White genocide is as close to being on the wrong side of good vs. evil as you get.

The names of Rotherdam’s police and other public servants, along with the obscenity they sheltered — anti-racism itself — will be synonymous with the cowardice and the depths of the piggish stupidity brought on by Europe’s second iteration of Communism, its sewer-bath of multiculturalism.


Image source: “Three Girls” screenshot via Morgoth’s Review


Orwell on Leftist Media: “Once a Whore, Always a Whore”

First of all, a message to English left-wing journalists and intellectuals generally: ‘Do remember that dishonesty and cowardice always have to be paid for. Don’t imagine that for years on end you can make yourself the boot-licking propagandist […] and then suddenly return to mental decency. Once a whore, always a whore.’
 —George Orwell [“As I Please,” Tribune, Sep. 1, 1944]

Something that strikes even the casual observer is that the truism about history repeating itself, or at least rhyming, proves itself reliable. In the quote above, George Orwell denounces England’s left-wing press for covering up their government’s collusion with the Soviet Union in backstabbing a war ally.

In “The Witness of Poetry,” Czesław Miłosz wrote something that strikes me as central to the relationship between the establishment media class and the objective reality they purport to write about (emphasis in the original):

We discover a certain unpleasant truth that constantly intrudes on us, even if we would like to forget it. Mankind has always been divided by one rule into two species: those who know and do not speak; those who speak but do not know. This formula can be seen as an allusion to the dialectic of master and slave, for it invokes centuries of ignorance and misery among serfs, peasants, and proletarians, who alone knew the cruelty of life in all its nakedness but had to keep it to themselves. The skill of reading and writing was the privilege of the few, whose sense of life was made comfortable by power and wealth. [Harvard University Press, 1983]

I read that book in the late 1990s and the italicized line—”those who know and do not speak; those who speak but do not know”—has had an immediate and enduring impact on my thinking. Let’s take a look at these two classes of people.

Those who Know but do not Speak

In 2011, an English woman named Emma West gained worldwide notoriety when a video of her emotional argument with hostile non-Whites on a tram was posted online and viewed by more than 11 million people. Consequently, she was arrested and held in jail through Christmas, in effect a political prisoner. Pictured below is Emma West holding her toddler son on that day when she became an enemy of the state and a recipient of death threats. Her crime: saying “This is my England.”


Almost two years later another young woman, an American named April Sims, wrote on Facebook:

My boyfriend was robbed last night by 2 black males. They held a gun to his stomach and took our $85 Wyatt’s formula, diaper wipes and veggies.

She then vented her outrage with Blacks in general, quite understandably, given her boyfriend’s ordeal and also given common observations of their antisocial behavior. For that, she lost her job. (But to my respect, she refused to apologize and when pressed she wrote: “I stand by every word I said, and do not apologize.”)

Both of those women—Emma West and April Sims—voiced legitimate grievances. Given the informal medium of their protest and emotional duress they spoke under, their words were raw, spontaneous, from the heart. And as such, their speech was opportunistically used against them by their denouncers in the media.

Michał Borowicz provides insight into what drives “those who know but don’t speak” to defy their hardship and speak nonetheless. Writing in the context of World War II-era atrocities, he writes as translated here:

Man, pushed to the very limit of his condition, found once more in the written word a last rampart against the loneliness of annihilation. His words, elaborate or awkward, cadenced or disorderly, were inspired by only the will to express, to communicate and transmit the truth. They were formulated in the worst conditions possible, were spread by impoverished means and dangerous by definition. Those words were opposed to the lie fabricated and maintained by powerful groups which had the gigantic technology at their disposal and who were protected by unbounded violence. [Ecrits des condamnés à mort sous l’occupation allemande, Presses Universitaires de France, 1954]

When listening to those who speak with a metaphoric knife at their throat, look for scraps of unadulterated truth embedded in their words. The manner in which they speak is a distant secondary consideration. Let’s now look at the other class of people from Miłosz’s formulation.

Those who Speak but do not Know

In the contemporary West those people, inclusive of members of the media, constitute a comfortable class whose wealth and connections allow them to live in insulation from the very social arrangements that they promote. Tucker Carlson describes that caste in his January 28, 2016 article “Donald Trump Is Shocking, Vulgar and Right” in Politico magazine:

If you live in an affluent ZIP code, it’s hard to see a downside to mass low-wage immigration. Your kids don’t go to public school. You don’t take the bus or use the emergency room for health care. No immigrant is competing for your job. (The day Hondurans start getting hired as green energy lobbyists is the day my neighbors become nativists.) Plus, you get cheap servants, and get to feel welcoming and virtuous while paying them less per hour than your kids make at a summer job on Nantucket. It’s all good. 

The people Carlson describes are pig-ignorant about the things that women like West or Sims know well, yet they are the loudest in denouncing them for crying out about their circumstances. Women from pricey ZIP codes do not leave their homes in the morning to barbaric noise thumping from car speakers or go to sleep to pre-human shrieks from their welfare-class neighbors. Tucker Carlson’s neighbor does not take her child outside to have a creature named De’Marquise hassle her for money and then shoot her stroller-strapped baby in the face.

The Disgraced Journalists

The journalist’s vocation is to become someone who speaks and knows. Instead, in Orwell’s time as in ours, left-wing news media have assumed the role of protector of the official state narrative, no matter how that narrative conflicts with facts and reason. In other words, they lie—on three levels:

One, they bury news of interracial crime that involve a White victim. Two, when reporting such occurrances, they refuse to identify or synthesize the larger social pattern that those occurrances constitute, de rigueur trivializing every instance of Black-on-White murder, for example, as “random” or “robbery gone wrong.” And finally, the media actively construct an anti-reality narrative around current events to promote sentiments and policies that drive the ongoing dispossession of Whites in their own countries.

From the desegregation of American schools at the point of a bayonet to Angela Merkel’s jihadi invasion of Europe, the unwritten volumes of human misery are a byproduct of the elites’ goal of replacing Whites in their own countries. The leftist media are a core, active participant in this effort. Mass immigration and the forcible mixing of communities deliberately inflict conditions of life calculated to bring about the physical destruction in whole or in part of the European people and their diaspora.

My message to today’s left-wing journalists: no one believes your story. Bloggers fact- and logic-check your writing, like Steve Sailer has been doing for over the past twenty years. Everybody goes straight to the comments sections of your articles for the truth. You have placed yourself in service to lies in defiance of your code of professional ethics and common decency. But your name is on the bylines and history’s forthcoming judgment will be clear:

Not only are you a whore, you are also accessory to genocide.