Germany Has Had Enough





Via @RachelBartlett on Gab:

#Chemnitz statistics


20 injured, including two police

591 police officers tried to ‘de-escalate’

6.000 right-wing populists

1.500 leftists

43 police reports (breach of peace, use of illegal symbols)


9 injured

1.800 police, including cavalry

4.500 right-wing populists according to city*, more likely 12.000

4.000 leftists according to the city*, more likely 2.500

25 police reports (breach of peace, bodily harm)

* I’m past trusting the municipality, or the MSM, on anything. Look at the videos and decide for yourself.

These are Type 3 protests.

There’s been surfeit of news that feed the cliche of cucked Western Europe. Not in Chemnitz:

Waving German flags, with some flashing Nazi salutes, the angry mob made its way through the streets, chasing after dark-skinned bystanders as police officers, vastly outnumbered, were too afraid to intervene.

A Syrian refugee and father of two, Anas al-Nahlawie, watched horrified from a friend’s fourth-floor balcony. They were hunting in packs for immigrants just like him, he said. “Like wolves.”

Symphonic music to my ears.

For a few perilous hours over two days this week, the mob owned the streets of Chemnitz, where anger exploded after word spread that an Iraqi and a Syrian asylum seeker were suspected in a knife attack that killed a German man early Sunday.

Non-Europeans do not belong in Europe. Made to feel welcome, they will abuse any unearned graciousness. Raped children (think about that horror for a moment), murdered young people, excrement in the streets, despair and feeling of hopelessness among Europeans with the sight of every alien face claiming a European street. All over the world, mocha-colored people follow such news and glow with pleasure at what they imagine to be a spring of brown nations.

Until Europeans say enough.

What it takes for Germany or any other contaminated European country to reclaim their land is to team up, take to the streets, and not fear martyrdom. The enemy is made of paper.