“You Will Not Replace Us”

Small flash-mob rallies in liberal-controlled cities; larger demonstrations in Red State locations, where police is less likely to attack pro-White participants. That’s the lesson of the earlier experience in Charlottesville.

Richard Spencer & co promised that they’ll be back, and indeed they revisited Charlottesville last night, also with tiki torches. This was a smaller-scale repeat of the unqualified success of theĀ nighttime portion of the August 11-12 Unite the Right rally.

“You will not replace us” is the call to arms. The slogan has rustled some jimmies. How does the establishment and its SJW proxies oppose that without forfeiting any pretense to legitimacy in the eyes of observers? Forget legitimacy for a moment — how do you oppose that slogan and not be a monster? The chanting begins by the video’s 7:00-minute mark:

A man then speaks into the megaphone after 7:30:

Hello Charlottesville, we’re back and we have a message. We’re back and we’re gonna keep coming back.

You will not replace us!

You will not erase us!

After this short introduction, Richard Spencer takes the megaphone:

Charlottesville, your city has become symbolic. It’s become symbolic for the oppression of speech. That is, our speech. Speech that your mayor and the Governor of Virginia might disagree with. Your city is now symbolic of their suppression of our rights as U.S. citizens. Your city has become symbolic for the tearing-down of the symbols of the history of this nation. The history of our people, of White people of Virginia and of the South, and of the entire United States. Your city has become a symbol of this great erasure of who we are.

(A female voice begins shrieking in the background, carries on for the length of the speech.)

We always come in peace. We came in peace in May, we came in peace in July, we have come in peace right now. And we will continue to come in peace to speak at your city because we care about our heritage. We care about who we are. Not just as Virginians, not just as Southerners, but as White people — White people in this country, and White people around the world. We care about who we are and we will take a stand.

(Spencer’s voice now takes on an impassioned note.)

We’ll take a stand at Charlotesville, we’ll take a stand in Washington DC, we’ll take a stand anywhere and everywhere. So you’re gonna have to get used to it. You’re gonna have to get used to the alt-Right. You’re gonna have to get used to White identity. You’re going to have to get used to uncucked young men who are willing to stand for our future, so get used to it. There’s gonna be a lot more crying, sweetheart…

(Laughter among Spencer’s comrades)

… I’m sorry about that. But we’re gonna come back. We’re gonna come back again and again and again. Gentlemen, let’s sing a song that you and I know good and well.

They sing Dixie. Then, they chant “You will not replace us” and merry laughter follows. Then, they chant several times:

The South will rise again!

Russia is our friend!

Other people then speak. Watch it while the video it is still up on Youtube.

Well done, gentlemen.