Nationalism In Po-Dunk

Kid Rock’s “Po-Dunk” gives a middle finger to anti-American globalists. The video pays homage to Hank Williams, Jr. “Country Boys Can Survive” right away, with an opening scene featuring a man wearing a Bocephus t-shirt.

“Po-Dunk” is a message to a political class that has been tearing those people down for decades. That message is: Our consent is withdrawn. The video is not perfect, but it rides the rising wave of popular discontent. That’s elaborated on here:

It’s Alt Lite, not Alt Right. It’s populist, neither intellectual nor ideological. And while it’s ultimately insufficient, it nevertheless represents a tremendous step forward for Americans, because, unlike the Diversity Left, which hates America, and the Establishment Right, which cares about nothing except GDP and the well-being of the donor class, the Trump nationalists love America. — Vox Day

Where the 1981 video for “Country Boys Can Survive” postures defiantly from a position of competent self-reliance, this one revels literally and figuratively in mud.

Country music from the 1950s through the 1970s is the greatest of American music. Hank, Merle, George, Johnny, Waylon balanced license with dignity. But the past does not return. You have to push through the present — through Kid Rock’s potty-mouthed, mudsharking-at-the-edges, conspicuous nihilism — to make a future aligned with your higher aspirations

The video shines a light on our people in their nadir-hour. Naked women, tats galore, smoking while pregnant… those aren’t a matter of culture or aesthetic. They are a matter of self-respect. That said, Kid Rock knows the Alt-Right’s Point No. 12:

“Podunk don’t give one hillbilly fuck.” — Kid Rock


More importantly, the video does several very, very big things: it explicitly celebrates White natalism: “Got a baby in her belly and a baby on her hip / Little towheaded rascal peeing off the porch.” Also the Confederate flag, guns, rooted all-White communities, and in pointed defiance of neoliberalism, no immigrants. And good, dirty fun. How can the political slogan “diversity is our greatest strength” be taken seriously, when homogeneity looks like home sweet home?

(An aside on the featuring of blacks in the video: that ruins it for me. That’s because I’m farther along on the national right-ward drift than the target audience for the video is. Also, idealized relations between Whites and Blacks are part of American mythology and have a bit of basis in reality in some regional and historic contexts.)

Kid Rock’s people in rural Michigan are giving the middle finger to the conservatives who had stabbed them in the back, and to the liberals who want them blended out of existence. “Po-Dunk” follows the same angry current as that of Michigan’s other native son, Michael Moore, who featured those same people in his unintentionally pro-Trump campaign video. Did you forget about Moore’s “Biggest Fuck You in Human History”? I didn’t.

Yes, on November 8, you — Joe Blow, Steve Blow, Bob Blow, Billy Blow, Billy-Bob Blow, all the Blows — get to go and blow up the whole goddamned system because it’s your right. Trump’s election is going to be the biggest “Fuck You” ever recorded in human history and it will feel good. — Michael Moore


Kid Rock is tapping into that same “Fuck You.”

Everybody is feeling the hunger for a home. That’s what nationalism is all about.



The Moral Right To Say “No”

We have not exploited the countries from which these refugees are coming to Europe these days, we have not used their labour force and finally we have not invited them to Europe. We have a full moral right to say No.

From last week’s speech by Jarosław Kaczyński, chairman of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party. Each nation’s circumstances are different. In Poland’s case, Kaczyński is absolutely right: there is no basis, in a liberal moral system, to hold Poland and several other European nations accountable for their past entanglements with third world peoples.

Does this mean that countries that did have colonies and had invited non-European labor into their homes are morally obligated to take in immigrants? Of course, not. That’s because the liberal moral system is not a legitimate guide for Western nations — it is alien and opportunistic rather than traditional and idealistic.

However, attention to the liberal moral system is indicated because its protean premises and logic are necessary, at the present, to validate any political act undertaken by a Western nation. Whites have always derived legitimacy of action from the alignment of their motives with universal morality; that, in my view, is innate to us and this is why we are seen as the only race that possesses moral agency.

Our universalist thinking predates Christianity, whose tenets, from a secular point of view, are aligned with our a-priori impulses. The modus operandi of Leftism was to subvert our relationship with Christian morality by keeping its language but replacing its spirit with their own unclean breath. The Cultural Marxist usurpation is not historically unique in that regard, except that has turned our own nature against us on an unprecedentedly self-destructive scale.

Kaczyński’s above-quoted words parry one Marxist argument (“Europe must take in refugees because racist debts”) with another (“Poland has no such debts”). His speech effectively rebuffs false-premise dialectic on its own terms.

Every mainstream populist leader in Europe understands that, at the moment, his public address is constrained by the captivity of the Western mind — the West’s voters and national institutions — to the false morality of Marxism. This is also why Viktor Orbán’s speeches include appeals to liberal values such as tolerance and female equality. To win, you play the game by its present rules, until your audience is ready for you to discard present rules.

A genuine Western moral system — as codified by Christian doctrine and in harmony with natural law — was never killed by Jewish Marxism, and never will be as long as we live. Our legitimate morality is submerged under impostor-morality. Listen to your own mute voice and hear your own thoughts:

Even the lowest bug fights to live.

Thou shalt not kill, another or yourself for illegitimate reasons. In other words, no nation is obligated to snuff out her own posterity. Yet this is being enthusiastically carried out, not only in the case of Western Europe’s post-war waves of immigration, but in an even more influential example — the United States and her blacks. From the standpoint of liberal morality, the case for absolute black equality is incontrovertible: slavery and segregation were sins to be atoned for, with damage to be ameliorated. So Americans did that… and created a low-grade beast that begs to be put down.

Language, no less so the moral language behind the hissing for White Genocide, is “words, words, words,” per Shakespeare. And so are any retorts on the political stage. But the soil from which the words spring — either as cultivated roses or as poison ivy — is real. It is time to eradicate (to pull up by the roots) the false morality of Marxism and let legitimate European morality again flourish so we affirm that our nations have the full moral right to say “No” to being replaced, and then to act in accordance with this imperative to live and not die.

To independence!


A Thought About Honor On Memorial Day

Let’s start with a reminder that with our own, we’re supposed to be human:



“You tell his mom ‘He died for us, for America,’ because a funeral for a 21 year old ain’t time for real talk.” — Ryan Landry

We know it’s bullshit. Vets in electric wheelchairs know it’s bullshit. But as Ryan reminds us, time and place, folks.

I was in the U.S. Army during Bill Clinton’s first term. My enlistment included three years on active duty, overseas service, and a tour with a combat arms unit. No opportunity for big heroics crossed my path but I served well and was honorably discharged. I believed in the mission.

Today, I encounter senior military officers on a semi-regular basis. Passing them in the crowd, that sort of thing. A few days ago, I saw a U.S. Navy Captain walking with a young Ensign. The young man was attentive to rank, arrow-straight and spoke respectfully to his astronomical-scale superior. The Captain looked every inch the officer. Streaks of grey in his closely-cropped hair, grim intelligence in his voice.

Both of those men had sworn this oath, on their sacred honor:

Oath of Commissioned Officers: I, [name], having been appointed an officer in the armed forces of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of [rank] do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God.”

The junior men and the NCOs live in a micro-matters world of accountability. The barracks have to be clean, rifles accounted for, trucks inspected, buddies looked out for. On an ordinary day, a soldier can both do his job and keep his honor… if he looks straight ahead and not at what’s around him.

But what do American military officers think about “fighting them there” while they invade us here? What about going along the emasculation of their own cadets? The obedience to degenerates like Clinton, wastrels like Bush the Lesser, or aliens like Obama? The Constitution is not defended, one hundred million vultures ravage America.

What can one officer do? We all have our jobs. My hands are tied, his hands are tied. When a Navy Captain or an Army Colonel feels that his uniform burns his skin, that his handsome bearing as an officer and a gentleman is a mockery of his ideals, what is the honorable thing to do? (President Donald Trump’s task, in my estimation, is to throw chaos into the global ruling class consensus while securing government and military factions that can strike — calling up me and you if necessary — when the time is right. Let’s be ready to do our part.)

Memorial Day is a time to remember that those who died did their job. You and I go on about our hands being tied. They believed that they were fighting for their people, even if “their people” began and ended with the hemorrhaging PFC who never made it to his own 22nd birthday.

How America Can Be Made Great Again

By restoring the country’s ethnic balance to what it was before 1965. Those who came here since the signing of the Hart-Celler Act would have to go home, details to be hammered out. Yes, this could include me. Wait — someone’s calling. It’s the Momentum of History. She’s asking if my feelings would be hurt. I tell her “No.” “Terrific!” she says, “then I’ll just plow ahead.”

That superficially assimilated Somalian girl with the Valley Girl accent and a White boyfriend — yeah, she’d be going home. Don’t feel bad for her though. She does not vote in line with your interests and once awake to the deportations, she’d show her true allegiance. Every alien is capable of acting friendly so long as you don’t scratch his ethnic pride, and as long as you keep on with the “give” end of your give-and-take agreement and never the “take.”

For historical perspective, there were many fine Germans who nevertheless had to leave in 1945. Some were put into westbound freight cars after being stripped of every material possession, even their photo albums.

Legacy Blacks of course would be grandfathered in, but only under either full subordination to White norms within integrated spheres or autonomous under segregation. In the Eisenhower era, America’s racial protocols were framed as an international embarrassment. But in the age of Twitter and global muh dik, it is the Westerners’ filicidal tolerance that makes the world laugh at us.

America is in a transitional period. What’s going on is neither stable nor permanent. If you’re not White, then you have no idea how much we hate this multikult dictatorship. How it feminizes our character, stunts our freedom-loving spirit, and how sour it feels, under current political dictates, to see one of you walking freely within two hundred yards of our home. How the sun shines brighter and the sky is more blue when every face we see is like ours.

In short:

Blacks would stay, but they had their shot at equality and they can’t handle it. They are what they are, no less the crooked timber of humanity than anyone else. Whites don’t have to live like this, is what it would come down to.

And those who came here after Hart-Celler and their descendants would go home. Given that the Constitution of the United States was written for the posterity of those who were here before 1787, consider the 1965 cutoff date a bicentennial amnesty.

And then it’s on to greatness: walk on Mars, cure paralysis, extend a hand of friendship to the Afrikaners, and once again become who we are.

This Is Not “A Time To Come Together”

Good mornin’ America, how are ya?
Say, don’t you know me? I’m your native son

Donald Trump’s victory is daybreak for all of the forgotten core Americans — and mourning for the cracked Obama coalition. And no sooner did the election losers’ histrionics die down than they began their disingenuous calls for us to “come together as a nation.”

Even in defeat, they can’t stop lecturing us. It’s the Alinskyite game of holding us up to gentlemen’s rules while they plot to undermine Trump’s presidency and get back into power. Don’t fall for the scorpion’s plea to take him across the river. We are plenty united — among ourselves. As for the others, it’s time for a housecleaning with a flamethrower.

If you’re tempted to be magnanimous with them, stop. First, they are still dangerous. Secondly, think two weeks ahead to all the empty place settings at Thanksgiving tables for the people taken from us by Social Justice scum. Let the libs twist in the wilderness. Reflection will do the misguided liberals good and the SJWs are dead to us anyway.

This is not a time to come together. This is a time to break the anti-Whites into submission and uncuck the culture. A president can do a lot — defund programs and smash the student loan racket, trust-bust the media monopolies, and above all, build the wall — but he needs creative volunteers who aren’t afraid of getting dirty. The Alt-Right has a talent for mass-persuasion and the game just got bigger. It’s not low-energy Jeb or crooked Hillary we’re up against this time, but the entire cultural agenda that had been set in motion decades ago.

There are everyday ways for a veteran Shitlord to lead the way. As Suburban_elk writes:

The entire Leftst position is based on there being a substrate of competent White men (and women) who keep on lights and pay their taxes, and all the while don’t complain. And when they do complain, it’s whining.

That Frame has to be smashed and disregarded. And that requires explicit White Pride. There is not way around that. White Pride can be humble and quiet and modest, but it has to be what it is, it cannot be covered in gay principles of Republicanism and Inclusion.

Commenters over at Château Heartiste chime in as well. Ryan Whitecock (heh) stays with the big picture:

Today is indeed a great day; a battle won against the cuckening, the shitlibs, the diversity globohomo order.

But the war is not won…

Fellow alphas, we must go into the world and make America great again. Find a poor, downtrodden, meek man with a low spirit, and show him the way to alphadom. Teach him as a master teaches a student, so that he will pass that knowledge on as well, to his friends, to make his sons strong young men, to teach his daughters to be worthy and loving women, and to reign in the women of his life from their angry, feminist ways.

Trump has turned the tide. Now the responsibility is on us to follow headlong into battle and win the war.

“Dude” takes it to the ground level:

Buns in ovens bros. Educate friends/ family on media. I got my whole family to cut the cable cord. They used to call me crazy/ nazi, all that shit. They choked/ coughed/ laughed when I spoke up for Trump in the very beginning. Now, my mom was in tears of joy last night when I called her after the big win. My nephews are little shitlords in training because of me. They in turn will spread it to others. I lead by example, stay lean, stay clean, work my ass off and don’t pedestalize. I promote White pride at all times. It can be done.

And a few words from Plumpjack:

help your brothers find the light. we need every one of them. the great uncuckening begins today.

Meanwhile, President Trump just checked another item off his list:


Is My Critique of Anti-White America Illegitimate?

This objection to my writing is not unreasonable and I’ll respond to it:

Also, I’m getting very irritated at the idea of people coming from 99% white countries to America, which was never a monocultural country, and getting more and more radical about how non-whites have to leave America or be partitioned off.

There is a multicultural cast of foreign-born dissidents and overall political soothsayers who leave monoracial lands only to come here and make a living out of complaining about what they CHOSE to surround themselves with.

The rebuke comes from a U.S.-born reader who disagrees with my AltRight-aligned writing on race in the United States. I am of Eastern European origin, having arrived here in my early teens more than three decades ago and a U.S. citizen for over the past twenty five years.

My response to the criticism: I understand his irritation but racial liberalism isn’t America’s internal matter. I wish that were the case! If America wanted to keep her Social Justice / Black Power dictatorship to within her borders, it’d be easy enough for those of us with origins elsewhere to get out, good riddance. North Korea’s ant hive Juche is not my idea of sane politics but I don’t concern myself with it because it is quarantined to that one state.

But America is not a country defined by its borders anymore, which are inwardly porous and ideologically incontinent. America has become a global empire with 60 military bases in Europe alone, now with escalating NATO activities. Her leaders not only act with malice toward their own people, but they also drive the destruction of Western nations abroad. U.S. foreign policy is an extension of her domestic social engineering, delivering the murder of South Africa and the push for the kalergization of Western Europe.

And now closer to my ancestral home, I’m seeing daily newsfeeds of American media’s anti-Polish and anti-Hungarian propaganda, no doubt the tip of the iceberg regarding the pressure that is put on those countries to open themselves to mass immigration. I will never forget my shock of watching the 1999 U.S.-led bombing of Serbia that deliberately targeted civilians, so now I regard media narratives that aim at whipping up moral outrage with small European nations very seriously.

What I am saying is, I can’t in good conscience stay here quietly and I also can’t just leave, literally or metaphorically. If not brought back to sanity, liberal America will endeavor to destroy all of us here and she will follow me to the ends of the Earth if I run. Therefore I have no choice but to turn around and face her. And that is exactly what I am doing here, writing on this blog under our Constitutional protection of free expression and redress of grievances.

Under the identitarian definition of nationality, rather than the legal one as reflected by my U.S. passport, I am not an American. I also understand that the bonds of blood are stronger than opportunism and paperwork. But over the thirty years of my life in the United States, which includes Army service and the fact that my closest friendships are with Americans, I have developed something deeper than fondness for this country.

Dulce et decorum est, as I wrote with absolute sincerity in Shots of Wisdom, Part 3. Solzhenitsyn hated the Soviet Union but he always loved Russia. Liberal America is as dangerous to her own people as she is to our common civilization.

Pro-White Soundbites for Donald Trump

Presidential debates are stuck on 1992 anachronisms about the economy and on 1980s-era hand-wringing about “inner cities.” White voters go along with those talking points as with ritual incantations to be recited for the sake of good manners. Dead liturgies have their purpose. They keep shut the doors behind which pace the wolves of our survival instincts.

So what can Donald Trump say to connect with things that matter to White Americans? Trump’s goal is to win the election, not to burn out with a swan song. But there may be a time and place he deems fit to push the blade deeper into the Narrative’s bloated gut and communicate that which Suburban_elk captures with eloquent simplicity:

[R]eal concern and real vision, and from the heart, about how white people are suffering for having lost their country, and even more than that, having lost their purpose and their identity; their very soul.

Here are a few of my suggestions for avowing a people that dare not speak its name:

1. Apathy. “I remember when every home in hard-working communities had these pretty flowers in front of it, little American flags lining the street. And these people had pride in their neighbors, in themselves — because they believed that they have a future. And today, they don’t care any more. Why? because they feel that they have lost their country, their public space. Folks, when the people who built America drop out, we are all hurting.”

2. Ethnic Cleansing. “Good people cannot afford to live in their own communities! They watch their aspirations, their work go to ruin when their neighborhoods change character. Their property values are wiped out. I want Americans to have the homes, schools, and families like their grandparents and great-grandparents had.”

3. Despair. “And you know who else is hurting? White Americans. Yes, Whites. Like the families I met in central Florida. They have friends, or even their brothers or sisters, who live with no hope. No appreciation from their leaders. They have watched these beautiful young people fall into methamphetamine addiction. The drug of despair, folks. It never had to be that way. And this is going to change.”

4. Family Formation. “Americans who trace their heritage to Europe do not feel like they can build their own future. I’ve talked with folks in New Jersey, they are afraid to start a family. Or to have a second baby. Schools, affordable neighborhoods for young families are hostile in character. So many young, bright people want to have children but they are choking on their student loans.”

5. Founders’ Posterity. “Listen to me. The only meaningful job of the government is to secure a future for its people and their posterity. It’s right there, in the preamble to our Constitution. That spirit is in the Declaration of Independence and in Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.”

6. Guns. “Let’s be frank about something: our Founding Fathers had a good reason to articulate your right to bear arms. My opponent wants is to disarm you. It is tyrannical to take away an American’s right to defend his family from anyone who would threaten the peace of his home.”

7. Immigration. “No, it’s not just about the economy. Or security. It’s about Americans watching the country of their great-grandparents turn ugly, day after day, one administration after another. There are those who say that America is already great. They are lying to your face.”

[Can’t you just hear Trump’s drawn-out, emphatic enunciation in that last sentence?]

“You’re seeing your towns become third world. You know what, folks, Americans no longer see friendly faces. They feel like this isn’t their country any more. And they are right. And they don’t like it one bit.”

[There is so much to be said about immigration]

8. Neighborhoods. “The politicians give you their tired clichés like it’s time to bring communities together. Wrong! Maybe we should take a time-out on togetherness. We have a beautiful diverse America but we get on each other’s nerves. All people need their space.”

9. Neoliberalism. “Very powerful people who run our government and our economy have sold your birthright to the world’s low bidders. Whom they invite here to replace you at work — and guess what: they don’t do half the good job you do. They just work more cheaply and put up with the abuses you wouldn’t accept. And they also drown out your voice at the voting booths.”

10. Our Future. “The American people, the posterity of brave men and women who fought in the War of Independence, who risked everything to settle the frontier and help build this great country. They are vilified. They are not protected. They are told to shut up and pay their taxes. They are being pushed aside — and they are still very patient about it.”

“I want to talk about our future. Many Americans don’t feel like they have one. This is a crime, folks: their heritage is being erased, their history twisted into shrill accusations. And they are good, beautiful, hard working, relentless, creative people. Without them, there is no America. With Donald Trump as your president, you will look forward to the future, just like your ancestors did. Together we will make America great again!”


Trump knows. I had a short post in February, titled Reframing Compassion: You Can’t Come Here that pointed to his good instincts. We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism, he said in his foreign policy speech last April. And remember his White Genocide retweet?