The Right To Bear Arms (meme by a CH reader)

More an oracle than a commenter, Captain Obvious at Chateau Heartiste created this graphic:


This one hits instantly, which is the measure of a meme.

Americans, being normal people who do what normal people do, have rolled over for every abuse: integration, immigration, abortion. Flight makes more sense than fight where escalation gets you total war. But they have been firm in defense of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The right to bear arms, we feel it in our gut, is the line that must be held because once you are disarmed, there is neither a fight nor a flight option.


Senator Ben Sasse, Cuckservative Eloi


He’s the adult wearing the red shorts. Take a look at Richard Spencer’s remarkably good article. The gist: Senator Benjamin Sasse (R-Neb.) tweets “muh Russia.” Spencer zings him, in response to which the senator retaliates with a volley of eleven replies that at turns insult Spencer and wax cuckservative. In the linked article, Spencer comments on the senator’s prolixity:

With a PhD from Yale, Sasse, no question, has high intelligence. But a man like Sasse truly reveals the limits of mere intelligence. For what’s the point of intelligence if one’s soul remains that of a goofball and pushover? Sasse has apparently written a book about being an adult without really becoming one, for being an adult—and not just a smart soy boy—means putting aside childish things.

Among those eleven tweets, Spencer receives unsolicited advice on how to be happy, upon which he reflects:

One of Sasse’s saddest moments is when he tells me that I would be happier if I simply gave in and believed what he believes. I’m a pretty fun guy . . . but perhaps he’s right? Perhaps I would be “happier” if I clung to his gooey Americanism, much like a dying man clings to rosary beads or a crumpled photo of his sweetheart. But to even offer this advice is to assume that “happiness” is a value. I’ve visited retirement homes, preschools, and facilities for the mentally retarded; in all cases, the constituents seemed exceedingly happy.

Happy. The face of another buffoon whose emotional life begins and ends with happy:


There are sociopaths, as well as goodhearted but credulous people in mainstream politics. What they have in common is their reliance on childish language to articulate their relationship — and by virtue of their public role, our connection — with manifest reality. Those of us who find that level of communication deceptive or inadequate don’t trust these men’s good faith and judgment, respectively. People who say things like this sincerely:


… are not psychologically equipped to deal with the great unraveling, when every event in the news contradicts their disavowals of identity politics.

Earnest civic nationalism is the home of an unserious person. Times have changed since the centrist consensus of the Reagan era. When events belie the banalities about “universal dignity,” the fallacy of insufficient cynicism becomes, to put this gently, the intellectual error of the Eloi. Guileless adults, when compelled by a universalist ideological narrative, are led to make an idol of equality. What’s at the end of that road goes by a number of names, among them something one Rev. Jim Jones had termed “revolutionary suicide.”

People's Temple Cult Commits Mass Suicide In Guyana

Women Are Choosing

There is a youngish married woman who, contrary to all of her apolitical or Trump-supporting girlfriends, is an armchair social justice warrior who makes a daily habit of squirting anti-White posts on Facebook. Her friends roll their eyes when her name comes up and some have unfollowed her because they find her posts irritating.

She is an anachronism. On matters of identity, there is nothing left to debate. What’s left is signalling. In other words, informing your peers on where your loyalty belongs.

NFL’s Take a Knee campaign is a prominent example of such signalling. It was never a debate on “freedom of expression” — it is an affirmation of identity. White GenZ kids are getting red-pilled younger and younger as events pull them onto history’s stage.




The Captive Mind, 2017

MGE relates this snapshot of human interaction in late-liberal America, describing a young woman’s condition of living-in-unreality:

The other day I was driving through a gentrifying neighborhood in Detroit, and I witnessed a disgusting scene that I see time and time again in this city. A black guy, probably in his early 20’s, walking along the sidewalk eating out of a fast food bag. As he sauntered down the street, he simply threw his trash on the ground as he ate, burger wrapper, french fry box, empty paper cup, napkins, ketchup packets, and finally the bag itself. This was done in view of a trash can placed at the end of the block. If there is anything disgusts me it’s littering. If I see someone litter, I immediately know everything I need to know about that person’s character. I see this all the time in Detroit, driving behind an Escalade for instance, when the tinted window is rolled down just enough to shove multiple bags of trash right onto the street. This is why if you go to Detroit, one of the first things you will notice is garbage everywhere.

When I saw this the other day, I pointed it out to my white liberal passenger, partially out of my disgust but also to needle her to see what her (predictable) reaction would be. She of course, launched into a litany of excuse making straight out of her freshman “Race, Gender, Class” text book… “he’s not educaaaated!! it’s apaaaathy!! It’s Povertyyyyy!! It’s a reaction to gentrificaaation!!!” I pointed out that he is wearing air jordan’s that cost well over $100, and she had a pre-packaged excused for that too: “It’s important for People of Color, especially low income, to dress so as to appear higher than their Socioeconomic Status (SES)..” She was palpably annoyed that I had the gall to criticize a Person Of Color, and implied that I check my white privilege. Now I am quite certain if that scene played out in a rural area with a white guy littering (which I never see), she would be the first to fume on about him being a white trash redneck, hick.

This is the kiked out feminized garbage that is being indoctrinated into every student who enters the University system… if you talk to just about any Millennial, especially female, who has been exposed to this they will be well versed in this jargon… white privilege, white supremacy, patriarchy, People of Color, systemic racism, microaggressions, colonized spaces, safe spaces, “becky’s”, mediocre whiteness, whiteness in general, blah blah blah. Just ask Pete, I think it was him who made the comment on Millennials on a previous thread. It is not uncommon at all for even white (women) mostly to adopt this mush-brained worldview that is framed entirely by identity politics, as you saw above with that latino girl hysterically ranting about how Trump is committing “literal genocide.” If you think that is over the top, you have no idea… there are late stage Millennials I know that talk like that all the time. They think they are being smart and edgy when they go on like this. My boomer Mom didn’t quite believe it until one day she was called a white supremacist for making an innocuous comment on Facebook that was related to real estate, nothing to do with race. Jordan Peterson had a good lecture explaining why this stuff appeals to women so much; it has to do with the maternal instinct warped in the wrong direction.

Bottom line, these so called enlightened liberal women see People of Color as their little pets, who just haven’t been trained well, like a pit bull they adopted who bites the mail man. Since I care nothing for women’s opinion of me, I usually push back pretty hard. If you encounter a man who talks like that, well that’s a sad thing to witness – I’m just grossed out by his presence and the stench of weakness that follows him.


Now back to me, PA.

I’m fascinated by the process through which thought, and even someone’s very soul, can be corrupted. In 1953 Czesław Miłosz wrote The Captive Mind, a monumental work about the symbiosis between totalitarian regimes and the human mind.

Salutary Images of Piety

Imagine having a country of your own, in which the ruling anti-immigration government enjoys record popularity, defies the European Union’s demands for population replacement, champions its own culture above all others, and secures a future for its people.

No one nation owns virtue and every nation has people who cause it shame. But some countries have a legitimate government and had been protected from Western liberalism by the Iron Curtain.

Women inspire, men act. You see both in this video, which shows an estimated 50,000 patriots marching through Warsaw on a cold, rainy day in November 2015. But first, a young Joan of Arc denounces foreign threats against her country and then directly addresses the enemy:

Islamic imam: you will not bring any of your laws here. This is Poland. This is our land. Our country. Our rules and values. Here — Jesus Christ is King. We are not interested in any immigration directives or quotas. I repeat: these are not our wars. Not our culture. Not our faith. And not our immigrants.

“Here — Jesus Christ is King.”

Everybody want something real. Europeans hunger for more than this:


Salutary Images of Violence

On the title of this post: “salutary” denotes a healing effect on something that is unwell. That something is Western men’s confidence, specifically their sense of mastery over their public space. This enervation was engineered by the entertainment-education complex of Western countries bombarding boys with emasculating messages, and enforced by the police state.

There is a thirst for images that aggrandize young European men as Whites. The video below shows a White trucker drop an African criminal to the ground with one strike to the head.

While there are revealed aggregate differences among European nations, I don’t think that any group can claim to be innately manlier than others. Eastern Europeans are enjoying a deserved reputation for fortitude in the face of poz & mud today, thanks to the patriotism of their governments and because they hadn’t been subjected to the same demoralization program as their western brothers.

UPDATE: the famous Deus Vult video from France:

This blog does not endorse violence. It does not endorse anything; it’s a forum for an exchange of ideas among intelligent and self-moderating individuals.

Pretty Faces

Hope Sandoval is deep inside herself, a diva reputed for her paralyzing stage fright.

“Love is so short, forgetting is so long.” ― Pablo Neruda

Mary Hopkins’ finishing-school “daahnce” is a turn-on. Smiling is a vocalist’s challenge. Having a genuine bright-eyed freshness is another professional challenge, but not for her.

“Why, he wondered, should he remember her suddenly, on such a day, watching the rain falling on the apple trees?” ― Daphne du Maurier

Melania Mina Špiler is not as Apollonian as she’d have you think. See her eyes roll back and her breasts heave in preemptive surrender to her great teacher.

“She had curiously thoughtful and attentive eyes; eyes that were very pretty and very good.” ― Charles Dickens

Courtney Love speaks to our spirit in this live performance, climaxing in whooping cough at 2:45. Her Pacific Northwest accent is pretty, like when she says “pahhhrrrts.”

“She had the secret of individuality which excites and escapes.” ― Joseph Conrad

You remember your first make-out with a girl (or otherwise). Tell us about it if you’re not shy. I described mine here.

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