Why You Shouldn’t Race-Mix

Because you will have ugly children.



Not mixing:


The one-drop rule has a wholesome basis in instinctual feeling. It’s not a question of whether this or that octoroon can “pass”; it’s a question of, granting the obvious diversity of early hominid species and their respective contributions to present “mankind”, why would you want to screw up with a heritage purified by an Ice Age by dumping back into it some completely unfiltered ape blood from Africa?
Lucius Somesuch

I think there’s a resurgence of traditionalism because at this point in time Whites are learning to reject multiculturalism, and I think the Alt-Right is part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the multiracial societies that they have become over the recent decades. The Alt-Right is at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. Whites are now going into purification mode, and nationalists are resented because of their leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.


Private and Public Hell

Toward the end of yesterday’s Periscope, Vox Day goes on a fascinating tangent about the development of the Gamma male and the Social Justice Warrior. Replying to someone’s question, he explains how SJWs are the way they are because they are dealing with personal pain that in many cases, especially among the males, has its origins in their low social status during their formative years:

For every boy, there comes a critical moment when the boy has to decide whether he’s gonna stand up and fight or whether he is going to try to talk his way out of it. And the boys who talk their way out of it, if they allow themselves to delude themselves into thinking that they had won a victory, they are at extreme risk of becoming Gamma males and SJWs.

And the reason is, that they’ve began to lie to themselves about reality. They’ve began to construct, to lay the foundations of the delusion bubble that they’re surrounded in. Because the key thing about both Social Justice and Gamma males is that they lie relentlessly to themselves. They lie to everyone else, but the first person that they lie to is themselves.

And so… I think that you could build a moderately reasonable case to argue that they are literally insane. I’m not totally sure about that… but their rejection of reality and their insistence on the ability of their words to construct the reality that they prefer, is something that is at least akin to madness.

Their lies to themselves involve the idea that others are fooled. They also involve the idea that they had been victorious.

He offers Pajama Boy and John Scalzi as examples of deluded Gamma males. Specifically in their cases, their grandiose claims of being formidable debaters.

There is so much dishonesty and so much delusion tied up in it, that you know it comes from a place of psychological torment. These are people who are literally living in their own Hell every day, and the only way that they can escape it, is to try to bring that Hell to the world.

And that Hell, they had brought to the world.

I’ll tie together two seemingly unrelated things, VD’s comment above and the video below. The video contrasts footage of Muslim children’s procession in the U.K. chanting religious slogans with a video of native children in Poland marching in patriotic colors.

Hell is… demographic engineering in Western Europe.

The reason to see the short video, especially if you’re English, is two-fold. Watch its first half for a confirmation that the leaders of your country are illegitimate, therefore there is a problem to be solved. And its second half, as a reminder of what is possible in your own country — an aspirational “how things can be” vision demonstrated in Eastern Europe, where the caprices of history, human effort, and God’s own grace are protecting their people from invasion. The scene from Poland is a burst of sunlight.

A Short Post on the Evolution of White Nationalism

WN 1.0 — The Prophets. From 1950s racial integration to the dawn of the internet.

Belligerent rhetoric, zero traction with the public. Their reach and appeal were limited by centralized media and by the general feeling of well-being in America, along with the almost total absence of mud in Europe. George Lincoln Rockwell is the most familiar figure. “Turner Diaries” and “The Camp of the Saints” were its best known literature.

WN 2.0 — The Advocates. The internet era until the election of Donald Trump.

“We are white separatists, not white supremacists.” The internet broke the controlled media, with Jared Taylor best representing the ideological basis for White racial interests. HBD, Game, NRX converged into an overall coherent narrative whose end is not the persuasion of our adversaries, but a foundation for our own faith in our destiny. This is when the intellectual war was won.

WN 3.0 — The Heroes. Began with the Holy Victory of November 8, 2016.

As events have shown, they (they = all of them) will not let us separate. The Obama administration, in its second term moved murderously against Whites worldwide, making it clear that they don’t want peace. WN is moving to the heroic phase, literally with Donald Trump being the first modern figure in the West to inspire young Whites.

This is a quickly written post that I may expand later. I want to throw it out there as-is for now.

Heroic Hymns

Archaeology is something that ends up on a museum shelf. In contrast, history is a living part of the human organism. It lies dormant until the smell of death trips an alarm. Take a look at various early/mid-20th century German, Polish, and Russian marching hymns “then” (with partial lyrics), along with a contemporary performance “now.”


THEN: Horst Wessel Lied was the national anthem of Germany from 1933 to 1945. Its writer Horst Wessel was marked for death by Communists over his Weimar-era street fights, his face and address featured on posters with slogans “strike the fascists wherever you find them.”

Raise the flag! The ranks tightly closed!
The SA marches with calm, steady step
Comrades shot by the Red Front and reactionaries
March in spirit within our ranks.

Clear the streets for the brown battalions,
Clear the streets for the stormtroopers
Millions are looking upon the swastika full of hope,
The day of freedom and of bread dawns!

NOW: “Wir sind das Volk” (We are the People) came to prominence during 1989 protests against East German government. Now Germany stands at the threshold of heroic possibilities. They have a lot to lose by speaking up and taking to the streets under their present government, but even more to lose by remaining silent.

You’re up there, you cowardly figures
Paid by the enemy, mocked by the people
But once more there will be justice
The people will try you, God’s mercy upon you!

We have been silent for too long
Were much too quiet
After decades of silence
It’s time once more to take the streets!


THEN: The March of the First Brigade. It was an anthem of the Polish Legions formed during World War I by Józef Piłsudski and is an emblem of the early-20th century struggle for independence.

The Legions — a soldier’s melody
The Legions — a sacrificial pyre
The Legions — a soldier’s gall
The Legions — a dead man’s fate

We, the First Brigade, a team of riflemen
We’ve thrown down the gauntlet
And our lives to the bonfire!

They cried that we had gone stark mad
Not believing us, that there’s a way!
Bereft of all, we’ve shed blood
With our dear leader at our side!

For the sake of posterity,
We’ll devote the rest of our days,
To sow honor ‘mid duplicity
Heedless both to blame and praise.

NOW: Written in 1908, Rota (The Oath) became popular across partitioned Poland, its lyrics defiant of the forced Germanization of children of the time. In the video below, it is played and sang during the November 2016 Independence Day march in Warsaw.

We won’t forsake our fathers’ land
We won’t let our speech be buried
We are the Polish nation
From the royal line of Piast
We won’t let the enemy oppress us

So help us God!
So help us God!


THEN: USSR National Anthem. Composed in 1930, it replaced “The Internationale” as the national anthem to boost the morale of Soviet forces during WWII.

Unbreakable union of freeborn Republics
Great Russia has welded forever to stand
Created in struggle by will of the people
The united and mighty, our Soviet Union!

Be glorified our Soviet fatherland, united and free
Built by the people’s mighty hand (in 1944 version)
Fortress, in brotherhood strong
The party of Lenin, the strength of the people

To Communism’s triumph lead us on!

Through tempests the sunlight of freedom shined
And the great Lenin lighted us the way
He raised the people to the righteous cause

Inspired us to labor and to valorous deed.

NOW: As performed by Russian armed forces during the 2016 Victory Day parade, presided over by Vladimir Putin.

Elk’s Aphorisms

Suburban_elk’s observant eye, the desire to follow a thought wherever it may lead, and his dark wit make blogging awesome. These aren’t even a best-of; they are fragments of longer comments that he wrote within the same week or two, which I made into memes here.









Camille Paglia Connects the Transgender Fad with Cultural Collapse

What interests me, is — which culture is collapsing and which is ascendant? The modern West has many cultures, and the prevailing expression of liberalism isn’t anyone’s here, whether by upbringing or by a conscious choice.

As introduced in the YouTube video below: “Author, art professor, feminist, and cultural commentator Camille Paglia speaks on the current transgender mania, the wisdom of early medical & surgical intervention (calling it ‘child abuse’), and how the explosion of gender identities is a recurring sign of cultural collapse throughout the history of civilization.”

She calls out the social mechanism for drug-induced interruption of puberty and unalterable surgical sex changes:

I personally believe that anyone who collaborates in an intrusion to a developing child’s body and mind is guilty of child abuse. A crime against humanity, because such a child is not prepared to make such a decision […] I think that it’s become a fashion. The ‘transgender’ definition has become a kind of convenient label for young people who may simply feel alienated.

At the end of the video, she calls it evil. Or as put in this fantastic cover/parody of Eminem’s White America:

All I hear is: “Nazi, Nazi, time to end all this
White supremacist patriarchy”
From kikes and feminists,
Commies telling women that man is the problem
And chopping the dick off a toddler
Cause you think his gender is wrong
Is a commendable option

But this degenerate present
Has us reminiscing the past
When then the same Satanic shit
Was met with swastika flags

She goes on to describe feminism along Heartiste’s own definition, which is: “The goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality.” Is she a reader? In her words:

The collaboration of the bureaucratic machinery has to do with the assault on masculinity… Everything is about expanding women’s rights, but it is also about terminating men’s, and defining men out of existence. Masculinity is by definition toxic, masculinity does not exist.

Paglia speaks rapidly, in the manner familiar to those who know highly intelligent people whose thoughts race ahead of their words. Based on a short conversation she and I had two decades ago, I can confirm that she is also exceedingly charming in person.

Here she makes the connection between sexual decadence and the broader cultural one:

I have always been fascinated with the subject of androgyny… I explored it in history. The more I explored it, the more I realized that historically, the movement toward androgyny occurs in late phases of culture, as a civilization is starting to unravel. You can find it again and again in… Greek art and all of the sudden see it happening. All of the sudden… the sculptures of handsome nude young men athletes that used to be very robust in the archaic period suddenly begin to seem like wet noodles.

The people who live in such periods, in late phases of culture, whether it’s the Hellenistic era, whether it’s the Roman empire, whether it’s the Mauve Decade of Oscar Wilde in the 1890s, whether it’s the Weimar Germany…

She said “Weimar.”

… people who live in such times feel that they’re very sophisticated, they’re very cosmopolitan. [Fey voice] Homosexuality, heterosexuality, so what, anything goes, and so on. But from the perspective of historical distance, you can see that it’s a culture that no loner believes in itself.

And then what you invariably get, are people who are convinced of the power of heroic masculinity, on the edges. Whether they are the Vandals and the Huns, or whether they’re the barbarians of ISIS, you see them starting to amass on the outside of culture, and that’s what we have right now.

There is a tremendous — and rather terrifying — disconnect between the infatuation with the transgender movement in our own culture, and what’s going on out there.

When you read mainstream liberal articles, at The New Yorker and such, you will pick up on an effeminate sensibility, along with an elegiac note in the prose. The barbarians aren’t always from another country.

“You Will Not Replace Us”

Small flash-mob rallies in liberal-controlled cities; larger demonstrations in Red State locations, where police is less likely to attack pro-White participants. That’s the lesson of the earlier experience in Charlottesville.

Richard Spencer & co promised that they’ll be back, and indeed they revisited Charlottesville last night, also with tiki torches. This was a smaller-scale repeat of the unqualified success of the nighttime portion of the August 11-12 Unite the Right rally.

“You will not replace us” is the call to arms. The slogan has rustled some jimmies. How does the establishment and its SJW proxies oppose that without forfeiting any pretense to legitimacy in the eyes of observers? Forget legitimacy for a moment — how do you oppose that slogan and not be a monster? The chanting begins by the video’s 7:00-minute mark:

A man then speaks into the megaphone after 7:30:

Hello Charlottesville, we’re back and we have a message. We’re back and we’re gonna keep coming back.

You will not replace us!

You will not erase us!

After this short introduction, Richard Spencer takes the megaphone:

Charlottesville, your city has become symbolic. It’s become symbolic for the oppression of speech. That is, our speech. Speech that your mayor and the Governor of Virginia might disagree with. Your city is now symbolic of their suppression of our rights as U.S. citizens. Your city has become symbolic for the tearing-down of the symbols of the history of this nation. The history of our people, of White people of Virginia and of the South, and of the entire United States. Your city has become a symbol of this great erasure of who we are.

(A female voice begins shrieking in the background, carries on for the length of the speech.)

We always come in peace. We came in peace in May, we came in peace in July, we have come in peace right now. And we will continue to come in peace to speak at your city because we care about our heritage. We care about who we are. Not just as Virginians, not just as Southerners, but as White people — White people in this country, and White people around the world. We care about who we are and we will take a stand.

(Spencer’s voice now takes on an impassioned note.)

We’ll take a stand at Charlotesville, we’ll take a stand in Washington DC, we’ll take a stand anywhere and everywhere. So you’re gonna have to get used to it. You’re gonna have to get used to the alt-Right. You’re gonna have to get used to White identity. You’re going to have to get used to uncucked young men who are willing to stand for our future, so get used to it. There’s gonna be a lot more crying, sweetheart…

(Laughter among Spencer’s comrades)

… I’m sorry about that. But we’re gonna come back. We’re gonna come back again and again and again. Gentlemen, let’s sing a song that you and I know good and well.

They sing Dixie. Then, they chant “You will not replace us” and merry laughter follows. Then, they chant several times:

The South will rise again!

Russia is our friend!

Other people then speak. Watch it while the video it is still up on Youtube.

Well done, gentlemen.