1990s songs about the aloof man

Oh, I really should have known
By the time you drove me home
By the vagueness in your eyes
Your casual goodbyes
By the chill in your embrace
The expression on your face, told me
Maybe, you might have some advice to give
On how to be insensitive

That’s Jann Arden, “Insensitive.” She wants advice on how to be insensitive. That’s an easy one! go out on a date with a beta who’s really into you. There is a saying that I am not translating gracefully: w tym caly ambaras, aby oboje chcieli na raz — “there’s the rub: if only both desired the same, at the same time.” Other songs:

Lay down with me, tell me no lies
Just hold me close, don’t patronize
Bonnie Raitt, I Can’t Make You Love Me.

I know that living with you baby was sometimes hard
But I’m willing to give it another try
Sinnead O’Connor, Nothing Compares to You.

I really feel that I’m losin’ my best friend
I can’t believe this could be the end
No Doubt, Don’t Speak.

And there is Jewel, Foolish Games. The song is a lyrical portrait of the lover she’s losing. I heard that ballad on the car radio with my then-girlfriend in 1997, when it was just released. The melody was nice so we listened to it in silence. She turned to me when the song ended and said with a lump of emotion in her throat, “That guy is so you.”

You’re always brilliant in the morning
Smoking your cigarettes and talking over coffee

We were on the outs not long after. She gave me the marriage ultimatum. Men propose. Women hint, then they test you with a fake missed-period scare, and then they do the ultimatum — to which I said No.

I said it with seriousness, given the gravity of that moment in both of our lives late that night. She was good to me. A year younger than me but already working in her field as I was belatedly finishing college. I had let school work pile up from procrastination, all of it due that week. And that evening she put on a pot of coffee and told me that she will keep me company all night as I get my work done. And she had to be at work the next morning.

I didn’t want to marry her and my reasons were my own. I left her after that ultimatum and not long after, she met another man whom she married pretty quickly. He was a brash up-and-comer who tried locking horns with me as though he feared, absurdly, that he’s her second choice. I haven’t had any contact with her since the ’90s but a mutual friend tells me that they’re doing well, living at the other end of the country.

Young people’s foolish games make for great songs and sometimes, things work out right for everyone. Open thread.

Renewing the land

Let Your Spirit descend and renew the land. This land.” — Pope John Paul II, Warsaw, 1979. The one-minute video I’m featuring below opens with the late Pope’s address to his countrymen that year, on his first homecoming as Pope. The subtitles in the video slightly mistranslate his words, “Niech zstąpi Duch Twój i odnowi oblicze ziemi. Tej ziemi.” In English as well as in Polish, the synonyms “earth” and “ziemia” can refer to our planet, generically to soil, and in some contexts to a specific country. Pope John Paul II was clearly referring to his native land. An excerpt from Trump’s 2017 Warsaw address follows in that short video.

“That day, every communist in Warsaw must have known that their oppressive system would soon come crashing down.” — President Donald Trump, Warsaw, 2017. Trump’s speech elevated nationhood above imperialism and in that speech, along with his inaugural address, he had elucidated the vision of Western man overthrowing his globalist enslavers. There is a lot of fear around right now; White man has never been afraid of a fight; we’re afraid of slavery, be it harsh or comfortable. And we’re not afraid for ourselves, we are afraid for our young ones. John Paul II repeatedly said, in his speeches as well as in his compilation of correspondence with an Italian journalist, titled “Crossing the Threshold of Hope” (1994) — Be not afraid.

What is there to be afraid of? It’s that, which lies ahead on the linear trajectory: neobolshevik revolution followed by our permanent dehumanization. Yet this neobolshevik revolution right here had started a long time ago; in the United States it started in the 1950s and ’60s, and intensified in regular increments after 1990. Elsewhere in the West, it was similar.

And the difference between the Western Bolshevik revolution and the one that was inflicted upon the Russian people one hundred years ago is that in Russia, communism started extreme and softened over the seven decades that followed, while Western communism began softly seven decades ago with the “Civil Rights” coup and ratcheted up steadily. So it is reasonable to hope, if you use a seventy-year life-cycle of communism, that the Holy Spirit is about to renew our lands so that this oppressive system comes crashing down.

Seeing the Pope’s ’79 address in Warsaw and clips from anti-communist street clashes brings one manly tear to my eye. I was there, just about ten years old at the time. In 1981 the anti-communist movement was crushed, its leaders interned, and it felt as though all of the sacrifices were for nothing. Yet almost a decade later communism fell, like it always does. In the meantime, if you have to wait it out, winning is simple: don’t do the one thing they want you to do, that they have no power to make you do, and which they need you to do so that they can live a bit longer and you die — do not genuflect before any false gods.

And whose side would Americans take?

The poll results are projection of what the United States and Russia represent to Europeans. It would be interesting to see a similar poll from four years earlier, to see how much of the above is a referendum on Trump.

But if the poll reflects the respondents’ longer view, here is a pair of conflicting perceptions about the two countries, respectively:

  • Globohomo vs Nations
  • Atlantic West vs Eurasian East

The Year of Unmasking

“The media talking head traitors who work for CNN and Fox news — they love the movies and modern pop culture!!!! How do they not understand that they are the bad guys in movies like V for Vendetta and Hunger Games???? They are literally the blue haired city freak talk show host guy from the Hunger Games.” – Publius

Good question. Not just about prominent globalists but also the average Biden voter you come across in daily life. For example: we’ve done a lot of hiking in the mountains this past summer. Many of you are familiar with how when two White families walk past each other on the trail, there’ll be a friendly “hello” exchanged. But people walk past each other like the other party is invisible when the others are masked. Should Maskers’ ancestors have never been liberated from serfdom and taught to read? Their descendants behave like natural slaves.

I temper that judgment by reminding myself that most people aren’t intelligent and inquisitive and humble — all three qualities in one person. It’s not those people’s fault that they are of average intelligence, credulous, and arrogant. Well, the italicized pair of adjectives can be worked on.

I also temper my judgment of those people by reminding myself that many of us were wrong on some things: supported Dubya’s wars and domestic surveillance, and scorned “tree huggers.” But those of us who are humble didn’t hate those who disagreed with us, we talked with them; and we accepted that we were wrong where we learned that we were wrong.

The difference between slaves of globohomo and servants of God is that the Left is aligned with Power and the Right is aligned with Truth. 2020 is the year of unmasking.

“The Dead Zone” election

The election Charlie Foxtrot is like the climax of Stephen King’s “The Dead Zone,” when the villainous would-be President was eliminated. King is a lib, so the fictional good guy/bad guy scenario is flipped in the real-life 2020 election.

Johnny Smith, the young, dying protagonist in the novel, came out of a long coma with precognition abilities. Meanwhile, a gangster-like populist politician is running for office. This was set in the late 1970s. That candidate was probably modelled on Huey Long and he represents the same fears that Democratic Party voters now project onto Trump. Smith shakes hands with this candidate at a rally and gets a flash of a future in which he becomes President and starts a nuclear war. So he decides to assassinate the politician.

Smith fails in his attempt, he misses the shot. But in the panic and commotion of gunfire at the political rally, the candidate snatches an infant from a nearby woman’s arms to use as a human shield. This causes Smith to hold his fire… but the photo of the politician’s craven act makes national news and he’s finished.

This is, on one level, what Trump has been doing to the Uniparty since 2015: exposing them for what they are. And now with past Tuesday’s election, he’s letting them expose themselves as vote-cheaters beyond any plausible deniability and with that, the country’s “democracy” is exposed as illegitimate.

The constant along the never-falling arc of centuries

See the featured video below if you have 45 minutes to spare. It’s the 2001 A&E “Minute by Minute” documentary about the May 18, 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. I hiked to the top of that volcano once. It’s not for the frail.

The A&E episode tells the story of the lead-up to the eruption and the event itself. Included are interviews with survivors and eyewitnesses to the eruption, some of whom had to fight for their lives. The story follows the testimonials of several people, along with ample original newsreel, photographic and video recordings: lumber industry’s tree-planting crew, a family of hikers, a high school boyfriend-girlfriend couple who ran off to the wilderness for some fun and underage-champagne, as well as professional geologists and photographers. Also, a news-woman whose small airplane pilot barely saved the two of them from the eruption jets.

One colorful character, who rose to fame for refusing police orders to evacuate from his home near the base of Mt. St. Helens, is Harry R. Truman. No relation to the former President. He has his own Wikipedia and Infogalactic page:

As a result of his defiant commentary, Truman became something of a folk hero[10] and was the subject of many songs and poems by children. One group of children from Salem, Oregon, sent him banners inscribed “Harry – We Love You”, which moved him so much that he took a helicopter trip (paid for by National Geographic)[20] to visit them on May 14. He also received many fan letters, including several marriage proposals. A group of fifth graders from Grand Blanc, Michigan, wrote letters that brought him to tears. In return, he sent them a letter and volcanic ash, which the students later sold to buy flowers for his family after the eruption.

He was born in West Virginia in 1896, briefly served in WWI and ran moonshine from San Francisco to Portland during the Prohibition. For over the last part of his life he was the owner and caretaker of Mount St. Helens Lodge at the foot of the mountain in the danger zone. An estimated 57 people were killed by the eruption. It is believed that Truman was instantly vaporized and hadn’t suffered.

One thing will sit with you when you watch that documentary and you see those familiar faces of forty years ago, and maybe contemplate this summer’s developments in Portland: “where did my country go?” Times and fashions are supposed to change, but not the ethnic composition of the country. That’s supposed to be the constant along the never-falling arc of centuries. What was stolen can be taken back.

Five Years

It’s been five years since I started this blog. Thank you for making it awesome. By the numbers over the past five years:

  • 668 blog posts
  • All-time most read entry: “How to Help Prevent Mudsharking” November 25, 2015
  • Top 12 countries by page views: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Brazil, Poland, Denmark
  • Countries from which I have zero visits: a few in equatorial Africa; also Guyana, French Guyana, Turkmenistan, North Korea

Top five keepers from among the 668 blog posts:

1. About being your brother’s keeper. September 17, 2016

2. About the sacredness of home. September 21, 2019

3. About great heroism. “We all know that should the West go brown, none of this will have mattered. Eternal oblivion, the end of history.” January 2, 2019

4. Ultrashort original fiction. “We Don’t Have to Live Like This” March 6, 2016

5. At 17. For young men. September 18, 2018

Open thread.

“you okay brother?”

There are several great moments in this video, which is the fifth time I’m featuring in a blog post because everything that needed to be said about it, hasn’t been said yet. First, starting at 2:10. Guitarist Jeff Ament walks up to Eddie Vedder, as though he were checking to see if he’s all right. He’s got that “you okay brother?” look. Ament comes into the frame, then steps out, and then leans in again a moment later. Why? [Update/correction: the guitarist who walks up to Vedder is Stone Gossard. Jeff Ament is the bassist.]

Gossard has interesting eyes. He and Vedder both have a strong facial structure. Contrast that with Vedder’s posture the performance. Strong face, vulnerable body language, an anguished lion’s roar in the outtro. Look at his eyes at 4:19.

The lyrics to “Black” are worth looking up, what-with Vedder’s unusual pronunciation. how quick the sun can drop away

Open thread. Also, other great moments:

  • An aesthetic visual at 3:30 – a closeup of guitarist’s and bassist’s hands at work, with plaintive Vedder in line with them. This camera angle repeats twice shortly after.
  • The drummer at 4:35 – an intense low-weight, high-rep set.
  • There is an effort-post to be made about the White Energy in this performance.

Pearl Jam’s “Black” is a Requiem. It has grandeur. The artist is a conduit between the metaphysical and the material plane, which is why he has to be very careful with what he opens himself to. He rarely understands his own work. Sometimes, neither does his audience until at least a generation later.

Click on the video’s title, not the arrow in the center, to be able to play it from a WordPress page.