Leftist Appeasement Fantasy

I haven’t seen “The Joker” but @BGKB Steve gives a review:

BGKB review of the JOKER spoilers –big nose strange man lures little boy & penetrates boy’s body

After Stefbot [Stefan Molyneux] reviewed the movie by saying it was like being in a cement mixer full of vomit for 2 hours I got nostalgic for when I worked in inner city hospitals.

I fully agree with Stefbot’s free domain radio review that it accidentally shows the truth of boys raised by single moms but there are 2 important points he must have been looking away from & more

First is Joker letting midget live, midget had to climb over the dead bloody body of his coworker, & even had to ask Joker to undo the door latch that was too high but lived because he was nice to joker. This is leftist appeasement fantasy that supporting COP KILLERS will save you, also applies to importing moslems.

2 nd is Joker grooming little boy Bruce. Strange man with BIG NOSE, used clownworld skills to lure boy Bruce Wayne to him, then after doing a limp/erect gag gets down on his knees before little boy Bruce to give him flowers that Bruce accepts. Joker than penetrates Bruce’s mouth with his fingers to make Bruce smile. Even stalepie probably wouldn’t think that was OK. Some think that I see (((Pedophile))) Cabal behind every BUSH, but I only see them behind G Bush1, G Bush2, Jeb Bush & Billie Bush, while I am reasonably sure there are no pedophile cabalists hiding behind nearby bushes that produce rose hips, fruit, berries, or legumes.

Also the last time the Joker forced his way into the black woman’s apartment was the only real encounter between them the rest were hallucinations, but only explained in 5 second bit.

Seriously if you know any boys that have seen the Joker tell them if a Big NOSED man penetrates your body to call the cops. I believe this is to throw people off the scent of hook nosed men doing this to boys by showing round clown nose men doing it.

Alfred came out when Joker had given Bruce flowers & had his fingers in Bruce’s mouth making him smile; he pulled Bruce away + berated Joker who replied “the flowers were fake”. Alfred should have beaten him + called cops, but only threatened to call cops if joker didn’t go away.

Hollywood has such a bubble they probably dont realize that the Joker following a guy into the bathroom that he never meet before & starting talking to him while he was at the urinal, & Joker calling him daddy is not normal MENS room behavior.

My bolding above. Steve makes a good observation about the Leftist Appeasement Fantasy. Reading that phrase, I instantly thought of three other fictional examples of this:

One – “The Beast of War,” a 1988 American movie about a Soviet tank and its crew lost in an Afghan valley with hostile Mujahedeen after them. The story ends with the protagonist earning mercy at the hands of his captors when he invokes an obscure Islamic custom, while his two hapless comrades are dragged away to be tortured to death by crazed Pashtun women. The artistic direction presses the viewer to see fate of the two condemned as just-desserts and a bit funny.

Two – Tom Cruise in the 2005 movie adaptation “The War of the Worlds”. Cruize’s character finds shelter from Martians in the basement of the home of a survival-minded redneck. I don’t recall the details, except that the owner of that house was determined to not-surrender and so he was set up for a “he had it coming” death.

Three – In the 1999 John Coetzee novel about South Africa, titled “Disgrace,” the protagonist’s Boer farmer neighbor is an unsympathetic character because he openly loathes the post-Apartheid savagery of blacks. Meanwhile, the flawed-protagonist finds something resembling redemption after having to watch his adult-lesbian daughter being raped, then having to accept her rationalization about her upcoming marriage to a local African elder, and finally giving up on his literary project.

The three examples above… you could read it as a commentary on shrewdness vs bravery, except for the additude that the doomed fighters had it coming. Certainly there are more such examples. The Leftist Appeasement Fantasy might well reveal itself as ubiquitous in any Leftist-authored story that involves conflict with an exotic enemy.

Anonymous Conservative writes about the r-selected “rabbit” psychology that expresses itself as Leftism, and the K-selected “wolf” psychology of those on the traditional Right. The pattern is, that the rabbit survival model is effeminate, in particular the men’s impulse to appease the attacker at any moral and material cost. The wolf impulse, in contrast with the rabbit’s, is to stay loyal to one’s ideals and comrades no matter how the odds are stacked.

How predetermined is the expression of human character among Westerners in terms of r/K behavior? In Physical Bravery and Young Age, I observe that K-selected boys can be wimpy until a the real or proverbial military gets a hold of them. In other words, while the congenitally r-selected rapidly mature into opportunistically aggressive behavior toward the weak and obsequiousness before the strong, K-selected boys require a patriarchy to mature, at which point they become strong and learn honor. Diluted cultures overproduce weak men who don’t have to be that way.


Two Scenes From Italian Beaches

Weekend’s open thread. And the ending scene from the 1960 classic La Dolce Vita: 

And this next one is the ending of an obscure 1969 film Pensando a Te, starring Albano Carrisi and Romina Power. Who remembers European roads, cars, and clothing styles like in this video? No idea what’s going on in that story but halfway through this scene, fortune smiles. Knock her up at 17:


Is it any wonder that I tell men to knock up and marry their nice girlfriends at 17? An aging woman goes on thirty dates with thirty hunks in one weekend, and concludes:

I’m really not interested in getting in a relationship with someone unless it ends up improving the quality of my life. And out of these 30 guys, none of them really matched up to that.

[Link]. The article opens with “Her first scheduled date of the weekend, on Friday morning, actually ended up being her second date because the previous night she had a booty call with another guy.” A question to single or divorced men around her age or older — what would you need from her, in her condition and with her attitude, past a fuck? A baby boy, companionship in older years, Thanksgiving dinners with her extended family and yours… Know what you want and don’t waste your time:


She will run out her life’s clock with sadness because (assuming that the entire story isn’t empowerment-genre fiction with handsome actorsthose are a few of the men who either aren’t good enough for her, or they’re not buying what she’s selling:

Satire Gone Wrong

From among the best kinds of comments:

My girls want to learn the dances and wear the folk costumes, and marry so they can wear the white caps and shawls that signal the dignity of a wife and mother. It’s a good thing.

It’s pride and praise that no Boomer ever lavished on his girls. They wanted their daughters to get advanced degrees from prestigious colleges. At least the socially-striving, geographically mobile subset of that generation, whom we used to call “yuppies,” did. There was no talk of family continuation. A young oops-pregnancy to a marriage-amenable boyfriend would have had them arranging an abortion. Prosperity, opportunity and optimism have their downsides, particularly when you obey the advertisers. The subsequent generations are having to reinvent the 6,000-year-old wheel of tradition under adverse conditions. In other words, conditions under which we thrive.

Speaking of back-to-tradition, the inadvertent kind: BBC ran a satire of anti-feminism that makes you wonder whether the skit is in fact left wing propaganda, or a troll. The funniest line — “No, you don’t.” It features mock testimonials of overworked women complaining about their career-driven lives:

In my mother’s day they used to say that the woman’s place is in the kitchen. And to that I say, “Why did that change?!” I work a fifty-hour week in an architecture firm. Designing kitchens. And ironically, can’t find one night to cook a meal in my own.

To Be

New Murdoch Murdoch. The voice actor who plays Murdoch, the sensitive everyman-Millennial character in their cartoons, here delivers a soliloquy in a mature voice. The episode is an invocation to this “Coniugator,” whom you can take to be the muse of our destiny. From the invocation:

[Europeans] can be a great people, Coniugator, when they are liberated. That she-wolf’s milk still courses through their veins. But the 21st century man is lost…

Now take up the spear of Achilles and the shield of Hector and with this band of fleeing Trojans carve us out a new Rome… But your people are lost, Coniugator. Lulled into a dreamless slumber.

There are two kinds of prayers. One is the grim plea that, because the taking of one’s own life is a sin, you die clean and fast just as age and collapsing health begin to make you a liability to your sons and daughters, whose task in turn is to pass through what comes next. The other kind of prayer is “Please let me live long so that I’m there for the new daybreak.”

Ignorance is bliss, knowing but not acting is a purgatory. There are promises that the synagogue of Babel shall be blasted with light, and then the righteous cleansing. The acceleration is evident. And continuing the soliloquy in Murdoch Murdoch:

And you should tell Shakespeare that the European peoples have his answer. We choose to be.

Powerful words, imagery, and later music:

I’m also linking to it on MM’s CheekyVideos.net archives because these videos don’t stay up long on YouTube. Audio quality is also superior at that link.

Rap Done Right

Mr. Bond, White America. I linked to it on Bitchute, as YouTube has purged this artist. This is a cover/parody of Eminem’s song by the same title. Mr. Bond stays with the same vocal style and overall arrangement as the original. All of the magic is in the changed lyrics, which are encapsulated in the chorus/hook:

White America, we built this nation from scratch
Then the [special people] gave it to blacks
They put us in unpayable debt
But our children won’t be slaves no we’re taking it back

About a third of the way through it, you’ll feel like this is it, this is the song’s apex moment. And you would be wrong. Lyrically, it gets better. Now, you think, this is as good as it gets. But again, you’re wrong. It gets even better.

Anger is a prerequisite for going on offense. The song reflects the euphoria of winning the 2016 US Presidential election. The reveling in how right-wing Truth overcame left-wing Power when swarms of AltRight posters on Twitter clobbered establishment propagandists with facts and wit. The globalist empire has since struck back; we’re not going to be bullyciding SJWs on social media in the coming election because we’re blocked from mainstream platforms. We’ll win when Trump pulls the gloves off as the election approaches, showing that this is war and he’s our leader.

(The person who graciously uploaded this rap performance to Bitchute cut the spoken intro and outtro portions of the original parody, replacing them with someone else’s monologue. That speech you hear at the beginning and end of the song is not part of Mr. Bond’s recording. Full lyrics, including the snipped intro/outtro, are posted under the Bitchute video.)

An Odyssey

Suburban_elk’s vivid anecdote:

I met a Polish girl, at work just this week, who is my coworker. I am not making this up. She has two White children of young age, and informs me that her husband is an asshole and she is getting a divorce. Factoring in her ice-blue eyes and bone structure, frame and boobs, she is a solid 8-point-5 by American standards. She sat smoking greenpack American Spirit and said to me: “I hate America and Americans.”

A wanderer bared her psyche to him.

Emigration is exile. So if you must, do it alone in your middle age, with the purpose of giving up on life. Emigration done right is colonization. You come over here with a hundred-thousand of your kin and live in an expanding ethnic enclave. America used to let Europeans do that. “The Sopranos” was an echo of an echo of that world.

But with Urban Renewal, Fair Housing Act, the dispersal to the suburbs and beyond, what then? Who are you? Who — what — are your descendants – “Americans”? The covered-wagon settlers’ descendants today are Americans, no question about that. Not in the least the Basques who conquered the wilderness of Idaho two centuries ago. The descendants of 1880 or 1910 Christian immigrants from all over Europe? You’ll get different answers on that one. And from the perspective of today, it’s more of an open-ended scenario as to what anyone is gonna call himself after the coming festivities. Maybe once again something truly great. No one knows.

So this girl at Elk’s work had decided that by settling in America, she wants to live the rest of her life as an exile. That her daily speech shall henceforth be with a foreign accent. No meaningful connection with any of her acquaintances, unlike back in the fatherland where everyone gets everyone, even individuals who can’t stand each other.

Yet some of the most affirmative attitudes toward America, despite the disillusionment and cynicism that had built over the years, some of the most unwavering support of President Trump and hatred of the political Left, are found among Eastern European immigrants who came here as adults during the 1970s and ’80s. They came here recoiling from the godless Communism of their homelands, only to recognize this same evil flowering here in America in an even more malignant form.

But they have worked hard for their retirement over here and their children typically became successful. They also never had to see their own parents getting old, needing care, dying and that no doubt weighs on them. That’s on top of robbing their heroic WWII-generation parents of grandchildren. Nevertheless, the boomer-emigrants’ sacrifices and their hard work, their pioneer adventurousness, their hatred of Progressive ideologies, and their conviction that they are giving their children a better life in America, were genuine. They saw themselves as future-oriented.

This judeo-enlightenment New World still has a lot going for it, which is why so many claustrophobic people continue to come here today. Easy money. Easy credit. Forget everything, especially your frustrations and failures. Live for today. People are nice here and you can do your own thing the brown deluge dont look over there thats not part of the american dream america wants to tear you into bloody strips

I turned out fine but in several of the cases I’m familiar with, those Polish immigrant-boomers’ children paid the price for this gig. A common factor in those unhappy cases: the children were at or just shy of puberty upon arrival in North America back in the ’80s. One example is the highly intelligent immigrant couple who quickly found top-income professional work in Canada but whose only son (I remember him as a bright, sensitive kid) ended up a heavily tatted drug addict. Then there were two girls who became professionally successful. One is now a lesbian and the other married a fellow-lawyer and is an obese, childless far-left lunatic. That second girl is particularly a pity. Our families met a couple of times in our mid-teens; she was pretty and I remember her having good, positive energy.

Not many people understand that contact with extended family, mother language, the unity of church and state, history and architecture, guardian angels in the morning fog, the sense of metaphysical purpose… even just the cool evening air at the height of the northeastern European summer… having a home is important at two points in your life. First, when you’re coming of age. Then, when you have children. There is also a third such point in life. It’s proper to be buried in one’s native ground.