Five Years

It’s been five years since I started this blog. Thank you for making it awesome. By the numbers over the past five years:

  • 668 blog posts
  • All-time most read entry: “How to Help Prevent Mudsharking” November 25, 2015
  • Top 12 countries by page views: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Brazil, Poland, Denmark
  • Countries from which I have zero visits: a few in equatorial Africa; also Guyana, French Guyana, Turkmenistan, North Korea

Top five keepers from among the 668 blog posts:

1. About being your brother’s keeper. September 17, 2016

2. About the sacredness of home. September 21, 2019

3. About great heroism. “We all know that should the West go brown, none of this will have mattered. Eternal oblivion, the end of history.” January 2, 2019

4. Ultrashort original fiction. “We Don’t Have to Live Like This” March 6, 2016

5. At 17. For young men. September 18, 2018

Open thread.

102 thoughts on “Five Years

  1. Thanks for helping keep the flame burning, PA. It’s been quite a journey. More and more of us are coming along.

  2. Anybody heard from GunslingerGregei?

    I hope he’s doing well.

    Also, JayinDC is welcome to drive by and say hello.

  3. Those are some strong numbers right there. It’s not easy to output such quality and have to maintain and grow. Glad the blog is doing well. I still remember reading CH when you had commented that you were going to start your own.

    JayInDC still pops in and out at times. He was active about a month or six weeks ago, give or take. I’m waiting for a VagDom appearance. He was at CH but stopped commenting for some reason. I always enjoyed his comments.

    Greginaurora: check PA’s blog starting at around early-mid May 2019. That’s right after CH got shoah’d and us refugees made our appearance in greater frequency. That’s a good place to start.

  4. JayinDC says explicitly that he doesn’t like the commenting here. The last two times he commented here, he prefaced his commenting thusly. God help me, this is an accurate statement and will be reflected in the archives.

    For my part: I found his commenting, at CH especially, repetitive, and said as much. I recognized him as the same character, under a new name at ZMan, when he told the same story, for literally the 51st time. Not that there’s anything wrong with retelling stories..

    Trav said that the characters from the old internet days, should be let to die.

  5. Thanks mendo. I’ve been at it for nearly an hour. It was a thread where plumpjack (I think) confessed to being streetsweeper, as a sock created just to mess with GE.

    PA, I’ve said it before, but thanks for all you do.

  6. “gunslingergregi” said he could bench press two plates, 50 times. That’s quite a lot. Those types of numbers would have to be tested out according to a formal standard, as we all would know.

    That type of strength is what, 5 SD’s over and above, the average White American, which would make it about 6 or more SD’s, on a world chart?

    I put up 210 or 215, twice, with reasonably good form and w/o a spot. About 6 years ago, was the last time I “got into” working out.

  7. Congrats on the blog success PA, the fact you’re all still here keeping the fire alive is a massive whitepill. On another note, what advice would you all give an about to be 27 year old stuck at a crossroads in his life on how to move forward?

  8. People aren’t pooping on the streets because they unlearned basic hygiene. Rather, the incidents reflect shameful levels of inequality in the city

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  10. I get the impression that you post what you’re really are into, PA, so hopefully it doesn’t feel like work. There’s such great variety here, both in your blog and in the comments. Thanks for keeping it going.

  11. About 6 years ago, was the last time I “got into” working out.

    Why don’t you get into it again? I used the COVID downtime to get in the best shape of my life.

    what advice would you all give an about to be 27 year old stuck at a crossroads in his life on how to move forward?

    I don’t want to speak for PA, but I would say it’s pretty hard to give specific advice with the scant information you’ve provided.

    However, I would firstly advise to bear in mind the old saw about planting the tree: “the best time to plant a tree is 50 years ago; the second best time is today.” I would figure out what you think is really important, what you really want out of life, and map out a plan to get it.

  12. Congrats! It takes guts to start a project, it takes stamina to keep it going and it takes courage to stand behind it in an age of cancel culture and shitlib oppression.

  13. Congrats PA. I appreciate the consistent stream of thoughtful, well-written eclectic and esoteric posts and your engaging, fair, and compassionate replies while never taking the troll bait. Feels like home. Exemplary blog and community you’ve founded and fostered.

  14. Three scoops! The madman did it! Good on RBG . . .she finally did something worthwhile.

    We’ll see what happens in about 8 days from the date of this comment, but given the scurrying from the other side, they know they’ve lost. Should give more blog-worthy posts from our esteemed proprietor.

    Stay safe, amigos!

  15. Congrats PA. I’ve always considered this blog, and the comments within, as the deeper end of the manosphere (or whatever we call ourselves nowadays). Stuff that you know, but can’t quite put your finger on. Sublime, I guess would be the word. Or otherwise called the delicate fabric that holds together a society, felt at the level of the individual heart. I come here because I remember and want to go back. We have to know where we came from if we’re going to rebuild.

  16. …otherwise called the delicate fabric that holds together a society, felt at the level of the individual heart.

    Smooth and on point. I like this. That’s a great definition for a word that is yet to exist—or at least escapes me.

  17. As a very occasional poster at CH, I’m glad this place is here. Thank you for what you do to bring it and keep it here.

  18. And as to that 27 year old.

    I used my Covid time to not only keep working, keep a household and a family on track, but to also become a firefighter.

    I’m 44.

    All I know is that all you get out of life is what you put into it. So go put something into your life that is bigger than your existence.

  19. Congratulations PA. I’m very happy we had this refuge when CH was killed off. This is a blog for husbands and fathers versus would be Hunter Bidens. There is far less infighting and more thought here. May you have another twenty years or more.

  20. congrats on the blog’s success. at first we expected it to be a companion piece to the venerable chateau, even fully replacing it as the latter is unavailable as of now. but in the long run we are actually glad that it turned out different, with its own style and rules.


    i’m watching obama doing a live stream right now. good gried does he speak just like a stereotypical african american. the same cadence, the inclination to stress out the same speech parts, the overall pitch and tone, all is there. it’s just like watching a sitcom. his choice of words and vocabulary are pretty limited too. why exactly did people choose him to lead a whole nation?

  21. “This is a blog for husbands and fathers stewards rather than would be Hunter Bidens”

    To exclude those who r not married w/ children is contentious. This shouldn’t need pointed out.

  22. My apologies for the wait, just got off work, blogpoast incoming:

    Four years ago, I realized the jobs for the degree I was pursuing were not as plentiful as I thought and I was putting myself in tens of thousands of dollars of debt by the end of it, so I dropped out. I was a complete idiot for not planning it out fully and I’m fortunate enough to have folks that allowed me to live at home and pay the debt off and I’m proud to say I’m finally completely debt free now after REALLY frugal living. Since my original degree was in chemistry, I was able to find similar work related to that field with only an associates, so I’m very very lucky for how things turned out in hindsight. But now I’m feel like I’ve stagnated and need a massive change up to get things right, and I don’t know how to go about it. I’ve got no real mentors that can set me straight or call me out on my shit, so I’m basically swinging in the dark in regards to careers and women (still a virgin). The rate that I save my cash and invest makes me feel like I’m moving forward, but still stuck. I don’t know what to do next, and I feel like if there’s anyone who could light a fire up my ass, it’s the denizens of the chateau.

    P.S. tfw you’ll never hear GunslingerGregi’s Drunken Haiku’s ever again…

  23. I played this song for my kids and was impressed by the guitar work as well as it being a great song. I have always loved this genre. When I was a little boy, all I wanted to do was be a cowboy.

  24. SE_anon, lighten up Francis. No one is excluding you. You just haven’t passed those hurdles yet. Son of the revolution, listen and learn

  25. Re Obama He was the illusion of choice at the time, answering everyone’s prayers for a black president. Zero Hedge just had an article that stated he took $1B from the Chinese to keep quiet about their building an island in the South China Sea to use as a naval base and expand their territorial waters.

    BTW, I misquoted the statement from George Washington’s vision at Valley Forge- it is correctly stated as Son of the Republic Look and Learn. The piece is probably a forgery but inspiring all the same.

  26. > Obama… why exactly did people choose him to lead a whole nation?

    Because back in the day, the Frankfurt School assigned their best speechwriters to the task of filling up his teleprompter with words to be regurgitated.

    Obama was nothing more than an hired-hand melungeon news reader, with purple lips, who, when he wasn’t in front of a camera, preferred to kick back and smoke some ganja and partake of the love-which-dare-not-speak-its-name with the likes of Reggie [no pun intended ->] Love.

    Back in the day, circa the fall of 2008, me & some peeps did an analysis of the four or five pieces of writing which were believed to have actually been from Obama’s own hand, and it was obvious that the guy wasn’t much more than Community College material.

    But his scripts had been written for him by Whitey & by j00-ey as early as meta-traitor Bill Ayers* having written an autobiography for him, circa 1992/1993.

    How pathetic is that?

    *man-wife of (((Bernardine “Dohrn” Ohrnstein)))

  27. My advice to the 27 year old above is start some serious soul searching. Consider what your talents are, what you have done until now and what you really want from life. That last bit is the hard part. I have usually marched to a different drummer in life. For some that is good, for others less so. Most of us are confused by external sources about what we really want from life.

  28. In all seriousness, and neither for better nor worse, it’s felt a lot longer than five years.


    I agree with CD’s advice above. My advice was going to be “know thyself.”

    I didn’t get what that meant, and always figured I knew myself, but in fact I didn’t. The flip side of it tho, is how does one know thyself but through time?

    On the practical measures of advice, there’s the classic don’t borrow or lend money. These ones r good too —

    Buy used cars
    Don’t masturbate (anymore)
    If possible, tell mom and dad that u love them; and or show them w/ actions
    Be kind to animals, especially dogs
    Don’t go to prison; repeat: don’t go to prison; and neither jail
    Protect your ears: if u haven’t already got tinnitus, consider ur-self lucky and keep it that way
    Dental care is served equally well w/ floss

  29. Thanks for being such a generous and even-keeled host, PA. Your hard work and stewardship is greatly appreciated. Many of us did a good bit of growing up here and over at the Chateau.

    Carlos, I love Marty Robbins. His songs make me nostalgic for another time and place. My Dad would play country music on our way to go hunting. They were long drives, 2-3 hours. Sometimes you’d have to wait awhile between radio stations. There’s nothing like hearing good country music being played by some dj at midnight when you’re way the hell out in the middle of nowhere. Marty Robbins was always a favorite.

    Another long lost gem:

  30. PJ,

    I listened to this song today. I used to have this album on vinyl. Big Iron is a great song too. I never paid attention to the guitar work before but Robbins is worthy of a great classical guitarist. I feel exactly as you do about Marty Robbins and still remember the nation as it was when he recorded most of these songs. You are exactly right, it takes me back to when the nation was great and its culture wasn’t under communist assault. You give me hope for California.

  31. CO, I watched a video a couple of days ago of the gay Melungeon talking to about 15 people for Biden. No one cared about him either and he sounded worn and lame. What a change. He was easy to control and would pave the way for Communism. Obama is a CIA creation. His mother was CIA and so was his real father- Frank Marshall Davis. He is a complete CIA/ media creation and the glamor has worn off. Now he betrays the nation from behind the scenes through control of the shadow government he put into place. It is an extensive network, particularly with the SES. Trump just took their immunity away by making policy making positions open to dismissal at will.

  32. Congratulations on five years, PA. I read your blog regularly although I rarely post these days. I hope you keep going for another five.

  33. Thanks all. Twenty five more years is the plan. I agree and well said, that many of us did a good bit of growing up here and over at the Chateau.

  34. PA- thank you.

    Normally a lurker, I have perhaps commented 5 times since washing ashore 3(?) years ago. The crew here is established from previous cyber locales, and I do not have much in the way of unique input. More and more I find myself reminded that such-and-such an idea has already been expressed, and then refrain. (Ec 1:9)

    What you have been is a strong source of stability. You have kept our collective culture and history, while inviting others to share in keeping the faith both here and IRL. Reminders of this, or that, of our previous generations. This, with an overt thread to it all of our identify: that Christ is King. I will not belabor here the differences within the Church (Mk 9:40). Celt, Slav, Nord, Anglo-Saxon.. it is our tribes who embraced the Son, and for which the Deceiver wishes our end.

    While so many brothers and sisters succumb to the lies of the world via social media, academia et al, you have been a beacon, refuge, and encouragement. A reminder of who we are, what we have accomplished, and why our right to a flourishing life is commanded by our Creator. (Mt 5:5) The days ahead are brighter, and you have carried the burden of hope for us.

    Thank you.

  35. Infrequent commenter but very frequent reader here. All I can say is congrats, PA! Not just for the work you have done for us, but for the broad readership.

  36. It’s not in your top posts, PA, but you shared a post of a Latvian (I think?) family building a home by hand from axe on timber to lathes on joists to trowels on plaster. It was beautiful.

    You mentioned the Topping Out ceremony, and how, if we didn’t know it, we were cut off from our culture.

    I have a very vague childhood memory of my great grandfather climbing to the top of my parents’ first house with a tree branch. I was four or five, and most of my immediate and some extended family was there. My godmother (mom’s first cousin), my aunts and uncles. Great grandpa put the branch on the chimney of the house and said a Hail Mary. That’s all I know and remember, but when you mentioned “topping out” I recalled that memory, and I think that’s what he was doing.

    By all that is sacred and holy, we lose so damned much in the dilution, but that’s what dilution means and is, right?

    I don’t know what to make of it because I don’t make the time to make anything of it. Time to sit with your thoughts is a luxury. I suppose I could sacrifice sleep instead.

  37. Man time story hour post. Here it is. I went to my parents to say hi blah blah. On the property line by the driveway was a big dead deer. A big buck, at least 200 lbs and with 8 or 10 points. Some other guy, a good looking White dude whom I didn’t recognize, was also there, looking at it. We introduced ourselves and he said “yeah it’s dead.” I went over and felt it, and it was cold and stiff but not all the way (cold and stiff). The temp was around 35 this morning. My best amateur guess, which is probably not bad but totally not based in practice and experience, said ten hours dead.

    Dad came out and he said we shouldn’t harvest it because it was too long dead, by now, to be worth the trouble. And truth be told I was not eager to do so. Otoh I would have been willing, were it still warm and had dad given me the ok. Which “ok” woulda been necessary, because it wasn’t even on his property but on the neighbor’s. And besides there even already a witness.

    Without taking a close look, or knowing much about how usually die deer-o’-the-suburbs, there weren’t any obvious cause(s) of death. (Iow it was hit by a car on the nearby busy street, and got as far as it did before it died.)

    My dad, God bless him, is from the South, and has field dressed dear, and yes he did take me shooting when I was 10 or 12. He has a story about the last time he took a deer. It was in SE MN (literals down by the River) and he couldn’t drag it up the embankment to the road. It was steep and the deer up here are often large, 200+ lbs and even bigger. (not to brag but it is what it is: these are not little faggy Key West deer) Some good old boys were around and helped him out, and he paid them 20 dollars. I heard this story this morning (again), and asked for details about the 20 dollar transaction: specifically, did he offer and or pass them the money, before or after their help? He doesn’t remember, but fully understands the thrust of my question. The implications of it. It’s unlikely that MN country boys would be bad seeds or in any way unwilling to help a fellow out; but u never know..

    I never was blooded and at this point am unwilling to kill animals, including fish, barring a me-or-them situation; with of course the possible exception of squirrels. So that may have been an opportunity missed. Not to brag post but I am fairly practiced with a knife, and could probably do a fair job, due to related experience.

    But dad would not have been comfy with us “taking” that deer, on the sly; for reasons listed above and also that the official procedure is that u are supposed to call the authorities and the DNR comes out to process the damned thing. Were u “busted” tho, in that situation, around here, would u be fined?

    I hear it’s a messy job. I don’t know that I coulda loaded up a 220 lbs dead old stiff dear, onto a harvesting line, or whatever they are called, without some serious ropes and or help.

  38. The next episode in this day, is what happened next. I decided, after the deer, to go ahead with the original plan which was to go check in to my former AA home group, which I haven’t been going to for the last medim short term while, having decided that their dogma is not right. Otoh there are parts of their dogma, that are ok. It is IN FACT Christian based and that part of it works for me. The part that is not ok, is quite simply that they promulgate the idea, that AA is what works, which is to say “works” to some degree of most best and only, to get people to stop drinking. Which simply is not true. There’s a lot to be said about AA.. and but it’s mostly been said already. (sincere sorries for an AA post; ffs, right?) I still advocate that AA should try to be more what it is, which is a sex club social club. / kidding about the sex club joke.. sorta

    Anywaze this chapter of story time is pretty lame, but to finish. There are a lot of dysfunctional personalities in this world and they need people too. This girl came in — late — and made an entrance and sat directly by me and took off here (outer) shirt and gave me quite a show. She was like 25 and big boobies and red hair; literally pure Bavarian phenotype; not actually but u get the point. A good looking, intelligent and damaged girl. She had tats and needs to get preggo; which is what she was saying (nonverbally). I perved on her with some success. I am 50 years old at this point, and not looking for non-committal sex, at all, and don’t even entertain the notion.

    However it’s a fact that a lot of young women, are are not pure virgins, and will in respond to, uh, what’s-it-called again? nb4 the offical joke, is that you’d do better to look for a date, at an asylum; I don’t know that that’s still true anymore tho

  39. This girl ^^^ utterly would respond to the right man. I was sort of almost that man: they key word being “almost.” (didn’t Mel make a movie about that?) I did manage a positive interpersonal exchange. I don’t mean to defeat post or black pill, I am just saying, that there are a lot of lonely people in the world, whom it doesn’t happen for. It doesn’t “come true.”

    Sometimes the “missed” quality of life, to these interactions, is can be poignant. Chances rarely come again; more often, they don’t. And also: It’s not really the best class of people, who hook up in the afternoons in support groups.

    I read on Unz some time ago; someone said that there are two types of people in the world: those who have been in love, and those who have not. That obviously must be an aphorism, a “saying,” in the more sophisticated languages other than English such as France or Mexican.

    / this is not a therapy post; but u can read it that way if it makes more sense

  40. For obv reasons this is under a duplicate title. I did finally get off my ass get a sidearm and some “ammunition,” all legally of course. I had semi-good reasons for putting off the purchase; typical bs: for true tho I wasn’t sure that I wouldn’t be denied, and figured that were I denied, then might get routed into a denial for the future, and so I was able to wait..

    The halfway funny part is how it went down: I went to the shop and the guy at the counter was not at all interested in being my sidearm buddy. So I made it quick: “that one.” He said “do you want to [ feel hold ] it?” (exactly those words) and grunted no. It turns out NOT to have a safety tho, which frankly I don’t like; and also frankly, think the grumpy sales clerk shoulda told me. I did know that the calibre was right, and was a familiar make; it turns out to have good youRube reviews.

    I said to him eventually, in response to his asking me if I wanted to “[ feel hold ] it,” I said I’ll go to a class and figure it out. But he said you have to know how to do this, and pulled back, and then shut the slide, and then handed it over. It was very stiff and it felt like a test but I passed; I had to fiddle around for 3 or 4 seconds to find the release (on the slide); I can’t believe that all pistols w/ a slide are that stiff but what do I know? It came with an extra mag. I talked with a second guy there, after the purchase, and he was more friendly. I asked whether it was loaded. And he said “they’re always loaded.”

  41. My dad’s last deer was not field dressed, or it woulda been more likely possible for him to get it up the embankment, w/o the help of those other guys. (More casual hunters will bring it to a pro, who does it for them. That’s what my old man was doing.) He said, during our story time talk this morning, that he woulda had to quarter it, had those old boys not helped him out. It was getting late and dark blah blah blah.

  42. Hunting is based, but only if u r a good shot, and mindful of ethics. I wouldn’t want to gut shot an animal, just for the glory of shooting at it. That’s pretty gay, really, to even be in that situation, where that happens. Clint Eastwood had a movie about that, where he goes to Africa to get a “big tusker” and his based native, black African guide ends up paying the price.

  43. I apologize but I have to say, that I don’t know whether or not my dad’s deer was field dressed. I am guessing it was, come to think of it. You get the guts out first thing. I don’t know much about this stuff.

  44. SE, for Christ’s sake, go back to AA immediately, grab the D-cupped red-head by the hair, drag her home cave-man style, chain her to the radiator [so you won’t have a fetal alcohol syndrome baby], and phuck her brains right out of her ears.

    Then change her radiator-room bedpans for nine months, and get some progeny out of her circa July of 2021.



    “I’m 50, she’s 25, wah, wah, wah, poor me” – PHUCK THAT SHIT!!!!!

  45. lumenwood: “chemistry… still a virgin…”

    You have got to maneuver yourself into the actual physical presence of living breathing sweating urinating defecating menstruating ovulating WHITE FEMALES.

    Literally right next to them – to the point that you’re bumping into them all day long.

    In the old days, for the high school kids & college kids, the easiest path was to be found working in the greater leisure industry – lifeguarding at swimming pools, counselling at summer camps, working in restaurants & bars & hotels & resorts, etc.

    For the near future, however, the Frankfurt School has shut down most of those avenues via its COVID-19 psychological warfare campaign.

    However, the hospitals are still open, and there is moar p00ntang in an hospital than even the very best Playah can shake His stick at.

    And if you have a background in chemistry, then I’d urge you to figure out a way to get your foot in the door in a hospital – especially the big university campus hospitals which entertain an endless stream of nursing students, PT & OT students, med students, etc etc etc.

    Hospitals are P00ntang Central Command.

    You could start by getting a job in one of the laboratories [Chemistry Lab, Blood Gas Lab, Blood Transfusion Lab, Pathology Lab, etc etc etc], and use that to work your way closer & closer to the hottest chicks in the Hospital [& Medical School]; note that once you’re in a hospital, and you’ve proved that you’re an honest reliable trustworthy employee, you can start working your way up the ladder to better & better jobs with proximity to higher & higher qualities of p00ntang.

    Note too that you can have part-time jobs – you could work 20 hours a week in the Hospital, and 20 hours a week in a laboratory over in the Medical School – and then play both institutions off against each other, in terms of what was best for your career versus what was best for your licentious life.

    Your goal in all of this is to be sufficiently physically close to the P00ntang that you’re learning the P00ntang’s psychology, learning its habits & eccentricities, learning its linguistic peculiarities, learning how to tease & verbally jostle & give and take with the P00ntang – learning what the P00ntang considers to be funny, what it considers to be “creepy”*, what it considers to be bold, what it considers to be beta, etc etc etc – until you know the P00ntang like the back of your hand.

    Then getting laid simply amounts to showing up at the big Christmas party and not getting quite so drunk that The Little Fellow won’t be able to rise to the occasion once you’re back at her place.

    *21st Century PRO-TIP…

    SHE: “OMG, ur so creepy.”

    YOU: “Creepy?!? Baby, I ain’t creepy, I’m TERRIFYING!!!”

  46. Marty Robbins’s greatest performance was “Ghost Riders”:

    “Ghost Riders” was the 1950s version of the essay which Anglin wrote the other day:

    This theme was explored in a 1987 Mickey Rourke/Robert DeNiro vehicle, called “Angel Heart”:

    Then the Frankfurt School used its Scofield Heresy psychological warfare campaign to muddy the waters in 1991 [Anglin was eviscerating the Scofield Heresy in his essay]:

    But that was a thoroughly j00ish & ta1mudic spin which the Frankfurt School put on it.

  47. Back in the day, the very HAWTEST of the HAWT BABES in the hospital were the pharmacy students, who were doing their internships in anticipation of graduating.

    Physical Therapy chicks were second, and Nurses were third.

    But the female interns & residents & fellows were the horniest – hands down – they were so damned ambitious, but so desperately lonely, that they’d rip off your clothes and phuck your d!ck right off your pub!c mound.


  48. At this point in the game, it’s celibacy or a monogamous commitment. I don’t see any other choices that are “viable.”

    As far as being an aggressive Games-man. A lot of that advice rings hollow, and or just doesn’t work. This contra position, back in the day, mighta been sorta associated with the Black Pill Society. Now it’s a different world than 10, 15 years ago, and it has different takes re prescriptive ontologies that best work for coupling, sex and procreation.

    In the final it’s a fallen world.

    Jordan Peterson, that funny faced [he had a stroke maybe?] black American, features as part of his advice, that men and women, in their power dynamics, resolve thusly —

    If sex is given out before marriage, the woman has the upper hand
    If sex is waited for until until marriage, the man has the upper hand

    For any out of touch readers: Jordan Peterson is the wise old black man that the young Whites are willing to listen to; iow not-a-jogger.

  49. Every once in awhile i’ll stick my dick in a pumpkin; other than that whatcha gonna do?

    / did u ever do that? (serious question); is that degenerate? it’s wasting food, granted..

    That book by what’s-his-name, Cormac, [ book title ], featured prominently in its character development, one of the heroes getting busted for “fucking up” a watermelon patch. He would victimize one watermelon per moonless night, and eventually got (buck)shot and sent up. The farmer who shot him, was most dismayed (among other things), that he had to use up and ruin and new fresh, different, watermelon each night.

  50. I speculate that the right tail of the bell curve, for American blacks aka joggers, disperses fairly far out; iow there are a number of them north of 130: more than the SD math might would indicate.

    They say Snoop Dog is 147. Obv those internet sights might be exaggerating, especially on the topic of black celeb intelligence. That particular number was along side Robin Williams at 149.

    My point being that a lot of White Americans, particularly those who are fed up with joggers, are not willing to consider the reality that they are not all dumb. What is Chris Rock’s iq, or Chapelle’s? (not that either of them is putting out anything relevant or current, which afaik they are not)

  51. The Cormac [ book title ] above, is Suttree, which pretentious Cormac fans and or critics, will rate as one of his most important. It’s semi-autobio. It paints a picture of life in the Mid-South in the 50s or thereabouts approximately. The most famous quote that it features is “blood will out” which obv is an old saying.

    The main character comes from a mixed marriage, as in White but mixed class backgrounds, and it plays out in his adventurous life as a young man on the Tennessee River and other related places. He fishes for catfish and hangs out with the low rent River people and gets in troubles, and maybe it eventually resolves somehow at the end. But Cormac books usually don’t resolve well..

    I remember EPG [ still reading, EPG? sobered up yet? ] counter signaled Cormac, for which reasons I don’t know. Who else but Cormac, can even be read anymore?


    Regarding that Mid South low rent River life. This is youRube video channel that is not about the Mid South but rather Appalachia and the characters therein. This channel is called Soft White Underbelly, which name for the channel is unflattering on the characters it “duanes” to represent; that said, the narrator is genuine and sympathetic, and good at getting his charges to tell their tales. So why then does he have to compare them to the soft white underbelly (of a snake)? The obv answer is that he can’t resist; the cultural chauvinism is so much a part of Who We Are.

    This clip is timestamped (for some reason), to a place where he just got done talking about how he was sexually abused, by an community outreach leader in the church, who is still at large and using his position to get on vulnerable boys. It begs the question of why isn’t retribution taken; after all, these hillbillies are very hard characters, and utterly familiar w/ violence.

  52. * Edit — that said, the narrator interviewer is genuine and sympathetic, and good at getting his charges to tell their tales

    I watched 6 or 10 of these vids, and a lot of them don’t have much tales to tell, other than life is hard. Shane, pictured above, is young and not all the way beaten down, but using heroine everyday (he says) and that doesn’t get better. His retelling of getting “moved on” (and felt up) by the church outreach youth program director, still at large and active in the community, per the instructions of the people Shane told on him to, is worth the price of admission.

    In my book he gets massive credit for talking about that. Because it’s a shameful thing, to be sex abused, when u r 16 or so approximately. That’s how it “works”..

    Obv similar in that regard to having yr genitals reduced; it’s shameful and no one wants to talk about it; and the victims will usually take it on themselves and suffer in silence and be lesser men. Or alternately, and more commonly, just not care; which attitude is a strange one, but each to his own.

  53. ^ sometimes I find Captain Obvious poasts a bit too crude for my liking, but I have to co-sign the aforegoing ones, full stop.

    It’s part of my eternal Sisyphian frustration/wistfulness that I only really learned the Game AFTER I was married, mid-medical school, so that I was never really able to Run The Experiment beyond mild flirting / banter.

    Beware! If you are too successfully Gameful in the workplace, you may end up getting shit-tested when you do not want to be! The other day I showed up at my small town hospital for an ER shift, I was already tired and not really eager to be there. Several of the nurses ambushed me with Shit Testing which I was not in the mood for! But this is the cross we (men) must bear!

    Because I cannot keep them all straight, I maintain a list in my phone of all the nurses along with a brief description, like:

    Caitlin – blonde bubbly one
    Bernice – bitchy “Karen” one
    Autumn – hippie one with pink highlights

    And so forth.

    Anyway yes, healthcare is vag central, highly recommend for virginal young men.

  54. — And he said “they’re always loaded.”

    Ah, the Safety Flexing. “Always handle the weapon like it’s loaded.” Which is correct. On the other hand, there was once a list of gun range stereotypes and one of them was The Safety Nazi. Safety is most important of course, but that list gave examples that were downright obnoxious. A male Karen, if you will.

  55. As to being 27 and in a rut. Yeah, been there.

    What others above already said is dead-on. To add to that: 27 is a good age to be. All the vigor and young looks of a college-aged man, but with temperance, experience and wisdom slowly starting to help you. Here is what you do:

    1. Decide what you want.
    2. Dedicate one hundred percent of your effort to getting it.

    That’s it.

    You can have fun along the way. You should. Never miss out on life because it rushes past. But your focus is singularly on your goal. The goal could be whatever is right for you. Get a career started, find a wife, lose weight, whatever. Success in one area tends to beget successes in other areas of life.

    Have a plan. It can be vague at medium range but must be precise on the immediate next-steps. Take notes, make lists or calendars and hang them on your wall. Always know your next step.

    You’ll hit setbacks. You might get blindsided with a depression. You’ll have to change paths. But always drive toward that goal. This goal should be reachable and reached no later than 18 months from now. Longer-range stuff, be flexible on that.

    The darker breeds are passive and do not control their own destiny. Never had, never will. When a government takes care of them, they sing and clap and muhdik impressively. When a government leaves them alone, they lie down and die. The White man creates his own destiny because he has agency and accomplishes anything he imposes his will on.

  56. > The darker breeds are passive and do not control their own destiny.

    CORRECTION: The d@rker breeds DO NOT CARE.

    A jogger doesn’t give a d@mn if he flames out spectacularly with one particular female of the jogger species – the jogger doesn’t have any sense of humiliation – the jogger simply moves on to the very next available female of the jogger species, and tries out his spiel on her.

    Joggers are so stupid that I doubt they even alter the spiel from one female to the next; OTOH, the j00z are genetic psychopaths just like the joggers, but the j00z have sufficiently high IQ to adopt an empirical approach wherein they very much will experiment & tweak an opener until they perfect it.

    [My gut instinct had always been that YaReally was a j00ish sperg trying to figure out how to get into the shiksas’ britches, and that he suddenly disappeared from Le Chateau when Heartiste started taking off the gloves concerning the JQ.]

    Anyway, the point of this poast is that joggers score teh p00ntang precisely because they DO NOT CARE, whereas White Christian spergs sit at home lonely & miserable & celibate precisely because their precious & overwhelming & foundational since of pride/arrogance/narcissism prevents them from getting out their in the trenches and suffering the humiliations [to their pride/arrogance/narcissism] which tend to destroy them psychologically.

    tl;dr == STOP CARING!!!!!

    Nothing good will happen in your life until you go to That Dark Place, re-invent your Inner Frame, and emerge from it with a Zero Phucks Given attitude towards everything.

  57. out their = out there

    I tell you, it’s impossible to type when there are 50 bazillion physical distractions attacking you at once.

  58. speaking of darker breeds, muslims are at it again in the country formerly known as france:

    the english version of said article is more lenient towards islamics, but it’s also worth checking out. predictably, the mainstream media hasn’t said a peep about it. while perusing the linked article, pay heed to the international reactions where President Trump was the only one to point out the problem with muslim terrorism. maybe because they didn’t mention Viktor Orban’s opinion on it

  59. PA,
    If I had to pick one thing I got from your comments and posts, it would be be an appreciation for Polish people and understanding the artificial creation of the dumb Pole stereotype.

  60. “1. Decide what you want.
    2. Dedicate one hundred percent of your effort to getting it.”

    If I may, I’d like to politely build on this. It is a piece of advice that I heard many many times and it never worked for me. Because there was a piece missing.

    What i always “wanted” was a FEELING rather than a THING.

    I think that is how it may work for a fair number of people. And people who are that way get confused because they go after the thing but the thing doesn’t give them the feeling they were looking for, and so they keep jumping from thing to thing to thing, not understanding why they are never satisfied.

    For me the feeling I wanted VISCERALLY was to be as powerful and in charge of my own destiny as possible. Once I allowed myself to pursue that general goal everything else was easy. All I had to do was measure every choice in relation to that. “What do I have to work with RIGHT NOW that will make me more powerful?” “Will Choice A or Choice B make me more powerful?” Etc.

    What “powerful” means to each man is obviously very personal. And there are a fair number of taboos that have to be overcome in order for a man to even allow himelf to think that way. I like to look at historical examples of great men for inspiration. What if there were no rules? What if you could remake civilization? Those are some mental hacks that you can use to get you out of the herd mindset that we all fall prey to from time to time.

    If someone had told me early in life that the healthiest thing a man can want is to be as powerful as possible, in whatever way he defines that, then it probably would have made things so much easier at certain points. I still followed that path unconsciously from an early age, but once it was conscious there was no stopping me.

    So to all those lurkers out there who are wondering why they can’t figure out “what you w-a-n-t”, you’re looking in the wrong place. First decide what’s possible. Then ask yourself what, out of all that is possible, would make your dick the hardest (literally and figuratively). Then just go do that and leave everything else behind.

    Here’s a tip:
    1) Think B-I-G.
    2) Do what scares you.
    3) Be prepared to go it alone

    This is where you have to overcome some taboos, because you’re friends and family will ALWAYS try to steer you towards the level of risk that THEY feel comfortable with. You have to keep your mouth shut and just keep going when things are hard. Trust yourself. Trust the plan.

  61. My advice to the 27 year old would be to get in good shape, if you aren’t already. Don’t be obsessive about it, but be consistent. Men who are physically fit are almost always at least somewhat confident. If he puts effort into taking care of himself, he is not going to let you push him around. There are quite a few fit men at my gym. I don’t really interact with them much, but I like their energy. It cheers me up to be around motivated people. They are mostly all White too.

  62. Suburban_elk:
    >Buy a used car
    Got that one covered, gonna drive this one till the wheels fall off.

    >Don’t maturbate (anymore)
    Successfully got down to once a month this year with the goal of never f@pping again, Trump had a point on that one, it’s a waste of time and makes me feel drained for week afterwards. As far as Pr0n goes, I’ve completely cut that poison out of my life over a month ago. First started watching when I was 12 after a friend snuck into his fathers stash (it was massive, a red flag in hindsight) to show off to me and it’s been a downward spiral of visual degeneracy since then, and I only seriously started cutting back in 2016. It’s nothing but pure psychological warfare, straight outta the T@lmud. I shutter to think how much progress I could’ve delayed had I never got redpilled on the {{{pr0n industry}}}, but I’m just glad to have kicked the habit for good. When I get the urge to watch, I remember that it’s a weapon made to cuck me / destroy my people, and that stops it cold.

    >If possible, tell mom and dad that u love them; and or show them w/ actions
    I don’t say it as often as I should, I prefer gestures that show I do (built them raised vegetable garden beds in the backyard during the lockdown, 10/10 would do again).

    >Be kind to animals, especially dogs
    Fuckn love doggos.

    >Don’t go to prison; repeat: don’t go to prison; and neither jail
    Yup, prison life ain’t for me, Chapter 1 of The Gulag Archipelago was enough to get scared straight lmao.
    I have an anecdote, I went to the supermarket without a mask on for the lolz and the manager tried to guilt trip me about how heartless and disrespectful (thanks Phil Murphy) I am for the 190,000 gorillion who died of Fauxvid. He called the cops on me and I got to explain my situation to the officers that showed up.

    TL:DR I expressed my deepest condolences that they’re have to work for a governor who hates them and defunds their department because muh waycizm. When the cops looked at each other and realized that they were gonna be the bad guys and enforce a law written by a phaggot, their smile and optimism…GONE…so they didn’t write me a ticket and instead briefly vented about how the whole “pandemic” situation is bullshit. One of them even told me that some stores will honor the “medical exemption” excuse, so I could get away with not wearing one sometimes. Not All Cops I suppose. I have a bad habit of forgetting I’m in enemy territory sometimes, so I gotta pick my battles better from now on…

    >Celibacy or Monogamous marriage
    Damn……I don’t know if I’m cut out for the life of a Monk, but I guess I’m already living the Monk-mode life, so I might as well learn how to git gud at calisthenics while I’m at it and embrace it.

    P.S. Congrats on the side arm. My first came in just 2 weeks before everyone started officially losing their minds about the pandemic. It was an AR15, because fuck Phil Murphy.

    Carlos Danger:
    >start some serious soul searching
    Yup, I can say that I’m very much into self improvement, but I also fall off the ball when it comes to work problems and random shit throughout the day, so I gotta get more disciplined when it comes to that. I need to take the time out to shut out the noise and figure out what I really want.

    I’ve definitely considered getting into healthcare for those perks as well lmao. My brother works at a hospital and can confirm that it really is like that. The temptation is real. Unfortunately, he says it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. If your manager is in her 40’s and finds out you’re getting the attention from the hotter, younger women, and she knows she can’t get none from you, RIP for your career. Also sjw hambeasts, but that one goes for any other workplace too. And he deals with literal goblinos who sh!t themselves the second they waddle through the door. This is just anecdotal, so I take it with a grain of salt, but I trust his word on it.

    >Decide what you want
    >Dedicate 100% effort toward getting it
    This is the hardest part man, just picking one path, going with it, and sticking it out. So. Many. Paths. When it comes to careers, I find myself drifting more and more toward blue collar work, but I haven’t decided on a specific trade yet. The proudest I’ve felt in any work I’ve done was after solving problems with my hands and building shit from scratch. I remember helping my father run armored cable, set up electrical junction boxes, and hook up all the wiring / lighting in the basement, so this is probably a hint in the right direction. As far as the 18 month goal, stacking as much bread as I realistically can for my eventual move out is as close to a goal as I have, so that is my current 100% dedicated purpose, as base as that is. I know for a fact I HATE the idea of spending the next four years in Coastal Shitlib-topia in the wake of the inevitable MAGA 2020, so at least I have that going for me. I used to have several big circles of friends and people I hung out with, but now I have lost pretty much all my old friends (how the hell was I gonna break it down to them the stuff I know in my head, they can’t even stop watching sportsball and capeshit!!!) so apart from family, I’ve got no real ties here.

    I just wanted to let you all know that you guys are the sh!t and Heartiste did nothing wrong. I used to refrain from commenting and asking for help because I thought my lack of hard experience with women and life at my age would get me flayed alive here. I feel dumb for not asking sooner. I have much to learn…

  63. Indy: the dumb Pole stereotype was the media/publishing industry in the US retaliating for Poland’s ruling communist party, led by head of state at the time Władysław Gomułka, purging its Stalin-era Jews in 1968. There is a wikipedia entry about this “antisemitic” event.

    Also, Gomułka’s party initiating criminal inquiry into their Soviet-sanctioned actions in the years immediately after WWII, such as executions of Home Army veterans under trumped-up charges of “fascism.” Most of those communist Jews left Poland for the United States, Sweden, or Israel. The grain of truth in the stereotype was that late 19th and early 20th century immigration to America from Poland was the poorest, illiterate rural social strata, not noblemen like Kosciuszko or Pulaski.

    In the bigger picture, the Polack joke is like the blonde joke: a Goyim Joke.

  64. — If your manager is in her 40’s

    Some of my managers have been women and I got along with them great. Here is the huge difference: over-forty childless women are crazy. Avoid them like the plague. I do. But married ones with children are almost always pretty good. If you’re confident and not a gamma, you won’t have any problems with her.

    — So. Many. Paths.

    Gotta pick one. Maturity entails the decisiveness of walking through one door to the exclusion of the others.

  65. > I think that is how it may work for a fair number of people. And people who are that way get confused because they go after the thing but the thing doesn’t give them the feeling they were looking for, and so they keep jumping from thing to thing to thing, not understanding why they are never satisfied.

    Dave Ramsey’s guest hosts just took a call from a 56yo married guy, making $140,000 per year, who hates his life.

    I personally loathe & despise Ramsey, but it’s fascinating to listen to the psychological train wrecks which call in and dump all their problems on him.

  66. > There are quite a few fit men at my gym. I don’t really interact with them much, but I like their energy.

    Aren’t you like a 40-some-odd-year-old married roastie?

    I almost pity your poor cuck of a husband.


  67. > If your manager is in her 40’s and finds out you’re getting the attention from the hotter, younger women, and she knows she can’t get none from you, RIP for your career.


    Inner Frame.

    STOP CARING!!!!!

    You phuck BOTH the 40yo roastie supervisor AND the 20yo hotties.


  68. I’m not interested in these men personally, I just have noticed a lot of them seem confident and masculine. Getting in shape is hard work, over a long period of time, but it is accessible to everyone. That’s why I thought it would be a good goal for this 27 year old. If he already is in good shape, then good for him.

  69. > “I’m not interested in these men personally…”

    Nah, of course you’re not.

    An old roastie like you would never stray.

    Meanwhile, let’s get in touch with hubby and suggest that he get some DNA kits for him & the kids.

  70. If your manager is in her 40’s and finds out you’re getting the attention from the hotter, younger women, and she knows she can’t get none from you

    It’s funny you mention that, because I was literally thinking about that, as another downside of working with women, besides the constant and sometimes tiresome shit tests.

    Yes, women have been wrathful when scorned ever since the time of Shakespeare and certainly long before that. Oh well, one can learn to navigate it. 40-somethings need flattery and flirtation too!

    Also, as CO says, you may not believe this now, but plenty of 40-something women are milfy.

    would get me flayed alive here


    Imma say this real clear, here – yes we have a core of seasoned commenters, but too much “back when I was in high school TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO” and too little young blood makes for an IRRELEVANT BLOG.

    There is nothing more important than older men teaching the younger. No one here will demean anyone for asking for advice.

  71. so they didn’t write me a ticket and instead briefly vented about how the whole “pandemic” situation is bullshit

    Nick Fuentes told a story on his show last week, about going to the post w/o a mask and getting into it w/ the clerk who threatened to call the cops but did not.

    It’s so much bs; people are crazy. I am NOT too willing to go the grocery store sans mask and “get into it” with the enforcers. An obv compromise is to go w/o mask, and then be ok w/ putting it on, if it comes to it. It sounds weak, and in a sense it may be but otoh confrontations are dubious.

    Around here: More manly stores like hardware stores and tire shops, are not requiring masks; but the groceries are.

  72. Some advice that I have for myself, is to avoid cough syrup. Which advice is on the level of drunk indian advice or worse: gas huffing Abo advice; otoh people of the higher races suffer from these inclinations too. Even the non-alcoholic cough syrup, can be “addictive.” It’s not actually addictive in the sense that heroine and opiates and alcohol can be addictive, which is to say the accurate, physical sciences sense; but it is “addictive” in the other, more colloquial sense.

    Tbh I am not exactly clear on the distinction between these meanings of “addictive” but am fairly certain, from legitimate youRube research, that such distinction is “at large” and current.

    Last night I had some of that non-alcoholic, imitation brand cough syrup and now am groggy, 12 hours later. And yes it was a nice respite from life and consciousness, to sleep mostly all the way through the night.


    The other thing I did last night was watch the first hour of the 80s classic Stripes (1981) with Bill Murray, and have to say, by the standards of 80s movies classics which almost always suck hard, in retrospective, that this one holds up (at least better than those).

    Part of that movie was Bill Murray’s comic schtick, which a big part of which was his almost good pseudo soulful imitation brand singing of classic pop songs. He, and his partner co-star jew what’s-his-name, do it like 10x throughout the movie — that thing where they try to soulful sing contemporary classics (“Do rah ditty ditty dum ditty do”) and do so in a remarkable “almost really good but not quite” way.

    So yeah Bill Murray’s singing talent iq was 110 thereabouts. The Irish in him (obv).

    Another part of that movie which was a real timestamp, was the “frontal nudity” of several different scenes, in a more arty and appreciative style: the women were actually good looking. Those scenes were a big part, requisite, for would-be 80s classics.

    Sergeant Hulka was sympathetically portrayed. That’s a slavic name of sorts; Polish?

    Lotsa other great stock characters: John Candy, Judge Reinhold. The other actor who deserves credit in that movie, is the guy who went on to play the prosecutor in Night Court. That guy is excellent in Stripes, as the army captain who is something of a suave buffoon.

    The other thing about the movie, that makes it bearable, is they don’t make it too gay. There’s very little gay innuendo, which is remarkable considering it’s set in the army. (no offense) Bill Murray has been stock character, over at Sailer’s and in the DR in general. Which sorta intuitively indicates that he’s a good guy.

  73. “Hulka”

    Slavic-sounding words that start with “H” and have a decent amount of vowels are probably Ukrainian. Words that begin with a “g/h” sound default to being pronounced G in Polish and H in Ukrainian.

    Example: Głodomór (“famine,” PL), Holodomor (same; in Ukrainian except they use Cyrillic). Polish words that begin with the h- sound are usually written “Ch-” and the C is silent.

  74. For the record, Bill Murray’s singing iq, based on his performance in Stripes, is higher than 110. It’s more like 120. His ear is not that great, but even so. The comic part of it, is that he can’t “get into it,” and so he gets stuck in that mock-zone.

    Bill Murray. He’s quite a character, according to wiki. Irish Catholic in Chicago, is his family background.

    His wiki picture is him on stage with Eric Clapton no less; also he is, or at least was, part owner of the minor league team, the St Paul Saints. What a dick swinger.

  75. Most 40 something year old women are probably not going to be too concerned about your love life. If you aren’t obviously favoring the younger women over the older women, both should get along with you fine. Honestly, it seems kind of foolish to mix your job and your love life anyway. At least be chill and discreet about it if you do.

  76. @Elk
    Waking up in the middle of the night sucks, mainly because everything seems so much worse. I start thinking about every mistake I ever made, thoughts I can usually fend off during the day. My first goal is to wear out my puppy enough so he sleeps through the night. My second goal is to tire myself out enough so I sleep through the night.

  77. Mendo doesn’t have anything to say re Stripes??

    I don’t know that the second half, which is unwatched at this point, is gonna “payoff.” Almost always, these 80s classics, which are sometimes called modern classics — they always
    disappoint and it’s just a matter of how far they go until then.

    I recall that both leads get with the sexy MP’s. Murray’s sidekick “Ziskey” is played by a Harold Ramis, who is jew and from Chicago, and actually has a writing credit on this movie, and was involved in those other related movies like Caddyshack and Meatballs.

    Compared to those, Stripes is not so insulting; or at least, the first half wasn’t.

    The character of the elegant buffoon Army captain, the actor who went on to considerable TV success on Night Court, that actor was John Larroquette.

  78. This is deep Gen X movie posting, but the thing about those movies, is that they were all just before my time, actually. Stripes was 1981 and was the provenance of “cool older brothers” and that sorta thing.

    They have been the topic of a lot of conversation, on these blogs, and further rehashing of them is probably in line with I was a great athlete in high school

    Did I tell you about the time our 6th grade class won the city track meet, the 4 x 100 relay? I made the joke, a few times irl, to good effect, that I “peaked” in 6th grade. I was on that winning relay squad, which I qualified for, with 6.6 (seconds) in the “fifty” (50 yard dash, which time was among the top 4 of our 6th-grade class of 150 kids. / self parody posting stops now

  79. My first goal is to wear out my puppy enough so he sleeps through the night. My second goal is to tire myself out enough so I sleep through the night.

    That’s a good way to try and get some sleep. There is another strategy that is, to actually get up in the middle of the night, and break your night into two “sleeps” which apparently has been a more standard reckoning, in times past.

    My dog sometimes has to go out in the. middle of the night, if I haven’t been able to take her for a walk that day etc blah blah. And it’s best to go out with her so that she doesn’t get nabbed by coyotes. They are not quite a problem on this block, but they certainly are not far away. Literally within blocks, they have nabbed house dogs. It’s a local problem to the point where it’s actually sad “drama-dy.” For quite some number of years, there was a rash of missing dog signs on telephone poles, and it was always smaller cutesy dogs. And they were getting TAKEN by their coyotes. I have seen a number of them, over the years. They can get bigger than u might like, up to 60 lbs or so. Otoh they tend to miniaturize, I think is the correct word, in order to do their business in among people.

  80. I tried watching Stripes several years ago and wasn’t in the right frame of mind to get past five minutes. Old roommates had told me what a classic it was and were just as surprised that I hadn’t seen it yet. In fact, it was brought up at CH’s when it came back into my consciousness once again. I got free time this weekend and was planning on catching up on some films I always wanted to see but hadn’t got around to it. Figure now’s as good a time as any.

    Up on deck:

    –The Gambler
    –Remains of the Day (never had patience for those types of “slow” British films, but I’ve grown to appreciate most British works far better than I ever thought I would.)

    PJ: that’s a great video. I was surprised that those blokes were able to pull that off, if only because it being LA and it’s rare to see/hear of any Trump support, but they found the best time to do so, what with everyone all cooped up due to the coof.

    I have been amazed at the number of rallies that have been taking place in and around those parts. What’s more amazing is that Trump isn’t there: it’s just yuge fans of his demonstrating, peacefully, their support for him.

    In my neck of the woods, adjacent to an area once dubbed Reagan Country, I see, have seen and continue to see Trump banners flown in concert with American flags. There’s an energy that abounds whenever I see them and while I’m not out that often, I do catch and sense a certain congenial attitude when I’m out. And it’s the simple things, such a holding the door open for someone . . .but ain’t that always the way?

    Anywho, I’m saving that video as you’ll never know when the censors will strike.

  81. > At least be chill and discreet about it if you do.

    Yeah, like when your roastie @$$ is at the gym with all the strange D swinging around in your face…

  82. > That’s a good way to try and get some sleep.

    In the old days, MARRIED WOMEN fell asleep exhausted because their masculine husbands phucked their brains right out of their ears, and the MARRIED WOMEN loved it.

    They didn’t purchase gym memberships to go hang out around strange D without their husband around as a chaperone.

  83. A good policy in life, as on blogs, is: never ask people personal questions.

    The context of this advice, is that as naive Americans Growing up Naive America (that’s the name of the retro tv show), we didn’t get this advice, and in fact to the contrary, were accustomed and habituated to asking and answering personal questions like as if A) there was nothing to hide and B) the future was coming up aces. Now that times hv changed, such advice may no longer be necessary!

    But putting aside such funtime blog advice; my question to Lara, or “@Lara” as she insists, might would be —

    “so tell us about your husband”

  84. A good Manosphere 201 topic post, is — How not to answer personal questions, when they are put to you by bozo townies, who are still somehow a little bit lost / stuck in Growing up Naive America Land, and or another class of asshole, maybe perhaps a jogger big dog u r stuck at a temp assignment with, doing a dominance display by asking u questions that aren’t their business yo.

    I don’t necessarily bat a thousand, in this regard, but it is absolutely a lesson that anyone who claims to have a dick, ought should better learn like yesterday: Don’t answer questions about ur-self or your business, ever.

    A related advice, which I heard on the old Fatherland podcast, 50 thousand years ago, by the genius-of-sympathy host what’s-his-name who now does the Full Haus podcast with Sam ‘the Great Circumciser’ and none other than Jayoh the insane nutcase..

    I forget that character’s name (the host of Full Haus) — but he in fact is one of the most talented podcasters on the scene, and props to him. Good job bro!

    He threw out the advice on The Fatherland a long time ago, that when some bitch says something to you like “that’s a nice [ shirt hat thing item piece-o’-clothing ]” that the proper response is NOT “thx” BUT RATHER “so do I; that’s why I’m wearing it.”

    This elaborate retelling, is because it’s a good example of how women, ie random bitches, will shit test u, and see if you can hold frame. If u respond w/ “thx” it’s like she’s your mommy and u r lapping up her approval like a good little neotenous house dog; rather than the wolf that is consuming your soul and wants to run.

  85. I now go to breakfast. Apples nuts and raisins. Classic California raisins in the red pack, the Sun Maid, and not the purple Target brand “everyday essentials” which (raisins) r the size of caterpillars and otherwise suck. For apples it’s Jazz and or some yellow, like an Opal or classic Golden Delish. These r grocery store apples from Cub; they are not bad / not great. Nuts are walnuts from Cub are 5.99 per pound. I hear that there may be a shortage of nuts, in places where they are not local, in the coming hard times (no pun intended).

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