The Abortion War

World War II had two winners. Poland, though the victory came at a terrible price and wasn’t obvious until seventy years after the fact; and international communism. The latter is convulsing with hatred upon seeing what the former is doing: Poland increases restrictions on abortion:

Poland’s top court has ruled that abortions in cases of foetal defects are unconstitutional… Poland’s abortion laws were already among the strictest in Europe… The Council of Europe’s commissioner for human rights said the day marked a “sad day for women’s rights”

The focus of this post is not about abortion as such, but about women’s shit-tests. Or “fitness-tests,” as those things are also called.

The men of eastern Europe failed a giant fitness test by losing the Cold War. Yes, of course, everybody hated the Soviet rule but that’s linear logic. By the biological logic of women’s prerogative for reproduction with fit men in a safe environment, the two decades that followed 1989 brought austerity and uncertainty. And with the collapse of the former social system, a psychological shock not unlike after losing a war. Resultingly, Poland’s birthrates collapsed and many young women found a reason to move abroad.

The political fight over abortion can be framed as the country’s women testing their men. It’s said that feminism was the greatest shit-test in Western history, and it’s reasonable to conclude that license to murder a child is a cornerstone of feminism. So, thoughts on men passing that particular test? Multiple choice:

A. “Guys who get pussy support a woman’s right to choose.”

B. “Alphas pretend to agree with whatever the media planted in a silly girl’s head.”

C. “The wages of sin is death.”

There was a brainstorming session in an international communists’ conference room, during which, to much hand-rubbing, slogans that appear in the photo below were cranked out:

  • “An alarm about women’s rights” – on the booklet
  • “Abortion without borders”
  • “First dignity, then fertility”
  • “We will not be victims”

None of that is organic. It’s a foreign assault. Those and similar slogans, their diction and cadence, have an alien feel to them. To compromise with any of it would be even worse than a failed shit-test. It would be losing a war. Poland’s top court decided wisely.

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  1. “First dignity, then fertility”

    This is the important one. It implies that a woman must begin as an independent and unique Person, after which she may, if she chooses at the time, allow a man to enter her life and begin creating a child or children, at her discretion. The man is an accessory, as the woman is the focus. Because dignity.

    This leads directly to low fertility and social death. A woman’s “dignity” has no intrinsic merit. A woman’s dignity does have extrinsic merit, namely how many and how capable and how large and proud the family brought forth from her is. Ignoring “family creation” when determining dignity with women leads DIRECTLY to social death. No children, no civilization.

    C. The wages of sin is death

  2. Poland also halted LGBT political activism with towns declaring themselves “LGBT-free zones”.

    Of course the (((NYT))) attacked this and the EU stepped in by withdrawing money/grants from those towns.

    It starts with allowing LGBT activism, then they politicize everything by making anything that goes against the LGBT agenda as ‘hate speech’…. Then they’re forcing tranny story-hour on unsuspecting parents and making them criminals if they object.

    Poland knows the price paid by allowing outsiders make its laws and influence its political scene Hint: (((them)))

  3. PA, I’d like to ask you your opinion on something I’ve been cogitating on for a couple of years.

    Growing up, I’d always thought what the Great Powers did to Germany after WWI and WWII was wrong. They didn’t just penalize the nation, breaking up an empire in the manner that they broke up Austria, creating different smaller nations based upon tribal affiliation. No, they took the larger Germany and broke it up, giving chunks of German-people-land to other nations.

    But, Poland really stands out with this view, as the Polish had been getting absorbed into the larger Germany for a long time. They had, in their past, a separate Nation, then gradually they didn’t.

    As I looked at it more, I saw the two Peoples were intermixed in the same area (more or less), didn’t have a problem with it, and only at the National level was there any real issue. The old Germany of hundreds of smaller disorganized governments worked fine, but the larger central government broke this intermixing organization.

    It seems like the larger problem stems from trying to force a cohesive government upon disparate groups closely intermingled over a large area. Leaving them alone to self-segregate into smaller groups appears to be the answer. But that way leads to foreign invasion and conquest.

    Any thoughts on the matter? In a what-if scenario, how could the different Peoples self-organize?

  4. “It starts with allowing LGBT activism, then they politicize everything by making anything that goes against the LGBT agenda as ‘hate speech”

    In context, this is funny to me, as a couple years back I decided I would no longer take part in legitimizing them, and where is written “LGBT”, I read “faggot”. Because fuck them, they’re not forcing me to change the language to meet their demands.

    “It starts with allowing faggot activism, then they politicize everything by making anything that goes against the faggot agenda as ‘hate speech”

    You should do it too. It changes how you read it and introduces normalcy back into these news stories.

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  6. IDKY so many on the US right have a moralistic commitment against abortion. That’s a luxury you can’t afford in a multi-ethnic society / before a civil war.

    Abortion is ‘good’ if increases your tribe’s #s. (USA)

    Abortion is ‘bad’ if it lessens your tribe’s #s. (Poland)

    Crass denunciations of it as immoral is lose /l lose bc you’re picking a fight you can’t win. It also let’s the (((msm))) portray you as old, fuddy-duddy, goofballs. All for what? More darks!

  7. — Leaving them alone to self-segregate into smaller groups appears to be the answer.

    Locally it can work. On the national level, it does not.

    It was said that before Diversity, people living in North Dakota self-segregated according to their Swedish vs Norwegian ancestry. I’m sure it was all amicable, given both their similarity and common self-identification as Americans. On a local level, self-segregation can work.

    In prewar Poland, my maternal grandparents lived in an eastern region village that was diverse in terms of Polish, German, Belarusian, Ukrainian and Jewish. According to what I was told, there was little social contact outside of the public space, but everyone got along very well, with Jews in understandable ways being “not like the others.” My grandmother, for example, was fluent in German because she grew up playing with German kids. As to intermarriage, based on my reading it was uncommon outside of urban cosmopolitan circles. Language, religion, extended family, and class identification kept like with like and everyone was happiest that way.

    But that’s on the local level. On the level of national politics, ethnic diversity was a stumbling block and source of conflict. Interwar Poland 1918-1939 was a political basket case because of the ethnic diversity. Poles were only about 68% of the population, and tended to be rural. In western regions, Germans and Jews were accused of holding a stranglehold on others’ mobility into the middle class professions. They also voted similarly as a block, in ways that were perceived as hostile to Polish interests. Relations with Ukrainians in the east were fine even where Ukrainians were the local majority, until the latter years of WWII when Ukrainian nationalist partisants committed the infamous Volhynia Massacre against the Polish minority. My wife’s grandmother lost several family members in that event, and survived because she and some others escaped to a forest. The massacre had little support among local Ukrainians, but it was instigated by their national leadership and carried out by paramilitaries to ethnically cleanse the area.

  8. You can condemn abortion as an objectively evil act without getting yourself involved in stopping others’ self-annihilation but be actively opposed to your own people doing it.

  9. To your little test

    A. “Guys who get pussy support a woman’s right to choose.”

    B. “Alphas pretend to agree with whatever the media planted in a silly girl’s head.”

    C. “The wages of sin is death.”

    The correct answer is none of the above. A: doesn’t matter, B: Alpha Males do whatever they like and still get laid and C: All men Die though Christians believe otherwise

    Now as they say here in the USA , ain’t no such thing as a free lunch Not allowing abortion for fetal deformity has the unintended side effect of making your people genetically weaker and more impoverished with the care costs.

    Its also doubtful that it will help much as long as Poland remains a member of the EU, as far as I know women can simply go elsewhere.

    Its also not going to make y’all more fertile by any important margin.

    The Polish TFR is estimated at 1.4 per couple as of 2020. Its probably a bit higher than that but its nowhere close to replacement.

    For comparison, I live in State in the US , California with roughly the same population on 4x the land and 5x the GDP along with highly natal immigrants and we have low fertility too. A bit higher than Poland at 1.6 as of 2018.

    Truth is Poland’s economy can’t support its population otherwise your men would not be in the UK working and its population density alone is an impediment to family formation

    This same in every developed nation. Too many people and too much capital mobility for an organic an healthy society to form and replace itself. Heck in the US its estimated that half of all people are not in couples and of those half (a full 25% of the population including young people) never want partners

    Trying religion as a hack may please the religious but it isn’t working as some kind of general fertility boost in any developed nation. Caveat not participatory sects and a few others

    Again by comparison , while we aren’t as religious as Poland, California is 28% Catholic , 32% Protestant and its not helping here.

    Populations will decline no matter what policies are selected. The trick is to let them and to maintain a stable homogeneous demography. You have enviable demography.

    In fact the human population outside of Africa and few other places is on the past long overdo correction . Once Poland hits 25 million or less and the tech base declines so that people have steady work, it will likley stabilize.

    Or it could end up like the US where some super fertile Catholic subgroup akin to America’s Amish ends up being the majority group. Estimates for the US say that is two centuries away and while those estimates as are any on such a time frame are bogus exponents are still powerful.

  10. Winners of WWII, in reverse order:

    4) Mahatma Gandhi

    3) Mao Tse Tung

    2) Saint Joseph Djugashvili

    1) (((David ben Gurion)))

  11. Anglin’s article is great. The dialogue between Jew-worshipping evangelical/antiracist boomer and Jesus alone is worth it. It’s brilliant and memorable.

  12. All lives are equal
    But black lives are more equal than others

    St George of the 6 Felonies looked exactly like one of the more, err, protruding jawed, upturned lip pupils. So I knew what even a mainstream search engine would turn up if I put CRIMINAL after his name.

    1 – armed robbery
    2 cocaine
    3 cocaine
    4 cocaine
    5 armed robbery
    6 meth

    My HoD at a Good Catholic School told me they have less & less control over who comes into their own school. Incompetent diverchittey hires are forced on them by (((The Creep State))). Think of Cuckstain as a Palermo Mafioso, using its TLMTTI Power to bully, racketeer & pimp the dumb goy. Even private sector is effected – state power is massive & to get contracts from public srctpr , hr yentas are compulsory. A company couldn’t survive even in the PS hiring only competent NWM. Then their are gormless cucked companies *cough*!!!

    Blacks are the most indulged, mollycoddled & over-promoted group in history. We know this, but even I was shocked at the extent the (((CREEP STATE))) abuses the freedom of White Men, esp wrt Blacks, whilst working as a TA in a supposedly ‘Good Catholic School’ in Londonistan.

    When new vacancy – Asoans recommend Asians, Blax recommend blax, rats recommend anyone but NWM. Only White People are gormless enough to not stand up for themselves. Asked Asian after work drinks about boss – as I suspected he had utter contempt for the disloyal White hags who allow own dept to become TW SHC. They value loyalty + despise these judasrat Karen’s.

    It was like that Chris Jackson article at AmRen. Was shocked when my HoD told us before an upcoming (((OFSTED))) inspection:

    ‘The last inspection criticized us for the underperformance of black boys.’


    WTF should White Schools / teachers / pander to black boys? Obviously teachers aren’t closet BNP + KKK members; most are PC leftists (even in GCSs, tho less so than others). Working in that environment, it became clearer to me the Creep State Rats are basically mafia thugs, abusing & racketeering against anything not enforcing The Cathedral. Basically, each school is intimidated into worrying it’s racist, gives special treatment to black boys, exam boards over mark them – RESULT – The extreme thuggishness & low IQ of BBs is partially disguised.

    Creep State Rats also imposed ‘diverchittey’ recruitment on the school. Part of my attraction to the job was it was my old school / Catholic school. In London, Catholic schools was a good way of escaping too many darkies. BUT NOT NOW. Even tho poor Irish (+spanish, portugese, italiab, polosh) peasants like my mother helped make the school, no longer can we maintain our own demographic. Senior staff informed me they have no power over our own school. Creep State Rats impose third worlders on us. And it doesn’t matter how useless they are. W/o exception, there wouldn’t be a single black member of staff on merit!

    A common trick they use to disguise TW stupidity with the usual rat-dindu tag team vs YT. (Eg principal of The Goldberg’s + ‘Dr’ Holly on Dance Moms MO+HLS=AA.) One very black biology teacher was ‘Dr X’. I’ve long known that TCS’s LMTTI credentializes The Great Replacement. I suspected the common dynamic:

    1) Look for clever black
    2) Can’t find one
    3) Pick RELATIVELY clever one
    4) Gets crappy undergrad from 3rd rate poly
    5) Rat infestation of higher ed
    6) Education (like all humanities) postgrads = whiney poz BS
    7) Black doctor
    8) Imposed on White School in magical thinking this makes him smart
    9) It doesn’t
    10) Can’t sack him bc WAAAAAAYCIZUM

    Knew this was the case. Asked a fellow supersmart TA (doing PhD in bio at night) at works drinks. He says to me his biology knowledge is weak & regularly makes elementary mistakes in lessons with 14YOs!

    My colleague was a biased stale pale male?
    No. My colleague was a yellow Filipino!!!!

    But this man wasn’t the MoS who shocked me about Rat malevolence. Just dumb incompetent. A nasty SJW witch of an English ‘teacher’ took even someone as already RP’d as me. An utterly repellent personality & demeanor that viscerally repulsed everyone – pupils, teachers, TAs. Think that ghastly frizzy shrew on the SkyNews debate panel show ((((½ black)))) in looks & politics. Everyone HATED her.

    The Deep State manipulation was most obvious with this hysterical shrew. You could hear her classes from anywhere on the same floor, such was the kids’ visceral disgust with her obvious PC hectoring &her total ignorance of disciplinary techniques. For obvious reasons she taught lower ability classes & younger ones – Part of the reason for dumbing down of the curriculum is simply the stupidity of the AA darkies TCS forces on even ‘Good Catholic Schools’ who don’t want them. We had a huge dept – 10+ LSD staff, yet I noticed this particular vile shrew almost NEVER had any of us TAs in her class. The low ability class she taught had lots of statemented pupils. The only possible explanation is the rats don’t get hi on their own supply & wanted to cover up diversitardity & foist darkies on good White institutions DESPITE KNIWING FULL WELL THE INCOMPETENCE!!!

    I was only in her class twice – about 2 weeks apart – so there is NO WAY her hysteria could be blamed on pmt. I generally got to know PMT & none of her behaviours was consistent with it. One of the poems she taught was the very definition of cringey, exactly like that hilarious:

    Mama was chocolate
    Dadda was vanilla
    Me is better

    Crud from Chris Jackson. It was a poem that was obviously chosen by her, as it had ZERO literary value, & was crudely written & demonstrated no sophisticated rhythm or metaphor. Something like:

    A bit of Bangladeshi
    A bit of Jamaica
    A bit of Nigerian
    Make modern Britain

    Exactly what the Creep State wants – no education, no culture, no civility, no quality. Just crude indoctrination. Chris Jackson is right – Homeschool your kids.

    Not once in my time at school – as a pupil or TA – did I hear Beckett or Shaw mentioned. Curriculum is rigidly controlled by pozzed (OFSTED); All about cringey, mawkish black lesbian female authors ’empowering’ w/o reference to quality. No wonder poor w/c White lads fail! 3 main purposes to Cuckstain education:

    1 social engineering
    2 social engineering
    3 social engineering

    We all know 1984 should be compulsory as it reflects today. Not bs by mawkish ch!tyy Shakespeare about lovely widdle fairies running round magic kingdoms sprinkling potions. Don’t get me started on the sanctimonious POS sleeping pill to kill a mockingbird! History is pozzed to + you’d think the Suffragettes were the most important!

    White Boys KNOW they’re being cucked over. Took some statemented/SEN lads for help in a separate room. I never told any of them my politics, yet I had to beg them to stop telling me nog jokes! I was flattered they felt comfortable enough to to that with me. They had a visceral consciousness (even tho most of them were of lesser ability) that the elite rats & dindu thugs like Sanchez/Stirling got priority over them. If ‘No Justice, No Peace’ isn’t the very definition of a chimpout what is! Yet msm tries to portray cultmarxism as ‘young & trendy’. BS! It’s poncey liberal 50+ White ppl who swallow it. WcWM know exactly that they are discriminated against. I really hope those lads weren’t so open with 1 DSR plant in my Dept. Anglo name, not the repulsive anti-nature recessive features of Miriam margargoylis. Many other class teachers tribal. They don’t make it obv, so they needed to be careful about the yebta perma fixture in my dept. Anyone RP knows who she’d favour in a conflict between obligations to goyboys & her chance to get the Diverchittey PColice involved!!!!!!

    Deep down these White lads & dindu baller thugs threatening NO JUSTICE NO PEACE (chimpout) know that dindus + rats can’t compete with Civilized Europeans on merit, so use violence to intimidate, since Whites score higher in civilization, looks, personality, IQ, organization, creativity etc…. NO JUSTOCE NO PEACE – translated into plain English:

    Listen cracka, we’re gonna mess up yo civilization, even tho we’d never dream of going back to our mudhuys, unless you promote 100x higher than our ability, & ruin your own traditions, of free speech, civility,peace ……!!!

    They’re not interested in justice; they’re interested in maintaining their Black Supremacist privilege via distraction. Everyone knows black players get all the major decisions against White players, such is msm & referee PC manipulation. That’s why Sterling/Sanchez keep up their intimidation. Just ask a member of the French Empire of Africa XI & his scandicuck ref. Small simian brain, long simian arms – yeah play basketball if you wanna, I’m so terrified of you calling me racist & chimpingout that you can bouncwyball from trees!!!!!

    Anyone who thinks the dindus are organizing this themselves know nothing about the NAACP. Another vparasite race at the top of society with high IQ & ratlike cunning run pantifa/blm – I see a giant ‘Russian’ Nose growing like Pinocchio from Stamford bridge.

    The main reason for school racial segregation isn’t even IQ pt competence – it’s maturation rates. White kids can be bullied by thugs, tho chronologically same age, is actually aa lot more mature & streetwise. A toxic mix when added to teachers brainwashed to favour ethnic types & (((msm))) psyops making them wanna imitate thugs. HOMESCHOOL!!!

    The kids all called this hysterical new student Englush pgce SJW ‘Avatar’. Never met anyone who elicited such a visceral contempt as her, such was her shtewish, hystetical, incompetrnt, transparent attempts to hector sjw issues into all w/o tact or humour, as a means of neutralising competence. Around this time there was a major (((Hollyweird))) film by that name & she looked just like the main character. Not unusual for kids to give teachers nicknames, it happens to qualified, popular, competent First World teachers too. The hilarious thing was that even the staff called her Avatar! I never knew her name (don’t think she introduced herself). Normally a big taboo about showing a united front in front of pupils. The reason was everyone was so exasperated by her SHC ways – 1) disrupted there own lessons, 2) had to cover her lessons + meetings about her. I knew my (new) HoD was a PC type, with the usual PC airheaded CultMarx bs her demographic had. Yet even she was exasperated at having to cover her lessons & called her ‘Avatar’.

    Looking back, the amount of (((Creep State))) + (((infiltrator staff))) needed to keep her at the school was astonishing! I had seen student teachers who were kicked off their course who were FAR better than her simply bc the experienced staff didn’t rate her. Yet the staff rated Avatar far less. So how did she survive. The dynamics of (((diversity lawyers))) forcing this ‘Good Catholic School’ to be overwhelmed with incompetent Turd Worlders must go like this; the truth of what Kevin MacDonald said about anti-White behaviour being incentivized by the Deep State:


    Looking back now, I think I even OVER-ESTIMATED TW competence. Deep State knew of me & school right-wing rep. Most of us ultimately suspect blax are promoted well beyond their merit in Cuckstain, but I’d’ve thought that among the millions they could’ve found one person to keep up the PozPaganda. But no. Virtually NONE of them would have a ‘suit job’ based on merit. Beforehand, I would’ve guessed about ¼!

    Part of the reasons Poz hates White Men is bc race issues are obvious to him as he is least susceptible to msm psyops. That’s why medicult ‘profession & admin karens mess him over at all stages.

    Kids take ppl as they are SO It’s much harder to brainwash them. The sjw poz-ism is an effect of (((education+msm))) smoke & mirrors. If someone is incompetent, a kid will say it, eben if that person is dark, degenerate, feminist etc…. That’s why the medicults barrier, admin catladies desperately try to discriminate against White Men. We tend to be honest, whereas lower m-c WW are VERY easy for TCS to manipulate. Same with most public sector. I’ve dealt with Londonistan councils for a relative – it’s basically make work for black women. Curriculum + DMV lady in states – WOW – almost as if same group of rats either side of Atlantic transfers wealth from talented, creative hi IQ WM to lazy, dumb obese diversitards. I don’t even live in a diverse borough. But any urban arwas in gbr, guarantee you’ll see blacks overrepped,women overrepped. Do it. Obviously far easier for sinecure council jib than teaching. In teaching, pupils + exam rrsultts catch affirmitard actiinists out!!!!!!!

    Another funny thing was how msm lies (ofc only court history could be taught)were the exact opposite of reality! A friend told me as a NWM there is absolutely no point in me applying for any job in the public sector. As an Irishman it’s almost impossible.

    The school wasn’t to my taste, but my friend told me as an NWM you get what you can. Esp with the bigoted DOBs still allowing discrimination against Irishmat. ANd at our own schools. He said: “if you’re a black, lesbian, fat, disabled, obese hooknose Muslim, the public sector MUST give you a job”. I guess most of us know this, but quite the lengths they go to benefit blacks specifically in education amazed even me!

    One of my main reasons for agreeing to work in that school was Catholic Schools were one of the few places an Irish NWM could get a job w/o abuse & discrimination from the bigoted DOBs (dirty orange britfags). But the bar studs won’t eben let us (my HlD was an Irish woman) choose our own demographic. The DWALBREAKER for me was this, might not have agreed to work for them if I knew how cucked they were + it was actually not a very good school for that (krapp PE dept, no football/cricket, old-fashioned, stuffy, no modern music etc). Take a photoshoot of my dept in a Catholic school most time I was there you’d NEVER guess what it. Was. You might say Hindu, muz, kosher rtv… Like a CM diberchitty wet dream!!! When I say discrimination, I mean NEGATIVE discrimination, such that this was the only job I could get, not what blacks understand by discrimination – AA jobs, BWbeing physicists(!!!!!!!!), msm / ARSE numinous roles, unsackable cuzza ‘DAT be waycist’ rat gvt lawyers/polssticking their giant Nose into got Catholic schools etc…

    Funny thing is the butter BS ofsm poz pwnd just open your eyes. Dunning-Kruger effect is obvious – it was the black boys who complained most about the bio-teacher. (Everyone complained about the Eng-teacher she was so repellent).

    Also sitting in a class I could see how conscious they were of their meritocratic handicap. Whilst assisting an SN child in a low ability class which was about ½ black, I overheard them voicing this. The school streamed the forms in each year by ability – THEre were 6 forms per year, each form was given a ‘House’. The lowest form of each year was called the ‘n’ set (random name so as not to give too much away, tho all the kids knew exactly what went on). The ‘HouseMaster’ of the year put up photos of all the new first year pupils. I must confess that I hadn’t thought much about it until I heard one of the black pupils being taught in the room say to another: ‘see most of the new n set is black’. The school was relatively White for Londonistan standards (10-20% black). Tho most people who came back after being away remarked it was more diverse. (ARSE DE MONTFORT NAUSEATING BOMBAST HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

    Maybe the HouseMaster was an EVIL STALE PALE MALE using his privilege to undermine the black boys’ conference. He was certainly male. Whether he was stale is open to debate. But he SAF wasn’t pale by Amy definition!!! He was a dark as coal south Indian mathematician. Most of my #2s are lighter than him. In fact, he was darker than most of the African pupils themselves!!!!

    The anti-White dynamics of the public sector were revealed to me during break time whilst supervising the LSD. One of my fellow TAs – a senior black woman was discussing educational psychologists (which our dept had a lot of contact with). She said: ‘So many people have said that I should become an EdPsych. They say it would be easy for me to become one, with so many black boys having problems.’ EPs earn hundreds of pound an hour courtesy of the cucked NWM taxpayer (& loads have infantile grammar, I discovered when proofreading work for my boss). Here we see the perverse incentives that the rats instigate throughout the Cuckstain state sector:


    Because of massive TNB we should reward the black community with 1000s of £s. I can easily believe it. All sorts of TNB is indulged to ‘even out’ suspension rates. Teachers are pressurized not to officially discipline blacks, whilst overreacting to White Boys to obfuscate issues. Let me state: one of my fellow TAs was herself a deep state rat plant!


    This was all at a school that was resented by the educational establishment & considered ‘right wing’. It wasn’t right wing – most of the staff tended to be almost as brainwashed by Frankfurters as others. Everything is relative. Chatted to a teacher who had taught at ghetto schools in lunch hour a few times. He told me with fear in his voice what those schools are like, the ignorance, violence & poverty. The racial undertones were obvious (he was a White Cockney), but such is the fear of the DS in ed that he couldn’t NTN even off site in casual convoy, such is the trotskyist terror.

    I must emphasize a lot that this was BEFORE The Creepy Gnome turned the RCC into the cuckalick church. When it still expressed the values of the Europeans who developed it.

    NHS (needs to e defunded as much as the BBC) + medicult ‘profession’ in Cuckstain totally pozzed. Major branch of creep state rats screening out WM from teaching to pushCultM. Hi, Matthew Prickey!!!!!

    Every working class White Man in Cuckstain knows that if he’s up against a black man with similar qualifications / experience / personality for a job what the result will be. Even SLIGHTLY better credentials it would be the same result! Before he’d have ANY chance of trumping diversity, pozzers, catladies, retards, rats, (((hr))) & the Creep State he’d have to be SIGNIFICANTLY better credentialed than out numinous friend. That’s why so many NWM don’t even bother & have the worst results – everything in the ‘education’ – really BRAINWASHING INDOCTRINATION – system is designed to abuse him.

    Don’t expect much help from many White female teachers either! Some were good & moral, but many were judasrat brainwashed Stepford Wives. It became so obvious to me why The Creep State likes stacking the public sector (ofc paid by WM taxes) esp ed with Karen’s – latch onto any ideology, gullible, susceptible, disloyal etc… No doubt many of them actively prefer to get blacks results then Whites.

    Ironically the reason we needed Catholic Schools is bc of the NEGATIVE DISCRIMINATION the Irish faced among dirty, hypocritical, orange Britfags. One of the attractions for mr was i thoughtvit might be one of the few places in londpnistan to get away from affirmitards! Poor Irish (& to a lesser extent Spanish/Polish etc…) Peasant families like my own helped to create the values of such schools. I don’t see anyone demanding to go to Rastafarian schools – but then (((forced bussing))) only works 1 way here or in the States! Wasps+Rats in private schools are unaffected, & maliciously impose third worlders on us, being the degenerate jusasratscum they are. As a normal White Irish Man in (((Gross Cuckstain)))) there is no point applying for jobs; my colleagues tell me TDSrats are giving less room – more social engineering, less freedom, more Frankfurter ARSRS growing their huge dirty orange Chavski ‘Russian’ Noses like Abramovich’s nose bending round all those corners.

    Yes ofc throughout the history of the British police normal, upstanding, attractive White Men firmed the Police. But ofc in Cuckstain 6 million laws against that & ‘Russian’ Nose stretches 6 million contortions with ARSE colleagues to prove Cressida Diyk PigScum always were fat, lazy, northern obese black women.

    Rats letting any White Men have freedom of association or meritocracy in anything above 2 ppl – About as likely as a normal White Irish Man seeing a dermatologist on the NHS!!!!!!!


    Working class White Man spends years as a construction worker in freezing cold & rain outdoors building a school. On the last day he falls off the roof, breaks an arm & a leg. Can work no more. Wants to retrain as a teacher at the school he built. Trust me – this lad would be SHOCKED at the lengths the Deep State & its brainwashed Karens go to cucked him over… Even tho he built the darn thing & would make a better teacher than half the ‘qualified’ ethnics/Karens there!!!!


    Be careful tho – you can deplatformed as racist for saying WHITE LIVES MATTER!

  13. ^^^ that’s a mega effort post; @RFG: a lot of the acronyms r hard to decipher


    Recommended youRube channel, and video about Tom Hanks —
    We Had it all Wrong clearly Tom Hanks wants to Save Little Girls & return them to their Families

    You may not have yet heard, but Tom Hanks is getting a new movie out this season, and it’s literally about him protecting (saving) a young girl from a gang of pedos, who are conveniently enough, rough looking Whiteys set out in the Old West. Because it turns out that those were the pedos (and not Tom Hanks); and Tom Hands in the opposite of one of those!

    The youRuber-in-question is named Paul Romano and he has a based phyz but his voice and affect makes him sound like was wounded. His practice is “Christian sorta” but also new age-y and or tied in with other traditions. (your interpretations may differ)

    But like he explicitly points out — Tom Hanks’s face has always been iffy and or off. [off-ey?] We were supposed to be convinced by his very built-up brand, that there’s nothing wrong or suspicious (about his face, and perhaps his voice too, come to think of it).

    The evidence against Hanks is not just his face. His rep has suffered a hit in the last year, for one or two things. He did a spoof on Kimmel of child sex pageants in 2011. And more recently, his Instagram series of pictures of lost, lone, gloves, is creepy af. If such specific items didn’t have the “associated (meme) provenance” for lost and alone, ie missing children, such (photo) series might actually be arty. But given the times we be livin’ in (and shit) — it’s not arty, it’s suspicious.

  14. In the old west, women were generally married at 15 or 16 and the men at 16 to 19. The average age of settlers was about 17. I saw the trailer for this film yesterday and thought I might want to watch it. Thanks for the warning. I would have quit about 30 minutes into the film. Stuff like this just shows how guilty they are. If they have to make counter propaganda to undo the damage. Hanks is evil.

  15. Abortion is a problem for national fertility and is generally not needed. No abortions will force more people to think about sex more seriously and the mixed message of needing more fertility while still allowing abortion is taken away. Abortion generally needs to be shamed. God sees it as a huge abomination. I have known three women who got scooped and all suffered for it psychologically and never lost their sense of guilt. I am happy I have never been in that situation myself, but I would have married the woman before allowing her to abort. Don’t sleep with someone you aren’t comfortable marrying. Allowing women to kill their children destroys the sanctity of life and marriage. Women who are capable of it lose a large piece of their innocence and their souls are blackened by it. It is always easier to do it again each time. Poland now needs to start a major program of encouraging marriage and child birth.

  16. — Allowing women to kill their children destroys the sanctity of life and marriage. Women who are capable of it lose a large piece of their innocence and their souls are blackened by it.

    I’ve also never been involved with an abortion. There is a girl I hit on and started dating in my late twenties, a long-legged smokeshow. She was about five years younger and the story was that she was on the outs with her long-term boyfriend. Not to go TMI but she was more concerned with “safe sex” than any other woman I’ve been with. Accidental pregnancy-wise, not disease. No problem, safe it was.

    One very late night afterwards, we’re in bed talking. It was still a getting-to-know-you time. She confessed to me about an abortion she once had with that same long-term boyfriend. I wasn’t “religious” or “ideological” then but I never took abortion lightly. But I listened and her voice as she told the story had a note to it, that I later understood as regretful. As she looked back, she knew that it was a serious thing. She said that her boyfriend was really sweet, he held her hand during the procedure.

    I met him in passing once. Nice enough guy. She eventually went back to him and our contact severed. No doubt, two decades later he’s an entirely different man. But to think, that those two attractive people killed their baby for no reason.

  17. abprosper is on the right track. The trick for the survival of any civilized country is going to be keeping out the horde in the face of falling populations. There’s no need for Poland to have 37 million people, and there sure as hell is no reason for The Netherlands to have 17 million. Japan is on the right track here.

    I’m squishy on abortion in a vacuum, but as a proxy for saying ” this is OUR land and we will see to it that it stays ours,” I can hop on the restriction bus.
    I also like it as a huge middle finger to the EU.

  18. “B. “Alphas pretend to agree with whatever the media planted in a silly girl’s head.””

    Then they are not Alphas. If they were, they would be pooling their resources and stomping out Feminism wherever it exists. Which means Alphas don’t exist in the modern world. Anyone that claims to be Alpha, or is labeling someone as Alpha is a fucking Gamma. All the men who had the potential to be Alpha were declared Mentally Ill long ago by the Mental Health Industrial Complex. To put this bluntly:

    1898: Theodore Roosevelt leads the Rough Riders to Victory at the Battle San Juan Hill.
    2020: America’s Southern Border is being invaded and no one cares. Well its not that no one cares its that the modern day contemporary of Theodore Roosevelt is living in a van down by the river and playing COD because some Feminist Cunt Psychiatrist labeled him mentally ill, permanently disqualifying him from the Military.

  19. Shadohand.

    Alpha males with defend their tribe. Its rare that they will care about outsiders. Also feminism and actually aids them or at least doesn’t hurt them and so its not on their radar.

    We do not live in a frontier setting and we will not live in a frontier setting ever again unless there is new dark age and that will not happen for many centuries The US is now 80% urban as Europe if its not a bit more.

    The marriage and social assumptions of the old west were very nearly fully unfit for purpose in 1920 much less 2020.

    Baring a complete collapse Conservatives are going to have to adapt to the world they live in, vastly majority urban with advanced technology or they will be obliterated in the political world.

    Truth is no one in modernity can marry at 16 as they have no means to make a living and neither party is interested anyway. Its simply not going to happen, it can’t. There isn’t a single state in the even slightest developed world that has that level of economic control. Not even North Korea which is below replacement.

    Now if you don’t mind waiting a few centuries ,things will shift. Maybe.

    Hover I’ll offer the same advice I do to all my fellow Conservatives , as a movement we adapt or die. Its that simple.

  20. Thanks DN Oldworld.

    I’m not fond of abortion but its a moral issue I can’t be bothered about since none of the babies being aborted are of my tribe. Yes here in the US some are White but they are almost all doper babies or Leftists and politics and behavior are a good part genetic. Now in the 20th, more “middle of the road” kids like in the Graven Images piece on this blog were aborted. That isn’t true now.

    Also while I understand the moral dimension, it doesn’t matter, Birth control is everywhere, used by everyone and highly effective. Non reproductive sex has no stigma and many many people are celibate . If all abortion stopped it wouldn’t matter a lick in a year or two other than leaving a bunch more unwanted kids, many with Down’s Syndrome, in the US most Non White. I’d call that a Pyrrhic Victory. Poland is another thing as is Europe of course.

    Now if Poland . I’m an outsider but if the problem they are having are anything like ours and it wants its TFR up, for starters have a decent economy so people can afford a decent sized flat and a decent life without leaving for somewhere else. Those 700,000 poles working in the UK alone are 700k babies (350k couple, 2 potential babies each) you won’t get in Poland .

    A society that wants babies must pay for them which means wages up to a level that supports a decent life before the social pressure will work. Otherwise you are asking people to descend into poverty and lower status which they won’t do. No one has managed this any nation, anywhere in the developed world ever except in wartime which we are not.

    More wages, steady jobs or no babies though I will add letting the population decline once you get past the old age pension issues will help with costs on both ends.

  21. tfw u make the last post (and no one makes a post after that for awhile)

    Doesn’t that happen to you a lot?

  22. Hey boys, I know I haven’t made a comment in a while, but I’m still here and I hope you’re doing well.

    As a devoted follower of Christ, and as a man who has been robbed of an older brother by abortion, I seem it fit to comment on it here.

    *EVERY* abortion is a sacrifice to the dark one, which grows his power make no mistake. So I want to address you little-dicked satanist fucks, especially YOU Ruth Frumper Ginsburg (come to Toronto and fight me IRL btw if u got the balls bitch)

    I believe in victory, firstly in the physical but MORE IMPORTANTLY in the SPIRITUAL! And if the only way to gain victory in this life is to murder babies, whether they be black or white or whatever, I will take my chances in the Undying Lands.

    Eru Ilúvatar! May Christ’s name be praised forever!

  23. Lol damn I gotta chill with the drunk commenting but the general point stands; abortion is evil, full stop.

  24. Pro abortion protesting in Poland. The shock troops – women – are on the ground.

    Why is killing her baby her most sacred right?

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