I’m Bengali, my boyfriend was black – and my mum freaked out.” The article is very readable, a train-wreck drama. The illustrations are well done too. One is never quite sure whether these kinds of stories are written as cautionary tales or as validation of female rebellion. Themes and observations:

  1. Come over to contaminate the West, get contaminated right back!
  2. Abomination-Romance is a literary genre related to Horror. The fantasy element lies in the wish-fulfillment of unpunished betrayal.
  3. The opening paragraph is pure inverted-world: “When a young British Bengali woman with a black boyfriend got pregnant, her family’s reaction forced her to confront their anti-black prejudices.”
  4. The Bengali woman sounds like she has a good extended family, the only source of love and protection in this world, and she destroyed that bond…
  5. … just as her emigrant-parents destroyed their own bond with their homeland.
  6. The moral failing, in the narrarive, lies solely with the Bengali woman’s family members because they are reluctant to accept the interracial affair.
  7. The Bengali family is described as Muslim; they seem to be middle class, but there is no mention of any male relatives.
  8. Shock-spoiler: the black boyfriend goes vamoose after knocking her up.
  9. The horror of ‘sharking-bastardy doesn’t hit you viscerally until you see it.
  10. It’s cold comfort, but comfort nonetheless, that this isn’t just pushed on us.

49 thoughts on “Abomination-Romance

  1. “But then one day Salma’s key stopped opening her front door – literally.
    While she and her mum had been on holiday, her dad had changed the locks, leaving Salma’s mum homeless with two children to care for.
    After that, her own community stigmatised her for being a divorcee”

    Daddy issues. Always, Daddy issues.

    [Good catch, I skimmed over that part at first. The article is a horror story, upon a re-read. This innocuous-sounding sentence, that platitude. When you put on your They Live sunglasses, instead of the illustrations of Bengali and black people in the article, you see a gallery of demonic clowns laughing at you. – PA]

  2. If I can be forgiven for “personal posting” — Bizarrely, the last person I spoke with irl, is to my best estimate, part South Asian and part American black. In America that has to be one of the most unusual mixes. (This dude is at that same work job thing I was bragging about yesterday.) He hangs with the black dudes, but he’s the low man on their totem pole but they seem to accept him as black. But absolutely he looks like he is mixed Indian. He is sympathetic guy but kinda a sad case.

    To make matters even more bizarre, I worked with him for a day at another temp job last summer, and wrote about it here. He was the dude he was let go from an assignment for sexual harassment, and then when telling me the story about it, said the memorable phrase “no shame” in describing his actions and feelings. / u can’t make this stuff up

    I try not to ask people personal question, irl, ever at all, so I won’t ask him about his background. As you probably may know: At the lower levels of society, and particularly among non-alphas, such personal questions are essentially shit tests and, among males, dominance plays.


    There are those who will say that South Asian Indians are the compatible of the non-whites; and there are others who will say the exact opposite. In any case they are extreme status strivers. Their genetic selection for living in a complex caste society, has formed their personalities, so severely, that we don’t we even get it, the head space that they have re social status and positioning.

  3. I can’t resist boomer posting about the weather. We are having a 20 or 30 or 40 year storm. There’s 10 inches of snow on the ground, rn and as of this afternoon. Plus the forecast is more or less below freezing for the next week. So as to include a useful bit of information: if you have sensitive trees and shrubs (that u care about), they can be damaged with a wet heavy snow like this, if their branches are not shaken out and cleared: the limbs can break.

  4. Sorry for breaking the stated rule, of no off topic posting for a day, on a new post. It was my intention to post the above comment on the previous thread.

  5. the overall tone of this article (and plenty of similar ones) is that it’s all right to be racist towards people of a darker hue if you’re still a member of one of the protective minorities. if it were a British family doing the same, they’d be demonised all over in the same article. that’s why latinos, muslims and hindus are allowed to be bias against africans by the mainstream media while europeans doing the same are bigots.

    yet, at the end of the day, it’s all the same for their evil agenda: african on african crime or bengali on african crime still implies shitting on your heritage and future if it’s happening in your homeland.

    p.s.: hindus and muslims are surprisingly hateful of africans, who knows what they do to them when there’s no media coverage or meddlesome human rights orgs

  6. Just about every sentence in the article is filled with luciferian load. For example, the passing aside below; ‘oh you know, by the way, three White families were damaged.’ It’s just that single, blithe sentence that serves as a supporting point to a completely unrelated drama. It doesnt say who the three life-wrecks were. Working class English? Brit shitlib idiot girls from the university? Any of them from Eastern Europe? The banality of evil:

    No-one had said anything like this when three white women had married into the [Bengali] family.

    Or to go with another line that I picked out at random glance — how do you read this next one, if not through a laugh track?

    Five weeks later, disaster struck.

    Salma found out her [black] partner had been with another woman the whole time and that she too had just given birth. It was as though her mum’s worst fears about black men had come true, her stereotypes confirmed.

  7. The entire story reads like a fictional narrative written to explore “racism” in the Bengali immigrant community. I suspect core elements of it may be based in fact, but most of it is pure fiction or an enhanced recollection of historical events twisted to support The Narrative. Note the inclusion of specific details to lend journalistic authenticity to the story line.

    According to Wikipedia, the Nokia 3210 was introduced in March, 1999 and was in production to September, 2000. This means Salma was in college approximately twenty years ago, which implies she’s pushing 40 now. Who, at age 40, remembers the exact make, model, and color of the cell phone they had in 1999/2000? Or precisely what food the mother was eating when she left? Or the precise quotes uttered by her mother over 20 years ago? And why does her devout Muslim mother have Christmas lights adorning her house?

    This article is pure claptrap written to pull at the heartstrings of low IQ sheeple. The only positive thing I can say about the article is that it was not explicitly anti-white.

  8. — I suspect core elements of it may be based in fact, but most of it is pure fiction or an enhanced recollection of historical events twisted to support The Narrative.

    No doubt.

  9. The articles blames the Bengali mother’s anti-black racism on “the British colonial system.” As if niggers would act civilized if only Whites had never set foot in Bangladesh. What a hoot.

    But as Guest said, the whole story is likely a fabrication.

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  11. The deadbeat black boyfriend keeps the story grounded in reality. Everything else is suspect. The narrative of the story is evil.

  12. Well, given the comments, I shall pass on this article.

    Perhaps instead of the story fabrication, it’s projection?

  13. Many years ago my mom worked for an organization that put her in contact with poor blacks on a daily basis. She’s a nurse, they assigned her a certain location. Mom made nice with the people she met, they were mostly cool as long as she didn’t tell them “no” in any way or form. (This is some kind of power they have that I figure cannot be broken but by force or death)

    A black coworker of hers had a son who was dating a Hindian girl and wanted to marry her. The girl’s family put a stop to that immediately, to the point of arranging a marriage for her back in India. Rather than see her date/marry/procreate with a black guy, they married her off in a matter of months to someone half a world away. That’s some hard core patriarchy, right there.

  14. I hate read a subreddit about a blogger I cannot stand, and as a meta point, I also cannot stand the people who use the sub, as the shitlibbery abounds. One woman was going on and on about her nice day at the park surrounded by diverse people getting along and enjoying each other’s company.

    Ok, it happens here, too, with unfortunate increasing frequency as city folk of dark hues are resettled in my town to colonize us.


    That is a microcosm and a mood fueled by high dopamine and nice weather. Throw competition for sex and resources in the mix and you’ll see the real faces behind the get-along smile.

    They will tell us one bad experience shouldn’t color (heh) our judgment, and even multiple bad experiences were random, not a pattern. But their day in the park is fact and truth and law. Anything else is structural and institutional racism.

  15. Also, dead eyes in blacks. Zombies are real. Eyes really do reveal much about you. There’s a black student in one of my classes who has slits for eyes and looks at you but doesn’t see you. I’m afraid to be around him. Can’t show it, of course, but I’m careful not to push this one.

    I have another student from Ghana. He’s polite and kind and an earnest student despite not being very bright. It’s like night and day. But I’ll take my white and even hispanic kids any day. Except that one white kid with no self respect who talks like a black hood rat. Damn he needs a good White role model, and yesterday.

  16. I read closely a third time around.

    White colonialism gave this family a cushy life. We’ll leave that aside for now, though.


    So, which was it? Anti-black or just covering a damaged female? I don’t even know anymore. Please, God, come destroy this New Babel so we can be with our own and stop having to spend more energy dancing around the Other, so we can focus on Ours. Amen

  17. That is a microcosm and a mood fueled by high dopamine and nice weather. Throw competition for sex and resources in the mix and you’ll see the real faces behind the get-along smile.

    They will tell us one bad experience shouldn’t color (heh) our judgment, and even multiple bad experiences were random, not a pattern. But their day in the park is fact and truth and law. Anything else is structural and institutional racism.

    Yeah that sums it up, and “day in the park” is a nice metaphor.

    However, as a metaphor, it implies the reality of our situation, which is that is not a certainty that things will return to blood and fang hard times, anytime soon, or even ever. Personally I am inclined to gloom and war, but really no one know what the future will be.

    There is a whole larger theme, which is big brained shit and hard to describe w/o mega effort posting. But it’s not a conjectural point, or a hypothetical; it’s firmly grounded in reality, and the big brains, scientists and blog commenters alike, who can deal with it — deal with it. It’s the meta variable, which is perhaps more of a constant than a variable, of our dependence on the superstructure of our eusocial, built out environment. Perhaps the phrase “eusocial extended phenotype” is the right phrase, but maybe not.

    We are not wild animals in a “state of nature.” We haven’t been those things for a long time, and it’s not likely we ever will be again.

    At at same time, there is a certain vigor and vitality, that seems to require that our evolution not get too far off track, from that more original state.

    Where was I going with this point? I think that the politics that we advocate for, should start from the reality, that we want a long term solution that is in line with our eusocial instincts. Which is not to say all peace and lovey dovey; not at all.

    When I have argued with South Indians, about ethnostates, they seem to (intuitively) get this point more than some White advocates, who rah rah for “muh vague ethnostate.”

    Political borders that are nation states are in fact problematic. They are, very compromised solutions, to a global problem. I am interested in learning more about Bowery’s idea of Sortocracy, which is a proposal that is on a global scale. I am not aware of any other proposed solutions, other than “muh vague ethnostate” which vague ideal, inspires much ire.

    I agree that Europe should be all White; if it were up to me, it would be: and to that end I would, as emperor, be willing to sacrifice America.

  18. Another random thought that wants expressed, having to do with our eusocial nature, into which we are well evolved and probably stuck, for better and worse. The caste system that we are evolving into, is very much not too unlikely to include organ harvesting.

    And of course it certainly already does. Foreskins are an example of organ harvesting at play in the world today. The other examples are the other organs that are harvested by God only knows what what means and methods, which topic is in the realm of the deep web conspiracy that is sorta breaking mainstream. We have heard about it “on the fringes” for quite awhile.

    But who doubts, that a lot of healthy young organs, are harvested out, from unfortunate victims, and sold on black markets?

    The idea of organ harvesting is also breaking mainstream via “predictive programming” courtesy of Amazon Prime and their new show Train, which I have only heard about. It’s about a train in Russia where the passengers get harvested, against their will. It’s in the genre of explicit horror; the fact that’s on Prime [?] is what’s telling about it tho.

    But the larger point, is the sociobiological framework, of how this stuff happens. Ants do these sorts of things all the time. It’s part of their complex societies. When a solder ant gets wounded, he will get his mutilated into a reduced caste, for instance.

    So in complex human societies, there is evolving — or scratch that — there has already evolved, as per the examples above, homologous structures. I’d like to keep my eyes, if it’s not too much to ask?

  19. tldr: the borg

    There was a Far Side cartoon, where it had one cow talking to another, over on the edges, by the side of the fence, and his thought bubble was “I was thinking about joining the herd”

  20. Elk, I’m not sure that young people know, but won’t say what they know, or if they’re cowed into a herd mentality.

    Everyone is afraid. Our dinner table conversations with our children, all under 11, are frequently punctuated with admonitions to “keep it to yourself.” They talk with friends and share opinions, but I’m legitimately frightened that an off remark might mean we become a target of examination and purge.

  21. “keep it to yourself”

    Thats how my parents told me the truth about Katyn at my age of eight or nine. Similar with a number of my peers, as we compared notes decades later. The consequences of loose lips for my parents would have been loss of jobs. Elementary school teachers were informants.

    Had Communism continued into my late teens, I’d not have gotten into any university with such speech crime on my record. But at least no state-sanctioned anarcho-violence.

  22. Once one’s eyes open to the reality of Diversity, the sight of any nonwhite in a public space that’s (a) implicitly White and (b) whose value and appeal comes from Whites’ civic-minded efforts that go above and beyond their obligation… is very unpleasant.

    Can’t rule out the possibility that some people deal with the cognitive dissonance by praising (well behaved) Diversity in a park as a kind of gratitude-amulet, so that the Diversity stays well behaved and not increases in numbers on the next outing. A complex “knock on wood” on their part.

    Others, of course, are idiots, shitlibs, and people who signal their willingness to collaborate with communists.

  23. “We are not wild animals in a “state of nature.” We haven’t been those things for a long time, and it’s not likely we ever will be again.

    At at same time, there is a certain vigor and vitality, that seems to require that our evolution not get too far off track, from that more original state.

    I think that the politics that we advocate for, should start from the reality, that we want a long term solution that is in line with our eusocial instincts.”

    These are really, really important points.

    The early iterations of civilization seem to have striven to integrate the awesomeness of and reverence for nature (God’s creation) into their respective cultures. Temples, churches, sacred buildings…all appear to mimic the ancient forests:

    By the time agrarian societies were really rockin and rollin, the ancient forests, which had previously been at the edge of town, had nearly all been cut down.

    What happens to societies, to ourselves, when all traces of nature are gone and all that remains are office parks and strip malls? Where are we supposed to be reminded of our place in the universe?

  24. This is a painting from the Chauvet Cave in France. 35,000 years old.

    Thirty-five F’NG THOUSAND years ago, Europeans were making art like that. The three-dimensional perspective portrayed on a two-dimensional surface is supposedly a technique that wasn’t “discovered” until the Renaissance.

    The animals… rhinoceros and lions. In France.

    There appears to be nothing adversarial about how the animals are portrayed in relation to the observer. It’s almost documentary in nature. And reverent.

    Fascinating stuff…

  25. plumpjack, Sepher might be seen as a kook in many aspects, but he is a speaker of Truth and Beauty.

    I was not privileged to see Chauvet in person, no one has been (((save certain sacred scholars))), but I did see the renditions, in person. Those paintings are alive, and real, and have the full force of experience and emotion behind them.

    Where/when in Africa did this exist?

    Out of Africa fails on this particular point. And if “we” are OOA, then it is only right that we reclaim our heritage.

  26. I can only explore this here, so if you will permit me:

    What does a person from Ghana or anywhere else gain from learning about European legends and folklore? They maintain their culture, while ours is eroded to serve their needs and wants and wonts.

  27. Plumpjack, the more I look at the image in your post, the more I am awestruck all over again. Consider that these artists were painting by firelight, with charcoal and mineral pigment mixed with animal fats, and who know what kind of brushes or other tools. This is not mere finger painting. It is sacred and has an air of religiosity about it.

  28. Rowan, I’m glad someone else can appreciate the significance of this one piece of art from an otherwise little-understood period of our ancient past, nearly all of which has been erased by time and one cultural/ideological conquest after another.

    My belief is that if we truly want to understand who we are and where we came from, we need to go back to the paleolithic period and study it far more carefully. As of now, this entire period, over 3 million years, is almost entirely defined by what kind of stone tools our ancestors left behind. As if all we did with our time over those many years was sit around and play with rocks.

    This rare piece of preserved art from the latter part of that time period, with its attention to detail and skillful use of color, light and shadow, shows that our minds at that time were already very similar (if not identical) to what they are today. Possibly human awareness was even more advanced then than it is today, because from birth to death every human would have been immersed in an authentic, life-or-death sensory universe, where paying attention to every detail around you at all times was a matter of survival. No psychedelics or transcendental meditation necessary.

    Contrast that with the average modern human’s life experience, where nearly every moment of their lives is spent in the safe, curated, mystery-less world that was intentionally created for them by other humans. We are VASTLY understimulated by the modern world, mostly because most people, most of the time, are sheltered from the consequences of not paying attention.

    It is likely that every inherited behavioral nuance that defines us today, including our appreciation for beauty, and our drive to build large civilizations, was encoded in our DNA during that time period.

    You may be familiar with the film Cave of Forgotten Dreams by Werner Herzog. He and a cameraman were allowed into the cave to film the documentary. One of the more fascinating details I learned from that movie is that when they dated the various works of art they found that some of them were thousands of years apart in age. Mind blowing.

  29. The definitional difference between human running and walking is not relative speed. It’s that when running, you’re airborne with every stride. When walking, you maintain continuous contact with the ground.

    In Olympic speedwalking, for example, judges follow the competitors to watch for instances of fully broken contact and disqualify them after a certain number of times when both feet are off the ground at once.

    From classical antiquity until the early 19th century, visual depictions of galloping horses showed them “running” — as though their every stride were a leap over a small, invisible object. It wasn’t until the invention of motion picture camera and frame-by-frame study, that a galloping horse was understood to be “walking.” One or two hooves were always in contact with the ground, no matter how fast the animal’s speed.

    Prehistoric cave paintings depict the horse’s gallop accurately.

  30. Thoughtful stuff PJ. On a trivial tangent, the pictured buffoon, is Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric. I didn’t directly know anything about these guys, except later as they have become foils for better and more serious men, on the internet.

    The most recent chapter of SPOILAGE, and perhaps the last, featured Nick ‘based AF’ Fuentes, aka Our Man in Mexico City Chicago: “I just ended tim heideckers career”


    It’s an entertaining watch and is hereby nominated for the Internet Hall of Fame. There’s a lot of “meta” on why Tim Heidecker is a lowcow, whereas Nick is a good guy; but which meta has been done.

    I don’t know anything about what was Adult Swim (the channel on which Tim and Eric did their thing, and later booted Sam Hyde off of).

    An example of Heidecker’s most recent material, is his parody of a standup routine — he does a stand-up routine, that’s a parody of a stand-up routine.. crazy! — which Nick dissects in his link above, which link is Nick’s fairly emotional reaction after his appearance on Heidecker’s show.

    Here for example is one of Heidecker’s jokes — “I recently watched some Keith Urban videos; perhaps he should consider changing his name to Keith Rural

    The idea, is that it’s sooooo stupid and predictable, that it’s parody, and funny. Actually that line is pretty fucking good (as parody), truth be told. The guy did / does have talent; thin skin tho too. And Nick killed him.

  31. The black boyfriend is winning the genetic long race. Who knows how many kids he fathered besides the three mentioned here. I also wonder at the amount of state dollars (pounds) were dispensed to support this replacement. For the millionth time – F Tony Blair.

  32. The problem with Heidecker’s parody, is that he’s not parodying what’s most ripe. I gotta say tho, that Heidecker’s stand-up routine that Nick featured on his aftershow, and gave a big meh to, is actually not bad.

    The stupidity of pop culture and what comedy has become, IS a worthy subject for parody. If Heidecker weren’t so working for jews, he probably could be putting out some stuff.

    The link to Nick’s how above, is the best internet entertainment I have seen all month long. They make Nick say that the Holocaust was in fact “just so” and but Nick gets the better of them by saying it was TEN million jews. He woulda even got the more better of them to say ten BILLION, which i think joke has been made a billion times already.

  33. On a more serious level. Cochran and his deceased pal Harpending, suggested that Neanderthals’ larger brains might have largely been devoted to animal intelligence; as in understanding animals, as prey.

  34. “The black boyfriend is winning the genetic long race.”

    You can knock up five Subcontinental and ten African women before the end of next summer if you make it a hundred-percent effort. Would you feel like you’re winning?

  35. The black boyfriend is winning the genetic long race. Who knows how many kids he fathered besides the three mentioned here.

    producing biped offal with an iq in the 70s or 80s range isn’t winning as they’re going to have a hard time running away from the police, evading vengeful drug dealers, struggling with basic school subjects and being dependant on white man’s technology and problem-solving skills for a lifetime. a nordic man gettng together with a nordic girl is what created countries such as Norway and Iceland. spades pursuing mudsharks gave rise to countries such as brazil and honduras

  36. I always enjoy Elk’s podcast reviews. I usually play his links – but there is always this “disincentive.” Namely, the prejudice that his review and tangent-thoughts are probably better than the source material. It’s fair neither to Elk nor to the podcast creators, of course.

  37. I too was dazzled by the Chauvet art when I saw it in a coffee table sized book in the library. If I remember right, there were few if any hunting scenes, in contrast to later but still prehistoric cave art. Gotta love the hunting cave art though. Imagine the thrill and pride in joining with your extended family and using your wits, teamwork, and courage to bring down one of those no doubt terrifying beasts. No wonder they commissioned some talent to memorialize what they had done.

    I wonder about undiscovered American cave art. A long time ago, it must have been late 90s but it had to be on the Internet, not on print, I read some interviews with or reposts of hard-to-find material from some hardcore spelunkers in East Tennessee who had stumbled on some art deep in a cave miles in, in a place they were sure no one had been to for thousands of years ( how they knew the time elapsed, I can’t remember or they didn’t say). These guys were not researchers or in any academy, but they claimed to have redirected their caving energies into finding more cave art, without telling anyone else about their locations, and they developed a knack for figuring out in any given cave system where the art would be. I wish I could find these accounts again or remember more about them, they went through hell to get to these art sites (as for the quality and subject matter of the art, again memory fails, though I think they said it seemed religious, maybe with abstract symbols, and also lots of handprints). Not sure either if they took photos, maybe the conditions were too hard to bring decent cameras then through miles of water and narrow crevices. It didn’t seem like tall tale telling, their accounts were detailed and had the ring of at least some truth.

  38. Had a bit of a memory from when “safe spaces” were things you rented at the bank to store your passport.

    High school club held a car demolition fundraiser. $1 per swing with the sledgehammer of your choice upon an innocent car. Obviously the windows went first. Then it was a competition to perforate the sheet metal and deform the pillars.

    Was this your reality, anyone?

    Aynone? Bueller?

    It seemed so normal to me at the time.

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  40. “Was this your reality, anyone?”
    I was in the Marching Band.
    As a part of the hazing ritual in initiating new members, we’d grab a new boy and carry him over to a dumpster, then chuck him in. Some put up a fight, others went along for the ride. Everybody went in.
    Adults would occasionally observe. No one would stop us, nor even discourage us. One janitor (good guy, worked with him a lot) gave us notice of a bunch of stuff he’d just put in there that could be dangerous, one single time.
    I can’t imagine anything like that exists today. Nevermind the grownups, I don’t think the kids themselves would be down with hazing another boy. Plus, how do you account for NOT hazing the girls; we’re all exactly equal, right?

  41. Good stuff and good points, Greg. Just another thing we’ve lost. No rites of initiation anymore, just kids wanting to become full-time gaming streamers.

  42. It’s a good thing no one got hurt. That scene was a common device in the “movies” where the good guy gets away from the heat by jumping out the second story window, into the soft cushion-y dumpster two stories below.

    1. Pulp Fiction
    2. that movie w/ Christian Bale who played the (White) NJ boxer who put Sugar Ray onto the mat, but who doubled as a crack addict, and one time had to leap from his shitty cracked-out apartment into the dumpster two stories below, to get away from mom (which detail was a nice touch); this movie of course was based on a true story

    But in actual fact the odds of walking away w/o significant injury, or even walking away at all w/o broken legs, from a 20 feet dumpster dive, are less than 50 per cent. So how can this percentage be tested out, w/i ethical constraints?

  43. That movie was good. It had Christian Bale playing the local hero who put Sugar Ray onto the mat. There was also a good documentary about the movie, and the true story behind it. There was ambiguity about how Sugar Ray went down. He wasn’t plumb knocked on his ass.

    We used to cliff jump in Saint Croix Falls area. There were cliffs that went as high as u like, up to 80 or 90 feet. (it’s tempting to say 100 feet, but it was closer to 80) Which higher levels eventually got fenced off but of course a willing body could simply walk around the fence: it was after all, more or less in the “country.”

    I did the highest one two or three times, over the course of different visits. Enemas can happen on those jumps, and practiced jumpers control for that. They also wear shoes. The local story was that you had to be out from the shore at least 10 feet (by the time u hit the water), to be safe, and that there were fatalities.


    This was at a well known State Park actually, and it no longer qualifies as “country” tho obviously it used to. The local boys would like hang around there and dominance display on the city boy tourists, w/ more practiced, and frankly impressive, routines. It’s still a scene drive but it’s mostly a parking lot.

    The one jump that I saw that was most impressive, was a “running gainer” from about 50 feet up, over an outcrop of rocks below. Crazy shit, really. This was before gopro’s and youtube tho.

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