Trump-Biden debate by proxy

It’s difficult to find a fan of Richard Spencer after his endorsement of Joe Biden in an August 23rd Twitter post — “I plan to vote for Biden and a straight democratic ticket. It’s not based on ‘accelerationism’ or anything like that; the liberals are clearly more competent people.” Matt Forney isn’t a fan, as you’ll find out:

Styx and Richard Spencer had a debate on the Killstream a few days ago and I wanna go through it — number one, to laugh at it. And number two, to just kind of logically deconstruct things.

Forney’s color-commentary, when he pauses the Styxenhammer-Spencer debate, can be pretty funny. Those of you who remember Forney from his “Ferdinand Bardamu” In Mala Fide days a decade ago know that he’s a sharp guy. He likens one of Spencer’s complaints about Trump to that of a jilted lover.

Styx gets the better of Spencer in this amicable clash, and he does it by holding Spencer’s feet to the fire on his public statements. Styx is a MAGA/QAnon libertarian. Spencer makes his points in turn. Forney had some technical difficulties, so start the video at the 7:35 mark:

7 thoughts on “Trump-Biden debate by proxy

  1. I remember Forney back when he was writing for Return of the Kings and all the slack he got (and continues to get) regarding his listicle about the reasons why women with tattoos are trouble/damaged. Man, the forum after that one was en fuego.

    I’ll admit I enjoy watching Styx’s political commentary videos. The man knows the Constitution and its applications far better than 75% of Congress. (Which probably speaks to how they got elected into office.) He makes no bones about his positions, but doesn’t force his opinion or state why his view is optimal. With how charged today’s political commentary can get nowadays, he’s mildly objective.

  2. Mendo,

    tattoos are a way of covering up the man in the mirror because he has been taught to hate himself for whatever reasons, often very valid ones. My brother is heavily tatted up and it is because he suffered the brunt of the friction that came from the slow destruction of our family. A few weeks ago at the beach, I saw a stunning beauty walk by, covered in tattoos. My first thought was why would you want to cover up a gorgeous body like that. I have learned that hookers, strippers, call girls, go on vacation to places they don’t know anyone or have to deal with anyone to escape from their world, which objectifies them. They are always running from themselves and can’t have anyone love them because they can’t see anything positive in themselves. A lot of tattoos in that crowd.

  3. I think people get bored and think getting a tattoo is fun. I almost did once, but never followed through. Now I’m happy about it.

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