It’s why they’re called fedposters

About the group of men in Michigan who are charged with plotting to kidnap their state’s governor:

“Have you ever dealt with big talkers?” defense attorney Scott Graham asked an FBI agent on cross examination… Defense lawyers contend that there was no probable cause to arrest and charge the suspect, arguing, among other things, that the suspects had no operational plan to do anything, were engaged in all legal activities — including talking in encrypted group chats and practicing military exercises with lawfully owned guns — and that it was the informants and undercover agents who “pushed” others to do illegal things. “One of the most active leaders was your informant,” Graham said. [Link]

Be wary of someone at turns flattering and riling you up to do something. Based on what’s in the article, it appears that nothing illegal was done by the defendants, even with their meetups. It’s just feds entrapping innocent people. Real stand-up guys these agents, aren’t they?

An online “fed” needn’t be an actual law enforcement professional. It could be some guy who worked out a deal to play the part.

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  1. Do I think that so-and-so I’ve interacted with on any blog could be a “fed”, meaning someone working with a domestic government agency to entrap other readers into committing a felony? Probably not. Organized ideological shills and demoralization agents, on the other hand: oh yeah.

  2. Most normies still think LEOs and agents are the good guys, that the corruption is only in the people we see on the news all the time.

  3. Normies have no idea this goes on. I think the internet is crawling with feds or federal informants. Pro White people are likely the number 1 target. There are no institutions willing to defend them and not even many individual people will. I am way more careful than I used to be.

  4. It’s not good to be paranoid and I’m certainly not ashamed of my pro White viewpoint. However, I recently started going in that direction with a normie. That person became uncomfortable and said it was ‘scary’ talk. People are so brainwashed to see pro White viewpoints as threatening or extreme it is really hard to even broach the subject in the most mild way. I need to be careful.

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  6. Pro White comments and “Did WWII really happen exactly that way?” questions are among the most strongly censored examples of all speech today. You could say “Maybe Satan isn’t all that bad” and have people nodding their heads, but try saying “Maybe White people aren’t evil” and oh boy, except in certain enclaves,* brace yourself.

    * – Hence why I moved to one. Pointed out last night the commercials playing in the bar, how there wasn’t a single White portrayed well in any of them. Nobody slapped me on the back and bought the house a round, but I neither did I get assaulted or bounced.

  7. I have noticed that as leftist rhetoric gets morr brazen and anti-White media gets harder to ignore (as in JJ’s comment), the amount of real talk in which one can engage increases. I think there are a lot of our people who will probably never take an active role, but who will give aid and comfort to those who do.

  8. “Maybe Satan isn’t all that bad”
    I noticed a pattern on netflix; if it’s a movie about the devil, he’s probably an ok guy. That’s not universal, but it IS universal for shows produced by netflix. They don’t portray their dark lord in a bad light. They’ve even made a tv show about Lucifer the private detective. Not a bad guy, maybe a little rough around the edges but who isn’t these days amirite?

    I’d say they were subtle, but they’re not. Everything is right there, in your face. We’ve been taught not to notice.

  9. Given Hollywood is full of Atheists , Satanists and Jews both of latter having a very different view of the Adversary its no wonder he’s shown in that light.

    No one on our side though Trump was the answer . He is only a delaying action so our guys could figure out some ideological foundation and how to get organized to that with all the Feds around.

  10. Re fedpoasters

    I think there were a couple over at the château. IIRC they would tend to be hit and run, agitating for violence and quickly disappear when called. I recall calling a few, their names escape me but I think they were all one syllable, Dave or John type things.

    Not like The Spirit Within, who were just paid trolls.

  11. Funny thing is, they tried to impeach Trump on things that Biden had done with Ukraine. That’s beyond classic projection. That’s demonic. Hell, Biden was even on camera when he made the proclamation that he was essentially extorting the Ukrainian prosecutor when he was VP. Folks in attendance laughed as his braggadocio; a trait they despise of Trump. Bizarro world!

    I might be too optimistic, but I see many a normie waking up to the hypocrisy being displayed. Perhaps not the level that those of us dissect it with, but just a taste that makes them offer that contemplative “huh.”

  12. Speaking of Trump, Morgoth did a review of the SNL skit parody of their debate, which skit had Jim Carrey as Biden and Alec Baldwin as Trump. It’s worth watching (Morgoth’s review of it). His take is that they are retrofitting the debate so that Biden is a well meaning if foolish Boomer like for instance the same as was the Big Lebowski.

    Jim Carrey is such an asshole; how many times has he let us down?

    The other thing about his portrayal of Biden, is that it’s “high energy, 90s Carrey” which now comes across as, to put it mildly, less than charming. What’s a good aphorism to express the problem of not growing old gracefully, and why does it apply so much to Jim Carrey who is not technically a boomer?

    The other major problem with the skit, is Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump. [two actors, two portrayals, and two problems: boy they really nailed it] As Morgoth says; whatever u think of Trump, no one can say that he’s not quick on his feet, or that his sparring, stage wit, is not world class. But Baldwin’s portrayal is someone who is thick in the head and can’t think on his feet. Hey Alec, where’s your self-respect, as an actor; I guess you were willing to not worry about that, for “the cause”; or alternately, u don’t have the stones to play Trump?

    Somewhat relatedly, I said in a recent comment that WIT is ALWAYS a COPE and therefore ——> true alphas don’t need to have it and use it as much as loser beta faggot passive aggressive nerds. Obviously Trump contravenes that; So I guess it’s not a hard and fast rule (that wit is always a cope by non-alphas). I didn’t mean to suggest that it was, actually; as everyone knows it’s more subtle than that. Wit is helpful to anyone.

  13. Biden is definitively a creep, going just by the video evidence online, and I stand by my assertion that he has pedo face and further, that pedo face is one and exactly the same thing, as Grinch face.

    However, that said. I found Biden’s emotional defense of his son(s), during the debates, to be somewhat touching (in the good way) and sad. It was clearly heartfelt. [he loves his dead gay sons] And but also: That kind of emotional overreaction that is a well known sign of dementia.

    Biden’s Grinch pedo face, is at the stage that is barely noticeable. But have a look and tell me I’m wrong.

    A commenter at ZMan’s said that Piers Anthony, the famous sci fi writer from the 80s, wrote pedo porn. I did not know this, but it turns out to be true.

    For the record: an image search on his face, is NOT Grinch pedo face tho; it’s creep face, yeah; but they are not the same thing.


    Speaking of the joke, the reference to the 80s movie: “I love my dead gay son”

    Was that from Heathers or what; it was some other movie with Christian Slater movie; i don’t care enough to search on it, it’s not the point. The point is two-fold —

    1) It’s an example of the thing that PA has noted previously, that that jewish humor, is pretty effin mean; how much laughs do we get over a father’s grief, at the unexpected death of his teenaged son? And yet we all DID get some laughs out of it. The joke in the actual movie, was actually funny: the dead son was planted with a bottled water, and since it was in Ohio, it was concluded that he was gay. (back in the 80s, bottled water was more a gay thing; it shortly later became more mainstream)

    2) I made the (same) joke, during the actual debate, in a DLive political chat; I think it was in Patrick Casey, from which I have been muted btw — fucking mods — and it was mistaken as a literal statement. No one got the 80s reference but someone asked if Biden had a gay son.

  14. I think a big part of Hunter Biden’s problem is that he has been coddled his whole life. He lost his mother at a young age and maybe that’s why.

  15. Another quick comment on how pedos are portrayed in popular media. This comment could use an effort post with images and research, but it’s not gonna happen.

    The media in question is the show called The Americans, which started in 2013 — “The Americans is an American period spy thriller television series created by Joe Weisberg for the FX television network. Set during the Cold War” — wiki

    In the first season, the Russian spies who are living as Americans, twice they come across a pedo who is busting some moves on the 13 year old daughter of the lead hero. And both times it’s a very goyish goy goy type. Big boned blond blah blah etc. Because that’s how pedos actually look, in real life, like football jocks? The first scene is almost worth finding a clip of, it’s so ridiculous. I can’t find a clip of it tho. / off topic

    I ended up watching a few episodes, out of boredom. The main character is played by John Rhys and he is a Welshman and is pretty cool. His partner in crime tho, his wife, is a super spy who kicks ass with martial arts moves, in spite of being 110 lbs soaking wet.

    The other angle of jews-always-project, was when they showed a flashback to her spy training in Mother Russia, and her instructor raped her, forcefully, and later explained that it was his prerogative, to have his students as a perq. Because that’s something that ethnic Russians did in ethnic Russia, but not something that jews might have done, in their abuse of power there. / off topic more

  16. — not technically a boomer?

    As I see it, Boomer cohort ends with “too young to be drafted for Vietnam.” So if 17 or younger in 1974, we’re in that grey-area GenX overlap. But if pressed for a hard line, I’d say that GenX begins with 1965 births.

    — [he loves his dead gay sons]

    Yes, that’s a “Heathers” reference. The most vile movie I’ve ever seen.

  17. As to Southern/populist/Democrat politicians of the 1970s and early 80s, such as Al Gore, Joe Biden and perhaps others — there is this this common event involving the death or near-death of a child by way of freak traffic accident. The two above-named politicians eventually became full-on globohomo servants.

    That old photo from about 40 years ago, with Biden and his baby son at a Redskins game, is one of the most touching vintage-political photos in circulation. Retard DRRR Republicans recently mocked it for the boy’s Current Year-designated “racist” ‘Skins winter hat.

    A total aside… unless you’ve lived in the Washington DC area in the early 1980s, it’s impossible to relate to how much love there was for that team here. It cut across racial, class, political and other divisions.

  18. — I think there were a couple over at the château

    In the early-days c. 2008 there was TokyoJesusFist, who would derail Game-threads like an A.I. algorithm.

    The Spirit Within was soooo obviously a j-woman.

    The most aggressive shill was Aristarchus, in the months that led up to the Chateau’s deplatforming. He was “their” A-team operative.

    The above-named were probably jdif ideological/demoralization shills, not specifically Feds. As to Feds, I have my suspicions, but can’t say definitely so. Those would more likely hang around at guns/survivalism/patriot forums.

  19. A total aside… unless you’ve lived in the Washington DC area in the early 1980s, it’s impossible to relate to how much love there was for that team here.

    Adding to that, it didn’t hurt that in that decade, Joe Gibbs had turned them into a powerhouse, seemingly always in the playoffs and winning 2 Super Bowls, with a third not long after HW took office.

    (I gotta get in my fatball trivia when I can.)

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