A Short Post About Evil

This one is subtle like an ice pick:

A poster on Gab comments:

As a formerly abused child who is going through the formal process of exorcism, I can absolutely tell you that you really need to change your life. The thing which you say doesn’t exist moves my body, attacks my mind and has done things for which there is no natural explanation.

I don’t expect you to listen. I don’t expect you to care. I expect you to shrug it off and make some justification for what I’m saying in your head. That is what I would have done before this. That is what people with demons do. That is what the demon does to them.

I’ve learned the hard way that the old pre-Luther Christianity is real. I’m trying to help you. You choose whether to listen or not. […] Don’t let “your” mind stop you. Change your life. Live the old faith, however difficult that is. This is real. I’ve experienced a little slice of hell on earth. You don’t want the full thing.

The creation of life and its nurture under paternal authority is an intersection of the human with the Divine. So it’s no wonder that sexual perversion appears to always accompany organized evil.

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  1. The scene (uploaded with slightly out of sync audio) which, according to Rob Ager, is a carefully coded immediate prelude to rape:

    Is it an accident the cartoonist (I know they have a nom de guerre, but it escapes me) chose the fire engine?

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  3. Heartiste is smashing it today. I agree one hundred percent:

    As a practical matter, I lukewarmishly agree with Zman and others like the fine volk at the former MPC that it’s generally a good idea to steer clear of active engagement with the enemy when the enemy is making a villain of itself and the State is firmly in the camp of the enemy.

    If Kyle Rittenhouse were someone I personally knew, I would tell him to stay away from riot zones. It’s begging for trouble, and the State or jmedia won’t be on your side should shit go south. Basically, don’t LARP the hero when the means of narrative translation and judicial activation are in the hands of those who hate you and your kind.

    But guess what? Kyle became a hero anyway. If he had listened to my eminently practical, reasonable advice, he would not be a victorious champion and gloried icon for Heritage America today.

    That means something. We need our heroes. We need our champions, and our adventurers, and our noble warriors facing off against enormous odds. They inspire us to make heroes of ourselves. Their fortitude under numerically impossible assault shames our apathy and cowardice. I’m not saying to go out armed to face pantifag foot soldiers; I’m saying that the existence of Kyle Rittenhouses will rouse us from indifference and steel our hearts and cement our spines for the war barreling down on us. Kyle’s example makes us all warriors, in our own little ways.

    No hero was ever baptised in the tepid waters of pragmatism.

  4. I’m taking it that young Kyle is a Gen-Z’er, yes?

    It just got me to thinking about what you’ve often said, PA, about our generation: we saw evil and we flinched.

    Whereas the Millenials, from my perspective, are the “throw away” generation–to put it bluntly–Gen-Z is the “can and will do” generation. Whatever intestinal fortitude emboldened this young man to act as he did cannot be understated and goes to show the upbringing and values and morals instilled in him. Much as the other young hero, Sandmann. (Saw a meme of Sandmann-Rittenhouse 2048!)

    A comment on CH’s post said that the difference between young Rittenhouse and us is that he acted and we’re just posting dour comments on gab. (They do have merti and sharp observations about them, but they our dour–at least for my tastes at the moment.)

    Are we still flinching? I can say I am. I’m hesitant. I know I can easily come up with a dozen excuses in a manner of seconds for not acting or not helping. (Doesn’t mean I couldn’t lend a hand for those damaged businesses with whatever cleanup or salvaging would provide fruitful.)

    I guess these Gen-Z’ers are the products of probably later Gen-X’ers and it’s good to know that since we flinched, they’ve ensured and are ensuring their own progeny don’t make that same mistake.

  5. Millennials are the betrayed generation. Going by the Howe/Stauss model, they were supposed to be the Hero generation. But they were kicked in the head from the beginning. In their puberty years in the nineties mudsharking become a thing. Their teenage coming of age event was Columbine. Right after that, 9/11. Right after that, sadistic RIAA fines for downloading music.

    Female hideousness appears to have peaked during Millennial men’ prime courtship years: obesity, tats, tinder. [I think Zoomer girls are gonna be better; GenX girls were fun and gorgeous, albeit not marriage-minded, as the rot was already setting in.] Millennials are also at the epicenter of predatory student loans.

    In 2001 they enlisted en-masse to fight for America but the AFG/IRQ wars were a fraud. There is that Iraq Invasion-era ubiquitous image of young men with prosthetic limbs. Dubya soured them on traditional values by fouling up Patriotism, Christianity, Masculinity by association with his “conservatism,” and many ran straight into the arms of Obama. The final burst of their youth, 2016: they kicked Antifa’s ass in the streets during Trump’s campaign, but at Charlottesville nobody had their backs.

  6. As much as we need heroes, we also need the enemy to keep stepping on its dick and more importantly, stepping on everyone else’s dick. Too much winning too early, as much as I would like to see it, could change public sympathy again. The media drama is always about the underdog coming from behind and winning. The riots need to go on a while longer for maximum effect. I must admit I enjoyed watching that one living attacker scream like a bitch while he pressed his wounded arm as he held his pistol with that wounded arm’s hand.

    Kyle was God sent serendipity. He exhibited good fire discipline and coolness under fire. I was impressed. He stopped shooting as soon as the situation was dealt with. He kept his head throughout the situation and dealt death like a man. His example will be best followed when we are on full counter attack after winning the election. It is a seed that must still be watered and nurtured but will be a tree soon. I don’t see the commies slowing down after the election- quite the contrary.

  7. Well said, Carlos.

    On another subject, I’ve been doing a good deal of research on Fr. Malachi Martin and was surprised that another Catholic intellectual I respect, Michael E Jones, has bad blood with him. In short, he accuses Martin of being a Bnai Brith agent as well as an operator behind Vatican II. Just going by Fr. Martin’s 23 hours with Art Bell, I see no evidence that he was pushing for the Vatican II reforms. Quite to the contrary.

    Here is a short summary on this controversy, which takes Fr. Martin’s side:


  8. I was born in 1985.

    Last year, I had a business trip to DC at the end of the school year. The NoVa hotel was full of high school classes. Lots of MAGA hats from flyover country. One morning, I happened to share the elevator down with a young man, probably about Rittenhouse’s age, who was wearing the symbol. We were alone.

    I was struck by two convictions.

    The first was that I could not in good conscious leave this work of ours to his generation, too late though it may be.

    The second, related, was an almost all encompassing need to let him know he had an ally. Just before I walked off, I told him it was a nice hat. A small gesture, but all I had time to do.

    These Gen Z’ers are our hope, but they need men like us to take them by the hand and make sure they don’t end up cut off, being chased without support through the streets of Kenosha, with their lives in the balance. Rittenhouse is a hero, and we all bear the shame for putting him there.

  9. The media and the politicians railroading Kyle while eulogizing the Antifa criminals he killed (along with celebrating rapist Jacob Blake) will be an important moment for a lot of normal whites. The incongruity is too stark to pass by unnoticed even for people who have been planning to go along to get along with the BLM revolution. None of these people are going to take up arms against the rioters, but events have undeniably planted the seed of understanding in the minds of many people: the Bolshevik endgame is to take away our legal means of either self-defense or defense by an accountable, local police force.

    A lot of the power of the event has to do with Kyle’s natural charisma which comes off in photos. The media is forced to make an Antichrist out of a young, Heartland America boy who looks like an Eagle Scout. The only people who will have no natural sympathy with him are people who hate their home country to the core.

  10. The is the big “Mo” moment that they talk about in sports. The momentum has shifted.

    The Kid was a natural born soldier and his optics of being a police cadet or whatever, are exactly what we need. He is like the grey cat in the dark; they can’t make him out to be what he wasn’t.. or something along those lines..

    And then the fact that the first guy he shot, Joseph Rosenbaum, is a registered sex offender. I don’t know whether or not it’s settled, the question of is he jewish or not?

    It’s kind of a moot question, at this point, except to those who take in interest in it for its own sake. He doesn’t look jewish, but otoh maybe he does a little bit, and plus the fact of his sexual history and antifa associations.


    On a totally ‘nother note, but on the same theme of the turning tide, I saw a billboard that read “Don’t Judge [MN] Governor Tim Walz, until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes” and the text was superimposed over a picture of … wait for it … clown shoes.

    The point being that the meme of clown world, and not to mention just the on point humor, is seeping around and at large, in normie consciousness. Everyone knows.


    Another billboard was a picture of a man, a pedophile presumably, bowing and clutching his head in distress, and the words on it were “Are you having sexual thoughts about children? Call 555-1234 for help”

    It’s the local church societies, putting up these billboards; or their parallel organizations?

  11. PA,

    I take all criticism of Fr. Martin with a grain of salt. He is such a towering figure, there are many envious detractors. I have a friend who is an intellectual in the same circles. He knows E. Michael Jones personally and rather well, having drank with him many and had many organized intellectual discussions when they were members of a think tank together years ago. I learned in my weekly conversations with this friend that public intellectuals all bad mouth one another, sometimes justified, sometimes less so. I respect E. Michael Jones very much as a philosopher, but I don’t agree with some of his assessments on art or culture. He calls the Iliad and Odyssey comic book style works. I was appalled to hear that about the greatest secular work in the Western Canon as well as its oldest work. If no one has written a better work in 2800 years or so, you’ve got a quality product. Fr. Martin is a bit more balanced about Jews. He is also far more accomplished and urbane than E. Michael Jones and is a legend in is own time. E. Michael Jones had that sort of fame stolen from him. I also think Fr. Martin would generally agree with Jones’ ideas and works, so I think this criticism is at least sour grapes in part. I was told that Jones is very short with his son and treats him like a boob, having undermined the boy’s self confidence long ago. I found that sad but revealing. All of us are fallible and even those we most admire still put their trousers on one leg at a time.

  12. Most people assume a German name is a Jewish name far too often on these blogs. Rosenbaum is one of those names. It can be both German or Jewish. He was a pretty menacing guy in the one video I saw of him. I guess he had to be in jail for 12.5 years at 5’3″. He probably had to toss a lot of salad for a while. I have concluded that large numbers of these convicts that were let out early over COVID19 are now working for Antifa or BLM. Everyone of these targets was an ex-felon many times over. All with more or less non-violent offenses, and happy to put their jail house skills to work. Its not like they have a lot of job opportunities otherwise and they are a good fit as communist insurgents and provocateurs. The same was done in the Russian Revolution.

  13. The fellow writing about going through an extended exorcism- most are like that, is an example of Fr. Martin’s influence on the blog. I think much of this sin is demonically instigated and also due to molestation in youth. Its certainly a sin that God takes very seriously, which would make it attractive to demons.

  14. These were my first thoughts on Kyle Rittenhouse.


    “This kid went twenty minutes down the street to a place he’s probably been more times than he can count. The fact that he “crossed state lines” is TOTALLY irrelevant. Obviously, he will get a hard lesson in the politics of “policing” as he will most likely get zero reciprocal gratitude from “Blue lives matter.” That he went home after successfully defending himself from mob violence and other criminal elements does not at all entail his guilt nor an intent to flee from investigation. This kid acted ONE HUNDRED PERCENT lawfully and, in fact, is now the catalyst for the argument for lowering the age of gun ownership to the 15-17 age range.“

  15. That’s a great billboard! Glad that the memes are being taken out into the open. I’m sure that there are many a MN’er that appreciate the humor and message to it.


    RE: the gab comment. I checked out the thread where that comment is and boy-oh-boy is the whole thing a doozy. There’s a shit of a troll on there that that comment is in response to, which is why what that man wrote is so heartfelt and honest.

  16. “He exhibited good fire discipline and coolness under fire. I was impressed. He stopped shooting as soon as the situation was dealt with.”

    Nor did he waste precious ammo. From what I could tell he only expended 3-4 rounds, all hits. I want to hug this kid.

    If anyone hears of where to donate funds for his exoneration, and for a bronze statue of him to be made to replace the ones antifa pulled down, please let us know.

    On a side note, it does give some idea of how easily these rioting atheist faggots could be dealt with by someone(s) with an ounce of patriotism and discipline.

  17. — I take all criticism of Fr. Martin with a grain of salt. He is such a towering figure, there are many envious detractors.

    I agree.

    — If anyone hears of where to donate funds for his exoneration

    Lin Wood [ @LLinWood ], the attorney who successfully represented Nick Sandmann, has taken Kyle Rittenwood’s case pro-bono. He tweeted yesterday:

    Donations for defense of Kyle Rittenhouse should be made to #FightBack Foundation, Inc., a Texas 501(c)(4) Foundation. Please be wary of any other efforts to raise money for Kyle’s defense.

    Website for #FightBack Foundation will be online within 6-12 hours for donations & info.

    And followed up:

  18. Not my twist on the famous meme but I’m stealing it:

    Journalist: “What does it feel like to kill a man?”

    Kyle Rittenhouse: “I don’t know. I killed only the communists.”

  19. I have been thinking about how Clown World is planning to to further invert the concept of “freedom of speech” as we transition to the Gulag stage of the revolution.

    The classical understanding is that political freedom of speech is necessary and good in a republic because citizens must discuss the principles and practice of justice in order to self-govern. No one citizen has perfect insight into how to weigh and apply the different principles of justice (otherwise that person would be the rightful King), and therefore the citizens must talk and debate so that the common conception of justice is mostly in accord with the true common good. Such debate is essential to the nation because, without justice, the city falls apart. On the other hand, the Founders, along with classical philosophers who defended free speech, would find it incoherent to contend that freedom of speech gave one the right to profane God, family or country or produce pornography. See the Chaplinsky vs New Hampshire case in 1942 to get an watered-down version of this conception of free speech.

    The Founding understanding of the purpose of free speech was partially inverted in the 1960s, and now, as Clown World transitions into the Gulags, we are seeing the push for a full inversion. Free speech is already understood by the rulings of the Supreme Court to protect the worst sorts of blasphemy and obscenity. However, the Bolsheviks are pushing to go further. Everyone knows that raising serious, intellectual concerns about certain dogmas about justice (ex: affirmative action, women in the military) will lead to job loss and expulsion from polite society. Everyone finds this PC-culture oppressive, but the media response to the Kenosha riots bring their intensely desired future into view: no one should be permitted to seriously debate the Party line on any point of the application. Jacob Blake: martyr. Kyle Rittenhouse: scum. His victims: heroes. It doesn’t matter that all of these events raise deep or nuanced questions about justice in society — just listen to what the media says. Perversely, the Bolsheviks describe this as “Starting the Conversation.”

    The most straightforward articulation of this goal comes from Ibram X. Kendi, who contends that every idea is either racist or antiracist. Of course, this in practice means — Party line: racist. Opposition: antiracist.

    Hence, through gradual communist infiltration over decades the noble goal of freedom of speech is emptied of its original purpose and meaning, and filled with a meaning that is used to serve exactly the opposite purpose. Instead of discussing the nature of justice as educated civilians pursuing the common good, we have the license to watch twerking trannies while losing any ability to have a real discussion about what is in the nature of the common good, which is a high and glorious office afforded to every citizen of a healthy republic.

  20. In the early days of the American Revolution, George Washington commented in his report to the Continental Congress that his force was made up mostly of old men and young boys. It’s time for us old goat Generation Xers to start supporting young men like Kyle, so that eventually Millennials will have to join in as well.

  21. The streets are black and hostile
    Lit by glow of croaching flame
    You see it go down on TV
    The whole world’s gone insane
    You’d be a fool to come any closer
    NeroNet calls the whole show
    They tell you when to speak or shut up
    If you can stay, where you can’t go

    Now some kid has just gone crazy
    Guber don’t know the meaning of fear
    He’s dropped in concrete chaos
    While you was grabbin another beer
    Thinks someone’s got to do some savin’
    Even if he has to go it alone
    Cornered by infiltration units
    He shoots them to the bone.

    Are you gonna throw that couch potato
    Cause Kyle answered the call of alarm?
    Or would you turn your other temple
    To get glocked by Grosskreutz’ one left arm?
    The night’s come we’ve been awaitin’
    A right man rose to a just cause
    Would you press him through the grinder
    Of blood-eyed men’s blinded laws?

    A clucking crowd of naysayers
    Bad mouth from A to Z
    But when it knocks at your door
    Won’t you want Kyle’s company?
    They’ve come to own your future
    No inch of quarter will they give
    They’ll con or kill till you’re done
    Come with Kyle if you want to live.

  22. PJ, doesn’t the article concede the main points of debate to Marx (and Machiavelli before him) about the essence of politics being power relationships between competing groups? Aristotle, Cicero and Aquinas, who are not friends of the modern liberal tradition, would say that the competition for power among groups may be a feature of politics, but the essence that holds any political unit together is a shared understanding and pursuit of justice, although that justice will be imperfect because men are sinners.

    I agree with the author that you can have a conservative Machiavellian or revolutionary Machiavellian society depending on the arrangement of power among different groups and their relative negotiating abilities. I also agree with the author that the liberal political tradition starting with Hobbes goes totally off the rails by championing “reason alone” as the means to good politics, although the author has serious problem with his critique here, such as saying that “man” and “woman” are unknowable by reason when these are two of the most immediately knowable natures presented to the human mind.

    However, where I disagree with the author is that the answer to Marxism is a conservative Machiavellian society. If you subtract the revolutionaries on the street and other degenerates motivated by envy and the other vices, the true appeal of Marxism for many people lies in the promise of a moral, just society. They do not like living in what is essentially a well-functioning band of robbers. It is demeaning to their sense of the transcendent. As Aristotle writes in the Politics, to two ultimate purposes of the city are to live, and to live well. Once the more virtuous people accomplish the task of bare life, they turn to the task of living a good life, which often includes understanding the moral and Divine order of things. A Machiavellian or liberal political system that has no robust means to channel these moralistic energies is unstable and ripe for crackpot ideology and “religious” revivals. Hence, after Machiavelli, Hobbes and (partially) Locke kicked out the subtly transcendent underpinnings of political authority in Christendom, Marx smuggled it back through dollar store, atheistic versions of justice and paradise by proclaiming the path to God’s Proletariat Kingdom on Earth.

    In addition to the theoretical problems with the article, arguing for a return to conservative Machiavellian politics is just plainly a losing move for us. People desire justice, that is what moves them politically. They may have incoherent or incomplete understandings of justice, but when I talk to squishy liberal whites, they are the most receptive to discussion of what is truly just or unjust. Do the police have a claim of justice to shoot Jacob Blake or not? moves them more than Is it in the best interest of our power group / broader society to shoot Jacob Blake?

    I disagree with most of the fundamental premises and conclusions of the Enlightenment, but the essential importance of real justice to politics is not their invention. The Founders have a complex and variegated relationship to all of this, which may or may not be worth unwinding, but I think they are ultimately closer to Cicero than the modern understanding of Locke.

  23. Furthermore, I do not think the article actually touches where the Enlightenment political tradition is the most insane, which is around the concept of loyalty. Loyalty to one’s family, friends, ancestor and country is what makes it possible to connect the demands of group identity with the principles of justice — we first learn how to be moral with those we love the most, and then we learn how to be just with those who are strangers. The Enlightenment tradition (and this starts with Kant) wants to invert this whole project and make morality a matter of universals from day one — which can only lead to a constant merry-go-round of tribal blood feuds, to Churchianity in one constant spiral of madness.

  24. ** “Sorosnet” probably sounds better. I’m at a loss for anything more subtle. Nero is well enough as a Biblically-approved avatar for the Eternal Foe, as well as for property damage. I started with various attempts ending in “baum” but none quite satisfied.

  25. Rough Terrain, holy crap did ever I open a dialectical Pandora’s box by engaging with you. My bad.

    I used to enjoy philosophical circle jerks… when I thought they were relevant. Over time I came to believe that technology (birth control, abortion, nuclear weapons, the internet, mass media, social media), the scarcity/abundance of material comforts, and human biology, have a far greater impact on the collective behavior of human societies than their philosophical underpinnings.

    Genetics=>Culture=>Politics is one (probably over-simplified) version of this idea.

    I honestly don’t understand how Marxism spreads or why it has such enduring appeal. My guess is it is somehow related to human beings’ universal tendency towards immediate gratification.

    My take on philosophers, who want to discuss this stuff as nauseum while the world burns, is that they are in cahoots with the logging industry, who reap enormous profits from producing all those blank pages that philosophers need to fill with all their dribble. Now of course they would be in cahoots with the 5G companies, who need reasons to justify building all that extra bandwidth.

  26. Rittenhouse is a hero but Fields rots in prison for doing arguably the same thing with his Dodge.

    It’s so true that we have a legal system, not a justice system.

    I hope Rittenhouse catalyzes our people in the way we’ve been needing for a long time now.

  27. And at last it came home that his intent

    Was no less than their spiritual death

    By torture until they confessed that truth

    Was calumny, corruption was beauty,

    Infertility and sodomy their duty–

    The last, bastard, effeminate sons

    Begging for their humiliations

    Till extinction. Or were they scions

    Of civilization, and its champions?


    Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong.

  28. I am hopeful and optimistic that Fields will get a retrial and be out for time served, w/i [ 5 10 15 20 ] years.

    From his perspective, that may be enough solace.. or it may not, and in order for him to keep his sanity.

    It was speculated that he had some problems bordering on the mental health variety; but I don’t know more (about his mental health) than that. Can he keep it together, in prison?

    Probably not. And it’s not fair; it’s a terrible thing.

  29. “Probably not. And it’s not fair; it’s a terrible thing.”

    It’s a horror. There are comforts that can be had. There is a whole group of people on Gab who write him letters and urge others to do so, and they provide his mailing address.

    Unjust imprisonment is easier with perspective. An intellectual like Solzhenitsyn, who spent eight years in the Gulag [where there were no nignogs but there were sociopath criminal prisoners who were given power over the political prisoners, and there were sadistic Asiatic guards, plus hard physical labor] can make a home of the situation in his own way. A non-intellectual can’t do that. But trust in Jesus is accessible to everyone, and Fields can avail himself of prayer.

    Solzhenitsyn wrote of some really fucked up things that were done to people by communists, which is why a communist getting shot like a rabid dog is not a regrettable thing. Rafal Gan Ganowicz was right: he never killed a human being, he only killed communists.

    One of Solzhenitsyn’s reports was the case of a middle aged man going to the Gulag for ten years. He serves his ten years, then is released and goes home. His friends and relatives throw him a welcome-home party, joy all around, but that same evening he is arrested for absolutely no reason, taken away, and sentenced to another ten years in the Gulag.

    Another story involves a woman who was arrested and taken to the Lubyanka prison. Her husband had died in WWII, their infant was left in her apartment alone as she was taken away. A woman who lived next door heard the crying of the unattended baby, got into the apartment to attend to its needs, then went to the police station to try to figure out what to do with regards to the custody of the infant. The police, needing to meet their arrest quota, sent her to prison as well. It’s not known what happened to the infant.

    It’s not just a fun meme or a joke, that communists aren’t human.

  30. That word “justice” having been ruthlessly tethered to BLM is now so debased and currently unusable as to require a new articulation for what “we” seek versus what “they” demand.

    {{{Their}}} conception of “justice” is anti-white (S)upremacy.

    The internal Marxian scandal is the “broken” individual subsumed into the perfect collective and the cog-diss implicit to the exploitive top-bottom relationship of “universal equality.“

    White men who believe in objective (S)upremacy AS white man are an explicit affront to this Marxian scandal. Where (P)erfection exists, the harmony between individual and his collective exists and as such no internal scandal of chaos, destruction and self-annihilation.

  31. These niggers, deep down inside, are DEMANDING perfection from “us” and conditioned to use any perceived imperfection as a pretext for violence and mayhem. In reaction, a critical mass of “whites” has discarded with (P)erfection altogether in what amounts to the most damndest of copes.

  32. Goys how are you doing Here I am bringing you the message of love: Jesus loves you all, oh sorry it is not that one but this
    “Exterminate all leftoids”
    and as always good music
    The ultimate red pill classic

  33. What happens when the smartest minds in the most critical national positions begin to challenge the official narrative? I don’t know, but I do know that I need more popcorn. 🍿🍿🍿

    “Sandia Labs – America’s premiere government-funded nuclear weapons design lab, has taken aggressive action against an employee, Casey Peterson, who produced a viral video “pushing back on the narrative of modern systemic racism and white privilege.”

    On Tuesday, Peterson made a YouTube video “pushing back back on the narrative of modern systemic racism and white privilege.”

    The video quickly hit 10,000 views within the labs and dozens of Sandia employees contacted Peterson to express support.

    Within hours, Sandia executives dispatched a counterintelligence team to lock Peterson out of the network and scrub his communications from internal servers—which, via the Streisand Effect, made the video even more viral and sparked widespread unrest against Sandia executives.

    By the afternoon, executives were panicking about the brewing rebellion, placed Peterson on paid administrative leave, and established a “security review board” to “evaluate whether [his] actions have comprised or posed a threat to Sandia computing and security systems.”

    Peterson—who took a stand at grave risk to his career—says he is speaking on behalf of all of Sandia employees who are “scared to speak out” because of the lab’s repressive culture. “If I get fired because of this,” Peterson says, “the fight does not end, it only intensifies.””



  34. This is off topic but I had cause to go the website of a local police department, which local police department is for a mid-sized city in Suburban Midwest. This is what is on their front page —

    Crisis or Violent Extremist Reporting
    Anonymous help line to report information regarding anyone who is displaying behaviors that lead you to believe they may be a threat to themselves or others.
    Early warning and intervention system to anonymously report suspicious or concerning behavior that you feel may be connected to violent extremism.
    A means to anonymously report those who make threats against others and or amass the means to carry out such threats.

    Now if that doesn’t make you want to (not) talk with your neighbors, about “the direction of this country,” I don’t know what will. RRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. James LaFond – Waking Up in Indian Country


    I haven’t finished listening to this, but Myth of the 20th Century has LaFond for a guest, and it is current.

    LaFond is Dissident Right, but racialist adjacent. He is a high level street fighter martial artist, who is seemingly addicted to the lifestyle of getting in fights with black youths on the streets of Baltimore — how else to explain doing that over and over again, and at his age?

    He makes the interesting statement that: Thomas Chittum accurately predicted, in his famous tome Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America, that 2020 would be the year that it began; and LaFond’s very hot (pessimistic) take is that it started in 2020.. and ended in 2020 — when the police KNEELED. He says that the symbolic gesture was the end of it, because of its symbolism.

    He also uses the colorful analogy of comparing the BLM and Antifa being sent to the suburbs , as goats to lure out the tiger, which is then shot by the Imperialist Hunters on Safari, which in this analogy is the globohomo power structure.

    The Myth of the 20th Century, as a podcast, has its problems. For instance LaFond’s mic is amateur hour to the tenth power. Frustrating, it’s….

    Another one of the that podcast’s problems, which I have mentioned before, is that one of the its regular co-hosts, or panelists or whatever, is always either 1) drunk or 2) on autism. It would be helpful in this paragraph to include that co-host’s name; but otoh if u get the reference, u know who it is..

  36. Tom Waits was a real deal. He gets heat, sometimes, as a spent out drunk and or has-been. But the facts of the matter is that his body of work is immense, and his lyrics are “all that.”

    His ethnic background is half-Scandi and half-White (Irish), iirc, which might would explain his immense predilections toward lyrical doom-ism. Irish people have a lyrical brain module that is well remarked upon, and probably unique. Sometimes it seeps out into the adjacent ethnies.

    Another detail about Waits is that he is high-iq and really good at trivia.

  37. Here is Casey Peterson’s video. It’s an hour long. In the event it needs to be searched because this version gets taken down, it is titled “Pushing Back on the Narrative of Modern Systemic Racism & White Privilege by Casey Petersen”.

  38. “Ol’ 55” is a fine Tom Waits song. Recorded in 1973, it’s got his signature arid voice.

    It’s one of those songs that does well with cover versions, allowing different artists to put their own style on it to no diminishment of the song’s spirit. That’s unlike with Kenny Rogers’ songs, which cannot be covered.

    The Eagles covered “Ol’ 55” the following year, in 1974. On this rendition, Glenn Fry does the verses in a younger-man’s version of Waits’ style. Don Henley comes in on the chorus at what I believe music experts would call “at higher register.” The effect of Frey-Henley playing off each other is similar to that of Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock of Air Supply. The yeoman-earthbound vocal effect in balance with the other’s soaring notes. Contrast, in this case, makes for the whole being more than the sum of the parts.

    Sarah McLachlan also did a fine cover in 1994. It was, as I recall reading at the time, a single-take recording and wine was enjoyed just prior. The official music video does confirm this. That cover brings out the transcendence of long solo drives far from home, in one’s youth, under moonlight.

  39. “…he accuses Martin of being a Bnai Brith agent as well as an operator behind Vatican II.”

    Martin did serve as peritus to Cardinal Bea, who was pro-VII. Maybe Martin had a change of heart later and regretted the council.

    He supposedly was a believer in the Bayside, NY apparitions, which places him well outside of the mainstream of even outlier Marian apparition acolytes. Possibly that was based on his (also supposed) having seen the actual 3rd secret of Fatima written down by Lucia.

    PA, have you read ‘Keys of This Blood?’ It’s a big think book by Martin on the nascent globalist enterprise, which when he wrote it was skeletal but now, 2020, has taken on sinew and muscle and seems to rise like, yes, some rough beast. I was entranced by the book in the 90s when I read it. His writing on what JPII was waiting for, “an event that will fission human history,” was certainly intriguing.

    I later read Windswept House, in which he detailed a satanic ceremony taking place in the Vatican, as well as skulduggery in the Charleston, SC diocese. “In this story, he vividly described a ceremony called “The Enthronement of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer” supposedly held in St. Paul’s Chapel in the Vatican, but linked with concurrent satanic rites here in the U.S., on June 29, 1963, barely a week after the election of Paul VI. In the novel, before he dies, a pope leaves a secret account of the situation on his desk for the next occupant of the throne of Peter, a thinly-disguised John Paul II.”

  40. Thank you for the additional insight on Martin and recommending “‘Keys of This Blood.” That is now on my list.

  41. I can still hear Tom Waits smacking his gum via the amplified sound design in Rumble Fish. That was movie was frustrating and uncomfortable to watch, which looking back on it, was the point.

    on June 29, 1963, barely a week after the election of Paul VI.

    A mere five months later, JFK was whacked, the first and only RC POTUS. Maybe nothing, but that’s the first thing that came to mind when I read that.

  42. Rumble Fish is a film easy to admire but admittedly a little hard to sit through. It has many interesting themes, and the ending is transcendent in a La Dolce Vita sort of way, which effect I think is helped by the film’s langorous, somewhat shuffling narrative and music, and an Expressionist style so laddled on (Coppola resorted to having shadows physically painted onto some of the walls) that many critics at the time wished he’d spared some style. Matt Dillon’s Rusty James is himself a kind of lummox, who near the end resorts to punching his own reflection in the police cruiser’s window, a display of heaped-up frustration which the viewer can viscerally share. Mendo captures the effect well in one pointed sentence.

    For my parallel universe’s Intro to Film class for English majors, my syllabus prefaces our class viewing, as they all are, by a cinematically relevant K-pop girl group video:

    which wears its Coppola influence so proudly we even get a surprise burst of mono!

  43. Claire Denis’s “White Material” is no CLIMAX in its Race Truth, but as a nightmare chaser to Out of Africa it would make for an interesting double bill. The elliptical, not entirely linear storytelling starts to pay dividends after a while–except by the final stretch I started to feel it was back in the red. I’m not sure I’ll give it a second spin, but as a portrayal of unexplained feminine Aguirre-esque ego about sticking it out after the French Army leaves, homicidal child soldiers, and a (possibly raped, and already tatted-up) White teen going insane and going native it has its points.

    Part of that sinking frustration toward the end is the way the time out of joint effect starts to take off: for most of the running time I assumed we were in the 1960s, until I start to wonder why her son has a tramp stamp-region tattoo and why the local African DJ has piles of molded-over CDs. The blacks are played with unrealistic quiet and dignity, and Huppert’s character’s survival beyond the first 15 minutes is implausible, but otoh we see niggle** kidz squatting in the mud to chase their skittlez repast with great handfuls of unknown pharmaceuticals, and then adult black soldiers manfully slitting their black throats while they snooze it off, so there’s that.

    Christopher Lambert (in a performance critics were kind to!) has a mud mutt by one of the darkies. In a late unannounced flashback scene we see Huppert getting high with the local mayor, with whom its implied she mudsharked. The same mayor in a late scene tries to canoodle with her while telling her how “blonde hair invites pillage.” The title itself is how the darkies refer to White People and Theyz Shit: “White Material”.

    ** a sublime coinage of CH’s I just discovered the other day.

  44. Remember looking for those types of film reviews at the library back in the early 90s? By the mid-late 90s the internet was good enough to find them there. With mainstream media film reviews though, and this includes indie publications that weren’t feminist-skewed, they kept a polite distance from the areas that one would find most interesting.

  45. Pingback: A Short Post About Evil – FOR GOD AND COUNTRY

  46. An amusing scene I remembered when I got up: the mother of the mulatto boy (improbably named “Jose”) makes him take her down to the plantation gate, where she abandons him by getting sandwiched between two niggles on a motorbike as she rides off merrily into the proverbial sunset. I guess by that point a mulatto son was just more “white material” in need of jettison.

    The lack of dialogue and explication makes the film refreshingly poor in moralizing anti-colonial agitprop. Otoh it makes the film become a long blur of watching Isabelle Huppert looking stoical and imploring people to do her bidding. Huppert is a notoriously great actress, but even she can’t carry this forever without it becoming infuriating. It almost makes me wish she’d give grand Kurtzian monologues showcasing the White Devil in all its mad glory.

    Come to think of it, she DOES early on make some snarky remarks under her breath, just to herself, about how contemptible White people are. And then at the very end . . .

    If you HAD to introduce some “representation” onto a syllabus, it would certainly beat “Cry Freedom” or pabulum of that caliber. Going by her upbringing and filmography, Denis probably suffers negrolatry (raised in the African colonies, her first film depicts, through a daughter’s eyes, the mom’s lusting after a darkie who manfully repels her overtures, according to the wikipedia summary–which daughter, grown up in the present-tense framing story, is touring the country with an Africant-American in tow, which I assume is to mean like mother, like . . .). But perhaps “White Material”, made 20 odd years later, represents a partial working through of the immutable savagery Whites confront, and the madness of trying to compromise. It’s far from the consummate, Biblically anti-PC nightmare magic of “Climax” nor does it have the cinematic and emotional richness of “The Sheltering Sky.” But it’s Of Interest.

  47. With regards to syllabus, I just saw Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Last Emperor again (for the first time) last night. My folks had rented not long after it was on VHS (retro, baby!) and I had recalled a few scenes but was too young to pay attention and know what the heck was going on.

    The cinematography is nothing short of gorgeous and appropriately enough, shot in 2.35 ratio to get the full scope of The Forbidden City. It definitely had a David Lean feel to it all, so it’s no surprise that Peter “Lawrence of Arabia” O’Toole was in the film.

    It is in the syllabus because of the rise of communist China and the re-education “camps” to ensure that everyone “follows” their part and is a dutiful servant of the people. I just cannot help but see that such will befall this lost nation in short order. Couple this with an actual Lean film, Dr. Trivago, er, Dr. Zhivago and the parallels are not hard to fathom.

    I still fall back on PA’s rezoning map of America and more and more I see that’s where we are headed. Long live Dixie!

  48. Claire Denis’s “White Material”

    Ok I will look for a copy and try to watch.

    In college I took a course called African Literature 201 and it was actually not bad, or so I remember thinking at the time. In spite of the professor who was a PC cliche. The books that I remember are God’s Bits of Wood and the Wedding of Zein.

    The professor was a woman and one time she tried to give us riddles from the African stories, and of course no one had the answers to any of the riddles, and she derided us for this and specifically our intelligence. It’s like — lady, have you not heard of cultural context; how in the hell are we to get African riddles, of all things?

    On the one hand I am glad not to have to do life over, but on the other hand, other choices woulda been better ones. Like for instance that class. That class was the “ethnic studies” requirement.

  49. Dr Zhivago

    This is also at the top of the list, of films that I will try and get serious about watching.

    James Lafond referenced this film specifically, in his appearance on Myth of the 20th Century which I linked earlier, and re-recommend. That guy is “so much more interesting” than your typical person. Some people are just larger than life. The context of his referencing that story, was that you, Joe Suburbanite, won’t be let alone to live out your life, like Dr Zhivago on his estate (or something along those lines).

    Lafond is so good on street smarts, that everyone should follow him, and check out that podcast. The technical problems with his mic are not as bad as I said, actually. The counter point to his expertise on “the Streets” tho, is that they should be avoided, if possible.

    That’s the better alternative. Obviously. That aside, some bits of wisdom from him. If u do find yourself on the street, White man —

    1. Being on a bike will make u a target
    2. Being in a pair (2 of you) will make u a target for those who want to run the streets; as in u will have to be checked
    3. Being in a group of 3 or more White men, will make you a target of the corrupt police, who cannot abide a rival White gang

    He has a big theory, which he has considerable evidence for, lifetime evidence and more formal evidence, that the police have as their primary mission, to keep White gangs from running the Street. This is not an original idea, but Lafond speaks about it in depth.

    I also repeat my skepticism of everything he says, even tho it sounds so reasonable, because he has been hit in the head a lot.

  50. Edit — The context of his referencing that story, was that you, Joe Suburbanite, won’t be let alone to live out your life, like Dr Zhivago was not left alone on his estate as he would have liked to have been.


    I have heard that Russians don’t think much of that film, and particularly its “stiff” portrayal their character. Like especially for instance the famous reunion scene, where they are not overjoyed and full of emotion and hugs (after all those years), is not realistic. And if they can’t even get that right..

  51. I am not especially coherent at the moment.. it is what it is.

    But I wanna say that listening to Lafond describe our inevitable collapse and doom, is very discouraging.

    It just sucks, is the long and short of it. Such a blackpill reaction is partly due to being somewhat old and tired, and I don’t mean to lend encouragement to the hostiles who might read this.

    But it is discouraging, to take stock of the forces that are arrayed against us. The other big theme of their podcast, was what might look the organized criminal element, that will eventually patrol the streets. They were totally inclined to say it would be the Cartels.

    Lafond seems to be of the view entirely, that Whites won’t be able to organize effectively, on a local level, because of the Deep State and other institutional forces arrayed again us.

    I don’t necessarily share that view; but are YOU up to organize a real world gang?

    In all seriousness.. what are your strengths and weaknesses?

    This veers right on the edge of fed posting; and so here I stop.

  52. Just watched the trailer to “White Material.” Your [Lucius] line “represents a partial working through of the immutable savagery Whites confront, and the madness of trying to compromise” kinda really describes the hell of after it’s been let get to that point.

    The trailer ends dramaticaly, as trailers do, with a line spoken by a character: “whiteness brings unhappiness, it’s why we want to destroy it.” You don’t see the person saying it, but the voice sounds like a White Frenchman’s. If the speaker in fact is an African, this is a very recognizable sentiment, envy-rage. Much has been dissertated-on this on the Right.

    Why would a French character have said that, if that’s who in fact uttered those lines? There is a European tradition of Going Native but historically Africa wasn’t the destination for this, especially after you separate the fiction from actual such expattings.

  53. — the mother of the mulatto boy (improbably named “Jose”) makes him take her down to the plantation gate, where she abandons him by getting sandwiched between two niggles

    “Tragic Mulatto” is a motif that predates all of us, goes back at least to Colonial America. As a boy I read German writer Karl May’s great trilogy “Winnetou,” written c. 1904, which I think every boy in Europe, east or western, knows. At least earlier in our generation. It’s a great story. It’s about an American explorer of the frontier, who starts out being called “greenhorn” [the PL translation used English words for names/nicknames and this was before I spoke English] because he’s a city-boy fresh-face, inept in the ways of the frontier. Soon enough he earns respect and henceforth is known as “Ol’ Shatterhand” which was also in English both in May’s original novel and in the Polish translation I was reading.

    The narrative arc of the trilogy is his friendship with an Apache warrior named Winnetou. Ol’ Shatterhand either marries Winnetou’s sister, or there is unconsummated passion between him and her, I don’t remember. I read those books at age nine.

    But to go back to Lucius’ line, the novel/trilogy included a brief episode in what is present-day Mexico, in which a woman described as beautiful, who was some local Spaniard Hidalgo’s daughter or boarder or governess or somesuch, was a Mulatta. She fell in love with one of the American characters but something-something, they could not be together, by what I recall was common-sense natural law. It was a very minor subplot. I think it was just something that occurred on one of their stops in some plantation.

    “Tragic Mulatto” in modern liberal society is something very different in its particulars, but same underlying theme. I describe it as follows — he thinks he’s got the best of both worlds: access to White society and black freedom. But he learns that he’s got the worst of both worlds: Whites see him as just another black, and he doesn’t find black freedom satisfying.

  54. — the police have as their primary mission, to keep White gangs from running the Street

    The Kyle Rittenhouse event has helped me crystallize a thought I’ve been having for a while now. Namely, that contrary to my earlier insistence, we don’t need White criminals on the streets or anywhere else. [White gangs in prison are a separate matter, it’s a different world]. Whites have always, always, regarded our own criminals as scum. Solzhenitsyn devoted several paragraphs in Gulag Archipelago to explaining exactly how much he loathes the criminal prisoners that were his fellow inmates.

    Whites live by honor and competence. White criminals, along with the nonwhites in our countries who drift toward criminality, tend to lack in both. That’s the long and short of it.

    But to elaborate, Whites do need to control their streets, but not through criminals. Contemporary example. Kyle is a soft-faced good kid. He killed two White criminals (technically “White” but the point stands) with two bullets while on the ground and disabled a third one. White criminals are what you find among Antifa, three-parentheses aside. No competence, no honor.

    I’ve also looked at Home Army fighters in Hitlerite-occupied Poland. There was my most epic blog post, “The Execution of Franz Kutschera.” The twelve young people aged 14 thru early twenties, were not “white criminals.” They were honor students, boy and girls scouts. And they whacked an enemy’s senior officer, and right in front of his headquarters building.

    I’ve read a great deal about the Home Army, and conditions under a genocidal foreign occupation. There were lots of criminals and shit-character people among Poles as well during that time. Criminals, people of no honor and on account of their low IQ, no competence. The Home Army didn’t want them. And we’re talking about the same Home Army that executed informants, in front of their wives if it came to it, in cold blood.

    The criminals were too stupid and too untrustworthy to let into the Resistance. Many made their living by collaborating with the Occupant, commonly by blackmailing their compatriots.

  55. “The Kyle Rittenhouse event has helped me crystallize a thought I’ve been having for a while now.”

    The one thing that really stayed with me, which Carlos pointed out above, was how calm he was. He killed those guys like he was playing a video game. You don’t likely kill two guys and maim a third by luck in that situation. He had to have been steady enough to aim for vitals.

    Here’s what occurred to me: that calm efficiency is the exact thing *they* are terrified of. Every strategy you’re seeing from the left, literally every f’ing thing, is designed to get and keep people upset and unstable. Upset and unstable people, regardless of their political alignment, can be counted on to a) make mistakes and b) be easily manipulated. As long as they can keep people distracted, outraged and unhinged, the perps are safe.

    But the scariest thing on earth to those who have it coming is the calm, cold, collected group of men who realize one day that they have a job to do and set about getting it done quickly and efficiently. Imagine that mood catching fire and spreading across the globe. Aka the Kyle Rittenhouse Effect.

  56. Ta’Veren. Those around whom events are centered, or tied, to world-changing outcomes. They seem regular and insignificant, but are critical.

    Robert Jordan (James Oliver Rigney Jr.), used this phenomenon as a plot device in his Wheel of Time series. I lost interest after book 7 or 8, too much of a slog, authors getting paid by the word and page drag on too long.

    When you need a hero, he presents himself, in unlikely ways and places.

  57. I have a life blog post, which may or may or not be of interest or use. Here it is —

    This black African woman was stuck at a highway rest stop with a 5-gallon tank of gas, in one of the new style red containers with a trick switch valve thing, that she couldn’t figure out how to get into her gas tank. She asked me to help her, to get the gas into her tank.

    She had been lying, seemingly asleep, on the grass, and I looked at her awhile trying to make sense of what I was seeing: Was it really a weird looking African woman (in native dress), lying on the grass? It turns out that it was..

    Rest stops were parodied in Something About Mary as being gay pickup joints. Are they? I don’t think that in the Midwest they are, but maybe back east where that movie is set, things are more degenerate. Am i being naive?

    In any case they can be sad places where desperate people are figuring out their next move. This particular one was near a famous MN exurb — u know the one of which I speak — that is full up of Africans. This woman’s car had dealer plates and was loaded up with junk and her possessions. Apparently it was out of gas but she had that 5-gallon can which she didn’t know how to use.

    In her defense, and in all seriousness, some of those new-fangled gimmicky release valves can be tricky. But I got it open and started pouring the gas into her tank.. and then (and this is crucial character development detail, of the story) did a “dignity check” — as in, those elfin tanks can be heavy and awkward — and I was doing actual real work for some damn black bitch I don’t even know! So I put down the tank, after dumping about a gallon, and called her (black) ass over and showed her how to do it. And left and went on my way.

    On the personal, and as I have written about before. I resent being the guy that they ask for help. Having a helpful, non-threatening appearance, is no cakewalk thru life, believe u me..

    This story has a ironic conclusion; the “denouement” if u will. [h/t he who shall never b named] My roadtrip skillz r seriously in disarray, due to personal circumstances. This was in fact the first time I had been out that way in 10+ years, and maybe eventually will write more about the place. It’s the Brainerd Lakes area, which is on a par with that big lake in Missouri, from the dammed up river, the one which was featured on the Ozark show. In other words it’s country but it’s also a place where a looooooot of money ends up from the cities. 20 30 years ago it was a local legend that Tom Cruise was on the scene. Everyone in Minnesota, and I mean everyone, has drunk sport fishing adventure stories from this region. (As a rule their drunk adventure sports fishing stories suck, unless I guess that’s your thing.)

    To finish this tale.. I got lost on my way up. I thought to try “the backroads” and sure enough my GPS fizzled out and I ended up having to navigate by direction through the cornfields. Eventually it was not fun and more to the frustrating. I was able to stop, eventually, at a service station, and ask the helpful and country colorful clerk, with whom I coulda fallen in love, if she had a state map. She said we don’t have those, but “Floyd down the road might.” I said just tell me how to get back to the highway; which she did.

    It seemed karmic tho, as in one good turn deserves another.

    [I am posting this post anonymously, because obv reasons.]

  58. * So I put down the tank, after dumping about a gallon, and called her (black) ass over and showed her how to do it. And left and went on my way.

    As in, dumping about a gallon into her tank; not spilling it all over.

  59. Rest stops were parodied in Something About Mary as being gay pickup joints. Are they? I don’t think that in the Midwest they are, but maybe back east

    Apparently they are. A friend pulled over at a Pennsylvania rest area to catch an hour of sleep, driving solo at night. This was a couple of years ago. He gets woken up by someone knocking timidly at his window. It was a normal looking middle aged guy, “doesn’t look like a cop,” my friend thinks. The guy asks a question that makes no sense, then says sorry when he’s met with mildly irate confusion and walks away. So my friend googled that guy’s question and sure enough, it’s gay code.

  60. That’s a weird story.

    I rewatched White Material last night, then kinda regretted it as I had a migraine-plagued sleep. Those are weird but they happen sometimes–a nocturnal throbbing headache that dissipates shortly after I get up. Reading the above anecdote makes me feel like some bit of this nauseous dream went stalking abroad into reality–yuck.

    I’m not scoring the film as *great*, and while my second viewing helped clarify some questions it raised further frustrating ones while underscoring that, while the film is not the most difficult-to-stomach viewing experience by any stretch, there is a certain unrelieved unpleasantness about it. None of the characters are likeable so you don’t really feel much for them. At the same time, in a Brechtean way this makes the film draining.

    So if Elk decides to watch it we can resume the conversation, but I have to clarify that the girl I read as the mother of Jose the Mutt, I am now 95% certain, was some other house negress, this being one it is vaguely implied may have been involved in some kind of intimacy with the White son Manuel. She’s ironing when the transistor radio reads out a message for her that two guys (brothers? cousins? lovers? all of the above?) are coming to get her, which happens to coincide with Manuel physically assaulting her, so I guess she’s hot to get out of there.

    I am also 95% certain, however, that young Jose is also the boy we see cutting the power cable to the coffee plantation, which in a Race Realist context is believable and apt, but in the context of the film narrative really odd since we have no evidence he’s ever been within the influence of the child soldier rebels. And I don’t think we ever find out what happens to him.

  61. That’s a weird story.

    And first hand too.

    Remember when CH would have, what was it called, “approach week”..

    That was what was great about that place, for awhile especially, was that everyone wanted to talk about what was going on in their real lives. And it seemed relevant.

  62. I have a compulsive need to want to tell people about things, and yet a seemingly dwindling audience. What do?

    That AA bitch whom I have spoken of in the past, came into “my home group” yesterday, and which group was otherwise all men, and took center stage and went on about how she qualified as a sex addict, despite not having (had) many partners; according to her she qualifies because of how her “acting out” throws her life into disarray. She also said something exactly like “normal people can have casual sex (w/o it fucking them up)” at which point I did a very loud mental Hmmmmmmm to myself. Because if by “normal people” she means to include women, she is mistaken in that it doesn’t mess them up.

    The other unusual character in that group, besides her, was the black man, who is an American black. Otherwise it is all White men. I have decided that this black guy, despite his eminent likable shuck-n-jive, is a con, looking to “extract value.” [h/t PA] I have seen it before (in those groups), the exact same race based pattern. These black men come in looking for sympathy w/ which to leverage real things like sex and money and favors. Some of them are sympathetic characters, ie good cons.

    In the critical response to AA and its associated spin-offs, which has emerged in the last 20 years, AA has been described in a word as bad theatre, and that’s about as summary as it can get. I however still like to go to it, for something to do, and faces to see. And where else to get material?

    I don’t figure that this retelling of it is violating one of its principles of anonymity, and that we are not to talk about it, and to which stated principle I pay lip service; but a more honest reading of it, is that it is (a violation). So sorry..

  63. The third and final comment of this series — u can rest ez, this will b it! — is not about real life, it’s about a podcast that is DR adjacent, but not really DR adjacent. The podcast is called Incel and it’s by a very hot bitch chick, who talks to incels and she gets famous by holding out to them the promise of maybe someday they can get hard against her, and in the meantime she gets dick-clicks.

    I mentioned this podcast before, and its beautiful hostess-w/-the-mostess. She is an 8 but w/ a allure bonus borne of sophistication. I couldn’t find a jpg image, her name is Naama Kates [Finnish, right?] The episode in question is —

    36: “Step Your Dick Up” w/ William Costello

    and it totally sucks. It’s like CH back in 2008, but w/o the necessary intelligence and race realism, or something whatever, to put “the problem” (the problem of there being incels) into a society-wide perspective.

    The guy Costello apparently wrote the article w/ the great title “Step Your Dick Up” about the most common advice that incels get. Their podcast conversation doesn’t get beyond the cliches.

    Summary: It’s not super helpful advice, for total losers to step up their dick, because they will still be not in the top 20 per cent of men.

    The more relevant questions, which were addressed at CH, is why hypergamy? Why do only the top men get women? And more broadly, why is marriage and social relations so broken?

    They don’t even get there (much less go there).

    Somehow that podcast ended up on my RS feed. And now it’s on your blog feed..

  64. — I have a compulsive need to want to tell people about things, and yet a seemingly dwindling audience.

    I do too. But your stories are on the Bard level. One of my top rewards of blogging. Dwindling? Depends. I might beat the previous year in page views. January 2020 was my highest traffic month ever, it was a blowout. Reader traffic, when I look at WP summary stats, goes in a sine wave over the course of months. It’s in the low-phase now, as these things have gone in this pattern over the past almost-five years. Still, thousands of people reading in the aggregate. Are fewer people commenting, or fewer back-n-forths in the comments? maybe. Will the sine wave continue with its peaks and troughs, or will political duress and the shifting attitudes on Online Talk go in one particular direction? I don’t know. The election is coming, I suspect that as it approaches, energy levels will rise.

    As to what I’ve been up to — listening to Fr Martin on YouTube. He did talks with a Canadian radio[?] host Bernard Janzen all through the 1990s decade. I’m now on his 1990 show, and it’s a wealth of insight into what’s been going on with the Church. With the intersection of spiritual world and geopolitics. The format is a bit different than what he did with Art Bell. Janzen is more low key, not the big personality that Bell was. But at the same time, with Janzen, Fr. Martin is using that podium as open forum for his long monologues. Each YT video is about three hours long.

    What happens to all of those Fr. Martin recording, if civilization is to go wobbly? They are now on YouTube. But in ten years, will I have to order a cassette from some indie distributor for that material? Is it transcribed in hardcopy print anywhere?

  65. –Lost my comment mid comment. To resume:

    The pattern emerges that South Asianers on the grocery prowl insouciantly decline to don dah masque. I don’t condemn their medical judgment, but the multistandards they are obviously conscious of and willing to take advantage of enrage me.

    Tonight ambling toward the camel’s needle’s eye at a local Kroger I saw what I took to be a Latrina sow and her brood slowly filing in. I deliberately slowed my pace to give them time to clear through, but after what I thought would be a sufficient pause to admire the parking lot I got to the entrance and saw that the whole brood (four or five) was still frozen there, awaiting the return of the mare from Allah knows what errand, for here she comes again now, with her hijab showing her brown little face in its Levantine scringiness and a pair of moonbeam glitter flip flops on that would serve a kandi raver proud.

    I turned in disgust and left. Arabic commentary stuttered out into the dark after me.

  66. The wicked thought occurred to me to make “White Material” a Christmas dvd gift for the Black Lives Matters among us. All that black on black violence can be so triggering!

    I’m thinking of my crazy cousin. “Climax” would be over her head (or perhaps just pearls before swine, cineaste-ically speaking. I’m very snobby about who I let watch what).

  67. PA, as to your Youtube transcription question: you may or may not know that at the lower right of YT vids are 3 dots, an ellipsis, that if clicked often will yield a “machine transcript,” which is usually pretty good (voice recognition tech being pretty accurate nowadays). Not all have them, but many do, and it saves a lot of time.

  68. “The Last Emperor” is a personal favorite. The cinematic values are world-class across the board, and the engrossing melancholy of the film, though depressing, is genuinely felt. Bertolucci’s “Novecento” failed to find a story in the midst of its Brechtean pageant of ravishingly filmed set pieces following its cardboard characters through decades that unfold with no clear sense of cause and effect (as well as scenes of incredibly lurid sex and violence). The Last Emperor found a sense of clarity, balance, and purpose that transcends the earlier film’s flaws while realizing in faithful form (albeit in a story of a different continent) its best ambitions.

    The ironic thing about The Last Emperor today is that the scene where Eastern Jewel, in the midst of her opium-fueled lesbian seduction of the Empress, places a ring on her toe and sniggers, “Now we’re engaged!” was clearly meant to be a moment of looney debauchery so decadent and outrageous that only Bernardo Bertolucci(TM) could imagine it. And Eastern Jewel was a racist fascist race-traitor to her people working for the fascist racist Japs! Plus getting the Empress addicted to drugs! And, she’s training to be a Japanese air force pilot! She wants to BOMB HER OWN PEOPLE! Lesbian engagement is a triumph of soul-destroying PURE EVIL that could only be brought to you by Marxist Freudian leftist culture-hero Bernardo Bertolucci. Shot in the saddest inkiest blues you could get on celluloid to let you know this is a moment of life-wrecking pure darkness.

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