Everybody wants to be John Bender, the character from The Breakfast Club. At least among the generation for whom the story was created and when caught in the moment’s indulgence of identifying with a fictional character. That is, until we figure out that Bender is a loser and a fuck-up. And a rather toxic one, like in the scene that lends itself to being a parable of the Alpha and the Interloper.

Yet that character is more than a mere loser and fuck-up. He’s a villain when you project Interloper qualities onto him in his conflict with the King-Alpha represented by Andrew Clark. Alternately, he’s a hero when you see his role as that of a Rebel — like in the scene where principal Vernon piles on the Saturday detentions. Two different kinds of conflict. The interloper is a parasite. The rebel is a Romantic personification of one-half of our identity, a vital part of a complete soul that must find equilibrium with its king-counterpart for the two to make a whole.

The rebel is an avatar of rejecting the compromises that would grind you down, later into adulthood, into the miserable Vernon. When people say “a breath of fresh air” in a particular context, they allude to an energy that liberates you to kick open the doors behind which stretches a vista of freedom.

There are parallels to Bender in literature, in how readers relate to anti-heroes. For example, I did a high school research project on The Catcher in the Rye, for which I went to a library to read old reviews of the novel. One memorable passage was from a critic who wrote that young readers admire the character of Holden Caulfield for his honesty while adult readers see him as misguided, bordering on mentally ill. A similar example in the disparity of reception by readers’ age comes up with Polonius’ advice to his son Laertes in Act 1, Scene 3 of Hamlet: the young reader is slow to appreciate the counsel of temperance, the experienced reader can relate to what he’s saying.

As a rebel figure, The Breakfast Club’s Bender is the personification of Will, Spirit and Youth. His opponent Clark, as the alpha-king figure, represents Responsibility, Strength and Adulthood. The story reconciles the two antagonists, the king and the rebel. In the sense of being of one nation, they are brothers. In Biblical terms they are each other’s neighbor.

Enter the interloper — in this case, Bender when he personifies the treacherous outsider, not the brother-rebel. That’s the take in the analysis linked at the top. The interloper has studied our civilization for at least the past two hundred years to find the weak points in its structure. His antagonism toward the Alpha is not the starting point in the arc of conflict at the end of which there is the catharsis of reconciliation. His rebel-posture is the mask that hides his appetite for our flesh, and the Alpha merely happens to stand in the way of the interloper’s appetite. And in that light this Bender persona is not the Sigma rebel. He is the cocksure Gamma like the misfit crew in Animal House and finally Jon “Stewart” at the terminus of that evolution of character.

There is celebration when once-alienated brothers shake hands. There is no such satisfaction in reconciling with the parasite. That would make as much sense as rapprochement with cancer.

There were voters in 2016 who sincerely wanted Hillary to win the Presidential election. Some of them were misguided Americans of European, Christian roots. We laughed at them, the iconic image of the election night is goofy looking girls and soyboys crying when it became clear that Trump has enough electoral votes to win. In the coming election, when Trump wins, the liberals will not be crying. They will have been coordinated to begin making armed attacks on Trump voters and they are prepared to murder innocents.

Many among the Democratic Party voters are scorpions to our frog, aliens with whom we stand nothing to gain by extending an offer of reconciliation. They have always hated us and that hate is on the brink of consummation. They gloat: “we will replace you,” “your grandchildren will be brown,” “rural america will pay for its support of trump.” Among them will be Whites, like a subset of those who are rioting in Portland. Many of them haven’t yet committed some fait accompli surrender to evil, if in fact there is such a thing as an irreversible fall from grace.

It’s the will of a higher consciousness that you reconcile with your rebellious brother, in due time and always from a position of strength, before any point-of-no-return is crossed (you might even learn a thing or two from each other as Clark and Bender did). Peace between two halves of a whole is always good, even when past sins have to be paid for. As to the interloper, just hang the thief.

31 thoughts on “Anti-heroes

  1. You mention the scorpion and the frog, but I’m thinking about a different kind of frog; the one that slowly gets boiled.

    Something is defective in the modern western man besides the scorpion and interlopers. An example is Ireland. How could they have fought so resolutely for hundreds of years for freedom and independence, only to give it all away to Brussels and multi-culti in a few decades? How could the whites of South Africa have given up self determination for their kids for all time, when they held even one breath of air to resist? (Tell the Kim family in North Korea it ain’t possible)

    Trump winning may help delay the inevitable or provide structural advantages for when the SHTF, but only hard times will really shake the torpor.

    [The crisis in the West is that our Andrew Clark alpha-kings were deposed or corrupted by Bender the Interloper. See the “Alpha vs Interloper” post linked at the top for that parable. There is no lack of individual courage but in the short term as things stand it’s next to impossible to make it effective or to garner a critical mass movement without organizational leadership. This is true for all civilizable humans. — PA]

  2. “They will have been coordinated to begin making armed attacks on Trump voters and they are prepared to murder innocents.”

    Yes, their snowflake OUTRAGE is going to reach epic levels.

    And then it’s going to fizzle, because there’s nothing behind it.

    What we’re seeing in the media is being completely overblown. It is a show, a dramatization being exaggerated to the maximum extent possible, by the laptop screen-addicted creative minds of BOTH sides. Contrary to what Anglin is screeching daily, the only killing fields there are going to be are the ones in the video games where he seems to think he earned a Purple Heart.

    There are no cultural winds blowing in the Left’s direction. They lost the culture war and literally have only one trick left: fear. And people are rapidly tiring of that.

    The Left is still powerful in being able to silence competition but beyond that they are spiritually and culturally impotent. The world is in far too prosperous of a state to be ripe for rule by fear, five months of “OMG it’s a virus!” fake quarantines (where public transportation is still up and running) not withstanding.

    I expect there will be some kind of macro economic reset, but I expect that, as usual, it will be disappointing and b-o-r-i-n-g while being presented as harrowing and civilization-saving.

    Trump is making sure the Left thoroughly hangs itself by election day by giving them all the rope they’re asking for and then some, letting the world see what absolute dysgenic faggotry the entire thing is made up of.

    By election day people will be looking to a leader who will get normalcy moving. They’re not going to be interested in green new deals. They’ll be happy with boring.

    SOME people are going to be disappointed at how little changes after the coming election, on both the right and the left. Yes, the preposterous bluffing and soy-based saber-quivering is going to increase right up until election day. Yes, people are going to even more OUTRAGED when Trump wins. And then the long, slow, tedious walk through the bureaucracies will just go on as usual. And the right will go on being OUTRAGED that Trump let them down and didn’t keep any of his promises.

    The genius of Trump and his team is allowing the Left to indulge their lowest immediate gratification tendencies while denying the same cathartic release to the right, temporary satisfaction of short term wins, the chance to hit the streets and show everyone just how absolutely OUTRAGED they really are. The chance to really STICK IT to the other side.

    Trump knows that being OUTRAGED is not winning.

    Winning is patiently grinding down your enemies’ foundations from beneath their feet while letting them go on adding a second story.

    Winning is not letting your short-sighted, immediate gratification-driven constituents goad you into Kent State PR suicides.

    Winning is burying your enemies beneath 30 meters of reinforced concrete that is designed to last 2000 years or more.

    Really. Seriously. Everyone who’s waiting for the BIG EVENT to happen would be way more satisfied going out and building their own quasi-kingdoms themselves, like, now. The immediate gratification of doing that is still not very immediate – you still have to work your ass off and have patience – but it’s a helluva faster than waiting for the Empire to implode so that you can finally be unfettered and thus able reach your full cracker potential, or whatever it is you’re expecting the collapse will do for you.

    And keep your powder dry.

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  4. I’d always though of the interactions between the characters as something related to High School, leaving Brian as the most relatable character to me. If he just waits this out, everything will be better in the end. This is just High School.

    In thinking about that and contrasting it with what you wrote, I see how the characters of Brian, Allison, and Claire fit in.

    Brian is the “normie”. He doesn’t think anything bad is happening, this is all normal. Detention is just like this, so let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again. Speaking in the first person, if I can just tolerate this nonsense until it’s over, everything will be better. This is just High School, life doesn’t really begin until you graduate anyway. These “protests” are just another example of the riots of the 60’s, and there were riots in the 90’s too. Must be cyclical. Everything will be fine in the end, just need to tolerate the craziness for now.

    Allison, whether she knows it or not at the time, is probably living through the best period of her life. She’s forced into exposure to “normalcy”. When she leaves High School, everything falls apart. Her one chance at success in life, and she can’t know this as she doesn’t have experience with it, is to find a man who will own every aspect of her life and direct her. It may look like she’s leading Andy on, but without him (in a future sense), she quite likely WILL be homeless. These people are everywhere on the Left. They look and sound like they’re supremely confident in their worldview, but really they’re just grasping at some kind of normalcy. They need someone to guide them, someone firm who won’t allow complete self-destruction, and they’ve found it in the religion they’ve been taught from birth. But the religion of the Left is false, and leads to further chaos, entropy, and death. Her one chance at “good” is Andy, who will direct her bridled energy into building something together. These people on the Left have massive amounts of energy that could have been directed at good works, but they need guidance. They have that guidance they desperately crave. But it’s evil.

    Claire is physically and emotionally attracted to John Bender. John doesn’t treat her like his equal, he toys with her like a child. He let’s on that he’s attracted to her, then confirms that he’s not going to play to her vanity. John challenges Claire, which is arousing to her. Women all over the West are in this position; they want a Man who will challenge them, who will place himself above her and require compliance tests. She wants a Man who will neither kiss her ass nor affirm equality. She wants to know that he’s first and she’s with him, following him. Claire is at the center of “life” in High School, and it’s not making her happy. With John, she can’t take her mind off of him, as he requires she be ready for whatever he’s going to do next.This is the core of Game, and one of the many facets of this movie that made it so memorable. Western women are desperate for a Man whom they can follow, but Western Men have been taught that they must not, ever, show anything less than the respect owed a superior to women. The naturally occurring behavior between Men and women has been broken in the West.

    In this context, Brian needs to “wake up” but won’t. Even if the school burned to the ground, he’d just go to another school. He can’t be convinced that the system is broken. Allison is on the edge. If she’s ever talked into doing something wrong, by a someone who’s not ignoring her, she’ll leap over the edge and never return. Claire WANTS the bad guy. She can’t reconcile her own emotions so she’ll end up ultimately following the bad guy wherever he goes.

    It all comes down to Andy. But Andy is questioning why it is that he fights so hard.

  5. There is a window of time in which to make peace with the rebel before he becomes an interloper. And that is before his ego becomes invested in it. The left has had eight straight years of ego-stroking under Obama. They’ve been ruined and cannot return. This is why separation is inevitable. They can never be one of us ever again.

  6. This is an austute and edifying example of reading pop culture in an eternizing and ennobling way. With respect to the present world situation to which I, like the commenters before me, swiftly pivot, I don’t know if there are many Benders at all left on the ground–the Promethean fires of Western rebellion long since soused in the gasoline of Maenadic feminine masochistic self-immolation, like the prescient figure of the dancing Russian Jewess (if I remember it at all correctly) in Iris Murdoch’s “The Real Italian Girl.”

    –Not that I figure the real Russians in this; but there is something in the white (they won’t own the ‘W’) American liberal consciousness that loves the idea of a slutty Russian. Are all the Russian twerk instructresses “Russian” Jewish gangsters’ molls? or are they Jewish themselves?

    Perhaps it’s time to give an occasional relisten to t.A.T.u.’s “Waste Management” album, in all its apocalyptic infernal terror.

    There is also my counter-Breakfast Club, “The Living Daylights” and in that, on the airplane ride to Afghanistan Gen. (((Koskov))) (played by Dutch Jew Jeroen Krabbe) toys as affable host for his captive. “For you, James, I have much affection, but as we say in Russia . .” something something supposed folk proverb.

    “We have a saying in England too, Jurgy–and you’re full of it.”

  7. That Trump tweet on suburban neighborhoods was fabulously worded–really beyond a dog-whistle into outright wayciss territory. Moar puhleez!!

    However, after the student visas wallback and in view of the ongoing surrender to the Covid-Left’s frame I have (in my current mood) little trust. Maybe he has or will walk back the walkback. Maybe there’s fine print caveats that render it moot. Clarity would be better.

    I saw the other night a gaggle of teens playing at pulling their tshirts up over their mouths as they entered a grocery store before mirthfully dispensing with the pretext. But at my local watering hole they “have to make you” enter with a mask on because the health inspector tattles are getting restaurants closed over this.

    Trump told that students rally last month, “The plague is over–you know that, right?” Great mockery! “The plague”–dazzling rhetoric, owning the hysteria of the exaggerated threat, shrinking it, slighting it, whisking it away.

    Then he goes and wears a damn mask, cancels the convention over alleged health concerns, and redoubles Operation Ludicrous Speed which–even if the “vaccine” were to be perfectly safe or, better still, never arrives; sets a horrifying precedent. ALL the precedents set by Covidsteria are horrifying and may, in immediacy of threat, actually exceed that of million a year immuhgration. Push come to shove, we could always hypothetically gas our way out of Brazil: what happens if Gates Beastpricks the populace to the sterile New Flesh?

    Trump may have the legitimate votes–I’m sure he won by millions of them in 2016. He has to RALLY though. He has to defend all that implies–open churches, open businesses, no mandatory medical treatments, no masks, no more vaccinatory liability immunity, and no more powers of “quarantine.”

    There has to be a point beyond which, if you’re going to have a government worth Just Like You, Babying, you might as well have a gorilla nominally in charge people would understand is worth Just Like You Babying AT. I vote Trump, but increasingly I feel like puking it all up over the turd bowl of American Armageddon may be preferable to laying still on my nauseous tummy for 4 moar years if all we get from Trump is a shot glass of roomtemp Coke and half an immodium till we blow up our pants and have to clean it up ourselves because Javanka told Daddy that’s what the little shits need, deserve, and even want.

  8. The HU are pretty cool. The ending is a very cool surprise. Nationalism is creeping in destroying the globalist Tower of Babel.

  9. ” Nationalism is creeping in destroying the globalist Tower of Babel. ”

    Nationalism is always a double edged sword, it all depends whose holding the handle. All the various POC groups flooding into White nations are going to turn out very nationalistic, to their home countries that is.

  10. Winning is patiently grinding down your enemies’ foundations from beneath their feet while letting them go on adding a second story.

    Reminds me of the passage in the Bible regarding the walls of Jericho.

    God told Joshua and his army to march around the city for seven days and on the seventh day, to march around it seven times and have the priests blow their trumpets, along with the soldiers yelling and the wall will fall.

    (I was gonna make some weak analogy about the silent majority coupled with silence being just as loud. I cannot formulate something right now. Maybe later. Friggin’ Georgi!)

  11. Maybe, just maybe, Trump canceled the rallies and conventions as a date to the Dems: cancel yours too, you don’t want to be seen as the uncaring party! Of course, the Dems have been holding their rallies ever since fentanyl Floyd breathed his last whither a concomitant uptick in infection rates, hmmm)

  12. Claire is at the center of “life” in High School, and it’s not making her happy.

    For extra credit, whose house was the party gonna be at, which Andy asks Claire if she’s going to?

    I can’t remember the answer; it makes a good trivia question.

  13. Claire is at the center of “life” in High School, and it’s not making her happy.

    And that fact that it’s not making her happy, is a sign of her quality, her realness: that she’s NOT just another bimbo ditz.

    Because being at the center of the most popular clique, actually DOES do it, for a lot of girls.

    I was surprised to learn, many years later, that the most popular kids in high school, were doing cocaine and having cocaine sex parties. That was not something that most of us were doing. Claire and Andy were not, either.

  14. Somewhat relatedly, is something I noticed this summer, is that the local high school graduates’ families are placing signs in their yards, that they are

    2020 Graduate (lives here)

    [animal mascot] Strong!

    That’s literally exactly what the signs say. I guess it’s in lieu of a graduation ceremony. The other thing they did that was new and unusual, was on the school grounds on the fence on the busy cross street that runs adjacent, was to have literally hundreds of graduation posters, of each student who graduated and opted for a poster. There were about 200 posters, and that’s around 30 per cent of the graduating class, so presumably they had the option.

    They were each a full cardboard sized color poster, with a name and face. The stalker in me wanted to log then all on a phone video, not so much for bad reasons, but just to have a closer look.

  15. I’ve noticed the graduate yard signs. I guess they’re all the same as those that I’ve seen are damn near identical to what you mentioned.

  16. “Somewhat relatedly, is something I noticed this summer, is that the local high school graduates’ families are placing signs in their yards ”

    Yah those signs are something else. People are fuggin gay.

  17. I guess nobody watched that Hu video I posted. The last scene in it is an aerial view of a horse show inside a circle of people. It is at about 30 feet and they are making a swastika with white horses in teams of four as I recall. Pretty cool.

  18. Carlos, the video won’t play from here but I was able to watch on YouTube.

    Amazing. That’s what would consider “forbidden music”. 100% unapologetically nationalist and tribe/family-centric. Really enjoyed watching that.

    I wonder if the antler bow shoots well. That thing is awesome and hilarious.

  19. @PA:

    Take it easier on Bender; he’s supposed to represent M. Chagall half-begging sword connoisseurs for coins in the waiting lobby of an New Finland wax museum. He claimed he was fasting to impress the personal traineress in charge makeup that kept the souvenir shop running. Hence the partially/arguably-sour grapes throughout that club play.

  20. The Mongols, the wild cowboys of the Plains, are sort like the alter ego for the (domesticated) Alt Right.

    What might be an interesting topic, is how goes the domestication process, for them peoples over there?

    Is there a Mongol /pol/ thread where this exact specific question is discussed, in awkward detail?


    I sometimes wish I were more analytically inclined, aka more of social science data sperg, and could evaluate and describe the following relation with real data science numbers.

    The hypothesize, which might can be regarded as a foregone conclusion, is that the further removed from the Herdsman lifestyle of the wild cowboy plains, the more selected the population in question becomes, for weak chins and smaller hands and stature, and overall gracility. [I just “grabbed” the word gracility and it passes the spellcheck, so it must b right.]

    On the personal, aka plz skip this part of the post. I have mentioned this metric a couple times because it seems a good “divider” between big stature and the rest of us, who don’t qualify. I am “barely medium-sized” in the parlance of the cowboys, and can stick my grasping hand with a soaped-up dobie pad, into a (standard) wide mouth Ball jar, in order to clean it. Most cowboys, and I am guessing most Mongols, can not do this.

    There is an actual urban legend about manly husbands in the 60s America of yore, getting their hands stuck in the garbage disposal. Which urban legend was made real in Sopranos season 3 [the one with Richie April] where Junior gets his hand stuck in there, and Richie has to grease it out w/ dish soap.

    How often did this really happen in real life, 20th century America, aka the good old days? 1) once 2) more than once 3) or never?

    It’s well known that there are advantages and disadvantages both, to being bigger and smaller. The main one for being smaller, is needing less food.

    But the more people are domesticated and not having to wrangle (actual) horses, the more those selection pressures for domesticated features like not being a rawboned monster, come into play.

    This is fairly well known among the relevant science people, I am guessing; but it’s also come into popular consciousness —-> now, with this post..

  21. What we’re seeing in the media is being completely overblown. It is a show, a dramatization being exaggerated to the maximum extent possible, by the laptop screen-addicted creative minds of BOTH sides. Contrary to what Anglin is screeching daily, the only killing fields there are going to be are the ones in the video games where he seems to think he earned a Purple Heart.

    That’s a funny rip on Angolan. [spellchack haha] I still check that board GamerUprising on the regular, and have an account that I can log in with; but its prevailing culture is soo online and daresay Millennial. Forum boards in general are more online, by their nature, I guess..

    But in fairness no one reading this is removed from the problem or too much screen time. On the most recent Nordic Frontier,

    the host of the podcast, Andreas, does an inspiring self improvement answer on the question of optics. He says be a confident person in real life, and don’t be addicted to upcomies on social media. He describes people’s current problems with the internet and their abuse of social media, as “manic depression” which characterization imo might be fleshed out some more.

    Andreas has very sharp wit with an understated delivery for his jokes; which it occurs to me now, is the prevailing Nordic style of telling jokes: super understated, the more understated the better; in fact so understated that it’s not even a joke, really..


    I for one hope there’s no killing fields in the short term future. Otoh a lot of people will say that without such killing fields, White populations can’t be maintained in anything like their current states.

    If I were emperor of the world, I would sacrifice America in a heartbeat, for Europe. As in the following compromise —

    Everyone, as in every last one, in America right now, gets citizenship and full rights

    On the condition —

    That Europe, is fully returned to its native populations.

    Russia and parts of Africa and South America would be additional considerations.

  22. “But the more people are domesticated and not having to wrangle (actual) horses, the more those selection pressures for domesticated features like not being a rawboned monster, come into play.”

    I’ve given this idea a fair bit of thought. My (current) working hypothesis is that over the short term (a few generations) epigenetics plays the primary role in determining which physical traits manifest. In other words, the environment determines which genes get expressed.

    Retired NBA player Yao Ming and his siblings are all in the giant range, while their parents are “normal” height. They may be products of Chinese gene-tinkering, but they appear to be quite healthy. I also know quite a few first generation Asians who tower over their immigrant parents. There couldn’t have been artificial growth hormone involved with ALL of them.

    Clearly diet has something to do with it. And/or growing up around other large people maybe stimulates the pituitary to secrete more growth hormone. Yao Ming moved to the US and a teen, when he was already huge, so probably in his case it was something else. Weird genetics or China trying to create superhumans.

  23. There is a window of time in which to make peace with the rebel before he becomes an interloper. And that is before his ego becomes invested in it. The left has had eight straight years of ego-stroking under Obama. They’ve been ruined and cannot return. This is why separation is inevitable. They can never be one of us ever again.

    Ed Dutton makes the point repeatedly, in his social science data sperg presentations, that the Big 5 psych profile trait of conscientiousness, the other four of which are [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ], increases with age.

    Who here didn’t engage in some petty vandalism, or minor (or major) property crimes, in his youth; or other things which are not conscionable to his older self?

    I had a friend who did car burglaries in high school. He wasn’t even a bad seed, and in fact went on to something of a Big Stage life. I rode with him on one or two occasions, but truth be told, it was a little too rich for my blood. His MO was to shoot out the window of a car, with a high powered pellet air gun, and get the police scanner radar thing. The “fuzz buster” is what they were called, haha. There was a market for them; he sold them to the (other) delinquents at school. Fwiw I can peg his iq at around 130. I know this because he qualified for “accelerated” math which meant Standardized test scores at the 98th percentile.

    Attaining that air pellet gun took some agency; it had to be ordered from an out of state supplier, from a hard to get catalogue.. those were the days..

  24. Suburban Elk, there is an interesting cooking show on YouTube where this Mongol who lives in LA goes back to see his friends and family and they cook a big Mongol meal and have a celebration of some kind each show. It is interesting to see because it is modern. Its kind of cool. They all dress in Soviet Union style clothes and live a bit like working class Americans would.

  25. chinese teaching europeans (especially swedes) how to handle interlopers. is it still any surprise that a terrorist organisation sees islamophobia everywhere?

  26. Mickey Rourke’s charismatic Motorcycle Boy in Coppola’s “Rumble Fish” might make a good example of a sympathetic, sort of erstwhile-wise anti-hero: in this case the idolized older brother who sucks up all the oxygen in the story while the confused Matt Dillon “protagonist” (who is almost as passive through most of the film as the ludicrously Bretchean anti-heroes in Bertolucci films like 1900 or The Last Emperor (even Trintignant in The Conformist, I suppose, has to DECIDE not to act, which is more than De Niro is graced with in 1900, where action seems to be a sort of ill-defined impossibility) watches on haplessly until the end, when he sort of MGTOWs from his family and his mistakes and reaches a sort of quietly transcendent breakthrough.

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