“You will not pass”

Clicking the video’s Play arrow on a desktop browser might get you a “media unavailable” message. Open the tweet itself, play the video there. Select comments under various twitter posts:

Emotions were running high as representatives of the LGBTQ-lobby had defiled the Black Madonna of Czestochowa for weeks ahead of the march.

20 000 retweets for this documentary demonizing Polish conservatives opposing the dictatorial LGTBQ-lobby The story is from last summer. The LGBTQ-lobby decided to organize the first Gay Pride Parade ever in the most conservative part of Poland (near Belarus) Why bring a kid?

They saw what happened in the West over decades, where we went from “we just want to be left alone and live our lives in peace” all the way to drag queen story hour and hormone “therapy” for children. They decided they don’t want to go that route.

It’s Christian to defend the poor and vulnerable. Truthfully, promoting sodomy as normal and healthy is not standing with the poor and vulnerable it’s standing with a diabolical exploitation of the poor and vulnerable. This is the truth despite what it may seem. God bless.

So many women in the gay parade, you can clearly see the propaganda influences them much easier than men

Our Slavic friends who have inside scoop say that they send in LGBT groups from Germany. These are not locals.

Any group in the US that tried to do this would be subverted by CIA operatives so fast…they would demonize anyone who goes against the globo homo agenda

First and only pride I ever saw was by accident in Vancouver BC Canada. Had gone down to English bay for gelato with the family. I was in shock. For one the people marching were dressed in bondage wear and worse. 2. Parents were watching with their kids along the road. 1998

Two points: one, globopedo Left will never reason with you, it will never negotiate a compromise. Tolerance will get you the insatiable Sweden/UK-tier tyranny. Two, you have to choose a side either by leading, following, or getting out of the way. That last one is important too: passive support. There are only two sides in all of it, no third side and no sidelines. This:


Or this:


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  2. Homo-sexuality is the war against Creation.

    Homo-sexuality is a sword upon the God-man-woman-child union.

    Homo-sexuality is a SELF-annihilation.

  3. Two things that were striking in that video. The idiot women that brought their toddlers to the rainbow march. And their sudden surprise when things get loud and aggressive. Two physical conditions no woman can tolerate is filth and danger. When they push to be firemen or soldiers, they really just want to look cute in the helmet and get tons of approval. But actual heat, risk of injury, fear — men get pumped up by that, women are as averse to it as we men are to situations that would effeminize us.

    The other thing that caught my attention is the SJWs. And how they all look the same no matter which Western country. Chubby soft faced males, fat females with big glasses.

  4. These marches are sponsored (in the most literal sense) by the US embassies in those countries. What the State Dept is doing in E Europe is nothing short of warfare.

  5. Passive Support is important.

    My grandparents displayed it in WW2:



    Imma skintight Aphrodite
    Poke daddy out the eye
    Gonna make a scene, do everything
    Don’t like it, say bye-bye

    Don’t care if you’re a guy or girl
    No diff lily-white or dun
    Ain’t got no time for hatin’
    Just wanna have some fun

    Drop yo shekels on muh Insta
    Pop my booty for the lens
    Don’t stick me with your labels boy
    ‘less it’s Balenciaga, Benz

    Don’t write me cyclopedias
    Bout shadows gathered on the wall
    I slumber till the sun goes down
    Voices don’t bother me at all

    If I’m acting cross, you’re creeping
    Why must I bear up all this ill?
    Thigh high socks, empty pizza box
    Live free or die, until

    Lend your shoulder for a moment
    There’s so many spots I see
    My thoughts today just sound so kray
    It’s like they’re after me

    I need someone to cry on
    Do I mean to antagonize?
    Sea-soft hair, my derriere
    Wafted scent of pretty lies

    The beat goes boom: bust a move on
    Lost in the groove, I hear no growls
    Go on, act aloof: you’re just a goof
    There is no lion prowls

    I’m drunk on this sweet moment
    My hit just takes me higher
    Feel my body roll, there is no soul
    Who is it cries out, “Fire!”

  7. The death blow would not find them unprepared,

    But organized in discipline and sworn

    To God on the sacred rigors borne

    by their forebears’ imperishable faith.

    Their gathering fate was but a wraith

    Still in the West to many, but to more

    Every minute what seemed a nightmare

    Resolved itself in daylight as the end

    Of all they loved or could love. It was then

    Our champions by grace were given fury.

    Not despair, not hopeless misery,

    but destiny’s transfiguration,

    Though all Hell promised annihilation.


  8. At least Poland’s L.F. Céline will probably emerge from these hauntingly pitiful grime-mimings.

    I hope to enjoy in Polish.

  9. I guess ” social distancing ” and mask wearing doesnt apply to South Korean K-POP videos. Highly contagious deadly virus ?

  10. Simians dont have any Neanderthal genetics. Read this statement carefully. See something interesting ?

    ” Neanderthal-derived DNA has been found in the genomes of people living in all modern human populations. ”

    – One in three European women has Neanderthal gene that increases their chances of giving birth to healthy children –

    ” The average European carries more than 500 genetic ‘fragments’ from Neanderthals and other archaic human species, earlier studies discovered. ”


  11. I need someone to cry on
    Do I mean to antagonize?
    Sea-soft hair, my derriere
    Wafted scent of pretty lies

    Echo of Prufrock in this verse?

    Speaking of, I deleted my last night’s comment on TS Eliot’s poem. I had a few, thought I was riffing with Elk on his thought provoking comment but in the morning I saw that my comment trivialized his rather personal point. Sorry.


    Naughtiest WWII joke since “my grandfather died in Auschwitz… he fell off the guard tower.” Well done.

  13. I need someone to cry on
    Do I mean to antagonize?
    Sea-soft hair, my derriere
    Wafted scent of pretty lies

    It would be fun, whatever, to have someone in real life who was sympathetic to talk with.

    These being end times tho, it’s kinda like, it doesn’t seem likely or plausible.

    There’s no longer such a thing as love. I believe there might used to be was; and if now there is not, then what is there?

    That’s boomer hippy talk and despised, but I can’t see that there’s anything else, than love.

    Otoh: the wailing of enemies and the lamentations of their women. The thing with that is tho — if you are not actually doing it, it’s pathetic and despicable playacting aka just another super super boring boring boring boring (did I say boring?) internet larp.


    Oh well. The Final Reconciliation eventually, amirite?

  14. As others have noted, life is a live action role play. So the criticism of things being a larp doesn’t even make sense. I got nuthin..

    How were the riots last night?

    Floyd George. Was he an innocent man?

  15. I don’t think George was innocent. Based on what I read, it came across that the cops were arresting him for forgery. I haven’t read much on this because it’s just par for the course and I never know which “news” outlet will cover the story properly.

    Vox is covering this since it’s in his home state. Diversity is really shinning through over there. I wonder if George was from Coon Rapids. . . kekekekek


    Life is live action role playing and also a stage, where we are mere players.

  16. Beautiful, Amon!

    From the article:

    The company [Ikea] also called on their local staff to show solidarity with the LGBT people as well as participate in the event. The idea did not sit well with a man identified as Tomasz K., who decided to raise his objections in the corporate chat. According to some media reports, the Catholic cited some particular Bible verses allegedly stating that homosexuals deserve death and “their blood is upon them” to somehow prove his point.

    That was enough for the company’s management to fire him, arguing that they had to react to a “risk of breach of dignity of other employees.” The prosecutors, however, dismissed IKEA’s argument by saying that Tomasz K’s words were not an “attack on a specific person from among his colleagues, but a response to the employer’s action.”

    Words like “dignity” and “human rights” are corruptions of the real things when invoked by globopedo. They are always siege equipment against the dignity and human rights of the people that are attacked, in their own land, by foreign (((value extractors))). Those words are best thrown back in their faces.

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