“I feel it”

Murdoch Murdoch is the high art of our era. Here is their new one, “Waiting for Superman.” You decide if wrestling with philosophy, and especially rebellion against God, diminishes the artist’s work. Great art is aligned with objective Truth and Beauty, it is never escapist.

38 thoughts on ““I feel it”


    The time is lame, but still we groove
    Confined to keep a concrete grove.
    Commerce creeps, stocks sink, yet we move
    Slinking in leggings fit like a glove.

    Like trees that shun each other’s shade
    Prudes bark their tongues and scorn our masque.
    Girl, would you rather die a maid?
    Shake your bough: it’s an essential task.

    “Daytime is playtime,” the Stoics say
    (Or so we glean from dusty pages):
    Christ, Confucius, Buddha, light our way!
    But our bodies burn for softer sages.

    Fond nymphs must rise and freely roam
    If only in a garden of glass and steel;
    Scholar, shun awhile your mystic tome
    And gaze upon our global reel.

    The hills and vales spring to the sun
    That melts their frost with tickling heat.
    We can’t lie flat forever: let’s have fun!
    Observe our curves, writhe hips, and me so feet.

    Tomorrow’s game’s already begun
    And Time forbids us to retreat.
    If you’ll bake a bun, don’t live a nun:
    Get out there, girl! Dance to the beat.

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  3. ” Great art is aligned with objective Truth and Beauty, it is never escapist. ”

    Actually, Art was never meant to be escapist but transcendent.

  4. This might be a bit more rambling that I normally comment, but;

    (adding this after-the-fact; this definitely got a bit long, but the video really moved me)

    To defeat, truly defeat, a people, the victor needs to destroy the existing cultural heritage of the vanquished. A number of ways this can be accomplished, including the forced absorption into the larger winner’s culture, the total death of the loser’s population, or merely the mandatory change in how-things-are-done. Force a different language, different clothing, different training for the children…

    …different music, arts, entertainment.

    We no longer have a national culture that supports our own people, which was probably a strong motivator in our own question: were we defeated, and by whom? and when?

    At the end of the video, I found myself whistling “Scotland the Brave”. Linked below is a bagpipe playing the same, and some Romantic images of Scots in various battle regalia.

    At one time, the English forbade the bagpipes, or from playing certain patriotic tunes. The Scots could be reminded of their own past, and feel the invigorating verve summoned by the pipes. So they were outlawed.

    Romanticism is powerful, not because it tells a story about a shared heritage, but because it calls up emotions about our own Peoples. My own grandfather was a Scot, and a peace loving man. Always kind and helpful, always active in offering that help, even though nothing would be given (or expected) in return. And never, NEVER, having backed down from a fight. He got his way in most things, often because others simply didn’t want to get into it with him. And yet that “getting his way” could be mistaken for poverty, or even common pejoratives I won’t use regarding my own people, all because he was a simple man. He was easily the most satisfied, happy man I’ve ever known. And a stubborn, willful fighter. This is part of what I feel when listening to that tune on the pipes.

    But more, it draws me in to what I know of Scotland, never having been there. A certain type of weather, cool and damp, but brisk and refreshing, cloudy and not still. The weather itself is alive and active, challenging one to keep warm and keep up. Yet, not deadly, like Antarctica would be. More like a tough old man pushing you to keep going, the same tough old man later offering the broadest fare at dinner. The challenge is real, yet so is the warmth and love of family.

    I get all of that from something as simple as a tune played on bagpipes, and I’m not describing even a third of the emotion I feel when listening.

    Romanticism is powerful. It calls up the imagination in ways unexpected, often even by the artist creating the art.

    Broad ideas can be dry. The depth of wisdom can be delivered in such a clumsy manner as to be missed entirely by the audience. But drawing upon emotion is something felt and not forgotten.

    So, what happened to our music? It’s been decades since something that Americans could relate to has been widely heard. I like bluegrass, which IS widely heard, but not on the radio. It’s outside, at festivals and whatnot, where people congregate. But the radio is mostly old stuff from the-before-times, and the foreign garbage of the conquerors.

    But that’s just the radio, and movies, and TV. Most of us were raised to believe that if it’s in the Big 3 of entertainment, it’s valid, and if it’s not in there, it’s not valid. Yet again, I see a source of the question; if radio and TV and the movies don’t match the reality I see with my own eyes everyday, maybe it’s those same Big 3 that have no validity. So why is this stuff pushed?

    This Murdoch Murdoch is really eye-opening, for that very reason. Because propaganda. If we listen to or watch (or dress in) the propaganda, we validate it. But we can’t take the empty third way; we can’t not-listen, not-watch, not-partake. We must actively do. Listen to our own music and proudly talk about it. Observe our own art and discuss it. Wear clothes that don’t bring shame or inspire submissiveness.

    The Romanticism is the aesthetic, the art, the FEEL of what we’re doing and living.

    The Red Pill showed us The Truth. Having fun with it is what’s spread the message so much that it’s not even subversive anymore.

    The uniforms in the link below is part of that, having fun with it. Pride in who they were and what they were doing. That’s one of the great strengths in the old-fashioned uniforms; they might be ridiculous in terms of fighting-advantage, but that wasn’t the point. Being seen as the best is the point. Like peacocking.

    Damn, that really moved me. I laughed openly at least twice. Why?

    Because we’re winning. Right here, in a comments section in a blog. We’re the ones actively bringing about change. We’re the ones energized. You want to why our memes are so funny and why their’s suck so hard?

    Because we’re right, and everyone knows it. We’re having fun.

  5. ” A certain type of weather, cool and damp, but brisk and refreshing, cloudy and not still.”

    I love this weather. It’s in me. My eyes don’t do well in the sun either. Thanks for the video.

  6. — At one time, the English forbade the bagpipes

    We all learned some time in middle school that the Irish dance came to be because no-hands dancing was some legal workaround an occupier’s prohibition, or that bowling was outlawed somewhere some centuries back. “How dumb” was the young-teen’s reasonable thought. Why would some ignorant authority figure bother with such inconsequentials?

    Well, doing the A-OK sign can get you fired now. None of it of course is inconsequential. It’s Kulturkampf.

    — So, what happened to our music?

    As soon as I read that line, I recalled passing past a group of lower-class White teens who were playing contemporary pop. You know the deal — autotune, vocals that sound like the moaning of a nigger in heat. [I don’t like the gratuitous use of the n-bomb; they just need to not-be near us. Even their “good ones”. The description of that music fits perfectly though]. Even when the pop singer is White.

    This comes up a lot in my commenting, but young people don’t like that stuff. They just, as normies, go with the flow. Everyone here knows my anecdote about eyes lighting up among the young crowd when a power ballad that predates them comes on…

    The immediate objection is, am I bitching about “kids these days.” No. This isn’t the same old generational alienation. When we were 14 or 22, we listened to contemporary music, our eyes didn’t need to light up to Fifites ballads. We had our own. Kids These Days do respond to older music in ways that we didn’t to the Oldies.

    Teenagers are followers, they want to fit in. What they follow, is industry music that is analogous to sawdust as food.

  7. “sawdust as food”

    And they’re so deep in it they think making a smoothie shop called “Soylent” isn’t disgusting.

  8. Bowling – that most rebellious and subversive of sports, symbolizing Great Rebellion against the yoke of the tyrant! … wait, I’m thinking of bagpipes.

    I’ll come in again.

  9. Great art is aligned with objective Truth and Beauty, it is never escapist.

    I do not agree that these are necessarily mutually exclusive. Tolkien, who of course wrote the most beloved masterwork of the 20th century, also has a fairly well-known short essay called “On Fairy-Stories”, which outlines his view on “escapism”. His point, in brief, is that if you are in prison (and we all are), shouldn’t you want to escape?

    I would call LotR simultaneously Great Art; widely beloved because of its underlying truth and beauty; but yet escapist too, in a spiritually healthy way.

    (See all the legions of readers who say, “I read LotR again and again because it tugs at some secret part of my soul, pointing at hidden things that I didn’t know existed.” That’s a combination of spiritual truth and the right kind of escapism.)

  10. I’d never deny LOTR’s greatness. I wonder if I misused “escapist” or if there is a more concrete and a more abstract level on which the word works.

    Miriam Webster: “habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine” — I am sincerely after nailing what it is I had in mind when originally saying that great art is never escapist. What I was going after, is something like “evasive.” And in that context, evasive of the objective Truth and Beauty. Those things are abstract and transcendent, but in my view great art is attuned to them. By “escapist” I had in mind the artist who evades the transcendent or is willfully blind to it and runs toward something he, in his rational and worldly consciousness, finds more comforting: such as political ideology. So as it stands, “escapist” works if “an escape from reality” is a valid way to describe the artist who veers away from the transcendent reality.

  11. When ??

    – Bolshevik MSM Coverup Of Black Psychopath Beating
    White Men & Women nursing home Patients – Watch –


  12. Trump retweeted that video, making it spread. He commented “Is this even possible to believe? Can this be for real? Where is this nursing home, how is the victim doing?”

  13. ” Trump retweeted that video, making it spread. He commented “Is this even possible to believe? Can this be for real? Where is this nursing home, how is the victim doing?” ”

    Check out the twitter thread. Its more then just one.

  14. This is a response to Greg’s thoughts on the Scots, bagpipes and culture.

    There’s another way to look at the phenomenon. First, we need to understand that there was, in the history of Scotland prior to the 19th century, no such unity of people. There were Lowland Scots and Highland Scots, but they didn’t have the same language (Lallans and Gaelic) or the same religion (Protestant and Catholic) or the same customs. Those two groups hated each other as much as the IRA and the Loyalists did back in the day in Northern Ireland. Only the Highland men wore kilts (which in themselves only became fashionable in the 16th century, they didn’t exist before then, “Braveheart” notwithstanding. Only the Highland men responded to Bonnie Prince Charlie and rose in 1745. The Lowlands held for the Hanoverians, wore breeches and spoke Scots dialect.

    So why do we confuse “Scottish” with “Highlander” today?

    Simple- because the Scots reinvented and romanticized Highlanders and Highland culture after they had destroyed it. They tamed it and used it to invent a mythical past after they became just the northernmost part of a industrial United Kingdom. The powers that be allowed pretend “Scottishness” to fill the space because it wasn’t dangerous anymore. They had a lost cause to remember the old wild days and ways but it didn’t threaten anyone anymore. It was just harmless nostalgia. It was exactly why white Southerners after 1876 were allowed their own Lost Cause myth. It assuaged wounded pride while binding them to the Yankees they hated because the Yankees let them have their dignity in defeat. (Also because the Southerners outlasted the willingness of Yankees to permanently occupy the South for Negro equality).

    What I’m trying to get at is beware of invented tradition, which is as dangerous as the tricks used to destroy authentic traditions.

  15. “What I’m trying to get at is beware of invented tradition, which is as dangerous as the tricks used to destroy authentic traditions.”


    I used to be really into Celtic history and artwork, since a big part of my ancestry is supposedly Celtic.

    The more I studied what is known about the Celts the more I realized that we really don’t know jack about ancient European history or culture, except for was left behind in the form of buildings, a few texts, some graves, and a few trinkets.

    For example, take this passage:

    “Large areas of ancient Dacia, which were populated early in the First Iron Age by Thracian people, were affected by a massive migration of Iranian Scythians moving east to west during the first half of the first millennium BC. They were followed by a second equally large wave of Celts migrating west to east. Celts arrived in northwestern Transylvania in around 400–350 BC as part of their great migration eastwards. When Celtic warriors first penetrated these territories, the group seem to have merged with the domestic population of early Dacians and assimilated many Hallstatt cultural traditions.

    The second half of the 4th century BC saw the Middle La Tène Celtic culture emerge in north-western and central Dacia, a development reflected especially in burials of the period. Celtic artifacts dating to this time have been discovered at Turdaş, Haţeg and Mediaş in modern-day Romania. By 1976, the number of Celtic sites found in Transylvania had reached about 150, indicating a significant La Tène population surpassed only by the Dacians. These sites are mostly cemeteries. Archaeological investigations have highlighted several warrior graves with military equipment, suggesting that an elite Celtic military force penetrated the region.”
    [end quote]


    “Suggesting that an elite Celtic military force penetrated the region.”

    Warrior graves, a couple of spears, and some horseshoes ==>>> Celtic Navy Seals covert military operation. Oooookie dokie…..

    Unfortunately, this is par for the course. We have to make ridiculously obscure and far-fetched inferences from a handful of evidence.

    Who were all these people, with whom many of us share a significant amount of our DNA, that we know next-to-nothing about? We will never know.

    What we do know, which Amon stated in one of his more upbeat posts, is that the winners write history. And the losers… THE. LOSERS. …. Get a set of steak knives. Aka, thousands of years of history and tradition reduced to kitsch

    Celtic Elite Military Force:

  16. ” I realized that we really don’t know jack about ancient European history or culture, except for was left behind in the form of buildings, a few texts, some graves, and a few trinkets. ”

  17. “Something’s missing. I just can’t figure it out.”

    A slogan for the current year dissident right. God is part of it, I agree.

  18. “Nationalism, Romanticism”

    It is true.

    The post-Romantic period of literature dealt with these trials of life as they existed for the Everyman. Romanticism did not negate or wholly ignore these things, but the Romantic period assumed a cohort of believers that would or could carry the majority on their backs.

    You can’t teach Nationalism in schools. It’s heretical. And schools outside of rural enclaves care very much that nationalism be negated.

    Stealth teachers. Homeschool is a growing movement but it’s not enough, not yet.

  19. @Elk:

    Out of curiosity, I took a look at the thread you linked, about Nick Fuentes.

    First of all, there’s a forum called “gamers uprising”? And anyone partcipating on it wants to shame anyone else about anything?

    Anyway the game-changer here, that I didn’t know about, is that – Nick is 21? Dude he’s 21(!), like that changes the whole discussion into a pretty much nothingburger. From the way it was being framed I had the idea he was like 30. There is nothing weird at all, like at all at all, like AT ALL, for a Christian young man being a virgin at 21, and if you think so, then you are not familiar with Christian subculture and were never part of it at that age.

  20. Most of my university friends from Christian Fellowship or whatever were virgins at that age too and got married shortly after graduating. For Nick, and his detractors who think he’s “gay” because he looked at a guy once, the acid test on this is going to be if he gets married in the next couple of years.

    Besides that, the only other thing in the thread of interest to me was the comment from you, to the effect that Fuentes should get a girlfriend, and then in the next line something like “chastiy being overrated”. The interesting part being (and I don’t know if this was meant) the tacit implication that “girlfriend” necessarily implies sex. It reminded me of when Lawrence Auster used to say that in modern parlance, “dating” is a euphemism for “sleeping together”.

  21. You are right S.J.

    It’s a forum called Gamer Uprising. The prevailing view on “girls” (there) is charitably described as MGTOW and less charitably described as incel.

    The real world is a compromise. Life is a compromise. It’s a cliche but what else can you say.

    Women is a compromise. They are awful people for the most part. They have smelly areas. They poop almost as much as you do. These days they can’t even cook. Blah blah blah. Some of them at least have the grace to be unhappy about things.

    But to repeat — the point of contention is / was, bragging on your own (male) chastity.

    But yeah S.J. is right that doing so (espousing it and going so far as to talk about and uh, celebrate) is consonant, and typical, of youth Christian culture, of which I was not a part.

    If someone is a convincing monkish character, like in a Russian monastery who spends his days cultivating flowers and chopping wood, and singing grim hymns in a minor key, then hell yeah: celibacy rocks!

    Nick doesn’t appear monkish at all. Otoh it’s his life and his business aka who cares. He is a media personality, not a leader of men.

  22. That forum is Christian now though. So whatever the Christian view on “girls” is, is what theirs is. Here is a sample quote —

    I literally do not even entertain the possibility of ever having a wife or even having a regular sexual partner. At some point I made a decision to just entirely dismiss pussy. I mean I still catch myself eyefucking girls at the gym, flirting with cashiers, etc. But I’m done playing all these dumb games just to earn a shot at some ho’s goo slit. I just feel now I need to be the best man I can and follow Truth. If God provides me a goo slit, great. If not, it’s whatever. But I definitely don’t go out of my way looking for it. Fuck, what a petty thing to bitch about, “man, no girls wanna fuck me.” Like there aren’t bigger things to worry about.

  23. I have no idea if Nick Fuentes is gay or not, I just wouldn’t be shocked. With some men, you just know they like women, he is not one of them. Either way, I don’t care and hopefully he will just ignore the gossip about his love life.
    A man with a good looking wife or girlfriend is likely leading a more monkish existence than many of these MGTOW types. Keeping a high quality woman invested in you is a lot of work and takes discipline.

  24. Long term monogamy and celibacy both require discipline and restraint. This is especially true if you are someone who would have other appealing options.
    I’m going to side with Elk on this and agree bragging about male chastity is lame.

  25. This is how it begins.

    – Staten Islanders with masks drive a non mask wearing person out of a Shoprite –

    This is how it always ends, unless there is resistance.

  26. I’d like to believe, and get right with other people and God, before I die. I am not there now.

    What a struggle and alternately, a slog, is this life.

    The gardening is going reasonably on track and well. It’s something that you get the best results from, by keeping on top of. There’s a certain obvious metaphor for a healthy life, your own and your kids’, or whosever, which metaphor reveals in bringing a garden to fruit. Everyday it needs some love; and more on the analytical, male-brained side of things: the results are cumulative.

    That’s what a lot of people who fail with gardening, don’t get. If you don’t weed the damned thing today, then those plants will be that much worse off every day going fwd. On the other hand, you have to pace yourself and deal with the fact that you only have so much time energy and inclination.

    W/o wanting to dox myself, I have just shy of 180 row-feet of potatoes. In my experience, yields less than 2 lbs per row-foot, is a disappointment. And up to five lbs per row-foot is possible. I won’t jinx myself and list out expectations, but the math is obv.

    All 60+ peppers were potted up, most of them into pots between 2 and 6 gallons big. A 2-gallon pot is not big enough but I went w/ available materials. Cucumbers and squash, and that’s it for now. If necessary, a fall crop will follow.

  27. I had a falling out at Gamer Uprising with an established clique there, and was asked to be banned for a being a “dirty hippy simp”.

    I don’t resemble that character at all, in real life. Or maybe I do. Certainly not the dirty part, and nor the hippy part. As for the simp thing..

    That would just be treading over old ground, but the point is almost worth repeating. I can’t take seriously anyone who isn’t compelled to get his share of women. And yeah a good wife is the top score; but failing that, you still have to get some and if you don’t u r a fag and or more likely just weak, and or more likely mentally ill.

    My struggle to pair bond successfully long term, I blame on not having intact genitals, for one thing. Which topic was another thing, they didn’t want to hear about (over there), and for which I was downvoted by an established clique.

    If someone wants to have an open conversation about the state of men in America, and their relations with women, and yet that topic is off limits, because it’s too controversial. That’s a mark against the place.

  28. I still do want to write an autobiography ala ZAMM but realistically I am not that stature of a man, as was that guy Pirsig, with whom as I have bragged before (on this blog) I did correspond, before his passing.

    In order to write that book, u have to be whole. Otherwise there’s no point to the book. That’s the whole point of a story, is that at the end, there’s a resolution, in which a man who was divided against himself, as was Raskalnikov, is now reconciled. (Or maybe that’s not the right take on it.)

    In order to be whole, I was thinking there might could be a journey, an actual physical one, to go on, and then to start the book in the same way as that one started, where you are on your journey, looking back on that journey in the telling of it, and at the same time, looking back, looking back. The fact is tho, it’s not at all a good time to go on a journey. It’s too dangerous and there’s other things to do around here.

    Like we’ve been on this journey the whole time, and u mean to tell me, it’s almost over?

  29. There are a lot of faggots in the alt-rite and they have always been guilty of allowing their hatred for the white female to simmer to the fore all the while exploiting despairing heterosexual white males for their lack of sexual success. Such a “racial” dynamic is the very genesis of a “symbiotic sexual regression.”

    So the new trend on FB is the “Becky/Karen” meme by which poor innocent black males are the victims of irrational white female “racism.”

    A lot of alt-rite misfits are bound to gobble this up thereby degrading their already degraded state by not only pushing them to sympathize with niggers over white females, but in doing so drawing even closer to the covert faggots in their alt-rite midst.

  30. Not as individuals, selfish and vain

    As he wanted them, but to regain

    As men together this potential

    Simply they began by standing tall,

    By setting jaws and leveling eyes

    To recognize their own or the Enemy’s

    Hate in the gaze of his most abject,

    As brother one, the other as object

    Of adamant contempt, not fear.

    To meet the incomprehensible stare

    Of violent accusation, they needed

    The confidence of undefeated

    Men, and this they found in finding

    They were living testaments, binding

    Once and future greatness of the nation

    Whose blood drove them, as by divine action,

    To become who they were, and are:

    Sons of the sun, fathers of another star.


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