“there’s a bunch of young people who are very smart”

“and yo! they not be playin.” h/t Suburban_elk:

I have only watched a few minutes of the video, it’s 30 minutes long, but the point being is that there’s a bunch of young people who are very smart and yo! they not be playin. Their essential being is not ok with being subjected and degraded, like we are. They will stick a fork in this internet media water (in which we be swimming) is it’s the first thing they do.

The featured girl with the “Cringe Panda” avatar — how cute is that, a cringe panda omg! — presumably she writes her own stuff. They are so advanced in the meta levels that they need a whole new word for it (other than meta).

This girl follows on the heels of that other girl her age, who was also super edgy, and to be fair, not quite as cute. I forget what her name was though, she got kicked off you youRube about a year ago. But the point being, I think that females “get” this media meta shit, on a gut level, in a way that is very perspicacious.

/ girleen nationalism now

That other girl, her predecessor, is Soph. She gets a nod later here in this video. I watched the whole thing. It’s excellent. GenZ:

UPDATE April 6, 2020: YouTube took down her genius video. Apparently YT covers for pedos. Here is a short montage from her videos that someone compiled:


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  1. The writing for channel has to be done by an adult though; probably her mother:

    Sara Gonzales Unfiltered
    32.9K subscribers

  2. That little Panda girl is quite something; I never thought I’d see the day. Notice that the teachers (and other adults) in the video are just foaming with happiness while promoting their ideas to wee kids. It’s like they have finally found their purpose in life, something that will make them feel content with themselves. But I doubt that they will feel right for long. They will have to up their game. I can’t imagine what shape it will take, I really can’t.

    On the happy side, I am not convinced that all those little kids subjected to this in-your-face propaganda are all going to grow up to want to change their sex or at least defend transgenderism in others, etc. I know this much about children, being a mother: whatever is important to YOU, the parent or teacher, you have to soft-sell it to kids if you want even have a chance of success. It may be subconscious but children can sense desperation and the adults around them, trying to mould them, may in for a big surprise.

  3. Slight Update: I’ve had flu like symptoms for about a week now, just starting to clear up. Been blasting the Vitamin C with Zinc and D3, but I’ve also been going to work (I work in an industry deemed essential). However I’ve also not stopped enjoying life; my alcohol consumption is as usual and I even popped some ecstasy over the weekend.

    If this is COVID-19 it’s A LITTLE BITCH. Do better next time you pinko Han bastards. 😛

  4. — whatever is important to YOU, the parent or teacher, you have to soft-sell it to kids if you want even have a chance of success.

    That is very true. Being heavy-handed backfires. People forget that kids aren’t vessels to fill with your own ideas but they have active minds that can’t bent by force, not for long anyway.

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  6. “Meta” irks. I don’t know why. I guess it’s on fleek, unironically, but …. never mind, I give up.

    But seriously* it’s so amusing to finally be a full generation behind whatever is the modern equivalent of “cool” but to be able to watch our children asserting their adulthoods the same way we did (adjusted for current climes and parameters). I find myself amused to watch the kids becoming (F you, Mikey Obama for ruining that word). It’s rewarding, even, if you just allow yourself to be happy.

    At the same time, who here can remember a Boomer looking at us Gen X kids with the same kind of appreciation, let alone admiration?

    Anyone? Bueller?

    It’s like they loved themselves more than their own progeny. Or do I interpolate too much.

    * no homo, and no Phil Collins

  7. I also was struck by the wisdom of “whatever is important to YOU, the parent or teacher, you have to soft-sell it to kids if you want even have a chance of success.”

    As a pragmatist, I don’t like it. “Give me the truth, straight!–no chaser!–that’s how I roll, and anyone who doesn’t agree can go (etc.)!”

    This is why God created women, and it’s why we’re better off for it. Dads are supposed to tell you how badly you f’d up, and moms are supposed to remind you that everyone does.

  8. “Meta” irks. I don’t know why. I guess it’s on fleek, unironically, but …. never mind, I give up.

    Yes “meta” is often used vaguely. Part of what it is, beyond its technical definition, which technical definition is something about the process — is getting at that essential thing that you can’t really get at, and which essential thing is exactly the thing that has to do with these our times.

    In this way, meta is the new irony.

    Which definition is very clever; and it’s also pretty much exactly right, as near as I can tell.

    It gets tiring though, when people can’t shut up about it. It becomes a cliche and a tiring one at that. [which is sorta the joke] But in the case of the girl “awkward panda” above — well what’s about meta about it, about her? For instance the name. It’s a cute metaphor, right? And on the other hand, it’s exactly to the point. Some little White girl is exactly an awkward panda. She’s not being ironic about it, she’s using a metaphor which isn’t even a metaphor. (As is well known in our big brained circles, White people might as well be pandas, for the problems in reproducing in more crowded conditions.)

    And I see now that she goes by “cringe panda” but awkward would be more funnier.

    What else is meta about it. It’s that the whole performance, is actually the thing. It’s not a performance in that it’s some kid telling people about how she is upset and confused. She is both pointing to something, and being the something she is pointing to. / meta intellectualizing session close tag


    Speaking of which, I happened to catch a youRube recommend this morning about everyone’s favorite gen x bigshot, Richard Linklater and the making of Dazed and Confused. Its title is “Dazed & Confused | Making of”.

    I didn’t even know what the guy looked like. He looks like about what you would expect. And yes he is a genius, simply for making that one movie. Really though, what is a more better accomplishment, in the broad field of the arts, or more specifically the narrative arts, than that one film?

    Could you imagine what it was like to be him, the director of that film, and get to hang out all day every day in the warm weather Texas morning, with that cast and crew, and be the bigshot genius everyone looks to? It would be like high school but without the problems.. right?

    In preparation for filming, and to set the stage so to speak, he sent out a packet to all his actors, to get them in the right frame of mind, for what it was like in high school in 1976. And it contained at the top of the page, first foremost and above the other words, the phrase Being, not seeming


    In other news, I am enjoying a carb crush, cookies and sweet bread, after a couple weeks of rice and beans austerity. There has been a rush [pun intended] on sugar. So now I want some more. Apparently at the grocery it’s out.

  9. Girleen Nationalism. Is it really a thing?

    Can’t you just see the disapproving looks? (I know I can)

    Frankly I feel a bit victimized by it, as in having been taken in, simply for in order for someone to get more views. I think it’s her mom, youRube linked above, who manages her account(s). And then so it’s the classic dynamic of some middle aged mother using her daughter, for in order to widen her own social media net?

    I am not sure exactly what is going on, with her account. I do know her video is well produced and presented.

    And there is something very compelling about using a young girl a girleen as a uh, vehicle. But is it fair, to the girl herself?

    It kinda seems like it’s not. Should she be an attention whore, for any politics, as a female of that age?

    On the contrary; what’s we ought to protect them from. / perfect world “ought to be” close tag

  10. Another screentime diversion is a documentary called Three Identical Strangers. It’s in the category of Sundance documentaries. It’s really good. It’s about three gen x-ers who were born identical triplets, in NYC, and put up for adoption and deliberately separated from each other, as part of an experiment by jewish psychologists, which experiment seems to have been on the classic question of nurture versus nature.

    The jews in this film. I have to think that the producers of the film are 100 per cent red pilled goys, and that this documentary is now (these days) of the type that slips through the cracks at Sundance.

    The three brothers, identical triplets, are presented as the sons of a NY jewess who gets knocked up as a teenager, but iirc it’s not 100 per cent clear that their mom was in fact jewish. They look very Italian, but w/ some of those NYC “ethnics” it’s a pretty fine line. But they came to be mega pre-internet 15-minute celebs. (They are gen x peers.) Spoiler: one of them committed suicide. It’s actually fairly prosaic entertainment, but on the other hand it’s pretty meta. They have some classic mugs though, which is part of why they become celebs. These guys r jewish? The question of their jewish roots, is in fact very much at the heart of the story. Because they were put up to be adopted, by this explicitly explicit jewish agency, which was running an experiment on twins, by placing them separately and then studying them. Very 20th-century stuff.

    Their adoptive families felt betrayed by the agency. And the adoptees themselves, were very unhappy about having been subject to that study.

  11. “…enjoying a carb crush…”

    Also recently indulging in sweets in the a.m.; lemon currants doused with home-hive honey, & iced crocks of Grand Marnier/pineapple juice. Personally I don’t believe in carbs, but am a strong proponent of fasting/semi-fasting to savor the sybaritic anatomy of consummate-Travail’s ‘assertively-breached’ diet. Done exactingly, one can almost notice Aristippus of Cyrene and Epicurus bottling forbiddenly-faint elixirs out of the clouds’ proud coffins.

    Snacio hapus!

  12. Well, after watching that, I’m pretty much rooting for Corona chan.

    Go RNA viruses! Cleanse this gay earth!

  13. — 37-year-old US athlete Lolo Jones says being open about virginity was a mistake

    She did the right thing by saving her virginity for marriage. She perhaps made a misake by not settling for marrying an attractive-enough man when she was very young. Maybe, I don’t know the circumsances of her youth.

    Remember, Amon how you recently wrote: “maybe you are exactly where you are meant to be” [my paraphrase]. Maybe as a Christian she should accept that she is where she was meant to be and decide whether dating and publicly complaining abut it is her right path, or if she is meant for a different path. Never-married by 37 is not a place from which a woman can reverse-engineer her situation toward traditional motherhood.

  14. Elk, I’ll be watching both recommendations. FWIW in the photo of the three, the one on the left look Italian to me, middle dude is flipacoin, and dude on right looks fully deformed in that uniquely Jewish (or is it Khazarish? Will we ever know if Ashkenazis have any actual Abrahamic blood in them?) way.

  15. Favorite line “And some people think they’re Napoleon.”
    This blue eyed Z is the dream daughter in law for me.

  16. Thoughts?


    My thots are: tradthot that may or may not even be an actual virgin. Probably fake news from top to bottom. Whatever her ostensible reasons for remaining a “virgin”, she clearly doesn’t have a very clean and wholesome mind, judging by the soft-pornographic photo.

  17. Some silver linings, blessings of Corona-Chan, in NJ:

    Homeschool is cool, a lot more people are enjoying it and seeing just how few hours per day are needed for a quality education. Also, and the memes are right on this one, parents see just how much the teacher is not at fault for some of their kids’ shenanigans and failures.

    I teach high school. I love literature and writing. My blog comments aside, I do write with a high register when it counts, and spent a good portion of my academic and professional career doing research in the classical liberal arts, sometimes for mere pleasure. There is a correct way to communicate ideas, but it is dependent upon the circumstances of purpose, content, and audience. I instruct students in those methods. Teachers get slagged for their “stupid requirements” and “forcing kids to think the way [the teacher] does” and “enforcing the narrative.” All of these teenagers and their parents might be smarter than me, and good for them. The teens aspire to college but cannot put two sentences together, and that is a problem I must correct, it’s in the job description.

    I don’t have romantic, rosy ideals about freedom writing my inner city ferals out of poverty. That’s for movies and the estrogen-dominant crowd. I taught in the inner city, honestly most of them are hopeless. The low IQ dilemma is real. The immigrants-taking-over issue is real. Teaching isn’t going to change them into deep thinking patriots. They only learn to hate the system.

    But the forced homeschooling is changing attitudes towards how much, how long, and for whom. It is the barest of turns towards school reform that will really matter, but it’s a turn nonetheless.

  18. Another silver lining:

    I’m a home cook, and a whole foodie, and I like my food as local and unprocessed as possible. I grind my own grain for bread and when I can get it, I use raw milk in the home. I don’t drink milk but I use it make yogurt and kefir, and it has other uses in cooking.

    I need to go into Pennsylvania to purchase raw milk, as it is illegal for sale in NJ. PA dairy farms cannot deliver to NJ, otherwise their farm gets shut down. No fines, no trial, immediate cessation of operations. Draconian.

    But now they’re loosening up the restrictions. My two favorite dairies are now permitted to deliver to NJ, and it looks like the laws in NJ may allow dairy operators to sell directly to the public. That is something I never thought I would see.

    Lots of restrictions have been lifted on farms near me, and prices are coming down now that local butchers can process meat, rather than having to transport animals to an FDA inspected abbatoir and pay the FDA insurance and fees for butchering.

  19. Good points Rowan.
    I suspect that woman’s dates are not going well because she is 37 years old and still trying to have standards of a much younger woman. A lot of men probably are not seeing her as worth the effort. The fact that she is a virgin, just might be making that fact more clear to her dates early on. Good for her that she did not sleep around, but I’m not sure what she is trying to accomplish at this point.

  20. — But is it fair, to the girl herself?

    She’s driving this, at least that’s how it comes across. As you said, “I think that females ‘get’ this media meta shit, on a gut level, in a way that is very perspicacious.” Her conviction is genuine. The parent(s) are taking care of the details.

    She’s old enough to understand, not a child reading her lines. She’s objectively and absolutely on the side of Good with what she’s saying in the featured video.

    For perspective, give her another year or so, and 150 years ago her father would have been getting letters from esteemed men in their twenties asking for permission to court her for marriage.

    About two years ago I wrote “At 17,” urging boys of that age to start a family with their high school girlfriends. That message is very much at odds with the modern way of doing things but that is the way forward. The social reset of corona-quarantine is changing a lot of habits and especially mental habits.

    This girl at 17, which is a few years from now, will be fully mature. Wouldn’t it be great for her to marry the right boy her own age?

    Like you say, there is a risk in getting all that attention so early in life. That’s the choice a person in her circumstances makes with adult guidance: do you peak and then fall at a very young age, or are your early successes a launching-point toward a satisfying life?

  21. Bommertardation from a Gen X Jew, who lives in Bergen County, NJs hot zone for COVID19. From my FB:


    We need to buy from China and immigrants are the only ones who see a future in manufacturing! We can’t bring manufacturing base back to America, etc.

    There’s more to it and more to unpack, but I need to get to work around the house.

    Enjoy your day everyone.

  22. I grind my own grain for bread

    That’s pretty awesome, how do you do that? I’m picturing one of those giant millstones you see at museums…

  23. But will he ? Bet you not.

    – Tucker: Trump should cancel H1B visas this year because many Americans out-of-work –

  24. Yeah things are totally messed up. Tucker talks about 15 or 20 per cent employment. But those numbers are kept low by not including a lot of people. How many are “partially” employed, and how many have gig jobs, and how many have shit jobs?

    Our medical care system can’t be fixed, because it can’t be socialized, because we can’t afford to take care of 100 million fat browns and blacks.

    Where is this all going?

    I might go to the store to buy some preps today. I saw last time I was there, that the Holiday season turkeys were still available, and the better quality, less feedlot-y ones for around $1.69 per pound. Hopefully nobody has been spitting on them. Don’t those plastic wraps be good places for virus transmission?

    Ramz Paul has been discussed around here. He is under fire this morning on Twitter for doing a bitch-block of Keith Woods, and for disavowing White Nationalism which apparently has always been his position. It’s not really “moving the ball forward” to get hung up on the drama. I am just noting it, for what it’s worth. It turns out the lovely cohost of his signature show Happy Homelands, the very good looking Finnish woman Tiina, is married to a half-White half Moroccan man. Who by looks is Caucasian. We don’t have much in the way of shining light movement figureheads tho..

  25. My favorite bestest e-celeb friends, our almost entirely British. And it’s painful to have to say this. Here they are, in no particular order.

    a) The Absolute State of Britain, the TRS podcast. This show is great. It’s the best podcast show. They have that thing called flow which is what most podcasts can’t get for the life of them. It’s when they take turns talking, and generally have something interesting to say. They interrupt as necessary, but not too much. They are 30-somethings. One of their hosts is a verbal fast talking sperg with brilliant takes on everything.

    And example of a show that doesn’t have flow is Myth of the 20th Century, which so much doesn’t have flow, that it can’t be listened to. I really think there is something going on, whereby how Americans can’t seem to talk to each other in sophisticated elegant patterns. It’s like our social mechanisms are all broke down. There’s no American shows with flow.

    b) Nordic Frontier. “This is the answer to all your podcast needs.” Again with the more sophisticated, more emotionally balanced Europeans. They seem to be able to talk to one another w/o having to sperg cross talk like maniacs.

    c) FTN. Jazzhands is good. This is the American show that is ok. His cohost who has good takes, has this annoying mannerism though, where he rapidly exhales his breath after he has a made a particularly satisfying point, by way of emphasis or personal excitement. I may not be adequately describing this tic, which is something other people have too; it’s annoying as fuck. It’s the exact opposite of good presentation: it’s bad presentation and it makes you sound like an eager beaver 12-year old who is hyperventilating. It’s a safe bet that Americans do this tic more than more sophisticated, more better well balanced Euros.

    d) Morgoth, Keith Woods, and Ed Dutton. More Brit fags. Dangerfield. Yet another one of those.

    That’s the podcast nationalism that is doing ok, in my book.

    e) Spencer almost should deserve a mention too. His McSpencer Group is pretty listenable. Spencer is obv American. He may be sorta back on track. He certainly has burned his bridged, w/i the movement. But going strictly by his online performance lately, he gets high marks.

    On the topic of admiring Euros for their ability not to sound like morons. Apparently there’s a term for that thing when colonized nations look up to their progenitors who aren’t as simple as they are; an official sociology term called like “cringe [something]”.

  26. SJ, I have a hand crank grain mill. Cost me tons of money but it’s well worth it. I order organic grains in bulk and store them in giant pails with gamma seal lids. Properly stored, grain can go a hundred years, probably more. I put oxygen absorption packets in there too. It was a significant upfront investment but we haven’t bought flour in three or four years. I’ll restock my favorites, spelt and rye, soon. About a hundred dollars Per variety gets me through a year or more.

    Our substation was repaired a few years back, but for a long time, our power would go out often. So I invested in quality manual equipment I’d need to survive in case we had an extended outage.

    We heat with wood and I can cook anything on or in my woodstove if needed. I also have an outdoor propane burner, and when the weather is fine we have a nice fire pit out back, and I set up a grill or the big steel spit my husband made for me, and roast all sorts of veggies and meats. You can cook bread in a fire pit too, if you have a cast iron Dutch oven. When we camp, I usually use this method, unless we’re backpacking.

    The kids ask if we can cook like that even when we have electricity. Sure? We turn off the lights, light the candles and oil lamps, and have a pioneer dinner. It’s fun for all of us.

  27. You can get a grain mill on craigslist for cheap. Mine’s hand crank and I can mount an electric motor.

  28. @Elk
    You might just be giving people extra points for having a British accent. John Derbyshire has written about that.

  29. White nationalism doesn’t work for me either, it feels fake and forced. I see the downside of too much diversity, and I hate the anti white strain we see in society, but I’m still not a white nationalist. I’m guessing most people feel similar to me.

  30. @Elk
    I think nationalist movements tend to be more natural in European countries for obvious reasons. For instance, PA’s Polish nationalism seems pretty normal and natural. For better or worse, we have a different situation here. That may be partially why our nationalists seem less impressive. I do agree Europeans come across as more sophisticated in many ways. I’m not really sure why, maybe it is the more coherent culture.

  31. ” White nationalism doesn’t work for me either, it feels fake and forced. ”
    ” I’m still not a white nationalist. I’m guessing most people feel similar to me. ”

    Langley Laura speaks again. Do continue Laura, we’re all ears.

  32. A couple of thoughts that started yesterday evening for me and early this afternoon:

    Last night, I was watching an old playoff football game (old–it was in January 1996, which was 24 years ago and feels more like four years ago; relatively speaking) but it had the commercials that were part of the original broadcast. Not only was the football much better (okay, so I like sports and thankfully I’ve tamped down my fanaticism from 24 years ago) but the commercials were waaaay different. Well, to a degree. Early signs of globohom-ness abounded–mainly from IBM.

    The one commercial that stood out was for the Ford Windstar (anyone remember that minivan; it was the next evolution of the Aerostar if memory serves) and the commercial shows families, mainly white families, and it ends with a pregnant White woman (blonde) and her toddler daughter (also blonde) with the narrator saying: “created for the most important people in the world.” There’s no way that commercial would see the light of day today, and if so, would be excoriated for its blatant racism.

    I stopped watching up to halftime, when I realized I should download the video and then separate the commercials and load those up on YT. I’ve been meaning do something YT wise and this might be it.

    I was talking with someone today and we were shooting the shit about this Coorschan mumbo jumbo happening. He said that it might cause one of two things: either another baby boom or worse, a divorce boom. Since people are quarrantined in their homes, those that love each other will spawn kids and those that don’t, will divorce. Hopefully those that choose divorce don’t have kids in the mix.

    This touched on something that occurred to me yesterday during a web meeting I had: this lady said that now that she’s home, she’s having to learn how to cook for her kid. She’s some type of Asian, maybe SE Asian or some other part, and her English is passable, so I’m going to let it slide on how she phrased what she said. Maybe she meant having to make as many meals as possible, but I doubt it. I doubt it because she lives in a fancy high-rise condo in San Diego and given her last name, married some White guy–maybe an old boomer on his second marriage with waifu. The dots are definitely there for easy connection.

    It made me wonder how all these women will feel now, being able to spend time with their kids, now that they’re kids and not babies, as is the case after giving birth. Will they miss it when they have to go back to the office? Will they want to work from home? Or, will some want to go back becasue it was easier for the babysitter or caretaker to do all the maternal stuff?

    Not sure if its been said, but there’s definitely a yuge paradigm shift that could occur, one that would–from my perspective–be seamless because it’s natural. It’s what should be. Time will tell.

    Been reading Vox lately and that seems to be his tone/viewpoint as well.

  33. You cant say the ” tin foil ” types didnt warn you. Remember, according to ((( them ))) anyone can be symptom symptoms, not get sick, but still be a carrier. What a wonderful open-ended ((( opportunity ))).

    – Bill Gates Calls for a “Digital Certificate” to Identify Who Received COVID-19 Vaccine –


    – Coronavirus: Google Releases Location Data To Help Authorities Check Lock-downs –


    – Louisville is forcing unwilling coronavirus patients to self-isolate. –


    – Coronavirus In Massachusetts: Baker Announces Creation Of COVID-19 Community Tracing Collaborative –


  34. “Langley Laura speaks again”

    I doubt it. Lara has been around for a long time. A fed with a female persona would flirt with male commenters and she’s never done that. The opinion she expresses is not unreasonable, even if you don’t agree with it.

  35. Oh that’s what he’s getting at. No I’m absolutely not a federal agent. If I was, I would probably try to say how much I like WNs. I understand WN views, hold some myself, and certainly don’t think they are all or even mostly bad people. I just see where Ramzpaul is coming from.

  36. I think it is a travesty James Fields received a life sentence. It is pretty obvious it was an accident. He should have been convicted of manslaughter and spent a few years in prison.
    White nationalist don’t seem any different than any other identity group. Most identity groups don’t attract the best of their race honestly.

  37. If they can’t get their globalism (free movement of labor and capital) then they’ll stick us with the heaviest totalitarian self-isolation.

    It’s a win-win…

    “Radical autonomy” at both ends.

    Now peep the “nationalists’” bend.

  38. White nationalism is desire for white nations. And it is this desire that beckons destruction from the enemy. But white nations already exist. They are a GIVEN. So, it is not a matter of creating what isn’t, but restoring what already is. To state that you are not partial to white nationalism just is to say that you are against a restoration of what is and the desire necessary to see it though. But now you have a chance to get your mind Right, Lara.

  39. I wish Europeans nothing but good will. However, I don’t see why I should feel more kinship with someone I’m unlikely to ever meet vs. my Puerto Rican or Korean coworker. I’m not even sure I have more of a connection with a white person living in California than I do with people I see all the time. I wonder how non whites feel in this regard. Maybe they think the same way.
    Yes, race is important, but we connect in other ways too.

  40. Lara…

    My point was getting your mind Right about what “white nationalism” is rather than framing “it” dependent upon your diss “connection” to “it.” The issue is is that in not possessing a connection, you do not have the RIGHT grasp of the “thing.” If, on the other hand, you could get a good grasp on the “thing,” it would help you to conceive it Right.

    White nations exists BECAUSE there is desire for white nations. This desire for white nations is white nationalism. Attempting to slice through this simple explanation is nothing more than YOUR disconnection.

    So this is the spot that you start at.

    Is it Right?

    Your diss-connection?

  41. ” I don’t see why I should feel more kinship with someone I’m unlikely to ever meet vs. my Puerto Rican or Korean coworker. I’m not even sure I have more of a connection with a white person living in California than I do with people I see all the time. ”

    Why are you even here Langley Lara ? This is not the type of site for your kind of people.

  42. Perhaps Lara means the way White Nationalists are portrayed the braying media: neo-Nazi LARPers who burn crosses and spray paint swastikas on synagogues (fun fact: Apple keyboard doesn’t recognize swastika as an auto fill/correct word).

    The WN as seen on TeeVee is either an old biker-ish guy wearing leather and threatening old black ladies with knives and beating up young black guys for *no reason*, or as a group of 80s punks chain whipping innocent blacks or Jews as they ride by in choppers.

    Then you have the WN women, as portrayed by the media, cf Fairuza Balk’s character in American History X. Actually, the caricatures of WNs in AHX is how people think of WNs.

    I’m WN. White Nations for my people. I don’t really care about how China or Africa do their thing, as long as it out of my thing.

    As for caring more about my Hindu and hispanic neighbors more than a White in southern Cali, no just no. The Hindi can go back to India and the hispanics to whatever South American country of origin. It will make room for those Whites to settle, when The Return begins.

  43. I don’t actively wish harm upon other races. I just want to be left alone. But literature and history are replete with stories of war being interested in you, even if you aren’t interested in war.

    So, if the fight comes, I’ll look to do my part, instead of going along with multicult because it’s comfortable

  44. @Rowan
    Honestly I don’t feel much of a connection to all the non whites I live amongst. Even the non whites I work with are not really my friends. You can tell they favor their own people too, not maliciously, just in a normal way.
    I do want a country with my own people, I just can’t quite envision how that is going to happen. For now, I’m just trying to get by as best I can.

  45. ” Honestly I don’t feel much of a connection to all the non whites I live amongst. ”

    Contradict yourself much Mrs. Langley ?

    ” I don’t see why I should feel more kinship with someone I’m unlikely to ever meet vs. my Puerto Rican or Korean coworker. I’m not even sure I have more of a connection with a white person living in California than I do with people I see all the time. ”

  46. @Amon Ra
    Committed pro white people seem to be very small in number. In order to have any type of success we need to have more people think the way we do. I am trying to lay out the reasons other white people would object to our position.
    Rowan’s comment made sense to me. She has a close non white friend and still holds these views. I don’t have a close non white friend, so changing my views, because I could potentially have one some day, would probably be silly.

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