The Gay

This is on a lighter note… I think. At least insofar as the featured video that spurred this subject. Teh Ghey as the hurt boy who was dealt a bad card congenitally, or maybe he was violated by a vile piece of filth during his childhood and turned into a faggot:

Women have maternal feelings for wounded boys, which is why they fell for homosexualist propaganda. They don’t see a bug-chasing pederast, they see an unloved boy and they feel protective of him. Their instincts aren’t entirely wrong, as in many cases they do pick up on evidence of childhood abuse in his past.

A fair question: why are women so prone to showing tenderness for gays, but not for unloved incels? The answer: because it’s the difference between what they see as a boy vs a man. With the young gay’s Peter Pan asexuality (toward women), reproduction is not in the picture; a chance to nurture and heal a “child” such as Matthew Shepard in that iconic photo is. [Link]

Women — and men — are charmed by the wounded boy who is sweet, funny, talented… and asexual. He doesn’t evoke disgust. In fact he triggers a feeling of protectiveness.

Like Liberace, who was a charming fellow. Gotta see it. The joy. How can you not feel protective of this sweet fellow. He was asexual, right? No disgusting man-on-man backside-penetration. He accepted his homo-curse as his cross to bear and devoted his life to celibacy, so that he may live life eternal with God’s infinite love after the pain of Earthly existence becomes little more than an ill-remembered bad dream… right?

PS: Heh, “pedał.” Looking now, the Polish-language comments under the gay Norwegian’s video embedded below are overwhelmingly friendly but as he jokes, “what a pedał” came up more than once in his comments.

“Pedał” [pr. PEh-dahw] is slang for “faggot.” It’s a contraction of “pederasta,” which does not require translation. Pederast = boy bugger, like the middle-aged vermin that get caught in stings on predators of children. Anyhow, this fellow’s charisma-roll, like Liberace’s, is high. His English is excellent, his Polish pronunciation is quite good in places. He pronounces “kocham cię”, or “I love you,” perfectly. He has nice eyes, no homo.

Get the girl

This is the third installment of the three-part series on Game. No time like now to revisit an old discipline. A decade had passed since the original pure-Game blogging of those pioneer writers. PUA Reevaluated, as first part of this series, briefly revisits the era of commentary that began with the mechanics of the pick-up artist scene and grew into the Nationalist Right. (A new update there links to an astute analysis of that evolution).

The second installment, Game and “Be Yourself, is an overarching observation that the practice of game is a subtractive, rather than an additive art. To thine own self be true.

To close this series on a light note, see these Game fundamentals in the featured video:

  • Don’t look for trouble, win when trouble finds you
  • Have a country of your own, with pool halls
  • Be loyal to your people, earn their loyalty
  • Who will patrol the trespasser if not you
  • Build attraction on natural chemistry
  • Be kind to everyone, even the moon
  • Embrace the power of silence
  • Carry yourself with dignity
  • It’s not over ’til it’s over
  • Don’t be a monkey
  • Hold your liquor
  • Get the girl

Another world, same story: Alpha, “omg hes coming here” and a frienemy’s bittersweet smile. And that’s just the first fifteen seconds.

“Let them eat ice cream”

An effective Trump ad. The Democratic Party has become so objectively bad, even toward its own voters, that effective rhetoric against them easy. From the Republican Party’s position, it’s there for the taking.

The ad also rings with the false notes of Diversity, where everything is subject to redistribution from haves to have-nots. On down to human dignity itself. The ad is created in documentary style, except for one artistic shot that features silhouettes of mother and child. That moment of high-register iconography has been handed to Diversity.

This is not criticism of the ad as a political tool. Such things are calculated for maximum short-term effectiveness with their target-audience. What it is, is a reminder that under a multiethnic democracy you do not have a country of your own.

I know that this is hard to believe, but there are worlds in which your own people are the face of the future and all that’s strong and noble.

A simple globalization map

Globalization must be stopped and reversed because it turns First World countries into dumpsters. Recognize the source graphic for that map? From Twitter:

A French map shows global trade flows at the moment.

  • Africa sends natural resources to China
  • China sends coronavirus to Europe
  • Europe sends money and medicine to Africa
  • Africa sends delinquents to Europe.

In conclusion, globalization isn’t beneficial for Europeans


Forbidden Music

Plumpjack has mused about popular music, and how the entertainment industry has always corralled our musical expression to “acceptable” anodyne forms so that we do not get in touch with the spirit and go scorched earth. An example he gave, is how Skynyrd will get you stirred, but then Neil Young will whine you into getting drunk.

Is Neil Young a caricature of the enfeebling artist, or is all of rock music great for some things… at the price of flattening your spirit? Let’s look at some great rock songs. Not just any songs, but specifically ones that put you in an elevated state of mind, each one here representing one of the four elements:

  • EarthOne of the greatest rock song of all time. Now this is a song to be drunk to. There is no greater pathos that in this anthem of our generation.
  • Water – Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” has an idolatrous effect as you lose yourself in Gilmour’s two mid-tempo guitar solos.
  • Air – “Red Barchetta” is a pleasant sugar-Rush.
  • Fire – Ministry’s “New World Order” pumps you up into onanistic intensity from which you slough off spent.

That’s just a four-song sample. And to be clear, I respect the talent and work that went into creating those great song. But unless you show a counterexample, it is starting to make sense why rock music falls into the globohomo-approved category. Even as great art, it’s an opiate.

And if the legend is true, then at least one founding strain of Rock music was created below. It is said that Robert Johnson, a young black blues musician in 1930 rural Mississippi, had a desire to become great. He was told to take his guitar to a certain crossroad at midnight. There he met the Devil, who gave him mastery of the instrument in exchange for his soul. Going by that tale, it is not a far flight of fancy to contemplate the possibility that Rock n Roll’s satanic founding is what makes the stuff you hear on the radio approved music. Purely by coincidence no doubt, Johnson also happens to be a member of the 27 club.

Yet if there is approved music, then there has to be the possibility of there being, at least in concept, non-approved music, or Forbidden Songs, that has a very different effect on the listener than rock music’s temporary intoxication. (I once asked if there is there transcendence in intoxication. Suburban_elk said, “Yes but it’s temporary and it comes at a cost.” Apropos opiate music).

Disclaimer, I am not going to provide examples of any such songs. I can’t even definitively say what effect such music would have on listeners or how it would be written and performed. We can say with confidence, though, that this Forbidden Music is authentic to our spirit and through that quality, it somehow threatens the globalist order. But I will look at examples of music that might come close.

One category of such music is military marching songs that either in their time were banned by an occupying regime, or are presently so. For example, Greece’s Golden Dawn hymns, Poland’s “Rota/The Oath” and Germany’s “Erika.” They stir the warrior spirit but their limitation, here and now, is that they are tied to a remote historic period. Their spirit lives forever but playing them on YouTube instead of singing them with your comrades as you form ranks is like a visit to a museum.

My Christmastime blog post about the song Little Drummer Boy came close to identifying examples of an authentic expressions of our spirit through Forbidden Song. I linked to several performances there, among them the New Zealand children’s rendition that flashed up intimations of a great new generation. Also under that blog post, Greginaurora makes an observation about the Norwegian spirit in their creative interpretation of Little Drummer Boy:

The Norway version, I saw something else at 2:50: the rest of the video is traditional dress in a rugged land. That spot is an overlay of globohomo multiculti in city clothes playing refined instruments, injecting a moment of discord into the song. The overlay is somewhere indoors, implying distant control over the rugged lands on display with the overlay. It’s slightly unpleasant, especially the oriental mixed in with what are otherwise all Norwegians. Something suggestive of darkness. Sinister.

Then the chorus wipes that away. All of the singers in the video are now standing as a front. The discord and suggestion of sinister darkness are forgotten, replaced with beauty, family, tradition, and nation.

Another expression of native European spirit, this one from Iceland. There are signs of ekstasis on those men’s faces. You must be Scandinavian to truly get it:

And then, a song from Russia. It intensifies with the progressing addition of the instruments at approximately one-minute increments, such as at 2:15. As goes the video, that scene at the mirror is a showstopper.

What the Russian song and the Icelandic “song” above have in common, along with the Norwegian and the New Zealand renditions of The Little Drummer Boy, is that you are stronger, rather than weaker, after listening to them. They have a folkish element that uncovers your ancestral landscape.

Game and “Be Yourself”

The dramatis personae are Will and Burke, not their real names. They are opposite of each other like night and day. This isn’t to show one as right and the other as wrong. The point is a study of the old advice “Be Yourself.” That advice was recalled with resentment by many Game/Red Pill blog commenters because to them, “be yourself” came from the place of well-intentioned Blue Pilled older people’s advice that was useless in the new world of unleashed female hypergamy.

“Be yourself” meant “keep on with your Blue Pill lies”. So if you want to timidly hand a sappy love poem to a girl you like, just do it. The old advice was flipped by Red Pill commenters into “be your best-self,” and from there Red Pill-based self improvement commenced.

“To thine own self be true” — it means, as an ideal, that you be who you are. Subtractive Game means that you unlearn bad habits, discard stuff that’s incongruent with your nature, that you practice self-discipline, you know who you are. Timeless values. I do not believe in Additive Game and perhaps Sentient and I disagree solely on the level of semantics. In my usage, learning facts and tactics is not additive; attempting to transform yourself into something you aren’t is an attempt at Additive Game. And as noted earlier, the effective study of game is a subtractive process, not an additive process.

Fake It till You Make it is also additive if you’re trying to practice behavior that’s not part of your innate character, and it doesn’t work if you are trying to make yourself something you individually aren’t designed to be. There wasn’t a single word that nailed down the Gamma Male until Vox Day’s sociosexual hierarchy (SSH), though people had been aware of the phenomenon going back to the Old Testament, with the Book of Proverbs calling him “fool.” Another word that people used for the Gamma Male is “phony.” I’m sure each of you knows that guy with the superficial Alpha qualities whom no one takes seriously because he’s a puffed-up, belligerent phony.

Additive Game turns Deltas into Gammas. “Be your best-self” for that Delta means “work with what you’ve got.” And that’s essentially a subtractive development.

[As an aside, here is my respectful disagreement with Plumpjack: the “beta male patriarchy” is who we are, and yes, that includes brother-wars. Trying to be something different would be inauthentic and a disaster. I don’t want any more brother-wars but I believe they will never end. I only therefore hope for no more brother-atrocities and no more industrial scale total wars fomented by The People of The Lie. War is hell, but war is also glory. “Make love not war” is rabbit life.]

So here is the illustration involving Will and Burke. At the time, about a decade ago, Will was in his late twenties, Burke was almost forty. Will is a Sigma, Burke is a lower Delta. Will is an ambitious risk-taker, Burke is an ordinary guy insofar as SSH qualities go. Burke does have one extraordinary quality relevant to the SSH: a rock-solid frame. He can’t be cajoled into anything or socially intimidated. He has his ways and it’s up to others to deal with those ways. Both are good men but they are very different from each other.

Will is well-read in Game/PUA literature. In fact, he first introduced me to this stuff in the early 2000s. This was before Chateau Heartiste. What he directed me to, was Doc Love. For my part, that was my first and lasting Red Pill learning. Doc Love’s lesson was simple. It’s to practice the three C’s: Be a Challenge, Be Confident, Be Self-Controlled. Everything I learned after that, I assimilated into that schema.

Later such formulae, like Dynamic Passionate Authentic — those are good as far as theory and observation goes, but the first two (Dynamic and Passionate) are something you either are or you aren’t. You can’t become those things if you aren’t. Except Authentic, which is simply “be your best-self.” On the other hand, Doc Love’s Three C’s are things you attain through subtractive practice: lose your supplication, lose your self sabotage, lose your enthrallment to the seven deadly sins.

Will had a pretty girlfriend. He later had more pretty girlfriends. He is good with women. Burke is a regular guy, a lower Delta, but one with a rock-hard frame. He hadn’t had any girlfriends in his youth, he’s doing fine now. He started doing better with women in his late thirties, and scored himself a hottie at one point. Fell head-over-heels in love with her during the period when she was his girlfriend. I instantly saw the warning lights in his behavior. Too eager to please, way too doting on her. Way too loving, you could say. I was telling him to dial it down or he’ll lose her. They never listen.

Maybe women want that kind of treatment when hypergamy is caged. But not when it’s running wild.

Virtuous women create indulgent men
Indulgent men create troublesome women
Troublesome women create pimp-handed men
Pimp-handed men create virtuous women

He lost her and took it hard. He and I were at the gym, doing freeweights, and he was despondent. He said “she’s special.” I told him “she’s not special.” So he asked me, how can I believe in love as a married man, when love is just another form of oneitis, just like the one he got burned on.

I told him that no woman is special, except the one that loves you. If she no longer does or never did, then she no longer is special or never was.

Will and Burke, as casual friends, get along great albeit with some personality friction. Will’s commanding charisma vs Burke’s bullish frame. One time we were all hanging out and Will started busting Burke’s balls, and getting Game’ish about it. Burke would have none of it. He trumped Will’s Dynamic Charisma with his own Artless Frame. He looked at Will with the look of a horned beast that is no longer amused and said with a wry grin: “Dude, fuck off with your Cocky-Funny. Do that to a chick, not me. Do I look like a chick to you, motherfucker?”

This blog post is a continuation of an excellent comments thread under PUA Reevaluated.

PUA Reevaluated

PUA is going through a reevaluation. One reason is that its revolutionary generation of writers and promoters — almost exclusively GenX — has aged out of it. Another is that the scene is not as target-rich as it was in our youth. One former PUA blogger, very recently and at his tail end of that career, observed that when he started out, he looked for pretty faces amidst the many shapely girls at clubs. Three or so years ago there was no longer such abundance; just finding a girl who isn’t chunky became rare. Nonwhite female influx too changed the scene. Chubby southasianettes strike one as the plurality of any given college’s female population. Some ageing alphas speak loudly of banging young nonwhite women but I consider that to be wrong on a number of levels.

The third reason is a larger culture change. Frivolous era is giving way way to heroic era. Trad life is aspirational for the younger Millennials and older Zoomers. Well known are also PUAs who then experienced that which almost certainly is a sincere conversion to Christianity.

Much of the early, Mystery Method stuff that people poke fun at now — feather boas and eyeliner — was particular to its time and place. As Heartiste very recently noted, that was the late 90s/early 2000s Los Angeles club scene. Yet what came out of the PUA sphere is too big and complex to get into now, but essentially it was the Red Pill which led to truth.

One interesting thread I pick up on from former PUAs who are now Christian is the idea that women don’t have to be Gamed. Now that is a bombshell, and I am not saying this in disagreement. I do agree that success with women, properly understood, does not require Game. What does that mean? Wasn’t this a blue pill cuck churchian talking-point that many — including me in my commenting career — once took a flamethrower to? Well, it means two things.

One: as long as you make an idol of woman, you are her slave. Even if the manner in which you idolize her is “tight game” and bangs. Two: the blue pilled cuck churchians made the same idol of woman that PUAs made. The difference is that the “tight game” idolaters assume a woman’s animal nature and cuck-churchians assume a woman’s sinless nature. Both views are in conflict with the truth.

UPDATE: This is further elaborated on in the comments.

UPDATE 2: Here is an excellent analysis of the evolution of PUA into a pillar of the AltRight.