The Spirits In Prison

“For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit: By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison” (1 Peter 3:18-19).

It’s not inconsistent with Christianity to regard pagan deities as quite real. They were demons and amoral daemons of this world, driven out by the resurrection of Jesus. Also maybe benevolent spirits that were no longer needed after Christ. It’s not the fear of thunder that made 140-IQ Greeks “make up” Zeus and burn choice meat to him. It was encounters with spirits that called themselves Zeus, Athena and Apollo, who had the powers of demigods.

Very much on that subject, Saturn has a perfectly-hexagonal storm formation centered on its north pole. It was discovered by the Voyager mission in 1981 and most recently photographed in real color by Cassini in 2016. The article I link to just below makes a case for Saturn’s core being this prison that’s referenced in 1 Peter 3, inside which fallen angels are locked. Further, the author shows how the real purpose of the Large Hadron Collider project is to free them and bring them to Earth.

He connects this with globalists’ occult symbolism, along with the practices of major non-Christian religions. Remember the creepy, demonic spectacle at the Gotthard base tunnel in Switzerland in 2016, which was attended by top European dignitaries?

This article make a case for all of that. The first part explicates Biblical verses to clarify the background. He gets into the technical aspects of his thesis after the header “Will CERN open the gateway to the bottomless pit? The evidence.” There is a lot more. An excerpt of his conclusion:

If the real purpose of the CERN project is to discover how the alleged “big bang” occurred, then what is an occult writing such as this doing on display for all to see? …

These occult practices extend all the way down the line in every area of the sciences whether you are talking about DNA or hard physics.  At the very heart of the Hadron Collider we have occult practices and symbolism.  When one looks at the shape of the detectors in the Hadron Collider, one will see the hexagonal and octagonal shape of these structures.  These detectors, no doubt, send replications out to the northern pole of Saturn in the hexagonal shape.  We can see here that the scientific and mathematical aspect are tied directly into the occult.  In fact, in the world of the Luciferic occultism, the word “key” is often used in finding the ultimate knowledge and communication with the “other side.” …

The official narrative from CERN is not what the machine was designed for, nor is it what the machine has been used for since it’s inception.  It is fascinating and quite telling that these scientists continue to throw these occultic themes, such as Shiva and CERN’s location, in our face without being willing to admit to anyone that they mean anything of ominous or unusual significance.  Instead, what we get is the sugar-coated and publicly consumable propaganda of their true intentions.  There are the leaders that are behind this whole project that are up to something extremely sinister.

… Not only is it very advanced scientific knowledge, but it is also forbidden knowledge.  It is knowledge that has been gained by accessing the fallen ones … a.k.a. the fallen angels and/or demonic entities.  This seems to be what CERN itself is doing to gain scientific advancement.

It is safe to say that we now have an actual picture of the place where the Biblical fallen angels are imprisoned, put there by God Almighty himself.  There can be no doubt that we are talking about the Northern Pole of Saturn itself and that CERN fully intends to unlock this gloomy, frightening place.  If one thinks that there is a massive Hexagon on the northern pole of that planet purely by coincidence only and akin to seeing shapes in the clouds that look like objects such as we do here on Earth is fooling themselves.  It is an obvious and intentional design from a higher power.  That much is obvious.  It is only in our day with modern technology are we able to actually see a glimpse of that fearful place and what it looks like on the surface according to God’s design.  It should spark a flame of wonder in the hearts of all who see it, while at the same time, causing a pang of fear and concern for those who deny the reality and warning of scripture … to reconsider their stance and standing with God before it is too late.

One does certain things right during his life, maybe drops ball on some other things. As long as you and yours are believing Christians, you’re doing the most important thing right. page about Saturn’s north pole.


The Spiral of Communism

Communism is a parasite-borne infection. It is delivered by guests who pour accelerant on the host-nation’s self-destructive impulses and inhibitor on its self-corrective behavior. The four stages of this infection:

  1. Revolutionary Terror – destruction
  2. Strongman Terror – intervention
  3. National Socialism – recovery
  4. Usury Capitalism – looting

The cycle spirals back to Stage 1 unless the afflicted nation either perishes, or it extricates itself from that cycle. The four stages as seen in modern history:

1. Revolutionary Terror

  • Examples: French Revolution, Bela Kun’s Hungary, Bolshevik Russia (Lenin), Holodomor, Che Guevara, United States since 2001, Western Europe since 2015
  • Natalism: Dysgenic by design
  • Object of Worship: Depravity
  • Motto: “Equality”

Human nature tends toward the accumulation of power, the accumulation of power tends toward the consolidation of power, the consolidation of power liberates the victors’ will-to-sadism. When the aforementioned power is seized by the eternal Gamma Personality, you get revolutionary terror.

The abuses of revolutionary communists are restrained only by structural dampeners in the afflicted society. The viciousness of early Soviet Cheka was limitless. In the contemporary West there is the undisguised population replacement, anarcho-tyranny in criminal justice and economics, and drag queen story hour. Because Revolutionary Terror lacks any mechanism for self-correction, the pitch of depravity makes the country unstable and opens the door for someone or something to arrest the spiral of degeneracy.

2. Strongman Terror

  • Examples: Joseph Stalin, North Korea, to some extent Napoleon and Hitler
  • Natalism: Eugenic by accident
  • Object of Worship: The Leader
  • Motto: “Duty”

The strongman’s terror is not revolutionary or sadistic, but ruthlessly practical in keeping a lid on popular uprisings and liquidating the leader’s rivals, individuals as well as entire categories of people. When the Soviet Union was invaded in 1941, Stalin needed a regenerate people to defend the country so he oriented the official culture of Marxist materialism toward populist hypermasculinity. Strongman reigns of terror are associated with stirring anthems, sociorealist art and brutalist architecture.

This stage of Communism is held together by a cult of personality, collapsing with the passing of its great leader. Any similarly strong successors will have been eliminated by the strongman as potential rivals, leaving only bureaucrats to lead the state after he dies. His successors endeavor to continue the communist system, but with a “human face.” Which leads to…

3. National Socialism

  • Examples: “Free-healthcare Cuba,” USSR Khrushchev through Gorbachev, Warsaw Pact countries 1954 – 1989
  • Natalism: Eugenic by design
  • Object of Worship: The State
  • Motto: “Socialism with a Human Face”

The thaw that follows the Strongman Terror stage brings on the flowering of cultural life, in part through state sponsorship of human endeavors, and in part as artistic expression of dissent. The class immobility that goes with the suppressed economic market, along with the social stability that follows the two previous stages of the regime, creates a rise in birth rates.

The state, now run by a generation of Communists who reject both the anarcho-tyranny of the first stage and tyranny of the second stage, has a lot going for it. But the authoritarian nature of the political system chafes the spirit of its talented fraction and of its energetic youth. It can’t compete with the siren song of Stage 4, which is why 1989 happened.

4. Usury Capitalism

  • Examples: United States 1954 – 1990, Russia under Yeltsin and the oligarchs, Western Europe 1948 – 2015, Eastern Europe 1990 – 2015
  • Natalism: Dysgenic by accident
  • Object of Worship: Money
  • Motto: “Freedom”

The oligarchs under Yeltsin were looting a Russia that had just collapsed, while post-war America had a seemingly inexhaustible reserve of goods to burn through during the Cold War. This is why the American people submitted to Civil Rights and all of the other losses of liberty that followed. But both in Russia and America under usury capitalism, well-positioned Jews and homegrown opportunists were burning through the public good for private gain.

What is a public good? Short answer: anything that can be sold. The long answer: everything that makes life worth living — honor, liberty, culture, family, landscape, for starters. That patch of woods where red cardinals nest, which can be flipped into multifamily housing. Families, mothers… meh. Usury capitalism needs its nonrenewable resource — the wombs and youth of its best people — to feed the GDP instead.

Usury capitalism says that high art is unprofitable, so in 1993 former violinists at the Soviet academy of music played for coins at Berlin subway stations. Art under this regime is pointlessly experimental and degenerate on one end, tailored to imbeciles on the other end. Births fall because class-instability delays marriage and causes anxiety about the future. Usury capitalism also lacks a mechanism for self-correction, or a check on the consolidation of power. Therefore, cannibalistic capitalism turns into Revolutionary Terror…

… or the spiral of communism is broken

A return to traditional nationalism under God, at least for a generation or two. We see a peoples’ will to rip their destiny from from the spiral of communism in the normal countries of Eastern Europe, in Putin’s Russia, in the aspirational vision of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. And really worldwide, we see a popular rejection of the twin evils communism and capitalism, same thing.

The Hipster Still Doesn’t Hate

What will it take?

Bernie Bro: “B-b-but… free healthcare and free college!”

Blacks: “That shit is already free nigga.”

I saw that on Gab. Also this:

“The struggle is real. What White shitlibs don’t get about blacks is that blacks like socialism…for themselves. They don’t like socialism that benefits everybody. If it’s Sanders gibs for all Americans vs Biden gibs for da communitaaaaah, Biden wins.”

And a number of responses, including:

“here’s the fundamental divide between the committed young white Bernie enthusiast and the average black they’re trying to convert: the blacks in america already have everything these young whites are fighting for. they already get it, for free, and they have for decades. The Berners are simply not understanding this.”

“Excellent point and a great rhetorical wedge to use on the Bernie Bros. Yeah, sorry. No, they’re not gonna vote for your guy. They don’t want YOU to have shit. You’re white. You’re the wallet, dude.”

There comes a point when affirming Diversity is simply Stockholm Syndrome. It can also be a case of “old habits die hard.” Liberal coalitions are one of those old habits.

A Question About The Showdown On The Greek Frontier

Do they want them or do they not want them? They is Western European governments and European Commission officials; them is non-European migrants.

The responsible European state actors have been apprehensive on open-floodgates scenarios, going back a long time. On the other hand, these same governments oppress their own people in favor of the immigrants. It also appears to me that most of the shipping of migrants to Europe is carried out by non-state actors such as NGOs that are sponsored by Soros and the American deep state.

Meanwhile, the government of Greece, which to my understanding cooperates with the EU’s slow-boil population replacement of the Europeans, has in fact closed the border, militarized it, and is taking aggressive measures short of deadly force at this time to keep out the thousands of migrants amassed on its border with Turkey.

Imagine the West snapping out of its hypnosis. The people are already there, their governments are lagging. Deadly force comes next. However the showdown on the Greek frontier goes, neoliberalism is dying, another ethos is taking its place. I haven’t much to add that’s original on this subject. Certainly at the forefront of my thoughts is my good will toward the Greek people who again are our front-line defenders. Χρυσή Αυγή!

RT-dot-com and other sources via Vox Popoli and other sites, along with links at the Daily Stormer, are good places to glean bits of news from the Greek-migrant showdown. Also tweets at BasedPoland. These are today’s posts there, each with a photo or a short video:

“There isn’t enough space on the free busses and trains organized by Erdogan for the tens of thousands of migrants that have been sent to the Greek border so more and more migrants appear at the border by… Taxi.” — update: just added

“Greek coast guard films the Turkish coast guard helping a migrant dinghy across the sea into Greek territorial waters.”

“Migrants cheer as Turkish border guards join them and start shooting tear gas cannisters at the Greek border guards. Unacceptable behavior by Turkish authorities. All EU states must send help to Greece!”

“The scale of Erdogan’s operation against Greece is huge. Tens of thousands of migrants have been bussed to the border & constantly attack Greek border guards in their attempts to storm the border, march through the Balkans & reach Germany.”

“Greek border guards and military fire warning shots against the migrants, protecting the sovereignty Greece and the country’s borders. Can’t tell whether it’s rubber bullets or live fire.”

“Greece is now sending army units with Lockheed C-160 Hercules planes to the city of Alexandroupolis near Evros on Greece’s border with Turkey to reinforce the border guards against the migrant wave pressing on its borders. Thank you Greece, you are protecting all of Europe!”

“German journalists Julian Busch & Franziska Grillmeier get attacked by local vigilantes on the island of Lesbos. The masked locals throw rocks at their car. Looks like it’s becoming dangerous to be a German journalist in Lesbos. The other day a German photographer got beaten up.”

“Greek border guard films his work conditions on the frontline against the thousands of migrants trying to storm the Greek border Notice the constant “Allahu Ahkbar” – yelling as they keep throwing bricks, rocks and bottles at the border guards.”

“Greek farmers are showing in their tractors in their hundreds along the border to help the army, police and border guards to catch any migrants sneaking through the countryside. You can always count on the patriotism of farmers!”

Picture last night of Greek military posing with a Greek flag at the borders in Evros in Greece, protecting their borders with proud. Proud Greek soldiers protecting their nation & its sovereignty The situation is similar in many parts of the continent Politicians, journalists, financial elites, lawyers and so on are all globalists but policemen and soldiers are patriots. Just look at their voting preferences.”

“Migrants in Greece aren’t helping their case by vandalizing Greek Orthodox churches. This church on Lesbos & its Holy Icons where vandalized by Arabic (judging by the Arabic graffiti) migrants, most likely from the infamous Moria camp.”

“The Greek Coast Guard is acting with much more aggression & confidence than I have seen in them before. They are taking the migration challenge seriously. This vid was recorded this morning. In it, the Coast Guard shoots warning shots at the migrants & blocks their way to Greece.”

Also, from comments at Vox Popoli:

“Note that, even in RT, the immigrants are ‘desperately waiting’ rather than just waiting. They need to evoke our sympathy for the trick to work. I’m yet to see any Greeks described as desperately defending their homes.”