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“We are at the end of a long Enlightenment era and reacquiring an awareness of the existence of hidden things. There are angels and there are demons. Your life, here and beyond, is determined by whom you serve. The course of history has always been driven by human communion with those beings, and there are classes of people who have always known that.” — from among the past 100

A note I repeat on these 100th-interval occasions: I read every comment that is posted here closely, no skimming-over. I learn from you. Thank you for reading, commenting and linking.

Best seven of the past 100:

An Odyssey. A huge number of people read this one. It builds up to a final paragraph that resonated with them.

The Slow Dance. In that study:

Remember back in high school, the slow song came on and you’d take a girl to the dance floor. You hold her around her waist. She wraps her arms around your neck if she likes you. Then you sway with the ballad. What kind of a boy doesn’t pop wood and awkwardly keep it from touching her as his thighs rub against hers, crisp wool trousers against her silky dress.

Everyone has his allotted life force… But the age-cliff hits healthy men fast. In ten years he might be feeble, with a sunken face and vacant eyes. Life is a slow dance.

The Spiral of Communism. This analysis isolates the four stages of value-extractors’ modus operandi. Read this and understand history as well as your own country’s trajectory better.

Human nature tends toward the accumulation of power, the accumulation of power tends toward the consolidation of power, the consolidation of power liberates the victors’ will-to-sadism.

Is there Transcendence in Intoxication” is the best account of a buzz you’ll read. So, is there transcendence in intoxication? Suburban_elk once gave the best answer: “Yes but it’s temporary and it comes at a cost.”

Idle Thoughts On “Little Drummer Boy.” Music posts bring on the best comments and this one didn’t fail. From Norway to New Zealand, we are alive.

The magic moment that begins at 1:50 defines our destiny. The two young White boys against the world. The martial drum and bagpipe, the girl chorus backing them faithfully.

The Generation X Split. ~1960-1972 and 1973-1980 births.

The arc of life, young edition. Two strings of thought. One:

See yourself perhaps many decades from now, a barely-breathing shell. One final flicker of animation in the physical medium of your mind before you pass to the next world. What will that last vision be for you?

And two:

 There is so much talent, and so much inexhaustible beauty wherever our people are, especially in the heartland [Ohio in this case]. The protective instinct is powerful when mobilized by historic developments.

Bonus — best featured video: 

Two Scenes From Italian Beaches. The counterpoint to the conclusion of La dolce vita. Open thread.

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  2. “Is there Transcendence in Intoxication” is the best account of a buzz you’ll read. So, is there transcendence in intoxication? Suburban_elk once gave the best answer: “Yes but it’s temporary and it comes at a cost.”

    What’s funny is now the alcohol stores are open on Sunday. Back when that woulda been helpful to me, they were closed on Sundays. In this state of MN, the laws re that were changed, for in order for the Super Bowl to be hosted here back whenever that was, a few years ago.

    Re-watched Gladiator last night, the director’s cut which is now going around. It’s still an excellent movie. Best Iron Age fight scenes, that I know of, for sure. That woulda sucked to get your arm cut off, then though. Woulda you have wanted to go on living, in that situation?

    It always is a reality check, to consider how much suffering, has gone into creating this moment here and now, including in the person of you.

    Life is Suffering is an awful cliche. I know I am sorry. But it’s not meant to be a black pill. It’s actually better understood, as the nature of life struggling against its constraints. Here is a good random quote from ZMan: “Black people love display items. It is a good bet that masks and other gear get Africanized as fashion accessories.”

  3. It’s the first really nice day of spring here. Unfortunately recovering from a migraine that came on in the night, but managed to spend some time out-of-doors. Luckily we live in a rural area where it’s possible to go out and more or less forget that masses of people are on lockdown.

    Have you ever, while watching your children play, experienced that ethereal feeling that resembles, however faintly, what God must feel towards us? I don’t adequately know how to describe it – a detached, surreal, almost derealized sensation, where you feel “outside” time, provoking deep thoughts about the real meaning of life, of children, whether you’re Living the Right Way. I don’t know, the air just seems to be spiritually charged these days.


    No, I never “slow danced” with anyone (seems kinda gross tbh). I disagree with the tenor of that excerpt; I found that life began at 30 and it’s really only been uphill from there. As a matter of fact I did have the experience once, roundabout the age of 30, of having a woman “like” me for a few days, and subsequently got very cold indeed when (as I think) she discovered that I was already married. (I was not leading her on, it was just a thing that happened.) I only mention it because she was second-generation Polish, so it occurred to me. I find that women often don’t know how to take a man who is genuinely “nice” but not trying to sleep with her.

  4. I was talking to my liberal mother today. We were talking about the coronavirus. She said in an offhand comment about she is not quite sure she can trust the media since they are biased. She doesn’t know what to believe anymore. This is not something she would have said even a year ago. It’s kind of interesting how even liberals are questioning what they hear now.

  5. SJ & greginaurora: nice comments.

    PA: congrats on the 600! THIS IS POLSKA!

    I’m in good spirits just now as I fixed an old iPhone. I damaged the earpiece but it’s not a phone I need and was using it for practice to fix my mother’s. Months earlier I had replaced the battery that kept dying on me and after replacing that, the screen went out because I sat on it, forgetting it was in my back pocket. I thought it had crapped the whole phone out but in thinking on it, after learning about my mom’s phone, I figured I could fix mine as practice and if it works, great, I have an extra phone.

    Hope everyone is having a great day. The sun’s finally out after what I was calling ominous clouds and rain. Makes for a miserable day, especially when it’s sporadic.

  6. Lara: even aggregate polls are showing that Trump’s favorability is greater than that of the media. The MSM is complaining that they shouldn’t show the task force updates anymore because people are getting an idea of Trump that they hadn’t had before. They’re realizing he’s nowhere near how the MSM has been trying to portray him.

  7. — Life is Suffering is an awful cliche. I know I am sorry. But it’s not meant to be a black pill. It’s actually better understood, as the nature of life struggling against its constraints.

    This is what black pillers forget. The honest ones who are afraid, not the disingenuous shills who want to demoralize us [notice how they go for the same effect.]

    The disohonest shills, I can tell them easily. A lot of tells, a lot of things in their style gives them away. But the honest black pillers, they are afraid and they are in some cases going Full-Hudson.

    You also get a subset of gamma Smart Boys in that group, whose self-image as fearlessly staring the cold facts in the eyes is important to them. Those are really annoying by their presumptuousness in that the rest of us are polyannas; no, we know the score but we just don’t want to play Doomer Nostradumbass. On rare occasion, I felt a flash of homicidal malice toward that type of an individual. They are people who think that they have figured it all out ahead of the rest of us. In that regard, they are not much different than the pussyhatter who thinks you’re blind to reality while in fact what she sees is a minuscule fraction of what you already see, and then you see things that are beyond her understanding.

    There is one other type of an honest black piller — the newb, who just got red pilled. I went through that phase circa 2003, when I started reading AmRen. When you’re a newb though, you want to listen more, talk less. It’s a shock to figure out how certain things work but you’ll learn that the ultimate truth is Good. I see this every day. I saw this every day when life wasn’t going my way.

    That’s the gist of what I liked in Elk’s point. Life is not easy, civilization is not easy, history is not easy, securing the future is not easy. It’s never supposed to have been easy. It’s supposed to be a struggle.

    It’s also supposed to be Good, like S.J. writes:

    — Have you ever, while watching your children play, experienced that ethereal feeling that resembles, however faintly, what God must feel towards us? I don’t adequately know how to describe it – a detached, surreal, almost derealized sensation, where you feel “outside” time, provoking deep thoughts about the real meaning of life, of children, whether you’re Living the Right Way. I don’t know, the air just seems to be spiritually charged these days.

    Purists, idealists, extremists such as we here don’t always get everything we want. But sometimes we get more and better than we dared to dream.

  8. Here’s something else, I don’t remember if we ever discussed this on the blog before:

    I once read the back cover of a book, I was not at a point in my journey to want to read the book, but it was along the lines of “a Christian view on life past 40”. Well, I would be interested in reading it now.

    When you reach the age of 40 and discover you’ve accomplished everything you thought you wanted as a youth – what then? What IS the meaning of life past 40? Very interesting that whatever the challenges of youth, these questions are much easier. “Get married, get a good job, have children.” Etc. What do you do when you wake up and discover you’ve achieved all those things?

    Some would say the answer is: there is no purpose past 40 (or 50, whatever). Die, Boomer.

    Some react to the purposelessness with a mid-life crisis: divorce, trophy wife, cocaine, whatever.

    I am finding that the only way to avoid middle-aged despair is to grasp that God has a purpose for each of us, usually involving leadership towards the next generation.

  9. — I am finding that the only way to avoid middle-aged despair is to grasp that God has a purpose for each of us, usually involving leadership towards the next generation.

    Glad you brought that up. Novelty, achievement and accomplishment do lose their importance past 40. If you were ambitious as a young man, you might be happy to accept that your career has now hit a plateau. Maybe, maybe not. It really does become more about your legacy and leadership toward the next generation. If you don’t have children, you might find other venues to satisfy that drive. We all want to share our story with kinsmen’s stories, add it to the cultural collective in some way.

    You start to pay attention to your health. I used to go balls-to-the-wall at the gym in my late 30s thru mid forties. High-rep high-weight sets, extreme legwork. But then your body tells you that maybe your knees or your right shoulder doesn’t welcome such loads. I quit the gym membership two years ago and now have a simple bench in my backyard work shed and some weights. I recently went for a personal record 100 reps on the bench press, low weight. My son was there to cheer me on once I got close to 100. At 92 reps, I started doubting that I can make it to one hundred. It was sheer will of mind, plus his “come on dad! you can do it!” that got me to 100.

  10. Congrats, I’ve also found you through the Chateau Heartiste. Thanks for all of your work. It really helps to let off some steam while reading your posts. It’s almost like a red pill therapy from this pozzed world haha

  11. When you reach the age of 40 and discover you’ve accomplished everything you thought you wanted as a youth – what then? What IS the meaning of life past 40? Very interesting that whatever the challenges of youth, these questions are much easier. “Get married, get a good job, have children.” Etc. What do you do when you wake up and discover you’ve achieved all those things?

    I was such a confused young person, and all my dreams and goals were undefined and seemed impossible. Whatever they might have been, they were not reached.

    Only in the past year or two really, have I been able to work at life goals that matter something. There still may be some time.

    My conscience is clear, re things that I have done, and for that matter, haven’t done. I used to beat myself up for not having done this or that. Now that seems really irrelevant. And in fact, it’s a mental trap, of sorts, or at least it was for me. As in feeling bad about what I didn’t do then, was actually an excuse for not doing something pro-active today.

    Most of those thoughts though were actually in regards to women and sex, and about the problems and difficulties therewith. It is what it is.

    That forum, incels.co, which I have only spent a couple evenings, like literally two, lurking, has been something of a revelation. Those are some miserable posters, with their definitive black pill. But it puts some problems in perspective. Literally dick size problems, and jaw strength problems. They have a lengthy list of categories, devoted to the various “cels” which include but are not limited to

    dickcel — having a less than avg dick; see for example Russell Brand
    wristcel — having a gracile build with a thin wrist
    chincel, jawcel — again, a gracile build
    mentalcel — mental illness
    awkwardcel — borderline social problems
    gaycel — no just kidding; I haven’t seen that one
    oldcel — eventually, you’re just old

    Also though on their board was some good lingo about the life arc: the one that never came to be. The classic meme to that is of course Failure to Launch, which was the movie with — get this — Matt McConaughey and Sarah Parker; another pat descriptive phrase for that same thing is “a nobody” or better yet “a never-was.”

    But on that board they have quite a built up, descriptive and I daresay poetic vocabulary for it; which at the moment I can’t recall. Just as well, right?

    The lengthy point being, that your success or failure is something best not get mired in. Your life is yours to bear up. That’s the real pill of it. That’s the lesson. It’s not original of course, it’s the classic Epictetus, of the Stoics.

  12. Ramzpaul wept: and I groan as well. Another month of amazon prison planet.

    What the hell do people do if their microwave breaks in all this? Think of the practicalities, ma cherie: what shoe store packs ’em in like sardines like the grocery story when the grocery store is the Old West General Store? And Lord knows my walking routine could use a kick up: it’s either stick to the Flower Road which has now become the hornet road, or try to power-loafer it about through dog shit greenway.

    And I haven’t seen Library Chick all week. From a sign out it seems some municipal authority has commandeered the library for their own purposes, but how the hell does THAT work? Didn’t they have their own offices before?

    God knows how many little Antichrist technocrat dreams are striving to come to fruition in all this. Checkless payment, de facto martial law, Andrew Cuomo for President. The sunny-side-up take would be that high stress turns people to religion. But then, Trump needs to stop shilling for fag rights in Africant.

    Memento mori of the pre-Sunday week: getting a sunburn on my scalp because just because you don’t think you look bald up there in the mirror doesn’t mean you aren’t.

    Memento mori of the day: Napoleon supposedly told Metternich, “What are the deaths of 100,000 men to me!” Take note, Trump! (that, and the plaguehouse of Jaffa as well)

  13. My build is medium. To use the phrase from the Old West: barely medium-sized. So I understand the resentment they have (on that board) of bigger, stronger men. It seems sometimes like life would be easier, for them.

    I think it’s an undeniable trend, that as soon as people come down from the hinterlands, and stop working on the farm, they very quickly select out and become more slight of build. More gracile of phenoype.

    In terms of selective group fitness the more gracile phenotype is advantageous, in conditions that we now live in. For starters, it doesn’t need as much protein. And that just is the obv thing. Being less aggressive, and more willing to smile sincerely, and yes submissively, as necessary, in order for cooperation. These things are helpful on a group level, under the conditions that we have been living, or rather the conditions toward which have been trending, for quite awhile. But now the conditions under which we will be evolving, no one can say, and the women sense it.

    My browser crashed and I lost my thoughts..

    Oh yeah, what’s-his-name, Survive the Jive posted on his twitter a picture of Jack Palance, the tough guy movie star who recently died? Palance of the comic book jaw, was Ukrainian and StJ says he was top example of the Bronze Age steppe phenotype. They don’t make em like that, so much anymore.

    So he gets favored in terms of sex selection as a movie star, but in terms of group selection, too much of his type woulda been a liability.

    / these are NOT cope posts; they are fairly evident observations

  14. What the hell do people do if their microwave breaks in all this?

    Well, round here Wally world is still open.

    Ha, ha, I only comment on this because our microwave literally did break like the week before this all went down, and I popped out lickety-split to get a new one before I couldn’t.

    It was 6 months old too.

  15. This whole thing is showing me the importance of having doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. who are on our side (like SJ Esquire). There was a somewhat pro white female doctor over on Chuck’s blog years ago. However, she had some real hang ups with men and their preference for younger women. I’m not sure I would entirely trust her.

  16. @Lara – almost never are doctors thought leaders on these issues. Social striving is the sine qua non of medicine; you are talking about people who have spent decades mouthing whatever they think they need to say in order to get where they want.

    Moreover – and moving into a larger discussion of social class – most of them come from upper-middle-class backgrounds in the first place. It’s almost impossible to get anyone who grew up in the UMC fairytale to understand anything. I have cousins with doctor parents; I’m very fond of them, they’re very nice, and very clueless about how life works for most of the world.

    There are ethical issues at play too that can muddy one’s thinking: to me pro-life means pro-life, and that means that, as generally pro-Euro as I am, I don’t believe in diminishing the worth of people of other races. (They just don’t belong here.)

  17. @JJ: ha, agreed, but I suppose that Boomers do what they do in a vain and pitiable effort to stave off the meaninglessness of the existence they chose.

  18. I’m sorry to post this hear, but I need somewhere to vent, I’m obviously not getting what I need and this place has been one of the few that has shown me human kindness and understanding over the last several years.

    My daughter (seven), whom I haven’t seen in nearly 14 months for complex reasons was just diagnosed with Covid, which means it’s likely her brother also has it. She got it from her mother who almost certainly got it from a work trip to Brazil in early February. When I found out she was headed to Brazil, I put my phone down and said to my brother – whose apartment floor I now pathetically live on following my divorce – “well, she’s probably going to get Coronavirus.” Amusingly (on a cosmic level) my ex-wife’s refusal to quit working her well remunerated and high-status career to raise our children was the proximate cause for divorce.

    I don’t know why the system’s fragility and frankly massive evil is so obvious to me and so opaque to everyone else, but I’m tired of it. I’m tired of constantly being proven right, again and again and again. Even worse, I’m tired of the reaction people have when I try to help them to get angry at me for being right rather than accept that I have an accurately working model of the world, while everyone else lives in the fog deliberately created for them by Hollywood and the rest of the (((media))) designed to confuse them as to reality. I’m tired of not seeing my children. I’m tired of dreaming about them four or five times a week. I’m tired of still being in love with their mother more than three years later despite the fact that the thought of her makes me physically ill. I’m tired of the only people who could possibly understand me are anonymous and pseudononymous strangers online. I’m tired of the system; I’m tired of the narrative; I’m tired of peoples’ inability to understand that divorce isn’t some sort of sad event, but a massive evil and lifetime trauma whose victims number in the tens of millions that will never fully recover from and which should never have been nor still should not be tolerated. I’m tired of my situation, I’m tired of this quarantine, I’m tired of life, I’m just fucking tired.

    I wish I didn’t have the overwhelming sense of purpose that I was put here to do something, because then I could just die and go home, but alas, I can’t shake it. The only thing I have any ambition for (been living off assets from my former relatively great career for a year now) is burning down this rotten system and pissing on its ashes. But I don’t know how. Very frustrating.

    Like I said, sorry for the rant. I’m typing this up on mobile, so I can’t really edit it meaningfully, so I’m sure it’s rambly and possibly incoherent, but it’s probably better than going out and getting into a fight which is what I really want to do. I hope you are all surrounded by your loved ones and enjoying rediscovering who they are as people during this strange time. Be safe.

  19. Chase,

    I feel your pain and you’re not alone. Always better to vent here and get it out than to let it roost. I’ve had to do this from time to time.

    These trying times test our resolve the Lord. Makes us stronger. Consequently, that makes it harder for others to get on your page.

    I’ll be praying for you and your children. Take care.

  20. A lot of women having been going to work and possibly exposing their families to Covid. It isn’t ideal, but I am still appreciative for nurses, caretakers, grocery store workers, etc. I’m sure your ex feels terrible and is as worried as you are. Right now you both want to see your kids get better as soon as possible. This could be a chance to come together.

  21. @SJ,
    Upper middle class whites tend to find the idea of racial solidarity distasteful. This has been covered ad nauseum in the Alt Right. At the same time, I think working class whites have their own disloyalties. They will often buy the cheapest goods and services. They will also go to non white doctors if that is affordable, convenient and someone who will write prescriptions they want. At least in my area of the country, there seems to be fewer and fewer white doctors and pharmacists. It was always heavily Jewish, but now it is becoming mostly Asian.
    I work with a Korean American medical professional. He has been rather critical of the way the United States has handled the pandemic. He told me South Korea nipped it in the bud because their population is more willing to follow rules. He also considers their health care system far superior to ours. He very likely is right, but there was still part of me that got my back up a little.
    I have seen whites get good care from non whites, but I just don’t believe replacing all our healthcare professionals with people who don’t have much loyalty to us is going to end well.

  22. White people need to realize Asians don’t really look up to them at all. Working class people get it, higher class whites still think they are admired.

  23. Also, I often hear at work what a buffoon Trump is. Of course, I hear the same from liberal whites. Trump is smart. It seems obvious to me.

  24. Chase, I’m sorry man. I just said a prayer for your kids’ health. Glad you reminded us about the evil of divorce.

    One of my best friend’s first wife divorced him for the usual non-reason and screwed up his relationship with his now-young-adult children. He remarried, had kids again, and again, a divorce. He was absolutely not at fault in either case. He’s smart on the c.y.a. front and came out of both materially in reasonably good shape. But he always just wanted to have a family and he can’t stand to see it wrecked twice.

    I agree, divorce ought to be illegal under just about all circumstances. “But what if the guy is an abusi–” STFU. If he is, which is almost always a (((hollywood))) fantasy to begin with, she can get her brother and cousin to step in.

    My friend recently had a routine court date over some minor issue with his second ex. Each party paid close to a thousand dollars for their respective attorneys’ time for that routine court appearance. Almost two thousand dollars that could have gone into a family trip or whatever, instead went into lawyers’ wallets.

    Divorce along with every other modern satanic inversion of what is normal is evil.

    Whatever is going on with the present coronavirus lockdown, it is at its heart a reset. Clownworld has come to a fork in the road, which means that it is not continuing on as before.

  25. White people need to realize Asians don’t really look up to them at all. Working class people get it, higher class whites still think they are admired.

    I give you some grief Lara but you would seem to have a solid perspective on things.

  26. divorce ought to be illegal under just about all circumstances. “But what if the guy is an abusi–” STFU. If he is, which is almost always a (((hollywood))) fantasy to begin with, she can get her brother and cousin to step in.

    Chris Rock had a great bit about the abusive boyfriend. He used by way of example, Bobby Brown and whoever was his bitch. Brown knocked the fuck out of her. Rock pointed out, and this was 25 years ago now, that she probably wasn’t asking to stop by Baskin Robbins and get some ice cream, that lead him to blow his top.

    Richard Spencer had some issues in that regard too.

  27. Camille Paglia in early or mid 90s said it plainly, why there is domestic violence. She said that the wife instigates it because afterwards the sex is hot. “Because the sex is hot!” were her exact words.

    The fiction of a meek, kind weak woman being beaten by a cruel man is simply outside of the experience of Westerners. At least where there is not mental illness or some extreme form of alcoholism involved, but those outlier situations draw a community/family intervention in their own right.

    The basic male instinct is to strike an enemy male with his fist or crude weapon for maximum damage. There is no male instinct that would have a man strike his female-intimate to inflict an injury. When things go too far and there is an injury to the woman, she will have instigated it as part of their dynamic. It takes two to tango.

  28. On a lighter note, your story [mendo] of accidentally breaking your cell phone reminded me of my absurd way of once destroying my own phone. It was a perfectly good LG Stylo.

    One day, it was a hot summer day, I’m leaving home to go to Lowes for something. I have two hands, and three objects: my keys, my phone, and several little pieces of chocolate wrapped in foil that I was going to eat in the car. I needed both arms to shut and lock my front door, so I put the phone in my pants-pocket… and the chocolate too just for a moment, but then forgot that I had put them there. I never eat chocolate. Except that day.

    Did I mention that it was a hot summer day?

    It wasn’t until I parked at Lowes and walked across the parking lot, when I reached into my pocket to get the phone and felt the unholy goo…

    Yeah, the phone was finished. The charger-port and beyond was all filled with chocolate.

  29. @Chase: like others, I will offer a prayer for you tonight, but I have to question this:

    I’m tired of still being in love with their mother more than three years later

    What?! I can hardly even understand what this means. You still “love” the woman who wronged you in so many ways? Why aren’t you able to move past it?

  30. PA, I’ll also add my congrats on your 600th post. I’ve read them all although this is my first comment.

    Thanks for the anecdote about your phone, made me chuckle.

    I’ve just started watching the Decalogue (managed to find it with English subtitles), two episodes so far, looks like a good way to help endure lockdown down here in Oz.

  31. PA thanks for being here and reliable for years now. Still here and I appreciate it. Thanks for your recent ngtv attntn post; not having a father means some things that are basic and intuitive for some people need pointing out well into adulthood. (Yes embarrassed to admit I found that model useful but that’s what anonymity is for. It’s called growth.) U have good shite.

    1) The wealth-extraction racket which is currently weaponized by the Legal mafia to enslave K-selective men is NOT marriage, it merely pays lip service to it. If you and your ex had agreed on a legal contract that was actually Marriage, any judge would have tossed it in the trash and said it’s not allowed when it came time to cash out. Marriage is illegal in the society you and I live in. Christians will say that you don’t need the state for marriage under God and that’s true, but Adam and Eve didn’t have a man in a dress to bang his gavel and strip the “husband” of his rights and the “wife” of her responsibilities. God’s (and Nature’s) laws are taboo here.

    2) I hope the best for the health of your young, and that this ordeal makes their immune systems stronger to protect them against whatever strain comes out next winter.

    3) Love is a behavioral adaptation, a learned response that elicits a neurotransmitter called oxytocin. I’m sorry for your pain and loss and anger, but choose to love, or not to, as an example. Unlike what silly girls choose to believe in order to absolve themselves of responsibility, Love is not something that HAPPENS to you: it’s something you DO. You are a man in control of your own behavior, so stop doing it. (Your ex, not your kids of course. But they will forgive you if you do the best you can for them and let go a little, because your suffering isn’t doing them any good. A meaningful action that affects them, or even the right words at the right time is worth 1000 dreams. This isn’t your fault.)

    4) How anonymous are you? Do you know how to use t0r? Smartphones especially are surveillance devices by design. “Bulk collection” and all that; they may not be watching you now but in 5,10,20 years they can still look up what you said. Do take care what you type, bro.

  32. So Ramzpaul went on a tear last night along the lines of “give me liberty or give me death”. My guess is he is social distancing and taking precautions not to be spreader like the rest of us are. I do see his point, though. I don’t really care about going out anywhere, but maybe we should not be so quick to relinquish our freedom of movement and association.
    My Korean coworker said the reason the virus has spread so quickly in the US, unlike Korea, is because we are too attached to our rights. Koreans will immediately follow orders. He very well may be correct. However, there was part of me that bristled at his suggestion that I have “too many rights” in my own country. That’s why I am sympathetic to Ramzpaul’s viewpoint even if it seems a little foolish right now.

  33. Koreans have authoritarian societies. That said, it’s useful to immediately follow up on that statement and add that all civilized people tend toward authoritarianism.

    Here is where things get complicated, while all caveats about East Asians being more conformist apply — a top-to-bottom homogeneous society sorts itself in good faith. This “good faith” phenomenon is another word for Legitimacy. The people obey because they both instinctively and rationally trust that by obeying the authorities, order will be maintained, social contract will be upheld. Only criminals and other outlier deviants buck the order. Those who buck the order are held in contempt by rest of the society as violators of the Prisoners Dilemma, as cheaters, as abusers of the common good.

    There is Korean form of authoritarianism, there is a European version that better accommodates our innate need for space and individualism.

    The authoritarian government in Korea doesn’t get a pass to do what it wants. There is a national honor ethos. One form is unique to Korean culture, another form is unique to European cultures. In Korea, corrupt authorities get called out on their abuses. Perceived screwing-over of the people gets met with massive protests. For example, when I served in Korea in the US Army, there were frequent protests in Seoul because the US-friendly government was perceived as being too cozy with American oligarchs, namely by agreeing to rice-trade deals that were not good for Korean farmers.

    Americans are wary of open and explicit and orderly authoritarianism because this is a multicultural continent-sized country and everybody [that is, Whites] feels it in their bones that a constraint on their liberty would be all-cost, no-benefit. One example is Americans’ modern aversion to socialism — people know that we’d be paying the taxes, not-us-people would be benefiting. (And so instead, Americans got a satanic nasty sneaky and hyper-abusive form of anarchotyranny authoritarianism instead.)

    And of course on top of that, our ruling class is openly hostile to us. Nobody wants a pedophile governor, who is in the pocket of globalist jews, to send black-female and mestizo National Guard soldiers to his front door to enforce an authoritarian measure.

    But if America were 100% Anglo-Protestant White, there would be no problem with legitimacy, therefore no popular resistance to authoritarian measures where necessary.

  34. Ramz Paul be all twitter-posting Give me liberty or give me death!

    As an exercise: What really does this mean, in practical terms, under these circumstances?

    When you be driving around, also known as wasting time resources and otherwise fucking off, and you come to a check point, and the pig-faced cop makes you roll down your window for a compliance test —> your move “bub” what do you do?

    Are you NOT going to open the window, and protest to the pig that he’s being a virus vector by wanting to get in your face?

    There is a twitter video going around featuring exactly that. Pig faced cop at a makeshift checkpoint, inspecting people for the virus compliance, by having them roll down their window and get in their face. (This be in the South, where cops are especially pig-faced.)

    And of course ironically enough, if you don’t believe the virus is a threat, then the pig-faced cop’s getting in your face, isn’t a threat in that regard; but he is out-facing you, or in incel / PUA terms, MOG’ing you. [for any boomers and or women reading this, stuck in 10-years ago: MOG is a shortened acronym for (Alpha) Male-ing of the Group (on your ass); iow asserting his primacy]

  35. On the actual threat of the virus. I haven’t seen anything, with my own two eyes. Until I do, I am skeptical that it’s anything worse than the usual. On the personal temperament-wise, I have been susceptible to virus scares. For some reason they play on my nerves. But jeez until bodies start piling up, it’s a nice spring day.

    I have some personal stories about this virus, including the one I already shared, about the histrionic girl from high school who has told us she has it. A lot of people probably are diagnosed with it, but at this point death rates are not worse than the average run of these things.

    It’s a roll-out exercise by the NWO crowd, is my going opinion. Is it going well for them?


    I went for a bike ride yesterday. Lotsa people out. Including unchaperoned seemingly unspoken for females, of the nubile sort. Flowers in the Springtime.

    A lot of boomers are down at the local park playing pickle ball. It’s a regular festival, like nothing I have ever seen. I don’t mean to boomer bash here. God bless them; they are the winners in this, those who can still get on the court and smash the ball around. I guarantee u, they r the friendliest people in town. If I were to go on the court, and play pickle ball on their terms and co-ed, my ass would be in the bottom quintile. I don’t say that self-disparagingly, but it’s a fact that they are practiced and take it serious, and it’s the crowd that used to play tennis back when that was a thing and otherwise athletes.

  36. On this:

    but in 5,10,20 years they can still look up what you said

    I appreciate the caution, but am not convinced. I think the two sides of this coin are: if they want to nail you, they’ll get you on manufactured Cheese Pizza charges right now; and correspondingly the best defense is to no-sell everything with the Shaggy Defence (“it wasn’t me”).

    In 5, 10, 15 years governments will likely be far too busy containing civil unrest to care what anyone said at PA’s place!

  37. Glad to see 600 PA. You always had insightful and interesting comments, even from back in the OneSTDV days. You commented offhand about Paleo dieting, sometime in ‘08 or ‘09, that you should eat well all week and you can cut loose with a piece of lasagna etc on the weekend. I still follow that pattern, it flexible and keeps me happy-ish.

    Diet advice aside, you’re a font of wisdom. Perspectives that sometimes escape me are greatly clarified here. There is great stuff in this thread alone; wisdom, advice, insights, and camaraderie.


    Divorce is evil. A tale of two friends, women I’ve known since we met in kindergarten. Yes, a very long time, we three have seen it all with each other and know where the bodies are buried.

    One is Korean! She follows rules, is bright, but damn if she isn’t the most oblivious to reality person I’ve met. She married a Brit, a great guy, we all love him. She was having a crisis with her marriage, felt like she didn’t love him, wanted to leave. Ultimately she did not, because as a Catholic and a Korean, you make a promise and stick with it. They are not passionately in love any longer, but it is working for them. She even stopped complaining about “duty sex” and is enjoying it again. she hit early menopause at 38, it was a real shock for her.

    Second lifelong friend had a lot of reproductive health issues from teen years on up. She was a very thin girl, a top cross country athlete and Ace student, but hardly ever got a period until she stopped cross country in college. She’s had three children and countless ectopic pregnancies, two were life threatening. Again, Catholic; she was given permission to have surgery to cut her Fallopian tubes so she wouldn’t die the next time she had a tubal implantation.

    Was it all the running and stress when she was young and fresh?

    She makes bad decisions about men, and her ex husband is mentally ill, always in and out of hospitals, abusive, has had a few psychotic breaks. He almost killed her one night, and almost killed one of his kids because the three year old couldn’t tie his own shoes. He repeatedly bashed the kids head into the wall.

    She has no brothers or uncles or cousins. Her father was over 40 when she was born, and he’s a kind man but neither aggressive nor assertive.

    I do wonder about divorce in this circumstance. She should have chosen better but didn’t think she could do better, and now her life is really messed up. She cannot remain living with him, that is certain. He is a free man to this day, no punishment for his abuse, he seeks “therapy” to avoid jail, and the cycle repeats.

  38. I’m catchup on the old HBO series Rome. It’s free on Prime. I love it. Historical fiction is a favorite.

    The relationships are really screwed up. Whatever was historically inaccurate, they captured the decadence and filth and social strata quite well. It’s a mirror of our own times.

    The concept of paterfamilias I can be horrifying to contemplate (father decides you get sold into slavery? Done). But it enforced a moral code and social behaviors in most people.

    Life did suck, in some material ways it was simpler but human complexity is old as time itself. Only change happens; progress, not so much.

    A lot of suffering has gone into the development of our current times. I can sympathize with the high schoolers who might not have prom or a graduation ceremony, but only to a point. No one is selling them into prostitution or conscription. Not yet, anyway.

    Luxury dulls a sense of wonder and perspective and care for old lessons.

  39. “social distancing”

    Stop using their language. Using their phrase confers a legitimacy on your isolation because “virus.”

  40. Thank you Rowan. I hugely enjoy your comments.

    Heretic Phi, very glad to see you’re around and that the referenced post helped you.

  41. Thank you all for the advice, wisdom and prayers. It’s funny how even kind words and thoughts even from strangers can be comforting – and the sleep instinct finally overriding the stress reaction.

    mendo: Yes, there is no doubt that these trying times have strengthened my resolve and dependence on God. I hope this virus ends up doing something similar en masse to the West.

    Lara: There are no doubt absolutely heroic women doing real care and putting themselves and their families at tremendous risk to care for others. This is the very best of what women do. I would have far less trouble accepting my wife’s work were it not facilitating international tax arbitrage and the theft of wealth by parasites who can’t and won’t produce anything of value.

    PA: I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. That is actually one of the most terrifying thought to me and has fundamentally made trusting anyone hard. I hope it’s not permanent.

    It’s still hard for me to believe that the state intervened in a contract between my wife, God and me – not only that, both the state and my wife used my paternal instincts against me to steal my house, all my belongings, most of my liquid assets and forced my children into a wrecked home. What kind of contract would people sign that is unilaterally terminable at any time for any reason? I don’t blame the instinct of the MGTOW. I think their prescription for the problem is flawed, but if nothing fundamental changes before my son reaches marriageable age I plan to talk very frankly with him about the risks and what he needs to do to protect himself – emotionally and financially. But I too have hope that things will change In the medium term.

    Suburban_elk: My ex-wife occasionally talks about how I was abusive. I can only roll my eyes. Anything that gives them badfeels in hindsight becomes “abuse” once women start talking amongst themselves.

    S.J., Esquire: Your confusion is shared right here. I don’t want to feel protective of her anymore, I don’t want to think about her at all. I can’t stop. Is my pair-bonding instinct so strong? Am I so traumatized that I’m still in denial? I can’t figure it out, but I fully acknowledge how unhealthy it is.

    Heretic Phi: Those are hard words to hear, which likely makes them true. The truth is that all I want is my family back. This is an adolescent and unrealistic thought. I will work on remembering your comment when those feelings appear.

    As to the anonymity: I have been making comments that could be could be viewed with suspicion by the system for many years now. Since before it was really known how deep the monitoring really was. This is one of the many complex reasons I haven’t seen my kids. I’m not scared of whatever consequences come my way: imprisonment, abuse, even death. If Jesus Christ endured torture and execution for my eternal salvation, well, a little time in a jail cell won’t do me in. Plus, my mental freedom is so much more important to me than my physical freedom, it’s hard for me to compromise on the former for some of the latter.

    I just don’t want my kids involved in decisions they had no say in. You could argue that this is shortsighted and that I might end up regretting it in a year, or decade. You’d probably even be right. I just can’t make myself care.

    Thank you all again. And as I tell anyone regarding marriage, never get divorced. It doesn’t even help.

  42. I dreamed the other night that my ex crawled (literally–and I was going to say “came crawling, literally” but that might create the wrong literal impression) into “bed” with me (but I was, as now, sleeping on the floor) while we watched projected upon the wall footage of the Germans entering Paris in 1940. Who knows what hold these things have. I don’t “love” her, but I dream of her fairly often, sometimes warily, sometimes fondly, but in them she always acts like I’m some kind of big deal to her (if only because she wants something from me), whereas I’m sure she in real life gives it not a thought at all. Nor does that thought, as far as I can tell, actually bother me. But we only had a cat together.

  43. Outstanding people in the Chateau wanted and expected this blog before it ever began–and the reality never failed the anticipation. The castle being razed and the court fled to the winds, its battlements loom all the more hopefully over the landscape.

  44. Ramzpaul (as mentioned above) really on a tear with this one–probably his finest hour. He’s really owning the Coronachan moment in history.

    Today they’ve put up monstrous plexiglass “shields” around the grocery checkout card-readers. It’s heartsinking. These things are viscerally frightening-looking because they look like they’ll fall over and crush you. ARE they plexiglass? They look like they belong mounted on a WWII battleship’s ack-ack cannon. I’d be frightened for children to walk past them.

    We’re past two weeks into (((lockdown))) and the less people believe in any danger the more nervewracking the Security Theatre becomes. All the printed fliers about (((COVID-19))) precautions. Is BigGov mandating all this? Is corporate? State authorities, local authorities? Who pays for this shit–is there a kickback for it? Are they in every chain?

    Gov. Shoe Shine (P-VA) has “ordered” us to stay in our homes–which even he admits is unenforceable, and also redundant since he graciously allows we can still walk in the park–but only at six feet distance! Peak anarcho-tyranny if we can get ourselves incarcerated for non-essential outing and abouting.

  45. Random talk of Koreans in this thread, so Koreans having a random cross-cultural moment:

    Lord, I have such nostalgia for K-pop 2014. Is there a word for the melancholy of brooding upon twenty-six year old muses when you feel you can reach out and touch the moment they were still twenty?

    The other day, I dreamed I was listening to dance-pop recorded by a White girl, and it was good.

    I must be losing my mind

  46. Nosacz, I saw your comment earlier but was remiss in saying Thanks. Belated Thank You man.

    Lucius, those three are adorable. As to the lockdown, can one dream/fear that we’re transitioning from Revolutionary Terror to Strongman Terror? It’s so quiet everywhere, no cars, no nothing, no tranny story hours. Also thanks for the kind words.

  47. I just want to say my heart is out for anyone here financially crushed by this pandemic. (Also for anyone like Chase financially crushed by the divorce industry, but that problem isn’t news.) I ain’t rich, but I am one of the lucky ones not likely to be flattened by this thing.

    Dammit I should have bought into platinum and bitcoin a few weeks ago but I was just too busy to keep on top of it. Maybe I should just get regular stocks now since everything is down. What do you guys think we should buy? I had an inside joke with my mom at the beginning of February when most of the dissident right was taking Corona way more seriously than the normies; that we should “buy stock in ventilators”. Think I missed the boat on that. Be fearful when boomers are greedy and greedy when the lemmings are fearful I figure, right?

    SJ Esquire and Chase re Anonymity: I think Harold Covington said the difference between security and paranoia is that security, in aggregate, makes u more effective in your objective (context was activism), and that paranoia makes you less effective.

  48. On a totally nother note, this is the new dissident right It girl. Did I mention yet, she’s very much super much at that age, where you ought not comment on what age she is at? Enough with the preamble already, this is her

    I have only watched a few minutes of the video, it’s 30 minutes long, but the point being is that there’s a bunch of young people who are very smart and yo! they not be playin. Their essential being is not ok with being subjected and degraded, like we are. They will stick a fork in this internet media water (in which we be swimming) is it’s the first thing they do.

    The featured girl with the Cringe Panda avatar — how “cute” is that, a cringe panda omg! — presumably she writes her own stuff. They are so advanced in the meta levels that they need a whole new word for it (other than meta).

    This girl follows on the heels of that other girl her age, who was also super edgy, and to be fair, not quite as cute. I forget what her name was though, she got kicked off you youRube about a year ago. But the point being, I think that females “get” this media meta shit, on a gut level, in a way that is very perspicacious.

    / girleen nationalism now

  49. Where did this original picture come from? Who is doing these kind of media production shoots, and for what real world purpose? It was originally set up to be what, a Sweden PSA about respecting all women? Those actors, going by looks, are Swedish, right?

    Remember that infrequent CH commenter, whose whole thing, whose raison d’etre was promulgating the notion that envy of Swedish people by other Whites was the driving force of the history?

    Talk about options tho; this guy’s got em.

  50. sleeping on the floor

    So you are working on upping your monk levels?

    In AD&D terms, what level monk be you? AD&D terms are approximately
    Levels 1 – 4: beginner
    Levels 5 – 8: intermediate
    Levels 9 – 12: advanced intermediate
    13 – 20: expert

    and then they max out around 25. Whereas a lot of more contemporary games have a totally different scale, usually with higher levels allowed.

    My monk levels are pretty high, in the 5 to 8 range. They should get higher, but that does require actual practice. Sitting quietly, doing nothing. I try and log a half-hour per day, but sometimes neglect to do that for weeks on end. Tbth, sometimes my center of being, is pretty lost. Not in a deranged mental way, but in a physical way which over time reflects in posture.

  51. It woulda been better to put the quotes around cringe panda, rather than cute —

    The featured girl with the Cringe Panda avatar — how cute is that, a “cringe panda” omg! — presumably she writes her own stuff. They are so advanced in the meta levels that they need a whole new word for it (other than meta).

    And then this one, as follows —

    Remember that infrequent CH commenter, whose whole thing, whose raison d’etre was promulgating the notion that envy of Swedish people by other Whites was the driving force of the history?

  52. Monk levels:

    Something like that. I try (fail mostly) to meditate daily. I’ve missed probably 50-75 days at the gym over the the last five years (seriously if the gym was open my life would be a lot better, body weight exercise is adequate but doesn’t do it as well), I fast for 16 hours every day and do a 40-hour fast every week. I was going to mass twice a week for a while until my priest just went over the SJW line right at the time of the Covington fiasco and have kind of lost my faith in the current Catholic Church. I still pray daily.

    On the other hand I use the internet way too much, I am semi-voluntarily unemployed and the thought of contributing to this evil system is a source of never-ending frustration though I recognize its inevitability. I have had an on/off dependence on marijuana to help deal with emotional pain and my diet isn’t now as strict as it had been for about three years – two of my six pack have now disappeared beneath a layer of fat.

    So I guess I’d say that puts me at maybe a 3-4? I really like the idea of the monk scale – gives it a tangible feel of a goal. I’m gonna steal that.

  53. Chase, I appreciate your honesty and much of what you write is where I am at too.

    It’s the doldrums and this too shall pass, but the onus is on us (heh) to take up the charge, as the Lord is awaiting our action. I say this as someone that needs to live by what I’m saying and your words above made me realize of areas where I’m (knowingly) falling short.

    As the good book tells us: the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Boy howdy is it weak!

    Cheers, mate!

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