The Spiral of Communism

Communism is a parasite-borne infection. It is delivered by guests who pour accelerant on the host-nation’s self-destructive impulses and inhibitor on its self-corrective behavior. The four stages of this infection:

  1. Revolutionary Terror – destruction
  2. Strongman Terror – intervention
  3. National Socialism – recovery
  4. Usury Capitalism – looting

The cycle spirals back to Stage 1 unless the afflicted nation either perishes, or it extricates itself from that cycle. The four stages as seen in modern history:

1. Revolutionary Terror

  • Examples: French Revolution, Bela Kun’s Hungary, Bolshevik Russia (Lenin), Holodomor, Che Guevara, United States since 2001, Western Europe since 2015
  • Natalism: Dysgenic by design
  • Object of Worship: Depravity
  • Motto: “Equality”

Human nature tends toward the accumulation of power, the accumulation of power tends toward the consolidation of power, the consolidation of power liberates the victors’ will-to-sadism. When the aforementioned power is seized by the eternal Gamma Personality, you get revolutionary terror.

The abuses of revolutionary communists are restrained only by structural dampeners in the afflicted society. The viciousness of early Soviet Cheka was limitless. In the contemporary West there is the undisguised population replacement, anarcho-tyranny in criminal justice and economics, and drag queen story hour. Because Revolutionary Terror lacks any mechanism for self-correction, the pitch of depravity makes the country unstable and opens the door for someone or something to arrest the spiral of degeneracy.

2. Strongman Terror

  • Examples: Joseph Stalin, North Korea, to some extent Napoleon and Hitler
  • Natalism: Eugenic by accident
  • Object of Worship: The Leader
  • Motto: “Duty”

The strongman’s terror is not revolutionary or sadistic, but ruthlessly practical in keeping a lid on popular uprisings and liquidating the leader’s rivals, individuals as well as entire categories of people. When the Soviet Union was invaded in 1941, Stalin needed a regenerate people to defend the country so he oriented the official culture of Marxist materialism toward populist hypermasculinity. Strongman reigns of terror are associated with stirring anthems, sociorealist art and brutalist architecture.

This stage of Communism is held together by a cult of personality, collapsing with the passing of its great leader. Any similarly strong successors will have been eliminated by the strongman as potential rivals, leaving only bureaucrats to lead the state after he dies. His successors endeavor to continue the communist system, but with a “human face.” Which leads to…

3. National Socialism

  • Examples: “Free-healthcare Cuba,” USSR Khrushchev through Gorbachev, Warsaw Pact countries 1954 – 1989
  • Natalism: Eugenic by design
  • Object of Worship: The State
  • Motto: “Socialism with a Human Face”

The thaw that follows the Strongman Terror stage brings on the flowering of cultural life, in part through state sponsorship of human endeavors, and in part as artistic expression of dissent. The class immobility that goes with the suppressed economic market, along with the social stability that follows the two previous stages of the regime, creates a rise in birth rates.

The state, now run by a generation of Communists who reject both the anarcho-tyranny of the first stage and tyranny of the second stage, has a lot going for it. But the authoritarian nature of the political system chafes the spirit of its talented fraction and of its energetic youth. It can’t compete with the siren song of Stage 4, which is why 1989 happened.

4. Usury Capitalism

  • Examples: United States 1954 – 1990, Russia under Yeltsin and the oligarchs, Western Europe 1948 – 2015, Eastern Europe 1990 – 2015
  • Natalism: Dysgenic by accident
  • Object of Worship: Money
  • Motto: “Freedom”

The oligarchs under Yeltsin were looting a Russia that had just collapsed, while post-war America had a seemingly inexhaustible reserve of goods to burn through during the Cold War. This is why the American people submitted to Civil Rights and all of the other losses of liberty that followed. But both in Russia and America under usury capitalism, well-positioned Jews and homegrown opportunists were burning through the public good for private gain.

What is a public good? Short answer: anything that can be sold. The long answer: everything that makes life worth living — honor, liberty, culture, family, landscape, for starters. That patch of woods where red cardinals nest, which can be flipped into multifamily housing. Families, mothers… meh. Usury capitalism needs its nonrenewable resource — the wombs and youth of its best people — to feed the GDP instead.

Usury capitalism says that high art is unprofitable, so in 1993 former violinists at the Soviet academy of music played for coins at Berlin subway stations. Art under this regime is pointlessly experimental and degenerate on one end, tailored to imbeciles on the other end. Births fall because class-instability delays marriage and causes anxiety about the future. Usury capitalism also lacks a mechanism for self-correction, or a check on the consolidation of power. Therefore, cannibalistic capitalism turns into Revolutionary Terror…

… or the spiral of communism is broken

A return to traditional nationalism under God, at least for a generation or two. We see a peoples’ will to rip their destiny from from the spiral of communism in the normal countries of Eastern Europe, in Putin’s Russia, in the aspirational vision of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. And really worldwide, we see a popular rejection of the twin evils communism and capitalism, same thing.

25 thoughts on “The Spiral of Communism

  1. 1. Revolutionary Terror

    But meanwhile the crisis had had a double effect, moral and material. The moral effect had been a sort of national madness in which the most extreme measures were proposed and many of them carried through with what one may call a creative audacity. The calendar itself was changed, the week itself abolished, the months re-named and readjusted. Such an act sufficiently symbolizes the mental attitude of the Revolutionaries. They were determined upon a new earth. (Belloc, The French Revolution p85)

    Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. (Matthew 24:9-12)

  2. 2. Strongman Terror

    Napoleon was not of the generation which made the Revolution, but he was a product of the revolutionary age–a time when the mould of tradition and custom was broken, and nothing seemed impossible in the face of reason, energy and will. (Felix Markham, Napoleon p44)

    Hitler: They have surrendered there formally and absolutely. Otherwise they would have closed ranks, formed a hedgehog, and shot themselves with their last bullet. When you consider that a woman has the pride to leave, to lock herself in, and to shoot herself right away just because she has heard a few insulting remarks, then I can’t have any respect for a soldier who is afraid of that and prefers to go into captivity. . . . In Germany there has been too much emphasis on training the intellect and not enough on strength of character– (quoted in Alan Clark, Barbarossa p288)

  3. 3. National Socialism

    [W]hat can European civilization still do for the world of tomorrow?

    Need one point out that this seems to be the least of the concerns of those who are currently building Europe? Their rational debates about custom duties, prices and production levels, like the most generous of their mutual concessions, address only the spirit of calculation. (Braudel, History of Civilizations, 423)

    Let us remember that America was built not by government, but by people–not by welfare, but by work–not by shirking responsibility, but by seeking responsibility.
    In our own lives, let each of us ask–not just what will government do for me, but what can I do for myself?
    In the challenges we face together, let each of us ask–not just how can government help, but how can I help?
    Your National Government has a great and vital role to play. And I pledge to you that where this Government should act, we will act boldly and we will lead boldly. But just as important is the role that each and every one of us must play, as an individual and as a member of his own community. (Nixon, Second Inaugural Address)

  4. 4. Usury Capitalism

    Many have made witty invectives against usury. They say that it is a pity the devil should have God’s part, which is the tithe. That the usurer is the greatest Sabbath-breaker, because his plough goeth every Sunday. (Bacon, “Of Usury”)

    Good Lord, I thought, thinking of the artists and the threesomes and the foursomes, and the tyings up and the pinnings down, and the filmings and what went on in the clip joints, and the buying and selling of this orifice or that, as everyone tried to be at one with one another, even though the another came in twos or threes or more–and the pleasure of pain, and pole-dancing in Las Vegas, when we had to pay our way out of the hotel so Charlie could get to his rodeo–not that he was doing the dancing: he just took the money, lots of it. American girls are better at dirty dancing than the British: they put energy into it and are not ashamed. They see nothing wrong in promising everything, but fulfilling nothing. (Fay Weldon, She May Not Leave 275-6)

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  6. [5] breaking the spiral . . .

    Thy trees, fair Windsor! Now shall leave their woods,
    And half the forests rush into thy floods,
    Bear Britain’s thunder, and her cross display,
    To the bright regions of the rising day;
    Tempt icy seas, where scarce the waters roll,
    Where clearer flames glow round the frozen Pole;
    Or under southern skies exalt their sails,
    Led by new stars, and borne by spicy gales!

    (Alexander Pope, Windsor-Forest l. 385-392)

    And you veracious Fates, may the outcome
    Of events confirm what has been pronounced,
    And link our happy destinies with those
    Already performed.

    Let the earth, so fertile in crops and cattle,
    Deck Ceres with a wheaten wreath:
    May the wholesome breezes and rains of Jove
    Sustain the new-born.

    Calm and peaceful, your bow laid aside,
    Apollo, hear our suppliant boys;
    And Luna twin-horned queen of
    The stars, hear our girls.

    (Horace Centennial Hymn l 25-36, trans. By W. G. Shepherd)

  7. –And THAT will be enuff bankskying the blog for this weekend–at least unless the CLIMAXathon review drops lolzlzolz

    (I’m gonna rewatch it this weekend anyway, weather permitting). Godspeed Lesbos!

  8. –In defense of the Korean public’s taste (and my own) I should point out that installations nos. 1 and 4 were massive flops. A half-serious “conspiracy theory” has it that “Hate” was a The Producers-style engineered career-ender for 4Minute, who were on the cusp of contract renewal negotiations when it came out. I always hated “Hate” and hadn’t played it in years–yet the sonic and lyrical effect is so appropriate to the concept in discussion does this somehow make it–good?

    As for Hello Venus, they were a no-name group who switched mid-career from a “cute concept” to that bizarre sorority girl concept which, at the time of its release, terrified me lest it should set off a trend. Happily, no one paid it any heed, and as an artefact resting in obscurity I sometimes enjoy it for comic effect. What does it mean to wiggle your butt “more carefully”?

    I thought of “Mr Mr” without even knowing the lyrics were so properly “Hitler Hitler”. I always scored it as an inoffensive but unremarkable tune, most remembered because it was their last comeback before Jessica Jung was ignominiously fired (that bitch Taeyeon betrayed her–and broke my heart!). Now I’m suffering fantasies of Murdoch Chan rocking out to it. Broken glass of scars, turned into stars!

    “Umpah Umpah” is a very fun tune, but not a resonant one. I was pleased how the lyrics suggest a sort of Eisenhower era sunny conformity. The audience reactions also sort of carry this effect along–the girls’ “fascistic” arm waving, the military boys at their leisure. An ambivalent set of subtexts.

    Now “Journey to Atlantis” I regard as a pop masterpiece, a four minute symphony for the kids, and everyone. I adore it with every fiber of my being. Even now, it sums up for me the mood of 2016–Bliss it was, to live in that dawn!

    ** Hitler is reacting to the surrender at Stalingrad and Paulus, raised to Field-Marshal in anticipation of his suicide, going into captivity and, as Hitler furiously predicts, becoming a collaborator.

    *** Fay Weldon’s novel She May Not Leave is a CLIMAX-level event. Everyone needs to read it!

  9. This one’s a keeper, PA. Not just one of your finest works, but one of The finest works.

    Submit it to Unz, ZeroHedge, or some such republisher and many times more will read it. If you’re willing to put up with their commenters arriving here, that is.

  10. The question is why has the host nation become so weak to ineffectually fight the foreign inspired communism against itself?

    Is there a comparison to fighting Wu-Flu…….

  11. ” The question is why has the host nation become so weak to ineffectually fight the foreign inspired communism against itself? ”

    A plentiful supply of ” useful idiots “.

  12. @Berk & @Ra: We are presently weak. There’s no doubt about it. Not as cucked as, say, the Brits, the Swedes, or the Canucks, but we are weak. I suspect we haven’t yet suffered enough. May we finally push through this challenge and rally for a glorious comeback. Infamy or ignomy are our choices, and only one will result in dignity.

  13. – Early history of Poland – who was prince Mieszko – the first known ruler of Poland –

  14. ” @Berk & @Ra: We are presently weak. ”

    Not only weak, but seemingly scared of anything ” non white “. Also, With no group cohesion to speak of and a collapse of our current ” spiritual ” system.

    For it to survive, the white race must be ” reborn “, with a new world view / spiritually, a new political system and a new sense of pride and honor. Going ” back ” in time is not an option, there are only two choices left forward to a new future, or to the dust bin of history.

    We must all remember, the path the white race takes now is being watched both by our ancestors, and by our future generations. We cannot fail them.

  15. The flip side of Imma be a raider is something like

    toilet paper and hand sanitizer

    In the first instance it’s people thinking that their (barely) better than average gun skillz is gonna make them in to an outlaw superhero, where they level up like in a video game and next thing they now, they be like LIVIN in the castle..

    In the second instance, it’s just like sad. Not that there’s anything wrong with having in reserve supplies of preferred toilet paper. The best toilet paper I know of is as Walmart. It’s called “the Big Roll” and it’s not too expensive, and it’s not too cushy and not too thin, and but it’s also not all stenciled up with happy family panda bear adumbrations, neither. Iow just right..

    The toilet paper discussion at the BBS, on their corona chan prep thread, lead inevitably to anal hygiene, which is in fact a good topic. But what can you say..

    American toilet habits, the sitting down thing, waiting for “bowel movement” like your poor grandparents? — don’t live this way

    That’s about what you can say. Other than that, know this: hemorrhoids will happen on your ass too; you think it won’t but it will. Like like with your eyes. At around 40, they will start to go out of focus. Father Time. (there’s a reason he’s called that)


    I do have a real prep advice, which I am looking to implement this very day. I hear a lot of people saying to scrub down and clown all up and shiny, your kitchens and bathrooms. Apparently this helps with Coronachan?

    I keep a clean kitchen and bath, but obv you can always up your levels; as if the Fuhrer himself is coming to dinner..

    I noticed some grease lines, around where the stove was set into the formica counter: little lines of grease. So I scraped them out. So here is the advice —

    For things which might grease up your stovetop, consider using an electric grill. Not the Foreman Grill, obv, but one of those plug-in grills from the Happy Days era aka the non-hippy 60s (and early mid 70s) that you can use in a place that will be easier to clean. The square rectangular things with a cord that plugs in, and generally a cool Art Deco design. I have used these things quite a bit, professionally as it were, and they are “actually” quite handy and practical. AND you can find one at the second-hand, or not to mention your hoarder boomer relations probably still have like two around the basement maybe somewhere.

    I don’t fry potatoes anymore because they are too much of a mess, but for other things that kick up a lotta grease, this advice might be the thing! [ always end on a happy note ]

  16. And as long as this posting is “in character”..

    In a slowed-down economy, there is less demand for temp labor, and that’s been my bag. And in fact, for better and worse, my last assignment, which was not the worst shit job in the world, did not renew my contract with Happy Time Temp Agency; they did however commend my performance albeit indirectly.

    Show up w/ a good attitude, dressed in appropriate clothes, and look people in the eye. — some things the boomers used to say

    The point being, a lot of people are going to be out of work.

    Where is the money going to come from, to pay the mother effing cock sucking billz?

    I am not looking for advice; I am White man w/ agency, and can figure it out. Otoh if anyone has any sharp ideas and wants to share, now is a good time.

    There’s gonna be a demand for ass washers, at least until Coronachan cleans them out. But what is the contagion rate for that line of work? (In America people still haven’t learned how to care for their own “areas.”)

    In all seriousness, I still think that’s a solid idea, if you can get your business start-up marketing hat on — iow, get the word out, go door-to-door, do whatever however and make the right contacts, drum up the business — and basically be a living assistant to people who need help.

  17. There’s other ideas, too —

    1) Free advice; this is an all-time classic. Obv it was parodied in Peanuts, way back when, in the day. You may or may not know, this was actually a thing. I once consulted with one of these guys, it was at Green Lake in Seattle, and he a booth set-up offering free life advice..

    He advised that I treat myself with more “loving kindness.” Yeah kinda a cliche but it was actually something resembling helpful, to my washed-out sorry mind face. I still try and follow it: and so should you.

    2. Pet rocks. These can be sorted and classified, and then presented in collections to school children, and eventually to schools themselves, at the elementary and junior high — and even high school — levels: if, and this is a big IF, you can make sale. Which after all, is never about “just the rocks” ..

    3. Artisan Salamanders. Sound too specific? Well that’s why some people are called visionaries — and most are not. When Iacocca made his presentation to Henry Ford, it wasn’t for lack of trying.

    4. Other Ideas, but you gotta sing it yourself..

    5. What goes here?

  18. (I gotta say, the idea for artisan salamanders, is a stolen joke, can’t even remember from where.

    But it plays on the idea that artisan niches can be profitable, when u gotta compete against globalism and cheap junk at Walmart.

    Ironically I was enjoying some salsa last night, that was made locally w/ better tomatoes and in fact it was quite good. But talk about late to the game: artisan salsa? what kind of sappy ass go go get em hipster dreamer silliness, is this?)

  19. Those are well chosen quotes by Lucius. Posted shortly after I published the blog post, so we’re looking at an inspired act here.

  20. “This one’s a keeper, PA.”

    JJ, thank you. I just re-read it after two days of not looking at the original post. Yes, I have to agree… its clear, it follows my not-readily-articulated understanding on things I’ve observed and read over time on history.

  21. In the words of the immortal Dewey Cox, it’s been a helluva ride.

    Broken Man tries to recover some scrap of dignity; and then lo and behold the grief and fried fish! live in the world — that’s the Onion headline, for this sorry ass


    The Alt Right in its earlier forms, and including this outpost of PA’s platform, is not just a news service, it has been a cultural corrective and even so much as a spiritual remedy. And also not to mention the other thing — “the only game in town.”

    Posting my (vacant little) heart out about elementary school? Wtf is that about. Don’t ask me.

    Took the dog for a walk yesterday. It was warm in the sun and the creek was thawed out. Metaphors aside, it’s the earliest Spring in like forever.

  22. Step 4 – Usury capitalism can be seen as the un-bridled and non-violent extracting of wealth and work from the nation and the people by a small by hyper-rich capitalist class , Once the “people” realise they have been corralled into a slave class, they violently revolt which usuary capitalism cannot counter….. so back to step 1.

    The problem is the consolidation of wealth and power in stage 4 that overcomes the nations long term national political interests.

    Lucius Somesuch, I quickly found on youtube that these asian girl bands are a dime a dozen and all basically the same overproduced crap sung by cosmetic surgically modiifed girls.
    I did found something more interesting though, a Wuhan resident spitting on elevator buttons and watching others come in and press them……so much for dutiful chinese.

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