A Communist Manifesto

Last night when I saw this, there were 23 Likes and 31.1 thousand Dislikes. No typo — a ratio of 1 : 1,352. Those likes/dislikes are now deleted.

There’s a lot to unpack in this video. That hate that you feel projecting toward you is downstream of can. When the cat’s away, the mice come out to play. When a nation lets down its guard, the value-extractor revels in his newfound license.

35 thoughts on “A Communist Manifesto

  1. This is bait, right? they couldn’t possibly think this would persuade anyone, so ulterior motives are at play. Motivating their side, drawing out critical accounts so they can ban them, making normally low-status, brown jews feel “part of the team?” Like usual, a con job.

  2. I have to laugh out fing loud. Ashkenazim Yids hate everyone, especially ” people of color “. As Stalin said, these brown ” Jews ” are only useful idiots.

  3. Everyone should type the following words in the WP comment section, notice which words the spell check suggests you capitalize. See something strange ?

    christian , jewish , muslim , protestant , catholic , baptist, buddhist , mormon , lutheran , hindu , shinto

  4. “This is bait, right? they couldn’t possibly think this would persuade anyone, so ulterior motives are at play.”

    Can’t rule that out but I think they believe their own story with zero counter-introspection.

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  6. A cache of the page wasn’t available on the wayback machine but got lucky with a google cache. 20,219 views, 64 upvotes, 8,490 downvotes. Went ahead and snipped a shot and uploaded the image here: https://imgur.com/a/4e6xLSv – Would be appreciated if you inserted the image into your post (and you can delete this comment as well if you do).

  7. Here ya go Nord:

    As for me, I hope to never look at this video again. What is the word? “Repellent” doesn’t do it justice. “Repugnant” is getting closer. “Remove” doesn’t express the sentiment, but it at least gives a little hope.

  8. Thank you gentlemen. The downvote-deleting must have happened more than once, as I saw it as 23 vs 31.1K.

    The video is vile. When they call some mildly pro-White thing “repugnant,” they are projecting their own sulfuric stink.

  9. “In all its forms, the phenomenon we’ve been discussing represents the loss of authority in a father figure. Symbolically, the father is the structuring source of our existence, whether we are speaking of male authority, of the law, of right and wrong, of our nation, of our heritage, of our civilization, of our biological nature, of our God. All these structuring principles of human life, in their different ways, are symbolically the father. The rebellion we’ve discussed is, in one form or another, a rebellion against the father. The belief that the universe is structured, intelligible, and fundamentally good, and that one can participate in this universe–this is the experience of having a father, which is the opposite of the experience of alienation that drives contemporary culture.” (Lawrence Auster, Our Borders, Ourselves p.12)

    “From a subjective point of view, we can thus affirm that his intention–which is decisive for defining the action he carried out–was not that of no longer being pope. After all, anyone who has reflected on the gestures, actions, and words of Benedict XVI knows that there is not one single action or declaration by him in which he has ever stated that he has nothing more to do with the papacy. Even in ordinary news reports, it is now an accepted fact that Benedict did not completely resign the papacy. To cite only one–by way of example–here is how the Rome correspondent for the New York Times describes it: ‘But Benedict, the first pope to resign in almost 600 years, refused to fully renounce the papacy, taking the title ‘pope emeritus’ and continuing to live in the Vatican.'” (Antonio Socci, The Secret of Benedict XVI: Is He Still the Pope? p. 61)

  10. There’s never been a sufficiently uncontradictory communist manifesto; besides, there’ve only been two fully proven communists. One jocundy in the wrong, the other gerrymanderingly yet well-disposedly in the right.

    ~~’Sordello the troubadour’ (d. after 1269): that staunch kahmmy consistently and waftingly in the wrong.

    ~~’C. Nancarrow the dab-hand’ (d. before 1998): that staunch kahmmy whimsically or bracingly in the right.

  11. The Catholics came to believe that a Truth accessible to all men meant that all men then accessed this Truth, EQUALLY.

    Incarnation is an abstracted conception of racial incarnation.

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  13. Taqiyya is not just for Muslims, eh?

    Yeah, six million was evil. But the FIFTY million that you helped your Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin – murder was even worse. But they don’t count, do they? Since they were mostly only Goyim!!! Bernie’s campaign insists that the gulags “paid a living wage.” Guess what? So did Auschwitz!!!

  14. when they say white nationalist, they mean any white person or any person that does not kiss their ring. i’m a mix, not even full white. they can go fuck themselves.

  15. Off topic movie review posting begins now. Lucius, I watched that film Climax by the French director.

    It gets 1 out of 2 stars (in my book) —

    0 stars = self explanatory, don’t watch
    1 star = watch it once, maybe
    2 stars = pushing on greatness

    It did a good enough job of getting your interest, in what was going on. The contemporary Dance scene among artsy people in France. It was cool to see them doing their moves, and get a look in on what that scene might be like. The film started out with the preface of saying that the portrayed events actually went down (as described), in 1997.

    But once the trip, as in “the trip,” went bad, it got a little repetitive, in my estimation.
    At least they didn’t overdo the gore and for that matter, the obscenity.

    Was it pro White? Yes it was, clearly enough. The blacks were presented as the demons and that Whites as their suffering cohabitants.

    The theme was demonic possession via LSD. It’s not a movie that will appeal to general audiences. The art house / student film “pretentiousness quotient” was medium high. For example the upside-down shots; give me an effin break.

    Spoiler Alert: It was the one most Whitest girl, the French girl w/ the regular person’s body, who ended up in the very last scene, as implicated as the uh, spoiler; and she was the same girl in the interview in the beginning who advised against doing exactly that thing she was the one doing..

    And also, the movie gets a bonus (half) point for making an appropriately sinister and threatening reference to “circumcision,” as in, that’s what demons do. The black demons threatened and partially tried to circumcise a White Frenchman.

    Reading some misc takes on it though, elsewhere, other people are calling it racist, in the more typically normie sense. To be sure, their interpretation along those lines is simply is that it showed the black characters acting like primitive savages, but in a way that was totally consistent and believable, w/i the framework of the plot.

  16. The other movie I wanted to do an off topic and half ass effort comment on, is Walk the Line. But now it seems too off topic. But even so..

    Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor BUT he totally blew that movie. To the point that real music fans, and real fans of Cash and classic country, have to hate it (the movie) on the principle that his performance as Cash, and specifically onstage, is sooo wrong. In contrast to Reese Witherspoon. Her onstage version of Carter was great. I don’t know how closely she got to the actual Carter, but that doesn’t matter.

    Phoenix did his stupid post modern broken bodied tortured artist thing, and put in on Cash. It just wasn’t right.

    But otherwise the acting in the movie, and including Phoenix, was excellent. But he couldn’t do Cash onstage. He couldn’t get the man’s undeniable virility; which virility was, ironically enough, well lasso’d in the spinoff parody Walk Hard, by that other goofy actor what’s-his-name..

    The problem in Joaquin’s portrayal of Cash onstage, the disconnect of it, gets to the larger point of what the music of that time was about, which is a funtimes part and parcel reflection of what was a VIGOROUS population who just had to have its very own good time music for to which sing and dance (and flirt and fuck).

    And yeah John Cash was a tortured soul and problematic character; but he wasn’t a broken bodied post modern weirdo that Phoenix can’t escape (from being). Cash the man was of his time. Those people weren’t broken, or at least not in the same way. It’s worth noting however, and this is portrayed well enough in the film, that drugs and particularly amphetamines were a huge part of that scene, particularly for the performers. (Amphetamines were popularized during the world wars.)

    The other comment that gets to the point of the film’s problem, is Joaquin’s not-quite-right face. Yes he is, a handsome guy with an undeniable resemblance to the Man himself. But Phoenix’s face is disproportionate to his body, whereas Cash was a classic face and well proportioned all around, which was one of the reasons that he had such talent.


    Who set loose dogs on you in the waste
    that was your home and judged you broken?
    Who stirred the hordes of enemies you faced
    When you despaired that hell had spoken?

    When you ran and fell in a hole to hide
    Your ultimate shame, who made your grave?
    Think hard. Where did you lose your pride?
    You say it never was yours? Look, slave!

    Here! Among these stones that were foundation,
    Here still in this giant ancestral hand,
    This rune-written blade that mirrors the sun,
    Hammered and tempered by men of your land.

    Feel its grip and heft, recite its story:
    A race of men just, ingenious and bold
    Who strode the earth and were not sorry,
    Proud free men who would never be sold

    Or dishonor themselves stood fast and strove
    For you–and here you are, their rightful heir,
    On your knees. Get up and stand in love!
    Even now in this dark, you can only dare.

    Feel the legend in your hands. To fabricate
    excuses not to wield its righteous weight
    Is cowardice and God will damn it.
    This legacy of steel is yours. Claim it.


  18. “Phoenix’s face is disproportionate to his body, whereas Cash was a classic face and well proportioned all around, which was one of the reasons that he had such talent.”

    Phoenix likely has a condition called “Spregel’s Deformity”, which makes him interesting to me. It’s not an insignificant condition to have to live with, let alone have a career as a highly visible and ultra-scrutinized a-c-t-o-r.

  19. Our external enemies tremble in fear of half assed clock milking incompetents with purple hair and manbuns.
    They especially fear feckless career bureaucrats with a god complex.

  20. A bunch of unattractive losers in that video. The idea that they are somehow resisting people like me is laughable. I want nothing to do with them. I would avoid them like the plague in real life.

  21. Also, most black and Hispanic Americans are Christian. Very few are Jewish, so this really is not an accurate representation.

  22. @elk: I’m glad you watched “Climax” and got some things out of it, even if it wasn’t your cup of sangria (lolz). Certainly I can’t expect every viewer to be drawn into the experience in the Biblical apocalyptic way I experience it (so much of this being derived through Godardian techniques of ‘banal’ observation interspersed with wildly ‘endless’ tracking shots).

    However, you’ve conflated two different female characters in the film: the German dyke who looks oddly like Angela Merkel (and may symbolically represent her–doing the very thing she advised against, as you pointed out) with the slender French chick (actually a Francophone Swiss actress who is half–Tunisian?–but otherwise phenotypically the closest approximation to an “attractive white girl” in the movie and, I think, symbolically the stand-in for that role).

    Let’s not spoiler-spoil what happens to her. I hope others will watch the film too. Anyway, I’m gratified you took the plunge and soaked in some pro-Whiteness.

  23. –and I had almost forgot the circumcision thing. Really, “Climax” is just stuffed to the gills.

    The “official narrative” is that Noe just let the dancers improvise almost all their interactions: if so, it’s perhaps all the more damning as a steaming hot delivery of what’s in the black id straight from the faucet (not that Africa has faucets). Of course, I assume Noe is politely trolling with that mask, and at least took care to steer the performers into “revealing themselves” in a way that would achieve the maximum thematic truthfulness and richness.

    It’s a film that would go over Steve Sailer’s head, but Heartiste (or our host!) could go to town with it.

  24. Those K-pop videos are fascinating. Can’t do effort-post in the comments now, but the stream of consciousness runs back to the underlying conflict of North Korea’s Strongman Restoration Terror vs South Korea’s Usury-Degeneracy Capitalism. Similarly as with the former North vs South Vietnam.

    As to the young German ladies under the new post, quite the contrast with the vermin at the top of this one.

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