So it happened. Fake News CNN headline: “The UK has left the EU — and the implications for the world are huge.” So even they concede defeat.

Europe is the motherland of Western Christendom. The greatness of Europe is its separate nations, for better and worse. No more migration of peoples. No more of siphoning of youth and talent from one country to undercut the people of another.

This is the time to build a momentum toward cleansing the land of Shakespeare and Newton and Pink Floyd and one sunny day, to settle the remainder of the scores. What was brought in can be taken out. Rotherham was not just a humiliation of England, it was a humiliation of all of us.

Meanwhile tonight: cheers, England. A video aptly chosen by Lucius Somesuch:

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  1. No real spoilers here, in the mostly “silent” denouement of Powell and Pressburger’s transcendent, utterly British, and presciently Alt-Right masterpiece “A Canterbury Tale”–but really everyone should just drop whatever and watch the whole movie this weekend first. Take this as a “holding place” and revel in its meaning once you’ve seen the whole thing.

    Godspeed Britannia!

  2. 350 years ago my ancestors left England. I’m glad to see that maybe they won’t die quietly. They’ve broken at least one shackle.
    And Nigel’s farewell speech was nicely done, triggering that Irish Republican into impotent sputtering.

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  4. Regarding the discussion about commenting vs. just reading from under the other post:

    I think a part of it is that the energy from a few years ago just ain’t there anymore. People still wanna ‘interact’ with other like-minded people, but the daily dose of glóbohómó takes the wind outta many, I suppose.

    At least commenting here seems to be easier than at CH’s place, where I had to use special characters (ą, ę, ż, ź, etc.) for the thing to get past moderation. Reading those comments must’ve been tough. When I posted here a few days, the comments went through without any problems.

  5. ” I think a part of it is that the energy from a few years ago just ain’t there anymore. ”

    Or the realization that ” commenting ” doesn’t really solve anything and only takes you so far. At some point there has to be action.

  6. This is such a relief. It’s to us Americans a smaller thing than Trump’s victory, but it was being dragged along for so long by such a group of sinister traitors, and there were so many times we thought the cucked traitors were going to undo the vote, that in some ways it’s a bigger sigh of relief.

    Also, Ra, there is a thing called an uplifting comment. You should try writing one.

  7. Thinking is primary to action. No thinking, no action (at least not the type that can rebuild a community). Commenting is a truce that ACTION makes with THINKING after the act of READING has triggered a material expression.

    Why then do most people just read versus commenting at least once?

    Their reading has not sufficiently triggered any expressed conviction. No more and no less than that.

    “Taking action” has little to do with “it.”

  8. I’ll see Lucius’ clip and raise him some good old fashioned USA:

    Which got me thinking about my top 5 Bond films. Since this is the Brexit post, I’ll get it started here.

    (in no particular order):
    The Living Daylights
    Diamonds Are Forever
    From Russia With Love

  9. What’s the line by the famous football coach, about coaching, where he says that in order to do it well you have to be smart enough to figure it out and dumb enough to think it matters. Commenting, and participating in the internet in general, is like that. It takes something resembling intelligence to do a good job with it, but.

    By way of example, Hardscrabble Commenter, er Farmer, doesn’t comment anymore. I don’t follow his blog, but he is too busy doing great things with his life. That’s the way to do it.

    Balance in all things though, right?

  10. ” Also, Ra, there is a thing called an uplifting comment. You should try writing one. ”

    Very true, so let me try it again. Hopefully it will be more ” uplifting.”

    We can overcome ALL our current challenges, predicaments and circumstances, but ONLY through collective action.

  11. I have a momentary endolphin rush going, anticipating dinner, which is roasted potatoes and fried eggs; and so here is my daytime story —

    I went on an adventure dog walk, in the park. It’s a nature reserve style park which is nicer than your average dog-shit shit park dog walk, though we have that style park too. It was a nice winter day and I was geared up with a classic folder on the belt, a self-hand carved walking stick in the hand, selected for beating back unwanted coyotes (which is all of them), and dog lead [leash: to the laymen] in the other. It’s actually a fairly technical exercise in your gear and lifestyle practice ie not being a doofus and recommended to anyone looking to amplify his life and skillz.

    And let’s just say it: Dog-command is a good measure of a man; most women round here for instance, can’t seem to do it. [nb4: naW] But most of them can’t keep the dog in a submissive position, while crossing paths on a trail, with another dog and walker. The necessary pro-tips for this engagement are thus: position your body between your dog and the other parties [no sic]; and further, keep your dog well restrained on its lead, during. Most other dog walkers, do not manage this courtesy. Clown world.

    That’s the post. I crossed paths with this cute young thing, and she wouldn’t make eye contact, which is weird because THERE’S NO ONE ELSE AROUND. And then later we crossed paths again, and she went over to the map signboard thing and just stood there looking at it, as if she was giving me an opening to go ask her if she knew her way around [muh dick]. / scene

    And then now I got to feeling a little cynical, later in the day, today, because life is sad.

  12. Elk: “dog-shit shit park dog walk”

    You have my vote for replacing “she sells seashells by the seashore”

  13. “I was geared up with a classic folder on the belt, a self-hand carved walking stick in the hand, selected for beating back unwanted coyotes (which is all of them), and dog lead [leash: to the laymen] in the other.”

    What? I don’t leave the house without my 357 S&W in my pocket or my Glock .40 under my belt. Even my wife carries a .38+P (against her wishes).

    You must live somewhere White.

  14. Elk the No eye contact is not weird, you’re walking in the woods with a dog and a weapon. Triggers her submission which averts the eyes. Wets the panties which causes her to linger at the signboard when you meet again.

    Life isn’t sad. Life is life, until it isn’t.

    The real pro-tip is to ditch the leash and issue terse verbal commands. Might be the dog-walking equivalent of riding a motorcycle. Bonus points for speaking German.

  15. — Sex and the City writer Candace Bushnell, 60, admits she regrets choosing a career over having children as she is now ‘truly alone’ – from previous thread

    Fun fact: Kim Cattrall, who played the slutty Samantha on Sex and the City, started her career playing “Lassie” in Porky’s — a minor character memorable for the fact that she howled like a dog during sex. Har har, ain’t they so funny when they have the carte blanche to the goyim? Harvey Weinstein, who reportedly according to court testimony under oath by one of his accusers has no testicles but instead has vagina-like anatomy in his nether-region, plus penis, and it all looks like a “burn injury”, LOVED to degrade White starlets.

    Also, all this makes you wonder about the starlets that make it in showbiz and their slave-condition terms of contract. Tay Tay is turning into an empty egg carton. By idiosyncratic chain of curiosity-associations, I looked up boomerettes Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart… Ann, as learned, ended up adopting children. Nancy [the hotter sister] made twin boys after years of fertility treatment and with a surrogate.

  16. Today I looked up photos of “intersex” and, man, If you think you’ve got problems, uh ….

    Count your blessings.

  17. Nancy [the hotter sister] made twin boys after years of fertility treatment and with a surrogate.

    In her case, did the children come out as the result of PiV sex, or were they test tube children?

    I have just the layman’s knowledge of the various levels and types of artificial impregnancies, and will not research on it this moment; but do consider the hypothesis —

    Test tube children, will be measurably less vigorous than those occurring naturally.

    It seems fairly obvious and inevitable, but on the other hand, what’s the real science data?

    Think of the sex that Genghis Khan actually had with his slave harem concubines. What it must have been like. Versus the sickly dull impregnation procedures that go down at the fertility clinic.

    The health of the children coming out of those two classes, will be different. And it’s not just correlation as opposed to causation. Natural vigorous sex WILL CAUSE healthier children. This is the hypothesis, anywaze.

    On the most basic level, it might be that bigger cum shots are a more competitive environment for the individual spermheads, and only the strongest most vigorous spermhead wins the race.

    Relatedly, what can be a fun thing to thing about, is the sex that occurred in the 60s and 70s “down by the River” — literally in the case of many towns in Ohio and WI and the rest of the Midwest, because down by the River — when you go down there for walk, imagine the Linklater scene and know, that’s how it was in the 70s and 80s, all across this great land. For better and worse. And then the awful denouement: How many of those pregnancies were carried to term, versus how many were aborted?

    In conclusion. Frank Herbert, somewhere in his Dune series and it wasn’t the first book, in his make-believe world, it may have Empire-wide or it mighta been just the Fremen — there was an categorical injunction against any and all child conception techniques other than natural sex.

  18. TLDR: Love children r the best children; sometimes; or rather at least: under certain conditions, they might would appear to have their strengths

    This entertaining theme hypothesis is not something I will take credit for though. It features prominently in Tom Wolfe’s A Man in Full.

    The young hero protagonist, not Kroker but his gen x counterpart what’s-his-name: his backstory was entirely as a love child. His parent were tragic flawed California hippies, but “beautiful people, man.”

  19. Daily twitter link post, with comment. Colin Hanks is, going by his name and face, the son of Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks as you may or may not know, has a rep as an excellent athlete and specifically baseball, on the level perhaps, of I was a great athlete in high school

    By extension, his goofy face son Colin is likely very talented, and needless to say, extremely privileged. And but he tweets like a liberal —

  20. Liberals have this very judaic reflex to elevate the written word over the spirit of that, which the written word formalizes. It’s very cynical on the part of the smarter ones. Or to put it differently, they as nature’s parasites [tutored by superparasites] rely on their host to bind his own wrists with something that was once written somewhere. Hence their appeals to the Constitution.

    Does a real, heritage, American – one who is of philosophical bent and red pilled – elevate the Constitution above that which it’s supposed to serve?

    Muh Constitution is idolatry. The liberal wants you to be in thrall to this idol.

    If the Constitution got so twisted that it birthed the 1964 Civil Rights act and is a tool of paralyzing a President that wants to close the national border, then this Constitution is a disease vector. Burn it or cleanse it.

  21. Life isn’t sad. Life is life, until it isn’t.

    A good place for happy emotions is the youtuber “UNWAShED.”

    He has the new kid in town thing going. He is British and his current video is on Brexit.

    He uses a gimmick in his video titles, and channel name, of including one lowercase letter.

  22. So much for not having an electronic footprint. I just made the case for nationalism and immigration restriction on Facebook. I almost felt like I was coming out of the closet. Of course I got massive pushback from my cousin (seemed somewhat hostile, but it’s hard to tell online). He ended the conversation first and I said “no problem” and thank you for being willing to discuss things. I meant it too.

  23. One his northwest European White friends (at least that was the impression I got with all the pictures of him hiking/camping) made some drive by comment about how people like me are a problem.

  24. PA: “Muh Constitution is idolatry. The liberal wants you to be in thrall to this idol.”

    This is why, to this day, historians refer to the USA as an “experiment.” We all know how it will end.

    There is one solution, and that is a monarchy where Christ is King.

  25. ” There is one solution, and that is a monarchy where Christ is King. ”

    Like this ?

    – Jesus Christ officially enthroned the King of Poland * Nov.19, 2016 –

  26. ” Amon, if you haven’t yet, see my long article on the assassination of Franz Kutschera. Yesterday was the 76th anniversary of the operation. ”

    Its amazing how young most of them were when they took it upon themselves to resist. I’m not sure the current crop of US youth would be able to do the same. I’m not even sure the men would at this point.

  27. — I just made the case for nationalism and immigration restriction on Facebook

    Nice job stating your case and not backing down with the liberal.

  28. Was at a Stupor Bowl party and I said aloud, amongst a group of 100% people who identify as Christians, during the Porsche commercial featuring 6 or more actors, only one of whom is a White male, “Notice how the White male is the only person portrayed as a loser. They do this all the time.”


    Except for the wife, who vocally showed her support.

    (Not said aloud, but extremely relevant: Porsche’s customers are possibly the most White male customer base of any product, and still, the Great A-Cuckening marches on unabated.)

    Later, in the weird “Old West Dance-shootout” commercial, featuring a black being higher status cowboy (not that there ever was a black cowboy) than the grizzled old White man with the world’s finest mustache, I mentioned “Once again, the White guy is the loser.”

    If not for the faithful wife chiming in, it would have been awkwardly silent.

    There was not a non-White soul in the room, yet none outside my household was willing to admit that We are under attack. And they consider themselves conservative.


    And now something completely different: Murdoch Murdoch has another vid:

  29. Re Porsche,I went to yt and saw the ad. Such negro worship! And the “white” you go girl woman. That was very blatant. Few products say “white male” like a Porsche,but we are shut out of driving it!
    BTW the halftime show was a bore. For their age,tho,those broads looked good.

  30. This country is totally sick, everyone here knows it. Just like there’s only one summer solstice, the longest day of the year – the super bowl is the pinnacle (nadir?) of sickness in this country. the sickest day of the year, our lowest of the low.

    I went out of my way to avoid the football game and the commercials but I knew someone would whine about them here. Wtf did you expect – commercials hocking baby strollers and diapers, full of happy, attractive white couples?

    These people hate you and want you dead. Every minute of your life that you give them attention, is a minute WASTED. And it’s double time because you carry that negative energy forward with you.

    Elk, please take this comment in the spirit it’s intended…You’re one of my top three commenters on the internet. Which doesn’t mean much, since I only read the comments here.
    A good happy place for emotions are them dog woods.
    Isn’t youtube/twitter like watching porn for your brain?
    I’ve had the best month in years by keeping my internet to 30 minutes a day. Books and articles are saved to read offline. Instructional videos are saved to view later.
    I’ve upped my meeting attendance to 2x a week and I’m spending more time with my friends and neighbors.
    My diet is at 96%, my fitness is increasing, my power levels are rising.

    The internet is fake and gay. I want good things to happen in all of your lives. Good things aren’t going to happen on the computer. Yes, I wrote this comment on a computer.

  31. Here it is. i didn’t notice the ghetto music the first time. Might as well introduce the new Porsche motto as “F U, Dad!”

  32. Fred, we appreciate your thoughts, too.

    Personally, I’m unable to praise brown chicks for their looks (and to me, even Penelope Cruz in her prime was a brown chick), and I didn’t watch the halftime show, but I hear ya.

  33. Superbowl is in fact a day of cultural nadir, well observed. Stayed home, I watched it on one of those streaming services. I muted the tv during all commercials and during halftime.

    I’ve always liked football (just the NFL, never paid attention to college football). It’s a brilliant sport. Cerebral, athletic, encompasses just about every athletic skill. War, chess and choreography in one. The play by play announcers had non-gay White intelligent voices and this does make a huge difference. I don’t think I’d have watched it if they sounded effeminate, black, or with a foreign accent. So the game itself was great to see. It was the only game this season I saw, along with one of the earlier playoff games. I mildly hoped for San Francisco victory because White qb but that wasn’t the outcome. Nevertheless, an excellent game.

    Since I never otherwise watch television… literally zero hours per year other than the above, television commercials are an Alice in Wonderland experience.

    And then see them as I did, on mute. Try it sometime, works with sitcoms too. You notice how imbecilic the actors look. It’s under the director’s instructions obviously. “Cut! You: make that vacuous grin bigger!” It’s like watching scenes from a mental hospital. That’s how (((they))) see us. In particular, if the character in a commercial is a “square” [non-powergirl, non feminist] middle aged woman — the actress will make her look absolutely retarded.

    I didnt get the full appreciation for the niggification of commercials with the audio being off. Yet it’s clear that they want this country to devolve to 90 IQ mixed race bugmen twerking to afrocarribean beats.

    Speaking of, the halftime show. My audio was off, as I mentioned. The tv screen was full of women thrusting their crotches. Absent (mercifully) the audio, it was like watching some bizarre skit where you’re like, “what are they doing?” A couple of years ago Elk brilliantly described a Beyonce halftime show as Giant Strutting Vagina or something like that.

    Yes, internet in excess, like alcohol, is bad. You miss out on life. Having a conduit of communication is necessary, though, if we’re not to degrade to 90 IQ mixed race bugmen. It’s great individually that we don’t buy into globohomo, but existence is social.

  34. J Lo is 8 years older than my grandmother was when I was born. Granted, she is beautiful, but she is still an older woman. I’m not quite sure she pulled it off. Off course all the multiculti background noise was irritating too. I cannot remember when we last had a good halftime show.

  35. How successfully have I isolated myself from the mainstream, that this was the first I really heard about the Superbowl?

  36. JJ,
    J Lo and especially Shakira look mostly European. I was once told I resembled Shakira, which I took as a major compliment. They are obviously both playing up their Latina side to make money.

  37. — they want this country to devolve to 90 IQ mixed race bugmen twerking to afrocarribean beats

    That’s a Leftist-Capitalist fantasy and it will never happen. The part about twerking to afrocarribean beats, that is. Ninety IQ brown/mixed people dont dance, they live in squalor and die off down to eco-friendly numbers. They only twerk to afrocarribean beats when Whites set it all up nice for them.

    I’ve mentioned my visits to Miami Beach on occasion. Traveled there for work, and most recently connected up with a friend who happened to also be in the area visiting his retired parents. He hadn’t been there before and wanted to see the iconic South Beach. What I saw, once again, was tons of third-worlders… fat purple Haitians and every kind of short, homosexual-looking Latin American, lots of standard-issue squatemalans, plus the occasional White tourist family, the only human faces in the crowd.

    Every restaurant in those Art Deco buildings along the boulevard had an identical menu, identical afrocarribean beat, identical fancy drinks, identical lunch specials, identical sales pitch by identical chubby latina hostesses. That’s based on me and him popping into several places to see where to have lunch, ultimately ditching the scene and going somewhere inland, to a sportsbar with White staff. Miami Beach in his sum-up: “Manhattan prices, Laredo vibe.”

    That afrocarribean paradise is only possible because, well, there was a usually-White cop on every other street corner to keep order. I also observed something most people pay no mind to: a municipal sanitation truck driving along the oceanfront boulevard, stopping to empty each trash can along its route. No White people = no sanitation = fecal matter everywhere.

  38. I’ve been in a similar situation as JJ and I think the way he handled it was great. Drop the pro White comment and don’t apologize or explain too much. I did too much explaining on my cousin’s Facebook this weekend. I wanted to get my point across, but I realize it is not the most effective style. I am going to lay low for a few months.

  39. The propaganda in the commercials brings to mind Publius’ interesting comment under the “Revelation” post — that we are going through Purim.

    Can one imagine popular culture that elevates human spirit.. be it in comedy, drama, advertising… we are at the opposite pole in that regard. Whites tune out. The liberal ones are either physically or psychologically, or both, isolated from all but the most anodyne harmless nonwhites. Yet they are aware of Whites at our best and at our worst, so they can roll with advertising that features us in degrading, cucked light. In that mental safe-space, they default to pitying nonwhites for their natural [in their unconscious worldview] inferiority. So they can roll with advertising that glorifies them at the expense of our morale and dignity. They think nothing of a nigger replacing Rocky Balboa in that fourth quarter Two Minute Warning commercial.

    Those White people, regardless of IQ, are followers. They arent equipped to think for themselves, so they do not see the subtext or they’re too conformist to see it. This is why the internet with its conduit of communication is important for those who can see during this period of cultural nadir. They’d not have shut down CH if our communication didn’t matter.

    Liberals respond in a hostile manner to red pill truth because even if they privately hate globohomo [they do], they don’t want the boat to be rocked. It’s fear, and they’ll only follow our message when it’s officially permitted to do so.

    As to Purim, the antiwhite imagery in advertising is analogous to Lenin-era Soviet propaganda. During that phase of Communist Revolution, degeneracy, homosexuality, antifamily type of Leftism was promoted. Propaganda art often had Asiatic-looking proletarians with a vaguely menacing look.

    Stalin then realized that he needs a strong, high morale population when Germany invaded. Propaganda art then started featuring heroic aryan-looking proletarians.


    PS: “Those White people, regardless of IQ, are followers” — that whole description refers to liberals. Ordinary conservative leaning people not so much. They dont always have the inclination or perspective to put the leftist propaganda into context and thus compartmentalize it. They also know that certain things are not to be publicly criticized.

  40. Football is a great game, as PA describes above. If we could do sports, somehow, on a level that worked for the population, then football yay

    Honest Thomas, I watched the show for 20 or 30 minutes and the one ad I saw was the dancing cowboy. The premise for the ad is clever; instead of a shoot-out it’s a dance-off and resolved w/o someone getting shot. But of course (“but of course”) they had to have the black win..

    The meta story of how Advertising became one of the most dominant mediums for our cultural narrative, is a good one; it was the premise of Mad Men. Those ad men had it so good for awhile: they come up w/ touching little vignettes and get paid a lot of money and congratulate themselves, and have “brilliant careers.”

    A particular example that didn’t play out like that: The song-and-ad man who wrote the classic heartstring diddy for Old Home Sour Cream, came into our high school and gave a compelling speech about the virtues of not fucking up your life with drugs and alcohol. Remember that social program / campaign, as part of the high school experience in the 80s? The lyrics to the song he wrote —

    Well it’s clear to see
    what Old Home has meant to me
    for half of a century

  41. On the game itself. So the Chiefs won. Was it them or the 49s who featured the ever elusive scrambling quarterback?

    It’s worth noting that the great scrambling quarterbacks, are at least as often White, as they are black. Which fact goes to how that function of being a scrambling qb really requires vision and intelligence, rather than “athleticism” which is in quotes because it’s a stupid word choice. The scrambling quarterback in the game last night, was very light-skinned, was he not?

    HBD and Sports; scrambling quarterbacks; other things related. Sailer has written a lot on this stuff; too much, some people will say. It was central to Oliver Stone’s movie Any Given Sunday. Stone took the view that the great “athletic” quarterbacks were going to trend black and that they were the ticket to winning, and that they were being held back, for reasons.

    It’s hard to overstate how prevalent was the thought structure (back then): That blacks were just better athletes, and the only reason they didn’t dominate EVERYTHING, from quarterback to cornerback to tennis and golf — w/ a possible exception allowed for swimming, haha — was that they couldn’t afford country club memberships and also that they were being held back.

    That same mentality isn’t how it is now, I don’t think.

  42. That’s a pretty good movie, Any Given Sunday, and probably worth a rewatch. It was Stone when he was at the height of his powers and prestige. He doesn’t get it all right, of course: he is after all half-jewish. The casting was off, particularly in the two leading roles of Al Pacino as the seasoned old school football coach and even worse Jamie Foxx as the scrambling qb. Foxx doesn’t have the physical stature, for one. Cameron Diaz as the lady owner, was good though; it was a good plot device and believably played. The decadence and the coke. Another detail they got right was the core of giant offensive lineman being an all-White metalhead club.

  43. Long-time reader, never commented. I enjoy the blog very much, and your writing in particular, PA. (Is that for “Polish American”? I’m of part Polish ancestry myself). Your site is an oasis. I’m in an ocean of libs every day.

    Writing to see if you could broker a Facebook friendship between me and Lara. I always enjoy her posts. And it’s especially encouraging to see women in our side. She can contact me by email.

  44. Hey Rob, glad to have you as a reader. I used to comment in places years ago and change my handle with each comment. “PA” was one of those disposable handles. It stood for Pennsylvania. I stuck with it for a while and kept it. I’m happy to connect people with each other if they both request it.

  45. Collective action requires a convergent effect. Modernism is a causeless paradigm. The metaphysical assumption of the dull “white” mass is absolute annihilation. So there is no collective solution to a private degeneracy. But there is collective pandemonium over the individual desire for Supremacy.

    And it is the personal desire for Supremacy where individual white men can effectually converge and nowhere else otherwise.

    Hence, the “collective action” is a racial desire for Supremacy.

  46. I have watched about 20 minutes of this, which was posted on the BBS. It’s from Jericho High School, class of ’89. They get a video yearbook, and all I got is this lousy t-shirt..

  47. Holy shit Elk, that is gold. Watching about ten minutes into this so far. Not my high school or part of the country but it’s just like my high school. I “know” every one of those people.

    No way we’re anything like Boomers, even if we share their aesthetic sense.

    No way we’re anything like Millennials even if we share the loss of future.

    I don’t even think the latter-half GenX will completely relate to this video.

    What happened? This was a robust country. I was there. My exact age-mates in that video. Statistics show that 1974 was the nadir of American births. Pill and abortion. And then our generation was taught that an unwanted pregnancy was fate worse than prison and comparable to a venereal disease. No boomer, 40 years old at the time, told us otherwise. But I say, knock her up at 17.

  48. Jericho High School being in New York State, things that were slightly different over here, is that we had virtually no Italian-American students. There was absolutely no reference to another ethnic heritage, from anyone. Never crossed anyone’s mind. I was Polish of course but I was the only one, I didn’t want to draw attention to that. It was a non-issue. [In fact, someone at our 25th high school reunion, whom I hadn’t seen since graduation, told me that I have a stronger accent now than I did in high school; which either way is slight to imperceptible].

    Our high school was Redneck at the working-class end, ubermensch prep-athlete on the high socioeconomic end. But everyone was just like the chads and babes like in Elk’s video, which I now saw past the 22 minute mark.

    Going back to watching it. PS: and yes, I had my varsity jacket since sophomore year. Big letter in the front with various pins on it. It was in my parents’ attic for like a decade after graduation, whereupon I rediscovered it and threw it away.

  49. Another regional difference is some peoples’ accents. In parts where Jericho students speak, I hear the NY/NJ accent. Completely alien here in the mid-Atlantic especially back then. Here [accent never caught anyone’s attention either way], it was standard upper middle class American, and the vaguely, slightly Southern-sounding accent particular to this area.

  50. @PA: “This is why the internet with its conduit of communication is important for those who can see during this period of cultural nadir. They’d not have shut down CH if our communication didn’t matter.” Amen. Glad you’re all my bros.

    @elk: “The premise for the ad is clever; instead of a shoot-out it’s a dance-off and resolved w/o someone getting shot. But of course (“but of course”) they had to have the black win..”

    Notice too that the White man had all white hair. Sure he’s sexy to White women above 45, and cool to some of us men who appreciate a solid and swanky elder, but the underlying message that entraps our youth is “OK Boomer”.

    When I was watching the commercial in real time, I was stunned that the Down Low black looked SO MUCH like the parody black cowboy in hot pink leathers (or whatever its getup was, man, I wasn’t looking to archive that page) that the day before AA or whomever posted.

    @PA again “I used to comment in places years ago and change my handle with each comment. “PA” was one of those disposable handles. It stood for Pennsylvania.” And Polish American. And Patriot. And so many other things. A truly great handle.

    @elk again: Brother, I haven’t even hit play yet, but that still photo takes me back in a snap. The level of [perceived] innocence in just that one low-res shot breaks my heart.

    How many of you here feel a sense of disgust when watching Boomer Woodstock Wannabees yearbook photos, yet grace in your heart when you see silly Gen X kids?

    Confirmation bias aside, there really was an innocence to our generation, even though we were brainwashed to think that we grew up in the most hedonistic generation ever. Fake News.

    UPDATE: I wrote this before I read PA’s response. More proof that it strikes a chord.

    Final @ goes to PA: I have no idea what you’re talking about re: accents. We denizens of the PNW were White as could be, except for our really weird penchant for naming towns, lakes, rivers, etc., with the Aboriginal worship complex. None of us had an accent (haha!).

  51. — even though we were brainwashed to think that we grew up in the most hedonistic generation ever. Fake News

    Bona fide 80s anecdote: a boomer person was lecturing me and my friend: “We were changing the world at your age, and you’re [I forget what the accusation was… something about being exactly like the teens in Elk’s video]”

    — None of us had an accent (haha!).

    Lol! I heard the PNW accent good and strong on my sole visit there. It’s a tiny bit like the Boston accent. Best example I can give is Courtney Love’s Doll Parts, in how she pronounces it “paaaaaHHhrts”. It’s a nice accent to my ear.

  52. “[I forget what the accusation was… something about being exactly like the teens in Elk’s video]”

    Oh dude, that is so nauseating. What was that 80s soap opera? Oh yeah: “As The Stomach Turns.”

    Describe the shape of the Boomer’s nose?

  53. Lara, I applaud your self reflection. You care and you’re trying to become the best influence you can be. High five.

    I’m no expert, but I’m grateful to be able to say that I’m informed.I thank many, including PA and his fellowsoldiers then and now.

    Laying in bed minutes ago trying to fall asleep, this video, and your comment, surfaced together. Consider the musical structure of this track. It’s relentless, unforgiving, simmering with righteous rage. The lyrics (and the artists) are possibly full BS Anf!f@ prototypes. But like I said, go back to the music: steel your resolve, feel the fire in your veins, stoke that desire for righteousness, and let your march be relentless. But remember it’s okay to take a nap now and then in your foxhole.

  54. @Rob
    Thank you for your compliment. Let me think about it. I would like to see you comment on here more, though.
    Honestly, I am not very active on Facebook, I only maintain my account to stay in the loop on some clubs/organizations I belong to. I rarely get political on it. For the most part people on Facebook don’t seem to really want to discuss politics.
    There are many women who think like I do. It’s just that women are more conformist and pragmatic than men so dissonant politics don’t appeal to them so much.
    I actually feel bad about taking on my cousin the other day even though I was polite and gracious (far more than he was). It’s just he can be so obnoxiously anti white I felt he needed to be challenged. I guess it would have been better to do it in person. I’m not going to bother with him anymore. I think he just wants to be up on a soapbox.

  55. A lot of people involved in dissonant politics have strong personalities. I think we come often come across as pushy, aggressive assholes. Many people are not happy with the ways things are now. They realize our media, institutions, culture needs to change. I just think people have different levels of how much they want to think and talk about it.
    Most of the White liberals I know are very white people. They enjoy White culture. I doubt any of them enjoyed that halftime show although they might not be honest (even with themselves) about why. I bet most of them did not even watch it.
    The one white people I saw praising the halftime show is not very smart.

  56. Video Yearbooks. Holy shite, that was ahead of its time.

    What if that were your high school, and you featured halfway prominently in the video, and now it’s in the Internet Hall of Fame? Well for starters — you won’t feature prominently in it … unless you’re a girl

    I was on the yearbook staff. As I recall video yearbooks were maybe briefly a consideration, but they required someone willing to film throughout the whole year and then make it happen. Regrettably, fortunately, no one was on staff for us and to make it happen. Interestingly, in the Jericho video, the one guy who was interviewed about his “most memorable moment at Jericho” who laid out his story in a narrative structure complete with start middle and finish, was the very blonde White guy in the audio visual studio. Talent for the mic, is what it’s called. Remember the AV club?

    And who was the tall giant-headed American Indian looking girl with the high social status, who was the most prominently featured character; or was she Italian?

    Jersey and apparently that part of NY, has a lot of different ethnic groups. One of the comments at the youtube link was totally zoomer red-pilled: he said I go to this school and it’s totally “degraded.”


    On another note, big grocery stores in the degrading suburbs. I am doing some shopping today and going to the grocery store, which is a big chain institution store, which actually does a good job of providing grocery items. But this chain is being overrun with blacks and their ways. Literally every time I go there, I see theft in progress. They just come in, do some thieving, and leave. It’s how they do

    They KNOW FOR A FACT that they don’t get prosecuted. There are almost let get away with it. The staff tries to discourage them, but that’s a tall order. Some grocery store manager is now tasked with security against 10,000 local nogs?

    It’s literally (nearly) every time at the store, there’s theft by nig, right going on, if you got eyes to care to notice. Clown world chaos: How will it end?

    And not un-relatedly, why am I paying premium prices for foodstuffs..

  57. I know: blond not blonde

    Two other observations on the Jericho video. 1) People mugging for the camera. How quaint..

    And not just quaint though. Putting on a happy face, is no small thing. A lot of people, nowadays, and perhaps especially high schoolers, can’t do it. Being able to put on a social “happy” face, would be a good starting point, for a mega effort comment..

    It was a more optimistic time, for one. But not just that. It’s about being pro-social, and there being a social toward which to be pro. Nowadays, there’s hardly even that social toward which to aspire and pretend!

    2) Smoking and Drinking. DUI was starting to be a thing back then — as in something NOT to do — by the late 80s, but apparently they hadn’t quite gotten the memo, all the way out to Jericho High.

    Relatedly, the last authentic expression of muscle cars. They came in principally three shapes: The Camaro, the Trans Am, and the Mustang. All three were serious status symbols.

  58. Daily Twitter link post, from the feed of the real John Dennis, who is apparently Nancy Pelosi’s challenger. He’s got quite a jaw on him, and he stands up for himself. He’s one of those manly high-t boomers we know so much about, and love.

    However, he is well matched by the brown, who maybe is Puerto Rican? They are exactly the same size and height. And by my reading, the brown slightly kind of wins the battle of intimidation, or maybe it can be called a draw. But /our guy/ Dennis repeatedly, slightly, averts his eyes and looks down. He doesn’t back up; but Dennis showed some fear by looking down —

  59. @PA
    For some reason, I had convinced myself that I was emailing the moderator (you) and not going directly to being posted. Shame on me for not being more aware. I may reincarnate (for obvious reasons, given the time we live in) and participate more then. Thanks again for your help and all you do on the blog.

    I’m the same way about FB; I usually can’t take more than five minutes or so before logging out. It is handy for keeping in touch with people you want to keep in touch with, though. We may or may not wind up FB friends, but I’ll always look out for you here.

    Blogs like this one mean a lot when you’re surrounded by the left everywhere you look. God bless you both.

  60. Any Given Sunday

    Another detail they got right

    Dennis Quaid as the end of career QB and his trophy wife… Who is HORRIFIED at the potential loss of status as he reverts to the realm of has been or mere mortal. Great capturing of the intersexual dynamic.

  61. Holy shit Elk, that is gold. Watching about ten minutes into this so far. Not my high school or part of the country but it’s just like my high school. I “know” every one of those people.

    I was there, right down the road, a few years earlier… The Fox Body mustangs, the odd muscle car and BMW, the hair, the sweaters, the sneakers, the beer, smoking, letter jackets, dirtbags, JAPS (LI), Van Halen… all of it.

    Notice how more masculine the guys were, even the little guys and how much more feminine the girls were. And how the two sexes were relaxed and paired up constantly…

    Soy different today…

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