Talking About Race

Black folks always want to talk to you about race. Anyone who had ever followed any unmoderated blog’s comments section that had at least one black commenter knows how important it is to them. For Whites, on the other hand, few things are as tiresome as talking about race. The reason for that difference is an asymmetrical frustration upon contact. For them, easy access to us is the highest moral good. They were taught that this is called “Civil Rights.” Conversely, we find their access to us intolerable but there is no affirmative word for that in mainstream political language.

Blacks seek to alleviate their frustration with insufficiently easy access to Whites by begging us to “talk about race” and escalating that to a hostile confrontation. Whites, in turn, seek separation through whatever means are at our disposal and under present laws, passively.

The context for that is the rebirth of Communism. When left wing politicians push gun confiscation in Virginia, they officially frame it in the generic language of public safety but informally, through their junior activists on Twitter and such, they gloat about replacing us with brown people. When they float trial-balloons for banning private schools or defacto White neighborhood zoning [link], they frame those things as matters of anything other than what it really is.

Likewise, our public discourse in opposition to their eradication-agenda is also framed in the vocabulary of this so-called civic nationalism. This is by necessity. The political maturation of the normies masses has its own inertia, a paced progress from implicit to explicit identity. Westerners in their invaded countries are compelled by their enemy to once again learn how to talk about race. But on our own terms and grounded in the righteous spirit of our right to exist, affirming our own identity with its sacred history and destiny.

As to the talented mulatto Trevor Noah, he sees contemporary South Africa as aspirational while to us it’s a nightmare scenario. This clarifies things.


52 thoughts on “Talking About Race

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  2. @ PA – When they float trial-balloons for banning private schools

    Liberals would love to demolish private schooling so that everything can be put under the thumb of federalized educational systems run out of Washington DC. President Hussein on private schools:

    kids start going to private schools; kids start working out at private clubs instead of the public parks. An anti-government ideology then disinvests from those common goods and those things that draw us together. And that, in part, contributes to the fact that there’s less opportunity for our kids, all of our kids.

    Comical, as you can see.

    Did Obama send Sasha and Malia to the local, Democrat-filled public schools in Washington DC? Nope. Did Obama ever spend even one second attending public schools himself? Nope.

    But all he knows is that your children are easier to indoctrinate with a federal agenda if they attend gubmint schools staffed by dogmatists imbued with his blank slater, globalist liberal attitudes.

  3. Always.

    I’ve got a black girl in my class, always wants to study African stories and history. She wants to know why 99% of school isn’t about Africa.

    Well, there are folk and art and oral traditions from Africa, but only about 1% worth.

    I can’t teach Brit Lit on a deep enough or wide enough level to encompass it all. And that’s just Britain. European literature in translation is yet another layer to scratch; you couldn’t complete a detailed study in a lifetime. American lit? I could spend a lifetime on it.

    But, you know, Africa is key to our literary tradition. Sure, Jan. It’s so tiresome.

    I have another black student, a male, who is so chill about everything. He just wants to talk about his art and drawings, and what he a) did last weekend or b) is going to do this weekend…usually that’s draw, play his guitar, or hike. I hesitate to say he’s above it, none of us are, but it’s almost a nonissue for him. Race, that is. Maybe he’s just learned to hide his resentments or he has the requisite access to feel well adjusted and self-assured.

    That’s the kind of black person that’s dangerous. Not in and of himself, necessarily, but because you meet people like him and you think “sure, there’s hope.”

    Truthfully I do not have hatred for blacks. Nor pity, nor apathy. They had a home, they have a place, traditions and culture and knowledge enough to perpetuate it all. But none of those meshes with ours, yet we refuse to set up boundaries.

  4. Trevor knows he always has the upper hand in those conversations, so of course he wants to talk about race. I absolutely refuse to talk to African Americans about race. I will immediately shut down the conversation. I have no problem talking to them about other topics, though.

  5. I wonder if he is having this conversations with some of these older Afrikaner men I recently watched videos of. Somehow I doubt it.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that telling Afrikaners to emigrate is unrealistic. They have no attachments to other countries and have a very strong attachment to Africa. They are “blood and soil” people. I think they need to come up with a solution to live separately within Africa.

  6. If a black person tries to bring up race, I am going to politely say, ” I have no interest in talking to you about that, but we can talk about something else.” That way I’m not rejecting them as a person, just rejecting that topic of conversation. I will not give any explanation except to say I do not want to.

  7. You attach to your birth.

    Or, your afterbirth?

    Biologically, we are ancient. Culturally, we are infants, or at least, young. Spreading into our purpose, as it were.

  8. The reason race is so uncomfortable a subject is because it’s unnatural. We’re supposed to live with our own kind.

    Imagine a society made up of ravens, bluebirds, and redbirds, all expected to treat each other as equals, but the fvcking ravens–who can physically overpower the other birds and whose existence is based on stealing their food–never shut up about how bad they have it because they’re forced to eat others’ leftovers. Not one bluebird or redbird would want to have a thing to do with the ravens.

    Weird analogy aside, I grew up in a town 98.5% White of Northern European ancestry. We were the least racist people you ever met (until you asked us what we thought of the 1.5% demographic–hint: feather, not dot).

    Now that I have lived amongst the other races, I have cast off the Pollyannish naiveté. We simply can’t coexist.

    Redtown, don’t let me down.

  9. PA has a knack for looking just below the surface of these social anomalies. It seems something dark usually lurking there. Trevor Noah is not an idiot, he surely understand there is no upside and unlimited downside for us to “have a conversation about race”. And his comment is “just relax lol”. So it’s basically a taunt, right?

  10. “Blacks” do not want to talk about “race,” as in, wanting to talk about our respective father(s), but rather, these niggers want to whine about “racism.” In other words, these niggers want to cry about “us” believing we have superior father(s) too dim. And of course, there is the {{{media-constructed narrative}}} of “white supremacy” to self-servingly distort this “discussion about race.”

  11. Most whites are possessed by a liberated concept of “race” whereas the anti-“white supremacist” has a clear-cut definition of “racism.”

    So any “discussion about race” ultimately ends in a dull white individual getting slammed with “racism.”

    Your race is your father(s).

    Racism is the immersion into your father(s).

    Niggers be damned.

  12. Lara said:
    I’ve come to the conclusion that telling Afrikaners to emigrate is unrealistic. They have no attachments to other countries and have a very strong attachment to Africa. They are “blood and soil” people. I think they need to come up with a solution to live separately within Africa.

    I have relatives who lived in SA. They spent 40+ years building a business and a life before apartheid fell. They couldn’t take a nickel out of the country, and had limited emigration choices. Still, they all got out (3 generations) and started over, except the wealthiest one. It was too hard for him to start over so he stays there in his gilded cage.

  13. I just come here to say, Trav was right.

    About apex Nordic DNA not wanting to do ethnocentrism?


    Joe Rogan is the most eminently qualified man in America to host a conversation about race.

    Obviously this is a serious suggestion, because who else could it even possibly be?

    And just as inevitable, the black seat would be sat in by [ … wait for it … ] Dave Chappelle.

    So who gets to sit in the White seat? Could you do it?

    Again, in all seriousness, what celebrity from the ranks of our glorious anonymity, could fill the bill? Anybody but please not Jared Taylor. Please not Mike Enoch. If we are seriously talking about doing this, Nick Fuentes is a good suggestion; but otoh he is already a concession, because it’s gotta be someone who is fully Heritage White American; or at least fully White American.

    Talent for that type of thing, is a very particular talent.

    But however it’s all a moot point, because the discussion is meaningless w/o its context: and which context is the audience. There is an audience for it though..

  14. IM(h)O: The best going compromise, for a real world radio show such as Joe Rogan, and in regard to the United States, is

    1) No More Immigration: Zero

    2) And further: mandatory eugenics guided birth control: “the animals need their space —-> no more Africans”

    However point number 2 is not something that people are ready for; or are they? In all seriousness, everyone of Greta’s followers agrees with this point.

    Ultimately though the the real argument, boils down to Consent.

    Without consent, government is tyranny. (and no one wants that)

    And we didn’t consent, to be replaced. That’s the going talking point, and it’s the one that is correct, and the one that will work.

    And it also is in line with Bowery’s formulation for ethical evolution or whatever tf: his Sortocracy thing, where people get sorted into groups that test out their social theories of government, on themselves, rather than on unwilling subjects, which is what we got now.

  15. * For the sake of clarity, this edit —

    IM(h)O: The best going compromise, as a suggestion on which people can try to work toward together, and to propose on a real world radio show such as Joe Rogan, and in regard to the United States, is —

  16. Muh Vague Ethnostate, is a great idea. I love it. You might even let me live there, now that I’ve lost the weight.

    However. How do you think it sells on Joe Rogan’s show, to the audience? We have to have an actual platform with broad and agreed-upon points. And there’s one point that everyone in /our thing/ agrees upon, and that’s 1 (above): No More Immigration.

    Actually not everyone agrees on this, because some people want to move to Costa Rica and for that matter the Czech Republic.

    Bowery would probably do ok, in the White seat, on that show. He is actually a good guest, when he talks to more normal people to rein him in.

    The other point that has to be made explicit, and for which there is broad support, is that our foreign policy and our media, and our banks, have to be wrested from the hands of a hostile elite. This means the jews have to be identified for what they are.

    And for this to be done, some basic concepts of reasoning need to be made clear: groups exist, and they have emergent properties, being the main one.

  17. I could probably do a fairly good job, in the hot seat, on this Joe Rogan show. How would Heartiste do? I bet he’s not a good speaker. Remember Pleasureman from MPC? That guy has a voice like Kermit the Frog. Seriously, he is worse on mic than Jordan Peterson. How about Vox Day, he is a known quantity. They were saying on chat, that his brain-thing is 162. Wow that’s super high, but how much Talent does old mister potato head have for the mic?

    I will volunteer to “step up,” if arrangements can be made. (no I don’t)


    It’s a good thought exercise, of what specific plans and compromises, you might try and propose and defend, on that show.

    Serious question: Is Separation, aka muh vague ethnostate, a good proposal, to try and sell to Normie America? I don’t mean to be negative on it. My opinion is that people just aren’t that radical. Muh happy watermelon niggers. Muh based hard-workin stoop laborers. Muh beloved Sikh doctor. Muh Chinese restaurant except this last has assuredly jumped the shark..

    A lot of people take the opinion that political solutions are doomed to failure and are not even worth the time. I sorta agree with this, but at the same time, it seems like it’s necessary to do politics as is availalble in this day and age, and to sell whatever compromised position, will sell.

  18. On the subject of repatriation: I’m American, but my great-ancestors weren’t (hashtag #AmericaSoNew).

    Every time I get on the subject of sending people back to their ancestral homelands, the browns and blacks take offense at the idea. Is it weird that I wish I also could be sent back to the land of my ancestors?

    When I visited for an extended work vacation (okay, it was an internship) in Norway, I felt the deepest compulsion of my soul, knowing that on a genetic level, I belonged there. (PS: Elk: it was the only place I’ve been where I felt average-sized).

    But unless I come from the middle east or north Africa, my cucked-ass ancestors’ descendents won’t take me in.

    This hurts.

  19. — That’s the kind of black person that’s dangerous. Not in and of himself, necessarily, but because you meet people like him and you think “sure, there’s hope.”

    There’s a photo of a pleasant-looking young mestizo woman holding a poster that says she’s a legal immigrant, is against illegal immigration, and that she supports Trump. Someone posted: “deport her.” Another person added the caption to the photo: “All of her children will join La Raza.”

    A strange hack was done to the normie mind, in that many people feel that the proper way to respect a foreign person’s humanity is to give him unlimited access to your sacred ancestral land.

    That’s wrongheaded of course. Invaders can come in panzer divisions and they can come in like sweet pitiful immigrants.

  20. — But unless I come from the middle east or north Africa, my cucked-ass ancestors’ descendents won’t take me in.

    Modern Europe’s communist governments are all the same and we trust that they will all ultimately be soon replaced by patriotic ones. Prior to the 2015 election, Poland was ruled by a pro-EU cuck party that snubbed Viktor Orban. They were enthusiastic about complying with the Fourth Reich’s [aka the EU] directives to bring in muzzies… but denied the repatriation of ethnically Polish descendants of late 19th century deportees to Siberia.

  21. Elk: “How about Vox Day, he is a known quantity. They were saying on chat, that his brain-thing is 162. Wow that’s super high, but how much Talent does old mister potato head have for the mic?”

    Vox is endearing in so many ways. What he is not is lovable to any demographic but his wife “spacebunny” and associated SciFi fans’. He has been a solid contributor to the “SSH” debate, but each time he has recommended a music track, or book, when I have purchased it based on his recommendation I have been disappointed.

    It’s not that his recommendations lack quality, it’s just that he’s a little too confident in their supremacy. And when he gloats about how great his editing skills are, I find myself thinking how much greater PA’s [ESL] writing is.

  22. PA, thanks for commenting. I took a risk by revealing my ancestry, but I can’t think of a worthier forum in which to reveal it. I guess, if AC is to believed, (((they))) already know it all. But it comes with a cost.

    If I wanted to celebrate Haitian Flag Day (May 16th) I would be celebrated at my workplace. The black chick who brought it up was.

    When I suggested we honor Norwegian Constitution Day (May 17th, literally the day after) I was shut down, hard.

    I’ve started keeping score.

  23. >Dude, I’m not saying you did slavery. Calm down.

    No, Trevor, you’re not. You are saying that any wealth I have derives from slavery; that I am therefore morally required to share that wealth any and every Black who wants a piece of it, including those like you who have zero ancestors who were slaves in my country; that your people have a right to assault me, rob me, or insult me, while if I do the same to them it’s a national crisis; and that Blacks must be given legal preference over Whites in education and employment. Fuck you Trevor.

  24. JJ,
    Visiting a country and living there are two very different experiences. My guess is living in Norway would not be as great as you think it would be. Do you speak Norwegian? If you don’t, that alone would get very frustrating. I have enough trouble communicating with other English speakers, in another language it would be hopeless.

  25. Just came here to post the same article, Ra!

    I still use the FBerg for reasons. One of the people I follow is Traditionalist Western Art. Brett is a champion of tradition and his acerbic remarks on modernism, etc. are entertaining, but what I enjoy most are the works of art he shares, sometimes without comment. I’m learning more about art and music from the exposure to artists I’d not previously known or have only passing familiarity.

    He writes a blog at

    I read his book, too. Very insightful and accessible to most readers.

  26. NEET, well said, it’s pretty much what I was thinking. Everything goes back to slavery with them, even jokes about it not being about slavery. One note Nellies.

  27. JJ,
    Both Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer have been banned from speaking in certain European countries. Europeans don’t take too kindly to pushy Americans coming in to tell them how to run their countries. Even though you have Norwegian ancestry, Norwegians likely think you act like an American. Just the fact you are calling them cucks is probably infuriating to them.

  28. They all speak English in Norway though. Like literally 90+ per cent of those younger than 50, speak fluent English. Which is not to say that you won’t be “out in the cold” at times, w/o knowing their language.

    My grandmother, God rest her soul, was between 100 per cent and 50 per cent Norwegian.

    I never went to Norway, and from the sound of it, it’s not someplace that can be travelled to on the cheap, unless you know someone to stay with, then maybe.

  29. “How about Vox Day, he is a known quantity. They were saying on chat, that his brain-thing is 162. Wow that’s super high, but how much Talent does old mister potato head have for the mic?”

    Vox Day is something of a meme, himself. He’s not exactly cutting edge anymore.

    Regarding that number for his iq. That’s just something something that people were saying in a chatroom. However it’s not unlikely that’s the number he has said, but I don’t know. He talks about his iq pretty frequently, and implies that it’s super high; or at least he used to.

    What here his SATs? That would be the standard metric. I scored 1450, in the 80s. Which according to the charts, is exactly at the 99.95 percentile. In my class of 600 and the one above, there were four of five of us, at that number and higher.

    I was already off the rails by then; drinking and drugging on the regular. It’s not something to brag about, or an excuse, but it is my story.

  30. Not only are you correct, elk, but Norwegian is the easiest of all languages for native English-speakers to learn.

    Anyhow, it’s just a fantasy. I know I wouldn’t fit in there. I have no patience for Janteloven. It’s just that when I do the “what if everybody was repatriated to his ancestral homelands?” thought experiment, I see it being pretty palatable. Especially as all the MENA types in Oslo would be sent back to their respective sh!tholes.

  31. I took second place in the Saint Cloud math contest, which was an invitational of 20 or so, of the better schools in the state. I also scored 46 out of 50, on the University of MN Talented Youth entrance test, which selected the top 100 kids in the metro and for which the cut-off to get in, was 42 and on which the top score was 49. Both those results compute to 4 SD’s from the White average in Minnesota. Or maybe a little shy of that. 155 to 160.

  32. My own comment brought back a memory. I’m walking down the street in Oslo, in a central business area, not the grimy immigrant neighborhood, and a black prostitute closes in on me and matches my stride, asking me to buy sex with her. I have to say NO at least half a dozen times before she gives up.

    I was always so perplexed that there would even be a black prostitute in Oslo. The countries surrounding the Baltic are home to the world’s most beautiful women, and this turd in a bowl of milk tries to sell herself? Does not compute.

  33. Elk, you’re quoting Vox Day?

    Hehe just kidding, bro. Good on ya. +4 SD is pure weirdo territory. Or at least it seems that way to this kid who isn’t even +3. But I get it. It’s lonely at the top.

  34. This makes me ponder that the IQ question has a scientifically replicative SSH sub-characterization. It must. Let’s take the ~2% of the population that is +2 SD or greater, and see how they turn out in career and mating success.

    What are the Top Nerd categories of men (let us not consider the women who are 130+, as they are of all women most miserable, and at best they are the beloved but barren Ann Coulter)?

    Alpha Braniac: IDK. Are there any? I think Trump is Alpha, but I don’t see him at +2 SD, necessarily. Bill Whittle? I’ve never considered this question before and it’s tough to think of examples. Possibly the few loudmouthed ZFG university professors who snuck their way into tenure before they let their true beliefs be known. And Putin.

    Beta/Bravo Braniac: Hannity. Hewitt. There must be tons of them. Cernovich.

    Gamma Brainiac: most Democrat senators and most [male] Ph.D professors (the women Ph.Ds usually get a free pass to both their degrees and their tenures). Most Jews who lead organizations that partner with Democrats, e.g., the punks who run the ADL and SPLC. Mark Levin, though on our side most of the time, is gamma. I’ve met him. Smallest man in the room, emotionally speaking.

    Delta Braniac: most top engineers, plus Ramzpaul and Jim Gaffigan.

    Omega Brainiac: most satanic (ahem, “Libertarian”) top hackerz, Howard Stern. Soros (not even his real name, that’s how gross he is).

    Sigma Brainiac: CH, PA, other top sh!tlords. There is some confirmation bias affecting my judgment here. What do we make of Molyneaux? He’s smart, but is he sigma? Probably PJW and possibly Crowder. BoJo?

    Anyhow, this is my first time trying and I’m shooting from the hip. YMMV

  35. Re: Joe Rogan and racism
    “Mating will be done in a laboratory. Cause it ensures 100% excellent
    DNA, healthy children, you can factor out racism. You could probably do
    things to your kid.”
    Thanks joe bogan

  36. “About apex Nordic DNA not wanting to do ethnocentrism?”

    I wasn’t referring to any specific comment. Just a general statement.

  37. Joe Rogan shows “us” that no amount of brains in the world can overcome perverse and/or nonexistent metaphysics.

    His take literally translates into “radical sexual autonomy” (laboratory “mating”) will create “healthy children” without fathers (racism).

  38. The HBD movement, in the big schemes of things, retarded the race-realist movement. How so? By unnecessarily attaching “it” to the fate of niggers. In other words, EVEN IF the white race was the lowest IQ race on the planet, separation is still step one simple solution to the dysfunctional relationship with nigger.

    The true “adversary” is Perfection.

    Nigger is anti-Perfection.

    Nerds hate Perfection, though.

    So Nerds got nigger-in-m.

    And the “have been duped” movement has “us” as attached to the niggers’ inglorious fate as ever.

  39. I watched broadcast tv this weekend and learned there are 4 groups who desperately need your help:
    – abandoned dogs
    – babies born prematurely
    – children born with physical defects
    – Africans

  40. …those 4 groups were featured in commercials in heavy rotation.

    For 63 cents a day, YOU can help those who simply do not have the ability to help themselves.

  41. She wants to know why 99% of school isn’t about Africa.

    Because she’s not in Africa. There is a place where 99% of school is about Africa – it’s called “Africa.”

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