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All people are guided by two kinds of morality: their innate moral compass which is part instinct and part culture/upbringing, and what we can call “Display Morality.” Some Westerners are unsteady on their Display Morality. Normies, boomers, people who aren’t of the national Right, aren’t sure how to signal in situations like Richmond, where the primary objective is to secure the 2A and the secondary objective is to secure the 4th generation warfare claim on moral high ground. In error, they fight for a good cause with faulty Display Morality. It’s possible that the Feds anticipated that, which is why they pulled the aikido move of not crushing the patriots in the kill box.

The identitarian spirit is there. What’s missing is clarity on moral first-causes. No one actually believes in anti-racism or in demon-tranny right of access to children. But with alien fiddles playing their tune all through the decades of the Cold War via their monopoly on media, Westerners’ sense of Display Morality has became deformed. Especially that of Boomers, who were force-fed the Civil Rights theater in their youth.

Addendum for perspective: I don’t know what the rally was like and how prevalent those cuckservative banners were. One can’t rule out the clowns in the photo above being Antifa with new instructions. But one way or another, the Left’s Communist program is not stopping until it’s stopped. The national spirit is there and in the course of events it will mature. One anecdote from Mendo:

One such story was an older gent and his son who had to park faraway and walk towards the event, when a cab pulled up and asked if they were going to the rally. They said they were and he gave them a lift. When they got out, they were gonna pay and the cab driver said he supports patriots and didn’t charge them.

And a comment by Suburban_elk, which should be quoted in full:

The linked Anglin DS article on the Virginia rally is really good. I got two points, in response to it.

1. The rally goers’ main problem is brilliantly presented: We are fighting for our guns, so that we can protect our guns.. Hahahahahaha

Obv they need something more than that, to fight for. And without that thing being explicitly themselves and their families, what are they left with, except to fight for “muh our way of life” and that presents its problems because, it’s not explicit enough, mainly. A way of life is too much values and not enough blood; or at least it can be manipulated into such.

Anglin suggests that the answer of what to fight for, is God. Hard to argue with that, but on the other hand, as an answer it leaves quite a bit to be desired..

Here is what PA says —

No one actually believes in anti-racism (or demon-tranny right to read books to children). They just don’t have a grounding in proper Display Morality. An injured sense of identity, to be repaired.

I disagree that no-one believes in anti-racism, but leave that for another time. It is absolutely the case that our Identity as White Westerners is in bad shape. Display Morality is an interesting concept, worth exploring. A healthy display, is a health mind and body.

2. The second point I have regarding the DS take on the Virginia rally, is quite simply that the (White) people there weren’t as fat and ugly, as made out to be by the DS crowd. The old adage of, you find what you seek. Memes were made of the worst looking people; those pictured meme people are not representative specimens.

Or are they? I wasn’t there, I watched a half-hour on the livestream. I saw that there were any number of regular looking people. Yeah America is obese and “over-saturated” with chemicals and fats and plastic and hormone disruptors and the rest.

But to the point: There were guys who looked more the part of men.

Those people, are less inclined to be in front of the camera, for starters.

70 thoughts on “Display Morality

  1. I think those signs are great. The objective is to equate the loss of constitutional rights that aren’t valued by ProgMarxism with those that are. This math is done in the minds of the malleable, Gen Z. Very effective propaganda technique to have Gen Z start questioning “common wisdom”.

    Their lunacy will be their undoing at the end of the day. let the questioning start in earnest.

  2. I know people who believe in the right f trannies and queers to access their children. They believe that trannies and queers are so turgid with sanctity that no harm could possibly come of it.

  3. The matter of cuck Display Morality (aka the other kind of ‘bad optics’), the ridiculous antracist signaling may well have been cherry-picked, contra Anglin’s impression that it was “at least half” of all banners. Other sources simply show masses of serious looking people at the march, not that much over-the-top Gear Cosplay silliness.

    A reader on Gab says, and I agree:

    I tend to agree with Roissy on this one. In terms of short-term outcomes, it’s a bit of a wheel-spinning exercise.

    But, from the perspective of the Community Organizer, this is net positive for us. For the occasion, everyone on the field took one positive step in our direction. Lots of normies got angry enough to march. Despite all the ugly prep, the cops didn’t actively and openly taken the opposite side. Antifa stayed home. The press turned thousands of everyday Virginians into white nationalists for the day. And it forced the government into a position which made it look stupid, petulant and frightened. That by itself is great news.

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  5. I regret not seeing a single “It’s Okay to Be White” sign at the Richmond rally. I wish I could have attended and held one myself. I think it would have been the perfect message.

    In a nod to Boomer humor, the reverse should have had a outline of an AR-15 in black, with the text “It’s Okay to Be …”

  6. In a nod to Boomer humor, the reverse should have had a outline of an AR-15 in black, with the text “It’s Okay to Be …”

    That might have worked for a sign, at that rally, or it might not have. I don’t get the joke, frankly.

    A sign that read straight up and only —

    It’s Okay To Be

    woulda been pretty clever; but maybe too meta, for that venue..


    A commenter at the BBS, SabrinaVanZant, made this comment —

    Do you recall seeing any rally signs that made reference to God?

    I may have seen a “God, Guns, and something else” type of sign, but that’s it.

    Did she mean that the sign read “Gods, Guns, and [something else]” or that it literally read “Gods, Guns, and something else” in which case they win the prize for best sign.

  7. Is that the 50 caliber everyone talks about?

    They say it weighs 30 lbs, unloaded. Which might partially explain the look on his face.

  8. In a nod to Boomer humor, the reverse should have had a outline of an AR-15 in black, with the text “It’s Okay to Be …”

    Perhaps you were going for the same joke; that’s it okay to be ________, where White was implied.

  9. I dunno what that is. This is the .50 cal I fired in the Army:

    It’s a crew-served weapon. The gunner, the guy who feeds the ammo and keeps an eye on the barrel not overheating, and the third man with a smaller rifle for local security.

  10. The plump fellow elk posted was indeed equipped with a BARRETT 50cal. Uses the same ammo as the BMG. Kudos to the company for refusing to sell to CA LEOs after the state banned the round.

  11. JJ, yes. Display Morality is transactional, in that it pays tribute to what is hoped to be a good-faith agreement. “We won’t be homophobic so that those gays will be grateful and the state will treat us fairly.”

    Virtue Signalling is more frivolous and it’s motivated by vanity rather than social contract.

  12. Will Wuhan kickoff the Bugaloo?

    Sometimes I wonder how many people have to die for the social order to collapse. What is the minimum number of men required to maintain a regional generating station?

    Wednesday morning thoughts. My dreams were not pleasant last night and I woke up feeling not sick, but aching, as though I’d just climbed miles of rocky hills.

    Something is coming. Maybe it’s just a new distraction from the man behind the curtain.

  13. You can’t control who shows up at these rallies and you will always get some misfits. The vast majority of the people looked pretty normal to me. I agree with Ramzpaul that rallies like this don’t accomplish much of anything. Nothing went wrong, though, and people got to spend a day with other like minded people so I don’t see any harm in it either. Kevin MacDonald has said there is great benefit in meeting similarly minded people in real life. Internet relationships are unsatisfying, even if it is nice to be able to talk about things.

  14. Non whites, gay men, people who are not sure whether they are male or female, have higher status on the hierarchy than White men Therefore, I suppose supporting certain things is seen as giving it more legitimacy. Ultimately, though, acknowledging that, and seeing it as a positive is falling into the left’s frame.

  15. When I am talking about the status hierarchy I am talking about the one the left puts forward. In real life, things tend to play out differently. High quality people tend to have high status. I think that is why it is sometimes hard for fellow Whites to see how we are discriminated against. They think we are just whining.

  16. “I keep tellin myself something’s comin’
    but it never does” — not everyone’s favorite jew, Bobby D.

    I used to do a kick ass version of that song, on guitar.

    They’re doin’ the double shuffle, throwin sand on the floor [x2]
    When I left my long time darling, she was standing in the door

    He was such a genius, in spite of the context of the Jewish Century and all that. He is officially old now. I kind of used to think I would meet him irl. I do have a one- or two-degree separation contact with him, via AA.

    Does anyone else feel like their concentration power skillz get sapped away by the internet?

  17. Does anyone else feel like their concentration power skillz get sapped away by the internet?


    I’m a YT junkie, mainly watching coding lessons, as well as a few Top 10 this and that lists.

    It’s oddly powerful to be able to query anything you can fancy and find a hit for it that leads you down a never ending series of clicks.

  18. When I am talking about the status hierarchy I am talking about the one the left puts forward. In real life, things tend to play out differently. High quality people tend to have high status. I think that is why it is sometimes hard for fellow Whites to see how we are discriminated against. They think we are just whining.

    Well said.

    The antonym to the Left’s ideal of equality, is Hierarchy.

    To any men reading this: What are you doing today, for your hierarchy?

    A trucker (baseball) cap, that in lieu of “Wine em Dine em Sixty-nine em” reads High Status

    Would such a custom hat be funny now or is it already too late and the joke already past?


    This section of the post is free internet advice —

    Never wear letters on your clothes. There are exceptions, and when you are beautiful and or high-status, you can figure out what exceptions to include on your person. But if you are not fashion savvy, and don’t want to be a prole, never wear lettering. My dad is medium high status and he wears lettering on his tee shirts, but he’s a boomer and those tee shirts are a part of American boomer (signaling) culture.

    How do lettered tee shirts fit into the topic of healthy display?

  19. For my part, my hierarchy, I am trying to cultivate functional social relations with the people in my life. Being talented and beautiful has not gotten me very far. In fact such things can be a trap..

    And not just people in one’s life, but everyone with whom paths are crossed. (and leaving out, for the purposes of this post, race aliens; that is another topic; sort of)

    Ed Dutton, the youtuber who has his share of personal problems, going by the atrocious hanging bags under his eyes, is a high level intellectual activist. Very left brained, but talented all around, with the verbals and humor too. He makes the point repeatedly, about how the personality traits of Openness and Agreeableness, correlate with intelligence. This is official data from real science. Those two things also correlate with K-selected life success.

    Everyone knows this, but some things are easier said than done..

    I made an rl joke the other day, to an AA girl who is married and shouldn’t be alone unsupervised at these meetings; I said to her: “You can call me an asshole, just don’t call me Alex” and it was in the context of people not remembering your name. It was very successful joke, in part because of the improvisational choice of “Alex” as the punchline.

  20. Good looking people generally give other people pleasure rather than derive much from it themselves (they do get plenty of advantages though). If you look at it that way, you might enjoy it more.

  21. More intelligent people are not as threatened by others and therefore more open and agreeable. In my dealings with the public, I find that lower socioeconomic/intelligence people to be more guarded. It takes a while to get them to warm up to you.

  22. That looks like a .50 cal Barrett rifle (M82 maybe?). It’s used as a sniper rifle but IIRC it is also used to fire rounds that can penetrate armored vehicles and then explode inside.

  23. More intelligent people are not as threatened by others and therefore more open and agreeable.

    There’s certainly some validity in that.

    But a downside is that genteel people of intelligence often ascribe brains and gentility onto others too readily. That’s a common SWPL fault, obviously. Like so:

    Couple who believed evil is ‘make-believe’ killed by Islamic State

    Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghehan of Washington DC were travelling through Tajikistan on bikes with other tourists when they were attacked on July 29.

    Video shot by the militants showed a car passing the group, before doing a sudden U-turn and driving straight at them, reports the New York Times. Four of the cyclists were killed, including both Mr Austin and Ms Geoghehan, both aged 29.

  24. More intelligent people are not as threatened by others and therefore more open and agreeable. In my dealings with the public, I find that lower socioeconomic/intelligence people to be more guarded. It takes a while to get them to warm up to you.

    Mary Stewart, in the opening chapter of The Hollow Hills, said of her main character that he was accustomed to seeing such “forgetfulness” in the poor. It was their only shield.

    We do not grow.

    Or change.

    Circumstances around us are fluid, and by turns are richer or poorer, but we? We?

    We do not change.

  25. That “six geniuses” article is interesting. But what’s the purpose of posting a world TFR map? Literally everybody in the world who knows how to turn on a computer already knows this.

  26. But what’s the purpose of posting a world TFR map?

    Hahaha yeah I thought it was going to be some kind of much more nuanced and interesting map, like county-by-county or something.

  27. Uplifting little video here. Take two minutes to enjoy some eye bleach / eye candy (depends on how you’re feeling at the moment).

    So refreshing to see two cute (beautiful?) young women answering silly questions about how well they know each other as roommates, all G-rated with no poz.

    Righty is getting married this year, at [I think] age 25 (applause). She went to a Christian high school, so I have my hopes for her (especially as her roommate implies that she hasn’t been slutting it up through college). She works as a financial analyst, which she should be able to do part time from home while raising her children right.

    Lefty is the more high-T of the two. She became Miss Kentucky and has started on a career in sports broadcasting. I don’t love that, but at least in this video she seems kinda nice.

  28. Elk: 69 is not high status. teh maths can be fine and all, but…

    …nothing is higher status than dividing 0 by 1.

  29. I also was impressed with the six geniuses article. It reminds me of a thought I have had. Right or wrong, it is logically feasible. IBM’s “Tay” experiment on Twitter got me thinking:

    Suppose The Singularity happens, wherein artificial intelligence exceeds that of humankind.

    Suppose then that the AI looks at all the problems of the world and concludes that the easiest way to ameliorate such problems is to remove the Jews.

  30. To be clear: this isn’t a fantasy. It’s a curiosity. I’m a part-time hobby futurist, and, well, this is a question that deserves an answer.

  31. Someone wrote and an interesting comment at Unz Review under the segregation book review. He wrote that a historian, Srdja Trifkovic, once said that the Boers made 3 big mistakes: expecting to own over 85% of the land while only being 1/5 of the population, using Black Africans as workers, and limiting immigration from European nations. I think we can definitely learn from their mistakes.

  32. They should have opened their door to other Europeans, even if that would have been a loss of status, power and resources. Europe is crowded and I imagine many Europeans would have liked the opportunity to immigrate to a beautiful, wide open country. Also, there would have been ties to European countries and that would have generated more support and good will towards Afrikaners and South Africa.

  33. Hindsight is 20/20 and the Boers made some mistakes. There is a podcaster that Linder works with on occasion named Jan Lamprecht, who is recommended. This link is to a Bitchute w/ him on it; I have not listened to —



    There was awhile when going to South Africa, generally on safari, was like the ultimate status symbol, for White Americans. And no doubt for other Euros. But for the hunting culture and the status strivers here in the upper Midwest, you were a big man if you went to South Africa and bagged some of the animals there.

    I have mentioned this guy before, I sorta worked with him but not directly: He was, the Ultimate Boomer. The tldr is that he had a picture in his office, of himself and his gun and a dead lion. How impressive an accomplishment is it, when you pay some locals to drive you there in a jeep and find the “game” for you and do everything but pull the trigger. It might have been an adventure in 1920, but now? gimme a break; give the animals a break for that matter. Yeah yeah there’s plenty of lions and the Africans are going to kill most of them anyways. Actually though lions can be probably be semi-domesticated and be bred and kept long term reasonably viable in zoos. Elephants too for that matter.

  34. The ultimate documentary on Africa is Adios Africa (1966), by some Italians.

    The case can be made that it’s the best mostest film ever, of the 20th century. It gets my vote. The part where they slaughter the animals, is literally unwatchable though. I couldn’t watch it, it was two painful the way they do it, what’s it called, the Mexicans do it too, it’s actually a thing and it has a name — it’s this sick way of “harvesting” animals where they string a rope between between two jeeps and run over the herds, breaking their legs, and then leaving them in agony for awhile as they maybe go around and get them later, or maybe not. It’s sick and disgusting beyond belief, and you wish that the people who do this, get their just desserts.

    It also features the slaughter of humans, particularly the Indians in whatever country it was; that part was pretty cool; fuck them, right?

  35. Elk: 69 is not high status. teh maths can be fine and all, but…

    …nothing is higher status than dividing 0 by 1.

    “Wine em Dine em 69 em” is a meme from Dumb and Dumber. Kick his ass, Seabass..

    Did they ever figure out, whether or not 0 (zero), is a number?

    Is the short answer something like: Yes it is, but only as a place holder on the number line.

    What’s the long answer?

  36. I guess the Boers figured black Africans had far more peace and prosperity under their rule than they did on their own so they would be okay with the arrangement. I imagine for a while it did work well, until it didn’t anymore.

  37. How many White American males, and other White Westerners, growing up in the 60s and 70s and 80s, in other words in the era of VHS porn, thought that the protocol for sex necessarily included cunnilingus as a foreplay warm-up?

    I thought it did. I followed the script, as it was provided on the VHS instruction manual documentary. Ridiculous and absurd.

    What a humiliating life it’s been. Now of course the new thing is anilingus. Anilingus is actually featured in mainstream entertainment, including the new big Prime hit ,The Kids.

    “I am a dirty pig who likes to eat ass” was the exact line of dialogue, and yes it included a depiction of same; this was right before the super hero whose ass was beaten eaten, squeezed and exploded his head to death, with her super-hero strength glutes.

    Hey, it wasn’t me who wrote the script! This same show, this victory lap series by Amazon, stars in a starring role, none other than Eomer the man himself, nephew to the king and Third Marshal of the Mark, aka what’s-his-name. This show was recommended by youtube superstar, and /our thing/ sympatico The Critical Drinker. I guess he is a millennial or something and has a higher tolerance for bad taste (ass) and gore?

  38. The most dangerous places for Whites are the rural areas. There is strength in numbers and Boers probably need to give up land and live in more densely populated communities for defense. There is no way I would want to be alone on a farm and expected to defend myself against a gang.

  39. Cunnilingus can be an occasional gift to your high-hygiene wife when you want to give her something a little different, a luxurious moment to augment her usual 0 divided by 1 moments.

    But I tend to agree with CH that there’s something a little off about it, as well. She wants to be dominated by you, or perhaps just to connect with you. This practice accomplishes neither.

  40. The Ebert review of Africa Adios is quite a piece of, uh shall we say, cultural criticism: as in both OF cultural criticism, and but better, FOR cultural criticism.

    I had not read it specifically but knew of his claims that much of the movie was “staged.”

    That’s a quite a claim. What would “staged” even mean, exactly, in the context of such broad sweeping and epic documentary? But Ebert doesn’t even begin to take on that essential angle, to what he is trying to say. Consequently his accusation is shallow.

    The first Disqus comment following the article was by Peter Conner, whom I remember from Takimag. He scored in the top 1 per cent, of the top 1 per cent, on his SATs. However this comment he makes re Ebert is probably not accurate — obv Ebert watched the film!

    I have actually watched Africa Addio; it’s a great film. I doubt that Ebert ever did, or he was wearing his marxists glasses perhaps.

    This comment was near the end of the thread —

    Well this review didn’t age well


    A film critic of Ebert’s renown, and that movie and that review of his, deserves an effort comment response, from someone qualified. This same review came up at Sailer’s on a thread I think was about the movie but maybe not. It was a few years back, and some of the comments on that thread took Ebert to task; I made a similar comment to mine above.

  41. “Hey guys we’re filming” ——> that means it’s staged?

    The accusation in its implication, is that the reality as portrayed, was created by the filmmakers.

    Which assertion is laughable on its face. I still would like to see a definitive effort response; it must be out there, somewhere..

  42. It was jarring to watch. Those scenes where they were cutting open the pregnant animals were definitely real. There would have been no point in the film crew even attempting to stop them.
    I also watched a video of Louis Theroux interviewing a Boer leader. I think the man did not handle himself well, even though he was perfectly justified in his beliefs. He got too angry and defensive.

  43. If we, rednecked idiot denizens of Alt-right sewers, can make incisive and insightful criticisms that would stand as “fact” or at minimum, acceptable consensus, from the literati, then said literati have no legs upon which to stand.

    They overestimate their intellect and capacity for insight, and give inflated status to their musings.

    I believe in humanity, and the wisdom of people separated from the crowd, and permitted To Be.

  44. The documentary did not have the serious, subdued tone of most documentaries. I think that may be why Ebert thought it was fake. It was not professionally done.

  45. I also watched a video of an ex Israeli Commando train White South Africans how to defend themselves. Israeli Jews really are different than diaspora ones.

  46. Elks says…

    The antonym to the Left’s ideal of equality, is Hierarchy.

    And “hierarchy” implies, infers and logically necessitates objective Supremacy.

    As such, “white supremacy” translates to “white hierarchy.”

    And it is the collapse (universal equality), inversion (supremacy is degeneracy), subversion (supremacy > Supremacy) and perversion (Perfection is Evil) that seeks to entirely destroy the white boy’s instinct for unmitigated Hierarchy.

  47. NVM. Went to Dalrock’s blog and saw his cryptic post.

    I’m all for men deciding to pack things up. His choice. I agree.

    That said, I won’t miss his posts. He was hard to read. Not a gifted writer. Hopefully someone better at forming sentences and more passionate at creating them will take the baton and make something of it.

  48. Everybody has his area of interest. Focused-manosphere was never my big interest, especially the hardcore MRA and anti-feminism. With regards to the former, chances are higher that I’ll grow a third arm than get “divorce-raped.” So there is no personal anxiety on my part over that. As to feminism, of course it’s a scourge that ruins lives & civilizations but one gets worked up about a finite number of singular devils.

  49. Huh. Didn’t see that, myself. ZFG is in supply, energy, not so much. Praying that I’ll find my calling. That’s the source.

  50. I hear ya on the divorce question. My wife sees the D-word as such an egregious sin (as do I) that it’s not even something we are comfortable joking about. What God hath joined together, let no man rend asunder. Either your vow is a vow or you are a joke of a man.

  51. I’ve had a handful of Alpha male peers who were such studs. Natural leaders. Massive balls. We were tight friends. We would talk about ANYTHING. Close confidants. Others flocked to them.

    Fast forward to today. Those little shits have left their wives and, in deed if not in word, they have left Christ. I meet in private and they say, “I’ve been a little wild since I left my wife.” Impregnated divorced MILFs who they don’t even respect. This is not the life.

    And then I think of my friend “L” who’s been struggling for at least a decade in his marriage to a somewhat frigid chick who gossips about him to her girlfriends (including my wife). When I meet him in private and ask if the rumors are true, he always has a different, believable version of the story, and he never takes the low road by pointing fingers at his wife.

    He doesn’t put her on a pedestal, he just accepts that he made an oath to be there for her for better or for worse. She’s frequently in the “for worse” stage, but he doesn’t let it get under his skin. He could have dozens of side chicks if he wanted. Real chill, good-looking guy with that dark triad thing going on. He honors the Lord and protects his wife, even from herself. He’s the real stud IMO.

  52. It’s good not to be married to a crazy and self-destructive person. A lot of people are mentally ill to the point that they can’t really be made well.

    Borderline personalities, is a category that covers a lot of ground. Said personality type was a big part of the show, the Sopranos, in the character of Tony’s Mom; but it is also a popular concept in the real world among people who talk about such things. David Chase, creator of the Sopranos, has said on the record, that the character of Livia, Tony’s mother, was based on his own rl mom.

  53. I recently had a somewhat involved man woman interaction, with a very messed-up borderline personality.

    This AA acquaintance is a self-described sex addict but she goes to meetings which are full of men. She ensnared me with her wiles, and I suggested we might could collaborate on some songs, because I thought maybe we could learn something by working together. He response to me was, and immediately —

    “We can’t date” — Ouch! She was saying it as though her “program” required her to make such a statement, because boundaries. But the reality is, she was just being a bitch.

    I was offended, but not really hurt. She is such a head case. On a good day maybe, as in maybe a six out of ten.

    Was I trying to get in her pants? Not really but sort of. Iow, a typical real world context.

  54. Elk,
    She likely has low impulse control and would try to seduce you if you were alone together. It’s probably better not to even put yourself in that situation.

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