Bluebirds with bluebirds, red birds with red birds

The Ministry of Propaganda made a curiously innocuous-looking MLK Day doodle.


Snap impression: tall Chad with a redhead and a brunette (let’s say). Boomer liberal woman with vibrancy. But there is more going on. And do we want to see their faces? Their art always has sinister energy. Anyway, just about the entirety of Western news from 1945 through 2007 has been fake by virtue of the fact that all of it was created, packaged, and disseminated to the public via the intelligence-media complex of the United States. The MLK myth was one such synthetic product. This is a short post and an open thread.

43 thoughts on “Bluebirds with bluebirds, red birds with red birds

  1. My FIL calls this “James Earl Ray Day” but only when he’s with sympathetic company.

    The endless FB memes from friends and emails from school principals and teachers about MLK is like the buzzing of flies, at this point. I’m taking my kids out roller skating, then buying myself a new bicycle. No anti-racist anthems or dirges for POC oppression will be heard here.

    It’s too much to ask to be left alone, I know, so I just create my own bubble and move along like they don’t matter.

  2. Nothing will happen in Richmond. There will be no deaths.

    They won’t want to be killing middle class boomers. It would be too much bad optics.

    Prediction: It will go down as a victory, for White Americans and protesting. The governor of Virginia and his ilk will know that they are facing huge resistance from Middle America.

  3. “The governor of Virginia and his ilk will know that they are facing huge resistance from Middle America.”

    I really wonder what the actual overall sentiment of the people is/are. We know the optics: the media tells us that the culture war is already won and that we should just give up. But we don’t really know, do we?

    I live in possibly one of the clown-worldest cities in the US. About a quarter of eligible voters pulled the lever for Trump in 2016. Considering the demographics and the blatant, officially-declared anti-white politics in this particular clown world epicenter, that’s an astounding amount, IMO. According to the MSM’s scorekeeping on the culture war, so much support for literal Hitler in a 100% shitlib-controlled favela should not be possible. And this is not in “Middle America”. This is the friendly neighbors next door.

    I still like to think about Moldilicks, Based Stick Man, Nathan Domigo. All of that happened in Berkeley California, of all places. Nobody saw any of that coming.

    The right wing pressure cooker is out there, waiting for the relief valve to be opened.

  4. Elk: that’s an excellent take.

    The MLK myth is as synthetic as the now-forgotten Heroes of the Revolution in the early days of the USSR. It worked on a generation of Americans who took civic nationalism [an impossibility] on good faith.

  5. “It would be too much bad optics.”

    @elk & PA:

    I remind my Euripidianly-drunken, oft-pessimistic uncles of this on occasion, and I’ll remind both of you too:

    Blindness is a rare southernly luxury and/or antique drug for some that are chosen/a quasi-commonplace steal for others confirming their highly-nourishing choosings.

  6. Oh the things one overhears at work. Not surprisingly its from the wahmens of the group/dept. Even less surprisingly is how boilerplate, canned it all is. I always “time” when one sentiment or statement is made for the others to agree upon, where you an almost sense the others were trying to factor in when that statement should be made. Hahaha. . .the default coding kicks in.

    I’m glad to know better than to add my 2 cents in. As I learned at the last job, even being silent speaks just as loudly and with greater impact. Sometimes it pays just to be a wallflower.

    RE: Virginia. If something does go down, I’m sure it was already planned, as in the “offending” patsy party has already been groomed and guided. That damn cage is one of the most ominous looking things I’ve seen in some time.

    PA, I guess we can get a jump start on this decade and include that in images from the 20s.

  7. “He trained the nation to venerate

    His fraudulent puppet degenerate

    With the weight of Martin Luther’s name,

    Then made him a martyr to defame

    Any decent man opposing his vision

    Of “social justice” or the decision

    Of enemy lawyers and judges

    To force fast-maturing savages

    By law into school with his daughter.

    For this the stormers of Normandy fought?”

  8. Seeking Sincere Advice on Relocation

    I am leaving the diverse sh!thole metropolis in which I live. I cannot stand it and I have not put down roots. I love the idea of living in a small, all-White town but, as an educated professional who grew up a city boy, I don’t fit in with small-town people (I’ve tried, twice) and would be miserable there.

    My more realistic options are Redtown or Purpletown, both of which are beach towns not too far from a [moderately] big city.

    Redtown has a decent White majority overall (70%) with one part of town being very grubby and nonwhite, but outside that area, it’s 95% White. The median household income is about 80% the state average, reflecting a more modest level of education but not a podunk level. The majority of Whites who live there are working-class or retirees, and virtually every district in the county votes reliably Republican. It all sounds great–the only catch is that Redtowners have a reputation for being rednecks who drive lifted pickup trucks. I don’t mind this in principle, but I fear it will be hard to meet people with whom I can have intelligent conversations, or that I will have to endure the frustration of having higher standards than the people around me and the businesses I frequent. Conclusion: I like that I’ll never see a “Pride” flag at a Redtown business, but I also wonder how often I will have to deal with boorish knuckleheads or methheads.

    Purpletown is slightly bigger and seems to have higher quality businesses, but it also has just enough sh!tlibs living in it that there is a Whole Foods and a smattering of “Pride” flags and the kind of people who like to go on about “sustainability” and climate change. It’s more White overall (85%) but I can’t find any truly White enclaves in which I can afford to live. Median income and education levels match the state’s. Conclusion: I like that I should be able to fit in better, but I will also have to put up with a bit more of the sh!tlibbery and diversity I’m trying to leave.

    I’d love hearing your perspectives, as I believe most commenters here share my views on most things. I’ve been to both towns, and I’m taking a scouting trip next month to find a neighborhood in which I want to settle. What should I look for, or what questions should I be asking? (NB: my concern is purely sociological–we can leave out subjects like employment prospects, schools, entertainment, etc.).

  9. Mendo “even being silent speaks just as loudly and with greater impact.”

    It’s funny how people always figure out that I’m both (1) conservative and (2) Christian even when I never state the first and rarely state the second unless invited. Just failing to laugh at the same jokes as they do seems to be enough.

  10. My internet advice is as follows —

    1) JJ seems ambivalent about which town to move to, so perhaps his woman’s opinion might be counted.

    2) As I recall, JJ once described himself, in context meaning his physical stature, as “huge.” Doesn’t that mean that he should fit in with the rednecks?

  11. Elk: (1) Woman’s opinion is factored in. I’m just looking for other factors to weigh.
    (2) Did I say “huge”? I’m tall with a barrel chest and large frame. Not certain that has sociological ramifications, does it?

  12. @elk, stray jay, et al:

    “A (((proud))) future or former Olympian hasn’t really started Livin’ until you’ve been tipsily berg-sledding with the formerly or aspirationally retired rednecks of central Greenland.”
    —Scriabin, early-turn of the centuries

  13. There are two kinds of lower class Whites you’re gonna meet in generally middle class living areas:

    One: good natured people in trades, broadly speaking. Some are affable, some have assertive edge. Those can be excellent to make friends with. They will be pro Trump but to appearances painfully normie. As they should, really. Satisfying in-person conversations I really just do with family and my group of lifelong friends. With everyone else I just listen and go along to get along. They will loudly play contemporary Country as they wash their truck on a weekend. Wouldn’t bother me but ymmv. The line between that category of working class and middle class blurs a little these days.

    Two: White trash, which I define by their aggressive embrace of black behavior and rap. Avoid them.

    A great sign of a good area is seeing who works at the local tire shop, ice cream store, etc. If it’s White Americans (but I repeat myself) that’s a good sign.

  14. Flipping through the menus I’ve stolen from various eateries off the Tex-Mex border; I enjoy a weighty laugh, on-the-rocks.

  15. PA, you nailed it. Good advice. Redtown is actually the town I mentioned back in October where the repair shop seemed filled with the first type you mentioned.

    My concern came about from reading that item AC mentioned a few days ago about the guy who thought he’d found an idyllic Montana town but was in for a rude awakening.

    Ice cream is now on the list.

  16. @ stray jay:

    You need a good copy of Nietzsche’s Antichrist tinkering and a legit woman in your unfortunate life. That’s your prob.


  17. JJ, I’m in the same boat as you, planning my escape of my own shitlib area, or should I say state. It’s not even my home state, which is itself is getting bad. I don’t have any roots either and I wish you Godspeed in your journey.

    Intelligence comes in different shades and from unlikely sources. I’d wager a number of those men from Redtown would know how to rebuild a car engine with their eyes closed.

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  19. Glad you guys enjoyed the cargo socks; I think I’m going to get that one for my mom.

    Haven’t been around much – (1) busy irl and (2) planning to scale down my blog commenting in favour of localized community-building. I feel this is where the Spirit is leading me. But there are one or two things I wish to discuss when I get time.

  20. “…of localized community-building…”

    A (b)ashful bartender I took karate lessons with in west elle-centralle New Mejiko gave me similar advice; “it START(S) with locating the closest Neanderthal rummery and getting them to serve the (B)est martini(s)/desert chasers fathomable. Best of (L)uck, esq…

  21. Godspeed mendo, as well. By the way, I have zero problem with blue collar workers. Some of my best lifetime bros have been high school dropouts. I’m merely wary of (1) what PA aptly described as white trash and (2) small-minded small-town people who can’t think further than “But this is the way we’ve always done it”.

  22. Off-topic: unearthed some Lebanese haikus beneath a fence on my ranch outside of Olde Spain. Will share my (n)ear-favorite, post-translation:

    “Id of the squid – –
    Bids its snorkels to storks;
    The vine-vultures slid…
    toward eclipses uncorked.”

    Lucian Freud might appreciate such goodies in his yard, but I’ve vowed to (a)void European (d)ecadence!


  23. Rural people are more likely to accept and respect someone, who can intimidate them, is why I thought it might be relevant; or at the very least, someone who is not intimidated by them.

    Are you intimidated by the real tough type rural folks? I was with my dad in rural WI doing rural things, and we stopped by a rural boat part store, to get a misc (rural) boat part, and I didn’t go inside, but my dad said that there were some rough characters in there. (Biker types hanging out at the second-hand boat part store: as you can imagine they would be.) Another time I had to stop by a different store and ask the guy at the gun counter where something was, and I felt a little bit foolish. The people who are outdoorsman and hunters, in northern WI, which is the only rural part of the country I get to anymore, are very large. Literally most of them, as in literally statistically, could probably bench press three plates, with a month or two of training so as not to get injured. I couldn’t bench press three plates, in 20 years, to save my life.

    Whether or not people in rural America are bigger stronger and healthier, is a good question.

    A related question, is to what extent if any, does bigger and stronger correlate with healthier.

    Those would be valid sociology questions, if sociology were a thing that we could know about outside the twitter postings of Jayman and Steve Sailer. I don’t do data analysis, but some people are into it.

    Those questions aside, rural Americans will judge a man more on his outward appearance, than on this CV, or his social media rep points. They will see through someone who isn’t confident.

    I don’t want to romanticize rural people, and generally don’t. I live in the suburbs. And the flip side point, is that a lot of people who live in rural areas might as well be in the suburbs. Their houses are hooked up to utilities and if they have internet, what’s the difference?

  24. Are you intimidated by the real tough type rural folks? I was with my dad in rural WI doing rural things, and we stopped by a rural boat part store, to get a misc (rural) boat part, and I didn’t go inside, but my dad said that there were some rough characters in there. (Biker types hanging out at the second-hand boat part store: as you can imagine they would be.)

    It really was, just like that. We pulled into the dirt parking lot, and I saw the bikes outside and didn’t want to go in and “mingle” with those people, and so elected to stay outside in the truck, and let my beloved father get the part and fend for himself. If it had been a bar, or someplace where he mighta needed back-up, I would of course have been by his side.

  25. @post-pre afternoon of a faun/elk:

    A nice-nuns’ question:

    Who was arguably more a hard-ass – – Rabelais, Napoleon’s neph, or Stockhausen & his tap-dancing heron? That answer can only be found through proper summit prayer…


  26. JJ,
    I would go with purpletown. I would prefer to put up with more lefties and have better restaurants, movie theaters, etc. Rural red areas are so limited in what they offer. There is more energy in higher socioeconomic, more populated areas. Plus, the girls tend to be prettier.

  27. Middle class White areas are not usually as liberal as it may first appear. People are not generally obvious right wingers (with confederate flags and what not) , but I’m sure you are also not getting many dysfunctional lefties extremists.

  28. “Are you intimidated by the real tough type rural folks?”

    Intimidated, maybe a little, if only because I know how easy it is to offend them by accident. They’ll screw you in business, too, and be unapologetic because they see you as some rich city slicker. Those who are kind and gracious can be a bit tedious and the conversations can be more suffocating than stimulating. Conclusion: I’d go with “uncomfortable” over “intimidated”.

    The 30-point IQ Communication Gap is real, too. Like teaching a pig to sing, it frustrates you and irritates the pig.

    I once was hired to save a small professional school by revising its curricula and teaching classes. I put my heart into it and nobody could disagree that I made everything better. When I had White students or even fairly smart minority students, they loved my teaching and came back for more. My low-IQ brown students, however, complained that I was a bad teacher.

    It was surreal, because as part of my training I sat through a class taught by the guy I replaced. He sucked beyond belief, but he was dumb enough and bereft of communication skills enough that the brown students connected with him and loved him.

    I say this with no chip on my shoulder. Rather, I point this out because it was so illuminating.

    We really do live our best lives only when we live and work with our own kind.

    Bluebirds with bluebirds, indeed.

  29. My teenage son wished me a “Happy R.E.L. Day” when he came downstairs for breakfast. Having only started to sip my morning coffee, it took a few seconds for it to register with me, but he got a broad smile and a hug.

    Happen Robert E. Lee Day, indeed.

  30. Say you have daughter, and she gets paired to a genitally reduced, but otherwise White man. He insists that the practice be continued, on the one who is to be your grandson. What do you do?

  31. It’s comparable, in my reckoning, to your daughter having been owned into another tribe. I would rather, a thousand times over, that she were mixed with a different race, than her son be genitally reduced.

    I tell you now. The American White kids coming up who now will be in the minority [pun intended] re their genital status as compared to their intact White peers, have some resentments about it.

    Any talk of some social compact is absurd, given that 140 million baby boys get ritually abused before they leave the hospital, and then to add insult to injury, are to pretend that such has no bearing on their quality of life.

    It is really, the final taboo. How Americans were turned out, quite literally, into second-rate jews. And please don’t talk about it.

    How Americans were turned out — that’s the new title, of my life and times memoirs

  32. Happy MLK Day. I will accept that James Earl Ray killed King,and that he acted alone. But,when the Jews heard about it,no doubt their “never let a crisis go to waste” view kicked in. King was disliked by the majority of wypipo in life. In death,the mediocre,vulgar woman beater became this monster,a Jesus who towers over us all.
    Screw him. And happy REL Day!

  33. Was Richmond a trap? It was said before the event that it’s in fact two traps. The first trap was was to be the “killbox,” or Charlottesville 2.0. The second trap was a potential no-show by patriots, signalling their apathy in the face of tyranny. The first trap didn’t happen. With regards to the second, metaphoric trap, the good guys won. Brave men of Virginia and supporters from other states walked into the lion’s den with a 20+ thousand show of force.

    Was there a third trap? That one, rather than violence against 2A supporters, being a narrative reframe. I wasn’t there and didn’t watch live-streams but it’s being said that the event was all about “see! We’re not racist!” (or transphobic; there were pro-gay/trans banners) A guy with an asian girlfriend with a sign “do I look like a white supremacist to you?”

    Anglin posted exactly such a reaction last night:

    At least half – I do not exaggerate – of the signs I saw people carrying were about fighting racism.

    I’ll take his word on it being at least half. Obviously that third trap worked, if true. In an earlier article he says:

    I’m having a hard time understanding what the guns are actually for if these people literally believe in nothing. What you can say for the left is that they at least believe in some vision: a globalist world of hand-holding and anal space communism.

    What do conservatives believe in, besides that they should be able to stockpile firearms in their homes?

    Like I said, I wasn’t there and don’t have first-hand observation. Showing up in such numbers and in such high spirits is a WIN. A sign of life.

    Those “we’re not racist! Jim crow was bad!” messages from purported patriots may have been outliers, with Anglin incorrectly estimating them at fifty-plus percent. Maybe, maybe not. Some may have been fed plants — here we expected the establishment to ship in swastika goon-feds like at Charlottesville but instead they slipped in pretend-Big Brother-loving gun idolaters to take the punch out of a Heritage America rally in Richmond.

    As to this “im not racist” (or against demon-trannies reading to kids at libraries) self-beclowning: anti-racism is a subset of Communism. It was conceptualized by Leon Trotsky. In normal world, on the other hand, there are two kinds of people: those who are “racist” and those who have a cognitive defect.

    Avowing an alien antiracist morality is like circumcising your baby boy: it’s dancing to a foreign fiddle.

  34. I’ve read a couple of reviews on gab from those that were on the scene. One such story was an older gent and his son who had to park faraway and walk towards the event, when a cab pulled up and asked if they were going to the rally. They said they were and he gave them a lift. When they got out, they were gonna pay and the cab driver said he supports patriots and didn’t charge them.

    Later in his review, however, it started to sound like it was what AA wrote about. Not sure why that gabber would highlight that aspect of the rally, when that’s not what it was event about. The comments were SMH cringe worthy.

    Other gabbers were rightly critical of those “kumbaya” types thinking it was great they could support the 2A like it was a United Colors of Benneton ad.

  35. “the cab driver said he supports patriots and didn’t charge them.”

    That’s the meat of it: patriotic solidarity. Stuff that wins insurgencies. There is an authentic identitarian spirit but non-intellectual people are confused about what I call “display-morality.” An entire generation in America (and all through the West) is confused by America’s cold war era propaganda, which was disseminated through mass entertainment and media.

    No one actually believes in anti-racism (or demon-tranny right to read books to children). They just don’t have a grounding in proper Display Morality. An injured sense of identity, to be repaired.

  36. The linked Anglin DS article on the Virginia rally is really good. I got two points, in response to it.

    1. The rally goers’ main problem is brilliantly presented: We are fighting for our guns, so that we can protect our guns.. Hahahahahaha

    Obv they need something more than that, to fight for. And without that thing being explicitly themselves and their families, what are they left with, except to fight for “muh our way of life” and that presents its problems because, it’s not explicit enough, mainly. A way of life is too much values and not enough blood; or at least it can be manipulated into such.

    Anglin suggests that the answer of what to fight for, is God. Hard to argue with that, but on the other hand, as an answer it leaves quite a bit to be desired..

    Here is what PA says —

    No one actually believes in anti-racism (or demon-tranny right to read books to children). They just don’t have a grounding in proper Display Morality. An injured sense of identity, to be repaired.

    I disagree that no-one believes in anti-racism, but leave that for another time. It is absolutely the case that our Identity as White Westerners is in bad shape. Display Morality is an interesting concept, worth exploring. A healthy display, is a health mind and body.

    2. The second point I have regarding the DS take on the Virginia rally, is quite simply that the (White) people there weren’t as fat and ugly, as made out to be by the DS crowd. The old adage of, you find what you seek. Memes were made of the worst looking people; those pictured meme people are not representative specimens.

    Or are they? I wasn’t there, I watched a half-hour on the livestream. I saw that there were any number of regular looking people. Yeah America is obese and “over-saturated” with chemicals and fats and plastic and hormone disruptors and the rest.

    But to the point: There were guys who looked more the part of men.

    Those people, are less inclined to be in front of the camera, for starters.

  37. Well the first part of my prediction re Trump has come to pass. Curious how quickly the second will come once they realize impeachment is a huge failure and that they do not have a winning candidate.

    NYC Women’s march was much smaller this year. Can they keep going four more?

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