Zombie Politics

The uniparty thinks it can continue to square the circle indefinitely: maximize White productivity at no positive incentive, minimize White discontent with no concessions to any grievance. In a typical example of the Republicans’ hollow words, a GOP consultant makes an appeal to muh conservative principles (Washington Post “Wake up Republicans. Your party stands for all the wrong things now” Dec. 31, 2019). Grandpa Lampshade on Gab offers a point-by-point reaction to the italicized passages:

“Look, I was just wondering: What’s the Republican Party all about these days? What does it, well, stand for?”

Thanks for asking. I think a great start would be no more wars for Israel and you know, actually participating in the culture war.

“Republicans now partly define their party simply as an alternative to that other party, as in, “I’m a Republican because I’m not a Democrat.”

As opposed to what, exactly? Being a part of a party that taken as a whole is no different than the Democrat party?

“In a long-forgotten era…..”

Oh hell, here we go.

“Though there was disagreement over specific issues, most Republicans would have said the party stood for some basic principles”

Aside from consistently losing/surrendering to the commies, these so called conservative principles always seem illusive so please enlighten us poor ignorant rubes

“….fiscal sanity…”

Ya’ll never delivered any of that….ever.

“….free trade….”

Ah yes, the good old days…when the people were in the streets demanding to lose their jobs so that big corporations could profit via free trade. What happened to those good old days?

“….strong on Russia….”

This one is funny in that Russia only became enemy #1 because Hillary Clinton said they were. To the uninitiated this may seem strange coming from a conservative but for those who have paid any attention it makes perfect sense.

“….and that character and personal responsibility count”

Tell us Mr. Conservative, is the Republican party for or against gay marriage? What about abortion? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? Conservative principles are defined as standing for the things they claimed to be against just a few short years before

“A party without a governing theory, a higher purpose or a clear moral direction is nothing more than a cartel”

LOL Project much?

“Trump didn’t hijack the GOP and bend it to his will. He did something far easier”

I bet I know where this is going

“He …offered himself as a pure distillation of accumulated white grievance and anger.”

There it is. Just like the commies; “The problem is white people!”

“Trump didn’t make Americans more racist; he just normalized the resentments that were simmering in many households.”

Shut up and support free trade bigot!

“The United States is now a diverse, chaotic collection of 330 million people, a country of immigrants and multiculturalism that is growing less white every day.”

Yes, he’s saying this as though it’s a good thing.

“It is not some gauzy Shangri-La of suburban bliss that never existed.”

It’s funny how in one breath he says that what it is now is different than what it was before and in the next says that what it was before never existed. You read these things from conservatives and it’s indistinguishable from what is said by commies. Hey Mr. Conservative, perhaps that might be part of the problem?

The uniparty message is the lifeless, mindless sound produced by a walking corpse. On one side of politics, you have exactly that kind of an appeal to pseudo-Reaganesque points that move no one. On the other side you have globalism with its hatred of our civilization. The two sides differ solely in style: one feigns patience with Whites’ reluctance to get on the one-world bandwagon, the other is openly Communist.

The way out of this quicksand is to subordinate muh principles to identitarian aspirations. Especially any talk of “the economy.” Not concede it; subordinate it. Donald Trump cracked that door open in 2015. Viktor Orban does this effectively. The global supply of cheap labor is this Ring of Power that tempts national leaders. Once grabbed, it promises power and guarantees war. This cheap labor also turns into more of a burden than benefit to the economy, with “economy” understood in the good-faith sense of common prosperity. Hence the uniparty’s above-mentioned imperative to maximize White productivity.

National leaders who nevertheless keep on reaching for that ring even after all the hell of Diversity that’s in front of our eyes are not leaders. They are thieves who took control over your government. By natural law they face execution for treason. The right moral focus is on the health of one people of one blood and one language living in one given country as the highest political good and the path of life over death.

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  1. ” The global supply of cheap labor is this Ring of Power that tempts national leaders. Once grabbed, it promises power and guarantees war. This cheap labor also turns into more of a burden than benefit to the economy as understood in the good-faith sense of common prosperity”

    I see my two polish migrant labor articles have lit a fire PA.

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  3. What would it take to make America American again? Repatriation? Redistribution? Revival? Permitting only taxpaying men to vote? Does anyone here have a conceivably tenable model of restoration or must it all burn and be rebuilt?

  4. there ARE NO WARS FOR ISRAEL, THE DS hates Israel. We have wars for oil and weapon sales. So cut the bullshit

  5. A — presumably the only — real uniparty I’ve come across was a Zombies cover band I’ve had the admitted fulfillment of observing in their jamming; once in north-central Madrid, once in Old Dublin.

    “Beguiling strains can affect for good or ill the body as well as the mind.”
    –Tomas Luis de Victoria

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  7. “They are thieves who took control over your government. By natural law they face execution for treason.” Simply this. When thieves make the law, honorable men are outlaws.

    His craven politicians genuflected
    And condemned them, ever his elected
    Stooges. The few who would equivocate
    Or were too slow to angrily excoriate
    The villainous boys were likewise made
    Examples. His courts were a parade
    Of hysterical shysters, his juries
    Anything but peers, their tribal animus
    For the accused the real criterion
    for their selection. To put fear in
    A righteous white man’s eyes–for the jury
    The joy of jackals on a weary,
    Stricken lion, but for the Enemy
    that sick pleasure inflicting ignominy
    On his better, an abomination
    vile as a child-defiler’s predation
    To their Creator. But these young martyrs
    Denied his appetite. They held their fears
    In mastery, even in his System’s maw,
    Abiding their Creator’s Higher Law
    So resolutely that his show trials
    Were not shown on his pervasive channels,
    Lest unknown fellow dissidents take courage
    From their defiance. Yet quietly courage
    Their numberless noble brothers took,
    While in his Babel the Enemy shook.


  8. jaded, to make America America is hard but if someone tasked me with it, here is what I would do.

    the TL;DR version is “make it a great place to have a large family.” however if you want more policy its below

    1st, Be here now. Stop pretending its 1776 or 1956 . Its 2020 with an entirely different technological base and an entirely different people. The homogeneous moral and religious population is long gone and even a 90% White via magic comet USA won’t come close to qualifying. Also a hands off State won’t work with our tech base so you well your movement will have to run the EPA, TSA and control trade and industry for the greater good.

    2nd Repatriate 50 million people so that the US demography resembles 1985 or better pre 65.

    3rd Reform divorce, custody and alimony laws at the federal level s that divorce is rare and families stay intact. And note State level is not enough. Liberal states like California and idiots like Ronald Reagan cannot be allowed to screw up families again.

    4th Close the borders to most immigration (95% or so) cheap labor and any imports that cost jobs or create trouble. Open borders means fentanyl everywhere and lower wages.

    5th Pursue strong anti corruption measures at every level. This will require an iron hard hand as political and economic corruption are deeply rooted.

    6th Make sure that under 21 people are not exposed to Cultural Marxism and problematic ideologies. Unpoz the institutions and note this will require oversight by the State, no leaving subversives around to subvert again. The next attempt at a long march will result in being counter marched to a cell.

    7th Wages must go up (they’ve been cut in half since the 70’s) and jobs must again be stable with a focus on the long term. We can’t bring back the halcyon days of good paying manufacturing so this means a mixed economy with all sorts of things like lower work week, State benefits for working people , trade limits and more that in the past would be unthinkable.

    8th Move the economy away from the FIRE sector and make sure that things like buying up houses to increase rents isn’t allows and that nothing can be owned by non US citizens. Allow a mass bankruptcy with low consequences as well. Screw the “moral hazard.” parasites aren’t getting paid

    9th Restrict the franchise. At a minimum 21 and up and must own property and live in the area for 5 or better 10 years to prevent Californication and political drift via immigration. Other options include must be married and/or with children .

    10th Not the final but enough for one long post and probably to much for someone else’s blog to be sure. Have a single uniform mandatory interpretation of the Constitution with attempts at getting around that treated as sedition.

    Over a few decades this should result in a somewhat more recognizable USA though with a sclerotic more European style economy.

    This does not guarantee population growth or recovery but with nearly every hindrance, economic and cultural are removed , if it can happen it will.

    No matter what, it would be a far better place to live and to have kids than the current mess.

    As to how to get there? I don’t know. I’d like to think it could be voted in so long as no one mentions the reparations in public but I doubt it

    Is worth a try as Churchill is said pt have noted “its better to jaw jaw than war war.”

  9. — As to how to get there?

    By recapturing the government, aka “drain the swamp.”

    This is a good video on the situation in Virginia. He says that there two traps, but he’s going to Richmond on the 20th. The first trap is what you’d expect it to be. Charlottesville 2.0. The second trap is something entirely different, which is why he’s going there. Worth your 15 minutes.

  10. “What would it take to make America American again?”

    JJ, America killed 200,000+ German civilians in the firebombing of Dresden. Women, children, the elderly… all sleeping in their beds at night. This was against a country that had done nothing to us personally. This was when America was supposedly “American”, ie 90% white and Christian.

    If the goal is to make America white and Christian again, then what kind of white and Christian are we talking about? The kind that bombs civilians in their sleep, or some other kind?

    These are the questions that go through my mind when people talk about making America “America”…”again”. Who are we and what exactly do we stand for as a nation, and how is that supposed to be different than, or the same as, who we were before?

    And how as a nation are we supposed to be clear about the subject of race, particularly our OWN race, when some of the most defining events of our nation’s history involved gratuitously slaughtering our own kind?

  11. Probably the first and only step that needs taking is rewriting the history books. Ie, taking back control of the narrative. Until that happens ain’t nothing is possible. Unless we build friggin lasers, and how likely is that?

    I just don’t even know anymore… It’s all so confusing.

  12. On a totally other note, Nick Fuentes made a booboo. He paraded around for 8 or 10 hours, on some zoomer’s livestream and acted like a real person of gay.

    This was a couple few weeks ago, but it was the hot ticket gossip item at the Daily Stormer’s comment board, the BBS.


    Dresden was terrible. Kurt Vonnegut wrote fairly extensively about it. W/o looking it up, it was intimately part of his real life bio, something somehow. In his writings on it, they were pretty clear in their implications that the then-emerging holocaust narrative was backwards.

  13. “…Vonnegut wrote fairly extensively about it.”

    ‘Bluebeard’ was his only worthy fic; as for his other yarns, as well as his feeble amnesia-twaddlings during a lackluster senility: he was just a submarine repair-man with a hard on for porcelain player pianos and the quasi-Alexandrian library of Ben Franklin’s Tawakoni prostitute. But his ‘Bluebeard’ remains decent/still worth a birl.

  14. Prosper, I like your plan. Would add the abolishment of all non Christian religion.

    We would also need a monarch of sorts, at first. Having not yet read a better plan than yours, you get my blessing

  15. Jaded, it might surprise you to note I’m not Christian . I’m not especially religious either and many people are the same way.

    There are some religions that need to go away but a little variety is not going to undermine social character nor would I try and force religion on people who don’t want it nor punish people for private belief. An immigration ban should eliminate our troubles in a few decades.

    With differential reproductive rates we’ll be Christian in time anyway, if society survives a century or two and things continue most people will be Amish or some other high fertility high retention Christian sect.

    Personally I’d ban the immigration of non Christian and non Western religions so that say an occasional pagan from Europe is one thing but no more Middle Eastern religions other than Christianity of course . I’m not opposed to Buddhism personally as its pretty compatible with stoicism but I’m just not allowing non Western immigration anyway so it should be moot.

    As for a monarchy, I’m not opposed but Americans won’t stand for it and if things get hot, everyone will be armed and blooded. Centerfire rifles make monarchy and feudalism difficult to impose.

    I honest\y wish other people though along the “what do we do.” other than Vox Day and myself

    That lack of cooperation so many compliant about is caused by some many of our “rebels” and our best most motivated fighters being minarchists (some call that Constitutionalism I guess) which is a system unfit for purpose that no one wants

    If people had a goals, here is what we want and why it will make society stable and great place to live, we could make traction but tell the rebel right that and they start screaming that you a statist infiltrator or the like. Of course I’m a statist you ninny . Government is a part of organized life in the West. The question is what and how much

    Anyway rambling aside I appreciate the praise and the vote of confidence , Two down, 50 million to go I guess.

  16. “…most people will be Amish or some other high fertility high…”

    Snagged an antique-Coahuiltecan translation of ‘Living Currency’ by Balthus’s somewhat humorless senior brother Pierre. Provokes fond recollections of some Amish genealogists I’ve met in the mountains. Regards…

  17. “Jaded, it might surprise you to note I’m not Christian .”

    It did not. You produced ten action points without bringing up the subject. That’s what we call an implied negative.

    “I honest\y wish other people though along the “what do we do.” other than Vox Day and myself”

    For now, the discussion is all we have. The more we speak of these things, the more we influence society.

    But you kinda have to admit that, absent Christianity, there is no West.

  18. JJ, the vast bulk of posters elsewhere would not catch an implied negative. Nicely done.

    That aside, the West is the place that European descended people live, Europe but also these days the lands of our diaspora. It requires nothing else.

    These are many who disagree and prefer Vox Day’s definition The European nations, Christianity, and the Graeco-Roman legacy of philosophy and law.

    I don’t see that Christianity is Middle Eastern via Rome and Graeco-Roman law is Mediterranean in character not truly of the West.

    Now certainly the later two have value and would likely be better able to maintain a high tech society than the alternative which will probably be clannish and with a distinct ecology as region serving as a modern version of the Western norm of sacred groves river and land

  19. — These are many who disagree and prefer Vox Day’s definition The European nations, Christianity, and the Graeco-Roman legacy of philosophy and law.

    No time for effort post except to confirm that Christianity is one of the three pillars of Western Civilization. Two reasons that feed into each other. One, Jesus is the Son of God whether you believe in him or not. Two, European decadence is ugly. You see glimpses of it in Western elites now. Without Christ western man is drawn to demons.

  20. No effort post needed, PA. That was a salient point made with a powerful economy of words.

    (PS you know I don’t flatter–I merely praise well-crafted text, irregardless [sic] of its source)

  21. ABProsper

    So the plan is scrap the constitution, state rights and implement a top down national socialism witha touch of theocracy?


  22. Got a better plan Sentient? My plan mostly restores the US to 1963 or so and reigns in States and Cities that are unwilling to govern in a moral fashion. Its about as authoritarian as the Post WW2 period, less in some ways

    Reality check is can’t have a medieval Constitution in a globally connected cyberpunk world though I’ll note excluding separation of powers for the most part the Bill of Rights is intact and many parts , guns, searches and such would be respected more.

    The minarchy the Founding Fathers envisioned will not and cannot work. Its too high tech anc complex a world.

    And while some States have done alright on rights, most of the larger ones are outright undermining and subverting everything the nation stands for. Most have corrupt judiciary system and old boy networks and few of then preserve rights at all. Cities are even worse thinking its A-OK to use mass surveillance on the population, ban arms and worse.

    States and cities are the meth labs of democracy these days so they get reigned in.

    As for top down socialism, if Americans can’t afford to have children because globally focused corporations and oligarchical money junkies own everything no future,

    If the distribution of wealth isn’t fixed, the population most of whom are urban will have no kids and the nation has no future.

    If you have a better way, I’m all ears.

    As for the touch of theocracy ,No. most social policy is as theocratic as 1964. You’ve been ruled by Leftists so long you’ve forgotten our history entirely

  23. PA, Our theological world views are a bit too different for easy discussion though re: the demon issue, the recent interest in the topic is more from the crash of Christianity and our evil leaders than a lack of religion A Heathen nation would stick to tradition and have its own problems . I’ll note to that European people did fine under such systems.

    I personally think modernity is a mouse utopia/behavioral sink which suggests to me that humanity can’t handle prosperity and that remaining legacy of our species will be suffering no matter what path we take.

    Hell maybe Buddhism mixed with Stoicism is the best way to go

    Now what Christianity does is give you a toolkit for ruling over people who are not yours in a benign way and is an antidote for tribalism . Its useful, true or not.

    However we don’t live in a Christian society and while we very well may in a couple of centuries, that is a long way off. Best to work with what you have rather than what you long for.

    In any case my ideas are universal to heathen, pagan and Christian society for the most and thus should work no matter what.

  24. Almost everything wrong with USA (and ex-great Britain) has been known for the last 100 years from people farsighted enough to see what was happening, the underlying anti-national and anti-indigenous idea behind christianity (all equal, all races and people = the start pointing of communism and multiculturalism). The obsession and greed of the capitalists with profit as the only measure who have always wanted free movement of workers to reduce their costs and so support multiculturalism.

    Both capitalism and christianity are fundamentally anti-white nationalism.

  25. ABprosper

    The only viable plans are bottom up.

    *your* dinner table
    *your* break room
    *your* pew
    *your* classroom

    One at a time. One and all.

    And last time I checked weren’t a host of founding fathers freemasons and enlightened humanists?

  26. I’m with Berk. Cultural Marxism is essentially a variant of “niceness” Christianity . More muscular illiberal tradition driven Christianity however is fine. Fewer and fewer people including Christians want any of this though

    Western and Northern Europe where the highest performing people in White cultures mostly come from is post Christian so its moot.

    Also “big” church is as guilty of the immigrant racket as anyone and as such Christian leadership in those areas is the problem and they are at core inimical to the need of White people.

    As for local local local, this only works with a culturally homogeneous moral and religious population mostly rural with low technology. We have none of these things

    There are areas the State has no business being but no matter who is in charge you or them, there will be a lot of government. The choice isn’t Small State vs the USS Leviathan, its who pilots the later, your guys or the other guys.,

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