Libs coming around?

Has anyone else noticed middle class White liberals they know personally cooling their engines over the past year? They’d save face and not necessarily tell you that they were wrong; certainly not come around on Trump. But maybe the antiwhite insanity plus the blatant pdplia push on the part of the Left, or maybe the Epstein event, has them reconsidering.

For my part, I never agreed with the proposition that liberalism is a religion. It is, more than anything else among liberal White people, social conformity pumped by their ego and fueled by their pity for what they see as inferior gays and nonwhites.

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  1. Yes. I’ve remarked before that the whole “trans” phenomenon is just a bid by the fringe dwellers to gain cachet. The penultimate (?) virtue signal? Maybe. The trajectory is reaching its apex. Humans, being bound by death and our own fallen nature, have no vertical asymptote.

  2. I think it might be fatigue, coupled with resignation. The left’s insistence on turning the Bad Orange Man knobs up to 11 the minute that the man was elected, plus the inability of the alphabet agencies and the retards in Congress to oust him, and then the dawning realization that Trump will likely win re-election is creating something close to accepting the Trump era with quiet despair. Their morale is low.

  3. PA, what you described in your premise is starting to gain a little momentum right now, but it will even build more steam as the Democratic Party moves into even deeper leftist insanity in the near future.

    Joe Biden will likely be the last moderate that the Democrats nominate at the national level. He will certainly be the last white male nominee that the Democratic Party puts forth for the Presidency.

    After him things will accelerate quite a bit as liberal politics loses its last connection to reality and its last shred of moderation and restraint. All of the fruit and nuts, pyscholiberal brown, black and LGTBQTZ candidates that come from the left after him won’t even bother to hide their anti-white animus and obsession over racial and identity politics.

  4. Not the ones I know in northern New England, sadly. A couple of them have gotten worse. None have gotten better.

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  6. “…proposition that liberalism is a religion.”

    This icily began and feverishly (and beholdenly) ended with Voltaire’s gimmicks; plus he himself only believed it during his improvisatorial fasts — a semi-oblivious Montaignian when Life really counted.

  7. As the stench of unwashed bodies and human feces assaults them everywhere they go, might big-city liberals eventually come around to the idea that diversity isn’t always and everywhere a good thing? In her last moments of consciousness, did it cross Tessa Majors’ mind that maybe the KKK existed for a reason?

  8. I cannot fathom the cogdis those folk in San Francisco engage in daily as they walk around feces and urine strewn streets, with the occasional syringe school swimming down the curbs like logs down the river.

  9. What is see hints of developing, is a split among White liberals. This does nor include Jews. With individual exceptions they as a whole will ramp up the RPMs as the torque increases.

    But as to liberal, largely middle class White liberals, they are splitting along the Healthy/Defective line.

    The former will probably not fully embrace the identitarian Right but they will not actively oppose it either. If they are friends or family, appreciate their turning away from darkness, appreciate you being able to talk again, but don’t trust their fortitude going forward either. But also don’t gloat or even bring up any politics with them. They are still “liberal” in that they’ll hold on to one of their pet tenets. Maybe the label “liberal” or “feminist” will always feel good to them, maybe they will double down on atheism.

    Those Healthy Libs, when the torque of leftism was tightened over this past year, were frightened by it. This is why they are giving up their normie-tier pussyhat posture. Some are scared by the pitch of antiwhite rhetoric [there is now talk of Gulags in Bernie’s camp], for many as mentioned above the trans thing was a bridge too far. For others it’s close encounters with Diversity or poop on sidewalks… distinction without a difference.

    The latter category of libs are Defective spiritually or in some other way. In some cases they are of totalitarian mindset and they want the power they smell. It needn’t be direct power like that of a communist commissar. It can merely be the vicarious power of looking forward to seeing normal people being destroyed. They are the ones who become more radical as Leftism becomes more vividly evil.

  10. I don’t know – a lot of NWLs who you would otherwise think of as normal or “healthy” are still not coming around to the genocide that awaits their children, at least in my area of social interaction. You would think the maternal instinct would kick in.

  11. Give it time and for now watch for signs of their liberal zeal waning. I’m only seeing initial signs of this. And definitely dont corner them on politics. Absolutely zero talk of politics. Leave the room if they start on that.

  12. I’ve noticed a huge uptick in the “pronouns” thing in the past three months. I’m in a left-leaning industry in a blue state. Even just months before, the pronouning trend seemed like more of an internet thing. You’d see it on the occasional Twitter profile, but very rarely would it come up otherwise. Now, in the last 3 months, I’ve probably interacted with 8-10 companies that seem to have made it part of their standard email signature, (even long-time consultants of ours seem to have recently added it) and I’ve seen meetings and conference calls opened with everyone giving their name and pronouns. So, no, that’s not letting up.

  13. “I’ve noticed a huge uptick in the “pronouns” thing in the past three months.”

    Count your blessings and give thanks that it’s taken so long to reach your sphere. Many of the rest of us have been under the thumb of this shit for some time. Every f’ing email signature ending in “She, her, hers” or what have you.

    Just more normalization of mental defectiveness.

  14. I don’t get out much nowadays and I live in a more rural part than I did before, despite that my new job is in a business park complex, I don’t sense that there’s a coming around as much as folks wishing things were as they were before or as they’re accustomed to.

    I don’t consider that to be them coming around, so to speak, as them having that nostalgia we all have, despite their nostalgia being for not-so-batshit-crazy-leftism. Perhaps it’s that fatigue factor that’s been mentioned before.

    I can sense it teetering, though, where I work. We can either hold course as we are now or fall into the whole MeToo, pronoun game, unisex bathrooms mumbo jumbo with just the wrong breeze, i.e., someone making enough noise.

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