Photo of the 2010s Decade

The photo that captures the 1970s is the helicopter evacuation of the US embassy in Saigon. For the 1980s, it’s the jubilation around the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. Photo of the 1990s is the iconic portrait of Monica Lewinsky. It captures the frivolousness of the decade that masked the Clinton Presidency’s chief legacy, which is the crafting of the neoliberal world order. The 2000s decade is represented by the second plane striking the World Trade Center.

In no particular order, the contenders for the photo of the past decade:

  • Trayvon Martin’s misleadingly young photo
  • Militarized police under a Christmas sign in Ferguson
  • Nigel Farage’s grin
  • Black rioters dancing on a police car in Baltimore
  • Young European women holding a “Regugees Welcome” banner
  • Vladimir Putin looking like a boss
  • Mark Zuckerberg striding past auditorium audience members with VR masks
  • Any photo of a pedo-faced English judge
  • The dead Kurdish boy on a beach
  • Promotional photo of Rey and Finn
  • Angela Merkel’s selfie with a migrant
  • Lindsay Graham’s giddy face right after John McCain’s death
  • Rural landscape with new mcmansions and shopping centers
  • Viktor Orban at a podium with a backdrop of Hungarian flags
  • African migrants in an inflatable boat
  • A still of Trigglypuff pumping her arms
  • Hillary Clinton’s bizarre facial expression when balloons and confetti fall around her
  • The wrapped body of the little girl in Nice
  • A column of migrants marching northwest through Balkan countryside
  • Tiki torch march in Charlottesville
  • Chinese colonist fondling the breasts of two young African women
  • The bodies in the Bataclan Theater in Paris
  • Israel’s wall
  • Demonic trannies reading to frightened children at a library
  • Inauguration of President Trump
  • Black murderer of Lee Rigby speaking into a passer-by’s phone camera
  • Eiffel Tower lit in colors of a country that had just suffered a terror attack
  • “Wprost” magazine cover with brown hands groping at a woman clad in an EU flag
  • A homosexual-themed parade float with major bank sponsor logos
  • Pope Francis kissing a black migrant’s feet
  • Any pic of people in a social setting staring into their smartphones
  • A kneeling woman howling when President Trump is sworn in
  • Benjamin Netanyahu addressing the US Congress
  • Kim Jong Un meeting Donald Trump
  • Independence Day march in Warsaw with red-and-white flags in the glow of red flares
  • NZ mosque attacker’s first-person view
  • A new, underwhelming wall-like structure on the US-Mexico border
  • K-Pop girl band on stage
  • Young Jewish woman holding a sign that says “Your grandchildren will be brown”
  • Screenshot of a YouTube deplatforming notice
  • Nick Sandmann’s smile
  • Central American caravan advancing toward the US border
  • Melania reciting “Our Father” at Donald Trump’s inauguration
  • The burning Notre Dame cathedral
  • Dark-skinned people gleefully posing in front of the burning Notre Dame cathedral
  • Do you have your candidate?

The photo of the 2010 – 2019 decade:


61 thoughts on “Photo of the 2010s Decade

  1. Didn’t have one until just after seeing the photo you posted, not that it was inspired, but more of my memory finally getting jogged:

    -White National Guard (or Army) man carrying the asian lady during the floods of 2017, while her husband was in the bg

    And just to name a few:

    -Trump taking the backdoor entrance at a rally in Northern California when there were rioters in the front

    -All the eskimos smiling when Trump signed an EO on their behalf

    -Rachael Maddow’s face on election night

    -Elizabeth Holmes’ sannpaku eyes all the time, but Time cover taking the cake

    -Single mom yelling at police in NYC with her mystery meat kid in tow as said cop had an epic shitlord grin

    -When the barista began to hate: barista facing the wrath of a nog and just standing there

    -Photo of the Obama admin with child-like sad faces after Trump’s inauguration

    -photo of the hijab wearing lady passing by the bus bombing (or attack) in London while she’s looking at her phone

    -the one man holding his hands up against his muzzie killers when Charlie Hebdo had their attack

  2. Logan Tipton in his football uniform. (His story hit me especially hard because I have a son born the same month as Logan. The poster boy for capital punishment that killed Logan just had his first parole hearing last month.)

  3. CH’s “Most Punchable Shitlib” series gave me great cathartic relief. It granted nobility to a sensical disgust reflex.

  4. “Black rioters dancing on a police car in Baltimore” vs.
    “Young European women holding a “Regugees Welcome” banner”

    Wow I’m glad I read AC because my amygdala is reeling.

    This is like asking, “If a dropped piece of bread always lands butter-side down, and a dropped cat always lands on its feet, what happens when you strap a piece of bread (buttered side up) to a cat, and drop it?”

    Surely Elk is with me

  5. The only one of these that gives me cathartic relief is “Nick Sandmann’s smile” May he bankrupt every adversary and become an honorary Trump.

    This isn’t a vote, it’s a note.

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  7. Screenshot of a YouTube deplatforming notice

    This one is not like the others.

    -the one man holding his hands up against his muzzie killers when Charlie Hebdo had their attack

    I didn’t see this one and don’t want to.

  8. NZ mosque attacker’s first-person view

    I went to the trouble of watching that video. My opinion on it now, is that those deaths were not real. On the other hand I don’t know. I am not watching it again in either case.

    As has been noted many times; in the realm of political advocacy for “this our thing,” it can be kind of a dead-end, arguing about whether or not those things are

    1. as they are presented
    2. false flags
    3. hoaxes

    On the other hand, the case can be made that it is important to put those events in their proper category.

  9. My vote is for Sandmann and his stubborn confident dignity, in the face of the low rent pickle-brained, head-dressed fraud. The twitter mob reaction against Sandmann, who looked so much more like a kid in the 60-minute interview follow-up, was revealing.

    The similar incident with the baristo [which is not a word but should be] at Clusterfucks. Again with the loudspeakers in the face; that’s not assault and grounds for self-defense?

    There are many cases where leftist mobs stick a loudspeaker in someone’s face, with the expectation that it’s not criminal provocation.

  10. There are many cases where leftist mobs stick a loudspeaker in someone’s face, with the expectation that it’s not criminal provocation.

    With the all too obvious hypocrisy being that if you got within three feet of a leftist, they’d REEE and scream bloody murder that you’re invading their space; safe space or whatever.

  11. Mugshot of Samuel Little. Possibly the most prolific serial killer in the United States (and, OOPS, he’s black not an evil ‘White man’).

  12. “K-Pop girl band on stage”

    With a due nod of Respekt to prophet Lucius Somesuch, I shall now share my recent discovery. Namely, I learned from some friends who have tweener daughters that K-Pop is big with a subset of White American girls. It’s a phenomenon I approve of for the reason that it represents a self-selection of puberty aged White girls of a better temperament toward alternatives to K-Pop’s opposite, Kardashiankultur.

    They like the subtitled Hangul music videos and they watch the Korean soap operas. East Asians are not very emotionally expressive people so when these same East Asians wish to emulate Westernern pop culture, their emotional expression has this innocent melodrama about it, exactly as would appeal to tweener girls. A kind of American Eighties clean-cut earnestness.

    It’s not a weaboo thing, it’s really an identification with a wholesome pop culture that they can’t find in their own native entertainment industry. Ideally they’d have it in their own Volk culture but we’re going through a period of disruption. Tweener girls dont know any of that, they just want to be where it’s clean fun.

  13. I wish one of the options were an SJW green-haired Trigglypuff Anifa wench running nude with a “Postmodernism is DEAD” message painted on her ample stomach.

    By this I mean to point out that when Christian society believed in right and wrong, the evil forces of Satan plied us for decades of postmodernism: “There’s no such thing as right or wrong; what’s right for you might not be right for someone else.” When’s the last time you heard someone say that?

    Postmodernism was abandoned once it achieved its goal of having society throw out Christian morals. Now, the forces of evil daren’t risk saying that something can be right for some but not for others. Rather, ONLY THEY are allowed to say what is right and wrong.

    It happened in barely more than the space of a single generation. The same brood of vipers crying “there is no right and wrong” now hisses “we are right and you must die.”

  14. “Diversity makes us stronger.”

    If one thinks about this statement, its actually the Yid telling us, and other Yids, the truth.
    Diversity does make them ((( stronger ))). Meaning a multicultural, mult ethnic, multi racial, multi religious , multi political i.e. Democratic is easy pickings for ((( them ))) . Whereas, a mono cultural, mono religious, mono racial, homogeneous society is ((( their ))) worst nightmare.

  15. Ra, wasn’t it Soros Jr who said something along the lines of “When everybody is a minority, Jews no longer have to feel like outcasts”?

  16. ” Ra, wasn’t it Soros Jr who said something along the lines of “When everybody is a minority, Jews no longer have to feel like outcasts ”

    I’ve heard many different versions from them expressing the same sentiment. I just noticed how the ” gay ” slogan is actually them laughing at us to our face. You got to give it to them, they are devious bastards.

  17. ” It’s a phenomenon I approve of for the reason that it represents a self-selection of puberty aged White girls of a better temperament toward alternatives to K-Pop’s opposite, Kardashiankultur. ”

    Sorry to be a ” Debbie downer ” PA but the PTB have Korean and Asian entertainment firmly under control. They just have to approach things differently there due to cultural reasons, and the fact that the control is more recent then in the west. Just scroll through the following short list of articles and look for the ones mentioning K-POP or Japan. Additionally, although it might be a more ” innocent ” endeavor , having our young girls imitate other cultures is a sign that they arent happy with theirs ( aka white ) culture, because its not cool enough, hip enough, exciting enough, etc .. Its no different from young white males aping ghetto / rap culture. Also know as the ” White people are so boring. ” phenomenon.

  18. Latest MM vid is out. I think they’re starting to get a little tunnel vision, politically, but at the same time, they are vanguards when it comes to stating what we were all thinking. The non-PC opening lines had me spitting out my drink. The LOTR soundtrack and theme is compelling.

  19. The point though is that Whites gravitate to where they instinctively sense is “clean and safe,” as would such early-teen girls today.

    As long as Jews control popular entertainment, it’s all toxic. I was in Lithuania twenty years ago. The private party room at the pub where we were having beers had an adult man playing a lively guitar and singing what sounded like traditional Lithuanian songs to a delighted group of kids. All popular entertainment should be like that, but it isnt.

    For now it’s good to notice that White people instinctively, even at age 10 or 12, resist walking into Jewish filth. The whigger phenomenon didnt last very long either.

    If I were Korean, I’d hate K-Pop because it’s Western, and it showcases korean women as international sex objects. But from a Western perspective it’s a healthy placeholder in lieu of Kardashiankultur.

  20. Sheboon in the office about a year back, wearing an ill-fitting shirt boldly proclaiming “NOT A BECKY”.

    Yet I am the one who would get fired for being racist by pointing out that her message was racist.

  21. I’ll vote for Nick Sandmann’s smile or Melania reciting “Our Father”. Not because those are the most important, necessarily, but because seeing those two makes me feel good. I might enjoy K-Pop too. I’m not very familiar with it. My new coworker is a Korean man and I really like him. He is a high quality person.

  22. “Une youtubeuse raconte son séjour en #Croatie, un pays où « il n’y a que des Blancs »”

    Je parle le Francais.

    “A YouTube chick tells the story of her stay in Croatia, a country where there are only Whites.”

    We could have been such a country.

  23. ” Yet I am the one who would get fired for being racist by pointing out that her message was racist. ”

    Always chose your battles wisely. Sometimes retreat is the best option.

  24. ” “A YouTube chick tells the story of her stay in Croatia, a country where there are only Whites.” ”

    Croatians are white ?? Shocking I tell you !! Why wasn’t she warned ? In Europe of all places ?? There should be a law !!

  25. @JJ
    That woman wants you to comment om her shirt. IMO, the best thing to do is totally ignore it. She clearly has major issues with White women. Why else would she wear a shirt stating the obvious.

  26. “The non-PC opening lines had me spitting out my drink”

    Thanks for the Murdoch Murdoch heads up. Just watched it. LOL yeah, the opening line was funny.

    MM are artists, not philosophers. Two very different things, a master of one of those endeavors is seldom skilled at the other. Artists tell the story from an indirect angle. They speak to the soul through storytelling and image, not through dialectic and reason. It’s not even a distinction between connecting with emotion vs connecting with the intellect. Great artists engage both, great philosophers engage both. They just do it in diametrically different ways.

    MM’s greatest moments in recent videos were that time when Murdoch looked at the clouds with Ebba Akerlund. Or various moments in that Top Gun-themed “Border Runners” episode. Or the Opioid Epidemic swamp in “The Wanderer’s Choice.”

    In this one, they are great artists doing philosophy.

  27. Unfortunately Black rioters dancing on a police car in Baltimore is correct.

    Or diversity is our strength with militarized police.


  28. Since I offered my Photo of the Decade for the 1970s thru the 2000s at the top, how about the earlier three decades.

    1960s: JFK hit with the bullet

    1950s: A “Levittown” development. Fifties had a lot going for them in the United States, but they were also a time when people severed their ties to the land. Real Americans started leaving their farms, Ethnic Whites started leaving their northeastern urban neighborhoods. Everyone started feeling the heat of desegregation and the poke of US Federal Government’s bayonets.

    1940s: The infamous photo of FDR, Churchill and Stalin at Yalta. The above-linked new episode of Murdoch Murdoch, by the way, made a passing reference to that event.

    For all of the decades, 1940s through the 2000s, I chose a photo that is in one way or another a “bad news” event, even [especially] the fall of the Berlin Wall. And yet, for the 2010s decade, I insisted on one that carries a hint of hope. Why is that?

    The answer is, that I am going by intuition. Trusting the voice that tells me that those are the right images.

  29. PA, the photo you chose is beyond poignant. I’d say it’s prophetic and that’s not hyperbole.

    Photos, like most other mediums, use to carry so much more weight to them simply because cameras and getting photographs was not as ubiquitous as it is nowadays. Film/video is now in that boat.

    While I’ve always been in love with the moving image, especially the moving image set to music, there’s something altogether powerfully solemn and indescribable with the right photo. It was the meme of the day and more powerful only because it wasn’t as though you could fire up the internet and have it at your disposal. You either needed a copy of it in print, whether it be at your house or the library.

    I recall one Christmas day, was late-late 90s, probably 98 or 99, and my sister and I were coming back from having visited our grandparents. Our home town would sometimes get some snow and it just so happened to have occurred that day. On our drive back home, we were on the residential street our house was on, driving by the middle school we had all attended. A lone light was on in the corner of the school grounds, right in front of some swings. The snow had covered up enough of everything such that the lone light shining in the night air gave an outline of the surroundings. It was both haunting and lovely. Almost like my past was in its winter but there was still some light that would always be there to remember the purity of it all.

    It’s been forever seared in my mind, but would have still been nice to take a photo.

  30. The stillness of winter snow is the most magical thing about the season. I currently live in a dieversity shithole city that doesn’t get snow. Give thanks, mendo, give thanks.

  31. i’d say that what underlined the 2010’s to me the most was the imagery of shitlibs being
    butchered by their mudslaves. the examples that immediately come to mind usually involve cucks failing to curb their rapefugees, but it assumes a different flavour of irony when shitlibs go out of their way to help and end up killed. there’s something amusing in a rather original way about our enemies and traitors being disproved at the cost of their lives, whether it be that biking couple killed in tajikistan, united nations activists meeting their demise in teh congo, those two scandicuck girls being beheaded on christmas in morocco (whatever happened to spending it with your family) or that woman who went to haiti to prove that haitian males aren’t the monstruous rapists that the media was making them out to be. the upshot of her brave act was that she was violated after helplessly trying to plead with her haitian assailant.

    for those new to the ways of the world, such occurrances serve to set the stage for the current
    narrative’s misplaced comic intent: shitlibs who haven’t learnt to restrain their excesses are at a
    higher risk of being punished for it. the misuse of charity to achieve virtue signalling and feelz is a valuable lesson for redpilling those sitting on the fence, especially if all they need to understand truth is a little push.

    the very first time i saw the mainstream media broadcast such an instance, it was like a blade
    from another dimension tearing the gossamer fabric of the unicorn narrative that our foes had
    been labouriously building, an unforeseen obstacle that caused many to doubt their overlords’
    adages and put the antiwhites in the chasing position again, rushing to incessantly tell us that

    at the outset of the 2010s, i distinctly remember thinking how foolish it would be for the darker
    races to turn on their enablers. such a possibility seemed unthinkable, why would you cause any harm to someone who is actively trying to build you up? only a brainless animal would do that. i was at the time already uneasy about the europeans’ replacement as the influx of immigrants had become too obvious to overlook. my chief concern was that as soon as 3rd aliens successfully learnt to integrate into their hosts’ culture, there was little that we could do to reverse the tide. witnessing their penchant for rape and terrorism served to assuage fears that integration could happen anytime soon. instead, it seemed that it wouldn’t take place without giving them more leeway and concessions. but teh crushing blow came when it started to come to light how the diverse hate their cheerleaders, being even capable of killing them with no regrets. this made it clear how the “integration project” was impossible, and thus rendered invalid as a reason to destroy europe. it felt as if it was nature’s design that different cultures shouldn’t mix.

  32. The diversity barriers around a German Christmas market made up to look like huge Christmas presents.

  33. scroll

    “K-Pop girl band on stage”

    hmm . . .

    I’ll pull a Rian Johnson and remind everybody that you dearly need to see Gaspar Noe’s CLIMAX, the Alt-Right Inferno we wanted but never knew we would get.

    I just realized this morning that the German dyke is Angela Merkel, which suddenly makes the whole thing even more awe-inspiring if that’s humanly possible. I may watch it again tonight.

  34. “If I were Korean, I’d hate K-Pop because it’s Western, and it showcases korean women as international sex objects.”

    That thought has occurred to me.

    I would note though–and this is pregnant to Amon Ra’s debbie downer retort– that (((Westernization))) and sexualization is largely the province of the “Big Three” companies (SM Ent, JYP, and YG) which have the biggest commercial reach internationally and whose artists–sadly–are often the only ones Western fans know.

    Being something of an initiate in the cabalistic arts of globohomo (even having lost my blog to my S*nd* H**k commentary) I am fully aware of everything vigilant citizen will say on the subject. I have in fact of late tip-toed into speculation about Red Velvet Wendy’s “accident” on Christmas Day in which she dropped six feet to a fractured pelvis backstage because some stairs that were supposed to be there were not. Needless to say, the infiltration of Ill*m*n*t* powers does not go unnoticed–I recently dropped Sunmi’s terrifying “Lalalay” MV here, which is as alarming a “text” as one could dread to see.

    However in the commercial “second tier” of K-pop, often fantastically successful at home, you will find most of the aesthetic greatness in K-pop, in the likes of A Pink, GFriend, Lovelyz, Laboum, Oh My Girl, April, and WJSN (these last can get rather sake-she). Amon’s analogy to whiggerdom is entirely unjustified: White girls are right to be upset with their present domestic “culture” and, as Lord Byron might say, when you have no music to listen to at home . . . Certainly it must be conceded that no Jew WANTS East Asians to be seen as “sexy”–one of saruh’s most hilarious tells was her verbose venting at “all the asian chicks” she sees with her friends on facebook.

    Finally, as I think none of us are so barbarous as to suggest an Alt-Right utopia would place an embargo on Kurosawa movies, I think we may allow that what is finest in any culture is ultimately inimitable–even if it has, to a certain extent, soaked up foreign influences, which curiously is something Kurosawa was tymied for at home. I feel in this stage, indeed even in the composition, the hand of no less than David Lynch himself, with its staggering nimbus of light, its billowing waves of transcendence.

    And Sojung, it may be, is the survivor of a literal *ll*m*n*t* sacrifice.

  35. NB: by “composition” I had in mind the Badalamenti-esque cadences of the song, but the VISUAL composition, pace, and dissolving recalls the staggering finale of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

    I did in fact have some sort of a Twin Peaks dream this morning.

    –Elk’s photo sans comment hits the gut. I’ll go out on a limb: just the man’s physiognomy suggests that killing him was an unrighteous act.

    Why are we still in the Middle East again? Why shouldn’t Iran get in on the MIGA action? Mr. President, is this was we elected you to do?

  36. ” Certainly it must be conceded that no Jew WANTS East Asians to be seen as ”

    That’s where you’re wrong, the Yid doesn’t care where the shekels come from, or what needs to be ” sexy ” to achieve the desired goals. The Yid has already hoisted the Simian as the apex of a sexy, confident, tough, romantic, musical, etc male to demoralize huwhyte western men. They will also do that with the East Asians as China most likely will be the next dominant power and they will promote them as such. Their culture will be the one that will ultimately be emulated all around the world, while being ” gently ” molded and guided by the Yid hand. Anything to destroy the huwhytes, Just because the East Asian cultural exports seem wholesome and emulatable now, doesnt mean the Yid wont change that later. Remember US music in the 50’s ?

    Barring some major world event, which I still contend is coming, like the hornet’s nest Trump just opened with Iran. The Asians too will be ” infected ” eventually .

  37. I don’t think East Asians will be as easy to manipulate as White Americans have been. A lot of Jews” strengths are also strengths of East Asians. My guess is intermarriage will be very common.

  38. “I feel in this stage, indeed even in the composition, the hand of no less than David Lynch himself, with its staggering nimbus of light, its billowing waves of transcendence.”

    Having lately been praised in these quarters with comparisons to the likes of GBFM(TM) and Gunslingergregi, high praise I protest myself unfit for, I take the opportunity to quibble again with this sentence, which exercises a certain dishonest sleight-of-hand.

    The influence of Lynch, from the Good Witch’s epiphany at the climax of Wild at Heart, to the entire finale of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is so self-evident as to be undeniable to any viewer. The production had to be inspired by a terrific desire to carry off a Lynchean effect–to score the sublime, specifically a kind of feminine sublime Lynch specializes in.

    This, like 9Muses “Sleepless Night” video (cf. Mulholland Drive) is a “four minute David Lynch movie.” I can never only watch it just once, nor have I only watched it once just now. It staggers me.

    I’m sure my patient interlocutors already know this, but I think it poor taste to prevaricate when one is staggered by something.

  39. ” My guess is intermarriage will be very common. ”

    Intermarriage is how the Yid came to dominate European Royalty and finance. Not a promising future for the Yellow race.

  40. “Any pic of people in a ANY setting staring into their smartphones….”

    I vote for this one. Nothing has changed our world more than the rise of the smart phone.

    Happy New Year, PA!

  41. Amon Ra – As far as China and the Yid goes, I think not. A glimpse a “the Jews of Kaifeng” will portend the fate of global Jewry if China ascends to the historical Middle Kingdom norm. The Chinese called ancient (3rd century) Jews “the people who remove the sinews.” Someone might think that has to do with dietary peculiarities, but then the smarter person would say, why not call them “the people who don’t eat shellfish?” I think even Han China was on to the threat they posed to a society.

  42. The St. Tarrant mural.
    Blasey Ford with flanked by her whispering lawyers.
    The shrieking naked feminists.
    James Fields’ sentencing.
    The relevant Ukraine-gate play actors with their faces shaded blue.

  43. ” think even Han China was on to the threat they posed to a society. ”

    Fair enough, but so was huwhyte society and look what has happened to us over time. The Yid haven’t been run out of over 140 nations through out history because they were ” impotent ” and unsuccessful. If China lets them in, as it seems to be doing now, its game over eventually. The best recourse against a ” virus ” is not to let it in in the first place.

  44. I was gonna include a bullet that says “Trudeau dancing with bindis,” which he did right after his election but it slipped my mind.

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  46. Putting this here to honor the 24-hour OT rule.

    Musicians, check out this 4/4 time vs substitute 3/4 time trick I just learned. It involves an 80s favorite that nobody I have ever met has disliked.

  47. I see what you did there PA…

    Anyhow in keeping with the theme, which if Yalta, Levittown, JFK, Berlin etc. Is “portentous”, this sums things up.

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