Offerte vobis pacem

That’s the title and a line in the refrain of the 1986 performance shown just below, “Let us offer each other a sign of peace.” Original: “Przekażmy sobie znak pokoju.” The video features a group of one country’s pop music artists, apparently inspired by – ahem – Englishman Bob Geldof’s similar assembly two years earlier called Band Aid, and USA For Africa the year after that. The Communist world behind Europe’s iron curtain was an imitator, not innovator, in the field of popular entertainment. It was backward, its bureaucrats allegedly wore ill-fitting tweed jackets and no deodorant, and it was not cool.

It had no fancy black people, no Cindy Lauper with her rainbow hair. It sang not of feeding Ethiopia but of giving one’s estranged friends an offering of peace, a Cold War metaphor. With such meekness on display, it’s no wonder that the Berlin Wall fell and the superiority of free markets was affirmed unto the end of history. The unfree-market Eastern Europe of the 1980s:

A man and a woman singing together into the same mic has its frisson. Just a passing observation.

I only recognize two artists in that video. The blondish woman who gets several solo parts, and is also shown in the video still image above, that’s the legendary Edyta Geppert. I once featured her performance in a blog post that led off with Greg Eliot’s great comment, his endeavor to justifie the ways of God to men as John Milton did three hundred years earlier.

The other artist I recognize is the short man with the dark mustache, wearing a black tuxedo. That’s Andrzej Zaucha. He will have died five years later, in 1991. French film director Yves Goulais shot and killed him, along with Goulais’s ex-wife, over an affair that the two of them were having. Zaucha’s signature song is the meditation “C’est la vie, Paris in a Postcard.”

Moving on — in 1979 the greatest-pop-band-ever rang in the Eighties with Happy New Year:

It’s the end of a decade
In another ten years time
Who can say what we’ll find
What lies waiting down the line
In the end of Eighty-Nine

What if Agnetha, Björn, Benny, and Anni-Frid of four decades ago could see the Sweden of 2019 from back then? They would have been horrified, I’m certain. But they are alive in 2019 and each of them probably thinks that everything is fine. It’s not good for the individual human mind to bend this much over its arc of life…

Tonight it’s the end of the decade. Who can say what we’ll find at the end of Twenty-Nine? For now, let’s just offer our each other, and our friends and family, a sign of peace.

The customary style-template says “now link to a contemporary song to tie it all together.” Eh, no. What’s above is perfect. But there is this portal swirling in the air. It’s the year 2020 with its trumpets. See you all on the other side.

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  1. Great vocals, particularly the second [?] verse by the woman with the green earrings. The lead woman vocalist is also first rate. The second of the two key changes in the arrangement though, was maybe an extra flourish..

    Can anyone even remember the last time America might have had it together enough to be able to put on a show like that, w/ sincere feeling?

    Having a New Year’s show / celebration on the television, is another tradition consumed by clown world. The other New Year’s tradition in America, was to go to a party. They used to have these parties downtown put on by the local rock station, in a hotel banquet room, for like a hundred dollar cover charge. Imagine being part of that scene, in the last year in which it went down. First of all, are they still doing that and if not, when was the last time? /boomer reminiscence close tag

  2. They seem to fear something lately. Redditors on various subs are chattering about how things don’t feel right lately. Bad vibes, solar eclipse, whatever, many report a deep sense of unease.

    Me? I feel light and free lately, confident and enthusiastic in a way I’ve not been in years. I wonder what this means.

    America isn’t capable of such a display due to cultural breakdown. The best we are offered is two gays with forced laughter ringing in the New Year. Ok. I’ll be watching a movie marathon with the family and eating appetizers, after a long bike ride. Tomorrow, we’re hiking to the highest point in our state.

    Cheers to you all and here’s to a 2020 of magnificence.

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  4. Having a (relatively) quiet New Year’s Eve with my wife and young children tonight; oldest son just passed through childhood and into his official teenage years.

    Just thinking about how much has happened — for good and ill — since 2010.

    Happy New Year. Here’s to the New Twenties, gents. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

  5. Looking forward to the 2020s. Ramzpaul just put out a video with his forecast of the coming decades. Going by the existing trends and his study of previous communist revolutions, he foretells:

    2020s: Terror
    2030s: War
    2040s: Rebirth

    He assumes Trump’s loss this year, with Democrat takeover and tightening the screws. We’ll see. My gut and my heart tell me differently. While Ramzpaul follows the present trends reasonably, I look back on the 1950s through the 1980s and that era’s conviction that a nuclear war is unavoidable.

    It really depends on how you see Trump. As one man who got in over his head, or as a frontman for a movement that is preparing to unmask a band of thieves.

    We usually host a New Year’s Eve party, and did so this year. It was a fantastic evening.

    Wishing you a good 2020 and thank you for reading, commenting and linking. The year 2019 was strongest yet in page views. I’m honored to be a humble part of a community of men and women who live not by lies.

  6. Anglin’s on fire. Part of my daily reading of late.

    — Can anyone even remember the last time America might have had it together enough to be able to put on a show like that, w/ sincere feeling?

    Present-day overblown celebrity culture, high tech showbiz bombast, make this a bit of an apples to oranges comparison but the Country artists’ George Jones tribute at his passing was sincere.

  7. Falco Sorensen –

    ” Thanks for the reply. Fear not we are in full agreement with the 5 foundations you lay out.
    regarding 4, that is very well put, I fully acknowledge the authority of god or possibly gods over ourselves and everything else in our domain, The search for god for me thus far has been a rocky one starting very much on the backfoot so to speak, with many triumphs and failures. ”

    Before I give you my second list of websites / information sources, let me make a suggestion related to the quote above. I’m a strong proponent of something called,” Linguistic Relativity “, which basically postulates that language affects our perception of reality. It should be obvious to us all by now, how ((( they ))), actually use this powerful tool against us on a daily basis. Many of us are also aware that the ” spoken word ” is described as holding great power in most religions. Having said this, I think your search for meaning , in our current version of ” Plato’s cave “, will become alot simpler if you abandon using the terms ” God or Gods ” as they are now ” loaded ” terms with connotations, pre-conceptions, and inherent meanings. They automatically distort, whether consciously or subconsciously any attempts at reading the shadows in the cave, and at this point in our evolution should be dropped. Personally, I now use the term ” the creator “, and it has helped me greatly in my petty attempts at reading
    ” reality / the shadows “. Now for the good stuff.

    Today’s set of sites deal with one of my favorite subjects, Geo-Politics, and other closely related matters. As with the first set of links I gave you, they all approach the subject from slightly different angles. They include philosophy, military strategy, spirituality, science, politics, religion, and so forth. I’ll list them top to bottom, starting with the more analytical / cerebral ones first then going down the list to the more militarily strategic ones on the bottom. The final site is neither, and is more of a repository of daily information useful to get quick glimpse of unfolding events in the US and the world.

    I’m pretty sure that, as you start reading them on a regular basis, you’ll notice how much of our news and the information we our given is a total lie, and how willfully ignorant the general populace is because of that. You will also notice three other things, one being how close ZioAmerica is to a total economic collapse. Two being how close the planet is to another World war. Finally, you’ll also realize how most of it is because of a certain filthy ((( group ))).

    The Saker


    Moon of Alabama

    Reminiscence of the Future.

    Penny for your thoughts

    Strategic Culture Foundation

    South Front

    South Front Videos


    What Really Happened

  8. …”A man and a woman singing together into the same mic has its frisson.” Especially when they’re George & Tammy:

  9. Seems about right ‘Reality’ Doug. Trump voters are the ultimate ” beta males “, ever hoping he will change at some point. BTW, 4000 more to Iraq, thats one way of ” bringing them home.”

  10. Unbelievable we continue to allow Jews to run our society and own all of our property and do a new Purim right before our eyes.

    All Jews to Israel.

  11. I think we should have a worldwide program that takes care of everyone, including the starving children in Africa. And I propose it be called —

    Worldwide Eugenics, a new Aesthetic (won’t you please come to my party?)

    Everyone has to join except the very few remaining primitive peoples, who are to be utterly left unmolested. Pygmies in the Congo for instance, and the few remaining Amazon tribes etc blah blah.

    Everyone else should be encouraged to join upon pain of something. This party is the new party, and it’s the solution that we have been looking for. U2, Greta!

    Of course though, participation has to be voluntary.

    The baseline is, that you get one kid. Some people will get more, and some people will get less. We will figure out the details, as necessary.

    This idea of Worldwide Eugenics, a new Aesthetic is a replacement idea for “muh vague ethnostate” which idea has its problems and merits both, but I don’t think it works. It doesn’t work for Greta and it doesn’t work for a lot of people.

    People are wanting a worldwide solution. Good people are wanting a worldwide solution.

    In other news twitter is stupid; I got more views here anyways.

  12. This idea I am proposing, can include completely, national borders.

    Whereas “muh vague ethnostate” is in opposition to existing national borders! When considered on the global level, say for instance including the US and Canada, and England and Germany, national borders as they stand, go against an ethnostate.

    In the case of Poland and other such, they might go together, but such nations are islands in a sea of insanity, and the fact is we are all on the same planet, and in the final analysis a solution has to be on a global scale.

    Muh vague ethnostate, which is the dissident right up to this point, is a total loser.

    The other idea of the dissident right, is established national borders to include repatriation. How is this working out?

  13. I agree with repatriation of course, and would like to see it particularly in Europe, and especially in the land of my ancestors which is Britain mostly, and Europe before that, and Eurasia before that.

    But the repatriation of foreigners out of Europe, would be a partial solution at best. The Rest of the World has to be managed. That’s just the reality. To not think on this level is head-in-the-sand.

    Someone will be operating on the largest Scale possible, because it’s a power point. And humans are socially operative at a very large scale. Yeah yeah yeah different groups operate at different scales.

    And it’s this last variable that is in play, in flux, and up for grabs. At what level of Social Scale are we going to be operating at; at what level of Social Scale is our evolution going forward, to be determined?

  14. “Muh vague ethnostate, which is the dissident right up to this point, is a total loser.”

    Unless we get sharks with Frickin’ LASERS! attached to their heads. Then we get to do whatever we want.

    Frickin lasers. The game changer that the DR so dearly wants and needs. Soon.

  15. Dr. Evil aside, without the development of some new military technology that renders everything before it inert, it’s safe to assume that the nuclei of power will continue to amass more and more power, and that the rumblings of the various disenfranchised groups that are being steamrolled in that process will, so long as they aren’t in possession of FRICKIN’ SHARKS WITH LASERS ATTACHED TO THEIR HEADS!, continue their habit of being steamrolled.

    None of the borders that exist today, or will likely exist in the future, were established by dissident agitation. They were established through the shedding of lots and lots of hemoglobin-rich fluid. I think it’s safe to assume that any border changes, or changes of who controls the existing ones, will occur the same way.

    I don’t see that happening with guns and bombs. I think it will be status quo until there’s something better than guns and bombs. So just chill and go to your garages and continue working on your FRICKIN’ LASERS!

  16. The last thing I accomplished in the garage was to strip the interior of my vehicle of valuables that would be missed, were they stolen. After the last time I parked in the garage near to the train station, and noticed both coming and going, it being cased by a somali-of-color aka a criminal, looking for ripe opportunity smash-and-grabs. The better solution is not to have to park in a place where your vehicle is exposed to them, amirite?

    But yeah lasers would be cool too.

    If someone wants to do an effort comment, a good topic might be a redress to Anglin’s ongoing issues with women. (Neither is my life resolved with women though: I have no answers.)

    But the two contentions that he makes, that are contentious and or problematic, are as follows.

    1. His article up today called There is No Point to Beautiful Women, wherein he says that because of the Coolidge Effect, there is no point to beautiful women.

    The Coolidge Effect is a well known thing, and it’s real. It used to be called Check out the ass on that strange

    2. He had made numerous articles in the past, complaining about that getting consent from a woman is essentially doing a monkey dance for her approval.

    He’s not wrong about this, but it’s sort of like Yeah; and so what?

    We have to get their approval; that’s how it works. That’s God’s allotment to the woman, in this our game of sexually selected evolution. Or as James ‘the Godfather’ Bowery puts it — Men decide who dies, and women decide who lives.

    I have not yet read the first article listed, to the end.

  17. The other it’s a slow day comment I might make, is as follows. David Foster Wallace is dead now. He committed suicide back on September 12, 2008, one day after the seventh anniversary of September 11. Also he was born in 1962 which is curious because he was made done got famous for being the emergent voice of gen x, but technically sometimes boomers go up to 1965.

    Keith Woods called Wallace one of the first guys to use a voice in style of meta modern, by which he means he meant what he said, as opposed to the post modernists who preceded him, who were ironic faggots.

    Here are two youRube’s that I listened to —

    This Is Water by David Foster Wallace Full Speech
    channel: Joe Mita
    description: Speech given by David Foster Wallace to Kenyon College’s 2005

    David Foster Wallace unedited interview (2003)
    channel: Manufacturing Intellect

    First of all, it’s sad to see and hear him, knowing that he was going to kill himself. The first speech linked above is pretty famous, and he talks about shooting oneself in the head. He advises to the students that, during the inevitable drudgery over the course of their long lives, about which drudgery they as yet know nothing, that they be mindful and keep their mental dicks up, and know that other people are real and also have problems of their own.

    The second speech is an interview he does with a German television production unit, and by an interviewer who is off camera but has an alluring sexy time young woman’s voice, and Wallace comes across as a very not sexually confident person, be-fraught with self doubt, what used to be called painfully shy and or awkward.

    I don’t have much a point with this post, except to say that he was good, as an intellectual. He was. His predicted a lot about people’s attention spans being winnowed down to nothing. And also about how this our culture of self gratification is a source of problems, as it leads to meaninglessness.

  18. “…he meant what he said…”

    Wallace’s ‘Oblivion’ is worth your while. He conjures an alimentarily mischievous sort of algebraic geometry of pure esthetics in some stories; his elegance simply anoints one’s judgment with clam-juice cocktails from vertigo’s stolen bathtub in others. His book detailing the history of infinity should be browsed with tremendous imagination. I doubt he went sailing much; that was part of his trouble.

    Here’s to THE twenties of our lifetimes! Aim for nothing less than the spectacular…

  19. ” Here’s to THE twenties of our lifetimes! Aim for nothing less than the spectacular… ”

    Oh, I think they will be spectacular, very spectacular.

  20. “His article up today called There is No Point to Beautiful Women, wherein he says that because of the Coolidge Effect, there is no point to beautiful women.”

    I love Anglin, but WRT women he appears to be stuck at the same place a lot of guys get stuck at. He doesn’t know how to “take” them and utilize them for their intended purpose(s), and so he goes for the set of steak knives: MGTOW. Aka the Sour Grapes Effect.

    ABSOLUTELY the beauty of a woman matters… SUBJECTIVELY. IOW, if you’re not hot for each other then there’s no chemistry and without chemistry then what on earth is the point of anything?

    Beauty/attachment is also part of biological Calvinism, which I think there is some validity to.

  21. Wallace was at his best when writing non-fiction. I have his collected essays and articles. They are brilliant and humorous but touched with sadness for the state of modern man.

    I failed to complete Infinite Jest. He wrote with tremendous compassion for addicts, those with mental illness, and those who exist on other planes of intelligence who nevertheless must share this planet with “normals,” but the absurd situations and sheer length frustrated my efforts. That is, perhaps, the point of IJ.

  22. An excellent article by Matt Bracken, “The 2020 Virginia Showdown.” I’m quoting two excerpts but there is a lot more there:

    And in my humble opinion, there is no way in hell that President Donald J. Trump will commit political suicide by sending federal forces to Virginia to back up Northam’s unconstitutional gun confiscation schemes, (no matter what the SCOTUS declares), in direct defiance of the passionate will of his base. The Virginia State Police will be on their own to carry out Northam’s orders, with minimal assistance from the Virginia National Guard and local LE. (On the other hand, if Trump is replaced in the White House in 2021 by a Democrat, and the Democrats somehow manage to carry both houses of congress, then all bets are off.)

    Another quote. Again, those are somewhat cherrypicked but the scope of the article is broader:

    Please consider that from the 1980s until today, the full might of the Soviet and later the U.S. military has not been able to subdue a few thousand rag-tag Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, not even when the counter-insurgency troops were operating from secure fire bases located far away from their homes and families. During a civil war in Virginia, the homes and families of the gun confiscators will be scattered among those whose guns they will be tasked with confiscating. Not a pretty picture to contemplate, particularly in an era when doxing can readily be used as a weapon to identify and “out” perceived enemies. And if resistors are afraid to post the information on the internet, just picture leaflets scattered around a neighborhood identifying the gun confiscators. This would happen. Count on it.

  23. ” has not been able to subdue a few thousand rag-tag Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, not even when the counter-insurgency troops were operating from secure fire bases located far away from their homes and families ”

    There is a major point missing from this argument. The Taliban actually believe in something greater then themselves and have no problem dying in defense of it. That is an unstoppable fighting force. Sadly, most ‘merikans and even most Christians are scared of death, and will fold when faced with the prospect, because they dont actually believe in their faith and constitution. How many ‘ merikans would strap on a ” vest ” to further their cause ? However, in a strange paradox, many huwhytes will gladly join the military and die in a foreign land on behalf of a filthy foreign ” tribe “. The programming is real.

  24. I’m starting to believe the rigging will be unlike anything ever before witnessed, meaning that it will be so brazen that it will just be out there, that 2021 will indeed usher in that dem candidate into the WH, along with complete control of house and senate. (Would anyone notice? kekek)

    I saw on the news over the break that some federal judge (sounds like a broken record) overruled or put a stop (whatever legalese it is) on North Carolina’s stat voter ID laws. The case was brought up by the (((NAACP))) and when one of the house slaves was giving a press conference about how please they were, they were reading from their cell phone. If I didn’t know what I know now I would never have thought of that as suspicious as it played out.

    Back to Virginia: I wonder what types of conversations are taking place between LEO and the like and their 2A sanctuary supporting friends and families? That must have made for some fun talk during Christmas gatherings. “Merry Christmas and I’m coming for your guns.” How many guns were given as gifts this year?

    In the 50s, everyone was suspicious that their neighbors were commies. Now they’re worried if their neighbors aren’t.

  25. Here are the beginnings of an effort comment on DF Wallace. The long and the short of it would be in agreement with EPG’s assessment above, that the guy’s problem was that he didn’t go sailing enough. With all the therapy he underwent, was such a practical approach to his life’s problems, ever even suggested?

    Yeah yeah yeah I know: when you are depressed, you are in a hole and you can’t get out of it. If you could “go sailing” you might as well be Ulysses and you’re not and that’s the problem.

    As is well known, Wallace was a high level athlete in high school, but eventually reached the limits of his talent. He had a total nervous breakdown in his softmore year at Swathmore, and went home to his family in the Midwest for to regroup. His problems were attributed to and described as “major depression” which is an official category on the scale of psychology depressed.

    Another detail of note, from his bio, is his problematic relation, to the hot little number what’s-her-name Mary Karr, who was on the emergent literary scene, something of the feminine counterpart to David himself. She wrote a very readable autobiographical problem posting book in the style of a drunkalogue. She was an alcoholic. I read it, it’s good. This sassy little bitch woman had an amazing vocabulary, on a level surpassing even Wallace perhaps. Also she is significantly part American Indian, like half or a quarter. Anywaze though Wallace tried to kill her and or her husband, which is cool. (or not)

    I am not up for an epic effort post, but those details would be part of it. The theme that I wanted to treat though, was the arc of his life, and why he got depressed in the first place!

    I had a major emotional breakdown at approximately the exact same Stage of Life, and have since learned that many people, as in coevals [now there’s a Wallace-worthy word] will describe similar experiences. And the frustration and the motivation for wanting to write about it, is that these rites of passage, which are in essence Failures to Become, are not placed in the larger context of our culture and our people and our struggle. DF Wallace himself didn’t get to the angle of “our people.” He did however treat quite well, the themes of atomization and more particularly, the problems that Uncle Ted had to do with, about how the pace of technology and our relationship to and dependence on it, has outstripped our evolved bio-evolutionary hardware.

    This following in an excellent youtube video —

    DT Max and James Wood on David Foster Wallace | Mahindra Humanities Center
    channel: Harvard University

    It’s a Harvard talk with DT Max who is the author of the bio of Wallace, and who is also the editor of books at New Yorker Magazine. [Is he jewish; what are the odds] However even so he has an engaging personality and presentation.

  26. — I had a major emotional breakdown at approximately the exact same Stage of Life, and have since learned that many people, as in coevals [now there’s a Wallace-worthy word] will describe similar experiences.

    No effort-post on this one from me, but I had a rough post-high school stretch. You can call it “major depression” but if so, I wasn’t inactive. So maybe it was that, combined with frustrated efforts to rev up my situation at the time. There was this fear that at 20, life is slipping out of my grasp. Lots of drinking, mostly socially or with one buddy.

  27. “And the frustration and the motivation for wanting to write about it, is that these rites of passage, which are in essence Failures to Become, are not placed in the larger context of our culture and our people and our struggle.”

    This theme of the (purposeful) lack of Rites of Passage, unless they are in service to the Matrix, vis-a-vis the military or Amazon, is a crucial one. I’m not sure how much it could or should be addressed collectively, but certainly it is important to be aware of the need for these, and how there is a concerted effort to deprive people of all Rites of Passage, from birth to death, in order to keep them in a perpetual state of easily-governed immaturity.

    Some sports fill the need for a Rites of Passage for men. Bullriding, or something similar, might fit in that regard. Women delivering babies is a naturally rite of passage, which is increasingly being discouraged in many places.

    Burying our own dead is also an important Rite of Passage which is crucially withheld from us because it would make people aware of their mortality, which might cause them to think more meaningfully about their short lives, and the Matrix absolutely positively cannot allow that.

  28. I read Elk’s [and everyone’s] comments closely but it’s only after Plumpjack quotes him that I notice the great prose. Carry on.

  29. @plumpjack
    “Women delivering babies naturally”
    I did that, but it doesn’t matter much to me now. Strength of character tends to be formed by what you do on a daily basis. It certainly wouldn’t make me think I’m better than a man who consistently shows discipline and strong character every day.
    I do think there is much value in pushing yourself physically on a regular basis. In addition to be good for your body, I have found it good for my mind also.

  30. Bravo, Lara. You did something none of us swinging dicks could say they did.

    I brought that example up as the type of life experience that serves to free people from a childlike, no-consequences mindset to a more adult, the-highest-possible-consequences mindset.

    Yes, one has to keep “earning it” as they grow older, but the “earn it” mindset has to start somewhere.

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