Idle Thoughts On “Little Drummer Boy”

The power of that song is the theme of innocence set to protective military cadence.

The American Boomer version. There is of course the David Bowie with Bing Cro… — No. The Bob Seger version is excellent musically, though. Lyrically, this version replaces references to Mary and Jesus with generic language. [Link]

The American Millennial version. Millennials as such don’t get many flattering reviews but people forget that as teenagers, they rushed to enlist in the armed forces after 9/11. In their late twenties and thirties they took to the streets in support of Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign and kicked ass. Tragically, it turns out that 9/11 was done by the US government and AFG/IRQ are imperial globohomo wars against the good guys of that region. And then when elected, Trump ceded street activism to Antifa. In both instances, Millennials answered the call and both times they were betrayed by their leaders. Is it any wonder?

But it’s not over. The mountains in this excellent video might be in California, it’s hard to tell. The “Little Drummer Boy” performance below is quintessentially of that generation. It’s in the contemporary style of Country music. Not my favorite expression of the genre but halfway through, the song becomes intense. The signature quality of this style of vocal performance is meekness. It’s up to the viewer’s interpretation whether this meekness is the generation’s defeated spirit or whether what you’re seeing is the humility that comes with the feeling in your bones that things are getting serious. The pitch of malice toward us across the Western world is heightening, in Virginia particularly.

The male artist reminds me of the timeless truth that humble men are tougher than meets the eye. The female artist grew on me, with her adoring attitude toward him. Always bet on humble men and women who are willing to take it to the mat once the course of human events reaches escape velocity.

Continental Europe: German. This version is even more true to the spirit of the song than the famous 1958 recording by the Harry Simeone. German lyrics, such as “Liebes Christuskind,” have a different effect than “Baby Jesu” in the original English. [Link]

Continental Europe: Greek and French. The performance is in French. The legendary Nana Mouskouri is Greek. [Link]

A cross-cultural anachronism. The Afro-Caribbean ladies of vintage Boney M are Nubian hieroglyphs-come-to-life. The past decade killed the fiction of amity across races, therefore seeing that European boy among them has the effect of watching a child play with three well behaved pit bulls. [Link]

At the edge of civilization: Norway. How do you reignite the faltering light of your culture in a song? One way would be what this group of Norwegian university students did: a brilliant ode to their country. I don’t know if such symbolism was intended, but at 2:50 the strings create a warlike, Middle Eastern-like sound which then gets silenced by the chorus. [Link]

The European man at the antipodes. New Zealand children’s performance. The magic moment that begins at 1:50 defines our destiny. The two young White boys against the world. The martial drum and bagpipe, the girl chorus backing them faithfully. [Link]

Merry Christmas.

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  1. This is one of a handful of Christmas songs that references Christ as king. I never was too much into the song but recently a gabber commented on the nature of the song (I’m sure you read) and that gave me an appreciation I never considered for the tune.

    I was always familiar with the Bing Crosby version as growing up we had a Christmas LP of his and I’d play it whenever we were on Christmas break. I’d put it on and draw Super Mario at our kitchen table.

    Merry Christmas, PA, and to all you fellow dames and lads. As Romans 12:21 tells us: may you not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.

  2. The Norway version, I saw something else at 2:50: the rest of the video is traditional dress in a rugged land. That spot is an overlay of globohomo multiculti in city clothes playing refined instruments, injecting a moment of discord into the song. The overlay is somewhere indoors, implying distant control over the rugged lands on display with the overlay. It’s slightly unpleasant, especially the oriental mixed in with what are otherwise all Norwegians. Something suggestive of darkness. Sinister.

    Then the chorus wipes that away. All of the singers in the video are now standing as a front. The discord and suggestion of sinister darkness are forgotten, replaced with beauty, family, tradition, and nation.


    If we all stand together, their discord disappears.

    What a beautiful video.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Embracing a Hellenistic hosanna’d C. Eve; foreseeing a formalistically Fauve New Years Day.

    Salutations, padres!

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  5. Merry Christmas to you, PA, and your merry band of regulars.

    I don’t comment often, but I never miss a post.

  6. The Petersens YouTube channel has a small number of videos spanning the last 4 or 5 years. That they exist is enough to drive the globohomo hate complex insane, which is good enough for me. Their talent and beauty is just the icing on the cake.

    Merry Christmas

  7. Merry Christmas, PA.

    May God bless you and your family this Christmas and forever.

    Thanks for the blog. A must-read, it has really helped me, and I look forward to where it goes.


  8. Thanks for the great music links. Looks like the Hound + Fox duo are playing in southern Oregon (my home state). That’s mount Shasta in the background across the border in California.

    Merry Christmas!

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  10. I wanted to keep things positive on this festive day. I debated posting or not. But in the end, I needed to get this off my chest. Don’t read this.

    I grew up in a 98% White town. Accordingly, I didn’t even appreciate the beauty that was around me every day. It just seemed normal. And I assumed my cohort of humans would keep things normal.

    The men did. The women, not so much.

    Today, Christmas, old friends are posting pictures of themselves and their families (if male) or of their children (if female–I think we can all guess why). Thrice in the space of less than a minute of Farcebook scrolling I saw instances of beautiful White girls I once knew–formerly crushes, or at least crush-worthy–celebrating their mutant brown children. “Look at my beautiful son Diego!” said the girl who should have birthed a beautiful Jimmy instead.

    Poor Diego. Will live his whole life trying to convince himself it was okay for his beautiful White mom to slut it up with Mr. Mystery Meat.

  11. And he will be mysterious enough himself that he will feel the need to lash out against everybody who is as beautiful as his mom was, and he could have been.

  12. Don’t read this.

    This following is a sperg post, and it also can go w/o being read.

    I made the mistake today of letting two women, give me a hug. This was at an AA meeting.

    Hugs from women are losing frame. I don’t necessarily like that old PUA language, but it is exactly the right concept. From their point of view, those hugs are meant to be supportive, but obviously no real man goes around getting hugs from women.

    The positive takeaway though, is that life is a live-and-learn: Going forward there will be no more “matronizing” hugs..

    In my defense, part of the trap that gets fallen into, is simply a pro-social desire to be agreeable. I did do this thing, in exactly these situations, where I grab them somewhat forcefully by the shoulders and move them off their balance, and so then we do a non-sexy hug embrace but more on my terms.

    nb4 Obviously a woman you want to rub up on and see if you are compatible with, is a different situation.

  13. You ever have someone ask you a personal question, that is no business of theirs, but they are asking it in the way of “being friendly”? I find that this happens sometimes, here in clown world America. I don’t think it happens so much in say for instance Russia.

    I will be brief. I was exiting the Dollar Store, and it was crowded. Some guy was walking near to me, and as I approach the parking spot wherein my vehicle he asks me if that is my dog. I hesitate for a second and then said that yes it is. He replies his mom has a similar dog.

    The point being, it was another losing battle. On the one hand, I felt obliged to answer his question; on the other hand, it was none of his business. The manosphere verdict is that it was a fail. A real man would be better served to say something like: “Why do you ask” or more old fashioned and colloquial “What’s it to ya buddy?” or perhaps something more aggressive “If you ask me another question I am going to kill you.” I find there’s this weird call or inclination to be friendly and truthful to these stupid questions, which I can see by the people’s faces, are not meant as threatening.

  14. Re mexican women. They have strong 3d6 constitutions, which goes along with their high birth rates. Inevitable Castizo nationalism (for the New World), was a meme from a few years ago.


    This looks to be pretty good. Spencer is making something of a comeback. The guy with the bags under his eyes is Dutton, and the other guy is Woods.

  15. Thank you all for your Christmas wishes and I’m humbled by the kind words above.

    This is worth watching. Six minutes. A very impressive youngish man speaks to a legislative body in Fairfax County, Virginia. It’s an appeal to reason. The kind that Greeks could have used before the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War. H/T Western Rifle Shooters Association. The guy is definitely not a paperwork-American. This country’s best stock if you ask me. He gets a sympathetic ear.

    Fairfax County is part of the DC inner suburb shitlib/cuckservative top income defense contractor blah blah globohomo central.

  16. Answering questions from strangers is a sign of a high-trust society. A vestigial impulse from when you grew up.

    Living as I must at this moment in my life in a low-trust (“diverse”) city, I have really had to become a different man in public.

    Stopped at Dunkin Donuts to buy a couple of boxes just to bless my colleagues recently. First time in the store. After my purchase I stop to grab some napkins. Up walks some dark brownish apparition in my peripheral vision, getting way too close into my personal space before uttering

    “SUP MAN?”

    I ignore him. Pause.


    Without turning my attention away from the paper bag into which I am dropping napkins, I say in my most gravelly, irritated-but-bored-sounding voice “I’M NOT IN THE MOOD TO BE TALKED TO TODAY.” I know, weak composition, passive voice, but sometimes you’ve got to speak their language.

    “Okay, cool.” And it retreats.

    We don’t have to live like this.

  17. Well on the dark side of things I must be the only man in Christendom who spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day alone reading Marlowe’s “Edward II” and “Doctor Faustus.” Not something I planned out but there it is–and your reading can’t get much more black pilled than that.

    So if you’re not getting dragged off to Hell or executed with a red-hot poker up your bunghole, be of good cheer!!!

    Plus, while “tomorrow is another day,” the traditional season of Christmas continues. And I have lately discovered that a Kohl’s is much nearer to hand than I had known . . . .

  18. A few days ago I was skimming a copy of “Robinson Crusoe” when a negroid passes behind me, saying loudly, “Hey thanks man for buying me the book for Christmas. Really appreciate it!”

    Pas de comment from moi.

  19. Attended a church shindig Sunday at my father’s church. It had been insinuated that a couple of female cousins were going to introduce me to single women but nothing came of that. Anyway the only attractiveish single women were their teenage daughters so that’s that I suppose.

    Got to eat homegrown meatloaf though so I consider it a win, even if I had to drive 150 miles roundtrip for it.

    Sigh. It’s no joke I need a detox from two straight days of reading Marlowe nonstop. I was depressed and disturbed after reading Edward II; I don’t even know why I decided to plow through Doctor Faustus today.

    Does anyone see Captain Obvious anywhere? There’s something lately that always makes me think of him but i can’t remem–oh i just remembered what it is. But save that for another day. Anyway “The Jew of Malta” should be on his GBFM list if it isn’t already.

  20. Some of my former drinking buddies are full bird Colonels yet I’m still surprised to see the kid is a Major in the video PA shared.

    There’s something about the psychology of the military. When you first join, everybody is older than you and has more authority than you. As time goes on, you gain authority, but you always know someone is higher up than you.

    If you stay in, it progresses as it does.

    After you’ve been out, looking in, it seems like such a strange world. In my teens, Major seemed such a high rank. In my 40s, I’m shocked that a kid can be a Major. I wouldn’t take an order from him.

    There’s no point here. Just noticing.

  21. JJ,
    I don’t know where you live, but I don’t see as much race mixing in everyday life as the advertising industry would have you believe. If you counted the numbers, I think maybe they would still be a low percentage.

  22. Does anyone see Captain Obvious anywhere?

    Captain Obvious was good at describing, with words and ideas, larger themes and those which want memes. However, in the standard one-panel meme format, he wasn’t very good at that.

    He made many efforts along those lines that were worthy starts though, and among them was a picture from a movie, the one where NYC gets swamped by a tidal wave; and this effort of his was meant as a symbol of cell phone addiction, particularly its effect on the young womenz. The following video is on this theme.

  23. The video above contains some standard lib signaling: the bad guy harassing the woman on the subway is wearing a Confederate tee-shirt.

    The comment I wanted to make though, about the theme of screen addiction and its long terms effects, is that they can’t be measured and or understood, except over the long term. The health effects of bad living, are cumulative. They catch up to you.

    That simple “obvious” lesson, is something most people learn as the years go by, but it seems to escape a lot of people too. But if you spend life staring at a computer screen, and suddenly you are forty years old, or however old, then the consequences will be felt for the rest of your life; whereas during “the bit” they might not have been felt so much.

    It’s all a cliche: don’t waste your time. But on the other hand, people become these shells.

  24. Yes, 9/11 was done by (((the US government))), and many were painfully transformed by this awareness.

    “To accelerate this national dilution

    The Enemy used deception and illusion

    As before, his confidence never greater

    In the power of his demonic theater

    Over a degraded population.

    He broadcast live on every station

    The brazen, calculated murders

    Of two thousand souls among the girders

    Of gigantic towers he demolished,

    Then celebrated as his golem rushed

    Obediently to attack the muslim tools

    He fingered. The mind-rape of his fools

    For mass conditioning was brutal

    Past telling but control was not total,

    For Aryan genius had lately created

    An information medium that defeated

    His stranglehold on what could be known,

    And through this brief window were thrown

    To minds among the somnolent and feral

    Seeds of awareness of their peril.

    The truth that in their ready soil took root

    Would curse and bless and make resolute

    That generation destined again to be,

    Grown among ruin, a mighty tree.”

  25. You linked Nana Mouskouri! You are my friend. May I also recommend this performance of hers of “A La Claire Fontaine”:

    That particular recording is one I’ve always thought of as “the most beautiful song in the world”.

    As for VA, I wouldn’t say it’s particularly more intense here. It’s just that here is where they first decided to drive straight into a brick wall. There are plenty of other places they could’ve done it.

    We’ll see how well the wall holds up.

    I (and, I expect, thousands like me) was tremendously encouraged and inspired by what I saw at my county’s 2A Sanctuary meeting. NoVA has absolutely no idea what they’re walking into. I get the impression Northam has a sneaking suspicion but doesn’t have the spine to face facts.

    The most interesting thing to me was the look on the faces of the dozen or so police, watching thousands of people stream into the auditorium. They can count.

  26. At first, I wasn’t interested, but you did use the term “the most beautiful song in the world”. I gave it a go.

    I don’t think of it as beautiful in the sense that it moves you with its beauty, but I have to agree that every second of the song is filled with a joyous, positive energy. It is the musical equivalent of puppies playing. That’s a kind of beauty I want in my life every day, a kind of beauty that gets harder and harder to find every time a “hip hop” track is released.

  27. Trying to judge the most beautiful song in the world is like trying to choose the most beautiful woman in the world. There will always be hundreds who qualify as #1.

    This song (more a track than a song) moved me to tears. Judge me.

  28. There’s also this.

    No joke, I listen to this, and every complaint I have in the world is solved. Every sin I have committed I’ve repented. In the face of such beauty, how can you even care about the worldly things that had you so agitated?

    Now imagine what it will be like when we see the full glory of God.

    If we survive that, what will even matter anymore?

  29. Romans 2:4 states, depending on your version, that it is God’s goodness (some translate as kindness) that leads you to repentance.

    Gotta confess there’s something to that.

    There is some utility in believing that you must cease from sin or go to Hell. How much more in realizing that your sins hurt the one who loves you most? Yet there is an even more powerful draw: when you see that God, who should have crushed you like a bug, instead chose to sacrifice His only son so you could live…that’s the kind of beauty that should overwhelm you and bring you to your knees.

  30. Puppies playing. That’s an amazing take; the words are a lament for lost love. (I’m also told the song is the unofficial anthem of Quebec.) I’m always fascinated by the interpretations people put on songs when they don’t understand the language; it’s often so different from the intended meaning.

    Your “Abve & Beyond” track, I wouldn’t call beautiful, but definitely soothing and mind-focusing. It’s the sort of thing I’d be glad to put on in the background while working on something difficult.

  31. “the words are a lament for lost love”

    Words in music are my Achilles Heel. I don’t hear them. Even in English. I am in the 99th percentile in visual tasks (major institutions have studied my brain because of this, not making it up) but it comes at a cost: my aural perception is laughable.

    Elk will enjoy the 3d6 aspect of this. Sometimes you roll a 3, man.

    Was just thinking yesterday about the Beatles song Eleanor Rigby. For years I pondered whether the chorus said “I will get all the lonely people” or “I will get over lonely people’. I once asked my coworkers which it was. You should have seen the looks I got. Turns out neither was correct.

  32. “definitely soothing and mind-focusing. It’s the sort of thing I’d be glad to put on in the background while working on something difficult.”

    You are on to something! I think it was the soothing effect on my brain that caused me to enjoy an otherwise simple track. Sometimes all it takes is a well-timed chord change. The track I shared is pretty much this, repetitively.

    Music blows my mind. Music is nothing if not mathematics. Yet these maths affect our very souls. It seems like it shouldn’t be. But here we are.

  33. There was a brief lucid period in the trajectory of The Beatles and The Stones, circa “Eleanor Rigby” and “Paperback Writer,” “Mother’s Little Helper” and “99th Nervous Breakdown” in which their lyrics partook strongly of eccentric British common sense and took a cool, appraising look at the modern condition as it was found then. Between the frivolity of their teenybopper phase and their crashes with drugs and idealism or drugs and nihilism they had a premature brush with adult seriousness which, alas, proved spurious and no defense against further youthful excess.

    Of course it was never a moment of perfect clarity to begin with, since John started smoking dope during the Help! album, and I’m sure Mick and the boys already were conversant with a number of lads’ little helpers too.

  34. JJ’s selection sent me down a memory hole looking for the recordings of DJ Encore, a Scandi who in 2001 and 2007 put out a pair of trance-pop albums each with its own pneumatic vocalist/muse. As youtube’s uploads all seem stuck in 480p obsolescence I won’t begrime the thread with them, but if that’s your cup of tea and you can bear with the sometimes painfully earnest English lyrics of the latter vocalist (whose album however has something of a warmer tone color palette than the first–personally I score the earlier album the greater of the two but the variation within the overarching aesthetic is valid and rewarding), then I will say that they set a very high, glossy, poeticized standard within the genre.

    Prior to K-pop, they were the “modren music” recordings going furthest head-to-head for me with my Haydn sets. Though that was a different season of life. I had a whole Sofia Coppola lesbian love drama spinning in my head with “Sweeter Than Beauty” for its soundtrack.

  35. A couple of days before Christmas I’m in the checkout line at Food Lion. Guy in front of me has dark hair and some hipster beard. Teenage cashier says “Merry Christmas” to him twice.

    My turn comes up and she scans my items and takes my cash and gives me my change and says “Happy holidays.”

    “Merry Christmas!” I reply. And I hated to do it because now I’m in autocorrect territory and it makes >me< feel 'guilty.' Because ordinarily I'm highly undemonstrative in these interractions but now her Spinozist winter greeting forces me to be proactive.

    Wth. I have blue eyes, bitch. Do I have resting atheist face or something?

  36. From DJ Encore I of course took off down the merry rabbit hole of K-pop Exalted Ballad land. What to choose, what to choose?

    From my GFriend starting point I surveyed its 2019 A Pink counterpart, then went back in the A Pink catalog for a couple of other classics but I will content myself with a return to base with this tear-inducing, utterly uninhibited, faultlessly produced and arranged pop-rock symphony with its sweeping cosmological lyrical imagery, shuddery dynamics (from Umji’s quivering teary-lipped whispers to Yuju’s honey-dulcet skysweeping crescendoes), and brazen teenage my-life-is-over earnestness. If/when your life truly is ruined, would it sound any different–as long as you have someone to believe in, even if they disappeared beyond that cloud?

    “You are my sky (sky!)”

  37. If GB4M and Gunslinger Gregi tutored a prodigy who wrote several times as smartly as they and evinced that certain DGAF flavour we know, love, and crave, he would sound like Lucius.

  38. — friendly neighborhood synesthete

    Wikipedia: “Some synesthetes often report that they were unaware their experiences were unusual until they realized other people did not have them.” So true. So strange that most people dont experience numbers and colors and sounds with this extra dimension.

    — If GB4M and Gunslinger Gregi tutored a prodigy who wrote several times as smartly as they and evinced that certain DGAF flavour we know, love, and crave, he would sound like Lucius.

    Nailed it.

    — We’ve all got one, right?

    The future is Idle Thoughts on Checkout Girls.

  39. Hadn’t realized the play on words with the phrase “checkout girls” until just now.

    And just exactly who’s checking out whom? Earlier this summer, it was the bagging girl that caught my fancy. Sadly for me, she probably wasn’t more than 17.

  40. I messed around with some lyrics earlier today, with the title of Checkout Girl, but nothing serious (as in good) got done. It is a solid idea for a theme for a sad hipster pop song though, because for the stated reason: it’s something most of us can relate to, and it’s a sort of sad commentary on things. And in the final it’s about love.

    There was some good advice on the old game blogs, CH and elsewhere, about trying to make all your interactions with the womenz, count. Whether they be “artificial” interactions in the sense of transactional, or perhaps with old women whom you don’t necessarily want to boff [or maybe you do] or whomever else. High schoolers might be a, uh, problem category, for these positive interactions though..

    Retail interactions are their own thing. On the one hand: yeah it can be viewed as pathetic, if that’s the pond you’re fishing in. On the other, it’s still important to be a positive person. In the retail sector itself, it’s called retail etiquette, or transactional etiquette. A lot of customers fail utterly in this regard; and by extension, they fail as people.

    Someone like Trump obviously doesn’t get his own coffee anymore; but successful people don’t look down their noses at clerks. This is a little off topic, and is simply restating advice that has been helpful to me. I once asked out the clerk at a hotel I was staying in; she said she wasn’t allowed to date guests. Hahaha.

    In all seriousness, I think that age of consent laws, in the United States, are not so far off. Without going deep into the realm of the incel, and doing a bill of particulars: 16 is a good age of consent, for an imperfect world. NB: It’s not 16 across the Land.

  41. I knew a checkout girl who gave me [that look] once and it still gives me butterflies.

    One day working as a bagger at the grocery, I forgot to pay for an item until I got to my car. Walked back inside and went through the line of one Dana (side note: every girl named Dana I’ve met has been hot) whose Scandinavian surname ended in “-sen”. Told her the story, and after scanning my half-eaten item, she looked up at me with a teasing smile, and said “You thief” like it was some kind of dirty secret we shared. Her sparkling blue irises and wide, dark pupils made time stop. If only I could lean in and kiss that memory.

  42. Elk, I was wondering why the Checkout Girl song was ringing such a loud bell. I finally realized it hearkens back to the Air Hostess song, best executed here by Andy (One Name Only):

  43. But seriously, on the age of consent thing. Something that kind of stings when you get past 35 is that you realize that no matter how lovely and darling a sweet young maid might be, you’re just too old to be able to keep up a relationship with her.

    By “relationship” I mean a spousal one. You have to be able to talk with your wife, to feel like you have a partner in this world. Someone you can relate to. A “help meet”. That ain’t happening when your partner is young enough to be your child. Not only is she too inexperienced in life to be able to say anything meaningful in a conversation, you’re too old to be able to keep up with her youthful desires for silly things seven days a week.

    It hurts to let it go, but we must.

    Unless it’s highly transactional (see, e.g., our president), it’s not going to work. Save yourself the heartache by setting realistic goals.

  44. I hear what you’re getting at, JJ, but I also firmly believe that a woman will follow her man, and the stronger he is the more she’s willing to please him; the flip side of the help meet. He has the strength to build her up past her “age” so to speak. While she’ll have her youthful endeavors and interests, she’ll always follow her man, his lead.

    To use the game parlance: she’ll fall into his frame.

  45. “By “relationship” I mean a spousal one. You have to be able to talk with your wife, to feel like you have a partner in this world. Someone you can relate to. A “help meet”.”

    The bigger issue here is being able to talk to her p-a-r-e-n-t-s while keeping a straight face.

    Girls are highly malleable and mature up quickly when they have kids. They will want to feel connected to the man they are having them with. Their short-lived beauty and fertility impels them to drop the childish behavior and ingratiate themselves to/partner with a proper provider in favor of long term security. (There is a biological component to Stockholm syndrome).

    That said, in a dysfunctional, neotanous society like our own, women have a free pass to act like children forever and will do so if no one pulls them onto a better path. Case in point: the 50 year old checkout girl who never left.

    Many checkout girls would make fine spouses if given the chance. As usual, it’s up to the guy to lead the way, regardless of his/her ages.

    “Yeah but all talk of love aside, marriage is transactional.”

    Women are generally more comfortable with this fact than men are, IMO. For example, if she knows that what you from her is to be a better “help meet”, and that access to your resources and approval is what’s at stake, and she’s sufficiently attracted, then they’re usually game.

    A lot of marriages/relationships would be improved if men simply learned to be better negotiators.

  46. “You have to be able to talk with your wife, to feel like you have a partner in this world.”

    This is, of course, true, but the fallacy here is that age is what determines maturity. They are correlated, age and maturity, but it’s not a one-to-one equation. If it were, then men would have to date women twenty years older than them in order to feel like they have a “partner” in the emotional sense. Our instincts tell the real story here: perky tits are the soul of a good life partners.

    The more important element in maturity is life experience. Some people can have that at a young age. Most women, if they’re properly protected, will not have a lot of life experience to draw on (at 16-60 years old) and so they are not going to necessarily be mature, ever.

    But boy do they change quickly when they’re responsible for another life. Giving birth (naturally) is their rite of passage into the adult world, and it can catapult then ahead of their man in terms of maturity if they’re too close in age.

    That’s one positive thing to be said about the draft… It made men ready to be fathers at a younger age and closed the maturity gap. Without a similar, life-threatening rite of passage like natural childbirth, many guys are going to have a hard time keeping up with their ladies, maturity-wise. (Tattoos and playing Assassin’s Creed don’t count.)

  47. King James English from the Bible. Essentially, in modern English, a helping companion who is a good fit with her man.

  48. “Our instincts tell the real story here: perky tits are the soul of a good life partners.”

    Awkward choice of words there.

    For clarification, nubility is an indicator of malleability which is what is required for a woman to be a good life partner, moreso than your shared “life experiences”.

    So our attraction to perky tits isn’t just physical. When she hits that perfect age our instincts are telling us that she’s ready to sign on for a guy’s life mission. Hopefully that mission is more Little House on the Prairie than Manson Girls or a fulfilling career at Disposable Uterus Incorporated.

  49. I confess I’ve been a little problematically prolific and pedantic in my published perturbations to this thread. It’s been a weird week.

    I will close with: if you haven’t yet given this a listen, do. It’s worth your time.

    You don’t have to like the original. You will be moved by this version, regardless.

    Happy new year. Glad you’re all my bros.

  50. The two music selections I have been listening to lately are —

    1. Things Have Changed, by Bob Dylan. Dylan wrote this song for the movie Wonder Boys (2000), which was a critical hit. The movie is not good. The song is the only good thing about it.

    The movie was based on the book by the jew Michael Chabon, who for some reason was a literary darling from those days, a couple few decades ago. He was in the news again a few years ago for an open letter he wrote about the rising anti-semitism he is worried about in America: iow he closely follows the dissident right. He probably has an alert on his name and might will read this. Michael Chabon: you have a giant jew homo face.

    2. Alexander Malofeev. This guy, is the hottest thing going in classical music. He is being touted [sorry to use this word touted; I am tired] as already being in the category of all time greatest, classical piano. He is a Russian teenager who quite looks the part of a prodigy.

    With his pure blond hair and sensitive face, he is fun to watch. His technique blows the mind. You can’t even move your hands that fast once you are no longer young, much less hitting the right notes, in the right way. Prodigious technique is a well known “trap,” a well known fault, that precocious players can fall into.

  51. If I can ever leave the house again, I would like to go to Russia and see Malofeev play the piano at one of his concerts. Going by the videos online, it looks like the concerts he plays are not as expensive to get tickets for, as they would be in NYC. For instance he will play with the orchestra is some province. How hard can tickets be to come by, there? Obviously one would have to be there..

    My intuition regarding the guy is that his playing will already have peaked, or shortly. There is nothing “wrong” with that. Like with mathematicians and perhaps high level programmers, they can tend to peak very early, and then they go into a supervisory role, which in the case of classical piano, would mean teaching.

  52. It went not unread. I listened to several Malofeev performances. The kid looks great.

    “Peaked at piano performance”

    What are your thoughts on the tradeoff where you lose some virtuosity past the age of twenty but develop a deeper soul or what will you to play music with more depth?

  53. Doing a marathon session of low weight / high rep bench sets in my backyard shed. The first set was supposed to be 100 reps but the dumbells were very cold. At around 20 reps I still thought that my hands would warm the metal but the cold became intolerable so I stopped at fifty. Put on my gardening gloves, which solved the problem.

    Nothing clears the cobwebs from the mind like cold air and lifting.

    It’s raining heavily, wish it were snowing.

    Break’s over.

  54. I’ve been meaning to workout during the break as well, but we’ve had some heavy rain as of late and it’s made the air unusally cool. It’s finally cleared up so I might get at my routine that I started a couple of weeks ago; well, was refining.

    RE: Wonder Boys. I enjoyed that film as I had viewed it during me writing days. (Also without being woke to a great many things.) Still, I like it. It has that life-in-a-weekend touch to it and to me the acting worked–cast played well off each other–and the direction was on point.

    During college, I decided to read the book as part of our final project. I had to do some research on Chabon and learned he was raised by a single mom who would smoke weed in the car while her son was there. Groovy! I have to credit Chabon’s writing style as it’s fluid and descriptive without slowing you down; keeping the story moving. The screenplay was well adapted from the novel; kept all the main points and themes. (And like Elk stated, Chabon’s gone all loopey. Well, maybe he was always that way, now there’s no filter.)

    My conceit for my final project was how reading and learning about writers makes us better writers, along with adapting material into different mediums. Something along those lines. A year later, during my last semester, my professor took my idea for use in a class he was teaching. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then I was on cloud 9. If anything, it told me I had what it took to put together a curriculum for instruction.

  55. All relationships are transactional to some extent, it’s just very obvious in Melania/Donald’s case. “Things Have Changed” is a good one. I’m going to listen to it today.

  56. Young women are demanding and older men probably mostly don’t have the energy or inclination to meet these demands long term. Money can certainly help make this easier, though.

  57. I disagree that women have more energy. Obviously a younger person has more life expectancy, but in the day to day, all that’s needed is a good firm, uh, backhand.

  58. RE: Wonder Boys. I enjoyed that film as I had viewed it during me writing days. (Also without being woke to a great many things.)

    The whole movie would be worth an effort post, were one so inclined. I tried watching it last night, and couldn’t finish it. My two criticisms were thus —

    1. The main characters were not sympathetic. This is the main thing. Any movie or story, in which the characters are not sympathetic, is a fail. Michael Douglas’s character Grady Tripp is a stand-in for the author, Chabon. And Grady Tripp is fundamentally shallow. That’s the long and the short of it, is that their whole worldview, is shallow in that meta way that the dissident right is trying to address, and has addressed, somewhat, maybe.

    In the film itself, the state of unseriousness, is something they are aware. And in fact it’s the underlying problem of Grady’s character, and is the theme that the film would treat. Tripp, which can be regarded as a metaphor, is in a midlife crisis, and the events of the film are him working out a new approach to his life, one in which he is more honest with the people in it. One in which he may yet become “a serious man.”

    To my viewing though, it wasn’t compelling, and it didn’t get watched through.

    2. The other main theme. The gay-ing of the young man James Leer, played by Tobey Maguire. Robert Downey’s character Crabtree “swoops” him and turns him gay, in a way that is probably somewhat realistic in how it happens to many impressionable and vulnerable young men, particularly of the type who are at those colleges at that stage in their lives when they are lost and could better use some guidance.

    Grady tries weakly, to protect him, from Crabtree, but fails. What’s really annoying though, is that Crabtree’s turning him to the gay, is portrayed in a light very positive. Both characters have a good time of it, and what do you know, it’s just the thing that relieves Leer of his despondency and depression.

    3. The voice over by the main character Grady Tripp, in contrast to the Dylan song, Things Have Changed. The whole appeal of this great Dylan song, is the sense of doom that it contains: “I’m standing on the gallows, with my head in a noose; any minute now I’m expecting all hell to break loose. People are crazy and times are strange; I’m locked in, I’m outta range. I used to care but, things have changed.” In contrast to this foreboding, Tripp’s voice-over has none of that. Tripp’s voiceover would be better suited to a parents weekend tour of the campus.

    And neither does the rest of the film, contain in any sense, the foreboding of the Dylan tune.

  59. I took Grady as someone that never grew up, never wanted to go beyond his past accomplishment, which set the bar high for him. He’s just ambling along, always kicking the can, turning his house into a dormitory. He is more selfish than shallow, I’d say.

    The gayness of Crabtree and Leer did bother me, though in relation to the film, I always just took that as part of that East Coast literati’s way of getting your shit published.

    I always take songs to film soundtracks with a grain of salt as at times they’re just there to sell CDs and the like. Rarely do they have anything to do with the film. Other times, they overshadow the film.

    Just the same, you raised some elements about the film I hadn’t considered.

  60. Edit —

    Tripp, which name can be regarded as a metaphor, is in a midlife crisis, and the events of the film are him working out a new approach to his life, one in which he is more honest with the people in it. One in which he may yet become “a serious man.”

    Also this concept of a serious man. Is this a jewish meta theme, with which we in their abundance are now graced?

    A Serious Man is of course also the title of the Cohen Brother’s film set in the Minneapolis suburbs with all the great local scenic shots. This film sucks too though. And ironically, exactly because of its un-serious tone! In the same way that Wonder Boys fails, it has the wrong tone. The jews struggle, in doing hero-ism.


    Chabon’s other book was The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, and it was more directly about the second theme above: the joys of turning to the gay.

    The premise was that there was this big life out there, in Pittsburgh, and all you had to do, to be a part of it, was join in the fun; somehow.

    And it is a good topic, and the perfect premise for a (then) contemporary book. Is there a life out there, right now somewhere going on, in your town? and Pittsburgh of all places..

    The one thing I remember about that book now, is one of the peripheral characters with the interesting name of Cleveland, who was a jewel thief and a loose associate of the local mob. Cleveland was portrayed as one of those force-of-nature type personalities, a deep underclass background but having too much vigor to be denied.

    The book was very readable and entertaining, not to mention popular. So I guess yeah, the guy Chabon did have talent.

    The question that remains though, is the meta question, which has been answered by now, as to why that book and why that author? It’s more complicated than that he’s a jew and therefore he gets promoted, but that is part of it. The 20th Century is called the jewish century though, for a reason!

  61. Today is the final day of Millenniyule, which is Millennial Woes’ year-end gabfest hosted on the platform / publisher youtube, where he gets prominent online dissident right personalities to come on and chat.

    It’s been a smashing success, in terms of entertainment.

    In other news, James Bowery aka the Godfather, left the following comment to an Audacious Epigone post at Unz, which following comment is how he describes the two sides in the coming conflict —

    It’s between a 6M year old evolutionary regression toward asexual reproduction and a 600M year old evolutionary progression of sexuality toward the moral animal.

    I asked for a summary clarification but have not received a response. I guess it’s on any curious people to do their own homework.

  62. Half-hour video by Ramzpaul. A good review of the 2010-2019 decade. He names seven or so themes that were dominant over the Teens decade. We’ve all been there, we’ll recognize what he’s talking about. He gives a good perspective on it.

    Unsurprisingly, just about everything he lists is not-good. The last item is where the hope and the future lies.

  63. “just about everything he lists is not-good”

    Some of the things Ramzpaul correctly lists as major not-good developments of this passing decade point in a cathartic direction as a sort of upside. As a clearing of the air, if you will.

    One of them, the rise of homosexuality from being officially tolerated in 2010 to its present elevation as — no hyperbole — the highest official value of US institutions. The clarity moving forward is that the Left’s goal is now revealing itself to be about normalization, then the supremacy of, pdphlia. This is definitely an overextended pendulum situation.

    The other development that Ramzpaul lists point to the death of polite fictions that have been detrimental to civilization: conservatism, or the so-called civic nationalism. An utterly discredited political posture. The future is about identity.

    The antiwhite fever we’re seeing today is unsettling. In my view, it’s a revving-and-stalling of new Communism’s terror phase. No multicultural fiction will survive what’s happening today. Ramzpaul didnt go into that level of detail or direction, but if you pick up on fear over loss of control as the antiwhite Left’s animating spirit, there is that.

  64. Elk, regarding your meta question you raised a few comments above–a most thought provoking question I found–Anglin seems to be in agreement with you regarding the 20th century being the rise of le jew; wherein he points out the 60s in regards to Carly Simon. Good article.

    Happy New Year’s Eve and Day to y’all. 2019’s ending like hitting the rapids during white (heh) water rafting. I’m sure we’ll be in for some more as 2020 rolls in shortly. I’m game.

  65. It was a famous intellectual who coined the phrase, the jewish century. An internet search leads to The Jewish Century by Yuri Slezkine.

    This masterwork of interpretative history begins with a bold declaration: The Modern Age is the Jewish Age–and we are all, to varying degrees, Jews.

    The assertion is, of course, metaphorical. But it underscores Yuri Slezkine’s provocative thesis. Not only have Jews adapted better than many other groups to living in the modern world, they have become the premiere symbol and standard of modern life everywhere.

    Slezkine argues that the Jews were, in effect, among the world’s first free agents. They traditionally belonged to a social and anthropological category known as “service nomads,” an outsider group specializing in the delivery of goods and services.

    Regarding Carly Simon and her protruding nipples. She has come up for discussion at this blog, and with a comment or two by Yours_truly, which I am not going to search out because they might be embarrassing. I worked on a version of her famous song You’re So Vain which won like 10 Grammies in 1974. It was supposedly about Warren Beatty. It’s a neat song and really catchy. And not just catchy. It has good lyrics and a complex chord structure and subtle melody. And yeah, the funny-faced woman wrote it.

    Musical talent is a weird thing. It strikes seemingly at random, which is why a lot of otherwise unremarkable people have it.

    As a counterpoint to Carly’s extrusive nipples, check out this following feminist demonstration in Spain, if I can find the twitter clip..

  66. Since most of us won’t be reading Spanish, we can only imagine what their protest is about. But anyways, some of them have different shapes and sizes.

    Here it is, the dignity, the grace, the bearing, the beauty, the love the helplessness the confusion the wonder of it all; life! —

  67. This masterwork of interpretative history begins with a bold declaration: The Modern Age is the Jewish Age–and we are all, to varying degrees, Jews.

    The assertion is, of course, metaphorical. But it underscores Yuri Slezkine’s provocative thesis. Not only have Jews adapted better than many other groups to living in the modern world, they have become the premiere symbol and standard of modern life everywhere.

    It’s not entirely metaphorical, that we are in fact jews, if our very genitals and sex life and consequent procreation has been radically altered, or as I have described it in the past, effected [no sic] in accordance to their rituals.

    Our diminished genitals can be properly be considered a part of their super-organism. We were carved into their image so that they can better be themselves.

    Oddly enough, I talked about this for the first time ever, in real life today, with a group of White men at the AA meeting which is my home group. There is — yes there is — a passage in the Big Book that begins with a bris and a “circumcision.” As fate would have it, it came to me that exact passage, which I later used as an opening. It was well received, and I feel better about other people for it. Group therapy, is what they call it.

    I began my live action in-group comment, with this following, exactly —

    I don’t call it circumcision; I call it involuntary neonatal male genital reduction assignment.

  68. On the Spain tweet: the man (I’m assuming) is amazed such an occurrence is happening in Spain, saying call it exhibitionism if you’d like and if this continues, Spain is gonna go to shit (or ass; literally) He asks the ladies of the right of if this is women’s future, then how far women have fallen. Ends it with stating it bodes ill for men.

    Admittedly, there are a few tunes of ole Carly I like. I did a redux of “You’re So Vain” with “You’re Sarbanes”, back when Sarbanes Oxley became a thing since they repealed Glass-Stegall and Enron had their fun. I was just learning about the SEC and was working for a company that was public on NASDAQ (iirc) and what it all entailed for us..

    It went something like:
    You’re Sarbanes,
    You partnered up with someone named Oxley

    Instead of clouds in my coffee, it was clouds in my 10Q.

    Every accountant I ever told that to laughed nerdily. Of course it helped that they had a few drinks in them. Let the river run. . .

  69. In the twitter clip of those Spanish girls, most of them look uncomfortable, parading around naked. Uncomfortable both emotionally and physically. Which is not to be surprised of course. Who is used to walking around naked?

    Those who don’t look ill-at-east, are maybe 10 per cent of them.

    Also, they look a good bit better than the comparables in America would. Mostly White for one.


    Also I wanted to redact this statement from a prior comment:

    Musical talent is a weird thing. It strikes seemingly at random, which is why a lot of otherwise unremarkable people have it.

  70. Slezkine argues that the Jews were, in effect, among the world’s first free agents. They traditionally belonged to a social and anthropological category known as “service nomads,” an outsider group specializing in the delivery of goods and services.

    It’s not that complicated and “service nomads” does touch on it. This is analogous to a Gamma’s self-image as the sole self aware, self conscious, full agency person among Alphas, Bravos, Deltas and Sigmas. “I maneuver through other people’s social infrastructure and extract value in the course of my maneuvering therefore I am.”

  71. “We were carved into their image so that they can better be themselves.”

    That’s a horrifying image but a dark truth powerfully expressed–the dark essence vocalized.

    “Oddly enough, I talked about this for the first time ever, in real life today, with a group of White men at the AA meeting which is my home group.”

    It’s the Lord’s work.

    But another question: Elk, are you implying that you were some sort of sound engineer? Did you help record “You’re So Vain”?

  72. It’s a song I used to like to practice. I didn’t get it up to performance level. That song, those lyrics, want a female vocalist, obv.

    The lyrics are so in line with ye old Manosphere it’s almost surprising that there wasn’t a CH post on it (there wasn’t). I will briefly recap the previous comment I made, at this blog —

    You’re so vain
    you probably think this song is about you

    That song a mega hit in the 70s when I was growing up, and being a precocious sperg, I “considered” the lyrics and couldn’t make sense of them — Why, of course they are about him!

    Eventually I got what she saying (this woulda been about ten years ago). They are not about him, they are about her!

    It’s a very clever set-up and a well told story, in the form a popular song. Credit where due. The vocal quality to Carly’s voice, its timbre or whatever, is distinct which was part of her star quality.

  73. I read that “You’re So Vain” was Carly Simon’s ***Empowered Woman Rebuff*** to Warren Beaty’s attempts to bed her.


  74. I showed the video of the Norwegian students to my three year old and he absolutely loved it. He kept saying, “more music!” I had to sit and watch it with him five separate times. Even at that age, things like that will resonate. The youngest among us understand what is stirring. If the fight comes to his generation, I have no doubt he’ll be ready.

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