The things we don’t know about WWII

Fascinating comment at It doesn’t contradict my incomplete knowledge of the subject:

Very few people (for obvious reasons!) now know that for quite a long time before WWI (and during the war itself) most Jewish political activists pinned their hopes for the creation of a Jewish “homeland” on … Germany!

120 years ago, the Zionist colonization of Palestine was still Plan B. What was then seen as being a more realistic project was the creation of “Judeo-Polonia” — a new buffer state that would be carved out of “inevitable” German territorial gains in Eastern Europe following a future military conflict with Russia.

By September 1914, all the details had been worked out by a joint German-Jewish Committee — the Deutsches Komitee zur Befreiung der Russischen Juden — working in liaison with the German ministry for foreign affairs. The Committee also regularly warned about the dangers posed by Polish attempts to bring about the restoration of the Polish State, which over a century earlier had been partitioned by Prussia, Austria and Russia.

Judeo-Polonia would be a German protectorate (ruled by a German prince) and — given that it would be inhabited by the 6 million Jews of that part of the world — would, of course, be conveniently run by German- and/or Yiddish-speaking Jews. The population of Judeo-Polonia would also comprise 8 million Poles, 2 million Germans, 6 million Ukrainians, 4 million Byelorussians and 4 million assorted Lithuanians and Latvians. Its capital would be the city of Lublin, which is now in eastern Poland.

Unfortunately — notwithstanding the support that she had received from worldwide Jewry — Germany lost the war and — worse still — in 1920 the Red Army (Plan C) failed to defeat the army of the newly resurrected Polish Republic, whose government was at that time regularly being accused of tolerating and/or organizing anti-Jewish pogroms (for which, as the American ambassador in Warsaw Hugh Simons Gibson confirmed, there was actually no evidence at all).

Although Jewish demands for the creation of autonomous Jewish districts (i.e. ghettos) in every Polish town were rejected by the Polish parliament in the same year (1920), Polish citizenship was granted (in 1926) to the 600 000 illegal Jewish immigrants who had fled the new Workers’ Paradise of Soviet Russia.

Between the two World Wars, most (but not all) Jewish political activists in Poland still dreamt of setting up some kind of Jewish homeland in the eastern part of the country and so — remembering the Judeo-Polonia project — they continued to place their hopes in Germany. Even the Polish Communist Party (most of whose members happened to be Jews) then supported German territorial claims against Poland!

This, of course, would explain the willingness of Jewish elites to co-operate with the Nazi German invaders of Poland in 1939. By contrast, Polish (i.e. Christian) elites consistently refused to collaborate with the Germans and Russians who had invaded and re-partitioned their country, preferring instead to set up a government-in-exile and an extensive Resistance movement (known as the Home Army).

Hitler cleverly lulled the vigilance of the Jews by granting them (a cruel parody of) the “autonomous Jewish districts” that the Poles had refused them in 1920. In September 1939, crowds of Jews actually came out into the streets of various Polish towns in order to welcome the victorious German troops, while in that part of Poland which had been invaded and occupied by the Soviets they also actively collaborated with Stalin’s secret police (on a truly massive scale).

Initially, the Nazi plan — dropped in the second half of 1941 — was to gradually herd all the Jews of Europe into one part of eastern Poland, thus creating a Jewish region that might eventually become some kind of Jewish entity. At that time — i.e. during the first half of the war (before Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union) — most of the people who were being butchered in Poland were not Jews, but Poles. If they were very rich, Jews were then more likely to be murdered by their fellow Jews in the ghettos (often with the connivance of the Jewish ghetto police).

Writing in Britain in 1940, the Jewish political activist Jabotinsky saw this concentration of Jews in the Lublin region as a great opportunity for a future Jewish homeland once Germany had been defeated. Indeed, maps of the future Jewish “Lublinland” began to appear in various other publications of the time.

It was only in the middle of WWII that Hitler suddenly decided on the mass extermination of his Jewish subjects and it was only then that the leaders of Poland’s Jews finally realized that there was going to be no Judeopolonia after all. Most of the leaders of the Jewish ghettos (who had earlier steadfastly refused to cooperate with the Polish Resistance) then committed suicide, seeing that the long-standing loyalty of the greater part of European Jewry towards the German cause had been unrequited.

One explanation for Hitler’s callous decision could be that — having observed the behaviour of many Jews in that part of Poland which had been occupied by the Soviets in 1939 — he wrote them all off as incorrigible communist agents and fifth-columnists. However, Feliks Koneczny — a Polish historian who experienced the German occupation at first hand — offered a different explanation: writing in 1942, he argued that the Germans were so convinced that they had finally gained eternal possession of all Polish lands that they simply no longer saw any need to accept the Jewish offer of collaboration — and so proceeded with the next stage of their plan for them. Poles were next on the list, of course, though Polish elites in both occupied zones had already been decimated at the very beginning of the war.

During the first half of the twentieth century, Jewish propaganda in Europe and America consistently denigrated all things Polish (even in Hollywood films produced during WWII!), mainly in order to further the cause of the Judeo-Polonia project. Since the early 1970s it has been doing exactly the same thing — but this time in order to lend credibility to the new “Holocaust” narrative, which would quite simply collapse if the American public ever found out what really happened in Poland during the Second World War.

Who won World War II? One answer is that there were no winners. As Amon Ra said in the comments here, “World War 2 killed between 50 to 80 million, mainly huwhyte people, Imagine how many potential huwhyte babies were lost.” A different answer was suggested by me in a recent post:

In a way, Poland did. Though the victory came with a price, not in the least the ten years of Judeo-Stalinist terror after the war. Yet post-war Poland’s borders were restored very closely to what they were at the country’s founding in 966 AD; her population went from as low as only about 65% ethnically Polish in some regions before the war to entirely homogeneous and it almost doubled from 1945 to 1990. Poland was spared the Cultural Marxist indoctrination that the “free world” got soaked in, along with the mass immigration. Faith was strengthened, rather than weakened.

The more you know, the more you see how little you know. There is infinite regression to this phenomenon. One way to understand the unknowable is to accept that what’s been happening over the past one hundred years involves more than just the will of mortal men.

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  1. I learned recently that the Soviets created an autonomous Jewish area in the Far East complete with religious freedom, to counter Zionist inclinations. It sort of worked until it didn’t.

  2. 1970’s. Barney Miller. Polish detective.

    I don’t recall all the details about his character, but the beauty of hindsight is seeing a larger message in a story like that. As far-left as you could get in Primetime TV. Everyone was the best example available: smartblack, witty gays, normal chinese, smart puerto rican, etc. Except the polack, cause they’re dumb. That guy’s character was written such that he was always trying to overcome his natural stupidity, and was a legitimate example of how we can all do better if we just keep trying.

    The black guy made a porno, and played it in the detective’s room with all the guys watching. Primetime TV. I was a kid watching a TV show about grown men watching a pornographic movie. That’s how degenerate that show was.

    Hindsight has taught me that whatever is being said by the other side, it’s in context of destroying the West. They’ve been at it for a very long time. I’d asked at the time why we call Poles dumb, and the answer was because horse cavalry against tanks. That was it, dumb forever.

    (I ask the host to forgive me for the unkind words. I was young and the people answering the question were equally fooled by the Narrative.)

    I have very little patience, today, for liars. I have even less patience for those who would bandy about the term antisemitism when accused of lying.

  3. I can’t imagine the smartest Jews who control the largest and most tentacles of their cephlapod-shaped tribe would prefer an actual full-sized “homeland” over the decentralized, behind-the-scenes model of cultural sovereignty that they have now. That would make them vulnerable in all kinds of ways which currently only afflict their host countries. So it may have been a “dream” for some “tentacles” but obviously other “tentacles” had different ideas.

    Also, we don’t know who actually controls the launch codes. If they have the codes of their host countries, and the “leaders”of those countries do not, then they’ve got a pretty secure arrangement. If the goyim get a little too uppity, there’s always Plan B.

  4. ” After Hitler had been named Chancellor in 1933, outraged Jews worldwide had quickly launched an economic boycott, hoping to bring Germany to its knees, with London’s Daily Express famously running the banner headline “Judea Declares War on Germany.” Jewish political and economic influence, then just like now, was very considerable, and in the depths of the Great Depression, impoverished Germany needed to export or die, so a large scale boycott in major German markets posed a potentially serious threat. But this exact situation provided Zionist groups with an excellent opportunity to offer the Germans a means of breaking that trade embargo, and they demanded favorable terms for the export of high-quality German manufactured goods to Palestine, together with accompanying German Jews. Once word of this major Ha’avara or “Transfer Agreement” with the Nazis came out at a 1933 Zionist Convention, many Jews and Zionists were outraged, and it led to various splits and controversies. But the economic deal was too good to resist, and it went forward and quickly grew.

    The importance of the Nazi-Zionist pact for Israel’s establishment is difficult to overstate. According to a 1974 analysis in Jewish Frontier cited by Brenner, between 1933 and 1939 over 60% of all the investment in Jewish Palestine came from Nazi Germany. The worldwide impoverishment of the Great Depression had drastically reduced ongoing Jewish financial support from all other sources, and Brenner reasonably suggests that without Hitler’s financial backing, the nascent Jewish colony, so tiny and fragile, might easily have shriveled up and died during that difficult period.”

  5. The horse cavalry vs tanks never happened. It began as German propaganda, which as all war disinformation goes, its purpose was to boost your side’s morale. The grain of truth was a skirmish at Krojanty on the first day of the invasion, in which a Polish horse cavalry engaged German infantry but were then pushed back by latecoming support from German armoured cars. A dozed or so men died on each side in the skirmish. Before full mechanization, horses were utilized in eastern parts of Europe where unpaved roads and rainy weather made them practical. Wehrmacht in fact had a sizable horse cavalry early on during WWII as part of their planning for operations on the eastern frontier.

    As to homeland vs decentralization: the tradeoffs for Jews as a whole are obvious. It gets more complicated when we’re not just talking about ultra-rich, mobile Jews in the modern United States but a vast middle and lower class of Jewry within Christian Slavic states.

  6. The pollack joke, like the blonde joke, was always simply a Goy Joke. It was turbocharged by the entertainment industry in 1968 as retaliation for Poland’s communist party purging itself of Stalin-era Jews, most of whom left for Israel or the USA. Some of the ones who knew they’d now be facing consequences for their Stalin era crimes fled to Sweden. One such Jewish criminal, Stefan Michnik, is still being harbored by the Swedish government despite Poland’s standing extradition request. He was a Communist judge in the aftermath of WWII who ordered the executions and torture/imprisonment of several Home Army veterans who had since been fully exonerated.

  7. Somewhat older, but dont discount this as a joke. This is called testing the waters and setting a narrative.

    Pro­posal for changes in Poland:
 1. Polish cit­i­zen­ship to all immi­grants 
2. Reintegration tax to cover the costs of mov­ing 3.3 mil­lion Jews to Poland! 
3. Hebrew as the sec­ond offi­cial lan­guage in Poland!
 4. Dismissal notice of the Polish state con­cern­ing the con­cor­dat with the Vatican state –
each reli­gious insti­tu­tion should act on the same level! 
5. Minorities House instead of Senate in Polish Parliament!

  8. — To bring it back to a previous topic, without blogs and comments-sections, I don’t think I’d know half of the full-truths I know today.

    If only I could catalogue the extent of my own learning from blogs and comments! Like I said, blogs are now part universities, part mead halls 🙂

    Going back to jokes. Odd how in 1991, Andrew Dice Clay’s jokes about brown immigrants were shut down but Jeff Foxworthy’s “You just might be a… [struggling American Joe out in the country whose jobs are moving overseas]” became a household thing.

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  10. I hope you all will permit me an indulgence, since we’re speaking of things we didn’t know about WWII.

    In Lithuania, there an ZERO Jews. Before Molotov-Ribbentrop, Lithuania was known as a kind of North Jerusalem. There were these self-made Jewish rural ghettos called shtetls all over the place. When Russia fell into revolution and then withdrew after WWI, leaving Lithuania independent, tens of thousands (TENS of THOUSANDS) of young Jewish men migrated to the USSR specifically to become commissars and the like to murder and oppress the Russians, Poles, Ukrainians…goyim for whom they had these imaginary slights. I know these numbers for a fact because I bumped into an American Jew (a retired lawyer, if it can be imagined) in Vilnius who had taken it upon himself to exhaustively research the fate of every Jew from independence through the German occupation. He had thousands of pages of family lists, letters, etc compiled into volumes, translated. The pure unadulterated hatred dripping from these newly Sovietized Jews in letters back to their Lithuanian-bound relatives shocked even me – both in the tone and that they would be faithfully included in the man’s work.

    When the USSR moved in after Molotv-Ribbentrop, these Jewish NKVD officers traveled back to the Lithuanian countryside in columns, deputized their cousins, and began slaughtering, raping, deporting and imprisoning Lithuanians wholesale. It’s all there in their own writing, giddy with power and hate – I honestly would have never believed the ruthlessness myself if this amateur Jewish historian hadn’t been so thorough. I am certain similar things happened in occupied Poland, Latvia etc. (Any remaining sympathy I had for Jewish innocents more or less evaporated as I realized these people had been hosted by the Lithuanians, even protected from the worst of czarist pogroms, for hundreds of years and with just a shift in the political winds, they became a murderous bacillus. It changed the way I look at the trajectory of my own countries history as well.)

    When the Nazis came in two year later, Western history books characterize the surviving terrorized Lithuanian people as “collaborationist.” Having lived under two years of roving Bolshevik Jewish-supremacist einsatzgruppen, one can hardly blame their enthusiasm for a different regime. And they did stand by why the Nazis did their work. There are still villages that bear names like “Jew-ville” and the like with nary a Jew to be seen or historical spots on interest, paid for by Jewish interests, that denote massacres of Jews – and of course these compiled historical volumes, after detailing the deputization of Jews, then laments the systematic elimination of Jews from Lithuania as somehow inexplicable and without precedent. Even my church-mouse of a local host wondered casually why there are no similar monuments to the magnitude greater number of actual Lithuanians who were murdered en masse in their own country – their blood leaching into the soil of their Fatherland, while their murderers tombs are decorated…I answered that Greater Israel wasn’t interested in funding it.

    Until I traveled to “New Europe,” I never appreciated the history – almost everything even a modestly well-read student of WWII in the West knows is at very best a distortion and quite possibly a lie.

  11. The scope and viciousness of Jewish collaboration with the Soviet occupier during WWII is common knowledge across all of Eastern Europe. That knowledge is only barely making its way westward now. It’s not merely a matter of people on one side of the globe knowing what happened somewhere else.

  12. Oy Vey vhy do they hate us ? Ve didnt do nuffin ?

    ” In September 1939, crowds of Jews actually came out into the streets of various Polish towns in order to welcome the victorious German troops, while in that part of Poland which had been invaded and occupied by the Soviets they also actively collaborated with Stalin’s secret police (on a truly massive scale). “

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    Not for the greasy ARSEs of CountDown. All the ‘KyteBuilder’ show sponsor ads show women/darkies rescuing a nice White m/c family.

    Who is the psychopathic thug who knocks over bathroom tiles, scratches their wires etc?

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    We all know those nasty fair redheaded Celts are the thugs of Yardie drugdealers, SSing groomers, fembot trigglypuffs!!!!

    I live in fear of GINGER thugz!!!

  14. A thought on the New Jersey shooting today. Six hours later and still no description of the suspects, their appearance, motive, or race. However, when there’s a ” shooting ” by a huwhyte ” supremacist / racist ” you have a manifesto, a faceborg page, a picture, name and description within 30 minutes. Strange isn’t it ?

  15. A strange coincidence that White countries that become atheist or practice a corrupt [liberal] form of Christianity fall so hard. And of course do ridiculous things like Finland just did.

  16. (practicing my honk-sociology impression) luv the #dog-doctor

    Balfour Doctrine–Brits bought out Jewish support out from under Germans in WWOne.

    Cambridge University Press history of WWII (“A World at War”?) flatly admits the author has no clue who Nazis were intending to sterilize–sterilization “program” a total mystery.

    Also comments like “it was probably around this time, probably verbally, that Hitler ordered the extermination of the Jews”

    Author has a very GUHRman name but constantly makes snarky remarks about how Germans got what was coming to them (Allied carpet bombing) for building a Luftwaffe in the first place.

    A fun line I read in another book, on the Pacific theatre, noted how on the eve of Pearl Harbor “bases were on alert from Manila to the Panama Canal.” lolzozlzozl where’s hawaii in that scenario?

  17. Allah willed it or she dindu nuffin, You decide.

    – Newly-Elected Muslim Democrat State Lawmaker Charged with Stealing More Than $500,000, Will Resign – Faces Jail Time –

    ” The Muslim lawmaker called for Republican State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz to be censured over her Christian prayer. A Christian being punished for praying to their Savior is a form of Sharia law — and the newly-elected Muslim lawmaker was pushing for the Christian lawmaker to be punished ”

  18. Me me me . . .

    I broke down and watched “Midsommar” (the 2h 27min theatrical cut) and now I’m kinda horny to find a roundfaced, clinging and mentally unstable perennial coed who cannot be trusted with weighty decisions.

    It’s no CLIMAX (the first Alt-Right artistic masterpiece)–it’s neither a masterpiece nor the work of a co-traveller. I wouldn’t trust (((Ari Aster))) in person further than I could throw him, esp. given all the satanic and numerological shit in his two feature films. And yet, despite conspicuous flaws and failures to harness its themes, it’s equivocally fascinating.

    As faithfully as I can report, any intentions to excoriate the spectre of huwite nazionism got drowned in a) relationship drama and b) the guilty pleasure of gothic sublimity. The token nog is treated as a sexless neebish who hilariously gets his answers wrong. An anti-immigration banner (untranslated) is passed on the road to the cult community. Implicitly of course, it’s a lot of White people doing (non-Christian!) White things (which turn out to be evil). Yet the film is really about the sexes–or more particularly, the vulnerabilities and dangers of the weaker vessel. Pop feminists have embraced the film as a story of “empowerment”–a notion so ridiculous and nihilistic I begin to think the film really was devised as some sort of shit-test. “Every woman loves a fascist” become . . . Every woman IS a fascist?

    It’s certainly watchable. Three or four set pieces achieve a true sublimity in the Burkean sense. It’s the moral equivalent of an NC-17, regardless of the ‘R’ (and the longer director’s cut is unrated, so there). The climax is, I think, deeper than it’s given credit for, by fans or detractors (at least, there is clearly more going on, which for some reason every commentary I’ve read misses). I also have a complicated theory about the tiny subplot with the South Asian couple come from Britain: there’s something densely wrought there. Otoh there are at times major tonal issues, a lagging second act, plot holes, confusions that seem unintentional, and at times outright boredom. Yet the profoundly disturbing power of the apex sequences suffuses the whole experience and makes it gripping, jarring, haunting, harrowing.

    Dalrock would, I think, find a lot to chew on in Midsommar. Gamma girl rage? And yet, right now tho I’m humoring an odd notion I could “fix” that girl . . .

    Poor dear. Can’t we just hug this out?

  19. So many survivors , so little time. Damn those Nazees were inefficient. Want to throw up a little ? Read on………….

    ” The first time he spoke to her, in 1943, by the Auschwitz crematory, David Wisnia realized that Helen Spitzer was no regular inmate. Zippi, as she was known, was clean, always neat. She wore a jacket and smelled good. They were introduced by a fellow inmate, at her request. ”

    ” On their set date, Mr. Wisnia went as planned to meet at the barracks between crematories 4 and 5. He climbed on top of a makeshift ladder made up of packages of prisoners’ clothing. ”

    ” They were both Jewish inmates in Auschwitz, both privileged prisoners. Mr. Wisnia, initially forced to collect the bodies of prisoners who committed suicide, had been chosen to entertain his Nazi captors when they discovered he was a talented singer.

    Ms. Spitzer held the more high-powered position: She was the camp’s graphic designer. They became lovers, meeting in their nook at a prescribed time about once a month. ”

    – Lovers in Auschwitz, Reunited 72 Years Later. –

  20. 24 hours later and still no info on the New Jersey shooters, who just happened to go straight to a Kosher deli, after shooting a cop. I’ll bet a lox on a bagel that this shootout is not what it seems. I’m betting this was a small hat intel operation gone bad. What was in their ” stolen ” uhaul van ?

  21. I sweet talked the cashier at Kohl’s into giving me 10 or 15 per cent off of my 60 dollar purchase. (The sale was starting tomorrow, but she was able to discount today.) She was a fairly plane Jane but in other words, not too bad. I would never shop at TJ Maxx tho r u serious?

    I got “crew style” gold toes (socks), in patterns brown. Crew style is when they come up to your calves. Feels like George Washington walking around in those mothers.


    The professionally produced screen time item, I have to report on, is the 5-part series from Starz called Leavenworth. It’s pretty good but gets long. It’s about this commissioned 2nd-lietenent in Afghanistan who orders his troops to kill some Afghans on a motorbike and they do, and then they turn on him and say it was murder. But it turns out Lt. Lorance is, wait for it, gay!

    You can guess that he is the one in the middle, with the army uniform and the face. The one thing that film never bothered to ask, is his mom: Who else did she sleep with? Because his father and brother [not pictured] are hard to believe they are of the same bloodline.

    It’s true crime though, and basically it comes down to that Lt. Lorance wasn’t fit to command because he had a chip on his shoulder; but at the same time it wasn’t really his fault that he ordered those “civilians” fired upon; because he wasn’t fit for command.

    What was the war in Afghanistan about, again?

    The best part of the show, is the interviews with his platoon, who are very American-y millennials who are of the type who went to Afghanistan.

    Oh and finally, by the end of the series you just stop caring about Lt. what’s-his-name; he’s just not a sympathetic enough personage. However, I was left feeling that he shouldn’t be in Leavenworth just because we need to pretend that military justice was in place on the ground in his situation.

  22. At the very end he gets pardoned by President Trump. Which was probably the right thing to do, but you just don’t care at that point.

    Prison is fucked up. Something is very wrong (with this society), that so many gotta get locked up.

    The other screen time item I would report on, for the Catholics here, is the very very very excellent interview by EM Jones, the weird looking Indianan, of the Irishman what’s-his-name John Waters.

    These guys are both intellectual geniuses, which praise I do not throw around willy nilly. EMJ has his issues. He is a Catholic first and a White man fifth or sixth. Irish nationalists in particular, are often unwilling to declare their fealty to the Whites. Due to the very particular historical circumstances, which we all know about.

    This particular interview though is about how Ireland was a real cherry for the globalists, and it’s just done got plucked. For instance abortion. For instance hate speech laws (under consideration). For instance their, I forget what it’s called, economic model for renting out their country and its virgin resources to the multinationals.

    My background includes significant green blood, to coin a bad phrase, and those simple rustic potatoes (over there) have always had a place in the heart, of us true and distant cousins here in America.

    The other interesting item from that interview is that this guy Waters, is his bio. He was a well known journo who covered extensively the boomer rock scene back in the day, and apparently he has some extensive thoughts on how that whole scene / movement interplayed with traditional social structures in Ireland particularly Catholicism. He says he has returned to the church. Part of his journey also, was through AA, which as a topic in the DR is often underserved.

  23. The thing about Leavenworth that was so interesting, was that it made the case so well, that gays shouldn’t be in the military. Or rather: a mommy clown world compromise might perhaps would possibly be, for them [the gays] to not be in battlefield positions. They can still serve as cooks and linen operators. The same should be applied to women too, of course.

    I don’t know how hard in practice, it would be to separate the combat arms positions, from the rest of the military, but otherwise the above compromise solution is just too obvious.

    The other interesting point of note from that show, was that it featured interview commentary from a coupla very high rankers, military and civilian. For instance this dr of psychiatry from Harvard called Daniel J Siegel, who is eminently tops in his field and into the next level of what can be called, intellectual celebrity. He looks to me to be a goy.

    But his commentary on the show is so blasé: People need to belong to a group. Sometimes those who are not confident in their status, will overcompensate. This passes for insight, from literally the leading psychiatrist in the world?

    Is psychiatry a legitimate medical field now, or is it still being overused by the yenahus and their goy collaborators in order to drown out the insanity that is clown world?

    The other high ranker they got to go on camera, is the famously famous 4-star general Petraus. In all seriousness, what’s the deal with his face?

    It’s not that he’s necessarily ugly, and it’s ok (with me) that he’s not as robust as Conan himself — but what’s the deal w/ his mouth, and the “set” of it?

    Is that what they call mealy mouthed? His mouth is open in his official portrait, so that he doesn’t look too forceful; you can’t make this stuff up.

  24. ” It’s about this commissioned 2nd-lietenent in Afghanistan who orders his troops to kill some Afghans on a motorbike and they do, and then they turn on him and say it was murder. But it turns out Lt. Lorance is, wait for it, gay!”

    During the Battle of the Bulge, there was an episode where an advance guard SS unit found its hands encumbered with a surrendered US platoon, which it decided to put down in the snow. On wikipedia you can see the US taking photos and collecting “evidence” on the scene for “war crimes” prosecution before the battle is even over.

    Now, I confess there is something innate to my being that just throws its hands up at this stuff. Granted, I’m a tourettesy sort of individual whose mouth has been known to troll before his mind catches up to whether he’s serious–but damnnit all, war is war. If you think you have only a few months to save your form of government and society, and you gotta lighten the baggage to get ahead with your mission, wtf are you supposed to do? What would ANYONE do?

    Even irrespective of the hoax in “holo”, I innately despise the Nuremberg trials and all this goody-goody moralism about punishing people for battlefield decisions. War is Hell. Shame Bomber Harris wasn’t gone over with a fine tooth comb. Supposedly people on his own staff were convinced he’d wind up prosecuted as a war criminal after the war and that was on the assumption that Britain wins . . . .

  25. And speaking of gays in the military, legendary gay actor Dirk Bogarde (Darling, The Servant, Death in Venice) was somehow, in his early 20s during WWII, some kind of mini-McNamara whiz for the RAF tapped to select French villages to soften up by aerial bombardment in advance of D-Day.

    He recollected going through one of these villages after liberation, idly kicking something he imagined to be a soccer ball in the street until he realized it was a child’s incinerated skull.

    He also remembered liberating one of the concentration camps– Bildung-Baden or whatever the f**k it was. A female inmate begged for a newsaper so he gave her some sort of news sheet which she dutifully folded up very neatly and secured inside her bald yinyang.

    As FBIAnon would say, I guess a lot of people suffered. Of course, bombing and blockading can really accelerate that process.

  26. I was literally thinking of playing Dominic the Donkey

    I mean, just because I poasted it in the comments doesn’t mean you can’t feature it again…

  27. Dump: The goy that keeps on giving.

    Additionally, this codifies the fact that ((( they ))) are a different race, and a different nationality. Thanks for telling us that the US is ruled by a foreign nation dumb orange idiot. Sadly, this also means any comment against them of Israhell is an automatic crime.

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

    ” The order will effectively interpret Judaism as a race or nationality, not just a religion, to prompt a federal law penalizing colleges and universities deemed to be shirking their responsibility to foster an open climate for minority students ”

  28. ((( they ))) are … a different nationality

    In the realm of the theoretical, I see a huge implication here.

    You know those scenes when the mobster boss effusively hugs and kisses the guy that he’s about to whack…

  29. “Who won World War II?”

    The Jews did. But even after fomenting two world wars, it wasn’t enough to destroy the Christian nations. Into the 50s and 60s they rebounded amazingly (though they were losing their global empires). It really wasn’t until Jews hit on multi-culturalism and endless immigration that they came up with the perfect bio-weapon to destroy the West. They learned this lesson in South Africa, the destruction of which was brought about nearly entirely by Jews.

    ”The order will effectively interpret Judaism as a race or nationality, not just a religion”

    A lot of Jew blue-check Twitter is going crazy against this. They’re already predicting rounding up Jews in the street. The internecine fighting between the pro-Israel Jews and the fanatical, insane SJW anti-white Jews is heating up.

  30. Yeah, I was noticing some screenshots of the blueies freaking out about the EO. It seemed as though it was causing much infighting.

    I always wondered if there’s been some type of animosity, however faint or sublime, between the Israelies and jews of other regions, i.e. Europe and America. Something along the lines of how actual Africans aren’t too fond of blacks.

    Then again I always wonder if there’s any infighting between the torah jews and the talmud jews. I can’t imagine they’d see eye to eye.

  31. ” They’re already predicting rounding up Jews in the street. The internecine fighting between the pro-Israel Jews and the fanatical, insane SJW anti-white Jews is heating up. ”

    This is theater for goys. Any ((( ))) that steps out of line is dealt with almost immediately. The fake infighting is there to lull us into a sense of group paralysis,

    ” but what about the good ones ? ” ” they’re not all the same. ” ” its not all of them .”
    ” some are on our side . ” ad infinitum.

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