The Generation X Split

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There is a split within GenX that I noticed back in 1991, had in-real-life people confirm it over the years, and then recently commenters on blogs said that this matches their observations.

The split is between ~1960-1972 and 1973-1980 births. After that, Millennials start.

The shorthand for that early vs. late GenX split is “surfer/redneck youth culture vs. emo/black youth culture.” Those born c.1970 have said that they feel like they have more in common with people ten years older than three years younger than them.

The reasons for that split include MTV promoting black aesthetic starting in 1990, when latter-half GenXers were coming of age. Phasing out the earlier-half GenX muscle cars, long hair, guitar rock youth culture.

What makes the combined 1960-1980 generation GenX rather than late Boomers and early Millennials is that we missed the boat on Boomers’ macroeconomy while being too old to be imprinted by Millennials’ defining events, which are Columbine and 9/11.

GenX (early and late halves) is a generation in its own right but we’re a transitional generation. We’re like Boomers except cognizant of the present cataclysm; we’re like Millennials except that we remember pre-cataclysm America.

Psychologically we’re defined by this maxim: “We saw evil, we flinched, we never forgave ourselves for that.” That evil was the early ’90s and the Presidency of Bill Clinton.

Boomers feel no guilt. Millennials know nothing but evil.

Greg replies:

Class of 1990 was regarded as nothing unusual. Class of 1992 was regarded as thugs n ho’s.

There was a split. We all knew each other, but we also knew that we were different. Two years apart, in the same High School. Lots in common. Different belief systems and life paths.

I saw it as rap culture, but it was largely all of Hollywood. In summary: Hollywood began pushing White Men = Weak Cowards by the end of the 80’s.

I’ll give an example with the Dukes of Hazard. With the original TV show, two fearless white men race around having a good time, helping those in need, and always being the best men on the scene. By the time the movie came out, they were shown visibly cowering in their car when they drove the Confederate flag past some ghetto blacks. No longer the best men on the scene.

That’s not reality, that’s just a Hollywood creation. A story. Hollywood tells stories. But as a culture we’d come to see Hollywood as the guiding voice in our lives (past tense: those days are long gone).

The difference between those two stories happened in the late 80’s. White Men could never be the best men on the scene if there were blacks present. That’s Hollywood’s message.

Class of 1992 heard that message loud and clear. If you want to be the best, you’ve got to be thugs n hos.

[Aside: This analysis is specific to North America. I’m not that familiar with, say, Western European particulars. Although Westerners worldwide consumed the products of Hollywood and the like, the circumstances of their countries were different. Several Eastern European countries were blessed with a baby boom around 1980. Western Europeans and Australians got acquainted with weaponized racial minorities a generation or two after Americans. South Africans got hit with open genocide twenty years ahead of the rest of us and they responded to it differently than I think we’re starting to handle it.]

The intra-Generation X split was particular to its time and lingered for another decade. Teenagers were taking their cues from corporate entertainment and over time that stuff loses its hold on culture. Not many youthful, middle class whiggers of the Nineties are that way now. The ~1960-1980 White, North American demographic came to be distinct from Boomers and Millenials.

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  1. The early 90s were an age of innocence in some ways. Decline had started but hadn’t accelerated, there were economic downturns but nothing so terrible that it pierced our adolescent bubbles, and like most teens in most decades past, we had golden years of parties and concerts and friends and driving around with nothing to do but smoke cigarettes and listen to our music at an unsafe volume.

    I think that experience was fairly typical. We didn’t notice the rising water temperature, because it was cool to be in the hot tub with negro culture and neo-Buddhism, and those White guys were going to be ok because white guys always land on their feet, so why not poke fun at them, they can handle it.

    We saw Evil and figured it wouldn’t matter. Life was good and would be forever: thought every kid ever. Some could see the rot, we were called cynics and joyless and stuck. I stay in touch with a few people from high school, and they are happy, mostly, and don’t believe war is coming or that we can ever experience anything bad unless we don’t work hard.

    Hard work is part of living, I grant that. But it doesn’t prevent food shortages, war, disease. Maybe my youthful cynicism is finally in late stage apocalyptica.

    My GenX peers in my neighborhood are very much on the current year kool aid. It’s the season for charity and giving, you know. Lots of people looking for free Christmas trees and gifts for their kids because money is tight…click on their profiles though, and it’s mudsharks with three or four in tow and no dad in sight. No charity for mudsharks. Most of the GenX cohort will be falling down to help them, though.

  2. Something always troubled me about my social environment, and movies and tv, something was “off” but I couldn’t put a finger on it. I figured I was just paranoid because my parents fought a lot because dad was a heavy drinker (never beat us or anything but he was a grump and mom was unhappy all the time).

    Now I look in the rear view mirror and see the (((influence))) and economic manipulation. Sometime in 2004 I was working for an academic. I looked at a classical era map of the Roman Empire which traced its rise and fall. It hung on his wall, and I thought about how America was going the same way, and pretty much on the same painful schedule. A few years later I found the “manosphere” and a community where I could discuss these things, it was such a relief

  3. From 1980 Millenians, so they are going to hit 40 next year? I thought the term implies a younger generation as I see 20 years old complaining being called “millenial woes”.

    From my angle as an 1978’er – our music was Guns’N’Roses and Metallica. The bands that removed the ridiculous leather-and-chains aesthetic from rock and metal. That Axl Rose could get on a stage dressed like a normal man, except for the long hair and later Metallica removed even that. The idea that rock/metal can be simply normal for normal people.

    Some hip-hop like Kris Kros was around, some goth music that is today called emo like The Cure, but this and later on the techno/rave revolution in the nineties was the big deal.

    Europe here. We were imitating America. In some cases being a bit behind at events. But we bought Guns n Roses’ Use Your Illusion in 1991 when it was released, that was for us the biggest thing ever, none of the thugs and hoes rap stuff.

    I think the imitation diverged just around that time actually. 1991-1995. I know that in the US rythm and blues became super big, all the radios were playing it. Meanwhile Europe was picking up on techno and house, which were invented in Detroit and Chicago, by a mixed black and white set of DJs, but didn’t get popular in the US because R’n’B outcompeted it. But later on things converged again.

    So to be a 17 years old Xer here in 1995 was to wear neon colored clothes and hair for the techno rave party. This came to the US much later.

  4. Thugs and hos

    It’s disgusting and it’s not white. We have our own version of it and it’s enough dysfunction to manage. GnR was great rock, something new and gritty that stripped down rock and roll to bare bones and rawness. Axl Rose could hit a note like few others, and was a legitimately talented musician and songwriter. All of the GnR members were (are; none are dead). But Night Train and It’s So Easy and My Michelle were all about how dysfunction plagues Whites whom are easy prey to it. We will always have evil and human failings, but I’d rather deal with our own and not have to fight off the Other too.

    And that country music everyone thinks is so wholesome is just rap-themes without the cussin’. Go to a bar, find a hottie, get laid. It’s a universal human impulse, fine. Go be black/Hindu/Arabic over there, please. This space is already crowded

  5. I agree with the split you describe but I disagree with the timing. I am a 1992 HS graduate and I believe the “thugs and ho’s” cutoff occurred in the 94/95 time frame. The mullet for guys and the big hair for girls was a good indicator of Gen X split. These hair styles disappeared after 1993. Also, I recall not ever seeing a mudshark during my high school years and it wasn’t until college in 95′ that I dated a girl who admitted that she had messed with a dindu which was absolutely shocking to me at the time (She was 2 years younger than me). She was a normal looking clean cut girl, my reaction is something I will never forget just appalling. Girls in my 1992 cohort would never had considered dating a black. I agree completely that the media and marketing ramped up in those days to glorify the dindu especially in the sportsball arena. I am convinced today that “The Chronic” album had a big impact on whites that normalized rap music in the minds of many white kids, to the point today we have Post Malone a rapping Jew that whites fawn over. Sickening.

  6. I’m in that second phase of GenX. When I graduated high school and started college, that negro worship was in full swing and while I enjoyed alternative and rock, whatever was passing for rock at the time, everyone else had drunk the kool-aid on rap and the like. Everyone was quoting the film Friday and saying what a great, funny movie it was. I saw it years after it came out and was like “that was shite!”

    Looking back on it and even to this day, it always seemed to me that people were just going through the motions; the proverbial “go along to get along” coupled with the social acceptance factor it’s all wrapped up in. I always got the impression no one ever really liked it, they were just caught up in the moment and zeitgeist of it all. I still listen to rock/alternative music from that era, but I doubt the folk listening to the nog music of the time are still playing those tunes. In my opinion, it had/has a short shelf life.

    Speaking of music, just saw Once Upon A Time. . .In Hollywood. Interesting film*, worth a view if only because the music from the era surrounds the film, coupled with the decor and fashion of the time and save for a few brown folk in the film, mucho minimal dieversity. I won’t spoil any of it for those that have yet to see it but throughout my viewing of the film, it was sad to see what once (heh) was and never will be again. My boomer parents that buy into some of the narrative were wistful.

    *I have to see it again. There’s much going on in the visuals.

  7. South Africans got hit with open genocide twenty years ahead of the rest of us and they responded to it differently than I think we’re starting to handle it

    But white SAs were a minority, so I can understand a different response. Weren’t they under 20% of the population?

  8. “we wuz rednecks”

    I remember in high school, we were supposed to like Hank Williams, Jr. or else be suspiciously light in loafers.

    Those were the two choices. If one chose to be light in loafers, there was a soundtrack for that. REM, the Replacements, etc. REM was “faggy” and in my opinion has not aged well.

    But in looking back with humor and perspective, it was actually somewhat pretentious to act like we were all into Hank Williams, Jr., or at least it was for me. The ring leaders of those high school subgroups? for them perhaps it wasn’t pretentious. Perhaps their mechanically inclined fathers still liked to go to the bar and get ROWDY.

    Rowdy as a word is still in use in Wisconsin. It can be used as a noun and in the plural: as in a bunch of rowdies.

    A point of pride: i was actually called a rowdy, once, in a bar in Wisconsin. That woulda been 20 years ago in a bar on the Saint Croix. We helped some guy out with his car or something, and then came back in to the bar, with our status points much upped, and the bartendress called us rowdies. She didn’t give us a free round though.

  9. Watched The Matrix a few days ago. Still translates well. What Is The Narrative?

    During the Agent Training program, Neo and Morpheus are walking down a busy sidewalk swimming in all-white. I can’t even imagine a Hollywood movie being released today that would show that, even if it were a bygone-era film.

    But today, anything Hollywood puts out, all I see is the Narrative. Neo may be the godlike superhero being trained for better things, but Morpheus is the best man on the scene. Never loses his cool, never varies in his belief.

    And the bad guys are all white. The good guys include lots of nonwhite. Black Obi Wan Kenobi. Black Technical Genius. And to round off the Narrative, a woman is second to the black as a command officer with clear leadership abilities and excellent fighting competencies.

    But this bygone era film was made in the 90’s, so the hero is still a White Man.

  10. When did they stop having keggers down by the River?

    It seemed like they stopped going down there, after we were there in the late 80s. And it wasn’t conjecture, that they were not having parties down there anymore: it was plainly deductible from the lack of evidence on the scene.

    Once in awhile the cops would roll in, but no one would be arrested. They would make the young people pour out their beverages, before being let drive away. I remember bragging the next week in school, to a more senior classman, about being made by the cops to pour out the beers onto the fire. Somehow that was a thing to brag about. Yeah! we were doin’ it..

    1. Un-self consciously, and thereby to better effect, bragging about rites of passage

    2. Being aware of their significance in terms of group dynamics

    Choose one; it’s hard to have both at the same time. (And choose wisely.)

    That particular beer made to put out the non metaphorical fire, was especially missed. It was Red Bull, and it was only sold in WI and it was “super strong” or so at least we thought. These days they have fortified beers everywhere, and obv red bull is now an energy drink. I am guessing that it was 7.5 per cent alcohol, which would be exactly 50 per cent stronger than standard. It probably was more like something like 6.5 or 7 though.

  11. The great theme of going back to high school, is not a new theme. To be sure, always and ever, some people never grow up. As in —

    When did you peak? blah blah blah etc

    The twist to this theme though, that I would add, is that in America especially but everywhere in scaled-out clownworld — High school was the last time that people had a community.

    Now though they say high school isn’t even a community for the people who are in it. I don’t know, to what extent those two trends can be separated —

    1. Everyone has to grow up and go out into the world, on his own, and it has always been this way

    2. High schools used to be a vestige of community life, and an anchor; and now it is not; actually though maybe it still is (I am no longer allowed at the local high school) this is a joke

    Now there’s no community and high school isn’t even it.

    Let me share you a sad memory
    it will not detain you long

    My parents, beloved boomers all
    took an evening class, on those very high school grounds
    it was disco dancing
    (the evening class was disco dancing)

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  13. Unremorsefully a millennial. Grew up partying and dabbling with the cocaine trade alongside wealthy whites, sprinting with destitute darkies, and engaging in miscellaneous gambados with some of the more intellectual Mexicans. It helped to meridionally chisel my overall outlook(s) in the manner of a Bernini fervidly carving his Goat Amalthea.

    Every era’s traits are ignis fatuus for the distant future’s biotic anchor.

  14. We skinheads of the 80s gave plenty of warning. We were, unfortunately, correct even though our predictions underestimated how bad things would become – and how quickly. Wish you’d listened.

    On the topic of music and culture, early Brit skins were both black and white, often unified against Pakistani immigrants (hello, Rotherham). When reggae music became ethnocentric and marketed toward blacks, the skinhead scene divided resulting in white skins creating Oi and RAC music.

  15. A definite divide between early- and late-GenX is the attitude towards Middle Easterners and (((others))). I graduated HS in ‘80, the year of the Iran hostage “crises” and of course there were still the occasional airliner hijackings happening. My freshman year, the Iranian Student Assoc at my university (a big petro engineering school, so lotza Middle Easterners) put up a display in the “promote your student group” section of the Student Union. It was extremely anti-American, pro Iran/Islam, &c. I don’t think it survived 2 hours; we ripped that goddamned display down and the sand people were chased back to their special dorm. I can’t imagine that happening 10-12 years later, and today it would be celebrated. White kids then were very wary of sand people if not outright hostile, while the general reaction to them ca 9-11 was very different than it would’ve been pre-1990s. There were also some Palestinians on campus; they were all complete scum.

  16. — No charity for mudsharks. 

    One’s tempted to feel sorry for them, only to be reminded that they’ve become completely African-American in character. Like bitten by a vampire, the ‘shark who managed to get herself knocked up is no longer the same person she was before. Shameless entitlement to gibs is one of the signs.

    — I agree with the split you describe but I disagree with the timing. 

    The timing has regional variation. The entertainment industry went black around ’90, warming up to it in the late 80s as noted in a comment above. But on the ground, cultural changes were seen with lag in places that had no blacks or where blacks were economically segregated. The Washington DC metro region had middle class blacks, who acted not-ghetto while still being a distinct culture and so they to some extent mixed socially with Whites, living in White suburbs. In that region, youth culture was blacked faster. The only other similarly integrated environment was the military, where young enlisted Whites and blacks were economically equal and in proximity to each other.

    — I always got the impression no one ever really liked it, they were just caught up in the moment and zeitgeist of it all. 

    A prominent (heh) extreme case of this pretending is lower class White guys’ back then saying that they like the big bootie. Not in the normal range of White preferences but steatopygia.

    I agree with what you’re saying about people never really liking it. This is about the fourth time I’m relating this anecdote because it is an impactful one. It was about six years ago, give or take. A sports bar had a DJ who was playing mostly hiphop. The crowd around the bar was almost entirely young Whites. They didnt look like the music bothered them. They carried on apparently ignoring it. But then Journey “Faithfully” came on. The change in the air was palpable. It’s said that human beings aren’t olfactory creatures like dogs, but I disagree with that. We clearly pick up on a “change in the air”. The very quoted phrase hints of that. What happened was, everybody just sort of lit up and this collective tension was thrown off. It was like a strange new sensation for them, to connect with a eusocial new yet still ancient harmonic. Plumpjack’s recent comment-wondering about this “forbidden” music reminded me of that.

    The people at that bar didn’t grow up with Journey, it’s before their time. Even for us 80s teens they weren’t a favorite band. Those Millennials at the sports bar don’t listen to Journey in their cars. The point is, though, that it was an unexpected kind of music, in that kind of a setting, that soaked into their numbed spirits.

    — But white SAs were a minority, so I can understand a different response. 

    Many also had the resources to move to Australia or elsewhere. I’m not criticizing South Africans. I don’t know that country. Their circumstances, as well as the the timing of those circumstances, was unique. They literally spent an entire decade of the 80s with the whole world hating them. And they internalized that hate. There were isolated acts of resistance in 1994 but those were quickly crushed by the police. Legal resistance such as Orania, I suspect with no evidence for it, is allowed to go on because the right palms in SA gov are greased.

    — 1. Un-self consciously, and thereby to better effect, bragging about rites of passage / 2. Being aware of their significance in terms of group dynamics

    I see what you did there.

    — It was extremely anti-American, pro Iran/Islam, &c. I don’t think it survived 2 hours; we ripped that goddamned display down and the sand people were chased back to their special dorm. I can’t imagine that happening 10-12 years later

    And it only takes one man to destroy an anti-American display, three men to make it a movement. What changed in those 10-12 years is that (1) unlike before, the authorities would now crush them, and (2) regular students would no longer have their backs. Or at least it’s the fear that their fellow students would be too cowed to even cheer them on. Maybe it’s a false fear.

    Thing change when you’re under a hostile government. New rules. In America, effective resistance has been taking two generations to materialize. Right now everyone is sort of standing-down to see which way Trump’s second term goes.

  17. I delayed college for several years. I actually worked to save some money and buy a car so I could commute, and took a few night classes to decide on a direction. I eventually just continued working and took night classes to finish. Point: I was in a third year literature colloquium when 911 happened. One of my other courses was a history class, 19th century America. Prof was Canadian.

    Well, professor Canada regaled us with his tales of woe about how unfair it was that his student visa might be revoked because of racist xenophobic anti immigrant sentiment after 911.

    My lit profs, one white or maybe (((white))) woman, one black lesbo, came in to each and every class to lecture us on Islam, that it was a religion of peace, that the terrorists were one-offs, that America was better than that…side note I also got to watch an Indian woman director’s film called “Fire” that was about lesbians in India being shit on and othered by tradition and men. We also watched Sammy and Rosie Get Laid, and deconstructed the meanings of xenophobia in each. Other fart sniffing nonsense, too, but those stand out. Any way…

    Tl;dr, if you were in or near any sort of educational institution during that time, the grinding down on our brains was constant.

  18. Rap started in the late 80’s and became mainstream in 1990. I remember it well. I remember being in Berkeley in August of 90’s and seeing all of the posters for the NWA album “Strait Outa Compton” and realizing that black culture was returning in a big way (There was black culture in the mid to late 70’s that died out by late ’79.).

    I went into a nightclub around ’03 or so that was advertising a “thugs and hoe’s” night. I thought at the time that this did not portend a positive future at all.

  19. In the early aughts, there were themed parties (and probably still exist, only during that time it was the first I had heard of them) called “Pimps and Hoes”, wherein the men would dress like pimps and their hoes would dress the part. To my surprise, the lady that was in charge of our department where I worked went to one with her husband. I could hear the females giggling when it was said in passing.

    I always wanted to throw a food party called “Shrimp and ‘Toes” with the toes short for potatoes.

    A man can dream

  20. Re: The Matrix. Coincidentally, I also just watched The Matrix over the long weekend with my early teenage son. He’d never seen it before. It is notable that, while the film has its share of Magic Negros (Morpheus and Aunt Jemima, er, The Oracle) the hero is a White man; today the film would be criticized as relegating the non-Whites to “help-mates” who merely aid the White male hero reach his rightful place as savior.

    Afterward the film, we had a talk about “the red pill” as it applies to the Current Year, and the Matrix of lies that our enemies try to keep us plugged into. I think he’s getting it.

    Re: Journey’s “Faithfully” … PA that story stuck with me from a while back when you wrote about it before. I don’t often listen to the radio, but when I’m in the car with the kids I will occasionally turn it on for a bit. Whenever a song like that comes on, I always turn it up so that the kids experience that sound, remembering your story and thinking that maybe something about the music will stick with them. The other day, one of them asked me to play “that song, that Don’t Stop Believing song” and it made me smile.

    Don’t stop believing, indeed.

  21. Grew up in a magical White place where there was no MTV. The worst influence I can recall was Saturday Night Live. The kids who liked that show the most were the douchiest bunch at school. Even as a wayward teen I hated SNL. It wasn’t funny, it was mean. And when it wasn’t mean, it was trashy.

    At the time, I didn’t know any Jews, else I might have found a different adjective for “trashy and mean.”

  22. Don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone, bay-bay.

    I’m glad on multiple levels that the era of hair bands ended when this song came out. The “band” was called Cinderalla … ffs.

    In case you want to reminisce, or if you need an emetic,

    But, I mean, it’s 0% Black.


    The most “trans-phobic” and “dehumanizing” (“that”) series of skits ever broadcast.

    Not a peep from the NPCs in 2019. It’s almost like they’re on another payroll.

  24. On the “split”: I may have told this story before, but I entered junior high school around the time of the split, having grown up acquiring my older brother’s 80s metal tastes. First week of junior high, we did some get-to-know-you-type questionnaire, where I unironically and enthusiastically wrote that my favourite musical genre was “heavy metal”. Imagine my shock when… everyone laughed. And then I had to hear about how all the other kids (sheep) liked “R&B”, whatever tha fuck that was.

    I am convinced today that “The Chronic” album had a big impact on whites that normalized rap music in the minds of many white kids

    I admit it, in university we used to bomb around blasting Dr. Dre’s 2001. From time to time we would debate whether “real” thugs listened to Dr. Dre, or whether it was music designed for white wannabees. I still don’t know the answer to this, and am curious to know if anyone else does.

  25. On the subject of millenials: at the place I work, I’ve noticed that there have been some slobs that don’t seem to understand flushing the urinal once they’re done. Maybe they think it’s automatic, but still, no excuse. I finally caught a culprit in the act and told them to flush. Some millenial punk kid: dresses like shit, no muscle tone, etc. Either the kid didn’t hear or decided to ignore. I was in the regular stall to piss and told him again. MFer groaned but complied. What kind of cosmic bunny hole did I go through where you gotta tell people simple shit like that?

    Anyways, had to unload here so as to not get testy (heh) later on. At least the lifting’s been amping me up.

    After awhile I realized that in some ways, it’s not entirely his fault, though some shit still stands to reason; again, which may be asking too much. Society failed him and possibly his parents as well.

  26. That’s a good story Mendo. I occasionally call people out, my peers generally, on eff-bomb language. It’s not necessarily clear anymore, “what’s appropriate.” It usually seems to me that people are swearing in order to be passive aggressive. Am I misinterpreting their motives?

    Obv it depends on the milieu. At a bar versus at an AA meeting; a construction work site versus an office job with “ladies” around bitches present.

    There is a young man at the AA group I go to, who sits sometimes with his feet on the table. I was going to call him on it, but decided not to.

    whether “real” thugs listened to Dr. Dre, or whether it was music designed for white wannabees. I still don’t know the answer to this, and am curious to know if anyone else does.

    The answer to this question is yes. I don’t know this info first hand, but it is absolutely what they will say, the nigger gangsters themselves, on VH1. That the Chronic was everywhere and all the time, for a summer or two.

  27. “There is a young man at the AA group I go to, who sits sometimes with his feet on the table. I was going to call him on it, but decided not to.”

    That’s intolerable behavior.

  28. SJ: “I had to hear about how all the other kids (sheep) liked “R&B”, whatever tha fuck that was.”

    Wait. Aren’t you Canadian, of the Vancouver variety? R&B made it there by the late 80s? Or is your older brother a fair bit older?

    Also, what to you is 80s metal? We’re talking Judas Priest or more Kill ’em All / Peace Sells?

  29. INDY: “One of you guys better call your Grandpa and see if he’s heard from Greg Elliot”

    Ya know, he used to be so reliable a yegg round chere that I assumed he learned to code and wrote a script to notify him every time his name came up. It’s been radio silence for a while. I do hope he’s well.

    [Greg in Aurora, above is the Greg I referred to when I thanked him for all he posted recently, which is to say, no posts]

  30. JJ, I read that last night and again this morning and irl laughed out loud both times.

    I gave GE lots of chances back in CH’s forum, but ultimately decided he degraded the quality of the conversations. Just by reading his words, the conversation was lost. So I stopped reading him. If I see his name I just keep on scrolling till I get to the next commenter. I did that with gunslinger as well, and shame be upon me for admitting it I did the same with GBFM. The last guy really is quite brilliant, but deciphering his coded script had the same effect in that it required I mentally remove myself from the conversation to make sense of the words. The beauty of these Comments sections is the conversation surrounding the topic, and exiting the conversation to decrypt one guy’s words was unrewarding for me, so I stopped.

    Which is why I stopped reading GE. In the end, there’s no reward in understanding his position on anything. SHAKIN MAH DAMN HAID was enough to tell me this guy wasn’t serious.

  31. Butt-hexed was pretty funny but other than that …

    A lot of people, and including commenters respectable, say (said) that he was an idiot savant and that his scribblings were totally thoughtful and worth deciphering.

    “Alpha fux beta bux” — hahahaha

    His list of great books also, could be copied and pasted and for the ages.

    But as a commenter, one is well advised to be on guard against Precociousness, or what otherwise might can sometimes possibly be known as, in rl colloquial-speak, being cute.

    As a rule, over-stylized writing goes along w/ a mentality that is not, shall we say, manospherian. It’s too “look at me” — which is the exact opposite! of what is the manosphere.

    nb4 “manosphere” the term, is very very very very very old, in terms of internet. But come on: It is relevant still, and for so remains as long as we live in mommy clown world.

    And I still like to be cute. It’s still a problem to transcend. I may have coined the phrase “matronizing” which I have seen on the BBS. I used it a long time ago, here.

    It’s totally the relevant phrase as far as goes becoming a man in mommy world, and the difficulties therein.

    I bet GBFM would agree.

  32. I meant to strikethrough tag those three last paragraphs. ^^^


    Not everyone fails to become a man, but as a rule it’s a struggle and forces large and small are arrayed against.

    But back on the topic of CH. The commenter gunslingergregi. He was claimed to have bench pressed two plates, as in the NFL combine test, and achieved of score of something (exactly) like 50 reps. And as the infrequent commenter Camlost pointed out, when i brought up this remarkable claim: said feat is co-incidentally Exactly the most ever achieved in the actual NFL combine tests themselves, by actual NFL athletes. (if athletes they be)

    How likely is it, that the commenter gunslingergregi, really is in possession of such strength on the order of 5 or 6+ SD’s?

    Well, someone’s got to be, right?

    Otoh, it’s much more likely to have been drunken exaggeration. And if so, a mark against someone’s character.

  33. In weightlifting and in the eye of the barbell holder, reps can mean different things.

    50 reps is possible, if they’re pansy ass half-reps with an ultra wide grip so as to further shorten the distance from rack to chest.

    Quality of the rep is irrelevant when quantity is all a person cares about

  34. Other examples of feats of strength bragging at CH. Some guy talked about he used to be able to do one or two (real) one-arm pull-ups.

    Somebody else said something about lifting up a motorcycle, under where ten women were trapped beneath or something like that. (One of these feats of strength may have been bragged about by Canadian Friend.)

    But the jokey twist of it, is that these claims, which are believable enough (sometimes, usually), were stated with this tone that’s hard to describe but you would recognize: Of course I am not bragging: these are typical levels; every man can do these things!


    Some dude in my AA group said he could bench press 485 lbs and I was like: no way. So he pulled out his phone and played the video. It was him doing two reps without even a lift-off or a spot with four plates.

    I am not into weight lifting, but feats of strength are a universal constant.

  35. CH himself once said on Gab that 50 weightless squats, which used to be called deep knee bends — that’s what they were called back before knee injuries became a problem — CH said that that was more challenging than one would think; or he said something to that effect.

  36. a one arm pullup is something like only rock climbers and gymnasts can do, like 1 in 100000 men.

    I have always had very high strength to weight ratio and could not do one ever. I used to be able to manage 30 or 40 pullups…my PR for headstand body presses is like 37 or so. In the BJJ class I think the next best guy could do 6.

    still a one-arm pullup is a feat inspiring awe.

    as for these old commenters, CH is dead let them die too.

    Shit changed with Passenger 57 always bet on black and chronic. I lived thru this, 1971. Abrupt segue from metal to GnR to…whatever the fuck botched abortion the 90s were.

  37. Dear CH: it’s been enough time. You have recovered. You know how to land on your feet.

    We need you. Talk to Jesus, then talk to Vox. Get on his Unauthorized TV thing.

    It is the future. It is your future.

    I really wish I could monetize this, because I know it will pop when it happens.

  38. I really wish I could monetize this

    The model for monetization was working well enough, until YouTube and that awful women Susan what’s-her-name, along with PayPal and the rest of them, “clamped down on hate.”

    There’s gotta be an alternative. If Vox Day can do it, then —-> he will be a great man. [disclosure: I am not current on technology]

    Re Susan Diane Wojcicki, youtube CEO. The famous current-last-week twitter picture of her walking on the platform with Lesley ‘did u know she was a jew’ Stahl. (I knew a Stahl in high school, who was an uber blonde superchick, who could really clog and even better, wasn’t too bright. But alas! no I did not.)

    The way that Wojcicki dresses and looks, her dumpy butt and the cardigan sleeves hanging down past her hands?? this bitch is worth half-a-billion, and she can’t do the elegant adult thing?

    Don’t they have “seminars” or whatever, for executives, on how to present themselves??

    Our technology overlords are low rent people. No one can look like she does, and be an impressive person.

  39. Re CH getting back up and on it. Because someone writes well for the blog format, which was popular ten years ago, it doesn’t follow that they will do well in other formats.

    Every man who doesn’t get a family and or kids to go along with it, and is in his second half of life, has to find something else to provide meaning for him. Otherwise it’s just Waiting for Godot.

    There is a great clip from Breakfast Club. I rewatched that recently and it really does stand up. It is in fact a great movie. It gets two out of two starts, in my rating system which goes —

    0 stars — goose egg; self explanatory
    1 star — worth one watch
    2 stars — worth more than one watch

    W/o going full effort post. The scene in question is between Carl the Janitor and Richard ‘Dick’ Vernon the proto-boomer. They bond over beers in the basement file room, oh never mind you can watch it yourself. Carl the Janitor says that they shouldn’t expect “kids these days” to take care of them (when they are old): in other words, it was foreshadowing the day of the pillow.

  40. As it (it being the internet) stands now, monetization is livestreaming on youtube and getting superchats. GoFundMe is another popular way for the underclass, but that’s probably already played out. Nick Fuentes makes how much per night? Apparently his income can be counted by the viewer as it comes in.

    With all due respect to Fuentes, he may already have peaked. What’s his long term viability? In my opinion, a current events news HAS TO HAVE guests, and in fact be focused on the guests. Basically in modeling the traditional format, but w/o their bias and stuck-in-the-rut ways.

    Those are the only popular and legal formats that I know of. You can otherwise buy and sell drugs on the dark net, which is as easily accessible as you could hope.

  41. The most talented internetter that I seen lately is the guy Lionel [channel: Lionel Nation] that Lucius linked on the other thread, which link was to his review of the netflix hit The Irishman. That YouTube was the most funniest best pop cultural commentary this side of the moon.

    He gave Deniro a thrashing that’s about, oh, 40 years overdue. As if anyone is still liking Deniro’s act, which consists of what besides his squinty face. (Deniro apparently actually thinks he’s been straightened out.) The Irishman is cashing in on all their reps, and combined w/ boomer nostalgia.

    Lionel is a jew from Florida, and perhaps he can be filed under: Not all jews? Some jews, due to a glitch in their evolutionary programming, get out from under it. Bob Dylan is another example. I can’t make this effort comment right now because it’s too deep man. But something about how their strategy requires them to mimic so thoroughly, that sometimes the mimicry becomes, dare we way, meta modern. In other words their sympathetic mimicry gets off its chain.

  42. I wish I could do the 5000-words-of-tedious Counter Currents effort post on the Breakfast Club; but it’s already been done. And really the movie itself, is worth a watch, and that’s that. Very very very few parts of it seem dated or contrived.

    Judd Nelson aka Bender was how old in the filming, 22? His character was the driver of the show, but the other actors held their own.

    AAAAAANNNNND it has a good dance scene, which is done fairly realistically in that it shows how they might have danced, as high school kids. Molly Ringwald, the actress herself, had some moves. Bender knew how to handle a basketball and of course Emilio ‘he’s White’ Estevez was perfert as the state-champion-patched wrestler. The one character arc that seemed a little bit sappy was what’s-her-name Sheedy. When she got transformed with make-up by Claire, at the end, and all of the sudden she and Sporto fall in love at first sight? Come on …

  43. Re Susan Wojcick’s unhealthy appareance, to be more accurate. It’s not just her dumpy butt and childish unsophisticated fashion sense. Specifically it’s her posture and being knock-kneed.

    This thing of knock-kneed is what you get from sitting down in a reclined position, for too many hours of the day —–> by middle-aged it adds up to knock-kneed. There is a famous picture of Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch walking out of the mall, in very knock-kneed posture.

    So that’s the morning gossip. You go now.

  44. “Dear CH: it’s been enough time. You have recovered. You know how to land on your feet.”

    Heartiste is active on Gab and his old stuff is being maintained by a fan. I think between the two, he’s no motivation to relaunch the blog.

    Gab is where it’s at.

  45. Enjoyed your comments, elk.

    Susan what’s her name–it doesn’t matter what the name is, she will always be an (((outsider with a chip on her sagging shoulder)))–can never be attractive, so it doesn’t matter how she dresses. Did Kamala Harris ever look the least bit respectable even in a full $3000 pantsuit? Neither can Susan Wookie.

  46. I don’t understand the Elkian phrases such as “like his strawberries hot” or “the day of the pillow” but I get a chuckle out of them, especially the latter.

    What can I say, I led a sheltered life.

  47. The Day of the Pillow is a joke about boomers.
    Instead of the Day of the Rope.
    They’re getting the pillow because they’re old and infirm.

  48. Susan Wojcicki is a dog, but I don’t care one way or another about her appearance. She does not get to tell me what I am and I am not allowed to say.

  49. – European Union opposes Polish bill to protect children from sex abuse –

    ” An explanatory note attached to the “Stop Pedofilii” bill gives some historical context for the proposal. It says some sex education teachers have been promoting sexual activity, including homosexual acts and masturbation, to Polish children, thanks to sexual education standards for Europe composed by the World Health Organization and the German Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA). These standards were introduced to Poland for the first time in 2013.

    “According to the Standards, children of the age of 0–4 should learn information regarding masturbation and enjoying pleasure by touching their bodies,” the note states.”

  50. @Trav
    “a one arm pullup is something like only rock climbers and gymnasts can do, like 1 in 100000 men.”

    Shut up! No its not. Im fat now, but when I was ripped (4 pack) I could do two. When I was skinny fat I could do one. If I lose 20 lbs (Id still be mildy skinny fat not ripped) I could probabley do more two to four due do packing on some strength.

    I once saw a nigger do a 5 plate squat at the gym a few times. These massive lifts arent that uncommon. Usually thats the only lift the person works on.

  51. I for one miss GE’s posts. He had a lot of biblical wisdom to share. I am newish to the faith so I always appreciated his views and scriptural quotes. I think that all went unappreciated against his inability to let a slight go unchallenged. I know why he did that and respect it, but I think in the end he would have been better off ignoring them as it became clear people were just trying to bait him.

    A pox on those people. We have a steep enough hill to climb without those in the same trench attacking us too. Shoot left. As he would have said, this is why we lose and I am inclined to agree and I find it the most disappointing aspect of the dissident right.

    I miss the Chateau but PA has provided a good alternative and I am grateful.

  52. I for one miss GE’s posts.


    He had a lot of biblical wisdom to share.

    A LOT?

    I am newish to the faith so I always appreciated his views and scriptural quotes.I think that all went unappreciated against his inability to let a slight go unchallenged.


    I know why he did that and respect it, but I think in the end he would have been better off ignoring them as it became clear people were just trying to bait him.


    A pox on those people.


  53. ” Amon’s b/w video shows Jewish collaborator-police rounding up their fellow Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto. ”

    I bet no one is taught this in school. ((( They ))) did alot of ” collaboration ” first with the Muslims, the Nazis, then with the Soviets and they wont hesitate a second to ” collaborate ” with ” people of color ” against us.

  54. “I bet no one is taught this in school. ((( They ))) did alot of ” collaboration ” first with the Muslims, the Nazis, then with the Soviets and they wont hesitate a second to ” collaborate ” with ” people of color ” against us.”

    This is an important concept to understand about parasites, and why we will never be rid of them. They are fluid and will adapt to changing circumstances. They can switch from host to host at the drop of a yarmulke.

    When enough woke whites get together and are ready to separate and form their own country, there will be Jews lining up with business cards saying “how can we help? can we sell a centrufuge?” And the woke whites with their nascent, fragile country will have to take the offer, unless they have a military technology that is more power than nukes. Like “”LASERS””, maybe

    The other lesson of this is, no one owns the patent on divide-and-conquer. It is available to anyone with the brains to use it, as the Poles are doing here, and as the civilization wreckers are doing to us now.

  55. Pingback: Cantandum in Ezkhaton 12/08/19 | Liberae Sunt Nostrae Cogitatiores

  56. Wouldn’t this correspond to the ‘rural purge?’

    Older zoomer here, IDK exactly what the ‘rural purge’ was, but I’m pretty sure that’s what killed shows like ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ and ‘little house on the prairie.’

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