Back to the fundamentals with Gen Z

This caught my eye as also true in personal observation and on a larger scale:

My kids are waaaaaay better versions of me as far as I can tell. I look at every personality trait as a double edged sword–could be good, could be bad depending on how it’s honed. It’s always going to be a mix of both, but the point of parenting is to bend it toward the good.

Example: Older one is reserved, sensitive, empathetic, gentle, thoughtful, etc… He could’ve ended up as a shy kid who lacked confidence, but instead he’s a self composed, rock solid person of faith. He’s also a loyal and giving friend who is exceedingly polite and earnest.

He never gets in trouble. Teachers and coaches love him. After a long struggle to get him to be more forward in speaking up and asking question, he’s now a straight A student. And this is in the gifted program.

Younger kid is his polar opposite–brash, outgoing, confident, charming, competitive, very loving and kind, but not above holding a grudge and getting even with you if he feels wronged.

All those traits could spell trouble, but we’ve bent them the right way. His teachers love him, too, mostly for how he leads by example and always tries to help his classmates with anything they’re struggling with, even if it’s just having a bad day.

Honestly, he just charms everyone he meets, and it’s not some look-at-me-i’m-so-cute act. He genuinely likes people and his social skills are so good that he’ll just chat with you like an adult.

The young of our nations require adult guidance as they mature. Absent that guidance, girls become either thots or slugs. Boys became either douchebags or weaklings.

Recent generations relied on their communities and extended families to provide that guidance. And above all, they trusted the institutions of social democracy to raise their children toward their potential. And then community fell out from under us, extended families scattered with the winds. Above all, it became clear to us that our governments are the enemy. This is why we are returning to pre-industrial ways of raising our sons and daughters ourselves. Our multigenerational task is to rebuild communities, extended families, and social institutions that are once again exclusively ours.

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  1. Their science! says married parents/extended families do not, or should not, matter. That you can love a child not biologically yours and be a better parent than the bio mom or dad…sometimes this can be true, but let’s face it, it’s being used as the wholesale argument for being cool with single moms, divorce, and cutting Dad out of the kid’s life.

    And I’ll go brag a little. One marriage, we’re the natural parents of our kids, we have sex-defined roles. Dad, mom. Hunter, homemaker. Provider, preparer. It’s easier that way. Not that our role donot crossover now and then, but the majority of the time, it’s one or the other out of us.

    And our kids are excellent students. Not tops in everything, but they’re capable and hard working, polite, take instruction and criticism and apply both to becoming better. They’re complimented often for their manners and good behavior, even when they’re being silly they understand limits. I credit the intact loving home we have and the dual natured affection and discipline they receive.

    Contrast them with some kids from single mom homes: medicated to hell, openly derisive and destructive of other’s property, cannot settle into any activity. Complete attention whores with disregard for the fact that other people exist.

  2. Every time we’d, meaning us kids, would go out, our parents would always get compliments at how well-behaved we were. And this was close to 30-40 years ago, so I can just imagine how that contrast would appear.

    Our folks weren’t strict, they just kept us inline. One wrong look from our father if we messed up was all it took to scary us straight. They gave a damn. They knew we were their responsibility and the onus was on them to teach us proper behavior.

    While I was painfully shy, I was also older than my age, many a time never understanding the outright stupid things some kids would do. I can appreciate doing silly things, as it was more isolated and not wholly idiotic.

  3. Social institutions are never ‘exclusively ours’. Once too big to fail, they are the bureaucrats’ institutions, and you are the grist for it. Collective ownership is so. Social institutions should be allowed to fail like people should be allowed to fail. Social bowel movements are necessary. We are due for a duesy, are we not?

    Conspicuously absent is the immediate necessity of making the land exclusively ours. That would make any institutions also exclusively ours for a season.

    I’d like to see the word patriarchy on every post, PA. Is that an important ‘social institiution’? There is a reason why feminists decry the patriarchy and control of their bodies. We can’t win unless we do exactly those critical things. Make every pootang exclusively a bros and you’d be onto something. Make all rank-and-file men enforcers and watch the improvement in natural selection, behavior, and morale.

    If, however, we are to embrace state law and order, we embrace the outcome that has embraced us. The Wild West is vilified by Hollywood and the political ruling class for a reason. The first American Californians were great because there was no government not regular people. The turnaround from Mexican incompetence was night and day. The first Americans and the Dutch likewise in their heyday were great for lack of government power and comfort. Institutions are a dangerous thing. As Thomas Jefferson said, government is like fire. Another word for every post you ever do again, PA: culture.

    Patriarchy and culture, Culture and patriarchy. No ‘institutions’ should be above that. Otherwise, ‘failure’ is guaranteed, which is success for the bureaucratic, base few. Standing water always breeds mosquitoes. Static stability, what a graven image thou art. So when I get shit for this erudite comment, I shall troll with equal expertise.

  4. “IV. And Not to Yield

    When first they stood the Beast was startled
    By a courage he assumed was throttled
    In their kind. To resist their erasure
    From history and the monstrous nature
    Of his cult, they had assembled lawfully
    In public space. His masked thralls massed to bully
    And assault them in the trap his enforcers
    Set for them illegally on his orders,
    But they passed his gauntlet like sovereign men
    (some only school-age boys), and dared like men
    Defend themselves in orderly retreat
    From his attack, as is the natural right
    Of every creature living on God’s earth.
    His sayanim received their money’s worth:
    Their media sold the images of violence
    To contrive a panic of compliance
    With his mendacious version of events–
    The deadly Nazi cancer’s reemergence.
    In fact it was the death by his commandment
    Of these American Aryans’ First Amendment.”

  5. Raising polite, obedient, likeable white kids was never the issue.

    Disobedient (to their oppressors), woke, proud of their heritage and loyal to their own tribe, tough as nails, comfortable with struggle, and ruthless towards the enemy is what gets you on the honor roll this time around.

  6. Reality Doug, your telling me what to do is extremely annoying. Plumpjack, missing the point so that you can virtue-signal is also annoying.

  7. Telling a kid to be “tough as nails” and ‘ruthless with their enemy’ does not seem like such a good lesson. I’ve toughened up over the years, but it has happened naturally. I don’t think it would have been so appealing when I was younger. It also may have taken too great a psychological toll on me.

  8. “missing the point so that you can virtue-signal is also annoying.”

    I re-read your post multiple times and I understand the point of both the cited comment and also your conclusion that we need to take back/rebuild our communities, but I can’t figure out how they tie together.

    the reason we lost our communities in the first place was because we were all taught to be the even-handed, nicewhytes that the commenter describes his own kids to be. we were not taught the one very key lesson that would have made the difference: tribal identity. in fact, we were taught the opposite: equality.

    if pointing this out is “virtue-signaling” then guilty as charged.

  9. “If Plumpjack is telling his kids all those things, he may be putting too much on them at too young an age.”

    Miss Lara, in your experience, what is the right age to start teaching kids to a) favor their own kind and b) recognize that we are always at war?

    serious question.

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  11. “I don’t think it would have been so appealing when I was younger. It also may have taken too great a psychological toll on me.”

    the public school system begins teaching revisionist, anti-white, love-your-enemies propaganda pretty much when kids are still in diapers.

    is that about the right amount of “psychological toll” we’re going for? too much? too little?

  12. — the even-handed, nicewhytes that the commenter describes his own kids to be. we were not taught the one very key lesson that would have made the difference: tribal identity

    He describes them as boys who give respect and get respect. They sound like great kids who will one day have solid friends and comrades by their side. His entire point was that under his direct guidance, a gentle introvert is growing up to be the best version of himself and the rowdy extrovert is also growing to be the best version of himself. Without the father’s direct involvement, they might have turned out to be the worst versions of themselves: a weakling and a douchebag.

    — I re-read your post multiple times and I understand the point of both the cited comment and also your conclusion that we need to take back/rebuild our communities, but I can’t figure out how they tie together

    My follow on commentary takes his personal anecdote to my larger point that Whites are taking direct responsibility for the raising of their kids because we have no one and nothing else to rely upon, and that we are also rebuilding the networks and institutions to once again be there for us.

    — what is the right age to start teaching kids to a) favor their own kind and b) recognize that we are always at war?

    One, childhood is supposed to be innocent. Two, everything you want your son or daughter to be, is already in them. Your job is to bring it out of them at nature’s pace. Shield them from corrupting influence. Teach them the right values. First of all, to love and fear God the creator of all things and the judge of all souls. To never lie, especially to themselves. You teach them their history, from Greek mythology to your country’s heroic stories. You teach them positive things. Have your young boys play team sports and/or practice a martial art.

    As to “always at war,” there is a time and place for that too. You do it, but with a very light touch. Tell them the truth but age-appropriate. Don’t scare them with talk of war. Use your good judgment. You can say something to ridicule or dis-spell the MLK myth if they hear some liberal nonsense somewhere, but don’t beat them over the head with it. As they get older, you can be more frank. Children, in particular the more intelligent ones, are repelled by cynicism. They gravitate to trusted men who above all listen to them, show interest in the thing they like, and who tell them the truth but without lecturing. That’s how you have them always coming back to you with questions. Teach them to be observant and to trust their eyes.

    “How to help prevent mudsharking” goes into this into a lot more detail, including quoting other experienced commenters at length. Raising children is all-theory until you have them.

  13. i got a grandson now.

    my son, his dad, when he was being henpecked by the womyn in the recovery room, half a dozen of them, about circumcision, said “df, am I wearing a yarmulke??”

    I must’ve done something right lol. Fucking women don’t have a dick, they should have NO SAY whatsoever in anything like this. But in irony, they complain about mainsplaining, yet EVERY WORD out of their mouth is womansplaining. They believe their vaginas endow them with infallibility.

    My mom couldn’t leave it alone either, started trying to recruit me in the conversation, triangulating when I was there a week after the birth. I repeated the same line, followed by wtf am I a jew or something?

  14. Congratulations Travis. Very possibly he will eventually hear from other sources, of this “chapter” in his life. Alternately you could tell him yourself.

  15. Thanks, PA. that’s a fine expansion on the topic and very helpful.

    I would like to see these discussion rooms get down to the nuts and bolts of family and community more often. seriously. there are conversations going on in every University think tank across the country about how to systemically, scientifically destroy white families and communities, and yet I rarely, if ever see a systematic counter approach to that in the one place we are still allowed to speak freely as men.

    I agree that everything they need to know is already inside them, and that it is our job to give “permission” for them to express those qualities that are beneficial to us, and them. however, we see our enemies digging in hard and early on young souls. I’m not sure “innocence” is ever an option. I lost my “innocence” at a very tender age, and I consider that a critical advantage.

  16. also, I don’t think innocence and being at war are necessarily mutually exclusive. you can be good at war and still like to cuddle with your stuffed animals. in fact, the more you love your stuffed animals, the likelier you are to be better at war.

  17. — I would like to see these discussion rooms get down to the nuts and bolts of family and community more often. seriously. there are conversations going on in every University think tank across the country about how to systemically, scientifically destroy white families and communities, and yet I rarely, if ever see a systematic counter approach to that in the one place we are still allowed to speak freely as men.

    I agree, this is a worthy thing to spend time on.

    — also, I don’t think innocence and being at war are necessarily mutually exclusive

    I don’t get into specifics of what works for me because everyone has his style. Every family is different. Sometimes when people get too deep into theory, they almost forget that their job is to give the boy or girl the right moral foundation, confidence, humility, knowledge. It’s not up to the parent to use his kid as some 1488 blank canvas or make him into a child soldier. The boy will choose his own destiny when he becomes a man. Your job is to guide him onto the path of righteousness.

    That said, particulars vary by time and place. There might be a medium-sized country in east-central part of Europe where boys and girls are taught exactly who they are and who the enemy is. And other countries like it. Where children recite poems like a call-and-response incantation with their teacher: “Who are you? A young [national]. What is your sign? A [national coat of arms]. Where do you live? Among my people. In which country? In [our] land. What is this land? Fatherland. How was it won? With blood and scars.”… and then on for several more lines. The version for boys emphasizes courage, the version for girls emphasizes purity. It quickens the heart.

    Particular to traditional America, on the other hand, there are traditions here too to pass down, along with ways of instilling pride and patriotism.

  18. I read that DS article just before coming here. AA has rock solid points and keeps the tone direct and positive.

    I am most pleased with his progress and maturation as of late. Then again I stopped visiting his site for a spell because it was too morose for my liking.

    It seems that he’s has quite the resurgence in God and his faith which is so very rare and possibly explains why his writing is more focused and forward-thinking.

  19. Comment section has been getting really salient lately, now that the CH evacuees’ dust has settled. Past few weeks were pretty good sharpening of iron on iron.

    Curiously, I also noticed a bit of a change in tone: some replaced commenting with pontificating. Hopefully this will peter out, as well. Nice work reining it in, gang.

    And Greg, if you’re reading this, thank you for all you’ve said this month.

  20. JJ.

    Me? I always got a kick out of how many Greg’s were in CH’s forum. The name’s not really that common yet wherever I go I run into another or two. Makes it seem more common than it is. Eliot and gunslinger were the other two from over there, but I think there were two others that would pop up.

    That’s all OT. My boys have different personalities as well. If I left them to the schools, I might have a self-hating defeatist instead of the talk-to-anyone, no-fear-of-people in the oldist, or I might have a dresswearing anger-issues instead of ballthrowing, wrestling, running, gogetter in the youngest.

    It comes down to love. I love them. My oldest had a tendancy towards getting mad at me when I laid down the law. I expanded on our conversations such that he knew that if he was angry about what I was telling him, he was free to tell me what it was so long as he was able to talk it out. Him I was worried about bottling things up and brewing anger into hatred. Now he disagrees and debates me, knowing that he has a voice even if he’s still required to do things my way. I haven’t seen any anger on that in some time. My younger has a tendancy towards being reactive without learning from mistakes. Him I’m working on taking a step back from a bad decision to look at what lead up to the decision, what could have been done differently, and how things ended up the way it did. Foresight is not everyone’s gift, but hindsight is a powerful tool for learning wisdom, and I’m going to ealk him down that path. Slowly. Hand in hand.

    Because I love him.

    This is where our culture has failed us. The larger culture sincerely hates us. But as PA has said: We don’t have to live like this.

    If I’d known 10 years earlier how full and complete, how loving and cherishing my own life would be with raising my boys, I’d never have waited as long as I did. Family is everything. Hollywood movies would have you believe that family is worst part of the “holidays”. They lie.

  21. “It comes down to love.”

    GIA, you surmise correctly that I referred to a different Greg, Your story, however, makes me glad I brought it up.

    Love is the answer, indeed

  22. If we Must (and we must) talk politics. The first fundamental and first only thing, that first we have to address, is the most basic question of all: Who are We?

    (and not in any obscure philosophical sense, but rather practically: which people are we: which two-legged’s count as us, and which do not?)

    Because if we are not agreed on this (the first question), then nothing else will make sense!

    So I ask: Who are We?
    Have we or not, a People
    Have we or not, a place
    Have we or not, a country

    And for the kids. Does it matter to them, whether they have a people that they come from? Would you like for them to have a people, that they come from?

    Did you have a people that you come from, growing up; did I?

    If politics comes up at holiday table, I will clear my throat and say exactly these words. Is it in the right register?

    Will it be better with coffee, or with tea?
    better said by you, or by me?
    better on the right, or on the left?
    better said with brevity, or with heft?

    Will it help
    to make the children have fun
    or rather will it end in death and disarray
    and love on the run?

    Because now it’s wintertime
    and sad and despair
    I play a song on the piano
    and no one to hear


    In all seriousness though. It IS a good and fair idea, to have a set speech such as perhaps the one above, prepared and to the word.

    We will not be talking politics. I may say a joke [h/t someone else] such as: “Pass the potatoes; and Epstein didn’t commit suicide.”

    In the past, at holiday table, the one Political thing that came up and really got people wound up, was the proposed setback regulations for chicken coups. But even this humble and picayune “libertarian” issue was too hot button, to work as an emotionally retarded political colloquy in this our land of America: the Holiday Experience.

  23. Happy Thanksgiving, lads and dames.

    JJ, great assessment on the comment section. We’re getting sharper by the word.

    To our esteemed host: many thanks for the work you put in keeping this blog afloat.

    Cheers all!

  24. ‘Tis wood duck gumbo ‘with all the fixings’ long in the making, close ones & and a quite bountiful intake of blood orange gin. A splendid occasion! To the rathe glory that is Creation, PA/readers and their young empyreal medalists, regardless of generation. A hearty Yes to Life, and triumphant Lives to the Yeses.

  25. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys! I read the Andrew Anglin article and agree it is good advice. I’m going to follow it as much as possible. When my cousin starts his loud anti white talk as he always does, I am going to do my best to ignore him.

  26. Interesting quote.

    ” USA has outsourced not just manufacturing but also its STEM education and baby-making to foreign lands. This frees discretionary capital for use in command and conquering. “

  27. can someone please explain to me what is it with shitlibs’ obsessive preocuppation with being murdered in the congo? a more pressing question: if you’re a white person, why would you ever get involved with anything related to ebola? being a bona-fide african invention, anyone fiddling with it is liable to get charged with cultural appropriation. either by their overlords or their pets

    why do you dedicate so much time, resources, spare iq points and patience to build up people who are both incapable and unwilling to return the favour? you won’t ever earn your idols’ approval, they’ll always hate you and yours with a seething rage that even a rapist won’t ever inspire in a diehard femcunt. no matter how hard you virtue signal and put to use your altruistic traits, you’re a hated creature whose only purpose is to serve the multicult agenda and be disposed of at your masters’ whims.

  28. They think it’s going to be a grand adventure; and it turns out they are right.

    The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber, the short story by Hemingway, is not on the theme of Aid Workers in the Congo, but it is a good manosphere read about White people in Africa.

  29. At least those individuals are going to Congo instead of bringing Congo here. Why do they go there? Yes, adventure. Vanity, lib cred, one-upping their peers similar to how a young war vet swings the biggest dick at a party because he has a photogenic scar and a Bronze Star. A young guy of my acquaintance served in the middle east with the USMC and has a bona fide firefight story. A good guy, popular, and it’s obvious that his war cred gives him social confidence.

    The people who go to uplift Congo are also going there to feel superior to monkey-people. Their words, not mine (where it counts) because I dont want to “help” or otherwise have anything to do with Congo. Altruism is fused with sense of superiority. They could go to a poor mountain county in Kentucky but they’d not find it as easy to feel superior to people there because the differences between them are small. It would take more effort than they could muster up to appear godlike in Kentucky.

  30. I have USMC friends who were in fallujah

    they do not brag about this shit and the ones I know, most of their friends are already dead, intoxication related car crashes and suicide.

    when I listen to peace corpse idiots I just deride them. Nothing they do makes a bit of difference and their time there is wasted

  31. ” when I listen to peace corpse idiots I just deride them. Nothing they do makes a bit of difference and their time there is wasted ”

    They are useful idiots as they provide human cover for all the spooks and alphabet agency employees who infest the Peace Corp and other NGO’s .

  32. ” if you’re a white person, why would you ever get involved with anything related to ebola? ”

    Because as it stands now, the white race is the dumbest race on the planet. No other group of people would put up with the crap that’s thrown at us now on a daily basis. Maybe we deserve extinction after all.

  33. “Deserves got nothin’ to do w/ it … ” — Clint Eastwood [?]

    People aren’t conscious agents; and neither are groups of people. As an exercise in philosophy, it might be worth considering, whether groups of people might be regarded as more conscious, in their agency, than individuals.

    Riders on the storm, is what we are.

  34. I have two or three effort comments, that may or may not get made.

    1. Jack Ryan, season 2. The short version is that it sucks. Jack Ryan is played by the new top dog superstar John Krasinski from The Office. No homo, but it turns out that guy has a very athletic physique. W/ which to go along with his large intelligent boy scout face; iow perfectly cast as Clancy’s Cinderella version of a CIA operative.

    The other theme, besides the sexy star appeal, that draws in the views for that show, is the sexy international scene that the CIA is part of. All that drama on the high levels of life, that is going on right now and of which you are not a part. Right now people are figuring out how to make money by mining oil in Venezuela and in order to do so they have break laws and rub shoulders with bad guys, and everything in between. And because it’s clown world, it’s all there for the taking, to he who was the BALLS.

    So they do a parachute drop-in 20 miles off the coast (of Venezuela), with a boat that drops out of the plane into the ocean, with its own parachute. It’s pretty cool stuff really, and to think that it’s a real shot; big budget stuff. [nb4 the subtext of this whole sub-comment, is that I coulda been somebody: like Jake Ryan!]

    But one of the commandos going upriver, is a black guy, who happens to know how to do an on-the-fly middle-of-the-ocean fix, on the cracked fiberglass hull of the boat. So the one black guy commando on the crew, happens to be MacGyver. What are the odds?

    The other black guy on the show, who also ends up on this mission, is Jack Ryan’s mentor. And he is another unlikely character. / first effort comment done

  35. The other angle to Jack Ryan, season 2 that hardly needs mentioned. Is that it portrays nationalism in a bad light, specifically in Venezuela. The nationalist dictator is a bad guy and he has blue eyes. Also of note, is that the other bad guys are

    A) a South African merc who gets his finger deliberately cut off by nigger number 2, above

    B) a German guy who is Jack’s mirror image arch nemesis: and this guy is as evil as his eyes are blue. He is total superhero villain though, and it’s not believable what he gets away with


    I wanted to make an effort comment on over socialization and how it plays out driving out on Black Friday, when everyone is really just driving around going nowhere. But what’s there to say. People with nowhere to go should stay home, right?

    Over Socialization is of course from Uncle Ted, and I never read his manifesto. But apparently he used it to refer to too many people being around.

    I see a lot of people in traffic, who are looking around for faces at other people in cars. It’s pretty grim and lonely, if that’s the situation that a body is in: Looking for faces in passing cars?!

    But the point is, that this weird behavior describes and applies to a lot of people. And like masturbating: it doesn’t apply to anyone here; no one is in such a bad way as that.

    “The Lonely Crowd” is the obverse angle of over socialization or something. It’s a well remarked thing, that people are lonelier when there are more of them.

  36. The Nordic villain. Do they exist in real life or is that purely Jewish paranoia/self indulgence? Thinking about ultra-nordic men of my past acquaintance, to see if they’re the evil type. Criteria: tall, ultra blond and blue eyed, without obvious Slavic or Irish features, intelligent, physically attractive and unambiguously Alpha.

    That’s not a big pool if you don’t live in Denmark. But I can still recall a few such people. None gave me evil or untrustworthy vibes. One such person I know well, who was an exchange student from West Germany back in high school and we’re still long distance friends, is a good guy. Based on this anecdotal survey, villainy and alpha-nordic are inversely correlated.

    Out of curiosity once, years ago, I looked up Sweden’s most wanted criminals. Just about all of them had that inbred middle eastern look. The only ethnic Swede on that list (wanted for financial crimes) had an ugly, unhealthy face.

    As to film villains… we recently saw a nice family-friendly movie, “Lost & Found.” It’s an indie film, very recent (2016). IMDb summary: “Sent to spend the summer on a remote and mysterious island, brothers embark on a thrilling treasure hunt to restore their family’s lost fortune.” It’s a teenage boy and his preteen brother on an adventure. Loved the fact that there was exactly ZERO dieversity in the entire movie. Even extras were all White. The villain, though, was tall blond blue eyed alpha. Nordic villains are not my paranoia, not my self-indulgence.

    When Shakespeare envisioned his apex-villains, he probably had dark-haired men with lupine eyes in mind.

    You know you’re a liberal when your most exalted characters are the exact opposite of nordic men. Stephen King’s “The Stand” had an old black woman as the protagonists’ spiritual leader. “The Matrix” had an old black woman as The Oracle.

  37. they virtue signal in diverse countries in order to stand out from the local crowd? seems plausible enough. this explains why some of them play it safe and choose to promote feminism in sweden or never leave the confines of their gated communities while lecturing FreeWhites on the supposed wonders of diversity. slaveWhites who are too far gone have a strong compunction to go to a diverse country and exert their feelgood clapatrap over there. they want to feel superior by direct comparison against their targetted pets. it’s another form of white supremacy, but do they even bother to couch it in pc terms?

    this hasn’t been a happy day for shitlibs. london has just been the venue for another display of the marvellous wonders that diversity has to offer.

  38. “The people who go to uplift Congo are also going there to feel superior to monkey-people. Their words, not mine (where it counts) because I dont want to “help” or otherwise have anything to do with Congo. Altruism is fused with sense of superiority. They could go to a poor mountain county in Kentucky but they’d not find it as easy to feel superior to people there because the differences between them are small. It would take more effort than they could muster up to appear godlike in Kentucky.”

    Upload this to the Urban Dictionary as the definition of virtue signaling.

  39. “Uncle Ted … I never read his manifesto.”

    “Manifesto” was a label applied by the narrative-makers. Give it a read.

    It’s relaxing in ways. You will find it stimulating. Ted is of high enough intellect to contemn leftists for reasons pragmatic, not just visceral or convenient. Remember, the man was a lecturer at Berzerkeley, not just some schlub. Reminds me of Richard Langdon (respect), only less willing to grin and bear it.

    The b0mbing bit was a bit t0xic. As with 8rievik, it got out the message, but poisoned it.

  40. “When Shakespeare envisioned his apex-villains, he probably had dark-haired men with lupine eyes in mind.”

    You too tacitly compliment your foes.

    Can you believe that today it’s the lapine-eyed weaklings we must guard against? Their leader is saurine.

  41. Drumming home the message.

    – Ex-SCORPIONS Drummer JAMES KOTTAK Says Black Americans Are Disproportionately Represented In Commercials –

    ” ((( Sarah Block ))) , the executive vice president and creative director of Leo Burnett USA, who has worked on several ads depicting multiracial families, including commercials for Kraft, told the paper that the prevalence of these commercials “is a reflection of modern society. It’s portraying the situation that is out in the world,” she said. ”

  42. Not to be a wet blanket (but to be a wet blanket): as Morgoth suggested, on his recent conversation with Woods and an Irish nationalist youtuber Grand Torino —

    How very convenient for the powers that be, that all these terrorist attacks happen, exactly on London Bridge. It’s almost like they are looking for publicity rather than a kill count.

  43. ” How very convenient for the powers that be, that all these terrorist attacks happen, exactly on London Bridge. It’s almost like they are looking for publicity rather than a kill count. ”

    Cameras, cameras everywhere. Can you spell mind controlled patsy ?


    ” The Metropolitan Police said at a press briefing Friday that the knifeman on London Bridge shot dead by police was wearing a hoax suicide vest. ”

    ” The killer, Usman Khan, was a previously convicted Islamic terrorist who was a guest lecturer at Cambridge University on “prisoner rehabilitation.

    And the Islamic killer was wearing an electronic monitoring tag as part of his bail terms, the Times and Sky News reported independently, citing government sources. ”

  44. Very Nordic men can sometimes come across as cold and aloof, but they almost never seem to have truly villainous traits. They seem to be honest and disciplined people in general. I don’t think they make convincing villains.
    A better villain for me would be somewhat swarthy.
    I really don’t see how the knife attack on London Bridge would benefit the government, but I really have no idea how things work.

  45. Who wrote that, a Valley Girl? If you see an instance of “way” where someone spelled it with more than one “a,” flags should go up. Seeing “waaaaaay” should put any reader on their guard.

  46. “– Ex-SCORPIONS Drummer JAMES KOTTAK Says Black Americans Are Disproportionately Represented In Commercials –”

    The only time I see commercials is when I’m at restaurants/bars with TVs playing. The levels of mud and pitch are shocking these days. The odd time I see a commercial with all White actors, the men are still portrayed as schlubs.

    I honestly want to start a brand which uses exclusively White models (or, as was known until the Boomer generation gained purchasing power, a normal brand). Sadly,,, etc. are taken.

  47. “Lupine and Saurine. Does this mean wolf eyes and lizard eyes? What does that look like?

    Lupine = wolflike
    Lapine (omitted) = rabbitlike
    Saurine = lizardlike (think the Eye of Sauron)

  48. If advertisers wanted to sell their products, their first rule should be: Don’t put off the customers!!

    Some ads were on the radio this afternoon, and they were done in the ironic style that is generally called post modern. It was the over the top hard sell with a basso profundo voice, and at the same time in the self aware mockery of the hard sell. This exact ad has been done a million times, and it was clever about 30 years ago. It was so off putting I turned off the radio.

    But what would have been a more effective ad, woulda been in what Keith Woods calls the meta modern — which is post, post modern. It is aware of the cynicism and irony that is our modern life: but then somehow includes all that in a sincere voice. Keith Woods cites Trump and the AR of 2016 as the best examples of this style, but he also cites DF Wallace as being its earliest example. Though perhaps Wallace nullified his meta modern cred, what with his suicide.

    Another excellent example of meta modern is the youtuber that I commented about on the other thread, who did the series on being gangstalked. His name is Adam [last name here] and his channel is called Nothing Hidden TV. This channel is his ministry as well. But everything he says is self aware irony, but sincere.

    But back to the topic of advertising. W/o doubt it is “the ticket” for any advertisers who want my White business, to do “the honest sell” like as if we lived in a Norman Rockwell painting. They can’t seem to get their minds around this though; their whole schtick was being the most clever, the msot ironic, the most current; when all they need to do now is say the price and when and where.

  49. It’s heartening to see men fighting back rather than running away and hiding. It’s a good sign. When those climate people tried to stop the trains they immediately met with resistance from the passengers and everyone cheered. The public is not as passive as it may sometimes seem.

  50. And so it begins. As with all other ((( events ))) of this type the strange, ” random “, connections start coming in.

    – London Bridge stabbing victim named: 25yo man who worked on same criminal rehab workshop attacker had attended –

    A nice young, white, photogenic male who just happened to be coordinating a conference which , wait for it,

    ” aimed to bring together convicts and criminology students, to learn more about “stigma, marginalisation and the role of intergroup contact in reducing prejudice.” ”

    Of course these events always have ” victims ” whose families always have kind forgiving things to say about the perpetrators like this:

    ” my son, who was killed in this attack, would not wish his death to be used as a pretext for more draconian sentences or for detaining people unnecessarily. ”

    I guess we shouldn’t detain ex-ISIS fighters unnecessarily Daddy ?

    Lets wait and see what narrative unfolds from this, here’s one preview.

    ” subdued by members of the public on London Bridge – which reportedly included some of the convicts attending the workshop ”

    See ? Jihadi convicts are people too, we shouldn’t lock up all those returning ISIS fighters from Syria, they can be ” rehabilitated”. Trust ((( us ))) .

  51. A light rail train in Minneapolis runs from the suburbs to downtown. It is a real magnet for troublemakers, particularly Somali youths. It’s the same old story, but this is what happened. Three Somalis “youths” were holding up the train’s departure by blocking the door; they were undecided as to whether to get on board, or not.

    I was standing in a “face out” position. And so was another young White man with a red hat, w/ whom I had made eye contact. And there were other White men on board. It’s my feeling that they decided to go on to another train where they might could get away with some bullshit.

    And then the parking ramps at these train stations. And both ends of my trip, there was a (different) lone somali male loitering around the ramp. Clearly looking for vehicles to burgle, though I have not heard of those locations being targeted. But elsewhere around here it’s a huge epidemic: car smash and grabs. And in fact an acquaintance just had that happen to his car. He is an AA acquaintance, and I might be violating some rule but whatever: he went into this speech about how if he had been in the other guy’s circumstances, he might be doing the same thing. It wasn’t my place to say something to him about maybe adjusting his attitude.

  52. ” We are engaged in an unequal battle for peoples minds, it is unequal because the ‘politically correct’ realized how to shut down debate. In the middle ages this was achieved by accusing people of witchcraft, today it is achieved with an accusation of racism, sexism, homophobia or Islamophobia.

    Fear of a few little words has done more harm to our countries than anything else. They make cowards of the strongest men, empower mobs and justify witch hunts; its past time to be as brave as our ancestors, face down political correctness and speak our minds, whatever the consequences. “

  53. Hordes of unsocialized preteens in the suburbs enter the doorways of high school, chat excitedly with one another, and pretend it doesn’t matter in the most intense verbal comebacks they can construe to fight back to one another.

    The battle for the minds of the young may be the most valuable moment in the Jewelry Store we call Society, but it is the steadily deepening ominousness concerning the Future that will pave a path to a utopia or a dystopia, depending. Karl Marx rolled over in his grave every time an Alt-Right teen was born. The 19th century angry thinker — IQ above all — was a poke in the eye of bourgeois society, at a time when high schools were being born, a jab at that society, which had strived to improved its material conditions while defending its morals against the restless undersociety of Morlocks and Titans.

    PA gets it right in this article, signifying with his keyboard like a doomsayer-in-reverse. PA and Xtasorcery, who only rarely chat with one another, meet today in Virtuality and confab on how to protect the White Future. The more successful PA gets in his ‘site, the greater the chance of a deplatforming a la Heartiste. The greater the caution he takes with his hesitating fingers, though . . . that limits the expansion of his ouevre. What to do. — X.

  54. Amon Ra writes,

    Fear of a few little words has done more harm to our countries than anything else. They make cowards of the strongest men […]

    The struggle to speak was, after the 1970s, no longer done to follow one’s true Heart or help with honest Group Solidarity, but to virtue signal by being false and smiling in a vacuous, empty-headed way.

    Just like with the Soviet Union, the progressives here had a field day. Their opponents may be honest and sincere, but the progressives hold the day for which they have dreamed for two centuries.

    The Word, whether prose or poetry, always carries weight, and although the RIght politically has a shortage of skilled wordsmiths, it is television which is to blame, suggesting that a certain world has to come into existence — nay, already exists. Amon Ra’s pointing-out is timely given that no one escapes from the vortex of Leftist Tyranny without the existence of a free world outside it. If the free world gets sucked into a Lefter-Than-Bernie reality, and converted, and Leftized, all that may be left is a few dots of freedom on a roiling wavefront planet . . . — X.

  55. Trav writes,

    But in irony, they complain about mainsplaining, yet EVERY WORD out of their mouth is womansplaining. They believe their vaginas endow them with infallibility.

    Too true. Opening their mouths to speak, with their tongues already a’waggling, is a roomful of women who reinforce each other with their every presence.

    I think a lot of this has to do with numbers. Female relatives and nurses make a majority. Females want a matriarchy, but they want one where all the hard stuff is done by men. Picking up drywall, wrenching out nails and tossing them into dirty 10-liter white buckets, going out into natural disasters to save people . . . but then they want the final say on everything else.

    The Sisterhood even crosses over political lines. Reading a Texas Rep. woman warmly gush about women on the other side of the aisle, you could see it blazoned on her throat and in her eyes. This makes one wonder just how much mental independence the average woman has. If she’s a herd animal, where’s the herd LEADER? It isn’t immediately obvious. They’re all so busy patting-the-pussy (I call it) saying “Yes, EXACTLY!”) that the leader must be the one not doing the busiest pussypatting.

    I think threatening to end a relationship is the best thing a man can do. It’s a miracle wonder cure along the lines of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”.

    The surprise threat by a boyfriend to walk out the door, coming on top of a worsening two-way relationship with his girl, could be just the thing to fix things out of the apartment and in the privacy of the apartment — just in time for the hen get-together next week. — X.

  56. Pingback: Cantandum in Ezkhaton 12/01/19 | Liberae Sunt Nostrae Cogitatiores

  57. It sounds like terrorist cells have taken root in England. As the mayor of London said, being prepared for terrorist attacks are “part and parcel” of living in London. I guess I would try to be extra aware of my surroundings so I’m not in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  58. “Will Ferrell’s Comedy Skit About Child Trafficking is Disgusting”

    For many years, I held the spiritual view that there was Good; there was Right; there was Light; but that the opposite was just a sort of mortal stupidity, greed, and violence; primitive and predictable human animal behavior, sometimes with an irrational bit of genuine lunacy thrown in as in the case of a crazed murderer.

    Amon Ra’s post about the “Child Clown” skit reinforces my relatively recent belief that there is true Evil at work in this world; Evil that works through man but seems to come from some place more sinister and inhuman.

    I am at a loss for words other than those that speak from a projectile being driven by expanding gasses faster than the speed of sound.

  59. “ I guess I would try to be extra aware of my surroundings so I’m not in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

    Well, yes, situational awareness is critical, daily.

    But that isn’t really doing what should be done. Rising up and pushing the Colored Cousins home again is the best step, followed by traitor, rope, lamppost, some assembly required.

    No one has the stomach for it. Yet.

  60. Because it’s a slow day.. Over at Morgoth’s someone asked the infamous conspiracist Dandelo what was his take on London Bridge. His answer is below, and then the replies. For the record, and to pick a side: I like Dandelo’s take on it; though I don’t much at all follow the details of these things anymore.

    Has all the usual elements: Lauding of “have-a-go heros”, praising the emergency services/first responders, testing the public’s response to increasing Anarcho-Tyranny, little details – such as the use of the narwhal tusk to fight the attacker – which render the narrative both more believable and more ridiculous.

    And…of course the polarization of whites into camps of abject cuckery and impotent fury.

    So you’re saying that the incident was contrived? Someone, during planning, said, “just thinking outside the box here, but what about including a Narwhal tusk?” Everyone in the room chuckled, but the boss said, “no, I’m liking this, but only if wielded by an immigrant”.

    “Narwhal tusk?”
    “Nearest thing to a unicorn we’ve got, boss.”
    “Ah. The old rainbows and unicorns meme. I like where we’re going here.. “

    The ‘have-a-go heroes’ and the usual bunkum is the well scrpited PR machine which Morgoth spoke of in one of his earlier brilliant insights.

    The tusk just happened tp be on the wall of the building they were in.

  61. ” I like Dandelo’s take on it; though I don’t much atconsider this. all follow the details of these things anymore. ”

    The ” event ” was not what it seems. However, if you want to go the symbolic route, consider this. The narwhal tusk has a similar shape to the lances carried by Polish Hussars. Combine this with the fact that it was wielded by a ” polish chef ” against a mudlsime opponent and you have a recreation of the Battle of Vienna. Maybe the creator is trying to tell us something ?Make of it what you will.

  62. Deep down inside, our women know there is something wrong.

    ” A study by Columbia University found that, “More than four in ten (42 percent) childless 30- to 44-year-olds were having five or more drinks on any given occasion last year – compared to a fifth (21 percent) in 2006,” reports the Daily Mail.

    Another study from last year showed that white adult women over the age of 45 were more likely to take antidepressants than younger adults, men and minorities. ”

    – Binge Drinking Doubles Amongst American Women Without Children –

  63. There’s a catch-22 to the reason why suicidal Whites don’t go out with a mission. Anyone who is really suicidal, doesn’t much Care for life and or for anything else, like such as other people; and so why bother with a mission? And then the catch-22 is that if they can find a reason to Care, then why not live?

    “Will Ferrell’s Comedy Skit About Child Trafficking is Disgusting”

    Yes it is. Will Ferrell and the other actors involved, and all the producers involved, have to be regarded as complicit, in some degree. I thought he was a talented comic actor in the Anchorman series; though those movies had some great writing behind them, particularly in the concept of itself. The whole reality of real life anchormen being A++ local celebs, and for what: their empty headed good looks??

    But on the more serious. The new emerging consensus, is that there is trafficking in “children in cages” and God only knows how many, and what happens to them.

    There’s something about the nature of darkness that it can’t come to light. And I don’t mean this metaphorically, here. What I mean is that, if the pedo trafficking get exposed and busted, it will just be over and done with; there will be no perps brought to justice. It would rather just be something that is no more. That’s just my feeling on it, obv: that there will be no Judgment Day for such things, here on Earth, in this life.

  64. I left the following comment at Sailer’s pretty good thread on the White Death —

    NYT: It’s Not Racist to Worry About the White Death Because Now It’s Not Just Whites Dying

    And it’s kind of on the topic of suicide, and the things that lead to it: namely and mainly, not having a Purpose in life, and specifically (not having as said purpose) meaningful work.

    The commenter Corn whom I replied to, lambasts the younger generations for not “being productive.” I have always thought that that specifically, is such a typical caved-in-head-level way of looking at things. And on the personal, I have struggled with having to do work which is not meaningful and in fact, often feels harmful.

    Now I am old and tired and look back ambivalently on things; but working in the construction trades as a young man, was frankly depressing. What we were building was not craftsmanship. It was a mar on the landscape.

    And now I paint houses. Actually scratch that: it’s a bad joke (and not true), and in reference to the weird new movie on netflix called The Irishman and directed by none other than Martin Parcheesi. To paint houses is code-speak for you can guess what.


    It’s disgusting to me but many Millennials and Zoomers seem to value smoking weed over being productive.

    If by “being productive” you mean building another subdivision and or another mall and or another internet service etc etc, then yeah it’s not hard to understand that the younger generations today don’t value it so much as they do their time.

    The Economy is destroying the fabric of society and therefore participating in it, is of dubious value.

    If you were to say that “Millennials and Zoomers seem to value smoking weed over being productive over doing honest work (and that is a shame)” — then that would be something to agree with.

    But they are not being given much the option, of honest work. And yeah yeah yeah there are opportunities to bust your hump on artisan farms in Wisconsin growing turnips and garlics for room and board and 100 dollars spending money. But those options won’t work for everyone, because the Economy and its scale and how it is structured.

    “being productive” for its own sake is grug level. Are you a boomer?

  65. Synchronicity is my friend, elk!

    I don’t stalk isteve but I saw where Steve said “everyone over 40 will be spending the Thanksgiving weekend catching up with Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman”‘ and wanted to puke. Steve has this curiously bossy wish-fulfillment way of trying to impose his boomer middlebrow tastes on his readers, so I’m sure he’s been carrying on about it.

    I looked today at the thread about the Chinese embassy bombed in Belgrade ’99 (and that was the only thread I looked at) and someone without comment dropped Lionel Nation’s takedown there, doubtless just to irritate Steve.

    And it’s wonderful–especially if you hate De Niro. Because the comic takedown of his one-note acting is a gem.

  66. I spent the weekend getting lost up to my eyeballs in the eerie Kris Kremers/Lisanne Froon case, to the point where I tried to detox watching K-pop performances and still had chills tingling down my spine. By this point it was all becoming a 4 hour masterpiece of cinema in my own mind, a microscopic study of the banal pleasures of young lives staggering off into the jungle for a Herzogian nightmare of Bermuda Triangle proportions.

    At its most basic level the real life story is just a depressing White Girls Pay The Mestizo Eloi Tax tale: do-gooder Dutch pals head to Panama to volunteer for a month teaching local children, go on a midday hike and never return.

    At the level of the photographic and phone records they left behind, it’s “Picnic at Hanging Rock” levels of eerie and doom-laden. Contrary to the accusations normies hurl at mystery enthusiasts, I would say the “lost and perished by accident and the elements” possibility would be more authentically haunting, rather than the more banal brutal fact of White girls getting grabbed, raped, and murdered as almost certainly happened.

    Nevertheless, it’s a story of Lynchean eerieness. Profuse cheerful selfies as they make their preordained midday reach of the summit overlooking the Continental divide. Then a short span of photos as they foolishly improvise an extension of their expedition northward through a foreboding ravine track instead of returning whence they came. Then in the 4:00 hour a pair of emergency calls (international # 112) within 12 mins., one from each of their phones. Then their phones are off for the next 14 hours. The next day, intermittent attempts to call 112 or 911.

    On the morning of April 3rd, a call to 911 actually connects for one tantalizing second. Many commenters on the case note how obviously counterintuititve it is that they didn’t immediately attempt the call again. Two nights already stranded in the jungle, and they didn’t desperately redial?

    Less commented on, because people miss it or forget it, is that (unless I’m completely misunderstanding something) that call that got through WAS THE LAST TIME ANYONE TRIED TO DIAL THE NUMBER ON THEIR PHONES.

    Afterwards, the phones are turned on to “search for a signal” (as it is benignly interpreted by the official death by accident finding) but no phone numbers are entered–though after the 6th, various incorrect PINs are attempted on the iphone. But whoever was playing with the phones obviously didn’t want to talk to emergency services . . . .

    Oh but the camera? On April 8th at 1am out in the jungle and in the rain, someone whipped out the Canon camera and shot a staggering 90 photographs in the pitch dark. Most of them have never been made public, and the few that have are marvels of Croatan-tier inscrutability. Why did they never use the camera to document their ordeal over the week prior? Or why not use it again after daybreak on the 8th? After all, even on the 11th someone supposedly was alive enough to turn on the iphone and leave it running for an hour and 5 mins. until the battery died, without attempting any other use for it.

    The camera, the two phones, their brassieres (definitely the ones they wore up), sunglasses, their one water bottle, and an unopened snack bar (you girls saving that for the month of May?) were all dry and intact and recovered inside their backpack, found by a native woman on a spot by the riverbank where she swore it was not the day before. The camera battery still had some charge left–though a single photo from their whole trip, in sequence as the last from April 1st unless somehow it was the first of April 8th, was deleted. Dutch forensics could not retrieve a single byte of data from that photo, even tho the girls apparently knew so little about their camera they never even used the zoom option once. The technically-minded tell us it had to have been deleted on a computer.

    Well, at least one pair of parents still believe the girls died of natural causes. Ah shit, I’m giving myself chills again.

  67. I disagree with you guys that the London Bridge event was staged. The fact that the government is trying to rehabilitate full blown terrorists (who are not even English) and integrate then into society is crazy enough for me.

  68. The British government let these people immigrate and then provided them with benefits. They are responsible for these deaths. They are making it possible for terrorist organizations to set up camp in their country.

  69. Productivity. Yes, the only thing that matters!

    We’re going to get cheap labor from across the southern border anyway, and even if we hire you to build these McMansions you’ll be priced out of it anyhow.

    A nation of people with meaningless work. Yes, meaningless. It’s nice to feel like you’ve made something, have something tangible for your efforts. So much work now is just a footnote, if that, on some useless make-work project. I’d opt out too.

    We don’t have to love our jobs, that’s a crock. Good on ya if you do, but soul-sucking jobs are meant to grind us down into the fungible economic plug-and-play units Globohomo needs. The (((psychologists))) have truly honed their craft.

    It could be a reason to hope, though. That energy and enthusiasm is going to need an outlet sooner or later. Sharpen it and focus it and it’s a force to reckon with. It could clear out the trash and move mountains. Young men do not like to be idle. All people want to feel heard, and useful. We could start by not blowing so much EcucationalSmoke up their asses, but that’s an Elk-level effort post for another time

  70. ” But they are not being given much the option, of honest work. ”

    People always seem to leave off the last part of that quote these days, wonder why ?

    ” honest work, for HONEST PAY ”

    The equation must be balanced or else it doesn’t work, no pun intended.

    ((( Capitalism ))) was designed to fail, just like ((( Democracy ))).

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