The arc of life, young edition

See yourself perhaps many decades from now, a barely-breathing shell. One final flicker of animation in the physical medium of your mind before you pass to the next world. What will that last vision be for you? No one can say, but it might not necessarily be a replaying of the greatest parts of your life. Instead, it might simply be an ordinary moment when you were young and full of expectations.

For me, it might well be the those crazy years at twenty through twenty-two and the long drives I took, particularly the ones I endeavored upon alone. On one of those solo drives in 1991, I was traveling from Cincinnati, back home to the Baltimore-Washington region and I took eastbound State Route 32 through southern Ohio. I didn’t know what to expect when planning my drive home on the Rand McNally atlas, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the wide-open rural landscapes along the rolling foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

That’s my experience in Ohio, aside from much-later visits to the Cleveland area. On that drive in ’91, I stopped for a meal at a franchise restaurant in a town called Athens. Small-time money was a big deal at that age, when you’re a college dropout working low-wage jobs. You had to keep an eye on your wad of cash to be sure that there’s enough left for fuel. I looked up that location on Google Streetview a few years ago, it was there. No one working there now, if that place is still in business, has any reason to know who I am or how important that place is to me in nostalgia value for reasons that do not make any sense. I hope it’s still cool [White] American teenagers working there, like thirty years ago.

Anyway, that was a segue to a 2012 video that features a group of older kids and teens in Ohio covering Dream Theater’s “Pull Me Under,” one of the greatest obscure rock songs. They are talented, outstanding skill with their instruments. The video is well made too, explicating the anatomy of the song. The star of the show, going by the comments under the video, is the eleven-year-old vocalist Kala. One woman writes, and this is a top comment:

“I’m 31 years old and I want to be this girl when I grow up.”

I am in agreement as to Kala’s talent and awed by every musician performing in this studio setting eight years ago:

The arc of life, young edition. One can peak early in life, with regards to developing one’s talent. Sometimes that’s perfectly fine. Many good high school athletes move on to other things after they grow up. But this young lady knows that she has a gift. High school-aged three years ago, she performed the U.S. National Anthem at a baseball game in Cincinnati:

Commenters unanimously applaud the respect she shows for her own heritage:

“And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you sing the national anthem. No voice inflection, no tone changes, no high note on ‘free’. THANK YOU!”

“This was perfect. You gave the song the respect that it deserves. You didn’t try to show off yourself, You showed a love for your Flag and Country that was beautiful. I’m proud of you. Great job.”

“Thank you for singing it right! You didn’t add your own flare in there like all the dumb celebrities who sing it. You sung it right. Great job!”

Now in 2019, she’s a young adult and a captivating musician. She fronts a band called Saving Escape. That signature vocal quality and that showmanship she’s got as a kid in that first video is definitely there now. Excellent original music:

[Here is the studio version of the song.]

I don’t know this young woman or the band, I just discovered them because I was originally interested in covers of “Pull Me Under.” There is so much talent, and so much inexhaustible beauty wherever our people are, especially in the heartland. The protective instinct is powerful when mobilized by historic developments.

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  1. Lots of good stuff here but I’m dwelling on perhaps the most mundane; restaurants staffed by white kids.

    For obvious reasons of sanitation and quality control, these are always a much better experience than any urban or suburban-on-a-bus-line restaurant. But there’s also, always, a better vibe. These places feel lighter and almost uplifting. Sometimes it’s the banter they have that I remember engaging in when I was their age. Other times it’s the camaraderie I witness if they are busy or behind. Sometimes it’s just good to be served by people who don’t hate you. Either way, I’ve got my list of local places, family owned and chains, that strictly employ my people, and that’s where I go.

  2. for shitlibs living in today’s world, their very last sight will be their pets turning on them, happy tree friends style.

    of course, they can always keep their virtue signalling in check and never leave their gated community. the ones who can afford it anyway

  3. PA:

    Arent you a little young to be reminiscing about ” the good old days ” , and pondering your impending doom ? Our collective ” good days ” are ahead of us, if the creator wills it, when we all get a chance to defend our people and take back our homelands. Too much melancholy my friend.

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  5. It’s been almost twenty-three years since I last stepped in Athens. I only took one lesson away from there while getting screwled and that was “create raving fans.” Yet, looking back all these years later, it’s easy to acknowledge how blind I was to the ways of the world and how very little the “education” cyst-stem works to enlighten the individual (cause: anti-racism). I went to Athens to follow out a dream and over two decades later, I’m thankful that it didn’t happen.

  6. “But there’s also, always, a better vibe. These places feel lighter and almost uplifting.”

    Abso-Fn-lutely. It’s unnatural and unpleasant to have any kind of an unasked-for interaction with someone of other race in your own country. Especially in places where you to go relax and let your guard down.

  7. That’s an epic jam, on the third video.


    This young man Josh Turner is a remarkable talent. This is a one track recording (and yes it contains flubs) —

  8. When did you peak, and what was it?


    Can I make another JOKE, and this one off topic?

    Since no one else has observed it: Why do Nick Fuentes and Ben Shapiro look alike?

    (That’s it: that’s the joke.)

  9. “That’s an epic jam, on the third video.”

    Ain’t it? They’re fantastic. I figured it’d be up your alley. After 4 years of doing music posts, I developed a feel for some of y’all’s tastes. I think Lothar will dig that song too, with its retro 60s feel.

  10. “This young man Josh Turner is a remarkable talent.”

    He’s good. He’s covering Paul Simon’s “Graceland.” There are two ways of doing a cover. Faithful to the original, or a different take. He’s doing the former, replicating Simon’s style. He does it well. His voice in fact, doesn’t match the face, which means that the artistry is strong in that young man.

    [Tori Amos’ cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is an example of the latter approach, radical departure while still honoring the original].

  11. Tats, bangs, and high-waisted bellbottoms? Smokey bar? Not exactly a cover for American Girl Magazine.

    She is in an evil scene and I hope she escapes it.

  12. Honestly, don’t have a chip on my shoulder tonight, but what I see here is boomer AF. How is this chick better than Joplin? What next, a cover of White Rabbit? Do Not Want.

  13. Tats, bangs, and high-waisted bellbottoms? Smokey bar? Not exactly a cover for American Girl Magazine.

    She is in an evil scene and I hope she escapes it.

    It looked pretty White (the scene). W/o rewatching the video — all eight minutes of it — is there even a non-white face in the whole thing?

    The Kids are going to have their mating ceremonies, and they involve loud music and they smoke a little tobacc-ey and drink some alcohol. Same as it ever was.

    Yeah she’s got to get married eventually. What are the odds she finds someone worthwhile, in that “evil” scene? Did you ever go to a jam band bar; iow words, is it possible that everyone there, isn’t trash?

  14. I think she’s cute. The music is probably more enjoyable to experience live than listen to on a computer. I think we should be open to many different types of white identity, not be too quick to narrowly define it. That will only turn people away.
    It’s very likely the people in that video were well aware of the dangers of being in the Congo. White people can be pretty adventurous. It’s a shame it ended that way for them, though.

  15. In traditional America, old America, aka “old weird America” the traditional thing was barn dances. Those things would be cool, and w/o a doubt people would go for it, now: but it would have to be marketed right! Because my country tis of thee: America, the Transactional Experience

    But for the sake of argument: what would you propose, as an alternative to the bars and the stages that we have now, out there on the roadside with the parking lot?

    In my opinion, the best that can be hoped for, at this stage of the game, is keeping the non-whites out of the scene. If it were my daughter, and there were no non-whites there to prey on her, I think that would be about all one could hope for. They eventually grow up; their vaginas get hot; and they want some action. That young woman’s ass was on display; is that an evil thing, or is it inevitably part of the mate selection process ceremony thing-y? / her ass was pretty good; very willowy

  16. I like smokey bars. Also, I don’t get why bangs or high waisted bell bottomed pants are a bad thing. I think tattoos are kind of dumb, but aren’t a deal breaker unless you have a lot or they are in a prominent place. I know plenty of good women with an innocuous tattoo. Most of the time I don’t even see it.

  17. “Outfit” by Jason Isbell/ Drive By Truckers laid out some safety cones for the local band-scene:

    Don’t call what you’re wearing an outfit
    Don’t ever say your car is broke
    Don’t sing with a fake British accent
    Don’t act like your family’s a joke
    Have fun, but stay clear of the needle
    Call home on your sister’s birthday
    Don’t tell them you’re bigger than Jesus
    Don’t give it away
    Don’t give it away

    For a girl: stay clear of nogs and booze, drugs and yooz (who scan the Heartland for souls to feed on).


    — “In my opinion, the best that can be hoped for, at this stage of the game, is keeping the non-whites out of the scene.”

    — “I think we should be open to many different types of white identity, not be too quick to narrowly define it.”

    Full agreement with both quotes above. JJ and INDY are wise to the danger though. Faith in the young person’s integrity and fear for a young person’s naivete are best kept in balance. She’s an artist. She’s fantastic. Talented people should be protected, not repressed.


    Is there any place in the country where it’s still legal to smoke indoors? Social fabric was undone by the 90s anti smoking push. Or is that just my irrelevant Xer nostalgia?


    — How is this chick better than Joplin? 

    Joplin is grainy and flat film, this chick is bright hi-def colors.

    I do appreciate the point you made. It’s an important one. Just look at what they did to Miley. Zoomers are onto the hyenas and have good friends / family around them to watch out for them, one trusts.

  18. Appreciate your answers, PA. I think what got me last night was the contrast between summer dress in baseball field and dark scene in a bar. I know they’re years apart, but I guess the dad in me wants to see the girl grow up to be sweet, not scarred.

    On presentation and attire: I did want to weigh in briefly on the five problems I mentioned.

    1. Tats on women are a known slut tell. They correlate with rebellious and leftist tendencies. Countless discussions and articles have been written about it. They don’t prove that the wearer is bad, but they are a red flag.

    2. Bangs are worse. They are almost always an indicator of a woman who has something to hide. Sometimes it’s bad skin. Often it’s bad character. Picture a BDSM dominatrix. Is she wearing a braided ponytail? No, she has straight bangs. I’ll share some relevant photos later.

    3. High-waisted pants look bad on women. All high-waisted pants, and all women. Yes I am choosing to paint this stroke with the broadest brush I have. Such pants are so ugly that I have to assume they are chosen to distract the viewer from some other kind of ugliness the woman is trying to hide. They are the Problem Glasses of the pants world.

    4. Bell-bottoms, likewise, are there to distract. Now I get it here, when the band is purposefully TRYING to get that retro look. I mean, their label is in Scooby-Doo font. At least the bell-bottoms seem period-correct, and don’t have a massive eyesore-size button fly. I’m grateful for that, at least.

    Because this band is choosing the retro look, I’ll give this and #3 a pass. Maybe #2. Hopefully it’s just their stage costumes, not their favored everyday look.

    On smoky bars: the haze is, I hope, a stage effect.

    On Whiteness: we see only the band, not the crowd. Not worth speculating.

    On the jam scene: yes, I’ve been, and I’m always conflicted. On the one hand, I am usually stunned by the talent that shows up, and how well it can improvise with other musicians. The experience can be, to quote a recent post, transcendent. I wonder to myself “WHERE do these people come from?!? Such skill!”

    On the other hand, the kinds of people I’ve seen attending have sometimes made me wonder “Where do THESE people come from?”

    The live music scene is not a pretty, suburban one. You can find some great, gritty people there. But you must be cautious. Wash your hands before touching your face.

  19. 3. High-waisted pants look bad on women. All high-waisted pants, and all women. Yes I am choosing to paint this stroke with the broadest brush I have. Such pants are so ugly that I have to assume they are chosen to distract the viewer from some other kind of ugliness the woman is trying to hide. They are the Problem Glasses of the pants world.

    Hahaha. But are high-waisted man pants still in good stead?

    A famous movie about ten years ago that broke hipster, and also sorta redpill and manosphere, about some Iowa farmer who goes on a tractor road trip to visit his dying older brother in Wisconsin and make amends (or something).

    Long story short: it featured very rural [read: quaint and charming to the moviegoers] Iowa characters, wearing the old school high-waisted pants and overalls, which are belted at the waste as opposed to the hips; at the hips is of course how they are worn in the modern world. But when they are worn in that old Farmer McDonald style, they show off completely and to good effect the man’s package which is apparently of no concern to farmers in Iowa who sell John Deere tractors.

  20. A gallery of bangs.

    Let’s just rip off the bandage and start with MOAB, the Mother Of All Bangs:

    That’s the style of a woman who hates herself and is trying to hide in her bangs.

    Next up, as mentioned earlier:

    And now some before-and-afters. I won’t comment on each, but just ask yourself, “Which version of this woman looks more sweet? More transparent? More slutty? More cold and calculating? Choose your own adjectives.

    And finally, the difference between “I can get a little kinky between the sheets” and “I will cannibalize you afterward”:

  21. I figured my bangs post would get modded, what with 7 links to pics. Please feel free to delete this one when you get around to modding, PA.

  22. There are more videos of the young singer from that session, performing other covers. You can see her life arc there. Singing depressing Tool music at that age. We get what they give us. And should be happy about it? At least she grew up to be a ho in a room full of white people?

    The tats, the make-up, the “scene.” It’s depressing.

  23. Bangs are good on a girl if she’s got a fivehead–you know, when her forehead looks like an aircraft carrier platform.

    Lady at work–an extremely loquacious one at that–has fivehead. Cute face but if she didn’t have such a billboard atop her eyes or at least minimized, she’d raise up a point or two.

    That being said, those photos are a good illustration of what you’re talking about, JJ.

    I can just imagine the things Katy Perry’s hiding.

  24. “Fivehead”

    Just looked it up, and it’s totally a thing! I love the esoteric conversations we have here.

    I hated giving the site a click, but buzzfeed has a good list of celebs with fivehead. Jennifer Garner and Nicole Kidman are good examples of how locks, not bangs, can soften the look.

  25. “about some Iowa farmer who goes on a tractor road trip to visit his dying older brother in Wisconsin”
    I saw that movie.
    High waisted pants look good on only the thinnest of women. Most American women are carrying around excess weight and therefore should avoid them.
    I’m still not in agreement about bangs. I kind of like the look.
    Now that I think about it, the women I know that have tattoos are lefties (to varying degrees) and somewhat rebellious. I like them okay, but I don’t have to live with any of them.
    You can still smoke in my neighborhood bar.

  26. The main problem with a girl in a band is she is going to be in the company of men much of the time. Therefore, she is going to be tempted to sleep around. Also, she will be around drugs and booze quite a bit. If she can resist these temptations, good for her, but I imagine many of them have trouble doing so.

  27. The name of the tractor road trip movie is called The Straight Story.

    Interestingly enough, a film directed about David Lynch.

    Perhaps Captain Obvious’ rantings about Lynch appreciating Rust Best America aren’t too far fetched.

  28. Bangs and high waisted clothes: Michelle Burke in Dazed and Confused: she should have been the 90s Katy Perry.

  29. Michelle Burke was the best looking gal in the movie.

    Milla Jovovich is pretty, but Michelle has what I call the ensemble–everything working together.

  30. That movie was pretty great but at the same time sorta disappointing.

    “People are having sex. Right now.”

    Matt McConaughey got his start in that film. He was initially lambasted, by the more pretentious critics, as just a good looker, as in “not a serious actor.” I remember he was on Letterman shortly thereafter, bragging about growing up in Texas and how part of that experience was taking a shit outside, and knowing how to do it so well that one of his peers could launch the shit out of his ass, 20 feet or something. I am not making this up but possibly the clip has been scrubbed by his agents.

    More recently McConaughey became the coolest kid on the whole street, with his performance in True Detective. He is also, it turns out, a general in the taco waffen. For any “boomers” not up on their memes: now you know what that means: it means he prefers his strawberries hot. Also his dad was like a professional football player or something.

    The movie Mud, in which he played the title character (“Mud”), is very manospherian. It is the essential father quest movie; and it is set in Arkansas and on the Big River. And it also stars Sam Shepard who plays his dad. This movie is recommended highly; it’s pretty could. It also co-stars another guy, another actor like McConaughey who had the look to be “one of us” but going by his real life performance and public statements, is decidedly not. I forget this other actor’s name, but he was the critic’s darling and he starred in another one of this same director’s films set in Arkansas. Sorry to be vague; I just can’t remember his name. Wtf is it …

  31. It’s not an off-or-on thing. Blonde Manjaw has a manjaw in both pics, and the first young cutie is cute in both iterations. It’s just another indicator that, I have found, correlates with the stage of mental and spiritual health the woman enjoys at the time.

  32. Good ol’ elk and your deep wealth of knowledge regarding coprology and the scatalogical arts. I suppose McConaughey and his friends were standing at the time?

    Glad we can always count on you to pull up a stool, plop yourself down, and unload some nuggets of wisdom. It’s such a relief.

  33. The 1st girl has the highest SMV by far. She very pretty and feminine looking. The second woman is an attractive older woman. The 3rd girl is a Plain Jane who looks better with bangs. The 4th I have no comment on. The 5th woman is a pleasant looking older woman.

  34. I like bangs but that’s just me.

    Elk is right, “willowy” is exactly it. The pants flatter her. A good-girl rule I know of, is that if you want to flaunt a little, either show some skin at the top or the legs, never both at the same time. It makes sense.

    JJ, I laughed.

  35. The Bangles musical group was a play off of two words: “bangs” and the Beetles. Or so they said in their VH1 special on Behind the Music. Bangs were popular back then (in the 80s). Back then they probably were just a fashion, as opposed to what JJ is suggesting they are now, which is a tell.

    A lot of “the popular girls” in the 80s had bangs. In fact they all pretty much did. At least for a while.

    If I go through Lara’s evaluations of the girls in the picture series, one after the other, I will lose rep points; so suffice it to say that she’s wrong. The first picture is of a no account Asian, and the last picture is a very good looking albeit not young, White woman. Case closed. The middle girl, #3, is hapa, right?

  36. The other actor whose name I couldn’t remember, who was in the movie Mud, starring McConaughey and directed by Jeff Nichols, is Michael Shannon. Director Nichols also featured Shannon in a starring role in another film set in Arkansas called Take Shelter.

    Shannon also was in another film and miscast, very much so, in a fictionalized bio of the legendary mob hitman-for-hire, half Polish jew Richard ‘the Iceman’ Kuklinski. Kuklinski was a very big scary looking dude; and that they thought that Shannon could pull off playing such a heavy, was stupid; and to make matters worse, his wife in that film was Winona Ryder. According to wiki the film had bad critical reception. Those two films — Take Shelter on the one hand, The Iceman on the other — are a contrast in their setting. One is trying to get a feel for Flyover country; whereas the other is set in NY.

    Shannon made some stupid comments against Trump, back during his campaign, along the typical lines of “what kind of assholes want to close the border?” In other words he is a liberal. His parents are entomologists and he is from Canada.

  37. I agree the last woman probably has the best white genes. She is pretty attractive the more I look at her. She looks like the one I would get along with the best, although the second woman might be cool too.

  38. Good ol’ elk and your deep wealth of knowledge regarding coprology and the scatalogical arts.

    Are you still sitting down, on the toilet, or haven’t I taught you a thing?

    The correlation between overall health, and bowel regularity, is not to be denied. They go together like Shanana nana nana and Doo bitee whop do whop

    [yeah I just made that up]

  39. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed a new trend among ” people of color “. Basically, it consists of blasting ” music ” from their cell phones while walking around in inappropriate locations for said activity. For example, airports, grocery stores, and so forth. The indignations we put up with.

  40. They initially wanted to go by “the Bangs” but then softened it up.

    If they were forming up today they would probably go by The Bengals, with the accent (but of course) on the SECond sylLABle, so as to be mysterious and oriental, and like tigers. (I wonder if that name is still available; it would be very 80s retro … )

    For anyone still following the remnant TRS podcast scene, what’s left of it — and it’s not all bad — Stryker apparently referred to Tuscon Arizona by pronouncing it Tuscan Arizona. Unironically. Levels of authentic prole-dom that shouldn’t even be possible!

  41. “It’s cause they don’t have bangs. So, they bang the loud music.”

    Despite the fact that this was already a great day, that comment made my day.

  42. “His parents are entomologists and he is from Canada.”

    Has this sentence ever before been typed? LMAO what a treat.

    This thread has given me real joy.

  43. Has this sentence ever before been typed? LMAO what a treat.

    Haha, as a matter fact Canada’s band, the Tragically Hip, whose singer died last year, this was one of their things, they would try to weave into their songs a phrase that had never been put together before. Like a lot of bands, they were awesome in the 80s and then got a lot gayer.

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  45. The decline continues.

    – Two Ivy League schools drop ‘cuturally biased’ standardized test requirement –

    ” Two Ivy League universities have announced that many graduate programs will no longer require the traditional standardized Graduate Records Examination testing requirements for applications, citing reasons pertaining to “diversity” and concerns that such tests are “biased” against minority and low-income students. ”

  46. The best role Michael Shannon had was in Shotgun Stories. Filmed in Arkansas by the same team that later did Mud, it’s about two sets of three brothers from the same father from different marriages. They live on catfish farming and land farming and they hate each other. The younger farmers are a little more wealthy, with land, and act the part, and their mother sides with them (dad is dead); the older ones are poor neer-do-wells at the catfish ponds. Shannon plays the oldest bro of the oldest set and does it perfectly.

    It’s fantastic. There’s a chaotic sub-character who knows both families and fosters resentment between the two sets whenever it’s needed to move things along. A great country blues/Americana-inspired soundtrack too. If I was up on my classic and classical literary references, I’m sure it’s chock full of them, with Willy the Skake up front.

  47. An Englishman, an Irishman, and a Degenerate walk into a bar …

    (The Degenerate in question is the youtuber Dangerfield, expat English based in Cambodia.)

    The Irishman is Keith Woods, who has also moved to Cambodia, though he insists it is only temporary.

    They cover a lot of ground.

  48. In the Bitchute link above, Morgoth takes Dangerfield to task for his seeming hypocrisy, seeing that he is in Cambodia with an Asian woman and wanting to have kids, and at the same time advocating to keep England English. Dangerfield explains himself. Dangerfield has a complex emotional maturity.

    The better discussion they have though, is about degeneracy and how the DR is always status signalling against it. Dangerfield says it puts off the kids.

    Woods chimes in that we can’t vote into effect, a new morality. (It may not be Cambodia, in which Woods is at but it’s somewhere in that part of the world.)

  49. One way to listen to that super-long podcast is to play an epic [epic in the literary meaning of the term] rock song in another window at lower volume and listen to the gents talking with non-American accents. Play “Purple Rain” with particular attention to its great outtro, then GNR “Don’t Cry” perhaps.

    I skipped ahead to an obvious point Margoth is making, which is the problem of there being a Western diaspora in an Asian country — “won’t those Cambodians get sick of you and kick you out?” Sex tourism is 95% tall tales, 5% well-leveraged foreign males skewing the local sexual/marriage market to the disadvantage of the local men who intend to play by the rules. How much of an impact it makes, I’m not sure about.

    But in principle, the host country’s government is well served by making the local police look the other way when the local boys deliver a message to the unwelcome visitor. In the waning Age of the Merchant, honor is increasingly important.

  50. There is the observation that southeast Asians have a Latin American-style “mejorar la raza” attitude to their female compatriots’ marriage to White men. From the perspective back in the White country, it’s all good as long as those men remain expats at the good graces of their exotic host country. “Peorar la raza.” Northern Blood goes brown when the men bring home brown wives. [In contrast, mudsharks’ children tend to get reabsorbed into the black race.]

    As to intra-European mixing, there are powerful reasons to oppose it on grounds that it dilutes the integrity of cultures into a globalist-generic “white.” There is the line of thought that it doesn’t matter because the groom’s nation is the winner in an inter-ethnic marriage, but it’s not so simple. The mixed-heritage children can identify with the mom’s background, in my observation, when the mom is Celtic, southern, or eastern European, more than with the dad’s heritage.

    An early comment in this tread linked to a video of two Europeans being executed in The Congo. I read a bit about the woman who was shot. Spaniard dad, Swedish mom. And a deracinated globalist girl who traveled to Africa with some NGO to promote feminism.

  51. ” And a deracinated globalist girl who traveled to Africa with some NGO to promote feminism. ”

    I guess her body her choice, Bullets dont discriminate. Death, the ultimate form of equality.

  52. — Some of those years were pretty hard, some were legendary, some were marked by suffering and some were filled with joy, but through it all, you have always made us proud!

    Thanks for that link Amon, by the way. Some of the things that took place in the mid-1930s and beyond I remember from the stories of my late Grandparents. The present time is a return to greatness. We have huge shoes to fill.

  53. I have no problem with some one living in Southeast Asia and talking about forming an ethnostate. We all have to get by in life. However, it very much emphasizes the point of how much we need normal people in the long run. Living in an ethnostate (such as Poland) is still just life and I doubt it is exciting most of the time. Too many people like this man will not make a well run, harmonious country.

  54. ” Living in an ethnostate (such as Poland) is still just life and I doubt it is exciting most of the time. ”

    Yes, it lacks the ” excitement ” we all get living with ” people of color ” . So boring ( sarc )

  55. ” The present time is a return to greatness. We have huge shoes to fill. ”

    However, you dont return to greatness by allowing foreign troops to be stationed in your nation. There’s a word for that, starts with ” O ” .

  56. White women must be the dumbest females on this planet. Keep going overseas ladies, your
    ” pets ” need you. As a side note, there’s plenty of poor whites in Appalachia, South Africa, and other places that this woman could have gone to help, but you dont get SJW points for that, do you ?

    – Cops in the Dominican Republic name six arrested men in the brutal killing of US teacher Patricia Anton –

    ” The neighbor also recalled Anton as a friendly and respectful person who would often share her own money with the less fortunate in her community. ”

  57. That’s a classic old stock American phenotype, on the deceased. Not sure about the last name though.

    US teacher Patricia Anton —

  58. W/o doing the internet research to make an intelligent guess, was Ms Patricia Anton down in the Islands as a sex tourist, or not? Was she actually getting black dick?

    My guess is no, she was not. Her face is too UMC.

    But on the other hand, it’s sort of irrelevant; either way they love love love the attention, and the pedestalization.

  59. Face looks Dutch. Patrician features. The short expensively styled hair is a lib tell. The smile too, very comfortable and confident. A touch patronizing.

  60. Movie Review- spoiler alerts

    Terminator latest movie.
    Feminism we’re powerful, we don’t need no man, until the climax scene “MAN, DO SOMETHING!!!! SAVE US!!!!”

    They tried the well-used older crotchety mentor and young buck type of character dichotomy, forgetting that when women try to do this, it isn’t cool, they just sound fucking bitchy.

    2 hours of bitch bitch bitch bitch, just bitching at each other, I was like, wtf is this? Eastwood has been in a zillion of these types of movies, as the crotchety old man and it’s FUNNY. Women are not funny. They aren’t mentors or leaders. They can do the identical shit men do and surprise the outcome is not the same. This movie was oh look the women are really powerful, the wise old veteran, the young cybor’d up superwoman, and the future hispanic leader of the entire human army. Instead they got old hag, young cunt, and spic i didn’t give a shit about. Like really I didn’t care about any of them. Middle of the movie, they go visit Arnold and he, again playing a fucking robot basically, is more entertaining than all of them put together. And I liked Linda’s character in T2 (greatest action movie ever).

    I didn’t pay to see this movie…NEVER pay to see a movie even if it’s a good one. Fuck hollywood, it needs burnt down.

    women need to be tuned up. used to be a time when that happened. I see it in jiu jitsu the first time any of us guys opens it up on one of them, shit, not even 50%, just maybe one little push of actual intent and their eyes go pie plate. watching them get flustered and stymied by brand new guys who have no skill and just go 100% (smaller guys) is hilarious.

  61. “just maybe one little push of actual intent and their eyes go pie plate.”

    I did this to my lady on our second date and she literally fainted. CH did a feature post on my comment about it. shit was hilarious. (she’s tame now, and doing what a woman is supposed to be doing.)

    it doesn’t take much to get them on the right track. it’s literally like Trav says, a small nudge of masculine intent and the whole empowered woman myth folds like a cheap wonder woman suit.

  62. Haven’t heard about Giletes Jaunes in a while but a year later the uprising is going on. This Twitter account has recently posted a number of short clips showing French cops gratuitously abusing protesters. Wtf:

  63. “Charlie’s Angels” remake is flopping too. Imagine that. Or that when communists infiltrate the Church and install a senile marxist (at best) pope, people dont buy his homo message like they’re supposed to!

    Women get the saucer eyes when they learn, hopefully in play and not by way of assault, that they have nothing of an adult man’s speed, strength, and punch absorbancy.

  64. On the leftist takeover of a venerable institution or franchise. I had a blog post about that last year: the Left follows Power, the Right follows Truth. It’s all reducible to that.

    This is why shitlibs are always surprised when the nominally Right-leaning normie public doesnt worship a converged institution like they were supposed to. So the leftist secretly removed a pious man of God from the head of the church and replaced him with a demon tranny. The leftist thought “Success! The one billion mindless religious robots will now worship me!” But those 1 billion nominally Right normies just sort of tune out, go to church less often… and the leftist has no idea why people don’t respect him like they’re supposed to. He’s wearing the skinsuit of the venerable institution, damn it!

    He’s got the Harvard degree, which no longer evokes the awe it did before admissions favored affirmative action SJWs. She’s a military officer, damn it, respect her even if she’s a slovenly dyke! She’s a Charlie’s Angel, call her sexy even if she’s a fat goblina in Farah Fawcett’s 1970s role!

    In all of those situations in which the leftist finds himself holding a devalued skinsuit of a venerable institution and is bewildered by why it no longer confers its old power…. he’s been projecting the Left’s worship of power onto nominally right-leaning normies who instinctively, and in a normie’s muddled way, worship Truth instead.

  65. “they have nothing of an adult man’s speed, strength, and punch absorbancy.”

    or wit, intellect, and/or voice projection. those should be a man’s first choice when projecting “intent”.

  66. That woman looks smart, nice and competent, but I definitely sense a lot of confidence. I bet she could be very stubborn at times. I imagine she was down there because she had a lot to offer and she didn’t feel that living in Minnesota was enough of a challenge. I get it, although I’m not really that type. She probably enjoyed the warm weather too.
    The locals she interacted with at the school were likely the nicer ones. She may have been unaware of how dangerous some of the other people were. I doubt they were hanging out at the school. It’s a terrible way for a woman’s life to end and it is also somewhat embarrassing to her family. Her husband even said she would hate being the poster child for why not to visit the Dominican Republic.

  67. This is guidance beyond what ordinary people are ready for, but I would refrain from any proactive contact with even the controlled parts of the Third World, such as closed resorts in Jamaica and elsewhere. There are better alternatives in the Carribbean, if you must. And frankly, you get an astronomically better environment in parts of gulf coast Florida.

  68. I agree. This woman had 3 young adult children. There weren’t any grandchildren mentioned, but I imagine there might be a few in the near future. Those kids are going to be deprived of a healthy, energetic grandmother.
    I know people say the danger in those places is exaggerated, but honestly it’s very hard for a person to tell based on everyday interactions. The criminals are not going to come out and make their intentions known until it’s too late. They are likely to stay in the shadows until they are ready to make their move.

  69. It’s not even a question of criminality, or not. They are Other, and don’t value your life the way they might value one of their own tribe, if they value any life at all. There will always be plenty of virtue signaling white wimminz to rape and murder. An easily expendable thing.

  70. There’s the saying that youth is wasted on the young. But when is any great thing valued for its intrinsic self? Democracy is often wasted (ballots not being served) but if it’s taken away for whatever reason there would be much ruing and lamenting.

    Finally, look at business. Business is often criticized — the way the young is, because both youth and the big corporations have the future — but they serve the Public ultimately, because of the innate goodness of both. I’xx support the Corporation as I’xx support the young.

    — X.

  71. “Those kids are going to be deprived of a healthy, energetic grandmother.”

    Over time I’ve come to feel contempt for Whites who go out of their way to do anything nice for nonwhites.

  72. “Over time I’ve come to feel contempt for Whites who go out of their way to do anything nice for nonwhites.”

    I have come to feel the same way. That Zaida Catalan clip posted above is tough to watch, but truth be told it left me just wanting to gas everyone in the video. I don’t even need to know the backstory—there is no excuse for that White couple to have been in that shithole.

  73. I no longer give to charities, or donate even clothing or household goods, because in the long run, what they aren’t throwing away, they’re giving to our demographic replacers.

    I was trying to explain this to our kids. We don’t give to certain charities because of how they manage money, etc. There is *always* someone with a hand out, every single day at school, at the grocery store, every where they go, and we only have so much to give, so we choose wisely. The race aspect is almost ready to be discussed, but kids repeat everything they hear, and I’ve got to be sure they have good filters first.

    I am at a point where I don’t tithe to my church. I’m a bad Catholic, don’t go to mass because I’m tired of the simp message. There is one priest who visits now and then, and I like him, he’s no nonsense and has intellect, and says uncomfortable things. The parish seems to have endless drives for money to give to the Gibs class, and soothe us with tales of Good Samaritans and verses like “I was naked and you clothed me.” I’m through with it.

  74. Rowan,

    For years, I’ve been the same way when it comes to Church. When my kids were younger, we just didn’t go, because I was so sick of the weak leadership and faggy message. As my children have gotten older, I’ve made the decision that I have a responsibility to pass along the faith of their ancestors to them, so we go to church. However, I do not give them one red cent, and I’ve explained to my kids that I won’t financially support the Church while they are complicit in the demographic replacement of our People. So, I proudly pass the empty basket on Sunday.

    My new project is to try to make the Knights of Columbus live up to the label “right wing” reactionary group. Of course, one has to hide one’s power level, and it won’t happen overnight. But the old Boomer leadership is dying off and these organizations are ripe for takeover.

  75. On the Church- PA, communists didn’t infiltrate it, faggots did

    Same as Boy scouts.

    On the 3rd world and criminals.

    ok, let me help people out here- you don’t understand 3rd worlders OR criminals.

    Many of these people do not even have any intent to rob, murder, kill, or whatever- it’s something that just manifests itself suddenly as if by demonic possession in most of them. There was a story about a tattoo parlor white couple hanging out smoking weed with some nogs they knew in the parlor after they closed. Nice guys I’m sure, repeat customers.

    At some point one of the nigs goes to the car and gets a firearm and then robbery and murder ensue. How tf does this happen? The nigs didn’t sit around scheming all day; they don’t DO that. They’re not capable of it. It was a sudden impulse. They themselves did not even know probably until right before it happened that they were going to rob and murder the white couple.

    THIS POINT is precisely WHY every fambly member say “he was jus a good keeyud, in the wrong place at the wrong time.” That is literally all it takes for them to end up doing a homicide- circumstance. You can never tell with these things when they are going to erupt into violence.

    The Lululemon murder in bethesda- this white chick worked every day with the nig who brutally beat her to death. You think she even vaguely suspected any of this? It was that the nig goes into an uncontrollable base state of rage or murderousness and it does not even know why it’s there or how it got there. It’s the jungle coming out of them. Likewise with the aztecs. Many of these murders are simply horrific in the level of violence displayed at the scene, up to and including corpse desecration.

    They seem like perfectly good people, because they ARE at that moment. There is no scienter lurking behind their mask; they have no mask. They aren’t that sophisticated. But like a pitbull they are prone to randomly, suddenly snapping and mauling you. Dr. Jeckell/Mr. Hyde shit.

    These are NOT WHITES where you can acquire a level of trust based upon experience gleaned over the course of months, years, whatever. Where you can say “he’s not like that.” They are virtually ALL like that. The demon will grab them like it does that dog that was a second ago totally docile, and out comes the jungle and they’re suddenly without warning or foreshadowing, beating you to death with a random object.

    Their eyes look dead for a reason.

  76. Deus Vult, I do attend mass, sometimes…just not often enough to feel like a Good Catholic. When that intellectual priest offers mass, we go, but my parish is small, and he visits to help with the mass schedule. It’s not a regular occurrence.

    I maintain a faithful home, as much as I can. Not super trad, but we say morning and bedtime prayers, Grace before meals, and our Christmas decorations are not remotely secular. I follow some old Polish traditions too, or at least the ones I know from my childhood. The tree is for Christmas Day, not the day after Thanksgiving. Advent music until December 24. Traditional Wiglia foods, straw under the cloth, the empty plate for Christ, the extra place set for the wanderer or the poor. Oplatek, the Vigil Mass, and the crèche gets Jesus after midnight. I’m getting tears in my eyes thinking about how beautiful it is and how happy I am to pass it on. No one in my family does this any longer. Maybe I’m fighting a losing battle.

    What I get, from the standard Catholic/Churchian pulpit, is that those traditions don’t matter. Those traditions made you. They made me. They matter.

  77. ” I follow some old Polish traditions too, or at least the ones I know from my childhood. The tree is for Christmas Day, not the day after Thanksgiving. Advent music until December 24. Traditional Wiglia foods, straw under the cloth, the empty plate for Christ, the extra place set for the wanderer or the poor. Oplatek, the Vigil Mass, and the crèche gets Jesus after midnight. I’m getting tears in my eyes thinking about how beautiful it is and how happy I am to pass it on. ”

    I applaud you. Bravo !

  78. Yo you guys, did it ever occur to you that (A) the governors want us to eat the maggot burger and (B) beginning twenty years ago, people get an illness from tick bites that prevents meat digestion?

    Am I tin-foiling? Pump my brakes if need be

  79. Only a lil bit, INDY. On a continuum, most of us are with you.

    I haven’t seen (retroactive or current) a Hollywood death, or everyday health concern, that doesn’t give me pause.

    Live as close to nature as you can. It’s all I can offer.

  80. Ricky Nelson died in a plane crash, along with so many others of his stripe.

    Some poster at BBS was explaining that it wasn’t Courtney Love who had Kurt Cobain set up and killed; that that was mud in the water, a distraction. It was actually David Geffen, the jewish record exec to whom he was contracted, and to whom he was sort of managing to get the better of, despite said contract. And this: Apparently John Lennon, before he was killed, was in the same position vis a vis Geffen.

    I don’t do internet research and can’t vouch for these “conspiracy facts” but it does seem suspicious. Both Lennon and Cobain were the voices of their generation (to use the hackneyed cliche) and they also happened to be in a contract dispute with the same guy?

    And now what we know about how they like their symbolic sacrifices. How many of those rock-and-roll plane crash deaths, such as Ricky Nelson’s, were not accidents but rather sacrifices.

    For what it’s worth, Nelson was ‘the real deal’ and had that certain something: the combination of talent and sensitivity. He was also the child of the famed Ozzy and Harriet, who had their own 50s tv show and from whence the meme.

  81. Elk, there isn’t a celebrity death that isn’t suspect unless the vic was 92 and had a heart attack… and even then, “natural causes” is a BS reason.

  82. The 27 club.

    Was Oliver Stone trying to tell us something? The ending scene in his early 90s The Doors had a strange male figure walking through Jim Morrison’s apartment after he died in the bathtub.

  83. Regarding bangs: I truly had NO IDEA they were considered slutty. I came of age in the 80s, we all had them. Guys had them! Now that I’m past 50 I’ve adopted them again. Think Anna Wintour, if y’all know who that is. It does not look sexy at all to me.

    Rowan and Deus Vult, consider attending an Orthodox liturgy. So far the Eastern Church has resisted the corruption that has eaten away at the Roman Church.

  84. ” How many of those rock-and-roll plane crash deaths, such as Ricky Nelson’s, were not accidents but rather sacrifices. ”

    Add to that Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix’s death and many others. Also, money is only one part of why they are ” sacrificed “. Read through this website if you really want to know how truly depraved and controlled by ” other ” forces the music industry has become, and maybe always was.

  85. On the topics of ruminating and music, lately I’ve done a lot of thinking about the scene I was into as a teen in the 80s.

    When most of my gen x “peers” were listening to MC Hammer, I was listening to Skrewdriver.

    Why did you gen x guys not listen to us in the skinhead scene of the 80s? We were clearly right. We warned you of all of this.

    For more than 35 years I’ve been outspoken about these issues. You wouldn’t listen. Now my family is at a disadvantage due to your inaction.

    It causes me to wonder what groups of young men exist today who are telling you exactly how it is and you won’t listen.

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