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Best kinds of comments under PeterSweden’s tweet are along the lines of “What a great example for the rest of us!” Exactly. The worst kinds of comments, and thankfully there were very few of those and I only saw them from European female posters: “I wish I could move to Poland.” Poland in the present moment is an example of a White Christian society that is free to be itself. This makes PeterSweden’s statement “feels like a normal country” mean more than it does on its face.

An anecdote from my most-recent visit there, which was three years ago. I was in the historic downtown of one of the smaller cities. My brother-in-law and I were at an outdoor table of a restaurant. Next to us were two men, maybe mid-twenties. They discussed something. One of them was passionate about the subject and the other was listening. For the first time ever in all of my visits to Poland, I felt that my SMV is behind the curve there. Age does its thing, of course, but that wasn’t it. Rather, after twenty years of my regular visits, I felt that… the young men there suddenly looked taller, better dressed, more intelligent, less awed by a shiny foreigner, more ready to give you that piercing look like they can make it hurt. They are healthy people who see the same global war on Whites that I do, encircling their country. The difference between me and them, is that I as a sort-of American represented a conquered people and they represented free men. What a difference that makes.

Poland had its 101st anniversary celebration of national independence today. I looked for a video from the Warsaw march to post today. I imagine that it will take a day or two for short, artistically edited, high-definition, narrated and subtitled videos to be uploaded to YouTube.

When searching in Polish by “marsz niepodległości 2019,” I mostly came across two- or three-hour-long reports from the march, or mainstream media discussion panels. Those aren’t blog-friendly format. I did watch YouTube Live from one of the news sources there during the march. A reporter among the participants in the march gave a street-level view. Being virtually embedded there as a viewer, from the vantage point of his cameraman, gave me a nice sense for what it was like in the march, among the participants. The turnout looked as massive as it’s been in recent years. The sky was overcast. It was cold, judging by people’s scarves and winter hats. Red-and-white flags everywhere like trees, the glow of familiar red flares all around.

The reporter raised my suspicion as to his motives. He approached people for short interviews. None of the people he walked up to were militant-looking or with aggressive banners. All were ordinary people, none carrying anything more than a Polish flag. He was evidently baiting them for “extremist” soundbites. No one that I saw took the bait. He asked a young couple, working class by appearance, what they thought about people who oppose their idea of Polish patriotism. The young man politely sidestepped that entire frame, simply saying that everyone marching today is a patriot, and that is a good thing.

The reporter then stopped to speak with a middle-aged couple that was standing among the spectators on the sidewalk. My translation of their short conversation:

REPORTER: How important is Independence Day to you?

WOMAN: [smiling] It’s the most important day after Christmas for us. That’s how I felt today.

REPORTER: It’s clearly very important to you. But I’d also say that this day is not very important in every home. To put that delicately.

MAN: I must say that having traveled all over the world, having seen all kinds of countries, having come across all kinds of different people and all kinds of situations, I am happy to have my own country. I am happy to be a Pole. It’s a reason to be proud.

“Normal country.” Ordinary people in a normal country aren’t going to be defensive or get in your face. Nor will they hem-and-haw like a normie-cuckservative who watches his words lest a non-lie slips out. What they will do, is patiently and politely tell you the simple truth because they are not ashamed of anything.

Meanwhile, when searching in English for “poland independence day 2019,” I got a lot of unedited, low resolution videos. Along with many foreign media films with alarmist headlines about the “far-right” and “nationalists.” But I did find a short, watchable video that gives a good snap-impression of today’s Independence Day march in Warsaw:

The formerly-Communist countries of Eastern Europe are in a better position than their western brothers to raise alarms — and to defy — the communism of our day. This is why the world, Poland’s well-wishers as well as those with malice toward that country, watches Poles celebrating their national holiday with such attention.

The communism of our day. You should look up the Pitesti Prison in Romania. Communist henchmen between 1949 and 1951 tortured Christians there. The prisoners were priests and nuns, seminary students, as well as Romanian patriots who refused to renounce Jesus Christ. The tortures were obscenely sacrilegious. True to the nature of the ultimate enemy, who mocks God. He mocks the beautiful and the true. That is what Satan does and that is what the men and women who serve Satan do.

All of the West is in a death-struggle against that Enemy. Satan’s mockery of human dignity on the “free” side of the Iron Curtain became blatant right after WWII, with the teaching of West Germans and Americans to be ashamed of who they are. The forcible desegregation of neighborhoods and schools has wasted so much. Such mountains of lies and hypocrisy now tower over us. Then the humiliation of Rotherham, the interracial agitprop in advertising, ads that groom children into homosexuality. The demon-transsexuals and their access to children. A mockery of the very God-granted human spirit.

This is why Poland is so unusual to Western observers. It is a normal country in which men are masculine and women are feminine. PeterSweden’s flattering comment about Poles should be as banal as an observation that the people there have two arms and two legs each. Yet it’s a startling observation because proper masculinity and femininity are under attack. Under these circumstances, Poland is paradoxically an extraordinary normal country. And so be it. It’s Poland’s task and honor to show that it’s normal to worship God and dream of a White Europe of brotherly nations. That Communism can’t be accommodated, as the countries of Eastern Europe have learned. That the works of the devil must be renounced in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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  1. @PA

    Quite difficult to explain, but your writing(s) led me to forgive Frédéric F. Chopin for all of his transgressively ventricose tomfooleries on the ivory motor. Formerly I sedulously avoided him. I’ve definitely made amends with the premature veteran and definitely appreciate that established Poland remains established Poland.

  2. Poland must acquire its own nuclear deterrent; such weapons are necessary, although not sufficient, to maintain its independence. A nuclear armed Poland would also be less skittish about its Russian neighbor, and less inclined to throw herself into the arms of the Sodom and Gomorrah (the EU and the US) out of fear.

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  5. Corvo, you aren’t wrong.

    Ukraine erred horribly in 1993 when they let Bill Clinton talk them into giving their portion of the former Soviet nuclear arsenal to Moscow. He promised them that US Marines would guard their borders and prevent future Russian dictators from attempting to recreate the USSR by force. Now an invading Russian army has carved off the eastern third of the country and is aiming for more. The Ukrainians should have told Slick Willie not to interfere in their internal affairs and removed him from their country then. They wouldn’t be helpless before the invaders now.

    And yes, it would be desirable, if it could be done in practice, to separate NATO from the EU and make NATO no longer the EU’s de facto army. Poland, Finland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Baltic States, they understandably have little faith in the willingness of politicians in Berlin and Paris and London to do more than bluster and then back down when Putin threatens to turn off the natural gas pipelines.

    The irony is that Russia today has a population of about 150 million, if that, and a GDP about the same as Italy or Brazil, plus an army of ill-trained and unenthusiastic peasant conscripts not even as well equipped as the one the Soviet Union had. Germany, France, and the UK between them have 50% greater population than Russia and nine times the GDP. NATO member states should be laughing too hard to take Putin’s threats seriously. Only… he senses weakness in the West, and he has the resolve to do whatever he thinks he must–and recreating the USSR, over the objections of the people who would have to live in it, appears to be high on his list–while European politicians snivel and whimper and stare at their shoes and ultimately accede to whatever his demands are this week, and he invades neighboring state after neighboring state.

  6. I hope you’re right about Poland. I guess I’ll believe it when I see noticeably elevated birth rates among Polish women.

  7. Nationalism depending on every nation state having its own nuclear arsenal?

    Is Ukraine capable of maintaining that high tech weaponry? Was the Soviet Union?

  8. Sidewalk cafes. Everyone wants these things but we can’t seem to make them happen.

    I don’t mean to go off topic; but sort of in the vein of sidewalk cafes: think of all the mall space, in the second and third-rate malls, that is “for rent,” and yet we can’t turn that into community space, when at the same time everyone is complaining about communities. Simply with ping pong tables (like they do in Russia) or old pianos. Just the obstacles and hurdles, to actually try and make something like that happen, are mind bogglingly impossible. America doesn’t even exist anymore.

    Great original post.

  9. @ “guest”

    The reason Russia bristles is the globohomo teeth in its flanks: Ukraine and neighbors, the Baltics, Syria meddling. US State Department has a vested interest in keeping every possible border country destabilized, as a ready pretext to swoop in and engage.

    Russia has the greatest possible incentive not to have a failed state in Ukraine right next to it.

    (USA’s demonstrated toothlessness in Syria has shown that (((geopolitics))) as usual has reached a tipping point. Russia doesn’t need a giant soviet-size army; they’re playing in their own backyard. US missile and aircraft development has basically stalled since the 70s, Russia is embarrassingly more advanced, and fielding the things in great numbers.)

  10. I suspect a lot of government officials are trying to focus on Russia to suppress the growing threat of civil war in this country.

  11. Funny; First thing I noticed in your translation was that it was in proper English:
    “It’s the most important day…” vs. “It’s most important day…”
    If this had been translated by the Reporter (who didn’t sound neutral), she would have used the no-the translation to add that tiny bit of “I’m a dummy” that comes across with incorrect grammar.
    Because they infect everything that they do with their hatred of normal people.

  12. “REPORTER: It’s clearly very important to you. But I’d also say that this day is not very important in every home. To put that delicately.”

    That’s obnoxious as can be. I don’t know what exactly was the tone, but those words are insulting.

    Serious question: In which homes, is [the] reporter implying that Independence Day in Poland in not important? Is she implying the quote unquote worldly, educated, population; the jewish population?

    In America, the exact same question would have a clear implication: it would be that to black Americans, Independence has a different meaning. In black America, they try to make Fourth of July into something black.

    It’s also worth noting that Fourth of July is still a big deal. It’s the last America holiday that has kept its head out of the muck; sort of, to some extent.

  13. Objective reporting on crowded sea forts: a musical rendering of the westernized Tao Te Ching, or an obliquely memorial skill? It would take a journo to truly understand.


  14. @Suburban_elk
    RE: Sidewalk cafes:

    In America, you can’t have a public space just for white people. It’s literally illegal. If you go to all the trouble of establishing some nice common area with ping pong tables (and it’s free to enter), you’ll soon have brown faces everywhere hogging up all the tables.

    It’s like how you can’t go to a public park without hearing loud mariachi music coming from some quinceanera party.

    In America, the only way to escape muds is with money. It would have to be an expensive private club or something. And even then, it has to be kept very quiet. if it starts to be seen as high status, wealthy blacks and Indians start clamoring to be let in, with Jewish lawyer backup.

  15. “True to the nature of the ultimate enemy, who mocks God. He mocks the beautiful and the true. That is what Satan does and that is what the men and women who serve Satan do.”

    He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

    “And at last it came home that his intent

    Was no less than their spiritual death

    By torture until they confessed that truth

    Was calumny, corruption was beauty,

    Infertility and sodomy their duty–

    The last, bastard, effeminate sons

    Begging for their humiliations

    Till extinction. Or were they scions

    Of civilization, and its champions?”


  16. That reporter was slippery. He approached people in a respectful way, but then he’d drop those antagonistic questions. Took me two of those impromptu interviews to be on to his m.o. As to who wouldn’t celebrate Independence Day… I suspect it’s the native liberals, who appear to have ceded the march to this “far right,” which is by and large just regular people. LGBTQP has been making a huge assault in Poland this year. Liberals (in every Western country incl. PL) rally around that.

    Now, how can generally normal people rally around homosupremacy and demon-tranzies?


    It’s got a lot going for it but it has its fatal flaw. If you want to crack a nation, you don’t need military hardware. You need to just inject a bullshit subject that will get people to turn on each other and fight each other.

    One would think that wedge issues would have limited potential. After all, to anyone who is not literally mentally ill… certain things are axiomatically right and nonnegotiable. Ethnic integrity: no immigration. Moral health: no bizarre sexual perversion.

    But there is something that (((they))) exploit: Pride. The bad kind. JJ brought that up in an earlier thread. Pride as the worst and most dangerous of the Deadly Sins. In this case, what the enemy exploits is vanity. The vanity and pride of liberals, who if not for this weaponized propaganda, if not for a Democracy in which people turn on each other, they’d just be normal people.

    At a time when we need closeness with our old friends and relatives, old friends and relatives are at each other’s throats over made-up bullshit issues.

    The liberal will not in any genuine way like the demon-transsexuals. What he will do is carry on like he’s a sophisticated adult, he gets the joke, not like those backwardsville rubes. Pride. Then you get the mob-effect in which mentally weak individuals join antifa and thot-journalists working for a foreign-owned outlet scoff the transphobes on a talk show panel.

  17. It’s typical passive aggressive behavior from their kind. They pretend to respect you, but inside they are seething with rage. It’s like when they say “I’m really trying to understand why you voted for Trump” and pretend they are going to listen to your answer. For the most part, I don’t see any point in giving them the dignity of a well thought out reply. Maybe just keep it short and sweet like these Poles did and then make it clear the conversation is over.

  18. Now, I can’t ascertain “from here” how widespread liberalism is in Poland. Even libs there strike me as patriotic. Ones who are involved in antiracism and such are highly visible outliers and probably of Jewish ancestry.

    The hard division that’s visible to me is between almost everyone there vs the minority whose parents were higher up in the communist party back during that era, who then got rich during post-communist privatization and later profitably ensconced in some layer of the EU bureaucracy.

  19. A video from yesterday’s march, Hopefully this posts.

    A tip of the hat to our southern / rebel brethren here. Watch it closely.

  20. ” Niggers are why we can’t have nice things in America ”

    Bravo sir. This was clear, concise, and straight to the point. I applaud you.

  21. “Niggers are why we can’t have nice things in America”

    This profound sentence clarifies at least 50% of the problems with the United States. If those fools who imported this farm equipment had any idea the bioweapon they would unleash on future generations…

    BTW, that last comment you made on the Empire thread about Arlington is perhaps the best description along with PA’s take on Arlington I have read. I worked there for 3 years and my Hungarian smokeshow GF lived there and was definitely one of those lefty liberal strivers which is why I grew to despise her even though she was hot AF and one of the typical tight-assed yoga pants wearers there.

    Anyone who wants to know what DC / Arlington is like would do well to read that post and your reply because they encapsulate this grotesque posturing area quite well.

  22. Right now, most whites cannot say “nigger,” let alone, write nigger in a social media context. Mere utterance of the word is de facto pretext for violent retaliation or instant job loss.


    A most simple question arises…

    If white people cannot and will not say, write or think “nigger” then it can be assumed that niggers do not, in fact, exist?

    Is this true?

    Do niggers not exist?

    And if niggers do exist, what is the purpose, aim and objective of brainwashing a dull mass of whites into forsaking all mention, thought or perception of said niggers?

    Hint: radical autonomy.

  23. “In America, you can’t have a public space just for white people.”

    You mean White people LIKE US. Consider public libraries.

    They were once places for the curious to enrich themselves, to learn, to make the whole tide rise and all the boats with it. For mothers and [non Union] teachers to stimulate fertile young minds.

    Today they are another form of welfare. Free air conditioning for street urchins and failures (and frauds) on Mental Disability. Agoraphobia keeps me from working, they say. Chronic pain keeps me from retraining to an at-home job. Got me a Marijuana card to help ease the burden.

    And then the drag queens.

  24. In the same manner that “blacks” will not differentiate between “white supremacy” and white Supremacy, liberal “whites” and conservative whites, racist whites and anti-racist “whites,” leftist “whites” will not differentiate between black, “black” and nigger. So, in the vain of “universal equality” is the attempted collapsing of Reality with all the Logos emergent to an intense articulation. The real primitive would have “us” think that the eyeing of the nigger profane when it is the exact equivalent of calling a scorpion a scorpion, a lion a lion or a Jew an anti-white Supremacist.

    In Clown World, you reframe the “game” or join the insane.

  25. I went to dinner last night with a number of Germans and was pleasantly surprised to learn most of them were pretty red pilled. Several agreed that there was a strong possibility of a civil war and that the invaders were destroying the nation. There is hope after all.

    Amon ra and Jay in DC, thanks for the shout outs. The DC area is one of my favorite places to mock. It is out of control.

  26. I worked there for 3 years and my Hungarian smokeshow GF lived there and was definitely one of those lefty liberal strivers which is why I grew to despise her even though she was hot AF and one of the typical tight-assed yoga pants wearers there.

    When I met my wife she talked that way too. I still tell her women shouldn’t be allowed to manage anything or vote. It shocked her at first but now she falls right into line. She is totally focused on her children and the thought of working makes her nervous when I bring it up to test her. Their feminism is unquestioned and a truism in their minds now. All it takes is to point out female failure and irrational thought as needed and it works miracles.

  27. “there was a strong possibility of a civil war”

    The sooner that civil war comes, the cleaner it’s going to be. The onus is on people in positions such as military leadership and executive branches to get things going. Communists worldwide are feeling their oats. They are opportunistic in nature. They thrive in resource-rich places where they are tolerated but they have no defense gainst direct action. An unchecked weed will spread until it’s pulled up.

  28. https://www.counter-currents.com/2019/11/groyping-don-jr/

    First off, as someone who hadn’t paid Don Jr. much attention, I am aghast at how far the orange has fallen from the tree. Why would President Trump’s son, who is a successful businessman in his own right, be caught dead on Kimberly Guilfoyle’s arm? Why would a handsome Prince of the Realm be dating Gavin Newsom’s 50-year-old sloppy seconds? Kim Guilfoyle is a year older than Melania Trump, and unlike the First Lady, does not carry the Balkan genes which have made Barron Trump a giant among men, being a rather unstable combination of an Irish father and a Puerto Rican mother. And when she opens her mouth? Hell sounds like that, friends.

  29. I was reading up about Donnie Jr via DS and couldn’t figure out why junior was stoop so low, unless he was just looking for some quick, low hanging fruit tail and she was convenient; which is just a wild guess on my part.

    She’s more plastic than Cher.

  30. Ah, Russia…Putin “senses” weakness. LOL. what, does he have the Force or something? Clairvoyance? You mean he can’t watch the political catastrophe in DC or the trannies in the military? What senses that guy has.

    Everyone can see the west is a fucking joke. We lost to the Taliban ffs. All they had was men. I remind every feminist I see of that.

    So, on Ukraine and the Deep State- here’s the deal so far as I can piece it together:

    Vindman’s testimony was very illuminating if you listened to what he was saying and stepped back and *really* listened to what he was saying [emphasis]. Trump’s transgression in his words was that Trump was violating the foreign policy of the USA – read carefully here – as articulated and decided upon by the “interagency.” The interagency or NSC, is the alliance of State, CIA, NSA, DOD, DHS, etc., Treasury too, who decide foreign policy collectively. HUD probably does not have a rep on interagency. IRS probably not either. Commerce Dept probably no rep there. This group sets foreign policy- they run the USA. Trump tried to go outside that and this is the source of the complaint- the firsthand people like Vindman went to Ciaramella or whoever tf this clown is, and used him as a focus point given his contacts with Adam Shitt to fashion the complaint.

    But it wasn’t about abuse of power it was about “national” security. AkA, what THOSE GUYS have decided is US policy. The “interagency.” The NSC. Now, you may say, wait I thought the President had plenary authority to set FP as articulated by the Const. Yeah, that’s on paper. In practice, what we saw with GWB and BHO is that the interagency (IA) sets it. And wars happen. And yes, it has been infiltrated by zionist jews like Wolfowitz et al.

    So, what’s up with Ukraine? Ukraine is the epicenter of corruption out there and used as a slush fund to pay off Legislators and executives whose rubber stamps were needed for the IA’s foreign policy to go forward. Manafort…what’s he in jail for? Ukraine. Who were his partners in that lobbying? Podestas. Ukraine gave billions to the Clinton Foundation. Every senator and rep who was necessary had his hand in this till and the IA was using Ukraine as a buyoff payer for votes and exec acts needed to advance “US Foreign Policy” as decided by the InterAgency (IA).

    Trump’s probably inadvertent ripping off of some bandaid alarmed pretty much everyone in power, the IA, members on both sides, anyone with their hand in this till, inc Joe Biden. Trump probably does not know about Ukraine writ large and was only interested in fucking with Biden. But the shit in Ukraine runs way, way, way deeper than anyone can imagine – remember, this is what they got Manafort for. It’s everywhere.

    Vindman isn’t sophisticated enough to understand what’s going on, he’s a mallothead, and he’s actually sitting there and drinking the koolaid of the IA’s power and how THAT is the organ of authority and how dare the President go outside that!?!? Not knowing that Ukraine is an iceberg tip, Burisma, all this, is the tip of a massive iceberg of corruption implicating anyone and everyone up to BHO, the leadership and many rank and file in CIA, NSA, DOD, and on and on. ANYONE who could cashed in on this. You will find “Foundation” contributions from Ukraine up and down the Congress Roster.

  31. Don Jr. is not as alpha as his father. That is usually how it works. Even so, I found him likable enough from what I saw on The View. He is far more mild mannered than his father. Kimberly does have a strong personality and maybe he needs her support. It can’t be easy being Donald Trump’s son right now, although obviously there are huge privileges that come with it too. She make an idiot of herself at the TPUSA meeting, but everyone does from time to time. Hopefully, she’ll listen to the constructive criticism and not act like that again.

  32. She has to realize that Don Jr. is a grown man and a public figure. People are going to criticize him, sometimes viciously. She doesn’t constantly need to jump to his defense. She was doing that on The View also.

  33. On Trav’s assessment, I largely agree. However there is one fundamental difference. Trump is a genius (ant therefore a globalist) and the Deep State functionaries are privileged useful idiots. Their shallow conception of power makes them the perfect performers.

    Let’s be Red Pill, shall we? A woman said: “She doesn’t constantly need to jump to his defense. She was doing that on The View also.”

    Oh, the pretense of no I in TEAM. As Lara partly said, Kim G. is making herself useful, but that’s not the damn point. The point is power. She is making herself emotionally necessary to Junior. If they wed, they will have more marital sex than Bill and Hillary had, and no one else. It’s always personal business with a woman, which is why Junior ought to act like a ‘grown man’. He’s a rich man trying to fill his daddy’s shoes. If he fails 90%, KG get a yuuuge age-adjusted prize. If he gets to 50%, its yuge in the women’s open challenge. The welfare of people interlocked within a system ain’t got shit to do with it.

  34. “Here is how “Critical Theory” works…

    1. Make false claims or misrepresentations about something.

    2. Apply falsehoods in propaganda to stigmatize target (person, idea, identity, etc.).

    3. Use stigmatization to delegitimize.

    That’s about it.”


    [15. This assault was executed via Critical Theory – a method of criticism designed to corrupt the perception of Western values, traditions, and institutions. The more people who perceive these things as oppressive, the more foot soldiers Jews had in their war against the West.

    17. This a priori characterization of White majorities as “oppressors” and non-White minorities as “oppressed” is simply an evolution of Marxism, except the bourgeoisie were re-cast as “privileged” White people and the proletariat was re-cast as non-White minorities.

    18. Whites were re-cast as the apex oppressors because they are the pillars of these “oppressive” structures and have historically posed the biggest threat to Jewish prosperity. The Frankfurt School was conceived to respond to Fascism, which was also promulgated by Whites.

    19. But this transcends race; any traditional element of White society is now oppressive: heterosexuality, Christianity, etc. Even within the White class, men are depicted as oppressive to women. All of this creates revolutionary energy by stoking antagonisms between classes.

    22. The Jewish media is now compelling people to sublimate with the “woke” movement. People are encouraged to be part of an oppressed class, and every minority class, whether they are transgender or gay, is directed to attack their prescribed oppressors and system of oppression.

    23. This has essentially programmed minorities to see their failures as a consequence of oppression, and the only way they can emancipate themselves from failure, is to emancipate themselves from their oppressors. This is not a system of equality, it’s a system of vengeance.

    24. Jews are dangling a phantom “equality” carrot in front of “oppressed” classes, completely censoring anything counter-narrative like affirmative action, biased college admissions, etc. According to Cultural Marxism, tolerating dissent is “repressive” and should be censored.

    25. Incidentally, Repressive Tolerance & Desublimation are theories of Marcuse. Marcuse was so impactful, he’s considered the father of the New Left social movement which was responsible for the protests of 1968 & catalyzed the Civil Rights, Black Power, Chicano, & gay movements.

    26. Some may say Jews aren’t using Cultural Marxism to bring the West to its knees, but if they’re not chasing Cultural Marxism in name, they’re chasing it in spirit. Whether they’re conscious of this is irrelevant; the outcome is the same: subjugation of the White majority] “

  35. I was in a wealthy heavily Jewish area of Florida last year. Every restaurant had outdoor seating. These restaurants were packed every night and there was not one rowdy black person in sight (just a few black waiters).

  36. yes on the critique of marxism

    every inequality in the dialectic is characterized as an oppressor/oppressed dynamic. that is the only way there can be inequality.

    Stop using his made up name tho, the man was Karl Mordechai.

    These people waged fucking war on Mendelian Genetics for fuck’s sake! Read about Trofim Lysenko.

  37. Junior did not show command presence at that crucial moment, on stage in front of a hostile crowd. He is no leader.

    It was a time a step up and he didn’t; he failed.

    What do they call those moments, those defining moments in life, when a man fails? There’s gotta be a lot of literary and poetic phrases for that.


    As we know, command presence is an important concept in the military. It’s exactly what is necessary in front of a hostile crowd. (It has other uses too.)

    And it’s exactly what Junior didn’t have. Daddy Trump will have been disappointed but probably not surprised.

  38. “…command presence…”

    @sub. elk:

    Was just awarded a Cold War helicopter made of antlers that crashed near Aveiro, Portugal at the dawn of the millennium. Using it for display; possibly an impromptu table for parties. Thought of you briefly as I varnished it.

  39. “Junior did not show command presence at that crucial moment”

    Good point. An Alpha pulls out an “only rosie odonnel” line under calm conditions and takes charge of the stage under a cacophony of shouts the way Norman Schwarzkopf did to bring reporters to heel.

    [Or like when Mike Enoch took charge of the stage when Richard Spencer was getting hit with challenging questions that one time shortly after cvlle]

    Don Jr. sat there with a bit of a deer in the headlights look. Maintained composure and strong posture, but lost control of his girlfriend.

    Was that a defining moment? Selective scrutiny, and all that.

    It’s easier to take charge when you believe in your purpose for being there. An alpha slimeball lawyer will tear into an honest witness to defend a scumbag client. So ethics/truth aren’t a prerequisite for leadership, but a belief that you must get an acquittal for your dirtbag client by hook or crook is.

    Don Jr. was there to push an America-Second narrative. He was also there to lend gravitas to that goofball Kirk. Unlike the above mentioned hypothetical lawyer, he didnt have it in him to take charge.

    A most-favorable interpretation – and this is speculation – is that Don Jr. is a man of integrity who happens to be a bit short of Alpha. In a situation where he believes in the mission, he’d have shown sufficient mettle.

  40. — Now, you may say, wait I thought the President had plenary authority to set FP as articulated by the Const. Yeah, that’s on paper. In practice, what we saw with GWB and BHO is that the interagency (IA) sets it.

    It’s said that libertarian economics only work where the entire population is honest.

    Similarly, the Executive branch as provided for in the Constitution assumes a United States that stays clear of foreign entanglements, just like George Washington advised.

    (And that the individual states retain a greater measure of autonomy and internal final-word authority. Aka federalism.)

    Once the US gets deep into the global affairs, it becomes impractical to continue a credible foreign policy when you have this mercurial flip of administrations every four or eight years. The monster bureaucracy takes on its own life out of this demand for continuity.

    So paradoxically, the stronger the federal government, the weaker the typical President.

  41. Brief history of the Independence Day march and why “in some homes” it’s not an important day:

  42. This blogger shows photos of the march and related activities that she took. Excellent photos. In some cases she provides short explanatory notes.

    There were two with leftists attempting to block the march and people clapping as police removed them.


    If there is a recurring icon particular to this year’s march, it’s this luminous cross. I saw it in other photos and videos as well. Photo by Julia Chodor of the above link:

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  44. Excellent pair of photos, via Western Rifle Shooters Association:

    The desecrated flag is then removed from view, pulled in through one of the windows.

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  46. Seconded!

    Bout time for me to call ‘er a night and this was a nice way to end what was a very ho-hum day.

    The fire rises, my fellow shitlords! We must stand and stay strong.


  47. What else would anyone expect from the tribe? After all, they yearn for the good old days under their Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin!!!

  48. Was that a defining moment? Selective scrutiny, and all that.

    It’s easier to take charge when you believe in your purpose for being there. An alpha slimeball lawyer will tear into an honest witness to defend a scumbag client. So ethics/truth aren’t a prerequisite for leadership, but a belief that you must get an acquittal for your dirtbag client by hook or crook is.

    Don Jr. was there to push an America-Second narrative. He was also there to lend gravitas to that goofball Kirk. Unlike the above mentioned hypothetical lawyer, he didnt have it in him to take charge.

    A most-favorable interpretation – and this is speculation – is that Don Jr. is a man of integrity who happens to be a bit short of Alpha. In a situation where he believes in the mission, he’d have shown sufficient mettle.

    True enough: There’s no reason that Junior has to let that moment on stage, define his life.

    On the other hand it was an Opportunity that he missed. And a huge one at that. What would Daddy Trump have done?

    He would have begun with one of his expansive arm gestures [is Trump part Italian? kidding: Celts have expressive arm gestures too; (but he’s no Celt either); what is his sub-ethny, exactly?] and said something like, “We hear you, and we have come to listen to your concerns. Let me start by saying blah blah blah All Americans, including the ones here … ”

    Letting that woman — and not just any woman, but a particularly SMELLY one — stand there and screech, is like wtheckin f? Doesn’t Junior even know about the manosphere? Long live! the manosphere

    The other angle that the fiasco (for them) revealed, was that they don’t read this part of this internet. How in the hell was Don Jr so clueless about things; how is it that he doesn’t have a younger man, one of these “zoomers” everyone is talking about! reading the necessary twitters and whateverelses, and giving him some REAL intelligence??! Why doesn’t he even know, what means real intelligence, in the sense of politics and conflict?

    How is it that Don Jr himself doesn’t exercise some exec-level judgment and foresight, and make an outreach to these people, his “enemies” (or whatever), about whom everyone is telling him, so that he can get a better read on things. That’s a major indictment of his skillz, as a public figure, as a pol, as a diplomat.

    He can still step up. That whole larger theme, of it’s never over until it’s over, is a good theme; one of my favorites! But however, he’s like 45 years old.

  49. From the picture, it looks like:
    Orthodox, jews, faggots, muslims, acid tripping japanese, star trek, Catholic.

    The acid trip and the trekkies, what are those for reals?

    Nice pic. Poland is fighting. Anyone who fights, wins.

  50. Here is a video with the desecrated flag being taken down by patriots to huge cheers. It starts just before the 1 min mark, goes to a bit after 2:00. I was wrong, it wasn’t pulled in through a window. That’s what I thought based on an earlier photo. It was dropped down.

  51. Yeah, the onus is on Don Jr. to reevaluate his situational readiness and such. The good thing is that in the past age of media monopoly, one slip could finish you. Such as Quayle’s “potatoe.” Now you can be photographed in the most unflattering light and come back from it, with the internet’s more anarchic buzz of video/sound bites. Your move, Don Jr.

  52. Once Kimberly started talking there was really nothing Don Jr. could have done. It was about as embarrassing as when Melania slapped Don Sr.’s hand away. No man can completely control a woman’s behavior. If you aren’t sure how she will act, it’s best just to leave her at home. Don Jr. needs to stop bringing her to every event.

  53. It certainly didn’t help that Qualye was always mocked for his age; parodied on SNL as a kid.

    Given the internet, everyone’s attention span has shrunk like crazy so it’s easy to rebound, if that rebound is boss status.

  54. Quayle is a puzzle. Why did the deep state via the media go so hard on him? After all, their boy/insider GHWB picked him and even kept him on his run for the second term.

    Triggered by his Old America good looks? He refused to have a pizza? He seemed like a good guy though a bit of a basic-bitch cuck; campaigned on “family values” in the GOP primaries a decade later. Not a natural politician, hence the gaffes and on-camera freezeups.

    Maybe he opened the forbidden can of worms with that “cultural elites” speech.

  55. It wasn’t until 15 years later, with Sarah Palin, that the media once more went into full-defcon character assasination of a mainstream politician as “stupid.”

    What were (((they))) threatened by? “Stupid” is what they call you when they lose their cool.

  56. Fuck don Jr, df is he, royalty or something?

    He was there to pimp for TPUSA and try to use the Trump name and this absurd worship of the guy to sheepdog the white people in line behind Israel and immigration.

    It all comes down to this- the “conservatives” say there is NO room for white identity in conservatism. This is all you need to know

    and yes they will shill for israel and whatever business interests want brown sludge for cheap labor. This is precisely WHY people have left so called conservatism. It’s like leaving christiantiy when you realize the institution of it contains nothing for you

  57. @Anon
    “When smelly Orthos get this happy about something, it cant be good for the Goyim.”
    The reasons they support him might not necessarily be good for us, but they might not be that harmful to us either. If they aren’t concerned about the big groups of white gentiles at his rallies, I’m not concerned about them.

  58. ” If they aren’t concerned about the big groups of white gentiles at his rallies, I’m not concerned about them. ”

    Where have you been the last few decades ? They are very concerned about ” big groups of white gentiles ” gathering together and actually discussing out collective ((( problems ))). No these Orthos are ecstatic because Dump is one of their Goyim. A Gentile gift that keeps on giving. Is the US still in Syria ?

  59. Charlie Kirk is an obnoxious brat. I can’t stand when people say things like , “This is not who we are” or “This has no place”. The only person you speak for is yourself. If Charlie isn’t into ethnonationalism, fine a lot of people aren’t. Him trying to control everyone’s else ideas and speech is where he is wrong.

  60. easy talking point-
    “America is an idea”
    lol wat? So do or do not muslims support gay rights, feminism, porn, and liberal social values? Then why do they bloc vote democrat?

    Replace “muslims” with “blacks,” “hispanics,” or any of the other so called “natural conservative” groups. For fifty fucking years we’ve heard this shit about how they’re ALL natural conservatives yet their bloc voting has not changed an INCH.

    Show me ONE fucking state that turned red from blue as a result of foreign immigration.

    Oh Vermont is blue? Massachusetts is? Very high jewish population AND white people WILL vote for ideas. Other races will racebloc vote.

    The bulb muslim somali – clit cutting people – is a democrat.

    this fucking idiot Kirk and all the “conservatives” have watched their party and their ideology go literally EXTINCT in California – the state of Raygun. Demographics isn’t destiny??? Then WTF IS IT?

    California is large enough in population and economics to be its own country. We’ve SEEN with our own two eyes what demographics do and what nonwhite immigration does of “natural conservatives.” It renders actual conservatives powerless then nonexistent.

    But no, the sun will rise in the west tomorrow, just trust these TPUSA fucks and DON JR because his last name is TRUMP and you MUST SUPPORT TRUMP.

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  62. Will we ever escape the Jews? The US is blatantly a Jewish dominated country. The people (the only ones the founders said could vote) voted for Hitler. It’s all so obvious.

    Show me one story that’s not about Jews. One.

  63. One last hope: If Trump wins in 2020, he will finally act expressly for his white base. That means naming the Jew-Negro problem and doing something about it. He needs to say McCarthy was right and we were (((duped))) into fighting the wrong side in WWII.

    We need world changing speech.

    I hope Trump is impeached and convicted. Then we’ll see what happens next.

  64. There are two Americas; rural and non-rural. They are incompatible and their differences are irreconcilable. They need to divorce.

    Those believing ‘one can’t have nice things in America’ has never been to our vast rural areas. We have an abundance of private facilities such as Elks, VFWs, American Legions, Moose lodges, Eagles lodges etc. We have many neighborhood and church gatherings. One needs to think beyond ‘public’.

    The threat to our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness comes from the central government which was established to protect such. That needs to go too.

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