The Midwit Tough Guy

A remark in the comments, about an older man: “His generation, which is the boomers, will not reevaluate their position.” About that. My previous blog post was graciously linked by an unfamiliar to me 2A forum. Right off, a commenter there declares “Fake news. Photoshop.” So other forum participants post articles about this airlift of Africans to Germany and one posts a Twitter video to prove its authenticity. Elsewhere that same putatively conservative boomer dismisses someone as “an antisemite.”

I saw a lot of that in the Army, where we young GenX soldiers were subject to this subtle and not-so-subtle globalist indoctrination. Sayings that circulated: “I don’t care if you’re white, black, or purple…” and “I don’t care about skin color, I only care about green.” “Green,” depending on context, could mean your uniform or it could mean money. As in, “You’re a sap if you care about race. You should be a tough-minded realist like me and only care about money.” Nice values there, chief. How much for your daughter?

And of course, the indoctrination about females in our ranks. “You’re a pussy if you’re threatened by women in the military.” [Well, I’m not threatened, I even had relations with two of them. I just think that they are detrimental to unit cohesion and to the Army’s mission… was the reply in my mind to the latest “Army Times” op-ed]

The Midwit Tough Guy. Men without whom all of our civilization would have collapsed on day-one. Indispensable. You want them on your side.

But they shouldn’t propagate philosophy unless it’s legitimate Tradition and only in their humble spheres in life because for all of their other virtues, they aren’t cognizant of the possibility that they might be wrong. Average Intelligence + Excessive Confidence = …

Most prominently these days, it’s the conservative midwit Boomer tough-guy. When liberated from his ancestors’ fear of one true God, when disconnected from his folk prejudice… he will hate globalism but will defend to the death globalists’ prerogative to devour our world.

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  1. “You’re a pussy if you’re threatened by women in the military.”

    I’m not threatened. Neither is the enemy.

    The Army isn’t a jobs program. It’s directed killing. Girls aren’t killers and the enemy knows it.

  2. my parents are boomers.

    lol…my mom just the other day started bitching about how those people treat her at some business they run. out in the PDX metro, almost all of the staff these boomers encounter are white kids working jobs that white kids are supposedly unwilling to do.

    so she goes into a place probably owned and staffed by bangladeshis or something and complains about how they treat her

    WELCOME TO DIVERSITY you fuckin boomers.

    as for women in the military, “I’m not threatened but I sure bet the enemy is lol”

    if they’re particularly dense have them point out a single war we’ve won lately with our wundertech army

  3. Got it in for the boomers, huh.

    You’ve been blinded. You can’t see that this boomer VS the younger generations stuff is a strategy to divide white people.

  4. Nah, it’s not a strategy to divide White people—Boomers have been doing that all on their own, what with slopping up all that globalist mumbo jumbo.

  5. @Mendo. I don’t see all that many boomers in antifa, bashing white people in the head and worse. More like your generation. 20 years from now, when today’s situation is going to seem like Garden of Eden, who do you think is going to be blamed? Not the boomers, nobody will remember them.

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  7. It really is surprising how deeply they’ve drunk of this Kool-Aid. CivNat lies are certainly ubiquitous but it only took a few encounters and experiences for those to fade away but for many of the Boomers in my life it…it’s in their bones! I was recently having a friendly exchange about history with an older Boomer of my acquaintance – a child refugee from Hungary as it happens. He reflexively included some line about “all people Americans” and I reflexively jumped on it. Probably a little too hard. But his reaction was one of sort of incomprehension, as if it were a major premise he had never even considered.

    Lara brings up a good point about her mother (and mine now): SOME of the older women are starting to get it. I’m very surprised at how red-pilled my Boomer mom now is and we both just sort of look at each other when my dad repeats CivNat paeans he KNOWS to be untrue but can’t cure himself of. A sad fate for a pathetic generation.

  8. There was a recent violent incident at the local high school aka “our beloved alma mater” that involved a weapon and made the news and someone was hurt but not killed. (The demographics of this school, are not what they once were.)

    But I said to the boomers at the AA club, upon hearing of this exciting local story, I said in my best faux amazement “The quality of the students, sure has gone down!” and it got a good laugh.

    However. I am CERTAIN that had I said “What color was the perp?” that they would have strongly disavowed.

  9. I got a lot of negative feedback on facebook ten years ago, for making explicit comments about “demographic change” which is the phrase I would have used.

    One powerful boomer made some hurtful remarks. This was in a local facebook group and we both went to one of the local high schools. The thread topic was the exciting new development on strip mall shitroad way: they were putting in a Kenny Rogers or some equivalent chicken joint. Sounds like a made up detail, right?

    I went for the cheap and easy joke about how it will be more popular with the newer residents! and got dog piled; though there were a couple voices of support.

    But big boomer strong, on whom it fell to defend our new black chicken fried resident neighbors, let me have it about how his ancestors were likely here in this country before mine, and that therefore I needed to STFU. He was pretty aggressive, and probably coulda kicked my ass (in high school). I do have an obvious Anglo name that goes back to the 1630s, in contrast to his Peterson-type Scandi name; but in spite of that it was a hurtful remark and I took offense.

    My response to him, on display in this community thread which was a very popular local forum, was that it was ironic that he was using his long family history in this country, to effectively advocate against the very population he was an example of. And then I made a joke about his intelligence, saying something like I could make the irony more explicit if he wasn’t following. I regret not challenging him to a duel. And now it’s too late.

  10. It’s the Lord’s work Elk–give ’em hell.

    I eavesdropped on one of these boomer tough guys at dinner tonight. Going on about some tuff guy based out of Abu Dhabi he knows, of the nee Blackwater outfit. Hilariously, he complained, “When Trump came in he cut these guys’ budgets so much my pal said to hell with it and quit”–though if I heard correctly (perhaps I did not) he wound up working “at State” which sounds to me like meet the new mission, same as the old mission.

    As he was insisting to his–son? hireling?–“it’s illegal for the government to assassinate someone” so thankfully the free market gives us helpful chaps like the nee Blackwater outfit to fill this all-important gap in killing bad guys abroad.

    I didn’t catch any overt professions of the joy of bringing all the alleged non-bad guys in, but I had my fill of boomer tuff bilge

    On a counter-note, some weeks ago I overheard two old codgers extolling the merits of the Russian S-400 SAMs. “Works twice as well as the Patriot system!”

  11. Speaking of restaurant tables . . .

    A few days ago I’m lunching at a different venue. Two fattyish gals at a nearby booth. The blonde would be perky at 30 lbs lighter. I looked at her face and when she turned to me I decided to hold her gaze for one indifferent, unsmirking but unflinching beat before casually returning to my work. My peripherals showed me she made a half dozen or so return looks in my direction over the meal but I declined to reengage. Her convo revealed she’s the mother of a six month old, and even irrespective of that I figured the gates of ego-gratification hell needed no reopening.

    Anyway her more obese, brownheaded companion is a frivorcee now doing some kind of coursework at a famous Evangecuck institution of learning on a “single-mom scholarship.” Do my wits deceive me or had I truly never heard of such a thing before? Since it turns out it IS a thing, I would think Dalrock’s probably talked about it a hundred times and while I don’t read there like I should I certainly have in the past. But as I sit there and hear the words “single-mom scholarship” it’s like listening to an oral recitation of Juvenal. What decadence!

  12. The evangecuck Kentucky governor with a quartet of Ethiopioid adoptees has, apparently, lost reelection. His wikipedia shows that his wife was a divorced single mom when they wed (this child later died in a car crash when she was 16 or 17, which itself makes me wonder just a bit–bad, druggy genes? Mentally unstable mom likely had an alpha fucks first husband?). Also he made captain in the Army.

    Good riddance. Hopefully that Haitian adopter bitch on the Supreme Court waiting list can get similarly nullified before doing any damage.

  13. Oh, one more thing–

    PA, more homework! Lawrence Auster’s much-promised posthumous magnum opus has finally, albeit with a depressing lack of fanfare, been published as “Our Borders, Ourselves”.

  14. ” I eavesdropped on one of these boomer tough guys at dinner tonight. Going on about some tuff guy based out of Abu Dhabi he knows, of the nee Blackwater outfit. ”

    I cant wait till these ‘merikan ” bad asses ” finally face some real opposition, for example Spetsnaz or Iranian SF. The ‘merikan tears will be flowing. Also, yes they were correct , the
    S-400 is giving the yanks nightmares right now.

  15. Almost overindulged on bulbously-impressionistic ‘I Love Lucy’ replays, dazzlingly restored in an intriguing western Ukrainian technicolour just after a cat-nap recently. In my favorite ‘schlepisode,’ Lucy and Ricardo are in a southeastern Viennese hostel for Saint Patrick’s Day.

    Together they slaughter an octopus in the hostel’s community shower and feast on its light purple corpse as they whistle Stravinsky’s sonata in F-sharp Minor between slur-perfumed wrestling bouts on the soapy edge of an 11th-century bathtub. Fustianly mind-blowing…

  16. Mid-wit boomer = follow the official party line guy (commie/nazi/liberal etc he’ll go along with it all if it comes from authoitah….).

    My real complaint about boomers is that they are the ones LEAST likely to vote for openly pro-white parties cause they are Nah-zee parties. Openly pro-white parties do well with younger (white) generations despite the media telling us they don’t.

  17. Gather round, children. I have a question for all my Yankee friends over there.

    Here in Gross Cuckstain, the 2 Deep State industries with the most highly concentrated vermin infestation – Advertising & perma Home Office – have got together to make a piece of repulsive, pozzed out lying cr…. I mean Public Service Broadcast at the expense of the WM taxpayer.

    Still concentrating, my friends across the Atlantic? Good. Now here comes the Qs:

    In this po… Advert is a warning against bad driving.

    Now assign the demographic (in letters) to the character (in numbers):

    A – A White Man
    B – A dindu Man
    C – A White girl
    D – A black Boy

    1 – the victim of a car accident
    2 – a passenger in a car
    3 – an obnoxious, angry, incompetent driver who causes an accident
    4 – a passenger of a car

    Just listed 4 ARSE lies. There are around 6 million of them but prolly illegal to list then all

  18. Blacks are not as good at high skilled driving. They can’t compete at the top levels of auto racing.

    I saw a bizarre sports channel type clip, about 10 years ago. It was the great NFL wide receiver Tim Brown, who is top 2 or 3 all time, talking about how he was personally involved in some Diversity Push to get blacks into Nascar. I am not making this up; and looking back have to wonder, how much at all Tim Brown himself gave a shit, about such a yay! happy inclusive venture; or was he more likely doing what his PR agent (or someone whoever) told him to?

    Come to think of it, this television feature was on Tim Brown himself. He also said something memorable, and pro White in a way, about the quarterback Jim Plunkett. Plunkett asked him, when they started working together, where (on his body) he would like the ball. Apparently Plunkett was the only qb to ask that question, of Brown. Brown replied that he liked the ball “on the numbers.” / boomer sports post over

  19. On.. everything.

    We all know these issues are related (that’s why so many snarkfests break out between churched vs unchurched, nat vs civnat, boomer vs the field, etc.)

    The entire concept of “progressivism” is basically an adherence to the idea of the perfectibility of mankind itself. It’s a largely Protestant utopian (and no, I’m not giving a pass to Cathcucks) ideal which appoints U.S. Whites as the vanguard in bringing about this perfection, especially to downtrodden afros. (The inherent premise of inequality is ironically lost on them.)

    Everything springs from this. Calls for prudence or any semblance of objective realism are then shouted down as debased and immoral (ermagod! Children in cages! Orange man bad!)

    You’re not going to get anywhere attacking someone’s faith (if you’re looking to persuade.) That’s a principle people view as foundational to their identity. You CAN present alternatives for reinterpretation. It’s evident in very recent Catholic history. Could Pope Benny and the queen libtard Francis be more diametrically opposed? So it is possible. That’s where you get ardent defenders of Catholicism like PA, holding seemingly contradictory views on race realism.

    Libtards have done us a big favor with the invention of White Privilege. Whenever I’m talking to a Catholic, I don’t attack their faith. I just ask them- hey both sides of the political spectrum agree on the facts. Afros are the very bottom of every category. IQ testing, income, employment, education. Course they score really high when it comes to violent crime and incarceration rates. There is no party or argument anywhere stating that niggers are a wealthy, imaginative, wise, creative people who would be a wonderful resource for any country (we only get that in advertising and movies). The only argument is over causal influence and social remedy.

    If they really believe these disparities exist as purely social consequence, I tell the Catholic he needs to therefore check his White Privilege. If not, and he rejects the notion of privilege based on skin color, then he has to admit there are biological factors as well. No need to abandon his faith.

  20. ” When they have no morals and principles, and have a nihilist world absent of any kind of virtues, people will desperately search for any kind of meaning in their lives, so they with find meaning in some kind of abstract/constructed identity that the elites put forward to them. So society balkanizes itself into these small tribes of identitarian groups, each thread being controlled by 1 faction of the elites, and all of them pitted against each other, viciously fighting each other on superficial issues, but in reality nothing is happening. “

  21. If you’re only average IQ, you see the world as being entirely average IQ like you. These are the rose colored blinders around your eyes. It’s disturbing to meet a shockingly smart university-educated man with a postgrad degree. Shockingly.

  22. FE, I respect that your thinking has evolved and I suppose still is or might, based on what others do not what others say they do. Kudos, brother. It’s almost like I said something and others expounded upon it. Good sign from my perspective.

  23. I know the type. When I was a newbie and didn’t know that it was dumb to listen to Mark Levin, I would often hear these callers with their doofy “big guy” voices addressing Levin: “Hey Mark, how you doin’!” No doubt they were big old white guys, 6’4″ at least, and, to be fair, some of them were probably gen x too. They sure sounded dumb talking to the seasoned crafty pro Levin, who would often “thank them for their service” before cutting the yokel off, but I’m sure these men were not dumb in their various technology fields, and many of them probably owned their own companies and were successes.

    I would picture them listening to this talk radio hogwash, probably in their den or their office after everyone else had left for the day, with a stern Pattonesque expression on their face nodding slowly to themselves in agreement with the shrill swill the “Great One” was spilling. The next day they would corner some hapless underling at work or a crony at the bar and inform him that “that radio host Mark Levin, he surely knows what ails this country.”

  24. Donald Trump Jr. was on The View today. I thought he handled himself well considering he was being attacked from all sides.

  25. Then Donald Trump Jr. is sanctioning by social consideration the ‘motley crew’ of The View the way Tucker sanctions libtard guests, their ridiculous options, and the lately implicated (((Dershowitz))). Maybe Tucker has no choice, but Junior–totally sucks eggs that he would validate them. Not surprised. This (((MO))) is tiresome, unless you’re a midwit tuffy et al.

  26. The “(p)erfectibility of mankind” was the proto-equalist’s “progressively”-regressive reaction to racist white man’s insatiable desire for (P)erfection, ie., objective (S)upremacy.

    The regressive cyst-stem, pining for the algorithmic totalitarianism of A.I., is perplexingly dependent upon a chaotic contradiction.


    Desire for (s)upremacy (by para-sighting).

    Rejection of (S)upremacy (in-forcing “universal equality”).

    Desire the “perfectibility of mankind.”

    Reject white man’s desire for (P)erfection.

    If high IQ programmers of A.I. will not acknowledge (S)upremacy within “the code,” A.I. and those driving “it” cannot attain (s)upremacy.

    And not even the numbest atheist nor most venomous anti-Christian can claim the immorality of striving for (S)upremacy and be taken seriously.

    It’s a simple fact of the neutral-free life…

    If one does not have their mind on (S)upremacy, one’s mind will shortly drift towards things “degeneracy.”

  27. “Donald Trump Jr. was on The View today. I thought he handled himself well considering he was being attacked from all sides.”

    I come here because I’m interested what a woman thinks about a television program.

  28. “…homo is added to mixing.”

    That’s a proposition J.P. Eckermann toyed with in this epigrammatic riddle he found in his bashfully-blistery Phanerozoic coachman’s doll house:

    Cast ‘Ecce Homo’
    In Socrates’s springs;
    observe storms’ spines glow,
    stalking what stars’ rattles bring.

  29. Huh. PA, not your best work. Disjointed. You sound like me when I think I’m smart after downing 1/2 a bottle.

    I mean, it all seems legit enough. Just, I’ve been learning that not every time I have a good idea is a sufficient reason to hit “Post”

  30. Usually best to launch one’s best work into the talons of meat-world; only Pope John XXIII has really understood this (with his exceptional sanctifications of Scriabin’s intimate operas.)

  31. @Doug
    “that he would validate them.”

    If anything, the opposite happened. He came across as calm and reasonable compared to Behar and Goldberg. McCain, whose whole identity seems to be being her father’s daughter, attempted to use shaming language on him. She accused Trump of being mean. This is a typical leftie (and womanly) debate tactic, if they are losing an argument you are just being mean. He acknowledged that some people’s feelings were legitimately hurt by his father’s words, but said basically if you take him on, be prepared for him to fight back. Don Jr. did mention the cuckservative talking point of creating jobs for African Americans. Whoopi flipped out. Good, let Trump see that doing things for African Americans may make him feel good, but it is unlikely to bring him votes.
    I can’t remember who, but one of the woman said that, unlike Trump, Obama has balls and can take criticism like a man. You could tell Don Jr. found that amusing.

  32. I don’t pay much attention to her, but I do get the impression Megan McCain’s all about supporting the U.S. military. As long as you are in the military you are one of her people. I can understand why that gives her a sense of security, but it doesn’t seem like a good long-term strategy. If you have difference races and ethnicities in the military there is likely to be a breakdown of solidarity. We’ve already seen examples of this. Also, I don’t particularly want to live in a society with only military people.


    The linked article has a lot of comments from preppers, including this one —

    I am reminded of a scene in “The Patriot.” Mel Gibson opens a tavern door and sees a rowdy, boisterous crowd within. He yells, “God save King George!” and quickly closes the door–a split-second before several people throw Bowie-type knives that stick in the door. Mel’s friend says, “These are not the kind of people we need!” Mel responds, “These are EXACTLY the kind of people we need!”

    The linked article is not recommended though. It’s about how California used to be cool place because it was a Wilderness and now it’s not anymore because, uh, liberals or something?

    The author is has the name of Rawles which is very Old West sounding name.

    The reason California is not the same place as it was, is because it’s full of people now, and further, these people are connected to and dependent on Industrial Society “and its discontents.” Their liberal politics are quite a bit downstream from that, I would say.

  34. In the argument I had with my old man, he said that it wasn’t going to happen, by which he was referring to Race Replacement.

    I have noticed that staunch establishment liberal types, boomers usually but whoever tf, will say this, in defense of their liberal position, when they are attacked for their implicit support of Race Replacement, or less inflammatorily, demographic change: They will say: That’s NOT going to happen.

    And then in the next breath, they will go back to condemning you, for arguing that it is happening!

    The contradiction there is pretty stark, but they manage to hold these two ideas in their mind at the same time, w/o realizing that they are opposed —

    1) Race Replacement is “NOT going to happen” — for instance they will say that England is Not going to become majority Islamic; implicit in this statement, is their support for not wanting it to happen

    2) Those who object to the demographic changes in evidence, need to “check their sources” and are otherwise deluded and or misguided and or bad

    So how do those who hold the Establishment Liberal position, reconcile these two positions w/o them being contradictory. They will say it’s not happening, and then to the extent that it is and has to be acknowledged, that it’s not actually a thing and not actually happening and to the extent that it is, it doesn’t matter and that you are still an awful person, and need to move up into a better suburb.

    I guess those statements are reconciled and not contradictory, to the extent that it doesn’t happen. What they don’t see, is that it not happening, is the result of the people they condemn, not letting it.

    Frustrating and tiresome!

    I like to imagine how these passionate supporters of Establishment liberalism, will, in their minds, never have been a part of the passionate rabid and mindless support of the Establishment position of race replacement, once its put to bed.

  35. I can almost…not quite forgive Boomers for that attitude, but at least expect that it’s The Way They Are, and those old dogs ain’t learning any new tricks.

    More frustrating to me are my GenX cohort of the Liberal variety, whom espouse the same attitude and hold the same arguments about race replacement. People who want to live in a Diverse Community, but when they find their White kid at the bottom of the social ladder and, though bright and intelligent, nevertheless suffering a low academic rank because the Hindus and Chinese are outperforming the Whites, say “we want Diversity, but we don’t want our kid to be excluded.”

    Head desk and so on. The phrase “I just can’t with these people” has true meaning, when confronted with such an attitude.

  36. Also of note, the Diversity they want is usually Asian of some variety. No one purposely moves to majority black or Hispanic neighborhoods in order to give their white children a dose of diversity.

  37. They will say, once things are set to right:

    See, what were you worried about? (I never wanted England to become muslim)

    Isn’t that how it will play out, if we prevail and defend our traditional lands?

    Interestingly, in the conversation with my father, what really set off the alarm bells, is the following language —

    Race Replacement
    Our Traditional Homelands
    The Lands of Our Ancestors
    Our People

    When you are having these arguments with your relatives over Thanksgiving (which is coming up), you know that if you want to start a five-alarm fire, just utter one of Those

    The irony of it, is that those are exactly the most best accurate phrases.

    Another phrase which is a good effective one to use in arguments: All Land is Sword Land

    Some people will like to deny this, but those people can be mocked as naive.

  38. It is facile to say “look what happened to the native Americans” especially on Thanksgiving. But it makes them uncomfortable. I’ll skip that part of the phrasing, and just tell them I can’t wait for the new majority to set aside land for me, and let me run a casino.

    I wonder if they’ll get it?

  39. I do get the impression Megan McCain’s all about supporting the U.S. military. As long as you are in the military you are one of her people.

    As long as that military is fighting pointless wars and not protecting US borders, Megan “Spare Tire” McCain is all for it.

    She’s blown up like crazy in just a handful of years. She was mildly decent was she was just sorta chubby thanks to her bosom buddies.

  40. ” The reason California is not the same place as it was, is because it’s full of people now, ”

    Actually, its because its full of the WRONG people.

  41. Rawl3s claims to have been military intel then seen the light around 9 11
    He often posts stuff in hebr3w and celebrates their holidays. Fuggin weird.

  42. California is the home of privileged, delusional 3rd worlders. Give a child an (((Uzi)))? Give millions of sheeple the power of State guns. What could go wrong? The cleansing fire is just the ambient equalization with the inputs of their cultural value: none. California was at its best when uninvited American vigilantes gave it civilized order. The history is remarkable really. Sorry I can’t let go of echoing in this chamber. I’d quit coffee and masturbation if I could too. I wlll never judge addicts trapped in this decline again. In other news, I did not know that M. McCain had put on weight. I love me some enemy information diet. ZFG.

  43. If your race is your father(s)…

    And father(s) give rise to population…

    “Race replacement” becomes a very passive-aggressive phrase.

    In other words, if white father taught white son that his most important endeavor was to become a white father, this represents the most basic approach their “race replacement.”

    Yet, a deracinated people steeped in anti-racism (against their father(s)) ONLY THINKS of “race” in the context of “population” as though white men had no duty to pro-create a POPULATION contra “replacement.”

    So the fundamental frame is broken on our side and the words and phrases used tend to hide this broken frame within the catastrophe that is anti-white (S)upremacy.

  44. Edit:

    In other words, if white father taught white son that his most important endeavor was to become a white father, this represents the most basic approach [against] their “race replacement.”

  45. That is an interesting line of thought Thor. However. The phrase Race Replacement is to the point, and well understood. And it definitely triggers the liberals. They know what it means, and it’s associated with the “Alt Right.”

    It’s derivative of “the Great Replacement” in French, and it was first widely used in the English Dissident Right by the legendary commenter Fred Scrooby at Majority Rights.

    On the personal I got a goofy story …

  46. … and though it’s “not a good a look,” here it is all the same —

    Drama day. This bitch at AA, for starters. But that’s not even the story!

    I go to Caribou, the local chain coffee shop, which is crowded this time of year, because nowhere else to go and hang out. I get a parking a spot and exit my manly four-wheel drive truck, which has manly accoutrements such as various gas cans and tools. Another car swings in, right beside and a little close for my taste. On the driver’s side on which I was exactly then, exiting. So I exit and sort of stand in their way (sort of maybe), and give them a look, but nothing too over the top. Inside the car it’s a White fat bitch in the passenger seat, and two or three browns, but 20-ish and soft faces.

    Anyways I leave it at that and go inside and get a drink — half calf Americano, small, extra room — and they don’t come inside but rather stay in their car. I kinda wonder what’s up and keep an eye out, and eventually one of them exits the car and places a bag in the bed of my truck!

    Well it’s on now! As I go out to confront he gets back into the driver’s seat. The bag is a grocery bag of random recyclable garbage. I go stand behind their car and start banging, but not to aggressively, on the back hatch. Eventually he comes out and I say to him, to remove the bag from my truck.

    He wasn’t a tough guy, and fairly pronto did what I told him to remove the bag from my truck bed. I coulda smashed him, easily, but not in front of witnesses, which there were at that point. He did what I asked and said something to me about not being an asshole. I got out of their way and as they drove out maintained eye contact and played it cool and raised my hand in a neutral gesture. The males seemed to be smart enough to know to let it go; and of course the bitch had an angry look and gave me the middle finger.

    I went back in and finished my drink, and it was sort of a scene, but nothing outrageous. All the details are true. Everyone is sort of an irritable asshole these days, sometimes it seems. They did cross a ridiculous line, placing something in my truck.

    Why do these things always happen to me?

    / scene

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