Looks like somebody is building an army


They are not airlifted into Europe to augment any labor shortages. They are not airlifted into Europe for humanitarian reasons. Those are absurdities that not even the enemy bothers to say anymore. It’s an army. The only question is, what kind of an army.

A. Recruits who will be taught discipline and trained in latest-technology NATO equipment in preparation for a war that is being planned to begin in central Europe.

B. Expendable footsoldiers tasked (to their delight) with terrorizing unarmed local populations in central Europe, backed by well trained and equipped UN/NATO personnel.

C. Something else.

The synthetic collapse of the Western world is happening in our lifetimes, right before our eyes. The 9/11 event was a Go signal. And so it strains credulity that there wouldn’t be a party in some kind of a position of power that isn’t operating in opposition to the horror-scenario that’s encapsulated in the above photo.

The armed forces of their respective nations will have their loyalty put to the test. European civilians will relearn guerilla warfare. Things really sort themselves out once hardware goes kinetic. History never ends.

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  1. CH domestically reflected on the same idea. Paraphrasing: Raising a foreign army with the explicit purpose to judiciously inject them into select states with the expressed purpose of overturning an election and seizing power would be considered treason in any other age. Yet that is the transparent, unifying paradigm of the modern libtard leftoid.

    PA, you’ve got a commenter who I believe lives in Germany. Smart guy. Usually enjoy his commentary. Wanna say it’s Carlos Danger? I’d be interested in his boots on the ground perspective. The real, every day costs. Erosion of social trust. How he insulates himself.

  2. I’m guessing the puppet masters think they can keep their invading army in check.

    How long until they ask for help at the very mess they created? Well, if there are any survivors on their end.

  3. army? nah, it’s just a bunch of poor disadvantaged children lol

    if it’s an army thank god it’s niggers, as they will be routed. anyone who thinks this group of coons is going to invade anything and have unit discipline…hahahaha.

    they’re just welfare leeches brought in to destroy white countries.

    this is our domestic and foreign policy- whatever jews want

  4. “History never ends.”

    This wild notion was ultimately driven home, for me, in that prosperously quadriplegic roué Paul Journoud’s dyed-in-the-wool, mystifyingly-polyphonic biography of General George Washington. It’s in an almost overbearingly Mesolithic French, but worth the punctilious used-tome hunt.

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  6. the only one smiling is the standing cuck.

    it’s infuriating beyond reason how the diverse never have any compunction whatsoever about their ungratefulness or arrogance, despite being given everything. it’s as if they want you to deal with them in a very non-white way.

  7. Imagine how Samson felt when he was like “Hey guys, do me a favor. Let me feel the pillars for a moment.”

    It must fave felt fuckin delicious.

  8. tfw the only men in Europe with the balls to mount a real resistance to this bullshit died fighting bankers’ wars a century ago.

  9. A lot of people blame the Grabbler wars for wiping out the brave-gene but I disagree with that. Picture any American or European 19 year old today. Now picture him raised in good tradition, trained, pumped up, given a rifle and told that those africans are zombie invaders. Whites are demoralized and badly led. Change that and villagewide lynching festivals will come back in style. It’s about who owns the institutions.

  10. If it were planeloads of slender young Ethiopian women, I’d assume that German pimps were ordering up a fresh batch of young flesh. That’s the case here except that the order comes from poverty-pimps, people who make their living helping the poor. The more poor people you help, the more you get paid, and when you can’t find enough poor people locally, you import them. It’s a lucrative racket, and it provides an outlet for the nurturing instincts of childless white women.

    The welfare state was originally sold to voters as a way to help their fellow Germans. In case the voters wise up and realize they’ve been tricked, Africans must be brought in even faster to vote against them.

    When I visited JFK airport in May 2016, the arrival deck was packed wall to wall with hundreds of black African Muslims in traditional garb. I figured Hillary was a lock at that point, but she apparently didn’t settle enough of those Africans in the states she needed to win.

  11. Been feeling a freedom to mock the lunatic left that not even Mark Dice ever felt.Our time is about to arrive. Keep the faith. AC knows his stuff. Let us never forget.

  12. Lol compare these shitkickers to Mehmed’s army. Then again, we aren’t the men we were at Belgrade either. Still, this is laughable that out of EVERYONE they’d try to use these jungle bunnies as an invading army. Tied head to head with Arabs as the worlds most cowardly cunts.

    You know what is the hard power behind this swarthy terror in Western Europe? The 6’3, jacked, blonde worthless vermin German cops with their H&Ks. That and the cat lady high command.

    Worthless German fucks always did love killing their fellow Europeans tho. Wouldn’t surprise me if they teamed up with this filth. Ceasar shoulda killed em all.

    Fkin clown world yo.

  13. What do you mean by the phrase “History never ends”? To me, this seems like a sign that end times are nigh. There is no historical precedent for some of these ClownWorld sights we are seeing. At any rate, we certainly live in a time of history when there is really something “new under the sun”, contra Ecclesiastes.

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  15. Noone can say if we’re at the end times. Maybe, but there were moments in past centuries when people thought so too. What’s unprecedented is the speed with which news travels. The sexual perversions like parading that poor boy Desmond around being just one example, is what flares up when Christianity is negated from the Western public space.

    Some of what we’re seeing is the transnational ruling classes throwing everything they have at a situation that’s slipping out of their control. Anyone who remembers regularly reading The Washington Post and such in the late 1990s can contrast their chaotic tone now with their confidence back then.

  16. — You know what is the hard power behind this swarthy terror in Western Europe? The 6’3, jacked, blonde worthless vermin German cops with their H&Ks.

    Yeah. There is or was a youtube video from 2015 when a fleet of buses carrying migrants was set to arrive in a small German town. A group of people living there attempted to block those buses from entering. The cops in the video moved in to push these protesters aside.

    The cop anywhere, everywhere, follows orders. Their small unit leader does not make big-picture ethical decisions in the field, right? Bullshit. Those policemen didn’t just “do their jobs” with an air of helpless resignation. “Listen folks, we’re sorry, we have no choice.” Be human about it. Nope. In that video, the pigs put on their Authority Voices as the protesters tried to reason with them, and started shoving their fellow Germans out of the way like they were some lowlife criminals.

  17. Pampers diaper boxes always feature NIGGER children in the photos. This is part of the demoralization effort. (((They))) force us to have photos of niggers in our homes. Niggers are 13% of the US population but 80% of all print advertising. Don’t tell me it’s about money. They have nowhere near the purchasing power to make this logical. In fact, as everyone knows “location is everything” is a reference to the nigger problem. Any area infested with niggers dies.

  18. FastEddie, just in case you meant me. The situation in Germany is that maybe 20% oppose Merkel’s politics. The rest basically agrees, more or less.

    The airlift written above doesn’t change anything. Those who oppose Merkel assume that she is importing as many settlers from Africa as fast as she can. The rest agree, by and large. What is the difference between an airlift and your navy running a ferry-service across the Medeterranian?

    You mentioned erosion of social trust. Haven’t observed any and really think there is no such erosion. Why should we trust our fellow Germans any less? Anyone can see at a glance who is an African imigrant and who is a fellow European.

    Of course, our society is increasingly divided and polarized, between racists and traitors (as the two sides think of each other), but this affects a different level. Burglary, theft, rape etc. are increasingly common crimes, but even political opponents don’t expect that from each other. Therefore I think there is no erosion of “social trust”.

    Also there is no insulation. Every German town becomes a bit less European every day. Crime gets more common, everyone, even Merkel’s supporters, protects himself as best he can. Security business is booming. By now, theRe are more private guards than police officers in German.

  19. Thinking ahead to a scenario in which those noneuropean invaders are no longer tolerated by European governments. To go on with the “history never ends” theme. One such scenario is physical liquidation. Couldn’t happen to a less-deserving bunch, right? Sounds repellent to those steeped in post-WWII morality and we want to avoid it but it’s nothing new in human events, and official morality changes. Another is sterilizing them, or at least denying them reproductive access to any female (even their own) while on European soil. If appearances are correct and the Merkel-era migrants are mostly male, then the public will be less squeamish about the extreme solution; it will in fact be more cathartic to Europeans, after the decades of humiliation. And with the reproductive solution, the male-surplus makes it easier to implement it.

    There are also expatriation scenarios. Right off, any attempt to dump them into another European country best be met with a non-negotiable No, to include a defensive military option. Forced repatriation either to their country of origin or another one on their continent can also be done. Israel reportedly sent back African migrants, intentionally, to other African countries where their fate would not be a happy one. They can also be given positive incentives to leave, such as being paid to go back, but to be effective that option must have a comprehensive cleansing goal and be backed with force if they refuse to leave under a “carrot” incentive.

    Making them feel unwelcome, regardless, would solve much of the problem with minimal effort. Cut off all welfare to include heat in the winter, make the police hostile to them, and foster a “racist” culture at every level of society.

  20. I don’t know much about European politics, so I might not be correct. I get the impression that Eastern European countries are in a difficult position. On one side they have Russia, with all its dysfunction. On the other side, they have Germany, a well functioning country, but one that tends to push them around. It’s probably better not to get too friendly with either one of them.
    The most obnoxious politically active person I know is of German ancestry. He is reasonable on issues such as gun control, maybe since he is a gun owner. He is also opposed to development. However, when it comes to anything about race he is completely intolerant of any views that deviate from his own universalistic ones.. He is a big LGBQT activist, despite being straight. He hates white southern men and actually puts things up on Facebook about them needing to be taught another lesson. Steve Sailer thought maybe Django Unchained was Tarantino’s way of expressing his feelings of Germans being superior to the mostly non German white southerners. I think there’s something to that.

  21. They make a shitty army, but they do have “sperm cannons”.

    “In their homelands. It was no accident

    The Aryan birth rate in the Occident

    Had fallen far below replacement

    As the issue of teeming Africa was sent

    Increasingly to demand asylum,

    Deference and every Aryan womb

    The Enemy could win for his plan

    To breed his global Economic Man.”


  22. “The 9/11 event was a Go signal.”

    Yes, it was. Pattern recognition is essential for survival, thus you are forbidden to notice patterns.

    “To accelerate this national dilution

    The Enemy used deception and illusion

    As before, his confidence never greater

    In the power of his demonic theater

    Over a degraded population.

    He broadcast live on every station

    The brazen, calculated murders

    Of two thousand souls among the girders

    Of gigantic towers he demolished,

    Then celebrated as his golem rushed”


  23. “Folk’l-ism” — Recurrently/robustly improved relations between northeast Lebanon and central Playa Ventura on the Pacific Mexican seaboard; a white-Supremacy endeavor through and through.

  24. @Karl
    You might’ve been the commenter I was thinking of.
    Those are rough numbers, but I’m glad to hear it hasn’t dramatically impacted your day to day. My libtardtropolis was targeted by the Gay Kenyan’s regime several years ago. Crime went through the roof (we’re a consistent top 5 in the country for violent crime), and the friendly mid-west culture evaporated overnight. No more polite hellos and relaxed smiles as you pass on the street. Now it’s more like harried, darting eyes.

    Course that wasn’t enough. Gay Kenyan wasn’t done with us. He then planned to inject us with 40,000 vibrant Syrian gifts of love. Ironically, when they got here- they hated it. Unanimously, “These niggaz are intolerable. Please! Send us back!” The “refugees” actually preferred the war zone to living next to feral niggers. lol. We did end up shipping them back. Somehow that story did not make it into MSM coverage.

  25. “We did end up shipping them back.”

    Back to the Middle East? Under Trump’s administration? That’s great news. I had no idea that any large scale deportations take place.

  26. “These niggaz are intolerable. Please! Send us back!”

    Inverse World under the liberal police state. In a “wild west” scenario, the niggaz would be pleading for protection from Whites and browns.

  27. talking to an NPC today

    told her that if Bernie had won they’d be saying the same things about him as they are about Trump. She’s a no I don’t want trump to be reelected, anybody but trump chick.

    Do these NPCs not fathom that they had insurance policies against EVERY insurgent candidate? They fucked Paul in 2012, Bernie in 16. Had these guys managed to make it to inauguration, the SAME deep state would have crossfire hurricaned them.

    I mean, they sure hit the ground running on these spy ops eh? Almost like the plans were already in place.

  28. Johnny Caustic, “At any rate, we certainly live in a time of history when there is really something “new under the sun”, contra Ecclesiastes.”
    You know less than zero about history if you really believe this. History didn’t start with the Flood.

  29. 80% support Merkel? That’s that APEX nordic dna at work.

    just accept what I’m saying. the smiley is incidental

  30. @PA

    It was great news, but it was not under Trump’s admin. This was end of 2014 under the gay kenyan regime.

    If you dig deep enough, you can find a few articles mentioning the – exodus- we’ll call it. I’d rather not reveal my exact location. To their credit, they immediately attempted to improve their living conditions. The niggers loled at that. Daylight kidnappings, muggings, and sexual assault were reported as the norm.

    It was State expense, and at refugee request so not technically a deportation. And the gay mulatto did not get to carpet bomb us with the full 40K (though he publicly declaimed that number as the goal for our city.) I believe it was around 2-3K total. And a total disaster, it was.

  31. Morgoth agrees: we need a new Aesthetic. One that is compelling and meaningful to the soul. (And it won’t be a dry place.)

  32. @’burban elk —

    A rimy/top-notch scholiast on Heidegger’s metaphysic input is the late western TX ‘truth & tallboy connoisseur’ Rick Roderick. Allow the fates to present the relevant work(s) to you by esterificated AA Absinthe’s luck-lavender’d talons; preferably around dusk.

  33. Obviously this has to get even worse before the tipping point is reached. And, even if it is reached, the MSM will squash it and not report the truth. I keep waiting for the Sheeple and Normies over in the Blue Hive of Spokane to put two and two together. No dice. Stay vigilant, Plan accordingly.

  34. @Dr.trav777
    Most Germans will support any government program (just look at German history). 80% support for Merkel is a lot as long as democracy lasts. It won’t last for ever and there are already signs that it is comming to an end. These signs are not just in Germany. Just look at election fraud, criminal prosecution of “hate speech”, people losing their jobs for being a critic of government policy. European governments are abandoning democracy in order prevent a change of public opinion. Once they have abandoned it, the votes won’t matter. Once they have abandoned it, it will be very difficult to stay in power as they are openly anti-military and anti-male. It is very hard to run a dictatorship against the military and against the police.

    I’m amazed that your friendly mid-west culture evaported just because of an invasion. Why wouldn’t there be friendly smiles for fellow citizens? Hell, I expect my fellow citizens to have a friendly smile and a “hello” even if we are suffering together in trenches or foxholes.

  35. Argued with my old man yesterday. His friend is going to Greece for tourism. I told him that there were riots last week (on one of the islands), protesting the invaders. He wouldn’t believe it, thought I should “check my sources.”

    As far as goes checking my sources. I am 100 per cent sure I read about it, but don’t have the link handy to reference. But obviously there has been a lot of friction and conflict in Greece for at least ten years.

    His generation, which is the boomers, will not reevaluate their position. And it’s also the deal, that they won’t admit that they are wrong. All the information they get, is through the NYT and NPR.

    It is very frustrating. I had a sort of vision the other night “in a dream state,” of sitting high on a horse, and surveying the land around, and being ready. That’s how a man has to do it now, when he leaves his house.

    On the other hand it’s cold out and I don’t want to be beaten and or tortured. One of the worst tortures is having your hands and feet beaten, especially when it’s cold.


    I did the right thing, and helped the old man with the work I was over there to help him with, which was the fall cleanup. But the reality is, is that it’s hard to square having a “appropriate” and uh respectful relationship with people who are hell bent on committed to globalism, but which word (globalism) they probably don’t like the sound of. They would like the sound of to describe their commitment as being to oh-so-wonderful Humanity or beautiful people Liberalism, and or otherwise also known as Enlightenment ideals.

    This is an effort post that is tired. Many have been! the exegesis posts, on the “old man” theme. And really it’s the meta theme of the whole enchilada dissident right casserole entire: about how tradition was broken … and now what?

    In any case blah blah blah: Eventually your father dies and it’s on you.

    My old man, was not given a tradition that did for him; and the America that he came up in, has no aesthetic to speak of. (Unless of course u like Micky D’s!)

    He’s into Buddhism and I find no fault in that.

    I have written about his dad before, whom I did not know but apparently was a larger than life character. A certified killer, of the higher races though: literally Germans and Japs. And an eventual suicide, though at which point he was old and in pain. One of his war stories was in the South Pacific, world war II, where he was an officer. He flipped a coin with his “buddy” about who was to get off the plane first, into the thick of it. And his buddy lost the coin flip and deplaned and pronto got a bullet in his brain.

    Those stories I take to be true. I like to believe that he, like me and for that matter Gatsby, could not tell a lie.

  36. “That’s that APEX nordic dna at work.”

    (((They))) set up any country they rule to rig the given nation’s strong qualities against itself. With cohesive, high internal trust people like Germans or Swedes, they give that country’s majority-normies globalist messages to follow. With nations that distrust centralized authority, like White Americans, they throw in bullshit contentious wedge issues so that people fight amongst themselves over distractions.

    But for any of that to work, They first had to eliminate Christianity among their people or corrupt it into its cuck facsimile. Giving women the vote was key as well.

  37. Elkster, you paint images that stay in my mind permanently.

    As to “His generation, which is the boomers, will not reevaluate their position.” About that.

    Update: see the new blog post.

  38. Elk,
    The story about your grandfather is likely true. There were many stories like that.
    My right wing politics have strained relationships between me and my family, but oddly enough some relationships have improved in my opinion. I was told if I voted for Trump I would be ostracized by my family. I voted for him anyway and was honest about it. I have still not been ostracized (sometimes I wish they would). Things were strained for a while particularly with my Boomer mother. I’m not saying we’ve totally moved past it, but things have improved.
    My uncle, another liberal Boomer, was visiting this past summer. When he saw me I could tell he had something to say. Within 15 minutes he started ranting about how Donald Trump is going to end up in hell with Hitler. I said nothing, because honestly I have no idea where Donald Trump will end up in the afterlife. My mom told him he had no idea what he was talking about. She’s coming around slowly but surely. I doubt she’ll ever think like me, but maybe I’ll open her mind to other ideas a little.
    I get the impression some of my family members respect me more now. Maybe it’s in my head, who knows.

  39. I have a cousin who was refusing to be in the same room as me after the election. I was cool about it and said “if that’s how he feels I’ll respect that decision”. I guess he got over it, because he has been in the same room with me quite a few times since then.

  40. PA gtfoh.

    the jews according to you are so all powerful that they can manipulate the hapless whites into doing incredibly stupid shit. this is fking nigger logic where niggers maintain they’re smarter, better, but just “held down” by a group that is inferior but just “really evil.”

    face facts, whites have a defect that was exploited and this defect runs deep, so deep that it infects EVERY aspect of their culture, all the way down to core components like religion.

    jews did not GIVE women the vote. jews had NO POWER then. white men gave women the vote. white men freed the slaves. white men consumed jewish product and white men fight in wars for jewish interests and an explicitly jewish nation. knowingly!

    in fact, as I’ve maintained, BECAUSE of christianity! You wanna know what happened so suddenly to give jews this fulcrum? They stopped hating and trying to destroy christianity and instead started using it for their own benefit. Cuckstainity is the best gift they ever got.

    it was not hard to subvert a people who expound a religion that says love your enemies and don’t resist evil in its central message. whose rule uber alles consists of treating people in a way you hope they will reciprocate, regardless of merit.

    Had great men of the past even REMOTELY embraced this Rule, this religion – do you fucking comprehend this dude – would NOT EXIST right now and neither would our people.

  41. — the jews according to you are so all powerful that they can manipulate the hapless whites into doing incredibly stupid shit

    Not powerful in some grandiose meaning, just mobile value-extractors who are adept at ensconsing themselves in value-builders’ complex systems and once in, setting up economic and information bottlenecks that they then control.

    — face facts, whites have a defect that was exploited

    Exploited by whom?

  42. @Dr.trav777
    You cite the modern heresy and call it Christianity. Karl Martell and John Sobiesky were great men. We would not exist if they had not been. Karl Martell and John Sobiesky called themselves Christians. Do you think they were lying? Do you dispute they were great?

  43. Being the lone right winger in my family has motivated me to be a better person. I represent our side to them and I want to do it well. There is a temptation to use alcohol to ease some of the tension with them. I’ve realized that is a mistake and just makes me sloppy and say stupid things. If I am drinking, I avoid any political talk. I don’t ever agree with things I truly don’t agree with, but I bite my tongue a lot. They are the majority and I don’t want to be that one person who everyone has to walk on eggshells around.
    The non Jews in my family tend to be the ones who are dismissive of pro white people. They act like pro white people are backwards, dumb and losers. The Jews tend to respect (and fear) them.

  44. Lara, that’s not too much different from my situation. My boomer parents slop up the “orange man bad” news tripe, waiting for their comforter, Madcow, to tell them what they want to hear.

    My sister and her hubby are classic churchians and get incenses at whatever their pastor/church gets incensed about. My sister was aghast at the “grab ’em” line, which at the time caught me by suprised that she would, but later on figured she was just following suit.

    There’s very little for me to talk about with either of them, simply because they’re such normies. I figured it’s best not to toss my pearls because they’ve made up their mind and it would only make me look foolish or a loon.

    Thanksgiving’s gonna be fun!!!

  45. ” You cite the modern heresy and call it Christianity. Karl Martell and John Sobiesky were great men. ”

    Both of these men were also more Catholic then Christian, with genetic remnants of their Pagan past deeply engrained in their psyche. Both members of a Church which had no problem burning people at the stake, disemboweling non-believers, forced conversions though torture, whole scale massacres of cities, and so forth. These men had no problem bashing skulls in and are as far from modern Christianity as possible.

  46. SE, turn your old man onto Padre Pio. I told our Bishop a few weeks ago that Buddhism and Catholicism had a lot in common and that you could practice both since Buddhism is a philosophy and not a religion. He pondered it.

    Boomers feel guilt over the treatment of blacks without seeing the need for it. Now they can’t admit it and very few have any real first hand experience with them. You need to live in close proximity to large numbers of them for that.

  47. @Fast Eddie. “Erosion of social trust” indeed. Including the encouragement of hatred between the generations. Starts in grade school with kids being taught that their parents are not in charge; ends with white identitarians talking like they are ready to dispatch baby boomers. SMH.

  48. “Dispatch”

    Samia, you better be a woman because you’re a drama queen. “Urge them to reckon with their failings” =/= “smother them with a pillow.”

  49. I shouldn’t say I’m the only right winger in my family. I know some other people are sympathetic to my point of view. I’m the only one who openly supported Trump, however, which is when things really blew up.
    In addition to not attempting to justify or explain my views, I no longer try to convert anyone. All that does is put you in a position of weakness relative to them.

  50. Amon Ra – “modern Christianity”. As the man said, heresy. If you’re one of those who separates Catholic and Christian into two groups it makes me think you’re not a serious thinker. Got a special place for Orthodox too, do ya? “Christian” is the faith. “Catholic” and other dogmas and traditions fall under that major heading. This is like junior high stuff.

  51. ” As the man said, heresy. If you’re one of those who separates Catholic and Christian into two groups it makes me think you’re not a serious thinker. ”

    A pseudo intellectual opens his mouth. You should probably reread my comment brau and actually attempt to understand what its saying. The Catholic church is the direct ” descendent ” of “Christ’s ” earthly visit. At that point in history it was synonymous with ” Christianity ” as there was no difference between the two. This is of course before all the ((( protestant ))) churches / cults sprang up to dilute the unity of the European / Christian world. My comment was meant to point out that Catholics of that era, have very little in common to what is now considered modern ” Christianity ” .

    Thanks for playing brau.

  52. Jim Goad, in the linked article above, makes a case that the boomers are unfairly maligned.

    It is a fair question; something to reasonably consider: Are the boomers really, actually more head-in-the-sand than everyone else; or does it just seem that way, perhaps because we would maybe like to expect more of them?


    If Jim Goad wants to be relevant, he needs to get on this guy’s show; otherwise who is he even talking to?

    Ethan Ralph —

    The RalphRetort, #KillStream


  53. Not impressed with Jim Goad’s defense of Boomers. He begins with some facile anthropological comment about Jesus. What, no approving citation of Margaret Meade after that? In any case, the gist of his article is that boomer-bashing is just like the Left’s white-privilege demagoguery.

    Two can play the analogy game. From my perspective, boomers’ absolutist denial of any fault in themselves is similar to Jews’ refusal to concede even the slightest historic wrongdoing or culpability on their part.

  54. There are plenty of good Boomers. They tend to get silenced by the bad ones, however. I’ve seen this dynamic play out many times.

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