Cabaret songs to the whistle of bullets

As mentioned earlier, I’ll be posting videos from the recent August 1 concerts in Poland’s capital commemorating the anniversary of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising [as distinct from the 1943 Jewish Ghetto uprising, to clarify a confusion that sometimes still comes up]. I’m doing this in anticipation of the city’s November 11th Independence Day march, which to foreign observers has grown to represent the aspirations of White nations worldwide of once again having their own countries and a future for their people.

Below are two performances from the 2018 concert of wartime songs. Both are in the playful style that was fashionable in the early 1940s. You can call it jazzy, or cabaret. It’s a treat to see the nonagenarian Home Army veterans in the audience singing along with all of today’s young people and children.

You don’t have to like the style of music [though it does grow on you] or understand the lyrics. It’s enough to get into the spirit with the audience to get a sense of what’s possible in every White country despite the present predicament throughout the West.

In the introduction, the emcee tells the audience about the rich cultural life that went on in insurgent-held parts of the city throughout the ’44 Uprising: radio and newspaper; theater and cabarets, even concerts that were performed by famous pre-war recording artists. Dances and poetry readings, all of it giving the fighters and the civilians an immense boost in morale.

“Zośka” (Sophie)

So what, that a bullet scratches you
So what, that blood gushes?
Assault-hymns we sing, our battle song
And when a comrade falls into the sleep of death
I shall wish him pleasant dreams
Perhaps tomorrow we’ll meet again, my friend

Sophie, hey doll, come on darlin’
We’re going into battle
To the whistle of the fired rounds
With a few lines of machine gun rattle
To the rhythm of this chorus!

The next song is also introduced by the event emcee who takes a minute to recognize the bravery of the field nurses in the Uprising:

… the downtown was cut off from the Old Town. Though despite the enemy’s advantage, the insurgents did not give up. One of the most spectacular operations was the capture of the telecommunications building. After several hours of combat, the building was ours. It was in our hands. Enemy’s losses: forty Germans killed, more than 120 taken prisoner. We held that building to the very end of the Uprising.

Right after that, the siege of the Old Town began. The insurgents had, literally, a hail of gunfire falling on them. Also, the air bombardment began. There was no way out. They had to evacuate through the sewer tunnels. That subterranean network of tunnels served the soldiers from the very start of the Uprising. There is where lines of communication were maintained among the fighting units. There, ammunition and food was transported. There, the civilian population was evacuated. Finally, there the wounded were transported to field hospitals.

However, on the field of battle or not far from it, the wounded were given first aid by the field nurses. Women who were among the bravest of the brave.

“Sanitariuszka Małgorzatka” (Combat medic Maggie)

The song is about a frivolous girl with whom the lightly wounded soldier falls in love. Alas, she loves another insurgent. The hapless Chaplinesque speaker thinks it’s because the other fellow has a better submachine gun.

Maggie before the Uprising:

Before the action she was a modest girl
She lived somewhere on Roses Avenue
She had a flat with a big bathtub
A Pinscher dog and platform shoes
A little pouty, a little frisky
Seen only at the fashionable nightclubs
She ran to the riverbank early mornings
To tan her top and her bottom

And during the excitement:

Lovely combat medic Maggie
On the front line to the last
A radiant smile she brings us
If you get shot she’ll will dress the wound
Sweeter than the rationed mead

It can be a surprise, how the same person is one way during a frivolous time and quite another way during a heroic time.

Also, notice how the ladies in the audience, aged ten to ninety-nine, are absolutely loving those songs. It’s a lie that women lust after the enemy if the enemy is stronger. They don’t understand honor the way men do, but they are drawn to male righteousness and repelled by cowardice. It can be as simple as that.

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  1. “…A Pinscher dog and platform shoes
    A little pouty, a little frisky
    Seen only at the fashionable nightclubs…”

    Sounds like my vacational tailor’s teenage greyhound; the mongrel’s hair is dyed multiple dim cerulean hues.

  2. The same young woman from the screenshot of the cheerful war song. I don’t know what to think. Surely there are more eligible bachelorettes

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  4. At a mingy airport again; thought I may as well skim the headlines. They’re mildly inventive as of late. Found this item in the New Criterion’s little-known sports section:

    “Former Argentinian mountaineers bathe balding blonde buffalos in cayenne slush-puddings after orally raping new Norwegian zoo’s stolen legless rhinocerous”

    I almost cringed at the others — they sound as if they were conceived with a masochistic viper’s half-reluctantly metaphysical vengeance. Will skate through their vintage weather briefings on the flight.

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  6. They served excellent kumquat rum garnished with small skewers of marshmellow-flavored rock candy on the rather rickety cabin jet; a the co-pilot slipped me a spicily sloppy Vlax Romani translation of ‘Tristes Tropiques’ after I was about 12 drinks in. Undeniably worth the eerily pellucid hangover. Don’t mean to clog/hog up the blog, PA.

  7. I had some rare free time this weekend to indulge in some binge watching on YouTube. A couple of videos that I thought were worth sharing:

    Ann Coulter interviewed by PBS Frontline

    Coulter is her usual incisive self; notable is her opinion (expressed around the 50-minute mark) that immigration patriots are likely to get the best out of Trump before he wins reelection (assuming, and it’s a big assumption in my opinion, that he can win reelection) rather than in a second term. Coulter seems to think that a second-term Trump will be even less motivated to deliver on his promises than he has been so far in his first. That directly conflicts with the theory that a second term will usher in “Trump unleashed.”

    Douglas Murray interviewed by the Hoover Institute

    Murray is the author of “The Strange Death of Europe” and “The Madness of Crowds: Race, Gender and Identity.” I vaguely recall his name and his work being referenced on sites like VDARE, but this was the first time I listened to an interview with him. While the points that he makes are nothing new to this crowd, I found it to be an interesting interview and I plan to read these two books. Unfortunately, it turns out that Murray has “teh gay”; although he doesn’t dwell on it, it’s a point that separates him from most of us. For after yelling that “the sky is falling!” to anyone who will listen, Murray sort of throws up his hands and laughs at clown world; but those of us with children watching this horror show cannot laugh. Still, I enjoyed the interview.

  8. @Corvo // PA // et al. ::

    …An elated yet marginally belated urge to savor this lavishedly lollygagging Day of the Dead commemoration; savor a frigid, supremely-homemade horchata with an esteemed consort…

  9. — Murray sort of throws up his hands and laughs at clown world

    It’s that “they are not like us” fallacy that we always fall for. Projecting our pattern of thought and motivation onto others, whose psyche would be strange to us if we were to step into their minds. Non-Whites, blacks especially, we’re prone to doing that with, namely assuming that they think like us.

    Gays (male) too. Male homosexuals are tormented and they long for lights-out. It varies by individual, certainly, but it’s there at some level and it drives them in ways they might be unaware of. This is why they set off so viciously on Christian bakers who gently tell them that they can’t bake them a sacrilegious cake, and even offer to put them in touch with a baker who might. They don’t want the Christian’s brotherly love. They adore homicidal Muslims.

    That’s why you’ll encounter a rush to this so called “gleeful despair” on their part. They want the world to end.

    Omega males, straight unmarried childless men feel that longing to one or another degree too. I dont wish to lump them all in in a misleading way…. certainly lots of such (straight) men are patriotic and have good will toward their own people. After all, there is no “my” White children in the 14 Words. But they have to be vigilant against this death wish creeping in to their thoughts.

    And operating on a completely different set of motivations, non-Whites will eagerly tell you that it’s Game Over. Even (especially?) ones who consider themselves to be on the pro-Western Right. What they are driven by, is this profound longing to see the pure European phenotype gone from this world.

    There was a popular sort-of-White red pill writer who “predicted” that Arabs will replace Whites, and will in turn be replaced by Africans, who will evolve to first world civilization capacity. Neatly and predictably like in a video game.

    You (generic you) always have to look out for the sometimes-subconscious motivation behind someone’s words, in particular if he’s not “like you.”

  10. “Male homosexuals are tormented and they long for lights-out.”

    Yeah, I don’t disagree with that. Murray seems to be at the end of the spectrum that’s closest to how a normal (straight), responsible White man feels about what’s happening to our People. But fundamental differences remain.

    For example, the interviewer eventually make a reference to St. Augustine (who, according to the interviewer, watched from afar as Roman civilization declined) and ask, essentially, “Given everything that is happening as you’ve described … what should a man do?” That’s where the difference between Murray and, say, a White father with skin in the game, became most apparent. Murray didn’t really have any answer to that question, beyond try to live a good life and make use of the knowledge and cultural treasures that the West has bequeathed to you; fine enough as it goes, but insufficient. I suppose that there isn’t really an honest answer to that question that doesn’t lead to IRL fed-posting, but knowing that Murray doesn’t have any children of his own really makes his views on that question mostly meaningless.

    Nonetheless, I found it to be an interesting interview and I’m looking forward to reading these two books.

  11. Another thing that’s interesting about our time is the mystery of Trump. Believe or Not-Believe. [I hesitate to use the white/black pill terminology here.]

    Coulter takes a reasonable position on Trump, if your premise is that he’s an ageing alpha whose heart was never in the fight. The opposite view is that forces larger than one man are in play and Trump is the visible element of the good side, and this good side is willing to go to the mat.

    People mock the “Q-tard” contingent, and I’m agnostic on that. However, think about the scale of what happened in less than one lifetime — since you and I were very young adults when the Cold War ended. A rapid engineered collapse of our civilization. Then you pile on the willful acts of malice like Merkel invasion of Europe, somalians in little American towns, the demon drag queen story hour… it strains credulity that NO ONE in a position of power would do anything about it, except for some vain New York billionaire womanizer getting lucky and winning the presidency.

  12. I wouldn’t get to excited about Ann Coulter. She is a never-married, childless, NYC lawyer chick who has mostly dated non-white and Jewish men.

    She just sells her content to willing dupes who think she actually believes what she sells. The younger thots who sucker beta males are just copying the pioneer that was Ann Coulter.

  13. Ann Coulter is one of the few public figures (along with Michelle Malkin) who is not afraid to speak in favor of strong immigration restriction. I don’t care about either of their personal lives as long as they are willing to do that.

  14. In fairness, I don’t think it is lack of courage so much. A white man saying what Michelle Malkin is saying would face exponentially more hatred. Basically, she can get away with it, although I’m sure she does face some real animosity from some of her own people. Ann Coulter does really have many people who hate her. She seems to have learned to deal with it. I imagine not having children has made it easier.
    As far as Douglas Murray, he is eloquent, highly intelligent and has put in the work. If I were a European, I wouldn’t look to him to lead us to saving Europe (doubt he’d even want to), but I do appreciate what he has done so far.

  15. “The younger thots who sucker beta males are just copying the pioneer that was Ann Coulter.”

    Anon gets it completely. Loled. The pioneer of young thots. I might just use that.

    “I don’t care about either of their personal lives as long as they are willing to do that.”

    Hilariously wrong. Seriously fuking flawed even though the poster above gave you the cultural roadmap in one sentence. And politics is downstream from culture.

    It amazes me how chicks simply CANNOT see down the chessboard. Take my sister. Objectively smart. National Merit Semifinalist. Her son, my nephew, is 5 and starting to display high IQ behaviors. Comes up to me and tells me he wants to learn chess. Didn’t take him long to memorize pieces and movements. He was thinking two moves ahead within the first month.

    A few weeks ago I started teaching him basic strategy. He’s 5 so he’s impatient and has a limited attention span. I want him to like the game and enjoy competition, so I taught him the two most common permutations of Latvian Gambit. That’s it. That’s all the kid knows, and he now regularly beats the shit out of his mom because she can’t detect or resist the gambit. Zero pattern recognition.

    So thank you Thirsty Wyoming for kicking off the cultural avalanche we call the 19th.

    Glad you’re all my bros.

  16. “I don’t care about either of their personal lives as long as they are willing to do that.”

    Hilariously wrong. Seriously fuking flawed even though the poster above gave you the cultural roadmap in one sentence. And politics is downstream from culture.

    “Hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue.”

  17. A touch OT, but it seems I’m too late:

    VD has a post about Richard Spencer, who I never really liked and figured he was fake opposition. It’s a nice snippet about what my instincts already told me, furthering my increasing dislike for Cortesar via CH always posting stupid twitter stuff (derailing CH’s posts and all), as though it was his own blog and defending Spencer with banal replies to legitimate questions about Spencer. It was all just too “neat” for me.

    I have to say VD’s post crystallizes it for me.

  18. Male homosexuals are tormented and they long for lights-out.

    We don’t hear this underscored enough, and I say it needs underscoring because a lot of normies don’t grasp this about gays.

    In the wake of our election here in Canada there’s been talk that the Conservative candidate lost because of his “socially conservative” views. I see this talk for what it is – an attempt to set the narrative, to cause something to become true just by saying it’s true – in any event the Left is salivating at the idea that they’re *this* close to functionally banning Christians from holding office.

    It’s pretty clear to me that homos’ efforts to silence Christians on this question are really just an effort to silence the conscience in their own heads. That’s why Christians are unbearable.

  19. Yes, they are: Spencer and Greg Johnson: in the news again; (and still gay?)

    In the real news (or what might pass for it in clown world), Johnson is banned from Europe blah blah blah etc muh free speech.

    But more of interest and in the gossip column —

    The recent “drop” of Spencer on a rant about C-ville and how it went bad and Vengeance will be His …

    But man oh man the guy looks terrible! Alcoholism: It’s a hell of a drug

    More to the joke though, is his bragging on The Ralph Show and as reported by DS, about that his “one rep max [on bench] is 250”.

    Ffs Richard. Lying about your bench press? — what do you think this is: “high school, the do over”?

    Full disclosure: I too, lied about how much I could bench press: thirty-five thirty-three years ago.

  20. I know people’s personal lives are important to some extent. I just don’t think it should be surprising to anyone that Ann Coulter isn’t exactly good wife material. Michelle Malkin not being white is really what I referring to when I brought her up. It’s obviously a huge advantage for her.

  21. Ramzpaul has a good video out about Richard Spencer. Richard Spencer is going to have a really tough time justifying this latest video. If I knew him personally I’d tell him to completely disappear from the public eye. Maybe in ten years or so, he can attempt to slowly come back. He is the same situation Mel Gibson was in years ago.

  22. On Spencer:

    Great. More right wing infighting. Just read the Scarlett R salivating screed from the guardian. Video dropped from the nominally right nigger bucking fag Milo (wait I don’t care what people do in their private lives, it’s not indicative of their motivations.) And now all the rats on the right can’t scurry fast enough to denounce him.

    We have sensible, centrist positions. We’re not rayciss. That’ll scare the hell out of the libtards.

    Only read the transcript. Sounded like melodramatic grandstanding. Entertaining though. I would’ve loled. If Trumpenfuhrer had half Spencer’s passion in that moment, he would’ve accomplished something during his first term.

  23. C-ville, and Spencer’s subsequent rant, is from two years ago.

    Fuentes on his show last night, suggested it was dropped just now, to mover Groyper Wars off of people’s radars. (Which implies that Milo is a bad actor.)

    He is the same situation Mel Gibson was in years ago.

    How fair is it that comparison; to either party?

  24. Richard Spencer’s views do not represent the views of most nationalists. I’m sure most of Africa would love to come over here and be ‘ruled’ by people like Richard Spencer, but I don’t want them here.
    Mel Gibson laid low for a while and showed some humility. He seemed to recognize he needed to work on his own life out of the public eye. People respect that. I’m sure there are some people who will still have nothing to do with him, but those people probably aren’t worth much anyway.

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