Leftist Appeasement Fantasy

I haven’t seen “The Joker” but @BGKB Steve gives a review:

BGKB review of the JOKER spoilers –big nose strange man lures little boy & penetrates boy’s body

After Stefbot [Stefan Molyneux] reviewed the movie by saying it was like being in a cement mixer full of vomit for 2 hours I got nostalgic for when I worked in inner city hospitals.

I fully agree with Stefbot’s free domain radio review that it accidentally shows the truth of boys raised by single moms but there are 2 important points he must have been looking away from & more

First is Joker letting midget live, midget had to climb over the dead bloody body of his coworker, & even had to ask Joker to undo the door latch that was too high but lived because he was nice to joker. This is leftist appeasement fantasy that supporting COP KILLERS will save you, also applies to importing moslems.

2 nd is Joker grooming little boy Bruce. Strange man with BIG NOSE, used clownworld skills to lure boy Bruce Wayne to him, then after doing a limp/erect gag gets down on his knees before little boy Bruce to give him flowers that Bruce accepts. Joker than penetrates Bruce’s mouth with his fingers to make Bruce smile. Even stalepie probably wouldn’t think that was OK. Some think that I see (((Pedophile))) Cabal behind every BUSH, but I only see them behind G Bush1, G Bush2, Jeb Bush & Billie Bush, while I am reasonably sure there are no pedophile cabalists hiding behind nearby bushes that produce rose hips, fruit, berries, or legumes.

Also the last time the Joker forced his way into the black woman’s apartment was the only real encounter between them the rest were hallucinations, but only explained in 5 second bit.

Seriously if you know any boys that have seen the Joker tell them if a Big NOSED man penetrates your body to call the cops. I believe this is to throw people off the scent of hook nosed men doing this to boys by showing round clown nose men doing it.

Alfred came out when Joker had given Bruce flowers & had his fingers in Bruce’s mouth making him smile; he pulled Bruce away + berated Joker who replied “the flowers were fake”. Alfred should have beaten him + called cops, but only threatened to call cops if joker didn’t go away.

Hollywood has such a bubble they probably dont realize that the Joker following a guy into the bathroom that he never meet before & starting talking to him while he was at the urinal, & Joker calling him daddy is not normal MENS room behavior.

My bolding above. Steve makes a good observation about the Leftist Appeasement Fantasy. Reading that phrase, I instantly thought of three other fictional examples of this:

One – “The Beast of War,” a 1988 American movie about a Soviet tank and its crew lost in an Afghan valley with hostile Mujahedeen after them. The story ends with the protagonist earning mercy at the hands of his captors when he invokes an obscure Islamic custom, while his two hapless comrades are dragged away to be tortured to death by crazed Pashtun women. The artistic direction presses the viewer to see fate of the two condemned as just-desserts and a bit funny.

Two – Tom Cruise in the 2005 movie adaptation “The War of the Worlds”. Cruize’s character finds shelter from Martians in the basement of the home of a survival-minded redneck. I don’t recall the details, except that the owner of that house was determined to not-surrender and so he was set up for a “he had it coming” death.

Three – In the 1999 John Coetzee novel about South Africa, titled “Disgrace,” the protagonist’s Boer farmer neighbor is an unsympathetic character because he openly loathes the post-Apartheid savagery of blacks. Meanwhile, the flawed-protagonist finds something resembling redemption after having to watch his adult-lesbian daughter being raped, then having to accept her rationalization about her upcoming marriage to a local African elder, and finally giving up on his literary project.

The three examples above… you could read it as a commentary on shrewdness vs bravery, except for the additude that the doomed fighters had it coming. Certainly there are more such examples. The Leftist Appeasement Fantasy might well reveal itself as ubiquitous in any Leftist-authored story that involves conflict with an exotic enemy.

Anonymous Conservative writes about the r-selected “rabbit” psychology that expresses itself as Leftism, and the K-selected “wolf” psychology of those on the traditional Right. The pattern is, that the rabbit survival model is effeminate, in particular the men’s impulse to appease the attacker at any moral and material cost. The wolf impulse, in contrast with the rabbit’s, is to stay loyal to one’s ideals and comrades no matter how the odds are stacked.

How predetermined is the expression of human character among Westerners in terms of r/K behavior? In Physical Bravery and Young Age, I observe that K-selected boys can be wimpy until a the real or proverbial military gets a hold of them. In other words, while the congenitally r-selected rapidly mature into opportunistically aggressive behavior toward the weak and obsequiousness before the strong, K-selected boys require a patriarchy to mature, at which point they become strong and learn honor. Diluted cultures overproduce weak men who don’t have to be that way.

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  1. Is midget slang for something? Never heard that used aside from referring to actual midgets. Is Peter Dinklage in the film?

    There’s a new Batman film coming out though I don’t think its tied to Traver, er, Joker, but I’m curious how they’ll portray Batman since he was always circumventing the corrupt system, always several steps ahead of his antagonists. Granted, this is comic book Batman of which I speak.

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  3. this review is bordering on insanity

    it’s like the bitch finding colonialism and oppression of natives in Spongebob.

    I suppose you can torture reality into whatever you want now

  4. I think what’s being left out of that review is that you aren’t supposed to be rooting for the Joker, and all of the scenes he describes are designed to make the viewer uncomfortable. Both the writer and Joaquin Phoenix have said you aren’t supposed to be rooting for the Joker in the movie. Sorry, but you’re crying wolf with this one. Sometimes a movie is just a movie.

  5. An observation that’s always stood out for me regarding r/K, Left/Right, and Hollywood is City/country. In some movies, the country is where the inbred hillbilly psychos live, in others it’s dumb farmers who’re dependant upon the cities for their survival, and in movies like this we see a world where the country only exists as manicured gardens inside the ultra-rich’s gated walls.

    Most of what I saw in Joker was that living in a City is living in a shithole. Even ultra-rich Wayne has to walk down a urine-soaked alley after escaping from vibrancy.

    To them, this is normal.

  6. Saw it today. Thought it was a great movie – a portrait of the failure of society to deal with the mentally ill and a keen observation of the neglect with which society treats young men. But maybe I was watching another film than this reviewer.

  7. I’m with Travvy and Mendicant on this one. This is a serious bit of pretzel logic similar to what shitlibs engage in on a daily basis.

    I haven’t seen the film but one of the things I like about it is that it seems to purposefully play fast & loose w/ the narrative so that ideologues of both camps are seeing their ‘enemies’ propaganda’ in the film. You get tortured reviews about this being an Antifa recruitment guide, (BlackPilled, etc.), or you get Anglin conforming to the lefty media narrative that it is a love letter to disaffected hard right incels. Then there are more middle of the ground reviews like the 3 up at unz.com from Sailer, Trevor Lynch, and Anatoly Karlin. Three writers, same site, three radically different takes. Trevor Lynch seemed to review it with his ‘Boomervision’ goggles affixed tightly, Sailer is his typically middle of the road self, and Karlin seems to have a more right-leaning take. Any film that can be that divisive and so open to interpretation, at the very least, has some artistic merit for that reason alone.

    That being said, I don’t give Hollyweird any shekels so no way am I dropping any coin on a ticket even though it already made 500mil in profit in 10 days. It is a principle thing. Ima watch is Trav style, but at a much higher quality in a few months.

  8. The Left Right divide is also sex based. Leftist thinking is ruled by emotions and makes all of their decisions and dogma with emotion. I consider Leftist thinking to be female thinking allowed to run amok. Right wing thinking is male in nature and far less likely to go too far on any subject because it is logic based. An interesting observation I have heard is that the Left sees brown pets as a mother with slow offspring would view them- seeing the failure deep down but deliberately ignoring reality to conceal the truth. Concealing the truth is another female talent. If I pretend its gone it never existed.

  9. Saying ‘leftist thinking is ruled by emotions’ is like saying cancer is confused about what it’s doing. The Left has run the table during the last 50 years and won the culture war. I wish I could find the Sting clip about never letting the mark know he’s a mark. The Left has won bigly consistently.

    I won’t go see the movie of OP. Real life creeps me out just fine. I won’t watch Hunger Games either. Once you know, you know. What’s there to learn?

  10. “Concealing the truth is another female talent. If I pretend its gone it never existed.”

    this is a quirk of hardwired female behavior that never stops making my eyes pop out of my head. on the other hand, it’s the thing that let’s me know that dealing with them ruthlessly is totally appropriate and necessary. “oh, okay…you get to make up your own reality? great! me too. in MY reality your feelings don’t matter. let’s see who wins at this game.”

    this tendency to ignore reality must be some evolutionary adaptation. maybe it enables them to override their own physiological self-preservation instincts and play host to some very demanding parasites.

  11. Leftist “success” is equivalent to a cessation of the natural instinct against self-damnation. Self-damnation being that state of mind most positive about the meaninglessness of mortal life and most negative about the possibility of perfected resurrected eternal life. Leftist “success” is no more sophisticated than white racial self-annihilation. Per “equality,” “leftist success” just is racial self-annihilation. In this game of inversion, it is preach what one does not practice.

    Convince your enemy to suicide and you win without getting any blood on your hands.

  12. The material world is effectuated at every conceivable locus of being imputing undeniable accountability to all actors in CREATING a future environment. “Denial of reality,” i.e., denial of fact, it is itself an ACT necessarily employed to CREATE new facts, i..e., a future reality. In other words, the act of lying alters the future.

  13. OT to the themes of the film presently under review, but PA, God needs you to watch and review Gaspar Noe’s 2018 film “Climax”. [warning: NOT “light viewing”]

    Keep clean of spoilers. Schedule some alone/recovery time for afterwards.

  14. The movie is capturing zeitgeist. Disaffectation. They use an extreme character example because it’s not palatable to use a normie in this role. The movie hit too hard.

    people got to let go of this right/left shit…it’s a false dilemma. MANY of the left’s positions are actually correct. As are many of the right’s. However, they package those into a binary fallacy with a lot of positions that are asinine.

    The joker’s actions were not those of a man who was insane, except in that you can say ab initio that wanton brutal murder is insane. But is it?

    Do not fall into the mental trap that violence is wrong or never the answer. Sometimes it is the only answer and it is the question too.

    If you are in the joker’s shoes and there is no way out other than being slowly ground down by a faceless, careless machine that WANTS to grind you down, then what other option did he have?

    FFS, has Hebdo done another anti-muslim polemic? Are the fucking NBA nigs not as we speak BOWING DOWN to China? Force works.

    white men are allowing themselves to be shit upon. The chinese won’t, muslims won’t, all other groups are using financial or physical violence to impose respect. Except white men.

    Look in the fuckin mirror. The joker did. And put on a happy face!

    If you cannot see that this western system we have NOW wants you exterminated, then you’re delusional and stupid. Look at the new netflix crap, in the shadow of the moon- they are portraying a future and have been where we no longer exist as a people.

    There’s an old adage of wisdom, never take a marker you’re not willing to kill over. At the end of the day violence balances the ledger. this is just the way of things. All these things everyone has that they’re scared to lose- they’re going to take them from you anyway, one by one. At what point is enough enough? Joker found his breaking point and was liberated by it.

  15. @Jay-
    the people seeing antifa recruiting guide are afraid of losing something. They’re in love with the system and have fallen into a binary fallacy.

    EVERY SINGLE review that does something like this, finding this enemy in the film, is a status quo defender. All of them.

    The Joker is a film about loss, failure, and ultimate liberation and redemption through abandonment of self, followed by use of violence as catharsis.

    Every single status quo defender is scared shitless of #3 and #4. Most of the people on CH for example, “we can vote our way out of this.” No we cannot. I’ve been adamant about that from day one on Drump. We cannot. Those who continue to advocate voting as a recourse are afraid of the alternative.

    Do not most of us DAILY go through this cost/benefit analysis? How much longer can I milk this gravy train before the system we all know wants us exterminated gets around to coming for us and when it does we lose EVERYTHING?

    Whites in South Africa are a perfect example of this. They ALL know that the majority population wants them exterminated and they’re picking them off one by one yet the whites stay and participate because, well, they’re afraid to hoist the black flag because to do so means no more nice car, nice job, nice vacations…it’s an end.

    They’ve fattened us into a cow that can no longer run from the slaughterhouse. We’re in a herd watching our partners get butchered thinking well it’s so nice here, we’re well fed, we still have our stuff, maybe it won’t get worse. It’s going to get worse.

    The joker liberated himself from his past…watch the film. The mask is a symbol for that, the rise of a new person, a new identity. Also “i thought my life was a tragedy, now I realize it is a comedy…” this is a rebirth, a liberation.

    what should people do? Well if violence isn’t your thing, there is always low-grade offending, such as…vandalism. For the risk of a misdemeanor, you can place a massive parasitic strain on the system. This is civil disobedience or violence against property. It’s not terrorism at all, it’s merely gumming up the works. It is actually the method of change agency recommended by most philosophers of “revolution” and all of this. A pair of pliers can disable any police car in 5 seconds, any government vehicle. Chewing gum can disable parking meter kiosks.

    But at the end of the day, white men are systemically forbidden from having interests or a movement so I do not believe that the system will not react violently to the emergence thereof. So you better be ready and willing to kill and die, as Joker was.

  16. “…the act of lying alters the future.”

    Interesting proposition, TD. Vacationing just ouside Mexico City, I found my now-deceased Xoloitzcuintli hound with a tattoo of some brief ballad across its ribs. I’ll quickly quote from it:

    “…the Lie lifted its altar;
    Beneath it scurried yawn-furred skies.
    Truth’s ruthless tounges half-ensnared in malt-burrs,
    Each licking at a dove dance’s tale-ticked disguise!”

    Had that jovial hound cremated. Never made it to see a birthday.

  17. @aurora

    The canine was weirdly injured (but proudly) when I discovered it. It was eventually killed near a bullfight by scarved fishermen high on Life & blow most likely laced with some other less healthy stimulants.

  18. @Greg
    EPG writes allegorically (took me a sec too.) It’s not meant to be taken as literal fact. He does not have waitresses floating around comping him drinks, rustic mechanic’s daughters scribbling love poems in the back of his Jag, or coming across a verse tattooed hairless dog.

    It’s more like a GBFM character.

  19. @Trav, “MANY of the left’s positions are actually correct. As are many of the right’s. However, they package those into a binary fallacy with a lot of positions that are asinine.”

    Sometimes you come off like an agent provocateur, a madman, lothario. I have of course been working on my understanding of our world. I did not read past that yet. It is fucking brilliant! It does not hurt that I have come to the same conclusion. I.e. the Left is expert and Law of the Jungle and competent at nothing else save the ‘illuminati’ social engineers we must presume to exist like dark matter. The Left is twisted correct in what they say and animal correct in what they do. Anyway, kudos for that brilliant synopsis. Now I know you are RP for real. You absolutely get it. I doubt anyone else here could have written that. It’s the only reasonable conclusion if one goes by evo psych and empiricism, or logic and evidence. Might makes right. Natural rights come from not fiddlers fiddling fiddles. I just had to comment on that. It’s proof of advanced RP understanding. Kudos.

  20. Travvy wrote, “people got to let go of this right/left shit…it’s a false dilemma.”

    This. I’ve said for some time that right-left is outdated political categorization. As it’s currently defined, there are plenty of shared values. Someone recently wrote that most neocons are libtards who like tax breaks. Loled. Accurate.

    The divide we see in current USSA isn’t in disparate values, it’s in the way we rank order those values. Those values come into conflict constantly. Only one can win out in any given situation, and the result determines our conduct (maybe even our entire belief system.)

    I wanted to hold off on Joker commentary until I heard back from my bro in law (pretty hard lefty) and his buddy (straight up-fully brainwashed-might even raise a gender fluid child-libtard) to see what their perspectives were.

    I came to the conclusion this might be the best marketed movie since Blair Witch Project. All 3 of us had a very similar view. I was looking for an alt-right love letter. Didn’t see it. They were looking for a nahtzeee incel call to arms. They didn’t see it. They saw a comic book expression of what Travvy calls the disaffection zeitgeist of our time. That’s it. Pretty objectively portrayed too.

    And that’s the interesting part.

    All this director had to do was hint at criticism of “woke culture” in one throw-away interview to create a firestorm of controversy surrounding an entertaining but far from perfect film. Thing is basically a mash-up of Taxi Driver and Fight Club. And he knew what the media would do if he dangled just 3 or 4 sentences in front of them. Masterful manipulation. Motivated both sides of the political spectrum to fork over cash and see what isn’t even there. Tells you where we’re at culturally, too.

  21. The Left is an expression of feminine force in that it seeks power over truth. It is chaos over order until it’s powerful enough to impose its own order and the end of that order is its own perpetual power. The Left mimics and mocks, it does not exist or create. It believes in NOTHING. For example it stakes a claim on environmental conservation but not for the sake of planetary habitat but as siege equipment to enslave us. It will spawn ten billion afroasians who dump quadrillion tons of plastic into the ocean while arresting you for having a plastic straw. The Left can be seductive as long as it can pull off a Che Guevara face and you ignore his point-blank pistol execution of pretty Spaniard girls in Cuba. But the Che mask is an inflection point in the progression from the Left’s faggy Pajamaboy face to the demon eyes of HillarySorosSatan.

    As to fucking the system. There is an individual Fuck You to the system and a collective one. The individual kind is easy. Do what the Joker did… or even easier: expat to Thailand or wherever and drink yourself to death.

    The collective Fuck You. There’s the rub. The 14 Words, one’s own kin and kind. That’s harder. It begins with freeing your mind from their (((lies))), which everyone on the Right has done a long time ago. There is no demand for more theory, more NRX, more learned essays, because it’s all clear as a bell: they want us gone.

    What’s needed is a means of collective resistance. And that is the big unknown. You trust Trump or not, but you know that a leader or leaders are needed. You see the hand of God and devil in all of this or you dont, but you’re a fool if you think that this begins and ends in the material world.

  22. “…you’re a fool if you think that this begins and ends in the material world.”

    ‘Have truer words ever been put forth?’ This is what my late grandmother occasionally used to ask me after I chanted her the various allegories hidden in the gossamer strands and old seaweed remnants piled in her underwear closet. I would usually leap away away before her tears of laughter would subside.

    Here’s to sprinting, gents!

  23. @PA, “What’s needed is a means of collective resistance.” That is the crux of our RP disagreement. You are holding onto past collective greatness, certainly romanticized. The organic process is far more concerned about individuals than about collectives. You deny the flames of nature and want the victory they guard. Truth is: Western whites must become better. What genetic formula that is is anybody’s guess. Here, on a winning strategy, one particular diversity matters essentially. Individuals who make the cut will be the marketplace of cooperation.

    You want to pass through the organic filter a ready-made people and society. You folks have denied the organic process, but it won’t be denied. The Left is correct about living in concrete reality and not abstractions, at least when those abstractions are prayers and hopes rather than the laws of nature seen causally beyond the transitory moment. That fundamental focus is also their weakness, but not if they don’t have competition in concrete reality, the fucking here and fucking now, this life in momentary truth. Great men are both concrete and abstract aware.

    So I disagree with Trav slightly, regarding bitch-calibrated sabotage, which is not a bad idea under the right circumstances, of resisting as a team in a team conflict. There is no team on the Right. It’s all talk and fantasy about ‘what we will do if…’. The Left is rightly unimpressed and unafraid. Why? The Left knows nothing about causality over time, nothing about wealth management or the power of compound interest from transparent cooperation sustained over time. A people living in a spiritual world are no people in this world. Two masters? Yes, can’t serve. Collective losers? Yes. But a collective of competitors on the Right. A joke. Can’t win if don’t play.

    The only winning strategy for the civilized man is to withdraw into his concrete reality, keep his philosophy right, and pass it on to decent young men if there are any in his sphere of power. Trying to win for posterity that is not adult or even born is absurd. Functional order requires the elimination of entropy, Left and Right, of dysfunction, Left and Right. This decline is mature and has deteriorated. It is no team sport beyond the number of people you can gather into a room to organize for shared interests. What you folks don’t realize is that mass losing now is the ONLY chance for winning later.

    BT called for ‘accelerationism’ in his manifesto. Frog, water, pot. Think of all the cells in the frog being autonomous, or think of millions of frogs not one. Until the pot breaks down, until the post master and his frog vectors are unable to keep you in the pot or are unable to keep you from claiming the pot as yours, there is not hope, no chance. Every rube who says ‘Thank you for your service’ is the functional enemy, as emotionally attached fodder for the enemy. The white-PC sacrifice can’t be made fast enough. The fundamentals are the fundamentals. There is no Right honoring the fundamentals in their minds: they are violating the fundamentals with fanatical glee. The Left is more primitive, but they are thereby more fundamentally correct. Can’t walk if ya can’t crawl. Xians be preachin’ their walkin’ but gawkin’, squakin’, and fodder walkin’ for the the enemy is not walkin as one’s self. They only walk in the sense of helping the Left walk all over them and me. The Right can’t be mindful of their own individual selves, much less crawl with any dignity, much less walk upright. Being alone is better than being among these cretins in disguise. They are death cult pawns of my demise. I love them not. Only death is won within the Hegelian false binary.

  24. @PA, this then is your creed: “What’s needed is a means of collective resistance. And that is the big unknown. You trust Trump or not, but you know that a leader or leaders are needed. You see the hand of God and devil in all of this or you don’t, but you’re a fool if you think that this begins and ends in the material world.”

    Well expressed. The need, even dependency, for a leader is something to consider more substantially. There are two main motivations to lead: (1) Get what you want for yourself, and (2) get what you want for ‘your people’. We know that alphas are competent at leadership, or at least comfortable enough in the role.

    I have been looking for a path to personal victory. In the abstract, leadership for #1 is the obvious path because it’s the dominant phenomenon that has lead us to agree on it’s ascendancy and effects as our problem. I realize that to get ahead today in the States one must virtue signal with few exceptions that invariably need no announcement. Anyone God’s gift to anything that pays well will be found and paid well. Clearly, that’s not us.

    PA, why don’t you lead? You are convinced you are right. You are convinced (competent) leaders are needed. You are convinced God’s hand is in all things but most certainly this struggle of ours on earth.

    Why don’t you lead? If you are nearly as right as you say you are, you have a powerful, omnipotent in fact, truth, nay, The Truth, on your side. How could you not be the right man for the job? at least one of them? How could God not MAKE you the right man for the job, assuming you are correct in your designs. You are articulate and specific and faithful. So why not? Is there a suitable why not that does not violate the certainly of your prescriptive judgment? Does not the situation become less salvageable by the day? Has God chosen someone else to do what, it seems to me, no one could do but you.

    Who has your convictions with the clarity and thoughtfulness that you do? I don’t think Dalrock or Vox Day are leadership material beyond being pundits, essentially trouble-makers, and in a good way. You write with more consistency than they do.

    Do I believe your stated convictions? No. Who cares about that? I am following logical integrity here. You gave us a logical statement. It is not wishy-washy. Therefore, it is falsifiable. That does NOT mean by definition that it is false. It means by definition that it can be tested in real life. We are all being tested. I think if you take that test you have laid out for yourself no less than us, will learn a whole lot more about yourself and your convictions. If you won, or even just roused Xian whitey to put up a good fight, I would be elated. I don’t think it’s possible, but apparently you do. As a philosopher I claim known unknowns. We are in a fight for our lives that defines us. I would not hold back means to defeat the Great Whore any more than I would presume to predict the future. There is dignity if fighting and there is not winning in capitulation. That is enough reason for me to point out the obvious to you.

    So what are you gonna do, Mr. PA? The big lie that entrapped me was thinking these vermin around me were roughly my equals and of roughly equal constructive value, had actual human worth. Oh, that maligned word ‘human’. I grossly overestimated the worth of others relative to myself. RP teaches us that we’ve been fooled into valuing others too much and ourselves too little. That’s contrary to the Gospel as I read it, but Red-Pill Christianity (RPC) is not my problem.

    Seriously, no one I’ve read in this interwebz expresses the RPC view with as much certainty, consistency, and masculinity that you do. Others point out inconsistencies in the enemy narrative. Others elucidate the problem. And how much more of that is needed these day?

    I don’t think Trump is enough, though great. I don’t think you are enough, though superlative in the leadership you have defined from what little I know about the RPC community. I really don’t know how you could lead at insisting on the right leaders and not lead at the actual leading. Why don’t YOU lead, PA? You already know the winning moves, the righteous response, the path to victory. Why not?

  25. Doug…

    Your main flaw… As is the main flaw of all high IQ “white” males… Is that you do not put your mind on objective Supremacy.

    If the “left” was more primitively correct than its incessant ranting and raving against (white) “supremacy” would be seen for the Big Lie that it is.

    In other words, the “right” fails because it does not Right. The “right” does not call out the “left” on ITS DESIRE FOR ideological supremacy.

    The justification is quite simple and straightforward.

    It conceptualizes a Right as desirous of Supremacy.


    The “left” is anti-(white) supremacy and lying through their teeth.

    The Right is desirous of Supremacy.

    The crux of the problem then becoming high IQ “white” males’ burden in defining exactly what it memes to desire Supremacy (hint: it is racial because materialism)?

    ”Conservative” cucks are an irrelevant excuse at this point for alt-writers righting the wrongs of yesterday against a true Right.

    So when you state “might makes right,” you show your explicitly material hand. Yet, BEFORE there is “might makes right,” there is “Might makes Right” because Capitalization. The “equalists” seeking collapse target the language first ruthlessly lower-casing the Higher Caste.

    When Supremacy becomes supremacy and then conceptualized as degeneracy there is societal collapsed.

    Put your mind on Supremacy and, consequently, your mind will Right.

    And don’t do what Lawrence Auster showed “us” of the radical liberationists which is to define the strictly material paradigm and yet use the language of the spiritual believer.

    You either possess spirit or you don’t?

    If you do not then YOUR “game” ends at physical annihilation.

    And this BELIEF has real concrete consequences for the HERE AND NOW.

    If you do then your metaphysical scheme needs to be put under the light if you are going to even begin to pontificate about “right,” let alone, Right.

    Ditto for Trav and Eddie.

    PS What is Right is not animal.

  26. Trump lol. He’s zeitgeist too, not a leader.

    Real leaders don’t reflect zeitgeist, they shape it.

    Once again, I say, stop it with the left/right shit…you’re making up the “left” as a strawman to bash. There is no “they” that believes the things you attribute, no movement, no mass.

    Pick your ideas from either side based upon whether they are correct or not. This will leave you with no party.

    So you say “the left,” PA…wtf is the Right? I don’t mean your imaginary right I mean the real right. War, corporate tax cuts, and unlimited immigration? The left didn’t give us all these brownies the fucking RIGHT DID. Leftist environmentalism came about as a result of the fucking grotesque planet rape of the corporate RIGHT. You hate clean air now? You know how these laws came to be and what prompted them? Black lung, burning rivers, toxic waste? I have no toleration for anyone who shits on environmentalism…are you fucking serious?

    You defend plastic fucking straws? Plastics are killing us, the entire biosphere is fucking choked with them. THEY are the threat…and the left makes a symbolic gesture to ACTUALLY DO THE RIGHT THING on this and where are you? Shitting on it?

    Grow up in a dump next a fuckin coal plant…raise your kids there. No sympathy for you.

    Whether you people like it or not, AGW is happening. Reef bleaching is happening. Ocean acidity and heat content rise is happening. And we are the fucking cause. We are also the cause of massive plastic garbage islands.

    YES, niggers throw away and litter- but you fuckers…jfc I hate you middling intellect pieces of shit with your “opinions”. You think WE in the west have less plastic litter than they? We have FAR FUCKING MORE, we just bury it out of sight and out of mind.

    Oil consumption per capita is vastly higher in the “clean” west than in the 3rd world where they leave the effects of plastics and “modernity” out in the river for everyone to see. No we do not need to be replaced by niggers everywhere.

    Plastic straws, plastic bags, fucking giant sodas full of dogshit…all defended by MUH FREEDUMS righties. Your freedoms? Freedom to be mass marketed-to obese pieces of crap who waddle around walmarts and salute the flag and praise the troops?

    at least the left can marshal people to the streets to fight. the right only whines. and fights for israel and welcomes economy-crushing cheap labor to destroy the middle class in favor of elite profits

  27. If any intelligent individual believes that his rejection of a metaphysical scheme of things does not then have a material effect consistently and persistently in the here and now THEN his “intelligence” is in the genre of deceit and/or sustained delusion.

  28. Trav…

    If the left/right dynamic is false it is because the “left” is not really anti-(white) supremacy and the “right” is not really for “white supremacy.”

    In Reality, the “left” desires material supremacy while a true Right seeks objective Supremacy.

    Yet, no man is forced into either “extreme.”

  29. @thordaddy, I actually advocate winning, sovereignty, that mean’s supremacy. I don’t presume we have it. I declare we lack it! You ‘argument’, as is the Xian way, is to hide in the nebulousness of faith, of definitions, or to strawman attack. What I said was that I don’t know what your way is. I don’t know if your way could succeed or not. I can’t help you because it is alien to me. What I said was that PA expresses this something in the Manosphere best in the leadership sort of way. I was not advocating my way. I was advocating PA lead with PA’s way. Do you even know where your hostility comes from? I will spare you and this blog the psychoanalysis.

    @Trav, wtf? Anthropomorphic global warming? Not the sun going through cycles and fuel, changing in composition, that can’t be it. So you’re back to being a troll? I totally agree on the mental autonomy of picking from ideas based on their own merits not their narrative shrine. This planet is meant to be used, even used up. The question is how to get the most out of it. There is no need to worry about pollution killing us. That’s the solution. The only way to cut down on garbage is to cull and have ascendancy of consciousnesses producers and cooperators. You presume to deny the organic process. You and I both know the only thing preventing us from living better is nearly everybody else!

    Also, ideas are expressed with terms. There is the Right and then there is the Rigiht. We are speakin in ideas. Follow the context. That fact that you are right about what the Right at large is does not change the conceptualization of right as understood by the RPCs. I see lots of holes in it, but it’s better than the official Right. There is not perfect form the human point of view. Everything in life is messy, expendible, temporary. We are more verb than noun unless we nounify the process of living. We are throw-away prototypes. It is the designs and their design elements that matter. It is the process. As George Carlin said, the earth will heal and there will be a new paradigm: Earth + Plastic. The major kill off by deadly oxygen emissions lead to more sophisticated life, eating and predation. It could be that rocks on earth had to ‘evolve’ to provide the calcium needed for bones. Life on another planet will consist of what’s on that planet. How special are we? And if AI is going to take over, wtf gives a flying f about plastic straws? C’mon Trav. You are all over the map.

  30. @thordaddy, you’re big on power, the war of every man against every man, as the way it just is. So you say this: “In Reality, the “left” desires material supremacy while a true Right seeks objective Supremacy.”

    Riddle me this: How can objective Supremacy be used to kill material supremacy?

    Start leading, in this war of every man against every man for a legacy of sons. Show us the path to not self-annihilation. What is the competitive advantage your version of Right has? When was the last time this competitive advantage made a kill and took sovereign power? You can’t spell The Order without order. Sovereignty is the power to determine order. Show me when in history the objective vanquished the vile material?

    Materialism is not wrong, but this is a matter of understanding definitions. The bottom line is that there is a material bottom line. Materialists don’t care about managing wealth. That are ignorant of that. They simply consume when they can and the most they can. To manage life on this planet is materialistic. In a sane world that would be materialism, managing priorities forced by the law of conservation, having a bottom line, which is a sign of higher being not lower. And please riddle me the above.

  31. Doug…

    Matter matters, but not all that matters. Matter is real and denying matter is irreal. And it just so happens that desire for material supremacy is the implicit acknowledgment of objective Supremacy.

    Language also matters. And when it comes to the subversion of white man, the liberation of his language is self-subversive. Where he believes syntax and grammar to be paramount, it is Capitalization that is primal in understanding white man’s understanding of the world.

    If (s)upremacy…

    Cause: (S)upremacy.

    Desire for objective Supremacy JUST IS GREATER THAN desire for material supremacy BECAUSE Capitalism.

    And the Reality is that almost zero white men desire the former versus the bulk of “white” males desiring the latter BECAUSE anti-Capitalism.

    Which is to say that the mass of “white” males are, ultimately, anti-Capitalists and very susceptible to “national socialism” and a sudden veering to the “left,” ie., to those that lie about their desire for supremacy so as to hide any acknowledgement of Supremacy. Ergo, acknowledging the “meta” to their “physical.”

    You’re a believer, Doug.

    You just aren’t telling “us” what really matters? Besides “matter,” of course!

  32. Doug…

    There are just simple truths that high IQ “white” males of the West must swallow. Namely, they are, collectively, disproportionately responsible and therefore accountable to the mass degeneracy of the white race. It can be no other way unless “we” are just to dispense with the primacy of high intelligence altogether? And the intelligent move is a desire for Supremacy.


    Because you desire real Capital, Doug,

  33. Doug…

    If high IQ “white” male does not desire objective Supremacy…

    Game over!

    The slide into degeneracy is inevitable and there is no spirit to stop the descent.

    This is not a taunt or a heckle. It is a mere realization of what is true.

  34. I have four children, Doug. All I can do is will them Right. What’s this meme? Can a lifetime’s endeavor be explained here and now? So, I’ve started with inculcating a desire for Supremacy which subsequently contextualizes as an argument against “equality.” Ergo, where one is arguing for “equality,” one is arguing against Supremacy. And in arguing against objective Supremacy, one is WRONG, ie., not willing Right.

    It’s up to you, Doug, to fill in the details of your own personal willing ALL Right.

    Is that not the best we can do, Doug?

    Will ALL Right?

  35. — PA, why don’t you lead?”

    I can teach a college class well. My leadership talent does not extend to doing things a rouge President or a clique of patriotic colonels ought to be doing.

    — Leftist environmentalism came about as a result of the fucking grotesque planet rape of the corporate RIGHT.

    There hasn’t been a Right in American politics since maybe Charles Lindbergh. War profiteers and bankers are not the Right, they are gangsters who run a country. The Left does not believe any of that environmentalist stuff. Need I mention Al Gore’s electric bill. Sierra Club was bought off to be pro immigration. The modern Left is wearing the skinsuit of 19th century reformers. They are Communists. The fake reaganite Right of the 80s was the empire’s sentimental side. Old school Democrats who gave a shit about forests and White workers are all dead. The American empire consolidated its two factions under Bill Clinton’s neoliberalism and his grand selloff to China and in phase 2 under Dubya. Along came Trump who upset their applecart.

  36. — at least the left can marshal people to the streets to fight

    You cant be serious. Antifa does not get sentenced to 400 years in prison, their Trump supporter victims do.

  37. Material supremacy is the domination of capital. But a domination of capital is only sustained by a perceived credibility. And all perceived credibility is interpreted as a willingness to employ violence to fully occupy one’s space and all accompanied assets. This is sovereignty. This is the “right” to preemptive strike. I get it. I live it as a “bouncer.” And, of course, I want to transcend it. Because to live in perpetual survival mode is just too nigger-convenient for my taste. “Any means necessary” equals “terminable without consent” in my objectively supreme formulation.

  38. @thordaddy, I read it all. I’m not sure what you mean except a general intuition that explains your handle. I suppose I am a believer. My parents taught me the opposite you are teaching your children. There is no equality between the host and the parasite. If you aren’t too dogmatic about making your point, they are lucky to have you for a dad.

    @PA, you won’t lead? College courses? No crafty action? No inspiring charm? It’s real easy to say all we need is a savior to fix everything. I realize from the Christians why Hilliary cautioned hope is not a strategy. There is nothing actionable in hope. What man has value in being taken care of? I don’t say that without self incrimination. Where’s the actionable in your creed? You will project your hopes onto mere men, elevate them, and get what from that? Let’s just be blunt. Are you or aren’t you a fucking WHITE MAN? I’m going by your belief system not mine. I have tempered my race awareness, sex awareness, etc. etc. Perhaps you have overestimated the value of simply being white in the face of circumstances that have exterminated entire white peoples before? Which dovetails nicely to…

    @PA, the facts are dead serious. It matters not how the Left can marshal street fighters and consistently win. This is not a morality game. They can and do. It counts. You did not refute the logic of Trav’s statement, only it’s narrative value. Would you like to know what the runner-up wins? Being dead. Maybe your own words should tell you something about Trump. The Left is winning on the street. The noose is tightening. It’s not safe to wear MAGA. Traitors have impunity. From Kathy Griffin to ‘Intelligence’ operatives to libtardfa, total impunity. As if being unable to discipline women weren’t bad enough. I would and did challenge Trav on other statements, but there’s no denying that one unless narrative pronouncements create reality and it’s true that stopping the unpleasant pronouncements creates a beautiful world. Women pretend to think like that, or maybe do in some animalistic way natural to their extreme intuition of empathy.

    You try to salvage what can’t be salvaged. You will do well to shuttle your family and perhaps a few dear friends through the collapse. It will take a total tear down to create strong men who make good times, who truly understand what matters and what good violins is, and bad. Like everyone, I don’t have experience in a patriarchy or in living on my own terms. The best we can to is base our opinions on reality, facts, evidence, if we mean to compete the best we can that is. It’s uphill and disheartening. I don’t give a fuck. Last thing I want is to die without having done something glorious or victorious. I take solice in the struggle, the knowning, the scheming and yes, hoping, but only for an avenue for me to do something fucking substantial. I probably will die irrelevant, but I have the dignity of living this shit situation on my terms as far as what I believe because I just want the damn truth. That battle took all my youth and then some.

    We are defeated because we can’t defend this house? Fuck that. These phuckers will bleed like anybody damit. They will starve, suffer from disease. I wish Christians weren’t so diligent with charity, but at least they will reap what they have sown for all of us. The treacherous opportunity is not how you would have it. Still, it’s what it is. This is decline, inexorable decline. Embrace it and use it as the ultimate weapon, mofo. Let the dumb empowered masses reap as they sow. Let the calamity come. You think fucks working to diligently enforce fluid gender pronouns have a fucking chance once this all falls apart? That’s when we do what we want, if ever. That’s the only chance in this life to win a way of life, a true homeland.

    That’s the legacy if there is one. Take care of you and yours in a very strategic, narrowly defined, healthy way that is fucking objective and demonstrable. You got family damn you! I almost wish I did. If I could actually afford family and a decent bitch, I’d love it! What the fuck you trying to do with maintaining a complete counter system, playing slave defense? If you see cycles in life, then the problem is the solution eventually. Let them win the system stuff, they already have, just don’t loose on the important shit: fucking family, not some whole religious sect, not some big church, people who matter because what they do and what they are from your firsthand fucking experiences. Someone will put the low-life wards of the state in their place. They are vermin or helpers of vermin. They ruin their own means of winning, of living. Let them!

    There will be a day. Get your actual people there. It ain’t a million or a thousand people. It’s five, ten, maybe you’re the mac daddy and it’s 50 or 100, but people you don’t know on a regular basis, an investment?, you stake the lives of you and yours on ‘the white race’ or the Christians? Are you fucking kidding me? Winter is a bitch, but if you have functional family, you are a richer man than most. Trying to salvage the past people in today’s is like trying to shit a piano out your ass, ain’t gonna happen. You think the winners of tomorrow can’t build a fucking piano? The ultimate victors if civilized can build a fucking piano factory!

    What you can pass easily is a love of music, culture, cooperation, accountability, and fucking unapologetic white masculinity. The inputs to civilization, us who don’t suck. Fucking do that, will ya? You don’t get to see this story to the end. You get to sire fighters and the fighting spirit, self-awareness no Jew can steal. Patience with some investment in reality is a defensive weapon, but not hope. Simple situational awareness will go a long, long way. There is no tidy, paint-by-numbers definition of white or masculinity. Context matters. Look around. Do what you can. You already know what’s gonna happen. I just told you. There’s no need to follow the news closely. You only need to be forewarned about physical shit in your life. Stop waiting for a messiah. You can’t stop a messiah from coming by taking care of your shit. What’s yours is not on the order of a nation or a people or an economy, I can tell you that. Nothing you see on TV is yours. Nothing!

  39. To lead…
    And its competing conceptions.
    Material supremacy
    By any means necessary?
    Or willing ALL Right
    By truthful memes necessarily?
    And the litmus test…
    Individual feasibility?

    Only one man can be materially supreme at any one moment and he is almost certainly leading only himself. On the other hand, leading Right is, seemingly, feasible to all sentient white men.

  40. “You did not refute the logic of Trav’s statement”

    Trav did what a lot of people do, including me sometimes: appearing to refute something I posted, he really just took a tangent of his own.

  41. “There will be a day. Get your actual people there. It ain’t a million or a thousand people. It’s five, ten, maybe you’re the mac daddy and it’s 50 or 100, but people you don’t know on a regular basis, an investment?, you stake the lives of you and yours on ‘the white race’ or the Christians? Are you fucking kidding me?”

    flawless. I’ve spent my entire life watching my white “brothers” and “sisters” pridefully shoot themselves in the foot and call it courage. “I can self-destruct better than YOU can. hardy-har-har!”

    no thanks. it’s a small life raft. I’m saving mine only, and the few who get that life is not something to be taken for granted. enjoy your sportsball, fuckers.

    “Winter is a bitch, but if you have functional family, you are a richer man than most. Trying to salvage the past people in today’s is like trying to shit a piano out your ass, ain’t gonna happen.”

    should be obvious by now. it bears repeating, the Italian Renaissance was born out of the black plague. the old had to die before the VERY old (strength of real men) could be reborn.

    “What you can pass easily is a love of music, culture, cooperation, accountability, and fucking unapologetic white masculinity. The inputs to civilization, us who don’t suck. Fucking do that, will ya? You don’t get to see this story to the end. You get to sire fighters and the fighting spirit, self-awareness no Jew can steal.”


  42. This fat frau [ redundancy alert ] at Caribou yesterday, said for everyone near enough to hear, “We certainly have enough White guys already”

    She was at a table with one other overweight late stage gen x woman, and with an accoutrement man and they were having some Activism with their morning coffee.

    No exag, she looks right at me (I was just leaving) all sassy and challenging, as she says this. Talk about an unsolicited shit test!

    Sometimes the reality of clown world is too stark. Caribou is like Starbucks except their branding is that they go for more homey, more “neighborhood.”

    In a different world, it might woulda been fun to say something back to this 175 lbs beast; it would borderline socially acceptable but who needs the trouble? but something civil and zeitgeist, like: How about put a lid on your racist remarks, would you please? I have children who would be directly harmed by your politics. What’s with your disregarding their representation?

    Wouldn’t it be fun if you could talk like that in real life?

  43. All those alpha fucks of 30, 40, 50 years ago are coming home to roost. By the time Millennial women hit late middle age, it will come down to a choice between insane asylums and witch burnings to save our civilization.

  44. they were having some Activism with their morning coffee.

    I damn near spit out my coffee reading that line. It’s funny cause it’s both funny and true.

    I’m starting to notice the alpha stain in some of the women I see as of late, especially at work. There’s a total smokeshow blonde that looks as though she married some helpless beta–if pictures are anything to go by–but again, you can see that alpha stain as she more than likely was active in her sorority days.

  45. @Elk
    Willing to bet there was at least some effort on her part to provoke a reaction. Good to see you have a sense of humor about it. Yep. Would be gratifying to say, “America doesn’t have enough farmland to support these 175 pound fem-beasts. We certainly have enough of them…”

    White Pill of the Day. Straight Outta Chicongo

    (anyone else catch the igger bitch in the background pleading, “please don’t make this any worse…”)



  46. ………………This fat frau [ redundancy alert ] at Caribou yesterday, said for everyone near enough to hear, “We certainly have enough White guys already”…….
    No exag, she looks right at me (I was just leaving) all sassy and challenging, as she says this. Talk about an unsolicited shit test!…………………..

    She knew you would not say anything back, a normal gentlemanly white guy would not. There’s not really any winning in this but you need to go nuclear.

    Thats for sure darling, your no catch for a white guy unless they were using a whale net!
    ……the less polite the better but I won’t write it here!

  47. “There is no equality between the host and the parasite.”

    not exactly true. there is a surprising amount of parity between them.

    for thing, “parasites” can level the playing field by supporting one “host” over another. which is why we will never truly be rid of them.

    another thing: parasites are the selective force that cull the weak hosts and select for the strongest. the host that can’t say no and gives the house away disappears.

    so there is “equality” in the power sense. the forces of host and parasite balance each other. probably the best thing to do with this information is to know how and when to use “parasites” to your advantage.

  48. A confrontation I witnessed a few years ago on a commuter train: a thirtyish female is huffing and puffing about something, then mumbles something snarky to a fiftyish man. I didnt catch what she said. He looks straight at her and asks with a clear but non-escalating voice: “Sorry miss, is there a problem?” She gets flustered, starts walking away as everyone is looking on.

    Then she powers-up, stops, turns around, stomps back over to him and declares “actually, there is” and chokes out some accusations about, I dont remember… him blocking her, or blocking the isle, or something. It didnt make much sense to me. He was continually in my line of sight and I didnt see him do anything inconsiderate. He listens. Then after she is done unloading and turns to saunter off, he looks bemused (he had a very expressive, somewhat jawly face and wore his moustache well) and says out loud: “Well, someone has an itch she cant scratch” and several people chuckled.

  49. SE, how could you let a prize like that get away?! Only 175 pounds? That’s practically svelte and she had a good sense of humor too.

  50. Heh Carlos, so true. They really do think they’re hot. Cartoonish understanding of men: “I’m smart educated I have a pussy and giant tits!”

  51. ok, so I said “the right” and you went No True Scotsman.

    Same as the left isn’t really left.

    Please don’t argue like a bitch would. Stop moving the effing goalposts.

    Anyway Trump is so evil, why didn’t he order a retaliatory strike against Iran for shooting down our drone? The media, congress, both sides, all wanted a retaliation. He alone asked “how many people would this kill?” and was told 100, 150 ish.

    And on that basis he said no.

    How psychotic is this country that this was roundly condemned? 100 people killed for shooting down a fucking robot. I’m going to use that as a pro-trump talking point with libs from now on. Point blank you support this shit? You’re fucking psychotic.

    And I apologize to all the room temperature intellects, but AGW is happening. Man made climate change is occurring. You mightn’t like it but don’t expect reality to do you the favor of conforming itself to your wishes. I was considerably more skeptical than any of you and that was crushed by the weight of REAL science, the kind you would read IN “Science”, actual research and data. If you do not have substantial scientific or engineering training and an IQ over 135, you can’t even grasp wtf they’re saying.

    Sorry but whether you like it or not we’re fucking up the planet. It will certainly go on and the apocalyptic outcomes will not occasion themselves, but nonetheless the scientific consensus IS NOT in error. That said, plastics contamination is and always was a far bigger issue than mean surface temperature. Reef bleaching is a bigger problem. Ocean strip mining is way worse.

    Global shark populations down 70% in the past couple decades…China strip mining the sea and killing fucking everything.

    We’ve got population overshoot issues that ALSO AGW is a symptom of. Along with many other symptoms. Yet nobody listens, we just breed more niggers and buy more iShit.

  52. No True Scotsman is not a fallacy when you can distinguish between the real and the counterfeit. It’s one of those sophomoric brainisms one used to see a lot of, like “the plural of Anecdote is not Data” (when akhshooly it is).

  53. Any woman who is quick to have a public confrontation with a man is likely not very smart. Most men will try hard to avoid a public confrontation with a woman. I work with the public and there are some men who are difficult, but not too many. I usually assume the difficult ones are not mentally stable or have some other problems. I don’t let it get personal, although it’s hard not to get a little angry inside. One man who used to be rude, started to be nice and my coworker told me “it’s because he has a girlfriend now”.

  54. Sorry Trav, you’re embarrassing yourself. Give it a rest. Global warming is an elite scam to make you eat cockroaches instead of meat, live in a container in mega cities and restrict your right to travel while those same elites get to control all the real assets and resources on the planet at your expense. It will serve as the justification for your future serfdom. Real science doesn’t need to be manipulated. You’ve also conflated a number of environmental issues like acidity in the oceans which are actually due to runoff and air pollution and residual poisons from things like glyphosate. Michael Mann refused to produce the data he used to create his famous hockey stick graph in a recent court case. It should have been child’s play for him to win the suit if what he said was true. He had to pay the defendant’s court costs. Apparently you didn’t understand that article in Science magazine as well as you thought you did. So much for your 135+ IQ.


  55. Any white woman who specifically has issues with white men as a group likely has personal problems. You probably wouldn’t have to dig too deep to find out where the animus comes from.

  56. Global warming is a blanket term now, it can mean whatever someone wants it to mean. It’s real and it’s a scam and it’s a real scam.

    Are we way overpopulated or not? Some say we can support 1 billion people, some say 11 billion.

  57. Travis…

    It was you who suggested that one should dispense with the right/left paradigm PRESUMABLY because it is false. Yet, it is only false because both “right” and “left” present false faces. There is, IN FACT, a real (R)ight and a real “left” (whether occupied or emptied out completely of beings). And only when one can discern the real (R)ight from the real “left” can one state that the right/left paradigm is false.

    So what is the real (R)ight?

    And what is the real “left?””

    I gave you my answers.

  58. And that’s why I must checkout of all this bullshit. I must ZFG. The shit even here.

    I must give credit were credit is due. Great comment by Carlos, totally impeccable logic. Nice piece of evidence, Amon. Also, I guessed black. What did I win? Big Jail is a serious threat. Why should I have to pay for a serial murder serving three life sentences? These bureaucrat fucks don’t give the slightest fuck about society being functional, not one fucking iota. Three lifes? 60+ murders. You can’t charge me a nickel for the fucking round and be finished with it, you [things PA won’t let me say] animals. I’m feeling Heston-eque on a beach, babe in tow, but I’m very, very upset.

    You know, I think the government trolls must be getting very good. I can’t be sure who they are anymore.

  59. –My thanks for the kind regards. I’m afraid my absence is one that began from banal causes and metastasized to the point of “well, until i have something important to say . . .” I’m looking to get an electric typewriter, I have a notion this would facilitate daily creativity greatly.

    With that said, time for the “Climax” hard-sell.

    To paraphrase the guy in “Blade Runner”: “I need you, PA. I need your magic.”

    Heaven knows the likes of Steve Sailer and Greg Johnson could never be of help on this one. I found “Climax” by serendipity, and since then I’ve carried it with me like this incredible secret. As if, like Salieri in “Amadeus”, I alone had ears to hear. For Noe is a notrious provocateur, and the film was not quite released in a vacuum. Yet I’ve read many liberal reviews of the film, and not one yet has betrayed the awesome outrage the film should have provoked in them. I believe I know the answer why, and this “meta” secret too is precious–how Noe trolled them. It was a simple method, but his arriving at it was an act of more-than-Trumpian genius.

    “Climax” is a film that should not exist until after the revolution–and yet, here it is. Think back to that half-hour documentary montage about the invasion of Europe that circulated a few summers ago–the one with the techno soundtrack!–and then ask yourself, how could you get ALL THAT into a movie–an actual movie: get it greenlit, make it, show it to the world. And not only defy the censors but go completely over the heads of the gatekeepers?

    What will you see in “Climax”?

    –200-proof Race Realism. I mean like you never imagined. Absolutely horrifying, and honest with the rigor of a mathematical proof. Anything truthy you ever fantasized about dramatizing in an Actual Movie? Buckle up . . .

    –the Camlost Thesis on what blacks would do in the absence of White authority. First literally, and then hellishly.

    –the PA Demoniac Rave Culture Thesis: I might as well take this opportunity to say, since it’s not really a spoiler, that the spiked punchbowl plot point is a transparent gimmick. Because everything that happens afterwards is either HBD human nature (blacks being horrifying while clearly showing no signs of ‘intoxication’) or (as manifests only eventually) demonic possession.

    –the Larry Auster Thesis on the logical conclusion of a world without Whites: [I’ll leave this one blank]

    –overt and original use of religious imagery from the grandly and tragically sublime opening shot to the epiphanic finale.

    –probably the most anti-abortion film I’ve ever seen. This theme is introduced verbally, and then explored.

    This film needs to become common knowledge a la “Eyes Wide Shut” for everyone in the Alt-right who has the stomach for a violent and Godardian art house film. Which does exclude some people, sadly. But there are those viewers who will understand and thrill at what they are being shown here–and how it was done.

    Because–meta-spoiler alert?–this is a film in which Straight White Men appear only once. Which means that, in their absence in a multicultural queer dance party that goes to literal Hell On Earth, your liberal film reviewer–wait till you’ve seen it to watch the reviews!–can’t stop talking about the OMG DANCING! That 200-proof Race Realism? Like they never even saw it . . .
    But you, my friends, will. Because Noe, who has charmingly said that the film “has no social or moral or political message” lolzolzolzlzl also called it his “Tower of Babel movie.”

    “God is with us!” cries a bottle-blonde Algerian mutt chick while a fat gay negro DJs underneath an oversized French flag.

    But God is not with them, as they will discover to their horror. And God’s light will not shine again into the darkness until the Straight White Men return.

    But it is for other pairs of eyes to confirm what I witness, perhaps to spoil the plot-points for the better understanding of others. Because this massively cathartic work is a masterpiece of negative-witness, an Inferno for multiculturalism. A work that even–dare I say it?–truly makes me feel compassion, a Christ-like sorrow, for many of these ruined souls. But this does not in the least compromise its ruthless deconstruction of multikult pabulum–starting from the progressive wet dream of racial harmony and genderqueer whatever (“OMG THE DANCING!!!) this film descends into every horror imaginable, and when God shines his lamp at last into the blackness, what viewer cannot long with desperate need for the Straight White Man to take control?

    This film needs to take the place of To Kill a Mockingbird.

  60. @thordaddy, I think you gotta let go of the Left/Right shit. There is YOU, and there is antithetical to you. It’s that fucking simple. As soon as you take the binary menu, the Specials are getting their hands around your throat by proxy. Maybe you should think in terms of High/Low, but even that is no good. What bitch won’t tell you you’re no good? What organism decides it should not try to win? Rhetorical. I am too numb to cry. I mean what organism fit to live should not try to win?, but y’all should have known that. We are watching the die-off of totally unfit organisms, and much more closely than I would like. Exit the Hegelian. Don’t even play that game with vocabulary. I. Me. Power. Uncomplicated and natural, like a steaming dump all over the libtard pretenses of replacing civilized white men without sacrificing themselves.

  61. The issue with most alt-writers is their misapprehension of racism as little more than hatred of niggers. Racism, at its core, is strict sexual selection. Ergo, most alt-rite PUAs are not real racists. At the same time, in this time of radical sexual autonomy, it is tough to be a principled racist especially when niggers seem to be enjoying the rotted fruit of anti-racism.

  62. [NB: It IS a hard, demanding film to watch. A time-bender in its construction, perhaps as much Tarkovskiesque in a way as Godardian. Having just written that precis, I’m strongly tempted to watch the film again–and at the same time, appalled by the prospect. That’s how I felt about it after I saw it the first time, truly confused as to whether I should, or wanted to, see it again. As such a visceral experience–calculatedly and blisteringly painful to watch, even deliberately albeit fascinatingly “boring” at times–though with a deliberate dramatic purpose to alienate the viewer and leave him apprenhensive–perhaps it is enough simple to live through the film once, internalizing its act of witness as an experience of religious confirmation. Which is, again, why our side really needs to discover this work.]

  63. I was working very late today, thankfully at a field location not far from home. I finally step out of the office and holy smokes, it’s cold. That’s a good thing. I’ve had enough of warm weather for the year. Good thing I had a jacket. So in a buoyant mood on account on seeing Lucius back I hopped into my car, one of the very few still left in the parking lot. Turned the key, and things got even better — Simple Minds “Don’t you forget about me” was on the car radio. The GenX anthem. They wrote us off at fifteen, going by the title.

    Instantly, I thought of you Merry Band of Shitlords, starting with mendo because he recently mentioned that song.

    You know the bridge late in the song, where the vocalist softly sings the lines [“will you walk on by…. will you call my … name….], the song pauses, and then the short drum solo burst and the powerful chorus. I am the world’s worst singer but I belted out loud and good with that outtro.

  64. “This film needs to take the place of To Kill a Mockingbird.”

    That is very compelling. As are the multilayered theses you point to.

  65. Doug…

    I dispensed with the right/left paradigm sometime ago. And in its materialistic void, eye intuited my own paradigm.

    Racial self-annihilators versus racist Supremacists.

    These are the “extremes” that delineate the operative “spectrum.”

    Therefore, as a white male, one is either a white racist Supremacist or a racial self-annihilator.
    Poly-tricks is a distracting derivative putting shade where light should shine.

    If you are a Procreator then you seek Fatherhood and perfection in creating.

    If you are a self-annihilator then you minimize and then ultimately reject any desire for Supremacy.

    Your claim of desiring a material supremacy is mere half-stepping in No Man’s Land. Ergo, you are a practitioner of “radical autonomy.” Yet, you still believe in your own soul. An indestructible aspect of your being.

  66. PA, those are classic moments. I always consider them as adjuncts and assists, of the boost variety, to help give us that extra kick, momentum and all around frame of mind to endure. Thanks for sharing.

    Speaking of Lucius, I recall the last time I jabbered with him regarding film it was on the Timothy Dalton Bond series. I had mentioned that I preferred Licence to Kill to Dalton’s first foray in The Living Daylights. Lucius offered a strong counterpoint that in an odd manner conjured up nostalgia of the Cold War in a Stockholm Syndrome kind of way.

    Some months after his reply I saw TLD and realized how strong a film it was and how it was really one of the last true Bond films. In fact, I dare say that those two Dalton films far outweigh any of the Craig films. I liked it so much I bought the soundtrack/score to the film. Makes for some good listening on a long drive. In some instances, you feel like you’re Bond, on the run from the baddies.

  67. Amon, shut the fuck up


    This letter presenting a short list of claims about climate change boasts a list of “500 scientists and professionals” who have co-signed it.

    The claims contradict or misrepresent the evidence uncovered by geoscientists, failing to provide support for its conclusions downplaying the threat of climate change. The letter claims, for example, that climate models ignore the benefits of increased CO2 on plant growth. This is false, as many climate models simulate the response of vegetation to increased CO2—and the climate change it causes.

    And while some outlets described the co-signers as experts in climate science, most are not. As noted in an analysis below, a significant portion of the co-signers are either engineers or professionals in non-technical fields. Only 10 identified themselves as climate scientists.

    Similar letters have sought to establish credibility with large numbers of co-signers in the past, but evidence is what counts in science.”

    Please you fucking idiots, just shut the fuck up. You do not understand the science, you are incapable of that.

    This is not a fucking elite scam or any kind of goddamned conspiracy you morons. I cannot respect the intellect of anyone who is not smart enough to ascertain the truth on this issue.

    I am NOT insulting you by calling you morons; I am stating fact. Do not take it as an insult. You are simply insufficiently intelligent to be able to discern what is true and false because, IN FACT, elite interests WANT IT THAT WAY. Morons like you were NEVER intended to have a vote or a say; it is oppressive and unfair to try to expect you 2-digit IQ types to be able to EVER figure out who is lying to you and who isn’t.

    Given that you’re hung up on the hockey stick thing, explain to me ocean acidification and reef bleaching. fuck, why am I even asking the likes of you this?

  68. @PA – YES, yearly reminder that this is the greatest time of year, Halloween / Equinox / hunting season, when the veil between this world and the next becomes thinnest, and Northern Man feels most alive and in tune with nature.

  69. After reading the review, what use the film?

    And how gory is gory? There is a manosphere movie that debuted recently. It’s an internet movie by the youtuber Hammerhand called MGTOW Movie – The MGTOW Movie

    By the standards of youtube movies it’s pretty good. Hammerhand is a character. He is cut from the cloth of total badass, American blue collar version. His 3d6 cage fighting talent score is 17+, going by his face. But going by his film, he is totally DR3 (to use the old meme). His movie seems a lament not so much for Men but for black men in America. Perhaps in his defense he would say that they are an easy example of his thesis.

    In any case he treats the subject of abortion, and makes the claim that Women are the greatest mass murders in history, going by the abortion kill count, which if I recall correctly he places at One Billion which is a lot. AND he shows a gory picture of a disposed baby in a disposed baby-tray and it’s pretty gruesome. Nauseating.

    Abortion is a topic that I was not 100 per cent red pilled on, to begin with. My take on it now is not even so much for the murdered babies but that it’s an awful thing to do, TO the female who has it done. The cavalier attitude that they take toward it, is SICK. The movie shows these rallies in Ireland and Korea, where the women finally “win the right” to have abortions, and how deluded they must be, in order to feel that way.

  70. “…hunting season, when the veil between this world and the next becomes thinnest, and Northern Man feels most alive and in tune with nature.”

    Not with nature ‘intrinsically,’ but a kind of vortex of visceralities that are merely tether’d to the earth out of a slightly tipsy upland-hunter or whaler’s curiosities, marginally-equestrian lineages & varied incorporeal nourishments. That veil is thinnest — lushly emaciated — when seasoning and savoring agrestal geese or deer that were hand-hunted atop the Red Rocks of southern Coloradan or French wildernesses.

  71. “it’s an awful thing to do, TO the female who has it done. The cavalier attitude that they take toward it, is SICK. The movie shows these rallies in Ireland and Korea, where the women finally “win the right” to have abortions, and how deluded they must be, in order to feel that way.”

    IMO this is the ultimate example of the power of narrative. to be able to convince the mind to do this to her body, and to the baby, with just a story about how killing your babies is progress and freedom. incredible.

    and it is not JUST a baby but also a grandbaby, a niece, a nephew, a member of the community. “it’s a medical procedure”, they’ll say.

    otoh, who wants to raise a defective kid? it’s a useful tool for eugenics. as is war. but obviously it’s not being used for the purpose, presently. and neither is war.

    the way i see it abortion is the female version of being willing to sacrifice life and limb for an occupation govt. do it for “your” country.

    goyim women are filled with pride too, you know? a lot of them see having an abortion as “taking one for the team”. the team being their girlfriends and co-workers who are still trying to squeeze as much hedonism out of their fertile years as possible. if you’re a good careerist party girl, you don’t bail on your friends like that.

    which, is why it’s up to the guy to make the future generations happen. not being ironic there. he needs to plow through all that and put the right narrative ino her confused little head.

  72. elk- women value whatever they’re told to value. Literally none of their preferences are authentic. If the herd or the authority says “this is valuable,” then to them it’s awesome.

    Those APEX NORDIC swedes are totally feminist and run by women and they’ve invited hordes of niggers into their country. Now, 25% are polling afraid to go out at night DESPITE their media’s determined attempt to cover up the reality of crime even to the point of failing to report on it.

    Women were 100% in favor of inclusion and trannies…but now that businesses have gone tranny friendly as far as unisex restrooms, we’re seeing an uptick in bladder infections because women are unwilling to use the restroom at all during the day and will hold it until they go home.

    This is just how stupid women are. They are children with tits. Giving them any say in anything that matters is idiotic. And yet here we are. I don’t see how we can roll it back because they are 50% of the body politic and the system continues to grind on. Men use it self-enrich on the backs of these tit-children so there will never be sufficient majority consent to ending the madness.

    Consequently, those who say we can vote our way out of it are delusional. It is not just WE who get to vote. Women constantly express preferences for things that they actually hate, never mind that their pussies and brains are usually going in opposite directions. They say men think with their dicks, true, but women are FAR more controlled by their cunts than men are by their dicks.

    Once you convert to islam you will no longer care what they say or think. Most of the so-called “red pilled” are still clinging to the hope that they can convince their women to just do the right thing. Your great grandpa knew better.

  73. People get confused about the nature of the Left. What the Left is NOT: Cold War era opposition to American free market or militarism (and those things were NOT the Right, either). The lefties’ regulations and pacifism were not their expression of traditional, conservationist values. What they were, is Communists’ *pretending* to embrace those values and using them as siege equipment for the purpose of sabotaging the American empire on behalf of the Soviet empire.

    The Left does not believe in anything it opportunistically claims to: women’s rights, animal rights, environment, workers, homosexuals, even nigs and muzzies. It plays one interst group against the other. Always with the goal of subverting that group, whose liquidation is expected to yield the best harvested value.

    Beyond the material avarice, the Left’s true home is with the appetites of their father the devil. They revel in murder and destruction. Abortion is their unholiest rite.

    As to all those granola tree hugger bleeding hearts, sure. They are nice but dumb or pigheaded people seduced into following the Left. An older female author I used to correspond with cant come to terms with why the Left betrays its feminist values in Sweden’s embrace of rapist guests.

    Those naive lefties are led by the nose by the evil lefties. Similar to how 200 years ago some of the Abolitionists just felt sorry for their kindly old negro farmhand but the Abolitionists who mattered just thirsted for a Haiti-style bloodbath in the South.

    Same with environmentalism. Fuck the left and their climate change lies. They will drop any talk of Environment the moment it’s expedient, just like they threw their “concern” for White worker aside once they got themselves a new proletariat. They don’t even accidentally help clean the planet. They just piggyback on those who do, and hijack their cause.

    A poster on Gab delivers a solid punch:

    The LEFT does not concede ANYTHING. The LEFT does not give up on ANYTHING. The LEFT believes in Historical Determinism. The LEFT is Resolute. If ‘it’ takes a hundred years – the LEFT will devote themselves for a hundred years. Never UNDERSTIMATE the LEFT. The LEFT was left for dead (recall the End of History!). The LEFT rose again. The LEFT, just like the poor, will ALWAYS be with us. The LEFT is the ETERNAL enemy. Eternal enemies do not whither and die.

    The Left is persistent because it is the earthly face of Satan.

  74. — “Once you convert to islam you will no longer care what they say or think.”

    That’s a veiled (so to speak) supplication to the Left. “Hey, I’ll get with the program, Mr. Soros. I know I’m White and you’re targeting me for extermination, but with this one simple trick you’ll let me patrol my thots, right? … Right? … Please, say something Mr. Soros!”

  75. “women value whatever they’re told to value. Literally none of their preferences are authentic. If the herd or the authority says “this is valuable,” then to them it’s awesome.”

    thank God MEN don’t do that:

  76. White pill, Elk edition:

    “Young white Americans understand, in a way most of their elders simply cannot, that they are caught up in an existential war against them, and they are desperate for the kind of hope the God-Emperor is providing them” – Vox Popoli.

    From the UK Sun:

    DONALD Trump’s rally in Minneapolis has turned heads after people pointed out that it looked more like a Justin Bieber concert rather than a political meeting. Teenage girls and boys were seen crying tears of joy as the US president talked about his win in the 2016 election to a 20,000-strong crowd in Minnesota.

  77. @plumpjack, it’s nice to see pure wisdom in you latest comments.

    AGW and Islam?: troll confirmed. They always have to say what they want to get what they want. They got to make the move. What solid arguments labelling insults are. That’s always how I know I’ve won the logical argument. Using an ‘ism’ or two shows more finesse, of course.

    Look at that hottie and the other one. Trump ain’t tapping that physically, but he has psychologically. That’s the fucking problem with the police state. These bitches are turned out. You can say, “Yah, for our side!” Then you would be a fool. No flesh and blood man can compete for tingles against Da Man. The key, as always: patriarchy->culture in lieu of institution. I’m guessing that’s the proud father. His daughter is likely also married to Jesus. That will work mentally for a future mate who is faithful herd and himself obedient to the save-me narrative. The days of the existential license for that conviction, however, are numbered. Trump has really set the hook deep into cuckservatism. The noose is tightening and the rubes like that its all hypoallergenic n shit. There is a 0-tolerance policy from the police, the left wants to give them a violence monopoly, and still they bleat, “Thank you for your service.” I’ve never seen it with an orgasm before. These hick-ensconced cunts can’t double down enough with their ‘people’. I’m feeling a Dalrock post coming on. Seems to me he could do this topic justice.

  78. From Travvy:
    “If the herd or the authority says “this is valuable,” then to them it’s awesome.”

    This x1000. However it’s also the reason I disagree with him when he slams White broads as “Apex Nordic DNA (lol.)”

    This is the most thorough treatment I’ve seen on the topic:

    Look at the shit they endure. We all know they’re already easily influenced, psychologically manipulated.They are the primary target of a 24/7 WAR. I’m amazed, and it is a testament to actual apex Nordic DNA that every single broad in the country is NOT a mud shark, given the time, resources, pressure, social shaming, and incentives to do so.

    What percentage of White men are immune to afroball worship? How many of them are willing to give that up (or God forbid actually engage in physical activity themselves?) They sit around, killing AT LEAST 2 days a week cheering for, wearing the jerseys of, and throwing White broads at niggers. A far greater percentage of White broads are resistant to the poz in that respect, and it’s a testament to them.

    I’m still waiting for this stat to be taught in schools instead of #oneluv. Astounding:

    “Currently, 70% of black children are born out of wedlock, however when the mother is white and the father black, the rate jumps to 97%. 98% of white mothers studied reported the father does not support their children financially, 97% report the father is not in the child’s life, and 97% of the women have used welfare to help support themselves and their children. Only 10% of women that have children with black men out of wedlock end up marrying. The vast majority of white women that have children with black men live far below the poverty line.[7]”

  79. — Look at the shit they endure. We all know they’re already easily influenced, psychologically manipulated.They are the primary target of a 24/7 WAR. I’m amazed, and it is a testament to actual apex Nordic DNA that every single broad in the country is NOT a mud shark, given the time, resources, pressure, social shaming, and incentives to do so.

    Exactly this. However you judge women, it’s remarkable that so few mudshark. I told this story before… I used to work with a pretty but naive chick in her early 20s, who had the type of personality in that she always needed an authority figure to tell her what to do. Unbelievably given the physical goods, she went through a long stretch without a boyfriend. One day she starts talking about this guy in her apartment building who persistently asks her out on a date. She gets a little uncomfortable as she’s listing his many great qualities to me (“he’s really sweet, smart, fun…) and oh by the way she ever so offhand mentions that he’s black. She asks if I think she should go out with him. I told her matter of factly but with absolute finality in my tone: “No. Cross cultural relationships never work out.”

    You could palpably feel her relief when I said that, in that she got permission to not-do something that her instinct found repulsive but (((other authorities))) insisted that it’s what she must do.

    “You’re welcome, mister” I said in my thoughts, addressing her old man. I lost contact with her but she did marry a White man her age a few years later.

    — “Currently, 70% of black children are born out of wedlock, however when the mother is white and the father black, the rate jumps to 97%.

    Black women span the gamut of personal quality. White women who ‘shark are the crappiest of our kind.

    — Only 10% of women that have children with black men out of wedlock end up marrying.

    And anecdotally, the married ‘sharks are usually the sole or primary breadwinner.

  80. When black men have to expend time, energy and resources to take care of a white woman their standards go way up. The reason you see black men settle for low level white woman is because they are willing to do that to have someone take care of them. Even a lower quality white woman is still probably more together than many black women are.

  81. You can also see this when men marry competent but domineering women (obviously there are plenty of competent non domineering women). They need someone to take care of them so they settle on other qualities.

  82. Any movie that diverts from entertainment value toward Shakespearean seriousness better be prepared to roll up its sleeves and get to work. And that means good dialogue, great symbolism, and full use of the silver screen’s unique properties.

    “Joker” is merely DC’s attempt to play catchup with Disney’s Marvel Studios. So far, they’ve been woefully behind.

    And money lost or left on the table are illusions to weep over.

  83. Still around PA, I see.

    WordPress is actively purging WNs. Not necessarily the ones you know, but other in my crowd. You might consider backing up your site.

    They seem to be following links and doing it in a sort of “chain” fashion. Moderation is no protection, as WNs more moderate that yourself have been censored. Watch out.

  84. My contention is that it due to the pill and our diet; though mainly the diet. Some of these girls are given the pill as young as 12 and that’s got to seriously alter their body to the point where they do take on more of a male form. The body is still forming and you add a substance that alters their hormone–nothing good can come from that. Add a shit diet to that and it just ramps everything up.

    There was a once what I thought was just a throwaway joke line from Family Guy, where a convo is shown midway and Stewie says that 70s boobs are different from 90s boobs. Well, that ain’t the only thing that’s different.

  85. I know I know: that’s not what was meant, and it is a serious topic.

    Pretty much everyone, by which we mean the demographic of White youth in America, is less healthy now. Suicide rates, reported “mental health” problems, obesity; drug and alcohol abuse. All those rates are higher than they were in the 90s and the 70s.

    And directly to the point, it’s well known that transgender identity is co-morbid with all the other serious problems, up to and including death.

    On the less serious: PA has remarked about how even attractive-faced girls, are usually softer and not in the good way. Too much time sitting down and indoors. People have to do physical work and outside, in order to be healthy. It’s what we evolved to do. Which is not to say we should work like slaves.

  86. Robert Loggia was wasted as a character in The Sopranos. There was potential there, especially with a name like Feech LeMotta.

  87. women value whatever they’re told to value. Literally none of their preferences are authentic. If the herd or the authority says “this is valuable,” then to them it’s awesome.

    A similar take is expressed in this following comment on a current BBS Stormer thread — Feminist Author Claims Women Should Tell Men Their Real Number of Sexual Partners and “Own Their Sexual Power”

    Absent this – for example if men do not develop or express conceptual clarity – women simply navigate by interaction, in which their conceptual vacuity is their contribution.

    Women are a mess. Their organized expression is appetite.

    Interaction is consonance or dissonance – utterly value free.

    If you assume a bias to avoid discord, lobotomize any higher thought and fill the space with a fucked up summation of desire of only the latest moment, you get female behavior.

    If you get past the revulsion, and understand the interplay between circumstances and the preceding thought patterns of Niggers, you also understand women.

    Culture begins with men. Blossums only to the degree their influence spreads.

  88. I fear for Millennial Woes. He has bought and is selling validation from a base, baseless ‘Public’. What he understands intellectually he does not understand emotionally. The reason why the uneducated are trustworthy is because they are predictable simpletons not because they are reliably helpful or or consistently good. This basis of the Public, even a race-aware one, is failure. Now is not the time to organize more than 100 people. Now is the time to know those whom you can’t look in the eye whilst communing about the core topics, e.g. religion and politics, are not and can never be your friends if your goal is Western but post-Industrial civilization. I am saddened that he has such ruinous emotional attachment. He paints the bull’s-eye on his back not unlike Christian’s carry the martyrdom of Christianity to seek approval and victory. I seek why Elk posted this video. I am let down. This is Millennial’s maturation process? Still wet behind the ears. He seems not Christian to me in self-identity, but the part of Christianity the elites want in him is there. He is a guard dog, like Davis. Such a great intellectual house on establishment sand by the sea shore. He would do well to study the winnings of the Gracchi and the De Witt brothers. This is the glorious ‘Public’ he wishes to save. Make this recipe. Start with shit ingredients. Predictable result is coming.

  89. i mean you guys are free to whistle past the graveyard as you go extinct.

    Nothing you’re saying is new or revolutionary and in 5 years you’ll be saying how it got worse and continuing to pine for yesteryear and bitching.

    we live in a political reality where votes and mob rule matter. islam is a mob. either you mob up or you fucking get voted off the island.

    white men just like you guys, love you all, are going to have to pick an ally that you don’t like or else you’re going to be isolated and exterminated. it’s just the way shit works.

    so those women don’t mudshark…whoopie. they STILL VOTE FOR infinity niggers. because of feelz and social pressure. show me a few bitches at trump’s rally…for what? Zionism? DF does that orange clown even stand for? Not us!

    He let every one of his supporters get banned from the internet. The entire media including Fox is now against him. the swamp fought back…

    I can show you 10x as many bitches at a leftist rally…10x as many bitches voting for globohomo. All this continual INSISTENCE on doing nothing more than PRETENDING that reality isn’t real among you guys…it stuns me. Wake the fuck up already. bitches vote for this crap with their money and their time, they PAY to be bombarded with this advertising. They cannot tune out voluntarily and they cannot break the spell.

    You’re in a goddamned war you cannot win without risking something up to and including your own lives. Everything here and on CH seems to be about denying the basic reality of manhood. We can all point out how fucked up shit is and why but what are you gonna do about it?

    I’ve offered suggestions that are admittedly imperfect and challenge your core values and assumptions. Allying with a movement and coopting it…you’re all still so stuck on your fucking ideologies that you cannot see the forest for the trees.

    There is NO VICTORY forthcoming from what is talked about here…it’s echo chamber bitching. This ideology is a cancer, an ideology of losers. You out yourselves by your inability to rationally react to my suggestions (along with refusal to accept AGW) as ideologues. There is no win in this, people. Why do you all so steadfastly cling to losing faiths, losing ideologies, losing principles? It’s fight or die. Wake the fuck up. You will die and your vaunted principles will die with you because – get this through your skull – evolution DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT about your fucking principles.

    white Men should be identifying as female and gumming up the system. They should be identifying as black to take the gibs. They should be engaging in vandalism against the State. Oh noooooo…that’s capitulation or surrender or something. Everything that’s standing now needs to be wrecked completely…it is a hollowed out rotten society.

    In what fucking parallel reality that you people inhabit is WINNING actually losing? In what bizarro world is THIS actually winning? It’s simply South African nostalgia for a time that’s gone and cherry picking a Trump rally of all things so as to continue to deny reality.

  90. @FE- dude, look at sweden and get back to me on that fuckin nordic dna.

    they’ve wrecked their country in one generation. they were the ones on the streets with signs welcoming refugees and now that they’re in sweden, 25% fear going out alone at night.

    nordic women are motherfucking beautiful idiots. an asian woman would not have fallen for this bullshit. they don’t footsoldier social revolutions to destroy their own countries with outsiders.

    You wanna know why this is? do you?

    because white men are fucking pussies and have no authority. They ceded their authority to others. and those others tell their women want to feel and want.

    whites have no RELIGION. No code, no morality anymore. En masse, a people adrift. No will to live. Rather toss drinks back and talk about the bygone glory days than vandalize MLK statues. The other side is bringing violence and whites are whining and begging for protection from the police from it.

    white men in europe march in heels and skirts in “solidarity” to their women being raped by sand niggers. women don’t want mfing solidarity they want HEADS on stakes.

    Was just telling some 36 yo serb chick this last night. Something something she said about testosterone and war and what i’d do first if I were emperor. And i told her women LOVE violence. Just blasted her on it…whoever wins the fight gets the women. She’s a scientist of some kind and had no answer for it because it is so self-evident as to be beyond argument. Women are EVOLVED to select the man who literally JUST WON THE FIGHT. they will nibble around here and there with the smart losers but only when nobody is looking.

    DO NOT FORGET THIS. Do not expect your women to respect and admire you if you DO NOT WIN.

  91. “what are you gonna do about it?”

    A fed thing to ask, brah. Every altright cartoon on this subject starts with the panel in which a feeb is typing “goshdarnit my aryan brother, arent you tired of those Foreigners taking our jobs? What are you gonna DO about it!” In the next panel, a not-too-bright-looking teenager gets pumped up and get up to do something. The third panel has that original “commenter” arresting him.

    This is a public internet forum, you talk specific action and reaction with people offline if you’re so inclined. You’re not talking to boomers, none of us think shit is hunky dory.

    Any talk of converting to another religion, especially that one, marks the individual irrevocably untrustworthy in my eyes. Take muzz of that pedestal. They are as much played by the powers that be as anyone. Oh, just about how many muzz weddings get droned and their kids incinerated on a weekly basis by the US gov, at least prior to this administration. Islam appears to be winning because it’s accommodated by Western police states and because it appeals to people with sub-European temperament and intelligence.

  92. But Asian women are mercenary as shit and have no soul. They are empty, status seeking vessels rather than confused truth seekers as are Swedish women. Wolfie hit that one on the head- cash registers for souls. That statement was a fabulous truism. They care only about money and stop fucking as soon as they pop out a rug rat. They do weird shit like sleep with their sons into puberty too. Their men are henpecked beyond words. They fuck white guys because of the testosterone. I don’t know any man married to an Asian woman that is actually happy. I consider them to be calculating and bitchy. You have to resort to violence with them to actually control them. They have a reptilian sense of strength not a constructive notion of it. What happened in Sweden is the men were silenced then castrated intellectually by the state and prevented from controlling their women, the same as in the US and Western Europe. But you still meet tough and strong Swedish men and their women follow them. All women are stupid but Swedish women are generally pretty and will follow a strong man. What they lack is male leadership, same as in the US. All this liberal BS they place stock in is nothing but a cry to be led and have their Weltanschauung returned to normal. Blame Swedenborg Rights Free Masonry, and its grip on the monarchy. Western culture needs fixing but it is far from dead. It will revive when men find their balls again. There is a reason the elites have inverted the male female dynamic because it breaks down society’s mechanism for advancement and healthy continuity.

  93. Beyond the material avarice, the Left’s true home is with the appetites of their father the devil. They revel in murder and destruction. Abortion is their unholiest rite.

    Great comment PA. So few people see this basic fact. You have to have first hand experience with Communism to know this but it doesn’t take much. The whole Communist system is based on lies and seeks nothing but naked power. According to Nesta Webster, Marx and Engels invented Communism as the result of a séance where they sought to conjure Satan. If it isn’t a direct invention of Satan, it certainly has all of his characteristics.

  94. Given that you’re hung up on the hockey stick thing, explain to me ocean acidification and reef bleaching. fuck, why am I even asking the likes of you this?

    Because you don’t really understand them. I told you already in my post above what the causes are, the same things that cause statues to erode- too much sulfuric acid in the rain and atmosphere and run off from roads and factories. This is the same thing that vinegar does to limestone. Excessive heat, however, will cause coral to grow slower and eventually stop growing. Moreover Coral reefs need a fairly narrow band of temperatures to thrive. The main problem is excess acidity – hence the bleaching and deterioration but can be revived by seeding them with lime to negate the acidity. This has been done successfully in Australia and the US. As far as conspiracy theory is concerned, those conspiring have all documented their efforts in their own writings. Don’t be such a blowhard faggot all the time.


    I’m having dinner with Mr. Engdahl tomorrow evening. You’re welcome to join us.

  95. So the white race is self-annihilating and “it” should spend its very minimal life force available to “save the planet?” And in the meme time, its most resolute males should convert to Islam?

    This is turd world sub-version.

    And if the mass of “whites” do not desire perfected resurrected eternal life, why should this bother the racist white Christian is the least bit? “Whites” who desire “radical autonomy,” self-annihilation and hell-on-earth are neither an object of fear nor a model of emulation. They are “dead kin balking.”

    Let me ask jew this?

    If you DO NOT desire perfected resurrected eternal life then what do you desire IN THE END?

    You will be physically annihilated, undoubtedly. Then what, Trav?

  96. @thordaddy, the Muslims have a derivative religion based on Judaism and Christianity. Islam teaches that winning in this life correlates with winning in the next life, the mirror opposite of Christianity. Islam has heaven. You religious types can’t reason from what-is axioms. Rather, you reason from emotional imperatives. Jews sell you on eternal life, which is pure credit without a shred of evidence, to have your natural life, all of it. If your hopes are only wishful thinking, you have annihilated yourself. If Muslims take over and I have the opportunity to join and have a few sexy, young virgin wives that I own and can hit if they get out of line, why wouldn’t I? I would seriously consider it. It’s sad how far earthly Christianity has fallen. Call it an oxymoron. Conquistadors were more Islamic than Christian in what they actually did. I will commend you on your faith when you give up all of your worldly possessions and die readily at the hands of your enemy for strongly symbolic and otherwise feckless resistance and opposition. We are dogs chasing our tails here. Ain’t this fun? The question is only who dies first and who can laugh at the other’s stupid strategy and convictions. This meat grinder will not pass groups of whites with shared ideology, only individuals, pairs, threesomes with coordinated survival activity. You would rather die believing than regroup on the other side cleansed of your arrogant silliness. You are your arrogant silliness or hopeless genetics. Trav is a troll, but also advanced RP. If you could read Acts and Esther for what they are, you would stop being Jew fodder.

  97. Doug…

    I am a white (S)upremacist.

    Ergo, I am a white man who believes in and therefore strives towards objective (S)upremacy.

    In other words, I am a racist who believes in (P)erfection per materialistic pressure,

    You… At this stage of your “evolution” are not a white (S)upremacist.

    So be it.

    But if you peruse the media carefully, you will undoubtedly recognize that the “white supremacist” is PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE (hint: you should be a “white supremacist”).

    And if you were resolute and certain in your mind, you would understand that the white man who desires (P)erfection is a most serious affront to the global desire for “universal equality.”

    You, as it appears, are not at all certain in your ability to will ALL Right, ie., to lead white men towards (P)erfection. And it is in this uncertainty that you doubt (P)erfection and justify your total annihilation at physical death.

    So Doug, do you believe in (P)erfection?

    Do you want something after you are annihilated?

    Or, are you ready to leave every thing you have right here and now?

    Until one answers these questions, he has not actually joined in the psychological war.

  98. @thordaddy, I am a philosopher. No man can guide systemic perfection indefinitely. You are playing God. The organic process decides everything. Submit to it and realize the puny speck you are, not nothing but not everything. To act with ‘autonomy’ from natural constraints is to die foolishly like the believer who steps out in front of a bus. You have a pet cause. Your key discovery is not key for all of us. Life in multidimensional. Human control is like gravity, it acts over a short distance and requires heavy, constant focus. You will be compost and you will be recycled as nature sees fit. Not only it this true physically. It is true genetically and meme-ily. Your unique essence is a prototype living a Bernoulli trial and reproducing with groping imprecision for the next cull, then the next, then the next. Perfection is the 20-pound feral mutt, the 100-pound wild wolf. You suppose to be a thoroughbred in appearances of traits. I propose to be a thoroughbred in appearances, which are demonstrable power. Take the power. Encourage nice guys to take the power. At the personal level we must judge each other by our fruits. If white genes are so great, they will win. If you fly with the buzzards simply because they are white, you do the white gene pull a disservice.

    The white people have had it too good and the white gene pool they constitute has had it too bad. Only the organic process can salvage what’s left of salvageable quality. We are running out of time. The correct goal is not to coalesce until after the system eats itself into oblivion and resources are widely available, lots of room and autonomy, breeding resources galore. Practicalities you can’t imagine will drive you away from your brand of racism. Race will take care of itself, nigger. We know that the compatibility between races is terrible, but you are looking at a superficial cue. You can only survive with maybe 5 or 10 adults, tops. You’ve got to pick the best. Your sample size is too fucking small to be a fucking race purist. The more extreme the cull, the more necessary to cast a wide genetic net, especially upon organic coalescence into a people of a single culture, here or there as may be. Instead of imagining you are a homo sapien, imagine you are a Neanderthal. If you can’t live without cultural continuity with the romanticized past, you have emotional attachment and the white religious spirit that led to all this. That spirit, well, it’s PA’s blog and I censor myself here.

    Of course, it’s your life. You should decide for yourself, but that will only go so far. Suppose you’re alone and the only options you have are to fuck a relatively attractive yellow woman you makes herself agreeable and useful or to wait. A foot of snow on the ground. You have not seen more than three people on the last three years. You would put your dick in it, my friend. It’s all relative to your options. If you are such a prude that you would not, good riddance. White slave owners fucked their black women because they could with impunity. Sure, the would likely have rather fucked white women with impunity, but those women were not available, at least not available enough in quantity.

    RP evo psych says men like to spread their seed indiscriminately. I think that can be tempered with men who value family and quality over impersonal quantity. It will be tempered with culling and a shortage of humans. Cooperation will become imperative because parasites will kill their hosts so fast they would die. There is no daddy government to ensure the next meal. Bitches gonna be totally fucking useful if they can be. Many can’t and won’t Your options will decide what you do more than you will, if you are so lucky to be there, or your children. Probably, none of this discussion matters. All we are is dust in the wind. If you can live this weekend, do it.

  99. Doug…

    All one can do is apprehend Reality as best as one can and take a full accounting of one’s actions. If a people is dying because “degeneracy,” it stands to reason that the cause is that people’s rejection of objective Supremacy. And, in fact, this is exactly the case in America. The white race is dying because it rejects “white supremacy.”

    Start here, Doug.

    Start with that part of you that rejects objective Supremacy AS a white man.

    No forays into philosophy and religion and whatnot.

    Start with your contention of the Reality of The Perfect Man and then carefully explain away your egalitarian disposition?

    Even a desire for “material supremacy” presumes a desire for Perfection or else one simply could not fathom real Supremacy.

    You’re in denial Doug about your true desires and no amount of critiquing my desires changes this reality.

    I desire perfected resurrected eternal life.

    You think it not possible.

    How is that a pox on me?

    Your desire remains undisclosed?

    And your method(s) of obtaining that undisclosed desire even more invisible.

    On the other hand, the “path” to perfected resurrected eternal life starts at “desire.”

    I don’t hate jew for this lack of desire.

    The {{{mad projectionists}}} hate this desire in white man.

    And not because it makes white man ponder “eternity,” but because it makes white man real eyes “perfected resurrection.”

  100. Doug…

    You are intellectually unable to denial the ability to will ALL Right.

    The best you can do is attempt to deconstruct the various words used above starting with “Right.”

    “Right” is desire for Supremacy.

    Agree or disagree?

  101. Edit:


    You are intellectually unable to deny YOUR ability to will ALL Right.

    The best you can do is attempt to deconstruct the various words used above starting with “Right.”

    “Right” is desire for Supremacy.

    Agree or disagree?

  102. You assume eternal is an option that somehow transcends this life? And I pretty much don’t know what you are talking about. However, one can define Right as one sees fit. I will accept your definition or axiom at face value. What of it is something else. You may be presuming that group supremacy is shared equally or equitably or well enough that all your bros are happy. Team results are not individual results: my results as an American, for example. Maybe ‘Rightness’ is desire for Supremacy. No confounding people with an abstract concept. I do not deny that organisms want to maximize their potential, want to manifest fully. I suppose I agree. Why not just say Supremacy? and what about it?

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  104. Doug…

    I start being with desire.

    If you study the {{{enemy}}}, you’ll notice that he conceals his desires and distorts the desires of his rivals both near and far.

    Yet, the consequence of attempting to alter Reality with falsehoods is its own particular degeneracy. Namely, the pathology of self-annihilation.

    See Doug, when you conceal your desires and distort the desires of others, you are committing acts of “annihilating the self.”

    In other words, concealIng one’s desires while distorting the desires of others is “identity crisis” as one’s identity is intimately tied to his desires.

    So this is all of the same toxic brew.

    YOU MUST DEFINE yourself…

    And it MUST BE AGAINST your perfected resurrected self or else your measly metric provokes nothing more than suboptimal material applications.

    White boy must put his mind on Supremacy.

    I wrote this some ten years ago or more.

    And it is, for just me, the only meme eye see that demands to be put forward perpetually.

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