“I thought you guys killed yourselves! Without me!”

“Fake and Gay” — a new episode of Murdoch Murdoch.

Remember that older episode in which Murdoch-Chan (the girl) redpilled Taylor Swift:

There are many virtues that are attractive about men besides money. Like honor. Courage. Intelligence. Taking leadership when needed regardless of his social status.

No such high ideals in this episode. Here, they plunge into nihilism. It gets ugly. But it’s Halloween and time for a horror story.

On and off, questions come up in Murdoch Murdoch storylines, like: is everything we do in vain. In this episode, the fiasco of Charlottesville is shown for the waste it was. The cyanide capsule of the black pill is never far from reach but there is sometimes a faith that rises above the hellscape. They search for salvation in the spirit of the Volk. In great books. In the most recent episode they invoked this daemon, Coniugator.

There is one place they haven’t looked.

And they overcame him [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. (Rev. 12:11-12)


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God does listen

Through November 11, in anticipation of the nationalist march in Warsaw, I will occasionally post some thoughts on various hymns that are associated with the 1944 Warsaw Uprising. This one is a bit different from the others I posted because it was performed in 2015. That year was not a hopeful time in Poland, nor in Obama’s America (remember all those Supreme Court rainbow-rulings in the early summer of 2015, just before Donald Trump announced his candidacy?). Poland was still ruled by the pro-EU left wing party that had snubbed Viktor Orban and signed an agreement to take in their mandated quota of Angela Merkel’s sons.

In that hopelessness, the song was plea to Lord Almighty. It’s titled “The Home Army Prayer.” He answered the very prayer you see in the video below: two months later that year in 2015, the patriotic opposition party swept into power. Their first act once in office was to restore the rightful place of the Crucifix in the national senate chamber. Their second act was to rescind all prior agreements regarding the admission of migrants into the country.

The tenor’s performance is rousing, you can see a young woman moved to tears at one point. Other observations:

One, the average age of people in the audience appears to be considerably higher than in the same event’s August 1st 2018/2019 commemorations. In 2015, youth had tuned out, young families with children had tuned out. The year 2015 was the last days of the frivolous era, with its lack of faith in the future. Watch videos from the same concert this year or the previous two, and how much more youth, vigor, and spirit is present.

Two: as Western civilization, we’re all in this together.

Translated lyrics:

Oh Lord who are in heaven
Hold out your righteous hand!
We call to You from all directions
For a Polish home and Polish arms.

Oh God, crush this sword that slashes the land
Let us return to a free Poland!
One that’s a fortress of new strength
Our home, our country.

O Lord hear our pleas
Oh hear our vagabond’s song!
From the banks of Warta, Vistula, San, and Bug Rivers
The martyrs’ blood calls you!

The song was written and composed in 1939 by Adam Kowalski, who was part of the expatriate Polish army in Romania. The song later took on its informal title “Home Army Prayer.”

The Swamp

There are days I have perfect certainty in Trump defeating the entire poz system by exposing and taking down the keystone of the edifice, which is perverts and child abusers that had slithered up into the highest tiers of power. Everything makes sense when you see that as the nexus of control over politicians and other elites.

Sexual deviants feel a sense of superiority over healthy, normal people. Going back centuries, the entire bohemian posture of contempt for the bourgeoisie included an element of homosexuals’ and pedophiles’ arrogance that centers on their perversity. Homosexuality has since become normalized but people forget that Oscar Wilde was sentenced to hard labor for such crimes. I suspect that earlier, people understood that there is a fuzzy line between “conthenting adulth” and what they really desire.

Arrogant little-men like Mitt Romney and Jeff Flake are now seen as connected to another pedo ring [h/t Vox Popoli; Link].

A conservative Republican senator who is convinced that the Arizona Department of Child Safety is facilitating the global sex trafficking of children removed from negligent parents called the police on one of his GOP colleagues, alleging that she threatened his life.

Sen. David Farnsworth, a Republican from Mesa, filed a report with the Arizona Department of Public Safety this week accusing Sen. Kate Brophy McGee, R-Phoenix, of threatening him if he didn’t stop investigating the outrageous claim.

As someone put it, Trump hates one thing above all others: pedophiles, and he knows more than he lets on. His first move was to discredit the corporate media, which has never been much more than an amplifier of establishment propagandaA corrupt system like one that all Western governments after WWII have become (and especially post-Cold War) is not run by intelligent, conscientious men with skin in the game. It’s literally a faggot-fest of thieves. Systems like that are easily cracked with the right application of force because those people are criminals and opportunists. No honor among thieves. “Congresswoman” Katie Hill sitting naked brushing a young female staffer’s long hair… that is who Trump is up against. I want to see him destroy them all. Literally destroy: physically like a nest of cockroaches.

Then, all of Western countries can start their demographic recovery. Not much will stand in their way at that point.

The meaning of the Proud Boys verdict

Two of them were sentenced to four years in prison each over an incident in which they defended themselves from Antifa attackers. The entire incident was filmed, there were no conflicting versions of events. Having a black wife is no amulet against being compared to Hitler by the sentencing judge. The Antifa were not prosecuted.

The Red/Blue America of the 1999 election map is in effect two separate countries. The Blue, or communist, jurisdictions have a two-tiered justice system, and not on account of blood but ideology. It is good, proper, and normal for a state to favor its own citizens in good standing over foreigners or internal saboteurs. In a Blue jurisdiction, being a homegrown Trump supporter makes you a traitor. They’re lucky they weren’t executed for treason. If you drove over there from a Trump-voting county and got mixed up in a political rally, you’re a foreign agent and lucky to not be executed.

And in response to the frankness of criminal courts of New York and earlier in Charlottesville in discriminating between their citizens and aliens, Red jurisdictions better do the same. They should openly favor White Christians of high moral character over everyone else, with the same disregard for the last shreds of the fiction that is “equal protection under law.” It’s war when two sides are fighting. It’s oppression when one side suffers the abuses of the other.

Those Red and Blue jurisdictions aren’t states, they’re at county-level or even more finely split. Around here, one middle class White neighborhood has Trump stickers and another middle class White neighborhood that’s literally walking-distance away has rainbow flags. The difference can be felt in the air and seen on people’s faces.

It’s MAGA Country vs Clinton Archipelago:


The map shows White (non-Hispanic) votes in the 2016 Presidential election. The map, of course, doesn’t show margins of victory by county but the picture is clear: radically opposing world views.

The big unknown: will the intrawhite Red-Blue standoff continue with Generation Z, or is that a relic of pre-invasion America.

A merry fighting song

Typing this, I look forward to seeing what happens in Warsaw on November 11, the day that over the past several years saw Poland’s Independence Day march grow into the largest and best organized pan-European nationalist celebration event in all of the West.

Meanwhile, I discovered this song. It is performed every August 1st on the anniversary of the start of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising. It’s part of the annual “Forbidden Songs” concert, featuring songs that were illegal under the German occupation as resistance anthems, and later under Communism because the Armia Krajowa (Home Army) resistance was considered fascist by the Communists. Here is a performance of one such song last year:

It is titled “Pałacyk Michla”, or Michler’s Palace, named after the landmark building around which the song’s author was involved in combat. It was written during the 1944 Uprising by Home Army soldier Józef Szczepański, internet handle pseudonim “Ziutek.”

Who won World War II? In a way, Poland did. Though the victory came with a price, not in the least the ten years of Judeo-Stalinist terror after the war. Yet post-war Poland’s borders were restored very closely to what they were at the country’s founding in 966 AD; her population went from as low as only about 65% ethnically Polish in some regions before the war to entirely homogeneous and it almost doubled from 1945 to 1990. Poland was spared the Cultural Marxist indoctrination that the “free world” got soaked in, along with the mass immigration. Faith was strengthened, rather than weakened.

I told someone in 2001, and this person thought I was crazy: “Today everyone goes on about what we can learn from the West. But in twenty years it’ll be, what can the West learn from us?

I translated the lyrics below… some of the ’40s era slang might be inexactly rendered but it should be close enough. The lyrics are very much in the playful street-vernacular of its time. The best part is just watching the video and seeing no Diversity, just a lot of people of all looks and ages having a good time under the magnificent Cross. You can even catch glimpses of aged Uprising veterans in the audience. Nobody coerced any of those people to be there, many with their kids way past their bed time. Entirely apropos are this week’s words of Millennial Woes:

Even now, the progressive elites have to hide their true beliefs from the public. We don’t. We can be very honest with the public because we are not opposed to the public. We do not despise the public. We are not trying to betray, trick, replace, or destroy the public. [link]

The August 1st concert is not some mandatory-attendance Communist pep rally. It’s the genuine will of the people in its robust, joyful, collective, and unadulterated expression.

Michler’s Palace

Michler’s palace, Żytnia Street, Wola district
Umbrella Battalion boys defend them
They set their traps for Tiger tanks
They are Varsovians, handsome lads!

Refrain after every verse, x2
Be alert boys, keep your senses sharp
Flex your young spirit, work in double-time!

And every gent wants to get wounded
’cause the field nurses – they’re pretty gals
And should a bullet hit you
Ask one – she’ll give you a kiss – hey!

Behind us, it’s the logistics
Various supporters, assorted helpers
They cook the soup, they boil black coffee
That’s how they fight for the cause – hey!

Our top brass is awesome too
They’re in the combat zone with us
And the coolest of the officers
Is our own “Miecio” with his bad haircut – hey!

Our boys are fighting, our boys are singing
The Krauts are fuming, their faces livid
They try their tricks
They keep sending us their rockets – hey!

But their rockets and grenades are for naught
They get their hides tanned
And every day the moment’s closer
To victory! back to a civilian life – hey!

The moral of the song: you too can start your 75-year-long folk festival project.

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the full story in a few words


The next time a sideshow-act Presidential candidate says “If you’re an anti-Semite, white supremacist or on a sex offender registry, you’re ineligible for the Freedom Dividend,” remember what “white supremacist” means to them.

lucifer’s great offensive




Akhshooly, it does… given a homogeneous people. The abundance of capitalism comes with its own price. …you thought that material satiety is all-upsides? Some of my best childhood memories involve a Soviet Block economy and standing in long lines after school with my friends in 78/79. Except when I was told to buy ten kilograms of whatever vegetable is in stock, which was a bit much for my tall, thin frame at eight years old. Diversity is what makes scarcity Hell.

free love

Be sure to see the last line in that exchange. Anyhow, small countries that punch above their weight in female beauty increase the chances of their survival when they do away not just with the pornographers, but also with sex tourists. It’s easy: have your police look the other way when the local boys leave the visitor on the sidewalk gurgling on his own blood. Or throw him in prison on a trumped-up rape charge.


civilization and style

The charming proprietress of whitedate.net [@WhiteDate on Gab] encounters the understandable mistrust that keeps tradition-minded people atomized:

There is this woman from my region of North Germany who promotes the 40s style, etiquette, culture and the return to femininity. Unfortunately she is not interested in cooperation nor in any kind of pro-white subjects. Afraid of losing her YT channel? Don’t people like her understand that everything she stands for has been created by Whites and will be lost with our extinction, and that femininity is just a tool for a higher goal which is our survival?


honk honk


to call it a war, two sides have to be fighting

“Trump should hold a YidTube fireside chat with a poster-sized photo of this little girl next to his Oval Office desk and state simply and forcefully that the Democrats and a majority of establishment Republicans want more of these murdered little girls as a result of their open borders fanaticism. Not hyperbole. It’s the goddamned truth.” – @Heartiste

Suspects are named Munoz and Alvarez. This is also about the illegitimacy of the state.


“And we accept that something, desperately, needs to change”

Millennial Woes in top form delivers a speech in Copenhagen a few days ago. It starts out like a warm-up but then rises to address the crisis of elite leadership at its core. It’s worth your time. On Rotherham, to quote just one memorable passage:

All morals have been negated. All metaphysics vaporized. All social institutions gutted of authority, prestige, respect, and the ability to function.

On the illegitimacy of present progressive institutions and governments: when is the last time anyone literate gave a damn about the current year’s Nobel Prize in Literature?

And then, there are people like us in the dissident Right who are advocating a return to elitist values but on an honest footing.

He says, and I agree, that the West does not have the time or the elite’s tolerance for us to do our own seventy-year march through the institutions. But he also calls out our advantage over the Leftist (((elites))), who had to be sneaky about their plans as they began their march:

Even now, the progressive elites have to hide their true beliefs from the public. We don’t. We can be very honest with the public because we are not opposed to the public. We do not despise the public. We are not trying to betray, trick, replace, or destroy the public.