A Red Flag Law Scenario

From a poster on Gab, a worst-case “typical scenario” under an implemented Red Flag law:

This IS the way Red Flag Laws will happen.

It’s a Sunday night and your family has all gone to bed. It’s bedtime and work and school are going to come early in the morning. You crawl in bed and drift off to sleep. A few hours pass…

0200 Monday morning and your wife taps your leg and says, “baby I heard something outside”. You grab that trusty ‘ol 870 and head into the living room. Your wife grabs her 9mm and follows you. Then splinters fly across the room and the front door flies open. “Oh shit!” As you shoulder your weapon and send a load of 00 Buck across your living room and see the perpetrator fall in a heap. You see a second man coming in the door and you fire again. You hear the pop of your wife’s 9mm as she joins the fight. Just then you are consumed by a wall of bullets as you see muzzle flashes from just outside the door and you realize something isn’t right. You turn to yell at your wife to “get down” just in time to see her take a load of buckshot to the face. You feel the burning as 5.56 rounds riddle your body. The last thing you see before you bleed out is a SWAT guy holding your teenage daughter on the floor with a knee in her back.

Why did this happen? Well two days ago, you and your wife welcomed the new neighbors to the community. Later that afternoon, you got a friend request on Facebook from your new neighbor. The next day your neighbor scrolled through your Facebook profile. He saw that “Trump 2020” post and got infuriated because he’s a liberal and he hates your kind. The next thing he sees are the hunting pictures you took last fall. Next he sees your post from the last range day and sees those scary black assault weapons! He has to do something about the racist, right wing extremist, domestic terrorist living next door. He picks up the phone, calls the local Sheriffs Office and reports you as a threat under the new Red Flag law. The Sheriffs Office follows their SOP’s and conducts a no knock warrant because you have now been denied due process and you are considered guilty until proven innocent.

Now you, your lovely wife and two deputies have been killed for nothing. The local news paper will report that you were killed after firing-on, and killing, two deputies and that “over a thousand rounds of ammo and 22 guns were confiscated from your residence”.

Oh… those two deputies were just following orders. They left behind families as well and had served their community for over a decade.

This is the reality of Red Flag gun laws. Innocent people will lose their lives, including police serving these unconstitutional no-knock warrants. Red Flag laws will be used for petty and vengeful reasons without merit by gun hating liberals who believe if you own guns, that it somehow automatically makes you a threat to society and therefore you are a right wing extremist domestic terrorist who MUST be stopped and neutralized at all costs.

In a different scenario, law enforcement will seek to minimize the drama and just arrest you when you’re, say, driving home from work. Unlike how they did it at Waco and later at Ruby Ridge. Two things:

One, it’s all about who owns the government — your country’s class of native, responsible common men, or everyone else. Two, thirty years ago our civilization dodged the bullet on the nightmare-scenario of its time, nuclear annihilation. The nightmare of our time is a new story. Hold on to your hats:


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  2. Already had the police called on me twice since moving to a “diverse” city not long ago. Not because I did anything worthy of a police response but, both times, because a black or brown female wanted to punish me.

  3. What’s the rest of the story though, JJ? As in, what was their take on it, the brown or black female’s?


    As for the excerpt in the OP, what’s with the sympathy for the sheriff’s deputies. The sheriff is generally considered a good guy, but anyone doing break-ins for Red Flag laws is no longer a good guy.

  4. As for getting bust-in on, by the sheriff for a Red Flag violation, or by criminals. It’s well known among quote unquote security specialists, that the typical suburban homestead is not a well defensible set up.

    For starters, how everything is accessible from the network of roads. In times of strife, w/ bad people prowling around in cars, that is fucked up.

    Niggers prowl around in cars, all the time. I used to live in a house in the city. I was in the backyard doing something, and some nigger was at the door peering in the front door in a totally suspicious way. It wasn’t even suspicious, as much as obv criminal. He was a big buck. But I came from around the corner and totally “got the jump” on him and said something appropriately assertive, but short of On your knees and what’s your last words How many times did that happen when no one was home?

  5. Speaking of that house and another goofy story about the Joys of Urban Living, which is actually a thing that the hipsters will talk about, or at least they used to but maybe now not so much. In this story another man comes to the door and knocks. He is a White man but soliciting for the food bank. I seem to recall it was some explicitly minority thing food bank, but as they all are, I may be adding that detail in memory only. He was your typical middle-aged “recovery” type person. I refused him a donation, and so then he asked if he could use my bathroom!

  6. If the topic is being bust-in on. Re that nigger who was peering in the front door, to my recollection I came around the side of the house and said to him before he knew I was there, What can I help you with? / how very polite, right?

    I had a garden trowel in my hand, but realistically my 160 lbs to his 220. So that experience is just another a real life lesson in the realities of a hostile world, and how a guy might be positioned. Imagine how’s it going to be when you are old.

    And I would add that the other guy, the White guy in the second story asking to use the bathroom, was not fag-propositioning; going by his non-fag face he needed a bathroom to attend his incontinence.

  7. Putting pictures of yourself with guns on Facebook just seems stupid.
    If you’re a good neighbor to a liberal likely he is not going to call the police on you. If you are obnoxious and hot headed you might end up with problems. The liberals I know tend to be more annoyed by inconsiderate behavior (things like not cleaning up after you dog, being loud) than any political differences. Even so, don’t rub you politics in his face.

  8. “Putting pictures of yourself with guns on Facebook just seems stupid.”


    to put a Darwinian twist on a favorite 2A-lurvving Boomer cliche: “guns don’t protect your ass. knowing how and when to use them does”. using them as props sort of defeats their whole purpose (war, deterrence). I will not be suffering too much melancholia when the chickens of pride come home to their smug roosts.

  9. The government enjoyed harassing gun-owning rednecks at Waco and Ruby Ridge because it was fun, career-enhancing, and most importantly, risk-free. Then the OKC bombing happened and the government realized it could either ban ammonium nitrate, crippling American agriculture, or stop attacking people who pose no real threat to the government.

    However I have no sympathy for the Branch Davidians if they really were a polygynous cult. Polygyny imposes heavy external costs by expelling large numbers of young single men so the exalted leader can have more teen brides. If you want to live that way, move to Saudi Arabia!

  10. “Supreme excellence consists of subduing the enemy without fighting.”

    “All warfare is based on deception.”

    We are, and have been, under attack these last 70 years.

    Our generation has finally awoken to the Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

    Your guns, like your sex life, are private, and NEVER discussed outside your brotherhood. Open carry is idiotic, both physically, and socially.

    Why would you EVER provide intel to people who wish you annihilated?

    Get in the habit of lying to normies. Who is your Alt-Persona?

    Truth is for your brothers and sisters bound by blood, and NO ONE else. ( And, yes- our women have failed us. We failed them, too. They are still our heartsong, gentlemen.)

  11. Elk, the black one I exposed as incompetent in her workplace. We raised our voices and she made a false report that I “threatened” her. Lol as if a lawyer is going to go around committing verbal crimes. Her defamation lawsuit is not far off, and her employer, who sided with her, is going to settle.

    The brown one is way more ridiculous. I tried to knock on a neighbor’s door to let her know I witnessed something I thought she would want to know, and that that her child might be in danger. She wouldn’t hear it and accused me of being a ped0, and called me cops. (I don’t get it, either–did not see that one coming. Drugs? Hormones? Envy? I mean, my family is much better looking than hers)

    When I was a kid in an all White town, the neighbors regularly reported to my parents on me whenever they had a concern. Today in diversitopia I can’t even talk to my neighbor in a benevolent manner without risking my own safety. Fine, then, vibrants. The day is coming when you will want our help and we’ll be all out of sympathy.

  12. They are easily threatened, those people.

    I have “lost my temper” in the workplace more than once. In the more low status jobs it might be more tolerated, but in any case it almost always is a liability. I am not suggesting that JJ lost his temper but I know the feeling when voices start to get raised and it can be hard to step back, or step off, which phrasing Tony would prefer.

    At one of my recent Shit jobs, I had a specific, legitimate question for the on-site human resources rep: about how to get my supposed benefits, the ones they kept telling us of: sick days and PTO. But apparently the computer system was “down” and she couldn’t answer my question. I was irritated [ af ] and maybe subtly berated her subsequently w/ my tone, and repeated my request for just some basic bitch info about how to get the damned benefits. At which point and to my amazement, she said something like I am feeling [ uncomfortable unsafe threatened ] now and we will have to continue this with a third party present

    It was totally an escalation, on her part, to do that. I was shocked. She musta had that phrase printed on the front page of her HR job description manual, and now finally her big chance to use it, on some bloke who didn’t know his place as a lowly laborer.

    I took the cue and pronto got up and left, and to her credit, she didn’t act like a bitch after that. For what it’s worth this was in the “grocery trade.” Which sector of employment for some reason gets dogged as the lowest of the low. But after working in one for awhile, I don’t see that it’s any less of a job than any other in the broad category of not-the-Boss.

  13. I do occasionally have a flair for the dramatic in life, the Big Stage as it were, and probably did get up and leave her office w/ not another word, and left her to make a move and break the silence, which she did.

    When you are working for [ cough cough ] 12.50 per, it’s leverage in the form of Well then you can kiss my ass

  14. Totally unrelated [ cough cough ] but do yourself a favor and never buy anything from the meat department of that store, or any other. For some reason I am reluctant to name the corporation, but it is a small grocery chain trying to break into the market. The have a good a marketing department and some good business philosophy, but it’s broke down somewhere on the chain.

    This grocery store was trying to appeal to the hipster set and had its own “cutting room” which is a step down from a true butcher shop but does cut and handle and package its own meat. Incidentally the could call it a “butcher shop” in their promos, because the law allows for that sell, that “get.”

    But they didn’t pay for enough employees and the ones they had, they didn’t pay enough. The cutting room tables and equipment, and the fridge and the rest of it, was DISGUSTING. I occasionally would put in extra grunt work, truly out of the kindness of my heart, and do some deep cleaning, which otherwise didn’t get done ever at all, and for example we are talking about the undersides of the stainless steel cutting room tables, which were caked with residue of blood and grease bacteria grime and guts. The staff didn’t have time to get around to cleaning it, and since it was on the underside of the tables, who cares.

  15. — I occasionally would put in extra grunt work, truly out of the kindness of my heart

    Higher-order human beings are conscientious and hard-workers for its own sake. Sure, there is sometimes the matter of inadequate motivation, procrastination. But once in motion, we do things right, fast and thoroughly.

  16. Elk: ” I occasionally would put in extra grunt work, truly out of the kindness of my heart, and do some deep cleaning, which otherwise didn’t get done ever at all, and for example we are talking about the undersides of the stainless steel cutting room tables, which were caked with residue of blood and grease bacteria grime and guts.”

    Me: Hey, what the hell are you doing? Shrug, Atlas. Let this system collapse. Let your enemy have a taste of his own petard. We both know what narrative compels you. Apparently, you have both enough time and enough money. Good for you then. I never thought I would hold my scarred heart and bitterness as virtue to be expressed, but I do. For some reason, you can love the system, its cogs, its wards and not miss loving yourself.

  17. Doug you’ve said, or at least clearly implied, that you are in need of income and or money.

    Reality check: Perhaps your attitude toward work has something to do with your situation. Is that a misread or is it on the money?

    Work sucks. That’s why they pay you money for it. I hate it as much as the next guy, but it’s THE experience of a non-disabled adult man who isn’t criminally inclined. What’s your excuse; do you claim disability?

  18. * Reality check: Perhaps your attitude toward work as expressed in your above comment has something to do with your situation. Is that a misread or is it on the money?

    Apparently, you have both enough time and enough money. Good for you then.

    We all have the same amount of limited time. Which is to say that we have some time left until we are dead. We are about the same age; how long do you expect to be around? I am realistically expecting 20 years of reasonable health, but that’s a fool’s expectation because no one knows. In my personal life I am old and tired and frustrated.

    As far as having enough money; I wouldn’t be working at Job McShit if I had enough money. How much is enough? It seems like no one has enough, and in fact I was thinking to ask the general Readership to expound on why that is. Not that there is really a good answer to this question …

    In my experience, a man needs 500 bux per month in order not to be bum; 800 to live modestly; and around 1500 per month to live in middle class style. That’s all w/o dependents.

  19. Boomer post following —

    The Value of Hard Work.

    I had to reenter the workforce at 40-plus years of age, and no skills to speak of, and now my back hurts, and my neck, and my hands.

    / scene

    Life sucks. Take me home, Jesus


    The one thing that is POSITIVE about shit job work, is the people you meet, and the perspective it gives on this our experience of life, and other people.

    As in shit-job is still a life and it’s better than none at all; or something to that effect.

    I met a Polish girl, at work just this week, who is my coworker. I am not making this up. She has two White children of young age, and informs me that her husband is an asshole and she is getting a divorce. Factoring in her ice-blue eyes and bone structure, frame and boobs, she is a solid 8-point-5 by American standards. She sat smoking greenpack American Spirit and said to me: “I hate America and Americans.” To which I replied “You get away w/ saying that.”

    What I thought of saying later, the staircase wit woulda been: As do I, my lady. As do I …

  20. When people have an inferiority complex they tend to get angry over perceived slights. Likely your neighbor thought you were somehow judging her parenting and became defensive.

  21. The first thing that would drive you crazy would be the incomprehensible signage. “Wejście”, “Wyjście” – dang it, which one again means Entrance and which one means Exit? Different cultures are interesting to visit but living there comes with a price.

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