Berlin in July 1945

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What makes defeat merely temporary is a conscious connection to one’s ancestors. Occupying powers know this, which is why they falsify history and tear down monuments.

Here is a detailed summary of the Battle of Berlin. I read the whole thing but this passage stood out: “There was sporadic fighting in a few isolated buildings where some SS troops still refused to surrender, but the Soviets reduced such buildings to rubble.” It’s an afterthought-line until you put yourself in the place of those small groups of men who were no longer fighting to defend their city, but for the sake of immortal honor.

Here is an older post about East Germany, which features a patriotic video to DDR’s national anthem, “Risen from the Ruins,” along with an overview of propaganda. Which occupation was more harmful to Germany, by design rather than through a turn of circumstances: the Soviet or the American one?

After 2015 and the Merkel migrant invasion, Germany and all of Europe has been under a redoubled attack. European nations pick themselves back up after they’re knocked down.

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  1. “And for this between the jaws of his vise

    Of hate-blind armies in his service

    He seized their fatherland. From the air

    He razed their cities with satanic fire

    And burned their homes and loved ones alive

    While in the sky and fields and streets they gave

    Their last. His fictions assured his minions

    Their cause was just, his orders starving millions,

    His occupiers defiling mothers and daughters

    In marathons of lust and hate. With laughter

    They vandalized anything beautiful.

    Monuments, churches, museums full

    Of statuary they made rubble,

    Become in victory his lawless rabble”

  2. The thing that makes watching the video painful?

    Look at how pretty those women are.

    They may have lost the war, but they didn’t lose …. their morality. Pretty, young women smiling while performing manual labor.

    I think we were the ones who lost the War. But our children won’t know it unless they’re shown old films like this. This is the way it was.

    I keep reading things from shills, “Yeah, but disease and shorter lifespan and famines and hard manual labor and WE HAVE IT SO GOOD BE THANKFUL”. Look at those women. Smiling, happy, satisfied women. No feminists, no fatties, no dyscivilizational manhaters.

    They had it better. Smiling, pretty, friendly women working hard and not whoring. I bet their voices were sweet too.

    This is why we don’t fight. WTF do we care if foul skank is mudsharking. Gross, but also gross.

    Nevertheless, things will change. There’s considerable discussion about extinction these days. Things aren’t physically hard yet. Law and Order is still trusted. When that changes, everything changes.

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  4. This is OT, but I had to share with the gang. A while back I made a comment at the New York Times in the only area I bother to read: the restaurant reviews. The review took the usual swipes at “rich white Americans” etc. So I took a stand against it, and I figured my comment wouldn’t even get published. Didn’t really care.

    But not only did they publish it. I went back after two months and it’s the top Reader’s Pick! From the NEW YORK TIMES readers. Maybe there’s hope after all. Read it here:

    Takes a second to load the comment.

  5. Peterike, the guy who responded to you about

    Yeah that guy snarked back pretty hard, with the classic “what are you complaining about.”

    Is the NYT food reviews based on the Michelin star system, where even a mention of one-star is a huge success; or is it more colloquial, the four-star rating system that they use?

    The restaurants around here, the low rent chains such as Denny’s and Perkins, seem to operate at a loss: none of them can stay in business. Their product is actually fairly good though: their hamburgers, potatoes and breakfast griddles. One has to sit in their awful padded booths though, which are inimical to good posture. Who decided that those are comfortable seating, someone w/ a really fat ass? / heckin America

  6. Speaking of “heckin” America and DS-derived jokes. The TRS drama: ffs fellas: what more is there to say?

    The older crowd may not even know what it is about. Back in 2015 there were two principle online activism channels: Daily Stormer and The Right Stuff. TRS had a huge podcast network; DS has the leading website. TRS it turns out got compromised hard, possibly by “the Feds” but certainly in any case by a clown network of comic proportions, that “you can’t make this stuff up.”

    Jim Object aka Jay-oh de la Ray, somehow got into the inner circle there, and the guy is such a head case, that anyone associating with him is an idiot, as in a true idiot. So TRS is done.

    However the larger point is that a lot of people saw it coming; and the other larger point, is why can’t there seem to be any effective WN activism? It all goes down the toilet.

    The younger crowd involved in the drama: it is their lives. They are so “embedded online” that it’s scary. No one is immune to getting embedded online, and certainly it correlates w/ youth, but even so, it’s a bit much.

  7. The Germans’ equanimity was incredible. How much to credit to blood, how much to the totalized wartime propaganda Idk. Reading Lothrop Stoddard’s account of his time in Nazi Germany at the beginning of the war, “Into the Darkness,” ( he remarked on their quiet resolute spirit tempered by the knowledge that, having lost the last war, they desperately needed to win but that the odds were only fair to middling. I recommend his report, it is a fascinating snapshot of the period before it turned into the FUBAR WW2 we all know and love. Extremely poignant as we know how upended those lives would become.

    Stoddard himself was a species of American establishment type of a probably extinct genus, at the top of Boston Brahmin society, PhD from Harvard etc, race realist. “Into the Darkness” is not the moral metaphor we are likely to suppose – his description of the German blackout and his travels between there and countries not yet engulfed by the conflict like Hungary are very affecting, and sobering as we approach the inevitable cleansing conflict in our own time.

  8. * Back in 2015 there were two principal online activism channels: DS and TRS


    I didn’t watch the video in the OP, but can recommend Keith Woods’ recent youtube about colorized photos from the 19th century, Some Pictures —

    It’s fun to guess where the pictures were from, as the video does not exactly indicate. Some are from Lapland, some from Germany, Turkey, Russia. But back then those were distinct places. They still are, to the extent that they exist! But now the world’s become “one bland place.”

  9. In spite of the digs at white people/culture the reviewer actually made the restaurant sound wonderful. I guarantee he sent a lot of business their way.

  10. ” Do Germans hate Stalin? It must suck being a CONQUERED people, ”

    Hopefully, any ‘merikan making this type of comment understands its sad ((( irony ))) .

  11. I am watching the most excellent TV adaptation of Waugh’s esteemed Brideshead, Revisited.

    For my money, that’s still the best television show of all time. It’s simply spectacular, it stays very true to Waugh’s novel (do read it if you haven’t yet), and in all ways it’s a class job, and not forced diversity. The only problem is the video quality is not up to today’s high-def standards and it looks a bit fuzzy, which apparently may be do to poor transfers. But we’re stuck with what we have. Still, it’s glorious, deeply meaningful and un-pozzed television. Even the flamboyant gay character is treated as a kind of oddball clown, not made into some kind of Gay Superhero.

    Reading Lothrop Stoddard’s account of his time in Nazi Germany at the beginning of the war, “Into the Darkness,”

    Also check out Arthur Bryant’s “Unfinished Victory” which you can find at Unz. If you’ve ever wondered “What did the Germans have against the Jews anyway?” this is the book that gives you the answer. I thought I knew a lot but it was shocking even to me how much damage the Jews had inflicted on the Germans after WWI.

    Of course, in the popular media all we get are images of the timid little Jewish haberdasher innocently selling men’s hats when the evil Nazzzis just show up and arrest him for no reason. Yeah, there’s never a reason. Except when there is.

  12. Nobody cares if you fall in your face in the mud; it is only those who get up again who get a second look of appraisal from those who are also struggling. When you go on (if you can do it with a grin of pain) help just one person among the multitudes — he will remember you

  13. Democreep debates last night. I watched the majority of it. October is fucked because no movie will be able to scare the shit out of me like any of those clowns sharing the stage.

    It was 41 minutes before the first whyte supremacist!!! was dropped (40 minutes longer than I thought.) Serious talk of reparations, socialism, and unbridled, unformulated jus tax Whitey.

    No matter what my criticisms of him, I’m voting for the bad orange man (though I’m in the MW. He’ll win my state no matter what.) It also got me thinking about a serious question I want to ask all of you:

    How bad would it be if we lost and actually got sleepy joe? Yes, he’ll advance the ball in a direction none of us wants, but I think it could be at a slower, more measured pace rather than the rocketing decline we saw under the gay Kenyan.

    His senility was on full display, and the libtards know it. The beaner candidate attacked his memory fairly early in and was quickly upbraided by all his peers. Instead of an exchange of barbs between political candidates, they made it look like fucking elder abuse.

    My take- it would not be ideal but also not catastrophic. It “should” take some of the ire out of the libtard left. He’s too senile to do any real damage. So, the question becomes who are his (((handlers?))) The cultural decline is going to continue, regardless.


  14. ” Do Germans hate Stalin? It must suck being a CONQUERED people, ”
    Hopefully, any ‘merikan making this type of comment understands its sad ((( irony ))) .

    Not so much. There are a number who like Marx a lot- you see streets named Marx and Trier has a big statue of him. Stalin is probably the least popular Communist but he still has a following here and is regarded with respect and fascination. Germans have taught themselves to be detached and analytical over the modern world. Germans tend to romanticize Communism and their guilt complex over the war and holohoax seems a just punishment in their eyes. Obviously this is a generalization and there is the business class which generally sees it as evil, but about 35 to 40% or more think it is just swell.

  15. If Joe gets the nod, my guess is they will make Kampala Harris his running mate and maybe even help him along. He knows too much and is starting to say too much. There is a lot of Bankster money behind her because they likely see her a faithful stooge as was Prince Jugears.

  16. I don’t envision a worse-is-better scenario (in other words a Democrat presidential win) working in our favor unless it triggers a military coup.

  17. @PA

    I can understand where you’re coming from. Always boils down to erosion v acceleration; what gets White normies off the couch; when will it be too late.

    My take. Boots on the ground practicality:

    Trump v Warren- Trump takes it. She’s a less likable (if possible) Killary. Niggers don’t like her. Will sit at home on election night and drink grape soda.

    Trump v Biden. Toss up. Realistically could go either way. Niggers like him and associate him with the gay kenyan. The demographics of Texas and Arizona have shifted so wildly in just 4 years, it is possible they both turn blue. Could that be the event that wakes up White normies? Possible but IMO not likely as long as we have afroball, jooflix, and beer.

    Trump wins- we’ll get to see the orange man for who he really is. Do the gloves come off? Either way, be prepared for a monumental loss in 2024. Anti-White fury will reach fever pitch. Libtards will actually run a squatting member of “da squad.” Will that then be the defining moment that wakes up White normies? In my black pill moments, it’s hard for me to say yes- given everything we’ve already been subjected to. Reminds of a line from the Pulp Fiction nigga, “You were close, but you never made it. If you were gonna make it, you woulda made it before that.”

    You could be right about Kamala yamalama. Hadn’t considered that.


  18. It’s not beer and football that keeps people docile. It’s the police state. We absolutely have to own our governments again. An illustration from India: if local muzzies rape a hindu woman, Hindus massacre a large number of muzzies in retaliation. They have beer & television too. They do it because the mayor lets the police step aside and then that same police comes down hard on whichever muzzies think of getting back at the hindus.

    When American South was free, it kept dindu savagery in line in similar fashion.

  19. We’ve reached diminishing returns on accelerationism waking people up. Everyone is awake. Now we need permission to act in our collective interest. I’m staking hope in Trump’s second term making this possible.

    As to libs, I never cease wondering about their headspace. There is no liberal-victory scenario under which they win. Ones I know personally own guns, have kids, are not elite, and hate nogs. By any rational analysis, they ought to be uncomfortable with Dem candidates’ extreme anti-White rhetoric.

  20. ” Not so much. There are a number who like Marx a lot- you see streets named Marx and Trier has a big statue of him. ”

    @carlos danger

    I was actually talking about the irony of “merikans lamenting the fate of another ” conquered ” people, when in actuality, Americans have been ((( conquered ))) since at least 1913, if not longer.

  21. Howdy PA. Just a thought experiment here: I’ve seen you talk before about the “Red Dawn mindset,” i.e. this is our land “Because we live here!”

    However, the muds can say they live here, too. And many were even born here. What do we say to them?

  22. ” I dont see any point in exchanging quips with them. ”

    Then that only leaves one other thing to exchange with them. Its element name is Pb .

  23. Blog “Deconstructing Leftism” just closed. Thrasymachus (blog owner) is a thoughtful writer. He was very active in 2012 – 2014, then posted once or twice a year. His most recent post was from December 2018. Then he wrote two short posts in the past few days. And then today:

    “ is no longer available. This blog has been archived or suspended in accordance with our Terms of Service.

  24. Vox Day’s post about Jews’ “pivot to China” being a nonstarter for them because the Chinese are onto them. Steve Sailer observed several years ago that they’re gearing up for a jump to China.

    It would explain prominent Jews like Zuckerberg marrying Chinese women.

    Also, the perfidious movie “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.” Its conclusion: Jewish boys get the hot Asian girls, Asian boys get Latinas.

  25. DL had a second blog, A Cry in the Dark. He posted even less frequently there, and it was for more personal and religious themes. I dont remember its exact url.

  26. Vox Day’s post about Jews’ “pivot to China” being a nonstarter for them because the Chinese are onto them. Steve Sailer observed several years ago that they’re gearing up for a jump to China.

    It would explain prominent Jews like Zuckerberg marrying Chinese women.

    File under – things that VD turned out to be right about, but *how* did he know???

  27. I don’t think VD is a smart as his acolytes say. Does he have a rather high IQ? Certainly. But there are presumably several alternative explanations no less plausible. My preference is that the Joowz are slowing the decline in the US to make a clean kill, and to attack China economically to bring them down, and to attack Ezzlum with importation of Western decadence, which I had thought they could not do, but the coup under aegis of Daddy Trumpf has made it possible and I saw something about Egypt have some kneegrow show. Ezzlum will be perverted successfully if the trajectory is not forcefully changed but sons of the West, highly unlikely.

    What I’m saying is that (((they))) are ALWAYS happy to tear everybody else down. I don’t think they have step-by-step long range plans. That would be impractical. They chip away little by little. Mercilessly. Constantly. They also know China is, like them, quiet staunchly mono-cultural and mono-ethnic. Jowz will always try every avenue of course. My only question is, and dare I ask?, how are they going to debase the Slavic whites? I saw something about Putin giving women praise on Int’l Woemun’s Day. I’m thinking (((they))) are making headway there too. However, in a global world where peoples can compare notes, there could be a massive, coordinated retaliation against Juicyism and even Ezzlum. Their world conquest agendas are obvious, not that it matters to the masses, but perhaps with massive suffering preserved and shared with multimedia, there will be what is a practical necessity for everyone else. So few men dare to think such things. I am going mad with taboo clarity.

  28. — I don’t think they have step-by-step long range plans. That would be impractical. They chip away little by little.

    They are the epitome of Think Locally, Act Globally.

  29. I was actually talking about the irony of “merikans lamenting the fate of another ” conquered ” people, when in actuality, Americans have been ((( conquered ))) since at least 1913, if not longer.

    Germans are far more docile than Americans and far more accepting of their chains. They will passionately defend their servitude as necessary to good order. There are no blogs like this one there at all because the Bundesverfassungsamt will pay you or your employer a visit. The most anxious in the US to become serfs look up to those German traits. Germans are much further along, about like Sweden. It’s not really a good comparison.

  30. I suspect most white advocates have something other than just Northwest European blood in them. They probably have some Mediterranean, Celtic or Slavic genetics.

  31. To quote a half-genius: “…under aegis of Daddy Trumpf has made it possible…”

    I am tooting my horn, don’t care. Trumpf in not the friend of America because its fun to have China as a declared enemy. America is whooped. Timing is everything. I know how Trumpf works for, who is ‘family’ is.

    Remember LaCunt said ‘hope is NOT a strategy’? I now see the profundity. That is the strategy of many, many Christians. I think it’s cultivated. “Keep hope elive!” [Snark filter redaction.]

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  33. @Reality Doug

    For the record, I’m among the ranks of the unchurched. So it’s not insulting to me when you take shots at Christians. My question to you is- what does it get you?

    We all know libtards are lost. The reasons vary: dysgenic, cowardly, cognitive dissonance, actual mental illness… Point is- they’re lost. We’re never going to make allies (and every person on this blog is an ally) out of them. The infection is too deep. They’re not worth your time.

    Christians (or any religious associations) on the other hand are very fertile ground. They’re open to the right ideas. We can push them out of the feelz good middle to our side of the fence (wall.) I know this because I’ve done it. Every single member of my family is a devout Catholic (Except me. Light a candle for my soul.)
    Every single member of my family thinks Trump is a “detestable human being.” And yet, I convinced them to vote Trumpenfuhrer. Seriously bro. It almost caused a divorce between my little sister and her libtard husband (and had I known that I wouldn’t have pushed her to do it.)

    I did it by staying away from criticizing Catholicism. I granted that they weren’t on the same page regarding race. It’s not a big deal. It’s just a difference of opinion. But I hit them hard with SCOTUS appointees that would work tirelessly to expand abortion. I told them to take a hard look at their kids (or grandkids) and asked them if they were willing to sacrifice their own to advance the narrative that more should just be given to random afros. Should your kids and grandkids be shut out of economic and academic opportunities just because of the way they look? Look at me and tell me you are willing to sacrifice and victimize them.

    That did the trick. Got every single one.

    When you criticize a person’s faith, you’re criticizing their first principles. They’re going to stop listening to you after that. They take it personally because they see it as a fundamental part of who they are. Besides man, no one ever read an anonymous internet post and said to themselves, “Oh yeah. I guess I should leave this institution I’ve been a part of since birth.”

    If you’re really looking to persuade people to your point of view, identify their values and find agreement first. Work within that structure to affect behavior. That’s what I encourage you to do here and in the real world.

  34. Worth reading: Thomas Goodrich’s book “Hellstorm”.

    You get told in great detail what the Germans did to others. You don’t get told about what was done to the Germans. Goodrich is trying to fix that.

    I have an autographed copy.

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