A Transitional Moment

Nonwhites living in the West are giddy:


One, she’s technically right. Two, shit that never happened. Those sassy rejoinders are a genre of fiction. Three, they relish their stroke of good fortune of being alive when Whites have a government boot on their necks. Four, people aren’t designed to mix socially across race. Five, I wonder how common it’s becoming, to loathe the sight of a nonwhite just being there, where we wish to be ourselves. Tradition, such as boys’ baseball league, is profaned when shared with foreigners. Six, this is a transitional moment in history. The question is, a transition what. Seven, all races will revert to what they’ve been for thousands of years.

Also, you might know a good one. Yet he feels profound satisfaction at what he sees as the cosmic justice of racism being (at this flash-moment in history) crushed while nonwhites’ most depraved iniquities against us are being indulged. This notion of “racism,” to a White person, is associated with the idea of guilt over cruel treatment of an inferior being. To a nonwhite, “racism” is simply a reminder of the differences between us, for which they despise us:


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  1. “they relish their stroke of good fortune of being alive when Whites have a government boot on their necks”

    This. Were it not for this alien boot, Thurka would be whispering and the rapist would become an unmistakable public warning with a quickness.

    “Any worthy future called them to be hard

    In ancient ways, in body and regard

    For the iron disciplines of spirit

    That over ages they did inherit.

    Not as individuals, selfish and vain

    As he wanted them, but to regain

    As men together this potential

    Simply they began by standing tall,

    By setting jaws and leveling eyes

    To recognize their own or the Enemy’s

    Hate in the gaze of his most abject,

    As brother one, the other as object

    Of adamant contempt, not fear.

    To meet the incomprehensible stare

    Of violent accusation, they needed

    The confidence of undefeated

    Men, and this they found in finding

    They were living testaments, binding

    Once and future greatness of the nation

    Whose blood drove them, as by divine action,

    To become who they were, and are:

    Sons of the sun, fathers of another star.”


  2. I doubt this happened. It doesn’t sound like the way a group of white fathers at a baseball game would talk. In addition, I doubt she was able to come up with a witty response.
    I work with a Korean man. He is very Americanized, however he mostly seems to socialize with other Korean Americans. In addition, his wife is Korean American.
    I’ve noticed that most of the non whites I work with seem to marry and socialize with their own, even when they are Americanized. The two exceptions to this were Asian (Indian & Korean) women who were married to or dating a white man.
    I mentioned this to a liberal white woman, who seemed very offended I would even notice this. We were talking about the movie The Big Sick, which she loved. I don’t believe it was my supposed racism that got her upset so much as my noticing that maybe white women were not as sought after as she thought they should be.
    There was a scene in The Big Sick where Kumail Nanjiani was performing a comedy routine and was being heckled by a stereotypical racist frat boy type. He called him a terrorist. Holly Hunter screamed a bunch of obscenities at him. Both Ray Romano and Kumail Nanjiani told her they found her behavior ‘sexy’. This is a typical liberal white woman fantasy.

  3. Legal systems in Sweden, Germany, France, etc. have reached a limit. There simply isn’t enough prison space to lock up every murderer, rapsist, and robber. Thus giving these guys a slap on the wrist like 50 hours of community service is is the most severe punishment they can actually enforce.

    Tax paying citzens can still be fined. That can still be enforced.

  4. I doubt this happened. It doesn’t sound like the way a group of white fathers at a baseball game would talk. In addition, I doubt she was able to come up with a witty response.

    It’s utterly not believable. My twitter response to her, would be: cell footage or it didn’t happen (bitch)

    White fathers at a little league game, are going to be “racist” jerks, to their own son’s team mates? Talk about out of the realm of possibility. This Indian woman’s twitter performance art gets a D-

    Indians are the most arrogant of immigrants. Many have noticed this. I think it has a lot as in everything, to do with, them being from a caste system where in their own countries they are top dogs, but here people don’t know that their family is upper-caste.

    One legitimate critique that they might certainly probably feel about (White) Americans, is that our own caste systems are not clear and demarcated enough, and or to the extent that they even exist, what are they based on?

    For extra credit: What caste are you?

    Hahaha: Here is a hot new pickup line — So what’s your caste (baby)? / the parenthesis indicate optional verbiage

  5. Who was it who raped a 12-year old girl in Sweden?

    Was it Hans and Franz?

    Those stories are “too terrible to be true”

    To state the obv, and I don’t mean to fed post: the people who commit those crimes have to be killed extra judicially. It can’t be that hard. They have names.a

    It should be done summarily which means quickly. No torture porn allowed.

    If you tell your Normie friends, boomer parents, whoever, about PeterSweden’s tweet? they won’t believe that it’s factually accurate and true. They will think that it’s somehow exaggerated or that there is a detail that explains it away.

    Like the famous (dissident right famous) happenings about how in England, who was arrested for sex crimes. The fathers of the girls who were abused, for daring to step out of line.

  6. The Big Sick is a great name for a movie. Does having a good name, indicate a good script? What’s the correlation co-efficient on those two things?

    It sounds like the Big Suck, which other phrase was (apparently) in heavy rotation in the Armed Services. It referred to, well, to pretty much everything. It was featured in the very manospherian red pill movie Restrepo, starring Corey Feldman.

  7. I hadn’t heard of the Big Sick but, knowing how sick Unholywood already is, I’m not inclined to delve deeper.

    Frankly, almost every time you watch a commercial movie, you’re paying a (((tax))) and submitting to propagandist programming.

  8. I enjoyed The Big Sick even though some things annoyed me. I have found I have more pleasant interactions with Indian women than Indian men. Indian men do come across as arrogant and unfriendly, although younger ones seem a little better.

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  10. I can’t think of a precedent from white history the bodes well. White civ is usually eradicated fully. I think genetic sympathy is the underlying factor. The Muslims were pushed out of Europe from both ends: 700 years later on the western end and something like 200 on the eastern end. The century of the vikings was 100. This ain’t like fighting the British.

    Transition to what indeed. I say if you have nothing left to loose, and that day may come, just live and die like a man. There is a momentary freedom I think. If put in that situation, I hope each and every one of us will ‘do the right thing’. Too bad 90% of us are over 45. Your health is everything now. I think surviving the cull will be opportunity. Elites and useful idiots can’t cover all angles on their asses in sustained chaos. The signal will be when poleez are beatable. If that signal never emits, Western institutions will smoothly transition to sharia law. For now, I would eat humble pie and trust in my higher value. Bitches won’t laugh last if they are under 40 now. Evade and keep your health for now if you can.

  11. I have noticed that young Indian women at the convenience store seem are calm and pleasant. That is very feminine in contrast to the usual, especially if she is pretty. I still think a vicious killer lies in the heart of every woman, and I am sure they understand how police-guaranteed financial support from ex-husband or indentured biological father works.

  12. The baseball tweet went viral, for someone with a modest followers count of under-2,000. Plenty of “never happened” replies, and I even saw one “streetshitter” meme! As to the baseball league… that awkward moment of henceforth-silent treatment from other kids’ parents.

    “Too bad 90% of us are over 45.”

    Over 45, you still have a set of expectations placed upon you based on your inclination and personal/family relationships. Pay attention to White kids and teenagers. You may or may not be in a position to interact with them in some legitimate role. Even if you aren’t, just being aware that they exist and do stuff and have their own social dynamics gives a valuable perspective.

  13. @PA. I am in no position to do what you said. I certainly will if I can. My greatest moment in that department was psychologically abusing a woman psychologically abusing her son. She did the go to the bathroom, come back so I can tell you that you suck, go to the bathroom. It was at that point I demonstrated the she was a shit bag to be treated like a shit bag. After some torment, I turned around to the boy and smiled. Not to much. Just to say you are worth something, something more than her. Then I continued to verbally abuse. She folded at the beginning like a cheap tent made in China. I wish someone would have shown me that my parent were wrong and I, the juvenile outnumbered 2-to-1 not counting the tacit support of society, was right about my treatment being wrong. Ideas can only come from the environment. The best fatherly advice (and I admit my experience and hubris) gives children these healthy ideas about a sick world as soon as the child can somewhat understand it, which is the case if the question is asked. I know he won’t loose decades like I did. There is virtually no one who thinks like I do. My thoughts are counterproductive for most people, and I use the term loosely. We each are what we are. I just have zero to show for myself. I know of one other young male I have influenced. I don’t think I will get the opportunity again. I simply can introduce concepts that have ramifications and let the high IQ run with it. His father thinks I am a bad influence. I worry about who the bad influence might be.

    Still, not my concern. I mean active worry only tears me down. Do I ever worry. Yes. Still. Your God or whatever the fuck this life is is going to have it some way. I can do nothing really. Furthermore, the more I stew here on the edge of the abyss, the more I feel that I should not be given advice at all. Still still, I think I am an expert on what to NOT do. That is invaluable I think for those who are under 30. Discretion is the better part of valor, so that’s enough about me personally. I think some readers like PA wanted to know. Someone advised me that I not talk about myself. I made this exception since I get the social prodding and peer pressure.

    I have a blog, been there, done that. It’s not that I don’t give a shit. It’s that I have needs and handicaps more than I can handle. As I have said before, or at least implied, luck is a big part of life. We can’t all get lucky, but can our adversary keep all of us from being lucky enough to deliver righteousness on earth? It’s no strategy, but I hope not. Of course, planting seeds in the white boys with the sponge brains can be fruitful. (I don’t see many worth a shit. I know immediately when someone is like me mentally.) We can’t watch the meme saplings grow, except you fathers can watch your sons (I hope), but that is no reason to not try given the superior cost-benefits assessment value.

    My dad just intimated a threat again today. He loves to hold his property rights over my head. Always has and then some. My inescapable identity is being his son. So you see what I am dealing with. I can’t help but do field work, very specialized field work and soul searching. Income is the definitive problem for me. (I know I’m not alone.) Damn, talking about my self. I just can’t afford to care. That is core red pill philosophy. I will not care unless I benefit. Planting seeds to redound to my systemic bugaboo is fine if I don’t pay a price for it. I don’t get out much. Not being a sucker any more is the constant battle for me. Rank has privileges.

    I could go on, but you know my criticisms of what you folks hold dear. That has all been said before. Now you know what I do as ‘mentor’. Maybe you like the little bit for youth I have done. I had a teen essentially bully me by toying with me socially a few months back. I was walking the neighborhood. Once I reached my limit I threatened him with a fight. He stormed toward me. Now that I can handle my emotions I was drooling for it. In touch with the animal inside. he stopped suddenly in his tracks. He read my body language of ill intent and anticipated pleasure.

    How many young white males are punks. How many are or are sympathetic to libtardfa. Cleanse our gene pool. Cleanse it. I just can’t afford to invest in others. It was my downfall and is my perennial pain. Burnt through my youth for it, which hurts the most. Not any more. I listen to reality, to what’s on the menu. I do what I can. If this is too much information, delete or edit it as you like, PA. I’ll learn and otherwise I won’t care. What is healthy communication? I don’t know. That’s a better idea than thinking I knew. Ye old ‘right thing’. Isolation with autonomic players, certainly persons I am not socially compatible with, takes a toll. Ain’t nothing like success. I will get back to my damn programming and, as I think elk related, to keep busy. If I don’t treat it as a constant last ditch effort, it’s probably healthy. We all should probably be working on something. Last think I want to for fate to throw luck my way and be unprepared. We all gotta be ‘resourceful’. See you great your life is! 🙂

  14. Why didn’t she say, ” it’s as Venezuelan as Felipe or Alejandro? Or as Japanese as Hideki or Kiichi?”

    Besides she’s neglecting her heritage and taking it out on her kid. He should be playing cricket or field hockey. But he wouldn’t last long in kabaddi, those big jatt sikh boyz would chew him up real fast.

  15. Zero percent chance that ever happened. Even White men who know the score don’t talk like that in public. But I will tell you a story that did happen just a few months ago.

    Best friend’s son’s 8th grade graduation. Goes to school in afro’d out libtardtropolis. The kid’s class is about 35% afro. I have no reason to doubt the veracity of this story because my friend is a “good White” who does not believe in being rayciss and his son confirmed everything to me to my face.

    Each kid walks up to receive his 8th grade completion diploma. The afros cheer wildly for each and every afro kid. The White kids are like no big deal. Zoo animals gonna zoo. But they also booed the White kids. They fucking booed 13 yo White children on 8th grade completion day.

    The White kids all took it in stride. The White parents did nothing except to tell their kids “They aren’t all like that.”

    Glad you’re all my bros.

  16. For the cows, presumably? I am surprised that someone was allowed to make fun of the fat girls, in such an obv way.

    It’s funny and inspired; sort of but not really. Here in the wider red pill manosphere zone, we are supposed to feel good about shaming people, and especially fat women. But in the real world, and w/ teenagers no less; it just seems mean.

  17. I have come up with a business plan. Projected income is five hundred to one thousand dollars per week, for 20 hours of work max. But it absolutely requires a partner, and the right one; they would get 35 to 45 per cent.

    It is such a good plan that I will not share it here. I have had a lot of good ideas for businesses but never took the initiative. A good solid (and not new) small business plan is residential cleaning services. You need a car and a willingness to work. Going rate in the suburbs for this service a hundred dollars for half-a-day as in four hours. That’s 20 bux an hour and you are the Boss. You have to clean up other people’s shit though.

    However there are LOTS of older White people who would hire you, if you have the right honest face; and how many clients do you need?

  18. I was walking the neighborhood. Once I reached my limit I threatened him with a fight. He stormed toward me. Now that I can handle my emotions I was drooling for it. In touch with the animal inside. he stopped suddenly in his tracks. He read my body language of ill intent and anticipated pleasure.

    What exactly happened?

    I had a friend, a close hs chum, who was beat on the street, into a coma. This happened recently and I just found out. It was in the middle of the night “Uptown” and at a convenience store after bar close, and the youth was a nigger. They had words, and the guy clocked him hard, maybe from behind, and he fell and hit his head. He will never be the same. He was in a coma for weeks and but now is walking with a cane and back with his mother in her apartment.

    The guy was one of the smartest kids in his class of 600; he was also a fuck-up. He seemed to manage his alcoholism but only to a point.

    I am very cautious now, to the point of avoiding crowds. Someone asked if I wanted to go the State Fair. It’s like, what-on-Earth ever for?

  19. The BIG LIE is a media man-you-fractured “elite” disdain for racial Supremacy. And it is in subsuming this theatrical disdain for racial Supremacy that entire races cuck towards an apparent collective self-annihilation.

    If Trump should be emblematic of anything legitimating the hysterical backlash he has received, it should be his unvarnished desire for racial Supremacy. Anything less is pure naked cuck.

  20. Related– Streetshitter scolds white people on Fodor’s of all places. That site appears to be converged. Lots of articles pissing on Americans and various related lefty pasttimes.


    I’ve been AWOL because I finally put my ass in gear to get out of the rut I’ve been in since ‘the incident’. I want OUT in a big way. Even just out of the east coast to the midwest or pacific NW, but ultimately out of the States. My situation calls for this because it will very hard for me to get employment here for many years to come, so I’m working around this issue in a couple of ways.

    But I’ve been busy w/ that and also trying to avoid blackpilling myself because I’m starting to feel it more than ever. It is literally impossible to escape diversity and especially diversity like this twitter comment and my link above lately. Really fucking entitled and need a slap in the face which you cannot give w/o jail time.

  21. White male either adapts to “radical autonomy” or he self-annihilates.

    This adaptation is generally understood as “white supremacy.”

    Deny the “white supremacy” in one’s self is failing to adapt to “radical autonomy.”

    Failing to adapt to “radical autonomy” is to reckon with self-annihilation.

  22. 1) she doesn’t have a son
    2) she’s never been to a little league game and I’ve got serious doubts she’s even been to an MLB game
    3) the White dads she “silenced” give her the tingles and she’s well aware she’ll never have one as such
    4) social media orgasms pale in comparison to the ones she’d like to get from #3. Using the maxim, “sex is like pizza: even when it’s bad it’s good,” applies here, though she’s eating synthetic pizza
    5) White dads are more concerned about their sons playing ball than anything else going at the time
    6) for some strange reason, I feel this is diversity’s “let them eat cake” moment

  23. — Besides she’s neglecting her heritage and taking it out on her kid. He should be playing cricket or field hockey. But he wouldn’t last long in kabaddi, those big jatt sikh boyz would chew him up real fast.

    The rarely spoken-of cost of emigration. Not all people think at this level but unless you’re a complete materialist, this will nag you when you emigrate: you’ve robbed your descendants of their mother tongue.

    European emigrants are haunted by that ghost. Surely, at least some Brahman Indians have those higher-order thoughts… Unless they see the Subcontinent as a sinking third world shithole on account of an exploding brown-underclass population and they consider themselves Trojans escaping for a clean new land…

    — 3) the White dads she “silenced” give her the tingles and she’s well aware she’ll never have one as such

    Bulls-eye! Something in that vein has been crossing my mind too.

    — Even just out of the east coast to the midwest or pacific

    As I was getting ready to leave the Army and occasionally dreaded the prospect of having to find a job, a place to live, finish college… I had thoughts of just driving west from my East-of-Mississippi military installation the minute I’m discharged… with all my stuff in the car’s back seat, plus a carton of cigarettes, the fancy Eddie Bauer car coffee mug my sister gave me for Christmas, and a big wad of cash. Heading for maybe Kansas, maybe for Wyoming until I find a farm and telling the owner I’m willing to work for him for a room and small pay. I seriously fantasized about this. This was before the internet was common, so I just looked at my 1994 Rand McNally atlas until my eyes glazed over. Seriously dude, good luck and keep us posted.

  24. @elk, thanks for the self-employment idea. I have not been able to do a normal workout for four years or so. The second injury, I will not identify, is extremely difficult to heal. A groin pull is only six week if no mistakes. Doctor told me four months. I wish he would have said six months cause I just about had it beat but re-injured it, as doctor warned me was typical. Take two months long hell. As for kid, I was not wearing my glasses, and I chose to keep them in my pocket. I’m guessing ligitimate brown kid playing catch with nice white kid, probably too nice to a fault. I said say one more thing and I’ll be over there. Onto not my lawn. I waited for a peep and hear nothing. I’m glad I didn’t have to b/c I needed to heel. At some point, life dignity is now or never. Every red pill man has to reach that point of respect now or else, emotional bottom, or the emotional bottom is death itself. Sometimes no good options. I would have worked around using the injured part of my body best I could. We know how that probably goes. I got legitimately angry. Red pill I think requires a measured fuse with some boom. Women will test limits and demand animal manhood for sexual interest unless hooking a man for money, which is why everyone should stay under 25. They mostly don’t look for bailout until late 20s or even late 30s, it would seem.

    @Jay, I don’t know what exactly your deal is. Maybe I forget the details but I think this goes back to the latter glory CH days. I know what limited options are. I know what black pill is. If you are not old, you got more reason to persevere and hope for better options somehow. No one can make it alone in this world. Yet, trusting 99% of people is folly. Which I had a better answer than I feel you. If I make a prediction on when SHTF, I am likely wrong. We hope for major change to our benefit. A news diet is a good idea. Don’t require stimulation. That plays into enemy’s hands. I try to limit my talk radio, music radio, tv, even online. Social therapy and no more. Some days stronger than others.

    @thordaddy: Radical autonomy. Yes, got to love yourself even if that can only be done by ftw. They made me choose myself or the whole world and I now choose me. Wish I understood that decades ago.

  25. — Legal systems in Sweden, Germany, France, etc. have reached a limit. There simply isn’t enough prison space to lock up every murderer, rapsist, and robber. Thus giving these guys a slap on the wrist like 50 hours of community service is is the most severe punishment they can actually enforce. Tax paying citzens can still be fined. That can still be enforced.

    If this were just about economics, then there wouldn’t be so much money poured into human-garbage migrants in the first place.

    But I get it. The system, its bureaucracy, its judges and administrators and police have synched into a self-perpetuating pattern. The banality of evil. Those judges will eventually pay dearly and there will be little inclination toward mercy for invaders, once European countries change direction.

  26. My kids speak both Russian and English. It’s funny to hear my two year old son speak English with a Russian accent. They outgrow that part. I think it is less language they lose and more their culture. I don’t think this story is true either. I also think much of the Indian arrogance encountered is inverted inferiority complex.

  27. This is timely and relevant

    The leftist traitors are trying to preempt the backlash they know is coming. I hope this backfires on them many times worse than when they tried the “fake news” bit.

    It would be laughable if it weren’t so evil.

    I pray Trump starts referencing appropriate leftists (and fake allies) as cucks. Imagine the cheers at the rallies.

  28. Regarding the movie Cuck.

    I don’t get it. Who is the cuck?

    Tfw you don’t know what words mean (and there’s a sneaking suspicion that that’s by design).

  29. Check out the article: Twenty Hard Things About Being Married to a White Man
    by Chaya Bhuvaneswar
    This woman is a doctor and yet somehow she is still a victim of white men.

  30. “Twenty Hard Things About Being Married to a White Man (including the number one hard thing that I like most of all)” — what she wants to say but can’t really admit out loud w/o giving away the game

  31. She’s been invisible to white men (and likely most other men) her whole life and she is really, really pissed off about it. In a way, I feel sorry for her, but I would give her a wide berth. She’s bad news.

  32. Another thing about Indians, and their status obsession, and how it plays out in them being a part of and not a part of, this colonial empire, is that they like to, or at least they used to before the internet, aspire to be “great authors.”

    They like totally went for the ring, in terms of writing the great American novel. Remember how that used to be a thing? It was a thing for quite awhile, for like the whole most of the middle of the 20th century, it was the Ring that was up for Grabbins, as in who is going to do it?

    There’s a deep meta post on how that goal was stupid to begin with, the tldr of which is quite simple — don’t aspire to write a book you fucking faggot; IF you will be a man be more like Beowulf (and have something to say) and THEN maybe write a book if (amazingly) you happen to have both those talents of warrior athlete and high verbals — the most sought after combination of talents in the ancient world. Bronze Age Pervert takes this point to heart, from what I have heard.

    The deep meta post about how people, Whites indians whoever, thought they could attain status by writing a book, was done 50 40 30 years ago by Tom Wolfe, in his lampooning of his contemporaries, in his essay My Three Stooges, where he took down who was it, John Irving and two other guys.

    But Indians in their status obsession went full hog after this cheap bypass to big status points, and had a whole genre about their gay experiences as lower case indians living their dull status insect lives. However the exception to the rule: that dude from Afghanistan who wrote the Kite Runner went to Afghanistan and shout out the eye of the Nazi who tormented him as a child. What was meta-interesting about that book, is that it was presented in its mainstream success, as at least somewhat autobiographical; and yet we are to believe the bit about the bad guy being the literal scion of Nazis? ((( how very convenient, for the author and publishers )))

    Speaking of Bronze Age Pervert. Apparently we are supposed to read his book, if we are to actually play the part of contemporary cultural critics and in the dissident right. The pretentious youtuber Survive the Jive just now finally did a show on it, in which he reveals his less-than-stellar qualities as a youtube literary critic. I watched the first five minutes of said youtube and was just like, get to the meat of it already! I don’t have all day; and neither do you …

    Thx for reading

  33. The larger “deep meta point” about the hero-icization [ I think this pretentious works here ] of authors …

    Oh where to begin?

    It’s something about the late stage of civilization. We stopped doing great things, and admiring the heroes who did great things, and swapped that out for the telling of them. Make no mistake though: The storytelling is worth something; because to do it right requires hard-won wisdom and gravitas and sonority and all the while avoiding the bathos of stentorians.

    However, it has gone a step or two beyond and down yet further, where now it is lost sight that the authors were not “the Men” themselves they were at best their faithful servants. Tom Wolfe gets to this point in the aforesaid essay.

    We are all looking back at a heroic past, which terribly terribly will never come again. It’s kind of impossible to accept that. I don’t know the future, but in my opinion there is a dissonance in the Dissident Right [ no pun attended ] about wanting to return to heroic past. But such a Return is not the right way to go and not for only being impossible.


    If I had the temperament to be a journalist, I would do a long form article on the new Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis and its terrible misguided architecture; or rather its Star-chitecture. Which phrase was coined by Kunstler, and it works especially well in this instance. I been to the damned place, for one show, once. And get this, it was The Great Gatsby!

    And yes they did include the best line, where Tom tells Gatsby that “we are Nordics” and the actor did it great w/ a sweeping inclusive gesture and tone, and believe me the Audience had a let-us-suck-ourselves-off-now chuckle-and-a-half. The essence of that line, in that performance, and that audience’s chuckle, was what-i-dunno, cuck? Because out of all of them, how many excepting Yours_truly, even knows that it was derived of Madison Grant, and even the basics about what he meant by Nordic: maybe five out of the full 1100-seat audience.

    Where was I going with this …

    Oh yeah. This pretentious Starchitecture features giant murals on its outward, River Valley facing walls, literally 100-feet high and overlooking the Mississippi, of “great authors” like … some people really who cares about anymore. W/o looking them up I will guess, Steinbeck and Miller are two of the three or four or five.

    The point being that their mugs are not inspiring. And the larger point being that their mugs were what Nordic Brain Trust thought was the appropriate image of who are supposed be God for us to look up to.

  34. Most female writers are boring because all they write about is themselves. Most women aren’t particularly interesting nor lead particularly interesting lives. There are some exceptions. I am reading West With the Night by Beryl Markham. Someone on this website recommended it once. She is interested in the world around her. She also has interesting stores due to her upbringing in British East Africa and her experiences as a pilot in Africa. The star of her story is British East Africa during that time period. She is smart enough to realize that.

  35. What’s also rings false about the Indian doctor’s claims she is sometimes mistaken for her children’s nanny is that I have never personally seen an Indian nanny. I don’t think that is the type of work they normally do.

  36. The stupid woman is actually a professor and a doctor. Yet, crude crybully virtue-signalling is still her thing.,

    That said, some of the people calling BS on her fabricated story are other Indians.

    I think her background in academia is just as much a reason for her actions as her race.

  37. “Does anyone actually have green eyes, or is that just something people say like “I never get sick”?”

    I see a guy with them every morning when I look in the mirror. Austro-Hungarian background.

    My best friend has them as well. He’s straight out of Deutschland. My understanding is it’s pretty rare though.

  38. What’s also rings false about the Indian doctor’s claims she is sometimes mistaken for her children’s nanny is that I have never personally seen an Indian nanny. I don’t think that is the type of work they normally do.

    And I’ve coached a ton of youth sports and I’ve NEVER seen an (East) Indian kid on a baseball team. I’m calling BS on the whole whack story.

    In fact, East Indians are some of the least athletic people on the planet.

    Population of India – 1.4 billion, grand total of 28 Olympic medals in last 100 years

    Population of Ireland – 5 million, grand total of 31 Olympic medals in last 100 years

  39. I want to run something else by you, PA, which is this:

    You’re fond of saying “look, be aware that if you have a brown friend, no matter how much you like him and think he’s a ‘great guy’, he secretly rejoices in the racial destruction of your homeland.”

    I think there’s a corollary, which is that, because he’s your friend and in day-to-day life you’re always very nice to him, HE likewise has no idea that YOU secretly don’t really want his brown family and friends around.

    I was moved to point this out because of something I was reading earlier, on another web forum (which I won’t name), and on that forum there is a commenter with whom I don’t always agree – he is a genuine “centrist” but more importantly is self-describedly brown (East Indian). He is that rare guy that I find intelligent and insightful even as I disagree with him, so I read his comments.

    The topic, broadly speaking was “racists in society”, and more particularly “racists” within the military. And this fellow was talking up Millenials and Gen Z as being not at all “like that”, totally different from previous generations in terms of tolerating “racism”.

    And I thought to myself… well. They may be different. And yet, I thought… bud… you just don’t know what people are secretly thinking.

    Am I wrong in thinking that people just hide their in-group preferences better today?

  40. SJ, part of it is that in young age, people aren’t as territorial. Also yeah, anyone White over the age of 7 senses that there is a weirdness about race today and they keep those feelings to themselves in mixed company.

  41. “you just don’t know what people are secretly thinking”


    They’ve always been saying this about young people. In 1986 I read something at school about how we teenagers are different from our parents’ (boomer) generation. Not at all racist like them.

    It is useful to strip down words like that brown commenter’s to their bare structure. He’s gloating, he’s wishful-thinking and basically saying “we own your young.” When you see it that way, you see how any superficial politeness and measured words mask the aggression.

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