Globalists’ Promises

This will be a bit free-form.

The absolute worst that humanity had encountered is not nukes, it’s the unipolar world order after 1990. Power is fissile though. The deep state faction that looked like it won History during the Bill Clinton terms and reached apex power during George W. Bush’s terms was challenged by the Trump faction. Under Bubba, they promised Planetary McProsperity. Under Dubya, they promised Planetary Democracy.

As Presidential candidate, Barack Obama promised Whites forgiveness for racism. Yeah, over here we don’t buy the premise of “racism” but many Whites did. Not just in America either. Remember how feverishly Germans cheered for Obama when he visited there in 2008. Finally, they thought, we can stop being punished for our nazi past. Liberals everywhere whipped themselves into a pseudoreligious froth and something snapped inside their souls. They went insane and remained that way. Meanwhile, many conservative-leaning people took Obummer’s promise on good faith. We’ll show them we’re not racist just so the madness ends.

Not me. As I like to paraphrase Axl, “So I never fell for Oh-buh-ma.”

Globalists’ promise to nonwhites under Obummer was different. That promise was: “Come out and play. Whitey’s finished.”

The promised kill shot was to be under Hillary’s term. But they never saw Trump coming. And now when unmasked, they promise planetary trannies and cannibals.

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  2. — LGBTQP creepiness is a growing liability the left needs to be pinned into a corner and forced to disavow

    Democrats are well positioned for a Sister Souljah moment and repudiating the creeporama the way that Bill Clinton reassured middle class voters that he is against radical leftism. But no contemporary Democrat will do that. One, the radicalism has metastasized on the Left. Two, there is no political center like there was three years after Reagan had left office.

    Voters in 1993; x = Left/Right voter continuum. The bright gradient marks the point of high morale:

    Voters in 2017:

    Those graphs are from

  3. — “McProsperity”

    To carry over the comments under the previous thread…. I had the 1996 Benjamin Barber book “Jihad vs McWorld” in mind. In it, he forecast the coming clash between the forces of tradition against the forces of neoliberalism.

    Several important political books were written around that time. In 1992 Francis Fukuyama wrote “The End of History and the Last Man,” in which he predicted a permanent victory for neoliberalism and by necessity, universal human satisfaction under that arrangement. In 1996 Samuel Huntington wrote “The Clash of Civilizations,” which warned of exactly such a clash.

  4. Having money or power reveals character. The Left did not metastasize any more than liberated women have metastasized. You don’t get how alien these player pretenders are to you and your way of thinking. You assume Leftist humanity must be in there somewhere, Jesus saves and all. There is honor among thieves if there is a bonanza of suckers. Behold, how well they coordinate! Path of least resistance. They are expedient. Narrative is their way of life. When is a woman not performing? So it is with typical leftists. They simply smell the kill, the power. It is crazy to believe they are crazy. They treat superior power with respect, and you lack it. They have run the table the last 50+ years. They won the culture war. Dip State untouchable. Public opinion is feckless. Fear is the mind killer. The invisible elephant in the room is not invisible just fearsome. I’ve come to the conclusion that I wish the Cunt won. I desperately need whitey to put up or shut up. Most whites do but don’t know it. Frog. Pot. Clean kill sans bloody hands. The ancient Jewish priests that crafted this whole strategy were brilliant about human nature.

  5. Power is the ability to move men. So demagogues are dangerous individuals. Viral tech shifts high IQ demagogue’s threat capability to “black swan” ability. “Deep State,” by definition, is entrenched. Ergo, “Deep State” does not possess the viral autonomy of the individual high IQ demagogue in the power to move men.

    White men can only move in collective harmony towards Supremacy.

    Anything less is simply fissile.

  6. When it is claimed that “all men are created equal,” it should not be assumed that the intelligentsia has defined “man.” Imputing “soul” into all being is naked egalitarianism. The notion of the “soulless individual” is a well established observation of reality. R/evolution demands schismatic splits amongst the races. Spirited white man versus soulless high-bred will be a part of our radically autonomous milieu.

  7. lol. Again…none of this is any longer relevant.

    Advances in direct brain interface, AI, cyborg enhancement, gene editing, etc. make ALL humans obsolete.

    Only the values of the coming super race will matter. Whatever those are. Everyone else inc jews is cattle.

    Women? LOL…the artificial womb is already here and growing sheep. Females as a species have value solely for eggs. If you randomized cloning, what purpose do even real X & Y chromosomes have any longer?

    Everyone can be beautiful and brilliant. But they won’t be. The super race will seize power and outmaneuver everyone like a chess master playing a child. They will look scandinavian but possess chink empathy (none).

    History will show that whitey was a promethean in a necessary evolutionary step to cyborgs. But a step. Not the end. Niggers will be fertilizer.

    As we speak the jews are desperately trying to control all of this and purpose it for their ends. On the other side are the chinese. Neither will be capable of controlling their creation.

  8. lotta talk about nukes too…Saudis now out saying they will enrich uranium.

    Will we sanction them? LOL…a purely farcical question.

    So we’ve seen Israel taking credit for attacks inside Iraq on hez or iranian militia facilities.

    How do you suppose they’re getting there? Setting aside the fanboy BS on the F35’s supposed invisibility (it has forward aspect stealth only), the planes don’t have the range to reach Iraq without in flight refueling.

    There’s a 0% chance Israel is flying anything over Syria to get there; syria is contested airspace and the Russians have multiple S400 radar systems which *can* absolutely *can* track stealth planes but may not be able to acquire a good firing solution. Even if the F35 were literally invisible (it’s not) coming, it would be as visible as any other plane going.

    This rules out Syria. Also rules out the F35 as it’s too big a risk to fly this plane into Iraq…imagine if one were shot down or crashed…big brouhaha. So that leaves drones.

    Now, armed drones don’t have anywhere near the range to fly from Israel to Iraq. They’re probably not flying over Jordan (if they did have the range) bc Hussein has to try to maintain some form of “neutrality” in all this and he’s done a good job of it. He cannot be seen as helping the jews attack his other neighbors. Yeah, we trained jihadis there, so it’s possible, but this is another level altogether.

    Who’s that leave? Saudi Arabia. And unless there is some secret in flight refueling capability for drones that Israel can field solely over the Gulf, that means there is some kind of israeli drone base IN Saudi Arabia from which they are launching these attacks.

    Or they are totally lying about who blew shit up and how. Which is possible. But hitting so many targets…this isn’t an israeli special ops team roaming around Iraq. They’re air assets.

    The Saudis are totally in bed with the Israelis. What does this mean for nuclear issues which I started with? The Israelis will assist the Saudis to have the Bomb if they think in their paranoia that Iran will have it.

    The age of MAD is coming to a close. A nuclear armed KSA is even more of a nightmare than Pakistan.

  9. I think a precursor of these modern transactions was the Civil Rights acts. The worst thing that might ever have happened to the USA was the assasination of JFK. Not that he wouldn’t have pursued the same policies, but he never would have had the Congress so singularly behind him like LBJ did (think Bush’s brief, universal mandate post 9/11 times 10). Even cuck Rs would have fought these acts, with help from southern Ds, in the re-election year of 1964. The transaction here was along the lines of “forgive us the death of our young king, and we will be nice to blacks,”

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