Idle Thoughts On Choreographed Dance

This post is the fulfillment of my newfound lifelong interest in choreographed dance. It’s also a weekend open thread.

Spanish singer Paloma San Basilio performs in this video for “Luna de Miel.” I think this is from 1979. Castilian-lisp Spanish is the best kind of Spanish. You’ll notice it in her pronunciation of “s” and “z” sounds as “th.”

The other thing that caught my attention in the video is what you can call the default in pop-culture choreographed dance, before Eighties’ era emphasis on technical perfection, along with the drift away from traditional sexual polarity. Through the recent decades the dancers and their dance have become more androgynous, the art directors jettisoning any remaining connection to the dance being what it’s always been, which is stylized courtship between man and woman. For that long-forgotten sensuality, take a look at this video:

Pretty smooth, isn’t it, when she twice hands off her mic over to a male dancer when she needs her hands to be free. Also, tell me you wouldn’t love for her to run her hand along your back like she does with one of the male dancers. From another composition that’s in the same spirit:

L’amour est enfant de bohème
Il n’a jamais jamais connu de loi
Si tu ne m’aimes pas, je t’aime
Et si je t’aime, prends garde à toi!

Only a few years later… Madonna’s “Material Girl” has a similar choreographed dance, the female fantasy of being a lady attended-on by adoring gentlemen. I have literally not seen this video since 1984. Just opened that time capsule now.

There are two perspectives. One, is from the point of view of the year when the video came out and its contrast against that which the audiences were comfortable with at the time. Madonna’s video is less civilized than what you see in “Luna de Miel.” There is no feminine warmth in “Material Girl.” She has no reciprcal grace for her gentlemen-in-attendance the way San Basilio does. Madonna’s act is also more technically disciplined.

The second perspective is that of forty years later, or now. The video retrograde from our perspective. No Diversity, and there is even an on-the-house Game lesson for the viewers: chicks dig plucked wildflowers and an old pickup truck more than diamonds and supplication.

Pat Benetar’s “Love is a Battlefield” is another early-eighties transitional video. The story is about a young woman who for an unexplained reason is thrown out of her house by her father. What could she have done then… had an abortion? Her parents throw her out with a heavy heart and she ends up on the seedy streets of 1983 Manhattan and gets into prostitution. She and the other girls of the night join forces in empowerment against their pimp, shown as choreographed dance. It’s not sensual like San Basilios’s, it’s also not mechanical like Madonna’s. It’s rag dolls who are still vulnerable under their bravado.

The choreographed dance in Eighties’ music videos evolved over the decade. Michael Jackson’s virtuosity, Janet Jackson’s militaristic formations. Black sensibilities. Madonna’s increasingly queer male dancers. The sensual woman… who’s she?

By 2009 there was Lady Gaga with “Bad Romance” and its creepy antiseptic rooms. Definitely re-watch the Spanish video to detox after your voyage to the underworld.


A subject for another time and for the comments: choreographed folk dances.

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  1. RE: choreographed dance. I took a class on the film musical and there I witnessed the brilliance of Busby Berkely. Since then, there’s been nothing else that can come close to his works. Granted, I haven’t seen much in that regard, but watching the “By A Waterfall” sequence from the film Footlight Parade just blew me away. Damn near anything he choreographed is geometry in motion. There’s No Diversity in them as well.

    RE: abortion. I never saw the JK Rowling Fantastic Beasts follow up films, but lately I’ve been watching YT critical reviews about the second movie and two things stood out: 1) two babies die in the film. First, the evil villain looks at a baby after breaking into a house and then has his crew do the deed. Second, in a flashback, another baby dies while on a shipwreck. 2) the mother’s/wive’s that give birth wind up dying. After one review, I couldn’t help but put together JK’s ever evolving PC politics and see what she was getting at: babies are bad and they might kill you if you have them.

  2. It was probably at this blog that I first saw this video, but in case not… for our host. And INDY too. 😉

    Still my all-time second-favorite YouTube dance video. If they would not have kept giving her the Elvis Presley treatment (crop video at the waist), it might have been my first-favorite.

  3. ^ That chick is smokin, no doubt.

    There’s something about a woman trading flaunting her sexuality to a crowd, trading herself for attention and money – what kind of hypocrite would I be to condone that behavior? She’s a ho!

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  5. Rita Hayworth. Affair in Trinidad (1952). Nobody can dance like this and be hauntingly beautiful as well. The film was kind of stupid but this dance makes up for it.

  6. PA, am I imaging things or did you take down your post of the girls with braided hair and the three song videos?

    I had some tasty pork loin last night which might have given me a transcendental moment of reason when I visited last night.

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  8. I have posted this before, but it is a great example of post-Madonna European pop music:

    Viva Italia!

  9. OT: idle thoughts on Boomers vs GenX.

    I get a sense that many women of the most entitled generation of our times, at 50+, spend their days thinking “I’m hot! I wasn’t at Woodstock but I identify as an attendee who got naked and frolicked in the mud while the music played and all eyes were on me. Never mind that I’m post menopause and wrinklier than Christine Blasey Ford’s jowls, I am a sex bomb!”

    Whereas I see most of my GenX cohort’s women accepting the aging process and focusing on their kids’ success.

    Real or confirmation bias?

    (Ronson, butt out.)

  10. Boomers given the chance might be willing to talk about their perspective, on this country and themselves. As in the form of interviews for a youtube channel. To do so, to make it happen, obv requires the right personality. And they will sense with their mysterious old person boomer sense, if they are being treated respectfully. But it might make for some good viewing, given the right questions and interviewees. It would be a good format along the lines of the Myth of the 20th Century aka Wtf happened?

    Two other random OT’s, first on the Daily Stormer. In his ever more difficult quest to be edgy, Mr Anglin goes over the top and fails, in declaring himself a “proud incel.” First of all there is a point to be made along these lines; but it’s not the one that Anglin makes which is that sex is the most boring thing in the world (except for bowling) and therefore ——> be a proud incel. (Mightn’t it be correlated with his circumcision status, that sex is meh? Not a one in the BBS comments raises this possibility.)

    Secondly, and even more off topic. The Chapelle comedy special on netflix. To the extent that netflix can still be a relevant channel for middle brow culture and commentary ——> this would be it. But it fails, except sort of doesn’t fail 100 per cent entirely.

    Chapelle gets a couple good jokes in at the beginning. He makes some total Manosphere points and it is a given he knows the major players online. In the final though, it was good for very few laughs; but the niggers seemed to like it. He doesn’t have the dynamic quality for a stage personality though, anymore at least; he probably could still make a good writer.

    (Apparently he is living out in rural Ohio, among the rural Whites, but can’t help but mock and ridicule them for his routine. What an classless asshole.)

    Tldr — Chapelle’s show is only interesting as analysis on the question of how much race and sex red pill, is out there and in play, at that level of culture; as comedy it’s 2 out of 4 stars, which is a valid critical assessment: he is not that funny. Or at least not now.

    Chapelle and his not-that-funny status anymore, is like the same thing as w/ the former commentator here, whose name doesn’t get mentioned. Black America is yesterday’s news.

  11. In all fairness though Chapelle’s netflix would get 2-and-a-half or 3 stars. He has a few good jokes, and it is done through the perspective of an intelligent and even thoughtful presentation. But in the final it’s a black perspective. His schtick used to be that he was SUCH a convincing white nigger; and he still has that talent BUT. It’s not the same thing anymore, at least not to White people who are actually concerned about themselves. A black person can’t get it.

    Tldr — don’t watch his special, unless that’s your area of specialization; he makes some very cutting meta comments on his viewers, whom he generally despises

  12. Chappelle’s take on Smollet was pretty funny.

    He severely overestimates how many blacks actually looked at that case with a critical eye, though.

  13. Off topic but always on. Why are afros so fucked up in just their daily interactions?

    I’m at the gym, and the US Open tennis tournament is on. In between sets, I’m watching. It’s an afro French guy (Monfils) playing an Italian. Fat afro dude walks up to me and gestures that I should take my earbuds out. I thought he was going to ask something, you know, relevant- like hey are you on this bench/machine/whatever.

    Instead and out of nowhere he says, “You know that a black guy you watching on tv right?”

    I said, “Yeah I do. I’m rooting for him to lose.”

    Put the earbuds back in, and that ended the convo.

    But wtf. Who even does that.

    Glad you’re all my bros.

    The afro lost.

  14. — idle thoughts on Boomers vs GenX.

    Idle thoughts are the best kind of thoughts. Boomers cant be faulted for the political developments of the 1960s and prior. We condemn them for seeing what’s going on by the time they were in their forties and failing to pass any truth, any wisdom, any heritage, any spiritual resistance on to the next generations. Most boomers are too pig-arrogant to own up to their omissions and failures. The few who do own up to their sins will find peace.

    Hell, no Boomer woman so much as taught her daughters to cook. GenX girls picked it up on their own, the ones who did in any case.

    Boomers are the first over-sixty/seventy age cohort that has not earned the title of elder. GenX and Millennial kids had to be their own elders from the start.

    — She hates Trump and doesn’t want to see any changes in our town (gotta preserve that country feeling!) but is pro open borders

    The liberal’s cognitive dissonance is best explained by two things: their alignment with power over truth and their inability to think one chess move ahead.

    — Chapelle and his not-that-funny status anymore, is like the same thing as w/ the former commentator here, whose name doesn’t get mentioned. Black America is yesterday’s news.

    I enjoyed that entire series of comments. It was similar a century ago when The New Yorker or such published insightful thought-journeys its inner circle of philosopher-wits. No one with intellectual curiosity above that of a shoe works for a lit/observations magazine anymore.

    — I said, “Yeah I do. I’m rooting for him to lose.”

    Best answer.

    — But wtf. Who even does that.

    Blacks literally have nothing, except their expectation of White Niceness.

    — GE: “Which was the black one?”

    Took me a moment, then LOL.

  15. “failing to pass any truth, any wisdom, any spiritual resistance on to the next generations.”

    Exceptions that confirm the rule is Deter Naturalist, Hardscrabble Farmer and a handful others. Deter’s counsel “you are what you do” is something I adopted as my own counsel in real life thanks to his comments.

  16. The REEEEE’ing of the Chapelle show is interesting, probably more so than the show itself. I did enjoy his first special, “Killing Them Softly” as it was good, humorous observations about everyday life. His line “Chivalry is dead and women killed it” pretty much summed up what the 21st century would be about.

    FE, great reply. Reminds me back in later 2015/2016 when I had a quote posted up on my cubicle. I would change them out every week and once, this indian (dot not feather) sees what I had, stops by and says something negative about Trump in relation to the quote. I replied, “I disagree.” Bastard was frozen, taken aback that someone would not only disagree with him about El Donaldo, but vocalize it. He then added some more mumbo jumbo and I again said “I disagree.” That didn’t bug me too much. What bugged me most was that he walked away and was yakking away about shit, trying to get the last word in, as the butthurt always do.

    Like I’ve mentioned before, just taking the simplest of actions and phrasing really puts people off as they’re not prepared for something different, which is basically them thinking everyone’s an NPC like themselves, with the irony being using the word “thinking” and “NPC” in the same sentence, but I’ve made my point. If you don’t take the bait and counter with the more basic actions, such as you did, there’s almost no comeback.

    It’s game taken to another level. Dammit, do I miss Le Chateau!

  17. More idle thoughts: I miss movies like Smokey and the Bandit, Every Which Way But Loose, Cannonball, etc.

    Whatever happened to the great American road trip?

    Left turn, Clyde.

  18. Sans “new Americans”

    It’s bad enough that they stole our jobs. As we’ve seen, they have also stolen our culture.

    And “we” praise them for it.

  19. The Road used to go someplace
    you never been before
    now it’s just a race track
    and the only prize is more

    Those are lyrics from a Greg Brown song. I could only remember the first two lines and had to look up the rest. The song is called Small Dark Movie.

    Greg Brown is a Midwest boomer singer songwriter. The lyrical quality to his lyrics is high. But lo and alas! he went full retard in re Trump, and signaled against him and in support of the multi-culturalization of his small place in the world, which is in Iowa. He did this w/ his official youtube channel recent video, Greg Brown – Trump Can’t Have That

    If one goes to youtube and watches Greg Brown songs, suggested in the autoplay cue will be other “alternative” boomer folkies such as Johbn Prine and Iris Dement and including a Trump protest song that she put out with the video called “We Won’t Keep Quiet” by Iris DeMent

    My point is not to recommend watching these vids. It’s rather that a lot of White Americans would seem committed to multi-culturalism.

  20. I am sorry for having referenced an Iris Dement song on youtube. Talk about boomer posting. Most of the comments under the video are critical, or at least a good half of them.

    Iris was one of those folksy singer songwriters that got lionized by the NPR set, back about 20 years ago. She had some talent but she wasn’t that great. And as others have characterized her voice, tuneful though it be, otherwise belongs on the Muppets.

  21. I wanted to make a larger point about road tripping though, along the lines of The road used to go somewhere

    As in, where is there to go?!

    Anywhere that can be driven to in a car, is de facto nowhere special, especially now that there’s tourism. There was halfway decent [ remember in 1980 when the cool kids used to say “Deec”? ] Sailer thread about pedestrian deaths, and why they have gone up. The answer is

    1. Cell phones
    2. Drunk mexicans
    3. Everyone is an asshole now

    In all seriousness, that was the conclusions of the genius Sailer braintrust. Probably correct. The other factor is that there’s more traffic and also road design is not built around the pedestrian. It’s built for the cars.

  22. Today was a real sh**show on Facebook. A former military comrade-ess with whom I once locked lips, and who recently divorced one of the most high-T comrades I knew, just came out as a lez. Pictures of her and her girlfriend in rainbow facepaint.

    We used to mock the civvies and their licentious lifestyles. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

    Multiple others on FB are celebrating their own unchecked hedonism, with 20 people applauding them in the comments section before I can even take a breath to say “Uh, wait a minute…?”

    Romans 1:32: “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”

  23. Elk, I drove cross country, from CA to MA and vice versa, five times between 1998 and 2002. For three of those trips I drove my own 1980 Cadillac Sedan DeVille. I was solo for only one of those trips. The most memorable one.

    Some of the best, or at least most vivid, memories I have ever had. Especially driving Route 66 in my Caddy.

    The last scene of the last episode of the TV show Northern Exposure features a song from Iris Dement. The last two years of Northern Exposure had David Chase as a showrunner. If you watch those seasons closely, you can see many elements that he later expanded upon in The Sopranos.

    At this point, The Sopranos is shaping up to be the greatest work of art ever produced in the late stage capitalism period of the USA.

  24. The aforementioned comrade-ess was quite the filly in her day. Still looks surprisingly cute in her 40s, and has the body of a young woman. We lost another of our best. If I had the ability to show you a pic without revealing my ID, I would, and you would mourn. Mourn with me nevertheless.

  25. There is something about the Road Trip that strikes the heart of the modern man. There’s an
    element of conquest in it: you choose when, where, and how you will go. Instead of the world passing you by, as it does in rail, ship, or air travel, the world instead opens up before you for the taking.

    Was shocked to learn that Roosh’s current Road Trip is his first. You can see the effect it’s having on him.

  26. I’ll mourn at the fact another woman has allowed herself to get caught up in the globohomo zeitgeist. That’s the only way I can make any sense of women doing stupid shit like that: they just want attention and the whole “going dyke” thing is just twisted virtue signalling, but I repeat myself.

  27. Appreciate you, mendo.

    When this woman was 18-19, she was ready to bed, but in a monogamous way (back in the day, anything but monogamous was scandalous). She seemed to settle down early enough (first kid–to an actual husband–at 25 or so). But looking through her photos over the years, she always had a certain High-T way of presenting herself. I never really recognized it until now. The red pill can take a while to deliver its effects.

  28. Shout out to JJ as well for mentioning the life-affirming value of Road Trips.

    I look forward to seeing Roosh speak in SF this weekend.

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